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PROGRESSIVE WORKSHOP Dublin | September 29 - October 1

Learn how to: • Enter deeper levels of the subconscious mind • Develop your attention as a skill • Change your beliefs and perceptions • Reprogram your genes • And much more with Dr. Joe’s world famous workshop coming exclusively to Ireland!

The Royal Dublin Society, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. D04 AK83


This is just the beginning... Can you feel it ~ The Jackson Five Feeling it is the new black. When you feel there is something you would like in your life and when you think of it and feel the lack of it, stop for a moment and feel around in your heart and imagine how it would feel if you had it. Then do a little side shimmy and imagine something you already have in your life that feels similar and appreciate that and soak it in for at least five minutes every day. This is the process of creation using your feelings and vibrating at that frequency to attract it in. If it feels good keep doing it, but only because it feels good, not for the thing itself, then watch what happens. This issue and most of the others that’s what I do, and here it is again in your hands, positivity and good news unfolding in the pages before you. We love doing it and we love you reading it. NICE, see you just in time for the next one. paul congdon, Publisher

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Autumn Vibes Things to boost your mood this season


Positively Newsworthy Inspirational stories from around the world


Spirituality & The City Paying tribute to the positive things


Positive Parenting Help your children adjust to school


Dee Wallace A world of equality begins with us


Amanda Collins Practising self-honesty


18 Meditation Awareness is the key to peace 20

Sonia Choquette Use your heart as your guide


Positive Community Crotalo Sesamo shares the beauty of Damanhur


Positive Retreat The magical Aloha House


Tantra Use tantric techniques to awaken intimacy


Richard Branson How his unique approach helped him to rise


Positively Practical Practise ‘guerrilla forestry’ in your everyday life


Davie Philip Positive tactics to prevent burnout


CNM How fermenting can aid optimal health


Hans Wieland The autumnal art of preserving


Autumn Recipes Let the season of plenty inspire your kitchen


Short & Sweet News and stories from the holistic world


Positively Metaphysical The profound effects of Vipassana


Elva Carri Learning to combat those autumn blues


Positive Self Discovery Embracing the unknown in Myanmar


Astrology What the upcoming eclipses mean for you

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autumn vibes “IN THE DEEP FALL, DON’T YOU IMAGINE THE LEAVES THINK HOW COMFORTABLE IT WILL BE TO TOUCH THE EARTH INSTEAD OF THE NOTHINGNESS OF AIR” MARY OLIVER the why that lies behind the habit and set about addressing your emotional needs in a healthier way which releases you from dependency and sets you free.

Instantly Boiled Water This Dutch designed Quooker boiling water tap, in the making since the 1970s supplies boiling water direct from your sink. Inventor Henri Peteri spent decades developing his model and, after many near misses and failures, now presents a product which promises high tech energy saving, economy, and the end to the era of ‘waiting for the kettle to boil’.


help n’ healing Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Vibes Affectionately known as the Queen of Massage, a Lomi Lomi massage is an experience like no other. Soothing emotional aches, liquefying physical pain and subduing mental whirlwinds, Lomi Lomi massage is a dance of healing, loving touch shared in the spirit of Aloha – an indescribable essence of love, acceptance and compassion. Louise Kleu, pioneer of Hawaiian healing in Ireland, has taught individuals all over the country who share this beautiful healing work. Find a Lomi Lomi practitioner near you on Louises’ website.

offering a variety of Lomi Lomi massage, energy healing and therapy trainings. Full of homely touches and beautiful décor, you will feel instantly relaxed and at ease in the hands of owner Geraldine and her team of therapists.

Health & Lifestyle Oracle The Helo wristband boasts a range of amazing features, performs health checks, emits negative ions reducing the effect of electronics on the body’s systems, incorporates the use of mineral stones to improve mood and has a built-in panic button which sends for help. Families with aging parents, children or spouses with health issues could really benefit from this ingenious technology.

autumn downtime Positive Nights As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, join us for some heartwarming, spirited and soulful conversation over the coming weeks as we feature guests such as Tantric visionary Dawn Cartwright, Breatharian Sofia Waapita Ra and musician of Hothouse Flowers fame, Liam O’Maonlai.

Time for Me For a break from the bustle and strain, whisk yourself away to Time For Me Holistic Centre in Dublin 2, an undiscovered gem of quiet and calm,

Be Free Brian Healy offers a unique approach to quitting the urge to smoke. As with any addiction, it’s all about the urge, the emotional gain, that keeps the habit in motion. Together with Brian, you discover


Wellbeing Festival Mind-Body-Spirit Dublin has collaborated to bring us the MBS Wellbeing Festival in Waterford this October. Three days of immersion among over sixty complimentary medicine and spiritual healing professionals, showcasing the huge diversity of natural remedies available to help what ails us, and to open our awareness to the more of what we’re made of.

Lavish Getaway A feast for all the senses, the Wineport Lodge in Athlone is set on a stunning lakeside with panoramic views - which you can take in from the outdoor hot tub while inside you’ll be warmed by crackling wood fires and touches of luxury which “draw you in and beg your shoulders to drop.” Check out their website for autumn wine, dine and spa breaks.


September brings to the stage… Three amazing people who bring inspiration to life and uplift the world; Echkart Tolle, Joe Dispenza and Deva Premal all arrive to Ireland to share their wisdom, vision, creativity and music with us this autumn. Check out and google the others to find out more…

Holistic Training Courses Nestled in beautiful countryside surrounds, Golden Egg Holistic centre is the perfect place to gain new skills this autumn/winter. If you’ve time to invest, try a Diploma course in Holistic Massage or Reflexology. For therapists looking to garner CPD points and add some strings to your healing bow, try Baby Massage or Indian Head Massage.

Salute our Health Stores Get in line for the week-long celebrating upcoming in May 2018 to celebrate the amazing work of Ireland’s health food stores. Health Stores Ireland is planning a country-wide series of events where you can come along, share in the merriment and show your appreciation for many superb sellers of whole foods, eco-friendly cosmetics and natural supplements… all made accessible to us by our health food stores.


me ups Herbal Energy Boost Try Íon ginger and ginseng herbal tonics to re-energise your evenings. Every day is made if you can do a little of what you love to do, as well as what you have to do. After a long day at work, these little tonics lend you some natural get-up-and-go to do both.

Immune Support Who knew that Matcha green tea was ten times more antioxidising than the celebrated goji berry? When it comes to Matcha, there’s a lot to know, not least the intricate, ceremonial culture which accompanies it in Asia. For us in the West, Matcha is a perfect tea for this season – it’ll lift your mood and give your immune system a formidable boost.

Spicy Brew


Turmeric, a spice with a long list of super healing powers, is at the heart of Turmerlicious’ new caffeine-free, hot drinks powder. With hints of coconut, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper, all especially formulated to aid absorption, it’ll keep you cosy until bedtime…Zzzzz.

Potent Greens Packed with Vitamin D Sun Chlorella is a good one to stock up on as we go into the dimmer months. A whole food product of Mother Nature, a small dose of this little green powder is also a powerful immune health supplement. Check out their recipe section for ideas on creating Chlorella centred juices, smoothies and soups.

Vegan Takeaway McGuinness’s Chipper on Camden Street is now catering for the vegan munchies. The owner couple turned vegan two years ago and now run the first and only vegan chipper in Ireland; serving kebabs, burgers, pizza and sausages of the vegan sort. We’ve tried the black bean burger - and it’s gooood. Check them out on Facebook.


1 Fairy Magic Blooms THE MAGIC OF KINDNESS. by Aisling Cronin

Magic blossomed into being at the Bloom gardening festival this summer, after Gráinne Brady, of landscaping and permaculture company Shannon Orchard, teamed up with Jasmine Alkhershi, of crafts website Procrastimake. The two sought the help of their local community in Longford to create a stunning fairy garden and trail that went on to claim a certificate of distinction in the postcard garden section at Bloom.

6 The garden was dedicated to St. Therese’s children’s ward at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Jasmine said, “We decided to donate the garden to St. Therese’s ward to remind the children, who have already dealt with so much, that there is still magic in the world. Really, we just wanted to put a smile on their faces.”

“The garden inspired spontaneous acts of compassion from Bloom festivalgoers.” Gráinne and Jasmine decided to name their garden The Magic of Kindness … and amazingly, the garden inspired spontaneous acts of compassion from Bloom festivalgoers, who began to make

unexpected financial donations to St Therese’s ward. “We had a wishing well in the garden at Bloom and the children kept asking their parents for money to throw in it,” Gráinne explained. “We hadn’t planned that, but it just happened, and so we donated that money as well. It’s more proof of the Magic of Kindness that’s out there.” The garden raised ₠1,132, which will be used to redecorate the ward’s isolation unit. As soon as the garden was moved to its new home at Portiuncula Hospital, the children were enchanted by it. Jasmine overheard one girl calling her grandmother to say, “I’m on a sleepover at the hospital and there’s fairies everywhere!”


To a child who has endured a setback, there is no gift quite as precious as the restoration of their confidence. An autistic young boy named Ben Jackson in Southsea, England, was recently thrilled to receive thousands of birthday cards from well-wishers all over the world, after growing accustomed to disappointing birthdays in previous years. His mother Lisa had been heartbroken to watch her son’s disappointment when nobody turned up to a previous birthday party. The incident had caused Ben so much distress that the family had been unable to organise another birthday party since then. This year, however, Lisa decided to put out an appeal for birthday cards on social media. The appeal quickly went viral, touching the hearts of people from countries all over the world, including India, Singapore, South Africa and Australia. So many people decided to send cards, in fact, that dedicated trolleys had

to be set up at Portsmouth’s sorting office to deal with them all! “My other birthday was awful – this one is a big improvement,” Ben said. “I could not believe my eyes. Thank you everyone. I have so many cards, I’m astonished.” Lisa, meanwhile, was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. “I would personally like to say a big heartfelt thank you to every one of you for your comments and messages,” she wrote. “It means so much. I never expected to get such an overwhelming response to my post and I am so grateful to you all.”

“So many people sent cards that dedicated trolleys had to be set up at the sorting office!”

3 Feline found from 1,000 km away INTREPID EXPLORER CAT REUNITES WITH HIS HUMANS. by Aisling Cronin

“Whiskers is now back in the arms of his humans, being treated like royalty.”

Anyone with a beloved cat knows just how free-spirited these animals can be. Many cats enjoy wandering through their local neighbourhood and seeking out their favourite sun spots … but they rarely exercise their exploring instincts quite as much as Whiskers, a ginger tomcat who wandered through the Australian outback for three months before finally being

reunited with his humans. Three months ago, Whiskers was travelling through the outback in rural Queensland with Luke Hall and his partner, when the couple’s caravan broke down. “Come Sunday night Whiskers got a little restless, and he made his way out the fly wire in the middle of the night,” Luke explained. “I woke up to him leaving, so I jumped out and tried to get him, but he was just too skittish and ran off. It was all just long grass and you can never find a ginger cat in long, dry grass.” After waiting in town for a day longer than they had intended to, he and his partner had

to return to their home in Toowoomba, one thousand kilometres away, never knowing what had become of Whiskers. Luckily, Whiskers was recently found and brought to a local vet, who was able to read his microchip and contact Luke. “They said they had Whiskers, and I just couldn’t believe it,” Luke said of the moment he received that call. “A lot of people say there aren’t good people in this world, but it just goes to show there are so many good people left.” Whiskers is now back in the arms of his loving humans, being treated like royalty … just as every cat should be.

positively newsworthy the little things “…no matter the circumstances of life, a moment of joy and gratitude is always within reach.”


Moist and delicious, the nourishing sweetness melted down my throat in an instant, though the soothing aftertaste of kindheartedness remained for long after.

It was one of those innumerable days at the desk where I was forehead high in emails and phone calls. Every so often a door would open and a chink of light would lengthen out along the floor, only to disappear a moment later. My father was lying in a hospice bed, having been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just months before, while I typed and answered calls. My body was there but my mind and heart were elsewhere, flailing helplessly on an ocean of grief, anguish and outrage. New to our place of work, colourful bandana atop her head and smile on her face, Elaine greeted me with a palms-to-heart Namaste. She reached into her bag and pulled out a little sky-blue tin with pink flowers. Inside, wrapped in greaseproof paper and tied with a red string bow, were a stack of black-bean, chocolate brownies. Their sweetness, the little bow…filled both my stomach and heart, and suddenly, I was smiling. A real smile. I felt its glimmer of warmth spread through my entire body. I recognised that no matter the circumstances of life, a moment of joy and gratitude is always within reach. And a simple act of kindness can be a powerful avenue for a person in despair to find their way out, even for a day.


2 The Monks in the Forest THE MAGIC OF TAKING IT EASY AND FOLLOWING THE FEEL-GOOD. by Andrew McAvinchey Eva and I were married on June 24th this year, in the magical fairyland of Glengarriff Lodge in West Cork. From the outset we had a rule: “If it’s easy, we’ll do it, if it’s hard, we won’t.” We agreed to trust that everything would be taken care of, if we could just follow what felt good and let go of what didn’t. We drew little images of a medieval tent, and a river, a feast and a forest... We didn’t go looking for these things, but when they appeared we said yes, even when we wondered how on earth we’d pull it all off. Every step, little signs and coincidences were like a wink from the universe, like a friend saying “I got this.” The morning of the wedding, I drove to town to pick up some flowers. Coming back, at the entrance to the forest, two

Buddhist monks dressed in saffron robes appeared. They were completely out of context, yet belonged to this dream I was in. I stopped and asked for a blessing, which they both chanted in Sanskrit above my car window. Then we all moved on.

“From the outset we had a rule: If it’s

easy, we’ll do it, if it’s hard, we won’t.”

The thing is, with Eva and I, things like this happen all the time. It’s like together we’ve chosen to ride this wonderful wave. It takes bravery to live this way and Eva’s one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. PHOTO: CHRISTINE JUDD

THE DUBLIN COURSE Orientation January 27 th, 2018 monthly weekend modules

THE WESTPORT COURSE Orientation March 10 th, 2018

monthly weekend modules

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spirituality & the city WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR... Gosia Wojciulewicz The magic moments in my life have always felt like an invitation to open my inner eye and see the bigger picture. Every single experience is an important lesson that helps me to grow. One of those precious times is when I go out into nature and allow everything to stop. Work, appointments, obligations or problems fade away and cease to exist. I enter a state of stillness, inner calmness, and complete peace. Connecting with nature helps me to focus my energy, expand my internal awareness, and get centred. It deepens my feeling of total alignment with my true self and my purpose, allowing my creativity to come and guide me to make the right choices. Nature does not insist or force anything, so I strive to live harmoniously, in tune with nature, because I am an essential part of it. I am very grateful for this special time in the space of eternity.

Kevin Ward Charlie the chocolate lab and his Mama Deirdre have been through a lot, with Charlie predisposed to arthritis in his front paws and suffering a ruptured cruciate ligament in a hind paw. Deirdre, who was reticent about the recommended procedure for various reasons, had a dilemma indeed! I did healing on Charlie and gave him Reiki. I still use crystals such as Tiger’s Eye on his picture, rotating these as I go. Divine inspiration struck Deirdre with the idea of wheels made to order. Procuring measurements was fun indeed! That was nothing compared to the chocolate fur flying as she tried to get Charlie into and used to the wheels. This was a true testament to her, as she was often at her wits’ end doing drills every day. Today, it’s an entirely different story, with Charlie often getting the wheels himself: hint hint, walkies! Seeing Charlie’s smiling eyes now makes me smile too.

James McMahon I think I have always felt gratitude for all that’s happening in my life, from the mundane to the ridiculous, as the saying goes. I love what I do. I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful people who arrive at my door, and all that I learn from each interaction. But two things stand out that seem to be life changers for me. The first is changing the word ‘should’ to ‘could’. Instead of saying, ‘I should do something,’ I now say, ‘I could do something.’ This has changed the energy of it. It’s now a choice. The second is giving myself permission to change my mind about what I believe. This has been liberating, while also being a struggle. It looks like it will be a lifelong aspiration. So, I should, oops, could, just flow with it and see what happens. With gratitude...

Louise Kleu In my early twenties, growing up in South Africa was an exciting and wild place to be. With the untamed spirit of youth on my side, I set about travelling, exploring, and getting lost along the way. At a low point in my life, a chance encounter with a kahuna teacher turned out to be a major turning point that initiated my journey into Hawaiian healing arts. My tribute is to Anthea Hardwick, the woman who saw through all of my masks, deep into my soul, and was able to help me find my way back to myself. She pioneered a way of living that inspired me and hundreds of others. She honoured us by respecting our pain, yet without letting that define us ‌ showing us that we are more than our stories, our pain, or our thoughts. Mahalo Nui, Anthea. You live the way of Aloha and I will always cherish your unconditional love and friendship.

Daizan Kaarlenkaski Change is my true friend and teacher, and the very core of Life itself. When it appears, in any way it presents itself, from challenging to deeply satisfying and everything in between, what is your reaction? Change could involve the loss of a loved one, challenges in your own health, losing your career, getting married and having children, having to sacrifice your old self-centred ways, or being moved to an unknown situation that challenges your current way of being. When things make you very uncomfortable, when you feel like you have absolutely no control over the outcome of anything, will you shut down and distract yourself with something else? Or will you face this discomfort, hear it, feel it, deeply allow it, and grow in wisdom, compassion and truthfulness? Nothing in this life is guaranteed, and even the greatest difficulties can be used for the highest thing, for your own freedom.

Halina Tsip I was born in a beautiful country, Ukraine. Since I was very little, I always dreamed of moving to another country, and experiencing a different lifestyle. I remember my first trip to Poland with my mum, when I was very much astonished by how different life was, only 150 kilometres away from Ukraine. We moved to Ireland when I was sixteen. Back then, I only planned to take a one-year gap from medical college, and I decided to stay in Ireland. Now that I look back, I really appreciate the progressive experience I have gained in Ireland. In Dublin I became a multilingual, open minded and outgoing person. I am also grateful in life because I have the most wonderful mother in the world. She is the most honest, genuine and strong figure in my life, and no matter what, she is always there for me.



playing catch up


“Ch, Ch, Chh, Changes…Turn and Face the Strange…” (David Bowie, 1971) Our lives are full of transitions. We grow from baby to child to adult and go from kindergarten to school to work. Transitions are as much a part of our human experience as they are the seasons around us. When our children are very young you can see the big difference just a few months can make in a child’s development. From three months to six months, from six months to a year, big developmental milestones happen; rolling, crawling and walking. As our children get older and grow from child to pre-teen, and then to fully fledged teenager, the milestones may not be quite as obvious but the developmental changes are just as dramatic and our journey as parents requires just as much recalibration.

“..offer Special Time and let your child show you how they are.” This year, in the final week of the last school term, I walked my youngest child to school for the last time as he would transition from primary to secondary school this autumn. I’ve made the transition from ‘school-run’ Mum and I’ve waved goodbye to the small-child years of parenting. For some of you, this leg of the parenting journey may just be beginning. Perhaps you are groaning already at the new routine you must devise to make the mornings and the transition from home to school go smoothly - or go at all! One thing that made a palpable, positive difference to our transition to school was a simple yet profound tool I learnt from Hand in Hand

Parenting. It is one of five deceptively simple but endlessly useful and transformative listening tools that Hand in Hand teach; Start every school day with Special Time. Special Time is a way to make a positive difference to your child, and to you, as you transition from home to school.

HERE’S HOW: Make a commitment Commit to offering regular one-on-one play-time with your child.

Name it It can be Special Time, or Daddy/Mummy and Me time, etc. That way your child has a reliable way of knowing when they can get your full, undivided attention.

Time it This is about creating a safe and doable container for your attention and for your child. If time feels tight in your schedule for Special Time make it a priority during the transition to school this autumn. Try setting the alarm 15 minutes, or half an hour, earlier. The dividends, in terms of a connected child who can get on with their morning routine without constant chasing, are so worthwhile that ultimately you will be glad you made the effort. Anything from 5 to 30 minutes is good, don’t set the bar too high as it may be difficult to sustain.

Add the key ingredient; Delight! Delight in your child, pay warm attention and show them your acceptance of whatever game or activity they would like to try. Even if they want to play trains again for the bazillionth time and you inwardly crumple, ‘fake it till you make it’ and bring your delight! Offer warm eye contact and extra affection. Necessary limits around safety apply but other than

that, bring all of yourself and your delight to whatever your child wants to play.

End Special Time with Warmth Remember to always end Special Time with warmth. You’ve just spent close time with someone you care about deeply, a genius for play and emotional expression. Remember to offer a high five or a hug at the end of Special Time. Be prepared for your child to have some difficult feelings when the timer goes off. This isn’t a bad sign. In fact it’s the opposite - it’s a sign that your child is learning exactly what they need to do to prepare for the transitions and separations that school days inevitably bring. Your child is using their time with you well, to release tensions they may be holding about this big transition to school. Welcome those feelings, acknowledge them, and begin to notice a more resilient and co-operative child who emerges from this Special Time and your good attention. Another great idea is to offer Special Time at the end of the school day. So save your breath on the ‘what did you do at school today?’ question, which rarely gets answered. Offer Special Time instead and let your child show you how they are. Let me know how you get on with this effective parenting tool, and if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them. Anna Cole, PhD, is a parent educator, researcher and writer and Certified Instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting ( Find her on Facebook: Hand in Hand Parenting with Anna Cole. To order ‘Listen’, the essential Hand in Hand Parenting book go to:

“Start every school day with Special Time. Special Time is a way to make a positive difference to your child, and to you.�



energy &



by Dee Wallace

Equality. It’s certainly a word that is active right now. Equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity...but what is equality from the standpoint of the bipartisan world of all possibilities channel? Equality is, firstly, the right to choose. We are equal in our choice and in our power to choose. In truth, that is always the case. However, many of us have been taught the illusion that others can take our voice away from us. Let’s take, for example, the ‘choice’ to come to America. With that choice comes opportunity, and responsibility. With that choice might come laborious vetting, working for years to have the capital to relocate, perhaps even leaving family behind. That ‘choice’ brings with it demands for other choices that impact the initial choice. Also, in the example before us politically right now, many feel that the initial choice is being ripped from them. But the channel insists that choice can NEVER be taken from us, because, whatever the circumstance, we still have the right to choose another choice, an acceptance or denial. The best antidote for inequality here is to always stay in

“Now is the creative moment that holds the outcome for knowing we are equal, knowing we are the energy that controls everything in our lives.” the choice that creates the most love and personal harmony within ourselves. The challenge here is ACCEPTANCE. Secondly, equality is freedom from our own struggle. We cannot be/feel equal to the balance, health and prosperity we want without letting go of the stories, grudges and blame that hold us as victims. If we define ourselves as victims, we must create scenarios in life that fulfil that definition. Ergo, more struggle and less equality. Our hearts remain closed to the possibility of creating our own Freedom. Thirdly, equality is knowing and claiming our SELF WORTH. We must know it within, first. All parts of us must be united in experiencing our own magnificence. Our constitution says, “All men are created equal.”

The good book says, “All men are equal in the eyes of God.” And yet we spend most of our lives feeling less than, or competing with – neither being an experience of equality. How, then, can we ask the world to acknowledge our equalness when we cannot experience it about and within ourselves?

To create equality for ourselves and the world we must: • Exercise our choice • Accept our freedom • Know we are equal

Then, and only then, will we experience equality in its highest form.

the peace, harmony, love, and balance we so desire in our world?


Are we letting fear dominate our thoughts which, as we know, will create the very situations in the world we do not want?

The channel is advising us to take steps to truly and finally integrate our energies, here and from all dimensions, into our divine selves. The urgent thing is to understand what our divine self is, and just how to do that.

Divine Self: The Self that knows we are healed and that we are the highest answer. We must embrace that it is up to us to direct energy on this plane: that climate change, health issues, financial balance and love are up to us.

Where is our focus and intention around these things? Are we accepting, in every minute, our divine responsibility in creating

The Divine Self knows it is responsible for choosing and holding the focus with love. The Divine Self accepts that right now, in this moment, I Am healed. In this moment, now, is where creation is created. Our story has always been one of redemption: that we must pay for our ‘sins’ and carry the cross of our story with us through the streets of our lives. But we cannot know we are free, that it is done, that we are the highest answer, and that we are an integrated whole, knowing and accepting our responsibility as creators, if we are dragging that cross through our lives in eternal payment for being Us. Now is the time for us to be, and send, the electrical charge of Powerful

Love and Committed Knowing out into the Universe. Now is the time to BE the Creative Force, and hold firmly the knowing that we are the power. Now is the creative moment that holds the outcome for knowing we are equal, knowing we are the energy that controls everything in our lives. Let us move in to this knowing bravely, with conviction, knowing we are the God of I Am, and that our divine selves are integrated completely from all dimensions into our divine selves. Blessings, Dee Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo. The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life of acting.


are you being honest with


Honesty with yourself is a very powerful topic, one which can trigger strong reactions. That’s a good thing, because it means that the subject is moving energy. If you feel uncomfortable while reading this article, then perhaps you are not being completely honest with yourself. I was driving with my children and the story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ started playing. It’s about an emperor who loves fashion. People in the town promise to make him the most amazing gown he has ever seen, woven of gold, silver, and diamonds. They invite him to see their progress, stitching with invisible thread. The people were actually taking his money in gold, silver, and diamonds. Eventually, the emperor goes before the public wearing the gown. A little boy speaks out the truth, “That man’s naked!” However, the emperor is in so much denial that he goes on wearing the invisible gown anyway. He is being dishonest with himself.

“When you are truthful, you feel peaceful because there is no disharmony.” Think about this story. In a situation as simple as telling yourself that you will only have one cookie out of a pack of ten, when you know that’s not the truth, look deeper and ask yourself why you’re having a whole pack of cookies, or a whole bottle of wine, rather than a glass? You may be trying to numb a feeling that you are not being honest about in the first place. Other areas of dishonesty may be about a relationship, an unsatisfying career, or a bad habit. How many people do you still have in your life but wish you didn’t? How often do you hear yourself saying words you question?


If you pretend that such patterns work for you when they don’t, imagine the amount of energy you are numbing! Often when we feel jealous, and don’t want to admit it, we pretend we are happy for the other person instead of being authentic, even if it’s just within ourselves. Instead, simply allow that energy to move through you and experience the truth of what you are really feeling. I invite you to sit with these thoughts. When you are truthful, you feel peaceful because there is no disharmony. Life feels as if it’s flowing more freely. When difficulties do come up, you respond with confidence because you know what your core beliefs are. Reflect on who you share your truth with. Do you share your truth with the right people? You have the choice to live as honestly with yourself as you can. Take inventory of your life and relationships. Note where there is disharmony. Go deep into those areas. Which relationships leave you exhausted? Who do you feel that you can’t be yourself around? Your answers to these questions will tell you where you are not being completely authentic with yourself. You may have to have some honest conversations with people. They may be uncomfortable but know and trust that this discomfort is for your highest good. When you’re able to shift away from such people and situations, you’ll feel a deep sense of freedom. When you aren’t using energy by trying to be something that you are not, it will give you freedom to be yourself. It doesn’t take any energy to be your greatest, most natural, true self. It’s simply you expressing you.


the safe haven of

Self-Awareness WHY STAYING AWARE IS THE KEY TO PEACE. by Sandy C. Newbigging

Self-awareness is the term I use for being aware of the aspect of your self that is aware. Inside you, right now, there is an awareness that is aware of this moment happening, including, for instance, the words you are currently reading. Some call this awareness the ‘observer’, the ‘witness’, the ‘stillness’ or the ‘being’. It really doesn’t matter what we label it. What matters most is that we are aware of its presence within us and make it a priority to experientially engage life with self-awareness from now on. Awareness is aware of all of your inner thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, along with your external events and experiences. Awareness is still, silent, spacious, peace-filled presence; it is not otherworldly, but as real as you can get. It is the most permanent and unchanging aspect of you. I would go as far as to say it is who you really are. It silently observes the happening of every inner and outer experience that you’ve ever encountered. There has never been a moment in your life when this awareness has not been present within you. Awareness is aware of the full spectrum of life, and by being self-aware you can find it is possible to coexist calmly with anything that comes your way.

In the same way that the sky doesn’t care what flies through it, your awareness is not concerned with what it is aware of. Irrespective of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ life appears to be on the surface, your underlying awareness remains still, calm and well – always. One of the core reasons why we tend to recoil from experiencing the full spectrum of life is that we’ve tried to do so without self- awareness. We’ve been taught to think about life, rather than directly experience it from the safe haven of our permanently present and peaceful awareness. Thinking about life gets us caught up in a world of thoughts. However, by being self-aware – aware of the aspect of your self that is aware – you can experience the unconditional calm of your awareness, instead of only the ups and downs of your conditioned mind. Without self-awareness, our thoughts about what’s happening determine our experience of, and relationship with life. But here lies the problem with relying solely on this nonaware, thought-based perspective on life: the mind makes sense of reality by judging whether it is good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse, or positive or negative.


“In the same way that the sky doesn’t care what flies through it, your awareness is not concerned with what it is aware of.”

If life appears to be bad, wrong, worse or negative, based upon our preconditioned mind-made judgements, then the habitual tendency is to resist the perceived problem and experience the negative side effects of our resistance to ‘what is’, including anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, guilt, grief, shame, frustration, loneliness... the list goes on. But as already mentioned, your awareness is an ever-present ongoing state of still, silent, spacious calm within which you can comfortably coexist with all of life. Visit for a video on engaging self-awareness. Sandy C. Newbigging is a modern-day monk, meditation teacher and multi-bestselling author. His new book, Calm Cure, is out now.

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let your heart

be your guide SONIA CHOQUETTE SHARES HER WISDOM. by Aisling Cronin


The renowned spiritual teacher and author Sonia Choquette will be visiting Ireland for the first time this November to lead a one-day workshop called ‘Ask Your Guides’, organised by the Positive Living Network. We spoke to Sonia to find out more about her plans for this inspiring event, her advice on living an intuitive life, and the personal highlights and lessons of her career. What are you hoping to explore during your workshop in Ireland? The theme of my talk is ‘Ask Your Guides’, which I think is very relevant to our world today. Our biggest problem right now is that people feel isolated and unsupported, and this brings about a lot of fear. So if we have a direct experience of support and guidance, so much creativity, healing and love can come from that. We need to know that we are supported and loved, and we need to know how to access that. So I am very excited to come over and teach people how to feel that sense of support and guidance in their lives.

What is your number one piece of advice for those who are hoping to become more attuned to their intuition? My number one piece of advice is to get out of your head and be open to the reality that your heart is far more intelligent and far more capable of guiding you. There is a place for our logic and our intellect, and we do need them. However, that place is not to fight with or destroy our spirit. We must use our hearts as our guiding compass in life.

“Our hearts are brilliant, our intuition is indispensable, and we have to trust and follow them.” You have written a wide variety of books throughout your career. Which of them stands out to you as being particularly significant? One of my earliest books was called Ask Your Guides, and I think of it as the ‘manual’ for how to connect with spirit guides. Another book that stands out for me is Tune In: Follow Your Intuition to Fulfilment and Flow, which is extremely relevant today, as so many people are experiencing incongruence between what their heart truly wants, and what they actually experience in their daily lives. Tune In helps you to move away from what isn’t working and reconnect to your spirit, so things can begin to flow and work for you.

Over the course of your years as a spiritual teacher, what do you feel has changed or deepened in your practice, and what has stayed the same? What has stayed the same is my conviction that our hearts are brilliant, our intuition is indispensable, and we have to trust and follow our hearts and intuition if we are going to lead lives of deep satisfaction and integrity. What has changed is my increased capacity for deep compassion, patience and love. My experiences have helped me to grow into a more loving human being. That is what I have always aspired to be, and I think, to some degree, I can see that happening in my life. I am so grateful for that.

‘Ask Your Guides’ will take place at the CityNorth Hotel, 15 minutes north of Dublin Airport, on Saturday 11th November 2017. For additional information and booking, go to:


damanhur: the Community of Dreams



The community of Damanhur was founded in northern Italy during the late 1970s, with the aim of promoting harmonious, sustainable coexistence between its residents. Today, it is a thriving community of approximately 600 full-time residents, who are committed to sharing their resources and aiding one another’s personal and spiritual growth. Damanhur also hosts thousands of visitors each year. Crotalo Sesamo is an ambassador for this extraordinary community, in addition to being an experienced teacher within its Mystery School program. We spoke with him about astral travel, his origins in Damanhur, the ultimate message of the community, and his impressions of Ireland during his recent visit to Dublin.

You originally studied computer technology before you became involved with Damanhur. When did you first feel the urge to change your life? Yes, I was studying computers, and I was also a tennis teacher, so as you can imagine, I came from a very different background.

But always, even when I was very young, I knew that there was a place for me: a place where I had to go and live, that would be ready for me when I was ready. I was born in Turin, the largest city near Damanhur – just fifty kilometres away – but when I first met the people involved in Damanhur, and set foot in it for the first time, my inner voice was screaming at me, “This is the place! This is where you have to be!” Everything about Damanhur synchronised so much with my deep inner beliefs about life that I had never shared with anyone, not even my parents.

What is your favourite aspect of life at Damanhur? I feel that the most powerful aspect of Damanhur is its possibility of creating dreams. I went to live there almost thirty years ago now, in 1988, and the first thing that really touched my heart about Damanhur was the sense that in this place, I could realise my dream.

“The point of Damanhur is to say, you can do this too. Our intention is to inspire the world to do better than us!” Do you see Damanhur as a potential blueprint for the future of humanity? I see Damanhur as an example to help other people create their own communities. The point of Damanhur is not that everyone will go and live there – the point of Damanhur is to say, if we could do this in Italy, with no money, you can do this too, wherever you are living and whatever you want to create in your life. Our intention is really to inspire the world to do better than us!

You are a Mystery School teacher, specialising in astral travel and ancient civilisations. Can you talk to us about that? Well, the Mystery School is based on many different seminars, held each year. The first year is about understanding who you are. Then you move on to building a new relationship with others, and with the different energies that surround you. The third year explores the concept that all of us are coming back in this life because we have something to achieve. You have a unique goal that you – and only you – can realise. Always, when we talk about astral travel, we discuss the possibility of leaving the physical body and then starting to explore the other dimension: what we in Damanhur call “the threshold.” There, we can find knowledge, information, or experiences that we can bring back here, to this life. In many different civilisations in the past, astral travel was considered to be probably the most important spiritual experience you could have.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Temples of Damanhur? In Damanhur, we have an incredible Temple of Humankind, which is an underground Temple that we built in order to connect the important energy lines that cross this area. The entire Temple has been built using what we call “stone language.” This stone language was used in many ancient civilisations. For example, it was used in the pyramids of Egypt and in Machu Picchu. This language goes directly to the soul, and will help you connect with the memory of who you are, where you came from, and what you have to do in this life.

We have seen a picture of an interesting tool used in Damanhur called a Sprioself. What is its purpose? Well, the Sprioself is what we call a “selfic” instrument. The term “selfica” comes from an ancient, archetypal language, and it means “spiral.” The art of selfica can be found in the traditions of many different civilisations. It combines the use of sacred


geometry with the properties of different materials such as metals, stone, crystals, and liquids, in order to catalyse and transform vital energies. Energy is simply information, so if something is not going well in a person’s life, this is because of some incorrect information that dwells within them. So with this instrument of the Sprioself, what we can do is help the person to change that information.

You recently visited Ireland to take part in a Positive Nights event, and as you know, stone monuments and spirals are a major part of our landscape. Absolutely! In Ireland, you have an incredible tradition of that, not only dating from the Celtic era, but even before the Celtic era. Spirals not only represent the symbology of life, but also offer you the possibility of connecting very strongly with the energy of the ground. In Damanhur, we have a stone labyrinth that serves as a practical meditation for people. When they walk this labyrinth, the spiral symbol of the labyrinth is reflected onto their own bodies. Ireland is one of the major areas of the world where stone spirals are particularly abundant, and I hope to visit again. Crotalo’s colleague and fellow Damanhur ambassador, Shama Viola, will be presenting a talk as part of Positive Nights on September 28th in the Powerscourt Centre, South William Street, Dublin 2. See She is also hosting a two-day course on Past Life Research in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath, on September 30th and October 1st. For booking and information, email To learn more about Damanhur, see


aloha house Tropical retreat on Irish shores


COME HOME TO ALOHA; HAWAIIAN FOR LOVE, PEACE AND COMPASSION. by Paul Congdon I felt the calm of Aloha House beginning to “Aloha House has sink in as I entered our room which was beautifully finished and very comfy. come together as a special manifestation “I received a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage of love.” To retreat, take to one’s heels, as they say, is what I felt like recently. So into the automobile and hit the road I did. Destination: Killorglin, and... a stop off in Kinsale on the way. God I love Ireland, it reeks of Spirit. So what’s in Killorglin you may ask…? At Aloha House, overlooking the ambling River Laune and situated on the Ring of Kerry just twenty minutes from Killarney, you will find a little bit of Hawaii, courtesy of Louise Kleu. One of the foremost practitioners of Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage in Ireland, Louise has trained with Jeana Naluai in Hawaii and is also an advanced teacher of this wonderful, healing massage. We arrived in the late evening as the sun was setting. Aloha House was so welcoming in itself, and we were greeted by Louise’s husband Brian. The space feels free and easy, with a lovely hang out area at the front of the building for guests to chill, drink tea and chat. The decor is a mix of Hawaiian and South African (Louise’s origin) themes, tropical and vibrant, yet soothing at the same time.

during my stay…it was simply breathtaking as I surrendered to another human being bestowing their loving touch.”

The next day we were surprised by a healthy and delicious breakfast set outside our door, complete with superfood smoothies, snacks and fruit, after which we set about exploring the area. The garden of Aloha House is lush and green. We set off walking towards the river and bridge, enjoying the natural wildlife and the area being a host to many different varieties of birds. Back to Aloha House, we discovered a cool lounge space upstairs with an expansive view for chilling, or perhaps some guitar playing if the mood takes you. There is a really special yoga and meditation room, with a picture postcard view of the garden which exudes harmony. Here I chatted with Louise about how Lomi Lomi entered her path during a low point in her life, and about how

during her first Lomi Lomi session she experienced a powerful visionary, almost shamanic, experience. She described her love for the purity of Lomi Lomi; the feeling of pure, unconditionally loving connection she shares during her sessions. I received a Lomi Lomi massage during my stay and it was simply breathtaking as I surrendered to another human being bestowing their loving touch, all for close to two hours! It has to be experienced to be believed. Aloha House has come together as a special manifestation of love, however there were setbacks along the way. Louise was determined to keep moving forward and the centre is a testament to the sheer power of her belief and positivity. Louise would like Aloha House to serve as a landmark for Lomi Lomi, and the many Lomi Lomi practitioners living and working all over Ireland, with a festive gathering of practitioners from around the country having already taken place there last Christmas. The space is also open to other workshops and healers looking to bring their work further afield. It truly is a gem of a place, so if you feel like a retreat, take to your heels, head to Killorglin and be at One with Aloha House. Aloha House, Castleconway, Killorglin, Co. Kerry. Phone: 086 731 6499



with you, with a friend, with a lover

SIMPLE PRACTICES TO CREATE INTIMACY. Whether you’re just hearing about Tantra for the first time or have been practicing for years, it can be challenging to find simple practices that deliver all the intimacy and ecstasy Tantra promises in just a few minutes a day. These three practices do just that. They’re practices that unlock positive energy pathways in your body and relationships. Each is meant to be practiced 5-10 minutes a day for 21 days. Three short weeks to greater intimacy and pleasure. Can’t beat that. You may wish to create a relaxing, sensual environment for each practice. However, don’t let that slow you down. I encourage you to start now. Yes, now, this very minute. A life of ecstasy awaits you.

“These practices will unlock positive energy pathways in your body and relationships.”

by Dawn Cartwright

Your Essence as Light Rays. Tantra Meditation for Solo Practice Consider your essence as light rays from centre to centre up the vertebrae, and so rises “livingness” in you.

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Sutra 70 Begin standing. Your body is open and soft, feet are parallel. Let go of the tension in your pelvis and legs, the way you’d feel just before jumping up into the air - isn’t that amazing? Next, place your hands on your lower abdomen, just beneath the navel and breathe into this space. Notice your spine moves naturally with the breathe, undulating up and down. Relax your spine so that it’s able to undulate freely. Press firmly into the ground with your feet as you exhale to give a feeling of strength and stability.

Expand your breathing 1-2 seconds, inhaling slightly longer without straining, exhaling slightly emptier. Continue like this 5-8 minutes. You’ll discover a subtle intensity building inside you, filling you with ecstasy.

Silent Harmony. Tantra Meditation for Practice with a Friend Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony.

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Sutra 42 Sit or stand facing your friend. Close your eyes. Then, begin to hum. You’ll hum loud enough for your friend to hear you. You’ll send the humming down into your body so that you feel the vibrations in every part of you.

At a certain point, the humming will take over and you’ll suddenly feel more energised, awake and playful. After 3-5 minutes, hum more and more softly until the humming becomes stillness. In the silence, breathe into the sensations created by the vibration of the humming for a minute, then open your eyes. Invite your friend to do the same. Smile. Give one another a warm, supportive hug. Breathe softly into your navel and relax into your connection for 20 seconds. Give your friend a strong squeeze and let them go. Experience the silent harmony.

“I encourage you to start now. Yes, now, this very minute. A life of ecstasy awaits you.”

The Fire in the Beginning. Tantra for Practice with a Lover At the start of sexual union keep attentive on the fire in the beginning, And so continuing, avoid the embers in the end.

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Sutra 48 Create a space for your practice in your bedroom or on a sheepskin spread on the forest floor. Take the time to feed all your senses with colours, textures, fragrances, sounds and flavours. Make sure there are plenty of pillows and blankets for comfort. Invite your lover to sit facing you. Take a moment or two to settle into your bodies and the space you have created. Enjoy the sensual items you have prepared. When you feel ready, place your hands on your knees and begin to circle your rib cage above your hips. Let your head, neck and spine follow the movements. Your lover will do the same. Relax and let go.

Your breathing will naturally deepen. Let your movements create an awareness of space inside your body. Feel your love and attraction. The spiralling movements will intensify these feelings, making them stronger. Circle in one direction 1-2 minutes, then change directions. After 3-5 minutes, you’ll open your eyes and slowly move into an embrace, sitting with your legs wrapped around one another. Spiral gently together in your embrace, breathing in sync as sensations of love and attraction fill your bodies, merging you together as one. Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion. Dawn will offer: Sacred Sexuality. How We Love. 6 Nights of Tantric Bliss, October 6th - 12th and Fragrance of the Lotus Tantra Teacher Training 2018 in Wicklow. To book your place, go to: Or catch her at Positive Nights on October 5th.


Sacred Sexuality. How We Love | 6th - 12th Oct, RDS, Dublin

Teacher Training 2018 see:


Branson, on being STAND OUT FOR BEING YOU. by Alison McEvoy

“Don’t forget the to-do list, but remember to write the to-be list” Richard Branson Richard Branson’s combined material success and maverick style of living and working make him a fascination to entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide. His message is in fact full of meanings which can empower us all. In an open letter, in support of the mental health foundation Mind, he reveals the truth about what lies behind his success – his own ability to find happiness; “I know I’m fortunate to live an extraordinary life, and that most people would assume my business success, and the wealth that

comes with it, have brought me happiness. But they haven’t; in fact it’s the reverse. I am successful, wealthy and connected because I’m happy.” I get the feeling that his happiness is not the result of a privileged upbringing, but rather that it has been hard won. One of the rare childhood stories he shares is that, as a child, his mother would drop him out of the car, miles from their destination. She wanted him to “learn to stand on his own two feet,” and so he would have to “find his own way to

Granny’s house.” He doesn’t speak about how he found his way, or about the gamut of emotions his child-self must have gone through before he picked himself up and started out, putting one foot in front of the other. Very early on in life, faced with an open road and a destination, he learned to innovate and make his way. In life, such learning is invaluable yet it is often only through challenges that we learn these lessons. He seems to deliberately choose not to dwell on his hardships, and is more interested that

others learn the lessons, without the adversity. He spends most of his time now working on social projects; helping people start businesses in South Africa and the Caribbean; devising ways to protect the earth’s oceans and atmosphere, and backing a whole host of initiatives worldwide that seek to make people’s lives better, all under the umbrella of his newest venture Virgin Unite.

BUSINESS = MAKING LIFE BETTER In Branson’s world, the stereotype of the iron-heeled, intellectually driven and emotionally-armoured businessperson treadmilling their way to the top, is entirely toppled. His example is an inspiration to people who may have previously considered themselves ill-equipped for the business treadmill, to venture their dreams, ideas and ways to do it better, out into the world. The majority of people do have what it takes, and, more importantly, we need people to do things better. So what matters to him? And how does he turn what matters to him at a fundamental level, into a recipe for this extraordinary life of his; a happy life, a successful life, an abundant life?

PEOPLE MATTER If people matter to you, if you care about others, then you have what it takes to venture your idea out into the world, and for becoming a true leader. Richard appears to have managed to hold on to the simple answers to life’s questions. When he speaks, there is something innocent about him. His words are unsophisticated and straightforward. Reading his open letter reminded me of a journal I kept, when I was still under twelve years old, where I wrote out my answers to the biggest questions I could think of. “What is the point of life? To help others, to create a better life and a better world for all of us to live in.” Simple, no dividing line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, no bitterness or pain oozing out of old wounds to distort the clarity of the message, just the surety of a child’s heart. I was amazed to find that this same reasoning is echoed by Branson, now in his sixties, time and time again in interviews. “Basically, an entrepreneur is somebody who comes up with an idea that can improve other people’s lives and make their lives better, and that’s all that business is.”

“Stop and breathe. Be healthy. Be around your friends and family. Be there for someone and let someone be there for you. Be bold. Just be for a minute.”


“I never started out in business to make money - I wanted to create products that made a difference in people’s lives…In my opinion there is nothing like the gift of giving. When you see first-hand the impact it can have, it becomes the best feeling in the world.”

EARTH MATTERS If the natural habitat around you matters, if you recognise the power of nature to refresh and allow it to empty out the mind with its beauty and peace, providing space for new ideas and a renewed perspective, then, yes, you have what it takes. For Branson, his home on Necker Island in the Caribbean Sea, does just this. “It’s the moments that I stopped just to be, rather than do, that have given me true happiness. Why? Because allowing yourself just to be puts things into perspective… For me it’s watching the flamingos fly across Necker Island at dusk…the smell of rain… the wind across the sand…” Branson refuses to sit at a desk but prefers to do his work and take phone calls from the bath, from the hammock or the garden. In return for this appreciation, Necker has provided a nest for him, “a great place to think…and to conceive ideas.”


does not baulk or lower his head while he tells these stories. He is not carrying any shame for who he is. He speaks with humour and it makes you wonder - what’s the big deal? Why do we have such a hard time accepting difference, in either ourselves or in others? He now promotes and supports Made By Dyslexia, a global charity led by successful dyslexics. In a video he made for the group, he encourages adults to spend time discovering the strengths and potential of dyslexic children under their care, and inspires dyslexic children to find their gifts.


HEALTH MATTERS If your physical well-being matters, you take time to exercise and you recognise the value of balance in your life, then you have what it takes to go the long haul (pardon the pun); I spoke to Dublin-born, retired professional tennis player, James Cluskey, who coached Branson last summer at his home on Necker Island “He is incredibly fit and into his well-being… a get up and go kind of person,” says James. Richard would arrive to the courts at 6.15am for the first game of the day, and after a cuppa and a chat, they’d play for seventy-five to ninety minutes, morning and evening. He’d also take time to kitesurf every day, even for just fifteen minutes, if the wind was out. James remembers that he’d say things like, “Make sure you’re enjoying the Island… If you need a day off just tell me.” His easy-goingness made life seem a breeze, and so simple, yet Richard is also incredibly driven. It’s the ‘new’ kind of driven which involves being open to learning, always asking questions, welcoming new ideas which he jots down in the little notebook he carries everywhere with him, says James, and, being “a very good listener.” One day James spoke to Richard, asking for advice on what he should do next. He inspired the idea for James’ own entrepreneurial venture, Tennis for Wellness. Together, Richard and he also came up with the idea of promoting former athletes to be employed by companies. James now leads the sports desk in Mason Alexander, a position from

which he can do just that. Richard’s blog on the subject shows his care for all the people he encounters and displays his active determination to make lives better; “Having recently retired, James is in the process of starting his own business – however it hasn’t been easy. Like many other retired athletes, he has experienced some testing emotions and challenges…[James explained to me that] sadly many ex-athletes develop a loss of identity and tunnel vision, which often leads to depression… I believe that athletes have a wonderful advantage to succeed in the professional world after retirement, so long as they treat business like sport – follow their passions, keep an open mind to new opportunities, and refuse to take no for an answer.”

WHO YOU ARE, MATTERS Richard himself is dyslexic. He went through an education system which had no understanding of his way of learning. His headmaster told him, exasperated, that he would either be a millionaire, or go to prison. He did both, and the former was despite being unable to grasp the majority of the information that he was being given in traditional schooling for the first sixteen years of his life. He needs to be interested in something if he is to be able to focus on it, and for things to be explained in simple terms. It took him years to understand the difference between gross and net income, until finally a board member pulled him aside after a meeting and explained it to him, using a net and fish analogy. Richard

Pendulum Summit | 10th - 11th January 2018. Convention Centre Dublin

With a self-admitted flair for turning the status quo “upside down,” he has found his own way of doing things. Branson does not fit the mould of a business advisor and is not recommending people to follow a blueprint on how to succeed in life. This becomes clear not least because he punctuates his interviews with hairbrained stories about near bankruptcy, prison misses, transatlantic hot air balloon adventures and other mishaps and escapades. Branson is a human-being allowing himself to be himself. It is the quality of our human-being-ness that matters, the rest will follow.

PENDULUM SUMMIT Sir Richard Branson will be one of many high profile speakers for Pendulum Summit 2018 which will take place in the Convention Centre Dublin on 10th-11th January. Previously, Pendulum has brought to the stage; Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma and Jack Canfield. His new book Finding My Virginity will be out in October 2017. |




Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage brings an ancient and profound wisdom to bodywork offering more than techniques they reach down into your soul with the Aloha Spirit.

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Inspired by Peter Wohlleben’s book The Hidden Life of Trees, I have begun a process of what I call ‘guerrilla arbour culture’ on disused forestry land that bounds our meadow. The plantation is around 25 years old and has areas of hardwood ash and sycamore, but for the most part it is softwood Sitka Spruce. The land is made up of small fields, bounded by the rough stone walls typical of this part of the world. Mature oaks grow around the old field boundaries. Many of them – judging by the girth of the trunks – are hundreds of years old. There are also large ash, holly, willow and birch trees, with saplings springing up wherever there is light and space enough. I have been clearing side branches from the spruce to allow in light and create paths. Where the large oaks have created small clearings, the spruce trees around them are stunted and some are dead. I clear these to give space for the mature trees to grow and new trees to seed.

“The Sitka Spruce is – to the Haida peoples of Washington state – a sacred tree, the mother and protector.”


These small interventions provide paths to walk that allow the forest to be seen differently. There is a sense of gratitude from the oak trees: relief at being gifted a little more space in which to grow. These were once meadow trees, used to having room to spread their branches. The adjustment to forest life must be hard for them. Around them in the shelter they provide are saplings of holly, hazel and birch, all keen to establish themselves. The forestry created by Sitka Spruce can be dark and claustrophobic, but wherever some light is allowed in, there

are mosses, lichens and ferns. On a clear winter’s day, with the sun low in the sky, there are harsh shadows. Mist rises and is caught, strobe-like. The uniform straight lines of trees take on a new life, and walking through them is strangely comforting. The wood is filled with bird song and movement. I have occasionally seen a flock of cross bill moving from tree to tree, extracting seed from the pine cones. At such times, one begins to see why the Sitka Spruce is – to the Haida peoples of Washington state – a sacred tree, the mother and protector. In my day to day work, I use wood all the time. Some of it comes from commercial sources. Much of it, however, is from fallen trees and branches, or coppiced trees. I have made a habit of asking trees for permission to take these. Only rarely have I been given a sense that it is not okay. Trees appear to have huge resources and abundance. My feeling is that they are happy to share some of this with people. In his book, Peter Wohllenben draws upon his experience and observations as a forester supported by scientific research. He presents a vision of trees as sentient beings: social creatures that talk with one another, nurture their young, and have memory. These are remarkable ideas. Should they become widely accepted they would represent a paradigm shift in the way we view the world around us: our Copernican moment, from which new understanding, knowledge and ideas will flow. Nick Clayson is an architect, craftsman and yurt maker.

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burning bright, not burning out GUIDANCE ON STEERING YOUR WAY BACK FROM THE EDGE OF BURNOUT. by Davie Philip


“Until we are able to love and take care of ourselves, we cannot be of much help to others.” Thich Nhat Hanh


Lean in Breathe deeply, feel your feelings. Recognise and accept where you are at.

The passionate change-maker, working long hours for long periods of time, and typically with very little support, is usually teetering on the edge of burnout. This is a common thread that runs through the work of people who are helping others, or who, in some way, are contributing to the transformation of our world. Earlier this year I started to lose my flow, I would wake feeling anxious with very little motivation to get up. I questioned what I was doing, nothing seemed to make sense and I was worrying about everything. Simple challenges seemed insurmountable. I was burning out. Burnout robs communities of champions, and turns energy, enthusiasm, and passion into exhaustion, frustration, and disillusionment. It doesn’t happen without warning though - you don’t all of a sudden have a burnout. So how might we keep the flame lit and avoid burning out? Recognising burnout before it becomes debilitating can be difficult,

but if we do, and can accept that it is where we are at, it can be an opportunity to reconnect, both to ourselves and to those around us. It can also be a chance to change negative habits for the sake of our long term health and take the steps needed to strengthen our resilience. There is a delicate dance between burning bright and burning out. I want to feel alive, empowered, nourished and creative. I want to be stoked. That is a strange word, I used it a lot in my youth. In the Urban Dictionary it is defined as, to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. I am usually stoked, however life is up and down and maintaining enthusiasm and flow is a process, something that needs constant attention. Here are some approaches that I have found helpful in mitigating burnout, taking the edge off of tension and worry, and staying in the flow. Davie Philip is a facilitator and trainer at Cultivate and is based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage In September 2017 he is curating the Convergence Festival, ‘Stories and Conversations for a Sustainable and Healthy Ireland’. If you have a story of a community led initiative email or

Retreat Take a break. Switch off your devices and get outside, go for walk or get on your bike. Reintroducing that daily stretch and mindfulness practice, and of course eating well, are vital to staying buoyant. Connect Take time to connect to yourself and, when you are ready, spend time with friends, family and in community. Social contact is supposedly nature’s antidote to stress. Seek out a good listener, someone who’ll stay attentive without judging or fixing you. If you need help, ask for it. Appreciate The lack of appreciation can contribute to burnout. Start with others then appreciate yourself. Delegate Avoid taking on any new commitments and delegate as much as you can. Take Stock Make a list of all of your needs that are not being met and anything that causes you to feel stressed. Observe what is required to remedy the situation. Zoom Out Take a wider perspective, see the bigger picture. Stay Balanced Focus on the relationship between reflection and action. To burn brightly and live a meaningful life we need moments of ‘being’ to cultivate the qualities that will inform our ‘doing’.

BF Magnesium Formulation For Bone Support To help utilise your daily calcium Intake


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BF is formulated to help customers absorb the calcium they obtain in their diet and place it in the right places, especially in their bones. Formulated with D3 (vegan), vitamin K2 (MK-7 trans), plus ionic magnesium, boron, potassium and zinc



ferment your way to


The practice of fermentation has been around for centuries. However, its re-emergence as the latest buzzword in health news is reflected in the ever-expanding range of products, from kefir to kimchi, lining the shelves of our local health stores. Fermentation is a process of converting starches and sugars in certain foods into lactic acid. This is a natural preservative which can kill harmful bacteria while promoting plenty of beneficial enzymes, highly supportive to our intestinal gut flora. This explains why our ancestors used this as a healthy method of food preservation.

“Given that up to 80% of our immune system is found in the gut, ensuring optimal gut function should be a priority for everybody..” How fermented foods can benefit our health: •  The abundance of fermented foods in our ancestors’ diets served not only the purpose of preservation and a satisfying taste, but more significantly, to ensure optimal gut health, and thus, overall health. The high density of good bacteria present in such food makes it an excellent natural probiotic source; by adding just a small portion to each meal, this can contain up to 100 times the amount of probiotics than that of a supplement.

•  Given that up to 80% of our immune system is found in the gut, ensuring optimal gut function should be a priority for everybody. The probiotic properties in fermented and cultured foods support the development of the mucosal immune system in our digestive tract and protect against disease.

•  A strong source of essential nutrients can be found in some fermented products such as Vitamin K2, which

is heart-protective, and B vitamins, which are essential for metabolism and red blood cell production.

•  Detoxification can also be improved by eating fermented foods, as their beneficial bacteria can support the removal of harmful toxins from the body.

What to look for when purchasing fermented products: It is important to start small when introducing fermented foods into your diet, gently working up to larger portions when your gut microbiota has had a chance to adjust.

 efir - This can be made using dairy K or coconut milk & kefir grains and can be found in the fridge in most health stores.

 imchi - This fermented cabbage K dish (a little spicier than sauerkraut), originated in Korea.

 ombucha - Originating in the K Middle East many centuries ago, this is a fermented green or black tea

and can be found refrigerated in most health stores.

•  Miso Paste - This versatile condiment can be heated without compromising its beneficial bacteria and therefore it can be added to many hot meals, such as stir-fries, or made into a broth with seaweed and tofu.

•  Sauerkraut - A fermented cabbage dish which is a traditional food in Germany. Along with kimchi, this makes a lovely breakfast companion to poached eggs and avocado on toast. Alternatively, it is very easy and costeffective to make your own fermented foods at home, requiring only your chosen vegetables and a jar. The following beetroot and red cabbage sauerkraut recipe is a lovely, basic dish to get started with and can be tweaked as you become more adventurous with flavour combinations. The beetroot will not only add a warm, pink colour, but it is also rich in antioxidants and is a great source of minerals such as magnesium, manganese and potassium.

BEETROOT AND RED CABBAGE SAUERKRAUT Ingredients: Half medium red cabbage, diced finely 1 medium beetroot, peeled and grated 2 inch piece of ginger, peeled and grated 1 tsp sea salt* *As needed only - Salt water mixture - 1 tsp of sea salt dissolved into 1 cup of filtered water. Instructions: • In a large bowl, scrunch all of the ingredients together using your

hands. Continue until the juices from the vegetables start to collect in the bottom of the bowl. •  Transfer the mixture into a glass jar and press them in well. Ensure that the juices cover the mixture (by ½ -1 inch) and, if necessary, add in more salted water. •  Finally, cover with a lid and allow to sit at room temperature for up to 7 days, or until it starts to taste sour. •  Keep in the refrigerator for up to 6 months in a sealed container and enjoy as a lovely addition to your sandwiches and salads.

So, whether you purchase a fermented product at a health store, or experiment with a homemade recipe, get going on your culturing journey. Your gut will thank you for it! By Nutritionist and CNM graduate, Caroline Punch.



1 tbsp grated garlic 1 tsp grated ginger 1 tsp sugar 1-5 tbsp. red pepper flakes (depending on how spicy you like it)

2-3 tbsp water or fish sauce Simply make a paste of the above and add to the beetroot, cabbage and salt mixture, along with 100g of peeled, chopped radishes and 2 chopped scallions to add an extra punch of flavour.

Train at CNM for an exciting career in Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy or Acupuncture. 01 672 5036


growing with


It took me a while to tune into the rhythm of the Irish seasonal agricultural life: cutting and saving turf in spring, mowing grass for making hay in summer, and harvesting the potato and cabbage crop in autumn. After that, I could relax and look forward to Christmas, and the ever present rain wouldn’t matter so much! You might laugh, but I was used to hot German summers, when you made hay in June, and cold German winters, when you heated your house with seasoned firewood. Nowadays tinned and canned foods, made possible through pasteurisation and global trading of food as commodities, where everything

“If we do embrace the artisanal way of preserving, we can contribute to the development of a new food culture in Ireland.“

is available all the time, have all but distorted the basic connection of growing in the spring and summer and harvesting and preserving in autumn for the winter.

Storing and preserving – Make your garden produce last For those of us who grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruit preserving and storing is an essential skill to make the most of our harvest surplus. In fact, careful planning of sowing, planting and harvesting is the basis of being able to preserve the fruits of our labour. Choosing the best method should be guided by the aim to preserve the nutritional value of our garden produce.

Bottling, freezing, and other industrial methods of preserving food have nearly wiped out all traditional methods, where preserving is done as naturally as possible with minimal use of heat or cold. If we do embrace the artisanal over the industrial way of preserving, we can win back lost territory and contribute to the development of a new food culture in Ireland. The signs are good: we have already started! How else could you explain the fermentation craze in Ireland in the last three years? I learned preserving from my parents and grandparents, so let your children and grandchildren help you with preserving, and keep the traditional methods alive.

The Basics Vegetables and fruits to be preserved have to be ripe, but not over-ripe, and of best quality. Ideally, we process fresh produce straight after harvesting. Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Containers, jars and bottles must be clean and sterile. An often neglected part in preserving is labelling and record keeping. Colour coded containers in the freezer work wonders. Check and observe regularly, and discard old and spoiled food. For those who want to preserve more than we grow, we are ‘allowed’ to buy in local or organic produce without feeling guilty. (I recommend you buy produce for preserving when in season.)

The Methods - Traditional is Nutritional Storing below 7° Celsius is an ideal method for root vegetables. Because most of us don’t have a cellar, herein lies the challenge. Any serious gardener has to look at a larder with temperatures from 8° - 15° Celsius for storage. Leeks, kales, and brussels sprouts can be kept in the ground.

Drying is the best method for onions and garlic. It is also the best method for herbs. If you want to dry fruits and vegetables, a dehydrator is essential. For eco-diehards: Try the hatchback of your car! Lactic acid fermentation in baking sourdough bread, making ‘Sauerkraut’, and preserving milk as cheeses was always an intrinsic part of the Wieland family’s food production. Sterilising, the method for industrial bottling or canning, results in dull, long lasting preserves of little nutritional value and flavour. I strongly recommend trying ‘Hot Fill-ins’, a relatively new method that in our household has substituted sterilising. We use it for preserving fruits and vegetables alike, and make jam without sugar, ketchup and tomato sauce and gherkin pickles very quickly. This easy and energy saving method was made possible with the invention of the Twist-off jars. Once the hot filled-in produce cools down, it creates a vacuum that seals the jar!


 Clean jars (you can recycle glass jars) and let them air-dry.


 Wash and peel fruit/vegetables if necessary and cut or mash.


Sterilise jars in one pot.


 Bring mashed fruit to the boil in another pot.


 Fill boiling mixture in hot jars.


Close with twist-off lid.


 Place upside down for a minute then let cool down covered with a towel.

Note: If you use whole vegetables (gherkins, beet root), place them in the jar and fill up with boiling hot water, slightly salted or with a water/ vinegar mixture.

“Choosing the best method should be guided by the aim to preserve the nutritional value of our garden produce.”





“Autumn…. the year’s last, loveliest smile.” William Cullen Bryant For this season’s recipe I have a savoury take on a sweet classic. This is an elegant dinner piece which is sure to impress. It is also vegan and very simple to make. Making full use of the seasonal bounty available I am substituting the dried fruit of the usual baklava for a subtly spiced mixture of caramelised onions, celeriac and sun dried tomatoes. This is topped

with a smooth and creamy butternut squash ice cream with a hint of rose and lime. The structure to this recipe is pretty solid so please feel free to add, substitute or omit any of the vegetables, spices or nuts in the baklava. If you do not like rose or lime in the ice-cream, these can be removed also.


The warm summer nights are drawing in and there is an undeniable crispness in the air. As a kid I loved this time of year; the colourful tapestry of leaves, the smell of bonfires and the changeable September skies. As a grown man, and a chef, I still love it. There is so much wonderful produce available which always stokes my creativity.

“This is an elegant dinner piece which is sure to impress…while making full use of the seasonal bounty available.” SUNDRIED TOMATO, TOFU AND HAZELNUT BAKLAVA WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH, LIME AND ROSEWATER ICE CREAM Baklava ingredients

Ice cream ingredients

6 large sheets of filo 3 red onions, finely diced 200 grams of semi-dried tomatoes, finely shredded 100 grams of shredded celeriac 200 grams of firm tofu, finely cubed 200 grams of hazelnuts, roasted and coarsely ground 4 cloves of minced garlic Thumb-sized piece of minced ginger 5-6 cardamom pods Level tsp of each; sumac and cumin 2 bay leaves ½ quill of cinnamon Olive oil

400 ml rich coconut milk or dairy cream 1 tbsp of corn flour 400 grams of butternut squash, finely cubed and roasted in a little coconut oil 50 grams of agave syrup Zest and juice of 2 limes Few drops of rosewater Pomegranate syrup and mint leaves to serve

1 The ice cream needs to be prepared first. In a saucepan, heat 200 ml of the coconut milk. When it comes to a simmer, whisk in the corn flour. Allow the mixture to bubble and spit for a minute or so until the corn flour has been cooked through. Add this along with the remaining ingredients into a high speed blender. Puree the mixture until it is velvety smooth and taste it. 2 Set the mixture aside in the freezer for about 20 minutes, until it is cold. Pour it into an ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. When the ice cream is churned, set it aside in the freezer until everything else is ready. 3 The baklava; heat a little oil in a saucepan. When it comes to a simmer, add the onions, along with the ginger, cardamom, sumac, cumin, bay leaf and cinnamon. Sauté this mixture for a few minutes, until the onions are soft. You may need to add a few tbsp of water at this stage to prevent the mixture sticking. Stir in the tofu and the celeriac. Sauté for another minute or so, before adding the tomatoes and 150 grams of the hazelnuts. Check the seasoning and set aside to cool. Remove the cinnamon, bay and cardamom. 4 Open the filo. Cut the sheets in half crossways, this will give you

12 rectangular sheets. I am using a rectangular dish 32cm x 22cm which nicely accommodates the sheets. You may need to trim your pastry if you are using a smaller dish. Cover your pastry with a damp cloth while not in use. 5 Grease the dish with a little olive oil and line it with 1 layer of filo, brush this with a little more oil and repeat it with 4 more sheets. Spread half the tomato mixture over the pastry and top with 2 more layers of oiled pastry. Spread the remaining mixture over this and top it with the last 5 sheets of oiled filo. Using a sharp knife, score diamond patterns deep into the baklava. Brush it liberally with olive oil and bake it in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 25 minutes. Remove the baklava from the oven and sprinkle it with the remaining hazelnuts. Return it to the oven and bake it for a further 10 minutes. 6 Leave the baklava to rest for about 5 minutes before cutting it. Remove the ice cream from the freezer. Drizzle a little pomegranate syrup onto a plate. Carefully cut out two or three diamonds of baklava and position them on to the syrup. Top this with a quenelle of ice cream and garnish with some fresh mint leaves.



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Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Weekend November 25th & 26th 2017

(Dublin venue to be announced)

We will practice a little Kundalini yoga and relax with the sound of the gong. Through guided meditation we will experience a state of silence or shuniya. In this expanded state of awareness deep healing takes place. Join us for a very inspiring weekend and come away with healing techniques that will benefit you, and give you powerful tools to help others.

Facilitated by Har Kirat Kaur who has studied closely with Guru Dev Singh ( the master of Sat Nam Rasayan) since 1999.

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short & sweet Kundalini Yoga Gathering



Ireland’s first ever Kundalini Yoga Gathering takes place this October Bank Holiday weekend – from Friday 27th until Monday 30th – at the stunning Segrave House in Dunany, Co. Louth. Ahead of the excitement, Georgie Browne speaks to Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan. What motivated you to organise the Kundalini Yoga Gathering? I wanted to create a unique space for people to take time to feel nourished, revitalised, supported, and inspired. In a group environment, we can engage in a practice that propels us into a profound and expansive place.

You have been practising and teaching Kundalini yoga for more than 20 years. Why do you keep coming back to this form of yoga? For me, it’s the feeling of fullness that always draws me back. It addresses all aspects of my Self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The theme of the festival is ‘Fierce Radiance’. What was your inspiration behind that? We live in an age where things are changing at an outstanding velocity. We need to reinforce our radiance now more than ever. The numerology of the year 2017 is a 10, which represents the radiant body. This aspect of our self is resilient, buoyant and very strongly connected to our soul’s purpose.

Is this Gathering suitable for newbies to Kundalini? Yes, definitely! The key with Kundalini yoga is to do what works best for you. This gathering has a precise aim of touching radiance, inner truth and light, to help people become more vigorous and sustainable in their daily life. Both seasoned yogis and beginners need this kind of self-care.

What should people expect to find at the Gathering? We begin Friday evening with an opening dinner. Delicious vegan meals over the weekend are included, catered by Cornucopia. Each day there will be an early morning yoga practice, followed by lots of community time, Kundalini yoga workshops and live music. We have gong meditation, Sat Nam Rasayan healing, inspirational speaking and wonderful creative activities to get involved in.

And finally, where can people get tickets? Booking and further information is available on my website,

Kundalini Yoga Gathering | 27th - 30th October, Segrave House, Dunany, Co. Louth


Protein Dream A SUPPLEMENT SET APART. by Aisling Cronin

Sodasan A TRULY NATURAL, ORGANIC DETERGENT. by Rowan Green Could your laundry detergent be irritating your skin? Many conventional detergents contain harsh synthetic chemicals that may irritate the skin and cause redness, flaky skin and even eczema. Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for laundry care products to declare a list of ingredients on the packaging. Conventional laundry detergents are often derived from petrochemicals and contain chemical ingredients such as diethanolamine, nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) and synthetic fragrances – even those that are advertised as ‘fragrance free’. The term ‘fragrance’ alone may refer to a combination of several hundred laundry chemicals. You may think you are choosing between lavender blossoms and English rose, but these are usually artificial and you might actually be sniffing formaldehyde and inhaling carcinogens. Detergents do not rinse out fully in the laundry cycle, so these ingredients may build up on the skin and cause irritations and allergies. If this doesn’t sound like the kind of product you want to use for you and your family, then you have the option to go green with a natural and organic laundry detergent. Sodasan has a wide range of high performance detergents and cleaning agents for those who wish to choose an eco-friendly, naturallysourced laundry detergent. Sodasan only use organically-grown vegetable ingredients and natural essential oils, for fragrances which are free from harsh chemicals. The whole Sodasan range is also certified vegan by the Vegan Society and certified natural and organic by Ecocert.

Protein is well-known as the building block of the human body, as it can be found in every single cell, and is the second most abundant substance in our bodies, after water. Protein is of vital importance in the maintenance and repair of our cells, healing the daily wear and tear that they experience. It is also the substance that forms our hair, skin, eyes, muscles and organs, to name a few. In addition to this, protein is a major source of energy, and is involved in the creation of hormones such as insulin (which helps to regulate our blood sugar levels) and secretin (which stimulates the pancreas and the intestine to produce vital digestive juices). Small wonder, then, that nutritional experts constantly praise the health values of protein, and encourage people to ensure they get a sufficient amount every single day. Your recommended protein intake can vary depending on your age, size and activity level, among other factors. For the average sedentary man, a daily intake of approximately 56 grams of protein is recommended, while the average sedentary woman requires 46 grams of protein per day. People who exercise a lot may require protein supplements to meet this higher requirement. Plantforce® Synergy Protein is set apart from many other protein supplements on the market today because it boasts a balanced amino acid profile, contains only natural flavours, and is sold at a lower retail price than many other plant-based protein products.


Animal Magnetism HEALING ANIMALS WITH COMMUNICATION AND REIKI. by Aideen Jones I have always had a deep love of animals. This led me into the world of animal communication and animal Reiki healing. Since qualifying as an ACT2 practitioner under James French of the Trust Technique, and setting up Mindful Creatures, my days are spent connecting with and helping all species of animals and their carers. As an animal communicator, I connect with animals on an intuitive level where trust and openness are established. As animals share our emotions and feelings, many behavioural issues can be understood and resolved through this amazing technique. People contact me for a variety of reasons concerning their animals. I don’t try to change the animal; rather, I use the information received in the

communication to find positive outcomes to support their happiness and wellbeing.

Here are examples of animals and humans whose lives significantly improved after a session with me. Rainer is a Labrador who suffered from anxiety. He would habitually gnaw his leg almost to the bone and pant heavily. After one communication session and Reiki healing, the change has been amazing! He has stopped gnawing and is much calmer.

Oscar the cat used to love cuddles. But lately he had banished himself to living in the wardrobe, spraying the room and being generally miserable. After one communication session, he is back to his old loving self, much to his owners’ delight! It often takes just small changes to bring about big results.


Dairy free Gluten free Caffeine free Delicious Super convenient Contains 1.5g turmeric per serving

Available from all good health food shops



Nature’s Gold

Angel Warriors



by Alison McEvoy

Interviewed by Alison McEvoy

Brod Kearon stops to ponder about the conception and early life of his Greystones-based health food store which turns forty this year. “In the early seventies, when I was studying in London, the fare they served up in the college cafeteria included such culinary delights such as ‘bubble & squeak’ and ‘toad in the hole’. I soon became tired of all this and began to frequent the local health food store. I soon became quite proficient in cooking brown rice and other stuff like buckwheat pasta and Japanese seaweeds.

When I came home in 1975 there was no employment to be had in my chosen profession, so I began to think about what else I could do. As luck would have it, my parents knew a couple who were in the health food industry. Once I’d found a premises, they mentored and advised me and Nature’s Gold was born! When I first opened I had great difficulty in sourcing enough products to fill the shelves. Now, almost every day we are approached to stock a new product. I like to think that the health food trade initiated a change in people’s thinking about their health, and to take responsibility for it themselves rather than relying on their doctor to keep them healthy. People began to research health issues for solutions, and we joined them in that research. So in this way the store gradually evolved and grew organically. In the last six months we have opened a new store in Avoca Dunboyne and just recently we put in a brand new shop front into our Greystones store.”

Corin’s story captured my heart. She suffered extreme hardships as a youth and at the age of eighteen she felt “done with life” - yet she endured. By age thirty five she was working in a highly intense environment; with high-risk youth on the streets of Los Angeles, often gang members and drug users. Mother of a toddler, her marriage on the rocks, her home undergoing foreclosure - they were turbulent and frightening times. A friend bought her an angel healing session, in the midst of all this chaos, which completely changed Corin’s life. The healer told her there were angels all around her, waiting for her to talk with them. Corin began talking to the angels “as if they were real.” Within days she witnessed a miracle that was so mind-blowing that it changed her life forever. She could no longer doubt them, she could feel them – “Angels are real. Miracles are real.” Despite considerable complications, soon after her life changing realisation, she followed the pull to Hawai’i for an angel training camp on Big Island. As Corin started “taking the angels seriously”, her psychotherapeutic practice began to change to a more spiritual and intuitive approach. She felt the fear but allowed her intuition to guide her, and the transformation to take place. Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy teaches people to connect directly with the Angels and to experience the healing transformation which these “angelic warriors” are wanting and waiting to bestow upon our lives. She will be making her maiden voyage to Ireland this October to teach a programme called The 7 Angels of Manifesting. Watch out for her at our Positive Nights – It’s one not to miss!

“I like to think that the health food trade initiated a change in people’s thinking about their health, and to take responsibility for it themselves…”

The 7 Archangels of Manifesting is coming to Dublin!

Manifest your wildest dreams and live a supreme life with the Archangels Angels are real and they will help you in any area of your life. Are you ready to explore how the Archangels can help you manifest your wildest dreams? In this day long angel manifesting workshop you will: • • • • • •

Learn how to open your intuition to see and feel the Archangels. Learn to powerfully invite the Archangels into your life to manifest more wealth, health, and love. Learn which specific Archangels to call on to attract and manifest some of your biggest desires. Learn what’s blocking your manifestations and how to clear those blocks with angel energy. Receive a powerful angelic energy healing from Corin and the Angels that will help you clear the path to your greatest desires.

Join me for this powerful Angel deep-dive and learn how to manifest the life of your dreams with the loving Archangels.

Miracles and Angels are real. Come and find out for yourself. Saturday 28th October from 10am-5pm All Hallows Campus, Gracepark Road, Drumcondra D09 N920, Ireland. For more information go to our website.

Corin Grillo, MA, LMFT, is an international teacher, healer, and modern mystic. She is a licensed Psychotherapist and is the founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy. Corin leads transformative workshops and trainings in all things angels and intuitive healing.

April Danann

Food Scientist/Naturopathic Nutritionist/ Medical Intuitive/Family Herbalist

Healing for the Heart and Soul •

Shamanic practitioners course: Come and join us for the journey around the Medicine Wheel to heal, to deepen the connection within and to nature and learn the ways of the shaman from one of the oldest traditions on Earth. Northern Ireland course starting in November. Galway Wheel starts February each year. Bookings open now.

NATUROPATHIC NUTRITION - advice on how to maximise your bodys full potential

Advanced shamanic training for healing land, houses and people starts each November in Galway.

WORKSHOPS - Wild Fermentation, Healing with Herbs, Gut Health and Well-Being

Awakening the Shaman within intro evenings scheduled throughout the year. Please see the website or contact us for details.

Apple Cider Vinegar - with the Mother, barrel fermented in West Cork CLINIC - Internationally known Medical Intuitive & Naturopathic Nutritionist KOMBUCHA - made only from herbs - raw & unfiltered

House, land and premises healing, One to one sessions and fire ceremonies also held. For Rahanni Celestial Healing, remedies and other therapies with Melanie please see the website. Contact us on +353 (0)86 8525529 For more information contact April on 087 236 1616

Wilderness Lodge Retreat Centre Glenmalure - Co. Wicklow

Large Conference Hall and Self-Catering Apts. Available all year for Residential Retreats and Personal Development Workshops. Discounts for large group bookings up to 16 people. Telephone: 0404 46839 / 087 262 5549 Email:


Diary of a Medical Intuitive CHECKING IN WITH MYSELF. by April Danann

I hardly know where to start. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written to let you know how I am … sorry for being out of touch. Life has challenged me, moved me and changed me. Sometimes I feel these uncertain times leave me wandering and wondering how it all came to be. I will say one thing – my entire life has become more nature focused. The more I listen to my body and traverse through my mind, I cannot help but be drawn deeper and deeper into the wild side of myself. I have now spent many years delving into why I am, and how I see things the way I do, only to realise perhaps this is how it always was meant to be; our nature is to be an intricate aspect of the Universal whole and to experience life through that lens. I now see things not only for what they are but why they are,

and how each element is connected to the other, through patterns, energetic threads and the memory of cells. My only goal in life has been to reclaim my body, mind and spirit and to hear what it has to say….. I’ll check back in again soon, because it’s time to talk about our intuition.


Jin Shin Jyutsu YOUR DESTINY IS IN YOUR HANDS. by Paul Congdon

“Majella’s practice is simple and homely: you arrive, she takes your pulses on both wrists, and then it’s straight to the healing.” A few years ago a friend recommended I try Jin Shin Jyutsu, so off I went to Celbridge to meet with practitioner Majella Delaney. Majella has studied Jin Shin since 2001 and is qualified to practice and teach this healing art. Its origins can be traced back to Japan, and a certain Master Murai, in the early 1900s. He healed himself from a serious illness and devoted his life to researching and developing Jin Shin. Majella’s practice is simple and homely: you arrive, she takes your pulses on both wrists, and then it’s straight to

the healing. Jin Shin uses 26 safety energy locks, located along the body’s energy pathways, to feed life energy to our bodies. Through a series of holds, Majella activates these points, and I can without a doubt feel the energy flowing through my body, flushing out blocks and allowing me to relax. I’ve learnt some of the moves myself to practice at home. One very simple and effective technique is to simply hold your fingers with the opposite hand, one by one. This can help keep the body flowing well. Majella is currently in the USA

working with Jiro Murai, who is carrying on the lineage of his grandfather, Master Murai. She offers one-to-one sessions weekly, and will also offer a training in autumn, if you would like to learn this brilliant technique as a healing tool for yourself.


Learning from Source at the Tao Garden MASTER TEACHINGS IN TAI CHI. by Máire Ní G Earlier this year I fulfilled a life-long dream to train directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia, in the Tao Garden in Thailand. This intensive, instructor training lasted a month, consisting of long days and nights in the warm climate of a mountainous region near Chiang Mai. Our early morning practice started at 6.30am in the Tai Chi Field – these were some of my favourite moments in the early morning dew, when Master Chia’s passion to share his Taoist lineage with trainee instructors was palpable.

“…Master Chia was transmitting more wisdom, violet light and knowledge to us, for a better world.” We continued throughout the day with more teachings and practice – a Taoist tapestry of Inner Smiles, Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Love (sexual practice) and Fusion. Throughout this time, Master Chia was transmitting more wisdom, violet light and knowledge to us, for a better world. Trips to the Kuan Yin Dining Hall were a necessary distraction in between sessions, eating local, organic food using

5 Element cooking. This was my mecca! Receiving treatments at the famous Pakua Clinic also supported the healing process, prompted by the training. Evenings were spent in the Immortal Hall, punctuated by the sounds of zealous crickets and frogs at the nearby lake. Here we had our structures and form tested for Iron Shirt Chi Kung by the wonderful team of Senior Instructors…exam time was near! And so, after eight years of dedicated practice, I became the first certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor in Ireland. I’m absolutely delighted to be organising Grandmaster Mantak Chia to teach in Ireland next year from 18th - 22nd May 2018. Facebook/Meetup – Universal Healing Tao Ireland Twitter– Grandmaster Mantak Chia Teaching, Ireland 18th – 22nd May 2018 For more information see


Leopard Warrior THE MAKING OF A TRADITIONAL AFRICAN/ IRISH SHAMAN. In the late 1950s, a young Irish woman named Anastasia Kelly received a vision of a herd of African elephants beckoning to her, filling her with a deep longing to travel there. Now, sixty years later, her son John Lockley returns to Ireland with his remarkable new book ‘Leopard Warrior’, which describes how he became a traditional African medicine man, Shaman, or sangoma in the Xhosa tribe, the same tribe as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. John was called to apprentice as a sangoma through his dreams. In keeping with traditional tribal lore, his teacher MaMngwevu also dreamt about him before he arrived at her home one spring day in 1996, barely four years after the fall of Apartheid, which outlawed racial mixing. John was one of the first white people in recent history to be given the title of ‘ligqira linkulu’ (senior sangoma) in the Xhosa tribe, and has spent over twenty years working alongside some of Southern Africa’s top diviners, healers and herbalists. He is also the founder of The Way of the Leopard teachings. In his own words, “When people are connected to their own calling, they stand taller, think clearer and act with compassion. Their lives might still be challenging, but they are continually nourished by the call of their spirit.”

John will lead a retreat at the Aloha House in Kerry on 22nd September 2017. He is also available in Dublin for private healing and divination sessions. For more information, see


A dash of Italy in Ireland SIMPLE PLEASURES BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER. by Alison McEvoy My hands are feeling sleek after the kneading and oiling of the morning’s cookery class in Pinocchio’s Restaurant, Temple Bar. I feel eager to recreate the experience - and the pizza. There’s something invigorating and meditative about cooking from scratch…feeling the textures against your skin, noticing the myriad of colour and aromas of various food and herbs, and experiencing the alchemy of cooking take place, as the heat of the oven miraculously crystalizes the raw materials into something edible. Cooking is an art, one that appears very natural in the hands of Giuseppe, our chef. He, as full of Italian flavour as the food, both educates and entertains, sprinkling his demonstrations with jokes and precious nuggets of information about how to choose ingredients, how to handle food and various tricks of the Italian

Holistic Dental Care THE WISDOM OF YOUR TEETH. by Orla Bass Very few of us would make the association between illness and our teeth, but one man who does is holistic dentist David Hefferon. Based in Dundrum Dental Surgery, David has been practicing holistic dentistry for nearly thirty years. He believes there can be a direct correlation between our overall health and wellbeing and the health of our mouths. Bite, posture, breathing, gum disease, or toxic exposure due to leaky mercury fillings can all affect us. David emphasises that individual patients’ results can vary, and there are no guarantees of improvement. However, several patients have reported dramatic improvements. This includes one

woman who can now climb stairs unaided after years of reduced mobility. On her last visit, she reported, “I just feel amazing.” David’s journey began via the conventional route of dental training. After initially working in Northern Ireland, he moved on to private practices in Germany, London and Sydney, where he nurtured his interest in a more holistic way of dental care. He travelled around the world educating himself about the human body and learning more about the connection between oral health and general health. He believes in looking at the body as a whole, not simply a set of teeth. He now works alongside other holistic practitioners such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths and nutritionists, in order to help his clients maintain optimal health. He is the only dentist in Ireland to be a Fellow of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

cooking trade. Eating food together is widely recognised as a language of love, of family, of friendship, and so too is cooking food together. The Flavour of Italy Cookery School understands the power of people cooking together, to develop positive human relations and a team spirit. From couples to corporate, every group can benefit from the simple pleasure of cooking and eating together. Here we were, what began as a group of strangers, soon laughing over dough mishaps, bonding over cheese sprinkling, and moreover getting a clear understanding of each other’s personalities and preferences; she a vegetarian, he needing the edges to be perfectly circular, and the other just wanting to observe rather than get his hands dirty. Everyone naturally adapted to each other to get the pizza-making done – and pronto! Hats off to Director Giuseppe and crew for recognising this innovative way of bringing people together, promoting a hands-on attitude to meal-making and sharing a flavour of Italy with the people of Ireland. Grazie!


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Wisdom Journey AYURVEDIC INSIGHTS PAVE THE WAY. by Alison McEvoy I began seeking out a healthier lifestyle in my early teens. Reheated stew was my weekly fare and my family relied way too heavily on canned and frozen food that I just couldn’t stomach anymore. Almost overnight, at fourteen years, it dawned on me that I had the power to choose. Much to the consternation of my family, I turned vegetarian, began a yoga practice that has stayed with me through thick and thin for the past seventeen years and decided to go organic - venturing into what health stores I could find and pestering my father (which he secretly loved) to drive me out to farmers’ markets on Saturday mornings. It was on my travels back in 2005 that I first came across Ayurveda. The word mysteriously hung in the air when

Yoga For HOPE A LIFE-CHANGING JOURNEY. by Charlotte Nagle Yoga For HOPE originated in 2009 when Mella Murphy, a Yoga teacher with over forty years’ experience, decided to raise funds for The Hope Foundation, an Irish charity working with street and slum children in Kolkata, India. “October 2006 found me part of a team of HOPE walkers going to the Himalayas. The poverty and overcrowding in Kolkata must be seen to be believed. I was humbled and saddened to witness such conditions but delighted to be part of a charity which makes a difference to these children’s lives. In the midst of all this deprivation I found LOVE! My guarded heart expanded with love and compassion. As my heart opened to the street children, so it opened to myself and I experienced Love at last. I went to India with the intention of giving, and received a soulmate in return; a wonderful man, Donal, who has enriched my life. In 2008 we returned to India with HOPE to have our marriage blessed and witnessed by the charity which brought us together. In 2009 I decided to become more involved, to use my passion for Yoga

I spoke it to myself, beckoning me into deeper discovery. In 2016, eleven years and much googling later, I joined the first Ayurvedic Studies Diploma being taught in Ireland. The intelligence and simplicity of Ayurvedic knowledge feels like home. It gives me a world-and-health-view that I can feel the truth of. The more I learn, the more appreciation and gratitude I experience, for the perfect potential harmony that exists between Mother Nature and her human child. It is amazing to learn how the food and herbs provided by the natural world are so attuned to our body’s requirements and needs, and about how to come back into rhythm with our body’s nature which is itself a part of Nature as a whole.

The journey continues as we delve into year two this September…. wish me luck!

to help the children of Kolkata who had touched my life.” Yoga For HOPE is a programme for Yoga teachers and enthusiasts to pass on the gift of Yoga to the children in HOPE’s homes, helping to enrich their lives. After five successful years Mella passed over leadership to past participants Gillian Houlihan and Suzi von Mensenkampff, who are proud to be carrying Mella’s vision to the next level.

You are invited to join us from 22nd October to 4th November 2017. For more information please email or log on to



vipassana a journey through silence ENTERING INTO SILENCE AND FINDING YOUR TRUE SELF.


by Alison Canavan

“Vipassana is like doing a deep surgical operation on your most deeply rooted emotional pain.”

The word Vipassana means to see things as they are. During a Vipassana retreat you rise at 4am each day, have 10.5 hours of meditation, and bedtime is at 9pm. The noble silence you agree to means silence of speech, body and mind - no eye contact or physical gestures are allowed. As a daily meditator for many years, I’ve wanted to sit a Vipassana for a long time. This year I finally felt ready. Having recovered from addictions and mental health problems using meditation as one of my tools, I’m acutely aware of the power of going within. As my retreat approached I felt anxious. I knew there was deep rooted pain ready and waiting to come to the surface, given the time and space to do so. I didn’t have to wait long. On the first day I reacted very physically to the practice and had to leave the room, as I

was going to both throw up and pass out. As I sat outside pale as a ghost, the course coordinator assured me that this was a very normal reaction. Vipassana is like doing a deep surgical operation on your most deeply rooted emotional pain. My pain was certainly deep and had I not been on a silent retreat I know I would have avoided working with it. As human beings we all have pain and suffering, it’s simply a part of life. We become very good at suppressing experiences and emotions, hoping that they won’t rise again and cause us any trouble. This is something I did for many years. I pushed everything down and thought that I wouldn’t ever have to face or deal with it again. During the 20 years of depression, anxiety and addictions that followed I never connected my emotional pain to my problems and neither did anyone I went to see. Instead I got handed tablets and hoped for the best. Suppressed emotions manifest as emotional problems like over or undereating, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep

issues, addictions and much more. Time and again we fail to connect the dots and we outsource our power to external sources hoping that they can fix us and heal our pain. My greatest learning from a week of Vipassana was that only you and you alone can heal your pain. There is no escaping this work if you want to get well or live better. During the retreat I vowed never to return. However on day 11, as I was driving home, I felt an overwhelming rush of gratitude for my experience. I also realised what a blessing it is to get ten days to sit and go within. Since returning from my retreat I have been able to deal with stress in a different way and I also see myself and my place in the world quite differently too. Vipassana allowed me to really see my truth. I learnt that my mind really is the root cause of all my suffering but by working with it and working on myself there is a very different life available to me - one of peace and acceptance. A life where I truly feel connected and alive. One thing I now know for sure, is that life is an inside job. For the extended version of Alison’s article, please see For details on Alison’s 360 Wellbeing Show go to

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affective ‘disaster’ management COPING WITH AUTUMN IN IRELAND. by Elva Carri

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten the heebie-jeebies at the first smell of autumn. I smell it before I can see it, and that first whiff catapults me from the wonderfulness of summer to the cold, dark and difficult associations I have with autumn in Ireland. To me, autumn means going back to school, carrying a heavy bag and wearing an uncomfortable amount of clothes. The dark mornings and evenings aren’t the worst – they actually feel like a relief from the greyness of the daytime. Black skies are far superior to murky, stagnant daylight. Over the years though, I’ve found some ways to cope. I still don’t quite look forward to it, but I know I can survive it.

Wear Sunscreen If I could give you one piece of advice for coping with autumn, sunscreen would be it. We all know it’s good for our skin to wear it all year round now anyway, but my reasoning is a little different. Just like the smell of autumn affects me, so too do the smells of summer. I took to

“Once I’m up close and personal with the reasons autumn needs to happen, I feel consoled.” sniffing creamy, coconutty suncream as a teenager, and it’s got me through many a dark day. If smells aren’t your thing, try putting on your bikini/mankini and some old summer chart hits, indoors, with a cocktail umbrella in a hot chocolate, and give autumn the finger. It cannot defeat your colourful imagination – hard as it may try.

Nurture in Nature After realising that the suncream and bikini combo is only a temporary, denialstyle alleviation, it’s time to go outside and embrace it. I recommend going as far into the west of Ireland as is possible. Once I’m up close and personal with the reasons autumn needs to happen, I feel somewhat consoled. Autumn has a role to play in our landscape, our flora and fauna. Being amongst it all helps me shake off my selfish desire for summer to never end. A blast of cold wind and a downpour can also help you uncling yourself from summer memories and focus on the more immediate need to get dry and


warm. Before you know it, you might find yourself laughing, playing a board game and drinking tea by a fire.

Dormancy & Germination Just like seeds need to be in colder temperatures, in dark and damp, to eventually begin to sprout, maybe we do too. The time in nature reminds me of that. I take the pressure off myself to be presenting things to the world when the annual darkness rolls on in, and instead, I focus on brewing away like a nice pot of tea on a stove. Mulling over ideas, trying things out in secret, before I pop up through the soil with something new to show off in spring. Decide on some idea or project or inner world to cultivate and relish the generous amount of indoor time you’re about to have to do that. Have you got any tips of your own? I’d love to hear them. Tweet how you embrace autumn to @positivelifemag. Elva Carri is the founder of GirlCrew. Twitter: @elvacarri

60 diary of

a voyager SURRENDER TO THE FLOW OF LIFE. MYANMAR. by Sigita Paliukaitė

It was a hot Burmese New Year’s Day sometime in April. I was walking down a mountain after lunch in a surreal monastery with monks and a few pilgrims. There was not another soul around for miles, birds singing in a valley, houses of the town just white and grey dots in the far distance, red dust and blisters on my feet, and sweat soaking my clothes. And that’s when it finally dawned on me – I’m here, in Myanmar, in a world so strange and so enchanting: jobless, homeless, clueless of tomorrow; and it feels so fresh and it feels promising! That’s when I sensed those last old attachments, that still clung to me with such heaviness, losing their hooks and stickiness, just floating away with the lightness of a feather. I felt a space opening inside me, space for myself and for my life to unfold. And I just started laughing, and couldn’t stop until I ran out of air. To be honest, Myanmar was a hardcore choice as the first country to start my journey (but it was the right one nonetheless). I was also ill most of my time there, caught a virus on the plane and was sick for weeks, then had food poisoning and so on.

“I said, I want to surrender to life. And the universe has heard me loud and clear.” Perhaps it was all because my whole system went into a shock from the abrupt change of not only climate, surroundings and culture, but a deeper, internal change as well. I’ve always lived my life bravely but still somewhat safely, always keeping that last one little safety net. But in the month before I left, I had to let go of my safety nets, stability, comforts, beliefs, attachments, things I had learned, loved and valued, so many parts of the image of myself. Just before I started my travels, people used to ask me the reason for doing this swan dive into the unknown. I said, I want to surrender to life. And the universe has heard me loud and clear. From the first minute after landing, nothing went according to any plan, any expectation. I arrived just before a five-day public holiday, the water festival – their New Year celebration. All public transport tickets were sold out. There was

absolutely nothing I could do but trust life. And somehow, I managed to keep moving. Help came my way in the forms of people and happenings. They have a tradition during the water festival of pouring water on each other, to wash the old year and old worries away. And they love pouring buckets and buckets of water over tourists! Soaked from the moment I stepped onto the street, I wished it would wash away all expectations and judgement. Well, it didn’t … but I’ve learned quite quickly to keep my plate empty and take what life puts on it, to live one day at a time. It’s not that I haven’t navigated from my personhood or tried to force things ever since, but most of the time, I surrender. That was the teaching of Myanmar. To read a longer version of Sigita’s fascinating story, go to

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a time of personal change


by Calodagh McCumiskey

An eclipse happens when one celestial body moves into the shadow of another. Two eclipses occured in August 2017: a partial lunar eclipse on 7th August, and a total solar eclipse on 21st August, both promising significant change that will be felt until the end of 2017 and beyond. Both are visible in Ireland. We are all affected by planetary eclipses, but they have a stronger impact where they are visible. They shake things up for us, much like snow globes. It can take a little time for the dust to settle after shaking, but it offers a great opportunity to bring what is no longer serving you to the surface, so you can see, understand, and let it go. In Vedic astrology, using the sidereal zodiac, the lunar eclipse is in the sign of Capricorn, owned by Saturn (representing tradition, legacy, structure and systems in our lives), while the sun is opposite in the sign of Cancer (emotions and the moon). The total solar eclipse in Leo, the sign of the sun, represents our soul, our ego, and everything in between on our journey to self-improvement and enlightenment. The impacts of both eclipses will be felt deeply at a personal level, particularly the solar eclipse, given the crowded placement of sun, moon and Rahu with Mercury in Leo. We may feel frustrated by things happening in our lives and

“The later months of 2017 offer you a fantastic opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving you.” inconsistencies in the world – particularly related to those with different view points to us. Emotions will be heightened by Mars’ debilitated placement in Cancer until August 27th. Don’t be drawn into drama outside – for what is really happening is that it is a great time for us to look inside, look at our own inconsistencies, let go of our limiting beliefs, and shine light on what is holding us back. You will feel lighter, stronger and all the better for it. At a soul level, the important thing is to stay focused on creating what you want in life. Jupiter’s move to Libra will bring more self-enquiry after September 12th. It will be favourable for professional growth. It will also inspire people to strike a better balance in their wellbeing and lives, and pursue more wholeheartedly existing and new paths for growth and expansion. Saturn’s return to Sagittarius on October 26th brings wisdom, and a renewed feeling of connection with ourselves and others. It opens the door to enthusiastically enjoying friendships

and a sense of ‘we’ with all those you meet and spend time with. You may also feel more inclined to deepen your spiritual connection. From September, Rahu’s transit to Cancer offers a great time to connect with hobbies and things you love to do. Travel will enrich. Ketu’s move to Capricorn will inspire innovation and increased determination at work. Wanderlust will increase. What the next months will open up for you depends on the location of the planets in your Vedic chart. The later months of 2017 offer you a fantastic opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving you, make space for greater and better things to come, and pursue the opportunities you want to develop with confidence and passion. Calodagh McCumiskey is the director of Spiritual Earth in Rocklands, Co. Wexford.




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Positive Life – Autumn 2017  
Positive Life – Autumn 2017