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Guitar has been an indissoluble companion of the blues music. Its forms and styles have evolved with the changing notes of the music. Slide guitar and note bending have been the most common techniques used by blues guitarists. Beginning its journey from the 12 bar blues, the blues guitar has come a long way. The existence of 8 bar and 16 bar blues guitars may be news to many a young guitar players like you. All the three forms of the blues guitar use three chords. Roman numerals are used for their description. But before we delve into the question raised by you, here is more on blues music. The blues style music has been there since the early 19th century. It advanced as an unaccompanied vocal folk music sung by African-American laborers. This form of music has drawn influences from spiritual songs, work songs, Scott-Irish style narrative ballads and field hollers. Likewise, it has been an inspiration in the development of today's genre of music like the rock and roll, jazz etc. Blues essentially characterizes a sad form of music having influences from the dark and private lives of laborers and the difficulties of their work environment. Even though blues essentially evolved as a vocal music, guitars have been used to enhance the spirit of its musical notes. A blues guitar makes the progress of each artist smooth by developing his unique style and temperament. Hence, don't presume it as just a harmonic or rhythmic accompaniment of a blues singer. A variety of guitars have jeweled the blues musicians. However, your own singing style and personal preference is the last word in defining a blues guitar good for you. You may pick from the acoustic steel string instruments to resonator guitars to Fenders and Gibsons. Fender and Gibsons always get the maximum votes, as they have been the first choice of revered guitar players. Magic musician Eric Clapton has endorsed both brands - the Gibson Electro Spanish Series and the Fender Stratocaster. B.B. King and Freddie King have sung with the Gibson Electro. Both these brands stand on the pedestal together, due to their classy looks, impeccable design and construction and above all the versatility of the music that can be stringed from these models. Fender telecaster is a good choice for country guitarists due to its bright cutting tones. Gibson Les Paul Junior might make a few people raise their eyebrows in doubt. Think again, because it gives excellent results with a P90 pick-up, used with or without an amplifier. Go in for a Gibson Les Paul, if you are looking for a more solid-bodied blues guitar. Its tough looks with bright cutting tone of maple for the top tied to the passionate mahogany for the body, fused together, makes it an aesthetical wonder. Go for it guys and hook your girl. Drive into a music store now and handpick that dream guitar you always wanted. I hope your search for a good blues guitar has come to an end here, without giving you as many blues as you expected elsewhere.

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