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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Opinion Support the U.S. Guard and Reserve Each day, thousands of men and women of the U.S. Military’s Guard and Reserve units are serving their country through active deployment. They have left behind their families, their homes and their civilian jobs to fulfill this commitment. According to the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, a Department of Defense organization, Reserve forces spend time away from the workplace defending the nation, supporting a demanding operations tempo and training to maintain their mission readiness. The nation’s Reserve components comprise approximately 48 percent of its total available military manpower. In return for this commitment, these soldiers have rights when they return home that are specifically related to their job status. Unfortunately, many times, employers simply don’t know about or understand the laws that protect members of the Guard and Reserve. This is where the ESGR comes in. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, including several local Camas-Washougal residents, this organization looks out for the legal rights of the members of the Guard and Reserve as they re-enter civilian life. The work of this organization is invaluable. Volunteers can rattle off story after story about how they have been able to educate employers about the law and provide information that has ultimately allowed Guard and Reserve members to maintain their predeployment employment. A right they are without-adoubt entitled to after making so many sacrifices for their country. — Heather Acheson

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L etters

to the

Vandalism outrages Dorothy Fox community

er. If you see someone suspicious or doing something they’re not supposed to, like climbing on a building, then tell someone that can help. These are our schools Recently, Dorothy Fox and we want to keep them Elementary School was in the best shape we can. vandalized. Someone spray painted random graffiti on Andrew Okerlund most of the playground Third grader at walls. Dorothy Fox Elementary This is so frustrating to in Camas everyone at the school. My reaction was “why did they have to do that? I want them to be caught.” Now, it’s not as nice of an environment to play sports during recess or hang out with friends. We’re hard workers, we enjoy the things we accomplish and In October I found out the playground is the only my mother, who is 71, was place we get to relax be- diagnosed with early-stagsides lunch. es of Alzheimer’s disease, Whoever did it should and my 76-year-old father, be punished. They should for now, is her sole carepay for the damage, clean giver. the walls and apologize to Alzheimer’s is a rapidly the school at an assembly. growing concern to our Also, they should see what country, state, the families its like to get arrested. If who are on the front-lines it’s a student, then their of care giving, and those parents need to take a spe- who are suffering from cial parenting class. this incurable disease. AlWhen people vandalize though the passage of the schools, the community National Alzheimer’s Projpays. That’s not fair. We ect Act is a huge step in the pay for something that we right direction, much more is needed to meaningfully didn’t do. We all need to do our help these families. According to 2010 Washpart. Be a friendly report-

Help support families dealing with Alzheimer’s disease


ington State statistics, there are 110,000 Washingtonians with Alzheimer’s, many of whom are cared for by approximately 310,000 unpaid caregivers who provide about 350 million hours of unpaid care worth about $4.2 million a year. It’s estimated that Alzheimer’s is going to cost the US $200 billion this year in health care and will increase to over $1 trillion by 2050 if we don’t do something now. More needs to be done in our community to support these families medically and moreover financially because too many families are losing everything they worked so hard attain in order to provide proper health care for their loved ones.

trains and the associated environmental concerns such as dust and noise. However, nothing is mentioned about the much more important and pressing issue about the conservation of our own domestic energy supply. Is anyone else concerned that we (the USA) are exporting our ( domestic) natural resources to eastern markets such as China? Why are we doing this at a time when energy costs are at all time high and climbing and people are constantly told how our resources are limited and we should all ride bikes and drive Volts? Coal has been deemed an evil resource by the environmentalists and the media but there is technology to minimize the sulfur Jorge Martinez in the coal and produce Camas clean energy. With unstable middle east and rising energy prices we should utilize and guard our own natural resources, including coal, and not send our energy down the tracks to derail our economy and our fuThere has been great ture. publicity concerning the Elena Kokta probability of increased traffic of coal carrying Washougal

Keep natural resources, including coal, in the U.S.

Elected Officials City of Camas Scott Higgins, mayor 2726 N.W. 34th Circle, Camas; 834-0848; shiggins@ci.camas. Council members: Melissa Smith 1235 N.W. Seventh Ave., Camas; 624-3199; msmith@ Linda Dietzman 207 N.E. 22nd Ave., Camas; 834-3987; ldietzman@ci.camas. Steve Hogan 2422 N.W. 47th Ave., Camas; 834-2046; Tim Hazen 1526 N.E. Sixth Ave., Camas; (503) 539-6988; thazen@ci.camas. Don Chaney 2535 N.W. Ivy St., Camas; 834-3242; dchaney@ci.camas. Greg Anderson 2309 N.W. 27th Circle, Camas; 834-3426; ganderson@ci.camas. Shannon Turk 3038 N.W. 30th Circle, Camas; 448-8692; Camas School Board E-mail the board: schoolboard@camas.wednet. edu Connie Hennessey 4515 N.W. Center Court, Camas; 834-2938 Julie Rotz 620 S.W. Trout Court, Camas; 210-5513 Casey O’Dell 26700 S.E. Fifth Ave., Camas; 834-1671 Doug Quinn 1200 N.W. Klickitat Lane, Camas; 931-2376 Mary Tipton 3312 N.E. Country Drive, Camas; 834-4552

City of Washougal Sean Guard, mayor 4813 “K” St., Washougal; 8342533; Council members: Caryn Plinski 1928 N. 9th St., Washougal; 335-8000; cplinski@ci.washougal. Paul Greenlee 2698 N. “L” St., Washougal; 210-5209; pgreenlee@ci.washougal. Jennifer McDaniel, 2430 “B” St., Washougal; 5134559; jmcdaniel@ci.washougal. Dave Shoemaker 4029 Forest View Dr., Washougal; 210-4654; dshoemaker@ Connie Jo Freeman 1701 “C” St., Washougal; 835-8501, Ext. 114; cjfreeman@ Jon Russell 1431 “D” St., Washougal; 6244934; Joyce Lindsay P.O. Box 920, Washougal; 3351972; East County Fire and Rescue Commission Gary Larson, Chair 1121 N.E. Blair Road, |Washougal; 834-5275; John Clancy 34904 S.E. Sixth St., Washougal; 835-8621; George F. “Jack” Hoober P.O. Box 286, Washougal; 835-7767; Mike Berg 3209 N.E. 357th Court, Washougal; 835-3720; Victor Rasmussen 28709 N.E. Hancock Road, Camas; 834-3820; |vrasmussen@eastcofire-rescue. org

Port of C-W Bill Ward 3709 N.W. 16th Ave., Camas; 834-3362; Bill Macrae-Smith P.O. Box 7, Washougal; 8355475; Mark Lampton 814 W. “Y” St., Washougal; 921-3869; Washougal School Board Karen Rubino 1805 54th St. ; 835-7815; karen. Ron Dinius 814 S.E. 357th Ave., Washougal; 335-1132; Elaine Pfeifer 101 Malfait Tracks Road, Washougal; 837-3981; epfeifer@ Terrie Hutchins 729 Washougal River Road, Washougal; 835-5287; terrie. Blaine Peterson P.O. Box 493, Washougal; 7985946; blaine.peterson@ashougal.k12. State Senate 15th District Jim Honeyford, 2361 Scoon Road, Sunnyside, WA 98944; (509) 839-3527; 18th District Joseph Zarelli, 205 Irv Newhouse Bldg., P.O. Box 40418, Olympia, WA 98504-0418; (360) 786-7634; e-mail, zarelli_jo@ Washington Governor Chris Gregoire, P.O. Box 40002, Olympia, WA 98504; (360) 902-4111;

County Commissioners Tom Mielke, District 1 Marc Boldt, District 2 Steve Stuart, District 3 1300 Franklin, Sixth Floor, Vancouver, WA 98666-5000; 3972232; U.S. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, General O.O. Howard House, 750 Anderson St., Ste. B, Vancouver, WA 98661; (360) 695-6292; www. U.S. Senate Maria Cantwell, (Vancouver office) 1313 Officer’s Row, Vancouver, WA 98661; (360) 696-7838; (Washington, D.C. office) 717 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; (202) 224-3441; bob_dingethal@cantwell.senate .gov or go to Patty Murray, (Vancouver office), 1323 Officer’s Row, Vancouver, WA 98661; (360) 696-7797; (Washington, D.C. office) 173 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510; (202) 224-2621; House of Representatives 15th District David Taylor, 438 John L. O’Brien Building; P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600; (360) 786-7874; taylor.david@leg. Bruce Chandler, P.O. Box 40600, Mod 2 Building, room 110-C, Olympia, WA 98504-0600; (360) 786-7960; chandler_br@leg. 18th District Ed Orcutt, 415 John L. O’Brien Building; P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600; (360) 786-7812; Ann Rivers, P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504; (360) 7867850;

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