NOV-DEC 2010

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A DAY with hiv in america

What does it mean to live with HIV? Positively Aware asked that question, and received dozens of responses for a photo essay entitled “A Day with HIV in America.”

Austin, tx: Darryl Takushi, “I still wake up with a smile.”

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8:31 a.m., Chicago, IL: Evany Turk, HIV-positive. “This is a photo of me and my children, DeShawn Turk (oldest) and Kywon Nelson (youngest). This is why I work so hard to live a healthy life with HIV.”

9:30 a.m., Fairfax, VA: Chuck Panozzo, bassist and co-founder of Styx, HIV-positive, before his presentation as guest speaker at the Virginia Organizations Responding to AIDS.

9:00 A.m., Washington, DC: Raul Posas gets ready for another day working at NAPWA (National Association of People with AIDS).

10:00 a.m., Runyon Canyon, outside Los Angeles, CA: Christopher Wilson, HIV-positive. “Running and hiking is what I do to feel that much needed release.”

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