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Retail Design

ACE-TECH Exhibition 2011

ACE-TECH Exhibition 2011

ACE-TECH Exhibition 2010

ACE-TECH Exhibition 2010

ACE-TECH Exhibition 2009

ACE-TECH Exhibition 2009

Handle Display Unit

Handle Display Unit


Product Design

hands on door handles entry for international design competition The idea was to break the traditional look and feel of a door handle and introduce some colors to it. Weave door handle is very live, cheerful and warm welcoming art work for the door. It gives very elegant attention to the entry of house, rooms or offices.

The idea strikes from the weaving of different kind of colorful bags, chairs and other objects. This gives an unique opportunity to use lots of colors in single process. Even same color combination with different weaving pattern gives you a new design. And it provides a very different dimension to customers, architect and designers to choose the door handle matching to interior color of their house or offices.

luminaire for outdoor

The idea was to design a luminaire for outside space of a house. The basic concept was to utilize the quality of space for which it is different from other spaces of house the natural air movement in the spaces like veranda, porch or balcony made the space different from other part of house.

Salt & Pepper

Juice Bottle

Graphics Design

Packaging Design for Toys

Packaging Design

Illustration for Exhibition


Promotional Leaflet


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