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FALL 2009


Showcasing Local Heroes/Heroines

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Kenneth Love Positive Message

Will Morton

Eileen Smith

Alan Brown

THE TEAM RETURNS Great stories and great connections

From the President / CEO Hello Community friends, As Founder, President and CEO I’m extremely pleased to announce the Come Back of Positive Minds Publication 2010; in part, because it’s our 1st release, back to the community since 2005. We have a variety of stories we know will inform, encourage and inspire you. Since our very first 1999 release flyer, (showcasing South Bay nightclubs), we’ve added a variety of bay area businesses, expanded our distribution throughout the East Bay, North Bay and Peninsula region and have gone live via our new website. We’re excited to bring you the latest in organic fashion trends, uplifting spiritual messages, testimonials and spotlights on people doing positive things in your community. We invite business owners and entrepreneurs to subscribe TODAY and place your ad to ensure a spot in our upcoming 2010 publication release. With your paid subscription your business will automatically be added to BMDPT, Face book and Twitter website. With so much exposure, we are confident you will increase and grow you business, thus putting dollars back into our community. POSITIVE MINDS is seeking community support for articles, poems and spiritual message submissions on men, woman and youth doing positive things in our community. We need your help identifying these local heroes/heroines so that we may showcase their countless efforts and talents.

William Morton

Respectfully your, William C. Morton President / CEO Positive Minds, Black Men & Women Doing Positive Things On the Come Back to the Community

The Staff

William Morton President/CEO (408) 469-0005 Email: Eileen Smith Director/PR (650) 630-1642 Email: Alan Brown Vice President/CFO (408) 561-7797 Email: Swilley Graphics & Design (408) 975-0597 Email:

Fall 2009

Positive Minds

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What’s Inside ... Black Women Doing Positive ThingsRachelle a.k.a Shelly Kuttin Up Salon - page 64 Fashion - Perry Orange - page 8


Current Moves - Ty Thompson - page 94 Black Men Doing Positive Things3 Office Perfect - Mark Sprague - page10 Positive Message - Kenneth Love - page 124 THE ARTS: Muscian - Charles Norman, Writer/Painter - Derrick Dzine - page14-15 Poetry - Sonia Roman

Favorite Bible Scripture - page16 A Change Has Come Over Me Prophetess Bobbie Clow - page184 Page 4

Positive Minds

Fall 2009

Fall 2009

Positive Minds

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Black Women Doing Positive Things

Rachelle a.k.a Shelly Kuttin Up Salon I

I am 42 years of age, and have 1 daughter that attends SJSU. I am a free spirited individual, well rounded, goal orientated. I’m very political, love to stay upon current events. I love nature, it gives me a sense of freedom, the ocean gives me a sense of calm. I love “SELF”, it gives me ME’. I live, I laugh, and I love.

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inherited my business sense and Salon from my mother, Ruth Claybrooks whom is retired at this time. Mother always had a business plan from the time she started to the time she turned it over to me. She set goals out to do her part and then set it up to continue her legacy, long before I had ever knew this was what I was going to be doing. My mother trained me and I followed in her footsteps. Mother turned over Kuttin Up Salon San Jose Ca, to me in 1998-99, where she then relocated, and opened up another Kuttin Up salon 2, in Modesto Ca. Which then eventually became mines too in 2001, wow.. Mother played a huge part in my success. Although, she waited for the thrive, and the fire in my eyes to pass the torch, and what did I do? I ran with it. I love my mother for that! The unknowing... whether this was going to work for my passion, or if I could follow in my mother’s footsteps. I didn’t have the business sense to run the business, but I knew how to do hair and count money” I thought! Managing it was a different story, maintaining it was going to be the success of it. That was the biggest struggle, not having the plan to fail and not having the plan to succeed. Struggle comes from the unidentified of fear, conquering comes with conquest, of triumph of your success. Once I magnified, and recognized the fear of struggle, faith took me by the hand, and walked me through it, to it, and made me do it. PRAISE TO ALL ABOVE ME... Self preservation... with faith 1st law of man. My supporter’s, mom & dad, Tyree,

Positive Minds

Linda, Rare touch 2, and a handful of others. My faithful cleints whom stuck by me, and believe that I’m going to get that color right” lol.My motivations, determination, my selftaught. I did no business schooling for running a business per-say, but my drive was on fire, and my plan to succeed was my plan not to fail. We have been told all our lives we could do whatever we wanted to do.... Open the book, and do it. Since then I have travel the states, cities, seeking education for my business,

and in my industry for updated knowledge. I thank my family for the support & love. “I’m not done yet” Those who can’t dream, will never have. Peace and blessing.

Fall 2009

Pan African City Alive! An Africentric shop for all your Africentric needs

Pan African City Alive! 108 S. Sunnyvale Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 95086 (408) 830-9427

Join Us. We are building something good. / (408) 469-0005 Fall 2009

Positive Minds

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Perry Orange Organic Fabric Fashions…

Fashion for the independentminded global citizen

Designer/Creative Director Teres MCClen will introduce her new Perry Orange Collection - made entirely of certified organic fabrics, such as cottons, bamboo, hemp, and silks that meet Fair Trade standards. Ready-to-Wear: The Perry Orange Collection is characterized by extraordinary elegance and strong stylistic content, intended for the female client. Not only is Teres a well established Designer, but she is also an excellent visionary and entrepreneur. She is involved with multiple businesses, which stems from Real Estate & Development ventures.

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eres McClen, will present a new and lively Fun, Flirty, and Fashion-forward Spring 2010 collection which is also friendly to Mother Earth. “This collection of fine goods pays tribute to four generations of designers and models in Teres’s immediate family.” Inspired by her mother—who has a playful sense of style—Perry Orange includes day to evening dresses, chic little jackets, and stylish pants. The collection will also include accessories such as shoes, hats, and travel bags. The McClen Fashion Group is known for their beautiful silhouettes and exceptional attention to detail. Perry Orange color— is a combination of her family’s name and her mother’s favorite hue being orange – will always be present in the collection, much as Valentino’s favored red. Teres’ men’s wear collection, compris-

Positive Minds

ing of custom-made suits, ready-to-wear pants, shirts, and shorts, will offers uncommon versatility. The men’s collection will also include a variety of stylish messenger bags. The men’s wear collection has garnered Ms. McClen a variety of an enthusiastic nods from the fashion industry. She was one of the men’s wear finalists selected for Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Awards. Teres will launch her light-hearted collection of luxury women’s wear under the label Perry Orange at NOLCHA in association with Bel Esprit & Aveda, being held in 2009. To learn more contact Dwanye Young at (909) 218-7949 or (323) 570-9351. Article presented by Public Relations Director - POSITIVE MINDS/Eileen Smith. To contact Eileen email her at Eileen_bmdpt@

Fall 2009

Current Moves D

Left to right, Dedrick Roper, Ty Thompson

edrick and I met in 1994 through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. We instantly bonded. I myself had benefited from the program, having had a Big Brother myself when I was younger. We’d hang out, laugh and talk about life and all of its infinite possibilities. As time passed Dedrick grew up and went out of state to attend college. As we each started moving down our own paths, him enjoying the newly found college life, and myself starting an eco-conscious clothing line, we lost touch. A few years later I ran into his mother at a community event, and as they say ‘the rest is history’. His mother called him right there on the spot and we went back and forth for what seemed like hours filling each other in on missed happenings, once again forming that connection. By now, come to find out, Dedrick was playing professional football and had completed college with his BA in Business. Unfortunately soon

thereafter, after 3 years in the NFL he was injured and was forced to sit out the 2007 season. He decided at that point to move back to California from Philadelphia since he was unsure of his football future. That’s where it all began. We met one day for dinner, and since I’ve always been involved with the green movement, we decided to start researching electric forms of transportation. After months of research, we’ve found what we believe to be the best of what’s around. We pooled our resources, created a business plan and began ordering our first products within a month and a half of our research phase. So here we are, together again, committed to doing for you what we’ve managed to do for each other - create long lasting relationships built on trust. This, coupled with our unmatched product line, has set us apart from our competition. As you can probably gather from the aforementioned, we’ve been there for each other - now we want to be there for you…. Ty Thompson Current Moves …ride with power

Katryna “Katie” Williams Loan Officer “I Love Referrals”

Specializing in Residential, Commercial & Government Loans! First Federal Mortgage Bankers, Inc

1101 S. Winchester Blvd. H-189 San Jose, CA 95128 Cell: (408) 460-8566 Ofc: (408) 345-4832 Fax: (408) 493-4711

“Call to on line” Fall 2009

Positive Minds

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Black Men Doing Positive Things

High Times


As the world turn with the quite hum of the high tech machine... and as every business lives and dies by it’s ability to transmit information Mark Sprague has taken his place to make a difference. How you got started in your business.

I have always been taught by my Dad and Mom to be independent. My mother was a great role model and my first inspiration to be an entrepreneur, my Dad taught the old school values of discipline, manners and integrity that I still hold today. From a early age my mom instilled in me a sense of pride and attitude about life . She was my Sunday school teacher, worked a 9-5 job and started her own Hair Salon when I was just 11. Nothing could stop my mom from accomplishing her goals and it now is not a surprise that I see things the same way. My dad’s family taught us pride in the family name and who we are. That we were expected to succeed and be excellent as citizens in the world – no excuses. I am a product of the civil rights movement, when I was coming up, I remember not being able to sit on the ground floor at the movies (all blacks had to sit in the balcony), blacks not being able to vote and most blacks not being able to reach their full potential simply because of the color of their skin. Lots of people died, marched, protested and suffered for me and I wanted to thank them by being EVERYTHING that they could not be and wanted us the children to have the opportunity to be, so I did. My mother taught me, my brother and sisters the song “ To be Young, Gifted and Black” which I can still recite to this day and left me with this enduring piece of wisdom. She told me “baby, it is NOT what people think of you that counts, it’s what YOU think of them.”

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Positive Minds

Fall 2009


OfficePerfect is a technology consulting and technical solutions company. We specialize in providing cost effective business technology consulting. OfficePerfect brings a sophisticated level of technical know-how and experience to each client relationship to make technology work seamlessly for the client.

Your struggles in the beginning

Well when I first became interested in the field that I am in now, computers and computer technology was very new. There were no schools or classes for computers at that time they were considered toys or for hobbyists. I had big interest in electronics and loved all that kind of stuff so that is what I spent all of my time doing, reading about electronics. Then right out of high school I went to work for Radio Shack because that was where all the electronic parts, toys and hobbyists were. While there Radio Shack introduced its first computer, Apple introduced theirs as well as IBM along with Microsoft software and the rest is history. The great thing for me is that I was THERE when all of this happened. There were no schools for micro computers at that time, it was pure OJT (on the job training). I was in the right place at the right time.

How you came to be where you are.

I started reading computer magazines with articles originating from this place called “Silicon Valley.” Well the next thing you know I loaded up the 1966 air cooled VW Beetle and left the Midwest to head to the Mecca of computers California in the late 1980’s. Once I got here I was immediately hired by a computer software company in Berkeley, then hired by Computerland in the financial district in SF. I worked my way up in various companies and dot coms until I ultimately reached positions

Fall 2009

such as, IT Director for E*Trade, Consulting Practice Manager for Siemens in the Silicon Valley and IT Manager for Government of Singapore Investment Corporation; these all international companies. What is so inspiring about that story… did I mention that I did not go to college for IT and computers? Yes, that’s right I taught myself ! All of my competition for these positions had MBAs, Masters in Information Technology, Doctorates etc. not to mention my youth and color of my skin… So why did I get hired at these companies? Because I had experience and dared to challenge the “status quo” (something I learned from my childhood). The people who hired me could put a computer and software and anything else in front of me and say built it or do it… and I could. Those with the paper degrees had an understand of the technology and could tell you what things were but if presented with the same challenge … could not pit the paper degrees against real world experience and knowledge ! So in 2001 I started and built my own National IT Consulting company Officeperfect because I was taught that the only real freedom is “economic” freedom and no one or no one company would provide me more of an opportunity to succeed in life and my goals than I would “give myself”. Signed To be “Young, Gifted and Black”

Positive Minds

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Kenneth Love

Positive Message Growing up is hard to do! It’s a long, evidence. This is the fact-finding and facing complex, messy business. Going and process. growing from infant to adulthood in all the This is where we come to grips with stages & phases in between, especially when whether we really want to change for the our spiritual, emotional, psychological & better. Do we really want to be rid of our social development doesn’t move in sync w/ rage, anger, resentments, doubts, selfour physical growth. loathing or hatred and fear? Or are we We can find ourselves living a life full clinging to them because there is certain of illusions. distorted security in familiar pain. It seems We need a lot of help. There is a saying safer to embrace what we know than to let go in the rooms of recovery, “you only have to of it for the unknown. G. De Mello said; “We change one thing & that’s everything.” That yearn for change, but cling to the familiar.” means that everything, everything has to be Change is available whenever we inspire recreated, re-imagined & re-thought in order to it. When we no longer can live the way to experience adult maturity. we’ve been living we have become honest Before recovery we enough to be open-minded “On our spiritual were devoted to destruction and willing to go to any whether we realized it journey we discover length, press for the prize, or not. And oftentimes reach for the seemingly the symptom of our unaware of the down hill unreachable. Ready for direction we were headed. malady, addiction. If the personality change we We w e r e d evo t e d t o If we’re ready it’s we continue on a seek, need. destruction because we action time… find and face mission, were blind to the truth. So the question is: how is how and we uncover the real why3.weAction does one begin to change? recover from our problem, self.” familiar pain 1. Awareness is when The 12 steps of we discover something has gone wrong. recovery are truth telling principles that A man once built a cabin with shelves set us on a new course to bring us to a new around the walls. One evening he was visited reality. Our 12-step boundaries & fences by a friend. As the evening progressed, the are wonderful security blankets; especially visitor friend became extremely restless. when we’re confused. Order, direction, and When his host asked about his agitation, his simple principles provide security to clear friend replied, if you will forgive me, it’s up confusion. those shelves. Every one of them slopes We need each other! “No man is an down to the right. The host said; do they? I island, no man stands alone”. We can’t make never noticed. The visitor was a carpenter by it without each other! We need constant trade. He was disturbed because he saw those encouragement & accountability as we travel shelves against a true vertical, which ran like the focused road of being comfortable with a plumb line thru his mind. The owner of the our God, ourselves and others. cabin, on the other hand, was at ease with the Are you really ready to live and come crookedness and even unaware of it. home to live with yourself? Is the sign on Among the first steps to change is your mind & heart? Under new management! awareness. Without truth and the ability to Our devotion to destruction has been see a true vertical we remain off centered. replaced with a devotion to reconstruction. There’s no place like home, there’s no place 2. Acceptance is where we uncover the like home.

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Positive Minds

Fall 2009

Get the T-Shirt that tell who you are...

$20 per shirt Size L & XL GET ONE TODAY

You may also submit payment via us mail Payable to BMDPT P.O. Box 2203 Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Or buy online at

Focus Up The Think Drink Designed from plant extracts and natural compounds. The ingredients found in FUCUS UP have a proven history for their effects on increasing mental energy and cognition. NO sugar, NO fake sweeteners - just clean energy and a sharp mind. FUCUS UP is the only healthy energy drink available on the market today that not only gives you the extra “boost” you’re looking for, but also supports optimal brain performance at any age. Fall 2009

Positive Minds

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The Arts

Love Of God In Christ M

y name is Rev. Charles Leonard Norman and my prison record is extensive. I was labeled a menace to society, now I am a Pastor” I was born in 1951 in Palo Alto, California. I am blessed to be the Pastor & Founder of (This Music Matters Ministries) T.M.M.M. - L.O.G.I.C. - “Love of God in Christ” and Associate Pastor at Shiloh Delta Valley Church in Stockton, CA. Our organization, L.O.G.I.C., is an outreach ministry to the disenfranchised of our area, i.e. homeless persons, drug addicts/ alcoholics, persons involved in the criminal justice system, persons infected and affected by HIV & HCV, and churches in need of refreshing. I am the producer and

writer of most L.O.G.I.C. music. I am an ordained minister, who has lived for more than 20 years with the life threatening illnesses AIDS, and Hep. “C” (healed of Hep C as of July 2007). I provide counseling services, substance abuse recovery counseling as well as premarital counseling. I have been a chemical dependency specialist for 21 plus years. I met the Lord Jesus Christ in 1978 while incarcerated in the state penitentiary, and found freedom from active addiction because of that walk. I’m an active NA member and deeply involved with the recovery of others as well as my own. My prayer is that people are encouraged by the distance God has brought me.

The painting, the book, the journey Derrick Dzine is an artist/playwright who brings lyrics about the urban experience to life with a unique style called Spoken Art and Palletry. Spoken Love goes back and forth between past and present, in and out of poetry and fictional dimensions. The scenery is amazing. Spoken Love was written for couples to feel forever as they read together, as they gradually realize that every moment in love is a treasure. Poetry books don’t compel you to read chapter after chapter, Spoken Love does. Not only will Spoken Love be an outstanding book, it is currently in production and will be his latest lithograph and play that will be marketed throughout the country. Be prepared to Read it and weep – literally! To get information on Derrick’s paintings, books and upcoming play, premiering later this month contact Dwanye Young at (909) 218-7949 or (323) 570-9351.

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Positive Minds

Fall 2009

Poetry ...

The Arts


onia Roman’s love of poetry, and reading emerged at a tender age, inspired by her parents, her love of Maya Angelou, Julia de Burgos, Glauco del Mar, Sonia Sanchez, and others.

Aminah Love In All Good Time Our friendship blossoms A new flower With each passing day You have touched my life In such an inspiring way With the love of music The love of self The love of life The love that helps Me move To a special place Of no time No space Capturing dreams Inspiration Happiness Ultimate elation A gift from The heavens above A reminder That I am truly loved Such a giving spirit Never expecting in return Energy that is pure Rare Fall 2009

Positive Minds

Taking this moment Thanking you for gracing my life With your friendship Your love It means so very much Looking forward To a new day Sharing sunsets Blue waters Rides by the oceans With my feet on the border Of dreams Created By you & I As this friendship blossoms And brings new light Created in a place Way back when In the back of our minds Which will be brought To the forefront In all good time. Aminah Love © ’08 Sonia Roman

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What’s your favorite

bible scripture Inspirational Reading

We are adding a “What’s Your Favorite Bible Scripture” page in our up-coming publication and on our web site. We invite you to share scripture(s) that inspires, motivates and encourage you. We’d like to share it with others, in hopes that it my help spread the word of Jesus Christ and encourage others in their short comings… The purpose for this page is to lead others to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and develop a personal relationship with God. Our prayer is that these scriptures will touch the hearts of those who are lost, so that they may receive the gift of salvation and find the keys to eternal life. If you are reading this e-mail and desire a personal relationship with Christ, close your eyes and ask Jesus to come into your life by simply praying this prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins, and invite you to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior, in Jesus Name, Amen. We need your help! We greatly appreciate you forwarding this E-mail to others. Our goal is to receive 1,000 favorite bible scriptures by December, 1 2009. Please forward your scriptures to List your “FaPage 16

vorite Bible Scripture” in the Subject box. We’ve listed a few of our own below.

yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works, so that one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9 4 I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10 4 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 4 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of Gods is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23 4 For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus 1 Timothy 2:5

4 He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. 1 John 5:12-13 4 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this not from

4 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. Revelations 3:20 4 That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

Give Us Your Faviorite Scriptures.... Go to and submit the scripture that moved you, changed you, or encouraged you. We will put it on-line and mybe print it here in Positive Minds. Thanks Positive Minds

Fall 2009

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Remember! You are the best advertisement for your business Fall 2009

Positive Minds

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A Change Has Come Over Me Same something about why you think she was someone you wanted in the magazine. All these space holders art for appx word count. Obitatatus autatiur saperio in cus et untus, nust dolupta audae si consecum et invent vit, te sequuntibeat inimolu ptatur? Expe volutat intur sinis modi con recat. Ximendis aspella tibusam fugitem. Udam fuga. Qui

Page 18

Prophetess Bobbie Jean Clow accepted Christ in her life on October 10, 1973 at the age of eleven years old. She was attending her pastor and wife 9th appreciation service at True Holiness COGIC in East Palo Alto, CA. After walking to church a few blocks away looked up and saw her first falling star. She did not know what to make of it so she reached the church and prepared with her choir to sing with her fellow choir members. God was with her. The power of the Holy Spirit was operating in the service and moving upon those who were saved and filled will the Holy Positive Minds

Spirit. Bobbie spoke a powerful statement that changed the course of her life and destiny. “Lord, if you can save these people around me that are rejoicing in you….You can save me too.” The power of God picked Bobbie, who was shy and timid from her seat onto the floor into a powerful praise of thanksgiving and rejoicing. God spoke to her heart and she realized God had answered her quiet prayer for Salvation. Prophetess Bobbie has been serving the Lord for 36 years. She is always growing. Prophetess Bobbie Jean Clow Fall 2009

Kuttin Up Beauty Salon Live Well, Love hard, Laugh often Rachelle (Shelly) Stylist/Owner 2094 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 408-267-7277 Fax 209-234-2467

WE ARE ON THE COMEBACK Set-up a free profile on our web site Fall 2009


Positive Minds BMDPT P.O. Box 2203 Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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When You Must Have the Right



Positive Minds  


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