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How to Choose Ideal Ceiling Fan for Ultimate Comfort?

Columbia, USA. The ceiling fan that today can be such a windfall to making it through a hot summer. The first ceiling fans were hand-operated usually by servants and were discernible for their somewhat-capricious, low-speed process. Such was the punch that originated in the early 17th century in India, a palm frond or cloth-covered frame hung from the ceiling that moved when a servant pulled a cord.

As hot weather continues to rage, the pleasures of wiring ceiling fan reassert themselves. These oldies but goodies have been rediscovered by a generation raised on air conditioning. Promoted as energy savers--the breezes they create make people feel cooler at higher temperature ceiling fans also stir up a breeze of fashion excitement. Log on to to know more.

By adding a ceiling fan or two would improve the comfort level and save a few bucks on our electric bills. Even adding a few stylish ceiling fans will do more than just save a few bucks on your utility bills. By increasing the comfort level with ceiling fans, you can set the air-conditioner thermostat 2 or 3 degrees higher.

The electricity consumption decreases with use of ceiling fan provided the temperature of the air conditioner is increased in such a way that it provides the right thermal comfort. If ceiling fan is used with air conditioner at the same temperature then the impact is opposite and the air conditioner uses more electricity. Get to know about ceiling fan size at

Setting of 26 degrees without ceiling fan will be comfortable as long as one sits closer to the air conditioner. If people are sitting far from the air conditioner, circulating the air using fan makes everyone in the room comfortable as the whole room cools down because of circulation of cold air. Use of ceiling fan is a personal choice, some people may not like having air blown on their face. In such cases people should use their own decision on the temperature setting of the air conditioner and try to keep it at a temperature that provides ideal thermal comfort.

There are different types of ceiling fans available in market manufactured by various companies in contrasting colors, sizes and prices around the globe .A typical ceiling fan uses 60 watts of energy, even when running on high speed. Thus, if you ran your ceiling fan all day and it managed to decrease your home temperature just by thirty minutes in a twenty four hour period, you’ll end up saving significant money over the long run with a ceiling fan. About All About Ceiling Fans All About Ceiling Fans is place from where you can get ample knowledge on ceiling fans as well as their sizes and other essential things.

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