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presents Swap-Bot; a guide! What is Swap-Bot?

Swap-Bot is a website that combines the awesome feeling of receiving mail, giving and being creative. It was created back in 2005 by Rachel and Travis, and has since then become quite big. You can arrange all kinds of different swaps, even electronic ones, and it is only your own imaginatination that sets the limits.

How do I join a swap?

Joining a swap is very simple, if you already have an account. Don’t forget that you have to be 18 to be eligable to sign up since you have to give up your addresse to be able to receive something. First you need to find a swap you find fascinating and wish to join. Keep in mind that there are often some requirements to join, and if you don’t meet those the host can take you out of it. Don’t wor-

ry though, there is a lot of newbie friendly swaps out there. After finding a swap there are two links (written in blue) under the swap description you can click. One says join and the other one says watch, all you need to do is click join. Then the site will ask you if you are sure if you want to join the >insert swap name< swap. You can either click yes, sign me up or no, I changed my mind. After clicking the yes option you will be a part of the swap. You still have time to change your mind until the time the partners have been given out.

How do I get a partner?

Partners are always randomly assigned, so if you don’t join a regional swap, you can get partners from all over the world. It is the host/co-ordinators job to assign partners, which is very simply done with one button click after

but instead you get a storebought postcard. The last rating is a 1, this should only be used if you do not receive anything at all. Keep in mind that international mail can take some time, especially with non-flat items, so give it all some How do I rate? time before rating. When rating After finding a sweet mail surprise a 3 or a 1, communication is the in your mailbox thanks to a swap, key, it is always a nice gesture to it is time to give your feedback. send someone a heads up before Swap-Bot works with a rating you rate them down. Rating 3 and system that has 3 different options 1 only becomes available after a and a little extra. A heart is somecertain amount of time after the thing you can add to your feedback swaps sending deadline. You rate if you think what you got was extra by finding back to your swap and special or it really shows that the looking on the menu to the right of sender put some real effort into it. There you can view who you are it. You should ALWAYS rate a 5 if sending to, who you receive from you receive what the swap asked and nifty things like that. The right for. You can rate a 3 if you get one to click is “Rate your partners something in the mail, but it does and co-ordinator“. Remember, it not meet the swap requirements. is always nice to leave a comment An example can be that the swap with the rating saying thank you (: asks for you to make a postcard,

the sign-up deadline has passed. You can usually view your partners the day after the sign-up deadline, depending on where you live in the world since Swap-Bot works with an American timezone.

presents Swap-Bot; a guide!

How to join 1. 2. The swap menu

Tips & tricks - Communication is always the key! Life can get hectic every now and then. - Swap-Bot is a free place to join, and it does happen now and then that things go wrong. Joining a group and participating in their swaps is a safer way to swap, since there is much more attention paid to who joins and it is easier to get to know your potential swappers. - It is often common courtesy to give a star to the swap co-ordinator, as a little thank you for creating a lovely swap. - Bear in mind that things do get lost occasionally in the mail, being understanding and communicative about the whole thing will stear you away from boring experiences.

Swap-Bot Guide  

P.S. guide to Swap-Bot

Swap-Bot Guide  

P.S. guide to Swap-Bot