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Thinking of learning blues? This is perhaps one of the most challenging things to aspire for and among the most rewarding as well. If you want to learn blues guitar, there are a few things that you need before you start and some more when you begin to formally learn the art. What you need to know before Before you can touch blues, you first need to learn how to play classic guitar. Blues is not a lateral progression which means that it is far more complicated and it requires more chops from you. In any case, you would want to at least have a solid background in guitar playing before you brave the demanding genre of blues. As you know, there are several chords used in the classic guitar and there will be even more of those that you need to learn if you want to learn blues guitar. Make sure you have already mastered the basic chords before you move on to the more complicated ones. What to expect in progression It might take some getting used to when you jump from classic guitar to blues guitar. Just by listening to the kind of music produced by each one, you would already notice a lot of differences especially in the delivery. Even if you have already mastered the classic guitar, you might still want to consider taking lessons on blues guitar playing to really learn the techniques as they are quite different from those you use when playing classic or acoustic guitar. Lessons from the Internet Just as you can learn acoustic or bass guitar online, you can also learn how to play blues through internet based lessons. There are lessons offered online that will not only help you learn blues but also teach you how to be a real blues artist. There are moves and grooves that you need to see to really get into the character. Remember, music is about technique, delivery, and ultimately, style. How long will it take to learn blues guitar? There is really no definite time frame for learning blues but it can take somewhere between a few months to a few years depending on how fast you learn and how often you practice. Not everyone has the same learning pace. Some people are able to master guitar chords in a matter of days while others take a weeks and even months to get it. However long it takes, what matters is that in the end, you learn something so that all that effort and time will not all be in vain. If you put your heart and soul into it, there is no reason why you will not be able to learn. After all, blues is all about these two.

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