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For a music lover, who has tremendous interest in playing guitar, it is his most desired aim to understand how to play blues guitar. Finger styles are very much different in blues guitar compared to other types like rock. Mastering the variety of finger styles will make you very much satisfied as a guitar lover and also it will help you to effectively play blues and backing tracks. Fingerstyle is the technique with which one picking the guitar strings without the help of a pick or strum the guitar strings, when the guitar is played. Fingerstyle for blues has attracted many as it has been in use for long time in blues, jazz and rock. All these music concerts became very famous with the blues fingerstyles. Even these fingerstyles are being used for accommodating new creative ideas s over backing tracks. How to play blues guitar simply teach you how to use your bare fingers in picking up good tones and nodes. Reinforced fingerstyles in blues are very imposing. You can train to play blues guitar on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. It is better if the strings are nylons or steel. There are many fingerstyles for blues, but to begin with one can go for classical fingerstyles. In this fingerstyle, the thumb is used to play three bass strings and the middle and index fingers for melodious tones. Other varieties of fingerstyles can be acquired when you grow further up in playing blues guitars. The distinct types of fingerstyles in blues guitar have distinctive and unique effects in blues back tracking. There are mainly three such types of distinctive fingerstyles, namely Using the thumb alone, using the thumb and index finger and finally all three fingers namely thumb, index and middle finger. The first type of thumb fingerstyle mostly used for down strokes. This type makes you very slow and you will not able to produce fast modes using this type. This type is hard, generates a marvelous tone and vividly a hard sound. This is the way one need to start playing blues guitar. This will get you in the world of guitar and you will understand many features of guitar and playing. Second type requires some more expertise and skill. One can run fast numbers with thumb and index fingers. This fingerstyle is perfect for playing both down strokes and up strokes. Index finger will behave as a pick. Thumb will do down strokes and index will do up strokes. This is the most skilled fingerstyle. Here the three fingers are used very harmoniously. The thumb for down strokes, index and middle fingers are for up strokes alternatively. This will give tremendously faster music.

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