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eNEWSLETTER – JUNE 2014 Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America Welcome to the June 2014 POSNA E-letter. I am honored and humbled to serve as the 31st president of POSNA and am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with our dynamic and talented Board of Directors, dedicated staff, and member volunteers in the year ahead as we seek to continue to improve orthopaedic care of children and to enhance membership experience and benefits. At the risk of stating the obvious, the annual meeting in Hollywood was an overwhelming success thanks to the efforts of Jack and Mary Flynn, our local host David Skaggs and his wife Val Ulene, and the Program Committee who, combined, gave us memorable educational, scientific, and social programming. Todd Milbrandt’s Program Committee reviewed a record number of abstracts in assembling a remarkable scientific agenda. Min Kocher organized a fantastic pre-course covering Quality, Safety, and Value from broader theoretical perspectives to more practical aspects. The opening ceremonies again provided a stage to showcase the passion and dedication of POSNA members and shined a spotlight on the best in our society: the Humanitarian Award to Rick Schwend and Special Effort Award to Bryan Tompkins. Jamie Lee Curtis was a perfect combination of entertaining, edgy, and moving in delivering the Steel Lecture. Chad Price provided a sage message as the Presidential Speaker, and Al Crawford was inspirational in accepting the Distinguished Achievement Award.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those POSNA members who have completed service on our Board of Directors: Past President Peter Waters, Senior Member at Large James McCarthy (who we are fortunate to welcome back as Vice President), and Junior Member at Large Michelle Caird. We also thank the outgoing Council Chairs, Tony Stans and Brian Smith. In addition to Jim McCarthy in his new role as Vice President, we welcome to the Board of Directors: Senior Member at Large James Sanders, Junior Member at Large Eric Edmonds, Health Care Delivery Council Chair Steven Albanese, and Education Council Chair Ernie Sink. Jack Flynn will lead the next Nominating Committee, comprised of Peter Waters, Steve Richards, James Beaty, Michelle Caird, and Tony Stans (alternate). Member engagement in POSNA activities is at an all time high with over 300 members serving on 36 committees. This year 118 members applied through our newly implemented Committee Appointment Program (CAP) for 93 open positions on 17 committees. In March, your board approved a new Strategic Plan that will serve as a guide for our committee chairs and members as they strive to meet the goals of our mission in Education, Research, Practice Management, Patient Care/Advocacy, and Membership. For the year ahead, we have an ambitious agenda but a great foundation to build upon. Website overhaul will continue under the direction of Bryan Tompkins and the Technology Oversight Committee workgroups led by Ron Lewis (Web Redesign), Hank Chambers (Member App), Marty Herman (Online Learning) and Jen Weiss (Patient Parent Education). Providing world-class education will remain our top priority. We hope to be able to leverage


technology and redesign of our website to make the definitive source of online learning for our members through POSNAcademy (which debuted in LA), for residents and fellows through our updated Core Curriculum wiki site, and for patients and families through our Patient Parent Education site. We will strive to keep IPOS, Specialty Day, and the Annual Meeting on the cutting edge. We will aim to extend our global presence by expanding our humanitarian efforts and international course offerings through the combined efforts of our COUR and Educational Courses Committees led by Kit Song and Don Bae, respectively, by increasing “band-width” of our IPOS webinars, which were introduced in 2013 by Mike Vitale (IPOS Course Chair) to rave reviews, and by continued fellowship and collaboration with our regional partners in EPOS, SLAOTI, and APPOS. We will continue to foster, support and fund high quality research, explore options and feasibility of registries, and learn about Performance Measures. We will leverage our new technology platform and the efforts of our Evidence Based Practice Committee led by Ira Zaltz to develop a membersite, housing best evidence to practice pediatric orthopaedics. Lori Karol will continue to lead our exploration of registries, and Firoz Miyanji, Research Committee chair, will lead our efforts in evaluating the value and feasibility of on-going funding of directed research. Research (directions and funding), registries, performance measures and evidence-based practice will be the focus of our board workshop in September, led by Min Kocher, Research Council Chair. Our practice Management Committee led by Jeff Sawyer will continue their analysis of the pediatric orthopaedic workforce, facilitate members’ transitions to EMR and ICD-10, and assist members with volume to value transition. Building on the initiative launched by Peter Waters and Jack Flynn and the enthusiasm generated by the pre-course in Hollywood, we will continue to explore ways to advance quality, safety and value in pediatric orthopaedics under Jim McCarthy’s leadership of the QSVI

Committee. In addition to modernizing our technology platform to improve member education, communication, and collaboration, we will strive to further enhance the value of POSNA membership by promoting POSNA as the preferred authority for pediatric musculoskeletal care and information. We will continue to explore a value-enhancing relationship with JPO. Jack Flynn will chair the POSNA Member Benefit Project Team to explore these and other membership benefit opportunities. As you can see, POSNA is working hard for you and your patients. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas, concerns or issues any time. I can be reached via e-mail: or cell phone: 615-479-7813.

Greg Mencio, MD POSNA President



IN THIS ISSUE  2014 Annual Meeting Recap and Photos  Membership Directory Notice  2014-2015 Board of Directors  COUR Committee - Volunteers Needed  AAP Section on Orthopaedics Update  Research Capitol Hill Days

ANNUAL MEETING APP The mobile meeting app is available through August 1st, 2014. You may still access the app after August 1st if you remain signed into the app - if you sign out of the app after August 1st, you will no longer be able to access it.

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MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY There are still a select amount of membership directories left available at the POSNA office. Please email by June 16th if you would like to be mailed a copy.

To improve the care of children with musculoskeletal disorders through education, research, and advocacy.


Thank you for Coming!

On behalf of the Program Committee thank you to all of the great members and nonmembers of POSNA who attended the Annual Meeting in Hollywood. It was a complete success with 1120 number of attendees (631 members and 291 nonmembers). The thoughtful audience discussion from the microphones and eModerators made the scientific sessions lively and educational. The new meeting app, which was introduced at the meeting, was downloaded by greater than 90% of the attendees and used throughout the program for audience response and abstract viewing. Subspecialty Day allowed for a deeper dive into the topics which interested the members and was a highlight. Speaking of highlights, the Friday night reception was off the chain with many of us closing down the dance floor! Next year’s Program Committee, under the guidance of Ernie Sink, is already working on the set list for Atlanta - so if you have further comments about how you think it should be run, fill out the survey on the app or give some feedback to the POSNA staff. Thanks again for making the meeting such a success and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Todd Milbrandt, MD 2013-2014 Program Chair The second year of the Subspecialty Day was a success. The programs developed by the Subspecialty Day Chairs – Pablo Castaneda, MD, Ira Zaltz, MD, Suken Shah, MD, Firoz Miyanji, MD, Jennifer Weiss, MD, John Polousky, MD, Don Bae, MD, Roger Cornwall, MD, Michelle Caird, MD, and Jon Davids, MD - were excellent. We appreciate all the effort given by the Chairs and the speakers which resulted in a great learning event. The Subspecialty Day is a combination of the presentation of high level research by POSNA members blended with discussions, cases, and panels about current topics. Attendees can attend more than one symposium to customize their learning. We look forward to next year on Friday afternoon where we will continue to improve on a great learning opportunity. Thank you!

Ernie Sink, MD 2013-2014 Subspecialty Day Chair

RED CARPET Closing Night Event

The POSNA Annual Meeting Closing Night Reception was a huge success. Guests took pictures in front of the Step and Repeat, mingled with colleagues and friends over cocktails and horderves, and closed down the night dancing. View pictures from each day of the Annual Meeting in Hollywood here or go online to the POSNA website on the meetings and events/photos of interest tab. Photo Password: Loews

ANNOUNCEMENTS PAST PRESIDENTS Pictured at the 2014 Annual Meeting, left to right: Hugh Watts, MD; Jack Flynn, MD; Michael Goldberg, MD; Kaye Wilkins, MD; Tony Herring, MD; James Beaty, MD; Peter Newton, MD; James Kasser, MD; Peter Waters, MD; Chad Price, MD; Colin Moseley, MD; George Thompson, MD; Scott Mubarak, MD; Baxter Willis, MD.

2014-2015 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Pictured at the 2014 Annual Meeting, left to right: Rick Schwend, MD; Mark Erickson, MD; Peter Waters, MD; Greg Mencio, MD; Wudbhav Sankar, MD; Michael Vitale, MD; Brian Smith, MD; Bill Hennrikus, MD; Steve Frick, MD; Peter Newton, MD; Mininder Kocher, MD; Jim McCarthy, MD; Jay Shapiro, MD; Lori Karol, MD; Jack Flynn, MD; Michelle Caird, MD; Howard Epps, MD; Bryan Tompkins, MD

ANNUAL MEETING TENNIS TOURNAMENT At the past 2014 Annual Meeting in Hollywood, POSNA welcomed back the tennis tournament on Thursday’s no-fly zone. The tournament was held at the famed Los Angeles Tennis Club, its courts known as the “Home of Champions” where legends Bill Tilden, Fred Perry, Jack Kramer, Rod Laver, and more played. This year, two different level groups of intermediate and advanced played and had a blast with their spouses, colleagues, and friends.

COMMITTEE UPDATES Children’s Orthopaedics in Underdeveloped Regions (COUR) Committee Kit Song, MD The COUR committee is working to disseminate information to members about volunteer work and opportunities for education overseas in developing and underserved areas. As a part of this effort, we will be sending out information to the POSNA membership about such activities with contact information. If you have an opportunity that is available, and are looking for volunteers, please route the information to the POSNA staff office and they will forward it to the committee. We may be in touch with you for more details prior to sending out the information with our regular emails to the membership. This month, we have had two opportunities arise: 

Hugh Watts will be going to Tajikistan September 22nd to October 5th as he is working to guide management of children who have orthopedic issues related to a polio outbreak in 2010. Nearly 500 children were affected and Hugh would like to enlist 1 or 2 younger members of POSNA to go with him to learn about the management of post-polio patients first hand. He may be able to arrange

some funding support. Those with interest are encouraged to read his information here and contact him at 

The CURE hospital system is starting a new facility in Philippines in association with Tim Tebow and is looking for someone with interest in becoming the medical director of the facility. They are looking for an orthopedic surgeon preferably with pediatric interests. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Jeff Jernigan at

The COUR Visiting Scholars Program was started in 2007. Thus far, 43 scholars have attended the POSNA Annual Meeting or the IPOS. Typically these emerging leaders are sponsored by a POSNA member and visit pediatric orthopedic centers in North America as part of their overseas trip. This year, four COUR scholars who attended the POSNA Annual Meeting in Hollywood, CA were Dr. Ara Aivazyan from Armenia (Sponsor: Norm Otsuka), Raed Saadoon from Iraq (Sponsor: Kaye Wilkins), Songkiat Thanacharoenpanich from Thailand (Sponsor: Young-Jo Kim) and Sunil Wijayasinghe from Sri Lanka (Sponsor: Kaye Wilkins). The scholars received a warm welcome at the opening ceremony and also attended a preconference dinner hosted by Eric Fornari and Sanjeev Sabharwal. POSNA members interested in sponsoring or hosting COUR scholars for the upcoming meetings should fill out the application form at the POSNA website. The deadline for receiving the completed application is November 1, 2014. Thanks to Theresa Hennessey for preparing the COUR world map identifying various

regions of the world where POSNA members have volunteered in the past few years. We also received information from several additional POSNA members who had volunteered overseas recently. If other POSNA members are interested in sharing their experience from an overseas trip, please submit a trip report on the SharePoint forum (once you login, click submit new report on the right hand side of the screen) - or, if you would like to set up an educational conference in a resource challenged region, please send a completed application to This year’s Thursday afternoon COUR symposium was moderated by Dick Gross. The theme of the symposium was “Serving the Pediatric Orthopedic Needs in Resource Challenged environments: An International Perspective.” Hugh Watts discussed the history of pediatric orthopedics in developing countries followed by an overview of the activities of the COUR Committee by Sanjeev Sabharwal. Taral Nagda from India and Alaa Ahmad from Palestine shared their insight into “what we need and what we don’t need” from POSNA. Joshua Hyman spoke about the role of SICOT in North America and Greg Schmale discussed the SIGN program and application of the SIGN pediatric nail. Eric Fornari presented encouraging data regarding the survey results based on feedback from previous COUR scholars. Dick Gross wrapped the session with a proposal for curriculum development in developing countries. There was ample discussion and great audience participation. The symposium was followed by presentations by the four visiting scholars. Peter Armstrong spoke about the philanthropic mission of industry partners. Each of the scholars described their work environment and presented clinical cases

and challenges encountered in their daily lives. Hugh Watts returned for another talk, updating the audience on the potential threat of the reemergence of Polio, based on his recent visit to Kazakhstan. Thanks to Dick and all participants for an excellent COUR symposium.

Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD

AAP Section on Orthopaedics Rick Schwend, MD Please join us for the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in San Diego this coming October 2014. The Section on Orthopaedics meeting will be held at the San Diego Convention Center, October 11 and 12th. The program is the annual academic educational activity of the AAP Section of Orthopaedics. The objective of the program is to provide education in musculoskeletal medicine for section members and pediatricians. Dr. Behrooz Akbarnia has been selected to be the recipient of this 20th Annual Distinguished Service Award. It is particularly meaningful for him to receive this award in San Diego, where his family will be able to be present as he receives the award and to attend his talk. Gregory A Mencio will be the special guest speaker as POSNA President. Most of the day and a half scientific session will be 4 minute research presentations and 3 minute discussions of peer reviewed abstracts of topics. Students, residents and fellows are especially encouraged to present the results of their scientific projects, with 3 Young Investigator in Training Research Awards earned for best presentations, if the faculty is present for the presentation. Bob Cady and POSNA have very generously funded these $1000 research awards. The Saturday afternoon session: “Hip Impingement in

Practice” will be an update on current concepts and techniques to diagnose and treat hip impingement in children and adolescents. The Sunday morning 10 top sports papers will provide an update on recent important sports-related literature. Finally, the Section on Orthopaedics and Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness have developed Peds 21, Pediatrics for the 21st Century Symposium, Friday October 10, 2014, which covers sports medicine for the pediatrician and practitioner.

News from BAPO Belgium just hosted the EPOS meeting in Bruges from April 2 to 5. The meeting was quite “international” and there were a lot of enthusiastic participants. Our autumn meeting will be hosted by Dr Michel Bellemans in Brussels and we will be discussing difficult patient situations and complications among the members of BAPO. Coming up in 2015, there will be a combined meeting with the Dutch Society of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery on Friday January 23 and hosted in Brussels by Dr Laumen. There have been a few board changes for 2014: Pr Frank Plasschaert is president, Dr Renaud Rossillon past-president and we have a new board member Dr Jean-Louis Docquier.

N.Allington – Secretary

POSNA Joins Capitol Hill Days

Pictured above: Larry Suva, PhD, Dr. R. Dale Blasier, Senator John Boozeman, Aime Franco, PhD, Rachel Parsons.

R. Dale Blasier, MD, FRCS(C), MBA, attended the 2014 research Capitol Hill meeting with his patient, Rachel Parsons, who had undergone successful posterior spinal for scoliosis some years ago. After arriving in Washington they participated in a program overview on Wednesday, April 2. Dr. Blasier and Ms. Parsons were able to tour the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda. They heard briefings from Anita Linde, MPP the Director of the Office and Science Policy Planning and Communications at NIAMS; Stephen I Katz M.D. PhD the Director of NIAMS; Timothy Bhattacharya, M.D. Head of the Clinical Investigative Orthopedic Surgery Unit at NIAMS; and Joan A McGowan, PhD. Director, Division of Musculoskeletal Diseases at NIAMS. Joshua J. Jacobs, MD, Immediate Past President, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons; Peter Amadio, MD, Chair, AAOS Research Development Committee; Robert Carter, MD, Deputy Director, NIAMS; Carolyn Hettrich, MD, Iowa Orthopaedic Society; and Jamie A. Gregorian, Esq., AAOS Senior Manager, Specialty Society Affairs and Research Advocacy provided information at orientation

regarding the program. At orientation, they gave specific instructions on how to carry our message to members of congress. The specific request (in brief) was to restore the level of federal funding for musculoskeletal research to levels budgeted in FY 2012 ($536.6 Million) from the currently diminished level of $505 Million. This was supported by a rationale including the burden of musculoskeletal care in the U.S. and included testimony from our patients whom had benefitted from orthopaedic care. On Thursday April 3, Dr. Blasier and Ms. Parsons met in four congressional offices on Capitol Hill and spoke with members from Arkansas including Senator John Boozman, Senator Mark Pryor, Representative Tim Griffin and Staff Liaison Brooke Burgoff for Representative Steve Womack. “The congressmen were receptive to our message and vowed to support in whatever ways they were able. It was my impression that the program was worthwhile. The program was important for establishing contact between orthopaedic surgeons and members of Congress. The dialogue was encouraging and beneficial. Hopefully it will have a lasting benefit for Musculoskeletal Research.”

– R. Dale Blasier, MD, FRCS(C), MBA


Simple Bone Cysts in Kids Randomized Clinical Trial Dear POSNA Members, The Simple Bone Cysts in Kids (SBoCK) randomized clinical trial funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research has been approved at The Hospital for Sick Children. We have started working with participating centers to complete their ethics submissions centrally and would like to invite any additional co-investigators who may be interested in participating to contact us at to request a copy of the study protocol and/or for more information how to become a participating site. Thank you to all for your continued support. We look forward to working with you. Sincerely,

Dr. James. G. Wright

POSNA JOB BOARD This password protected site was designed to match practicing pediatric orthopaedic surgeons and pediatric orthopaedic fellows with their ideal pediatric orthopaedic surgery jobs. Importantly, it continues in keeping with our mission. Job Seekers can search efficiently and free of charge using their POSNA or AAOS log in information. The cost to post a job is $200 for 6 months. Payment can be made securely online. Postings automatically expire in 6 months with friendly monthly contact from the POSNA office. To post a job or look for a pediatric orthopaedic opportunity, please visit the POSNA Job Board.

POSNA 2014 June eLetter