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1202 York Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214 , Phone: (800) 331-7604 Postal Uniforms- What Is Offered As USPS Worker Apparel The United States Postal Service has very strict rules pertaining to employee uniforms. Hence, to stay up-to-date with the changing designs and regulations, employees need to purchase apparel from genuine retailers. Doing a web search can assist in finding the right vendors that offer the right styles and cuts. However, to get the best pricing, discounts and complete range, one must team up with an online postal clothing store like Male USPS Uniforms offered by Typically, male postal service uniforms consist of several categories and are strongly regulated, including: Shirts - offers shirts with long and short sleeves, depending on the employee’s need and the season. Shirts worn are generally collared and come in light shades of blue. Pants - Pants worn by USPS workers have a bluish gray color with dark blue stripes at the sides. These are five pocket, high waist trousers available in all sizes at

1202 York Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214 , Phone: (800) 331-7604 Women's Uniform by Women’s postal service uniforms also consist of several categories and are strongly regulated. These categories include: Shirts –Shirts for female employees are like men’s shirts but are designed specifically for women. Pants – Pants for women are very much like their male counterparts, except designed for women. At, each slack is well tailored and made to fit the buyer. covers postal employees of all designations. The current categories include postal service clothing for city letter carriers, motor vehicle operators, clerk/special delivery messengers, examiners and driving instructors, employees allocated to retail operations, clerical employees, mail handlers, and maintenance workers. The company also offers the best discount prices with a whopping 10% off on catalogue prices for full allowance orders. For more information, log onto

Postal Uniforms- What is Offered as USPS Worker Apparel