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Its a fact. It's tougher now to get backlinks for your website nowadays. When I say "more backlinks" let me qualify that by adding more relevant, non-spam backlinks. Google is zoning in on and devaluing links built through submissions to low-quality directories and blog comment spam. So how do you build "natural" backlinks? Well the answer is you don't! For a link to be natural implies that you do not influence the linking sites decision to link to your content. But of course, in the cut-throat real world that Google and some of the more influential SEO's live outside, this is not always possible. There are millions of websites, and most people do not have the current information and knowledge, nor the time and money to do "natural" linkbuilding - ie - bait people to link to them through social media etc, yet they rank well enough. Why? Because they just get on with building content and links to it! But back to reality, most people DO influence getting backlinks to their site, either through link exchanges, requesting links, directory submissions, blog commenting, squidoo lenses, forum signatures - the list goes on. The key thing to remember when reading the "expert" SEO information on the net is that these people make a good living from it! It is in their best interests to make the information as complex as possible, to not give the most current information and findings out, and not to reveal what they actually do. You are dealing with a luctrative industry, one which wants you cash. Take what you read as part of the story, never the whole truth. So how do you get more backlinks without falling foul of Google or paying an SEO thousands for the privilege? Well you can do everything I said above, as selective directory submissions and blog comments are still beneficial, as are links through article writing. You can also use social media and great content to try to create linkbait (ie making something so appealing that people want to link to it). Mostly though this takes a lot of time and money to get decent results from, and those results are often very short term. The bottom line is that a one way backlink to your site, as long as it is from relevant content, contains your keywords in the anchor text, and is not from a "bad neighbourhood" is still valuable. You want your site to succeed, you want visitors. So is it better to do virtually nothing in the fear of a "Google penalty", or to get on with building decent links to your site. Use a link exchange if you want, use forums, send emails do not worry about the hows of getting backlinks, worry about doing. The DO NOTS are very simply: Do not use an automated link exchange (one that allocates links on your behalf). Do not do excessive reciprocal linking. Do not put more than 100 outbound links on any page of your site. Do not participate in triangle link exchanges. Do not pay for links. If you ensure that you keep away from the methods above, you will get people linking to you and

make a success of your site. Do not be afraid of autotomation if it saves you time. Link management tools are fine, as long as the decison making process of giving and receiving links is done by the individuals then you will benefit. Remember that it is a cut-throat internet out there, and if you sit there worrying about every link to your site, your competitors will not.

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