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US Postal Uniforms: Postal Uniform Xpress - Online Hub for USPS Postal Uniforms


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US Postal Uniforms MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012


Postal Uniform Xpress - Online Hub for USPS Postal Uniforms A uniform is the symbol of belonging to a particular organization, company, or team. It provides an individual with an identity, making him or her distinguished and distinguishable. And, it helps others interpret the role of the uniformed individual, creating instant respect for the uniform wearer. At USPS, postal uniforms are worn by employees to help distinguish them as USPS employees. While postal employees work all throughout the United States, the uniforms worn have similar styles. Postal uniforms can only be sold by USPS licensed vendors, and many of these vendors make it possible for USPS employees to purchase their uniforms online. One of the biggest vendors who also provides uniforms online is Postal Uniform Xpress (


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Postal Uniform Xpress is a renowned name and inexpensive online source for quality USPS approved postal uniforms and clothing items for a range of postal employees, including letter carriers, motor vehicle operators, mail handlers, maintenance workers, window clerks, and retail employees. Serving USPS employees for the past 50 years, Postal Uniform Xpress provides discount postal uniforms including shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, gloves, and hats from well-known brands, such as Rocky, Thorogood, Flying Cross, Converse, and New Balance. Moreover, its customer service representatives are available via toll-free telephone for free professional advice and information on postal regulations.

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On top of its wide selection and excellent customer service, Postal Uniform Xpress promises to beat any competitor’s price on the same manufacturer’s uniform item listed in a catalogue. Why not take this opportunity and get your name brand, high quality postal uniform items at the lowest rates...while ordering from the convenience of your own home?

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US Postal Uniforms: Postal Uniform Xpress - Online Hub for USPS Postal Uniforms

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US Postal Uniforms_ Postal Uniform Xpress - Online Hub for USPS Postal Uniforms  

PostalUniformXpress has upto 10% off on-line orders. We provide quality union-made postal uniforms and accessories while always assuring gua...

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