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The mission of The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation is to conduct, support and encourage research and studies in the general area of infectious diseases, their origination, contagion and cure, for the benef it of the public in Newark NJ, its environs, and around the world.

“We do not have all the answers yet, but we will never, ever rest until we find them.”


The Mission Dr. Leon Smith founded The Smith Infectious

States. (Years earlier, Dr. Smith and his lovely

Diseases Foundation more than 20 years

wife, Peggy, helped establish the Queen of Angels

ago, an organization to further the field of

Family Health Service, the first free medical clinic

infectious diseases and support the research by

in Newark.)

our infectious disease experts – that

The size and scope of The

is continually required to combat the

Foundation’s work has steadily

spread of infectious diseases – while

expanded over the years. Accordingly,

enhancing clinical and medical care

the mission of the Foundation


has evolved and it exists today

The Smith Infectious Diseases

“To conduct, assist, encourage

Foundation has funded and continues

and develop scientific, technical,

to offer funding for scientific

medical, and non-medical research,

research and infectious diseases

investigations and studies for the

research at institutions such as

benefit of the public in the general

Georgetown and Yale Universities, and has

area of infectious diseases and their origination,

provided for the establishment of a medical

contagion and cure; to conduct lectures and

clinic in Newark NJ, which became the first Viral

seminars; to collect data and information; and to

Diagnostic Lab in New Jersey – and one of the

publish scientific, technical, medical and other

largest H.I.V. and Hepatitis-C clinics in the United

significant reports,” – and the needs are growing.

The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation 189 Eagle Rock Avenue PO Box 174 Roseland, NJ 07068


A Letter from Leon November 15, 2012 Dear Friends, Welcome to our Second Annual Gala! Once again, Peggy and I are honored by your presence, your friendship and your support. More than twenty years ago I established The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation to further the field of infectious diseases and support the research that is still required to combat the spread of infectious disease – while enhancing clinical and medical care capabilities in Newark and the surrounding communities. The size and scope of The Foundation’s work has steadily expanded over the years. Accordingly, our mission has evolved – and it exists today – to conduct, assist, encourage and develop scientific, technical, medical and non-medical research, investigations and studies for the benefit of the public in the general area of infectious diseases and their origination, contagion and cure; to conduct lectures and seminars; to collect data and information; and to publish scientific, technical, medical and other significant reports. And our needs continually grow. We thank you for joining us tonight, and supporting The Foundation with your generous gifts and encouragement. We also congratulate tonight’s honorees. Enjoy the celebration! Your friend,

Leon G. Smith, M.D.


This Year’s Honorees Dr. Jack Bonamo, President and CEO of Saint Barnabas Medical Center and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Saint Barnabas Medical Center Foundation, is a physician and health care executive with a track record of outstanding accomplishments and results. Prior to being Executive Director of Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Dr. Bonamo was Sr. Vice President for Medical Affairs at SBMC after spending 20 years as an SBMC attending Obstetrician and Gynecologist in private practice in West Orange, NJ. During his tenure he was actively involved in numerous committees including holding positions as VP and President, as well as former Clinical Chief of the Department of OBGYN. Dr. Peter Gross, specializing in infectious diseases, serves as the Chair, Board of Managers, Hackensack Alliance Accountable Care Organization and was formerly Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Hackensack University Medical Center, along with being a member of the HUMC Executive Board of Governors. He earned his degree from and completed his residency at Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Donald Louria served as Chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at New Jersey Medical School for over 30 years, and has served as President of the New York State Council on Drug Addiction. He is the author of six books including the best-seller “The Drug Scene,” and has conducted studies about how heavilyexposed women avoid infection with HIV. Dr. Louria has trained at New York Hospital, the National Institutes of Health and Cornell University, after graduating from Harvard University and Harvard Medical School.


Our Programs The reach of Dr. Smith and The Foundation has expanded from ground breaking work at St. Michael’s to embrace the world. The Foundation is working in Afghanistan, Uganda, Kenya, and the Sudan, using Blackberry-enabled technology to provide local physicians and health care workers with direct and immediate access to worldwide leaders in the field of infectious disease. The Foundation has funded not only primary research to discover unique incentive treatment programs for HIV/AIDS but also education programs aimed at preventing this disease.

Kenya Support Clinic HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment center. Digital Technology to Extend the Reach of Experts Instant access through smart-phone technology to the most prominent infectious disease experts from anywhere in the world. Support of Accordia in Uganda HIV/Aids prevention and treatment center founded by Merle Sande, MD. Leon G. Smith Medical Scholarships Two need-based full medical scholarships for inner city students who commit to returning to practice in the inner city. Clerkships at John Hopkins; Georgetown; Harvard; Yale, NYU and NJ Medical in Infectious Disease  To inspire a new generation of physicians and researchers in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of current and emergent infectious diseases.

Additional support is given to prevent the spread of other globally prevalent diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza, fungal and other viral diseases. The Foundation has funded ongoing education and mentorship programs for a new generation of infectious disease specialists, and continues to explore new uses of Technology, to bring the best of medical practice to people who are daily facing illness and death by poverty, violence, and neglect.

The Smith Center for Infectious Disease & Urban Care Facilities in Newark and East Orange N.J. Provides free care for residents and populations without the economic means to access health care. Fever of Unknown Origin Clinic Free service with global reach for the diagnosis of Infectious Disease and for the understanding and treatment of potentially deadly diseases without identified causes. Global Digital Access to Leading Authorities for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases  Made available to physicians working in remote areas of the world, including in the Sudan, where genocide, famine, and war are daily realities. Promotion of Guidelines For MRSA, Lyme Disease, travelers’ and food borne diseases.


The Foundation at Work HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya to be Named in Honor of Congressman Donald M. Payne Sr.

“I am proud to have been a friend of his. Our

Tonight is one of recognition, yes, and of

Leon, delivered his son Donald’s triplets.”

celebration, too. It is also

lives intertwined for more than 50 years, and, now, new generations of our families continue a special relationship. Not long ago, my son,

a night of commemoration.

When completed, The

Tonight we honor the late

AIDS health clinic

Donald M. Payne Sr., U.S. Congressional Representative, by announcing the dedication, in his name, of an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya funded by The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation. Essex County Freeholder Leonard Luciano, Essex County Democratic Chairman Phil Thigpen and former NJ Assemblyman Bill Payne, Congressman Donald M. Payne Sr.’s brother, will present the Certificate of Dedication to Newark Council President Donald M. Payne Jr., the Congressman’s son. “That the clinic we are funding in Kenya will bear

“Hope for Life” HIV/ in Kiunguria, Kenya, will be one of four permanent clinics in the Nukura Region of Kenya that are overseen by Africa Inland Mission’s Barbara Harbart and her husband, Scott. Barbara is the sister of former Ambassador to Kenya, Air Force Major General Scott Gration, who also lives in Kenya and is a close personal friend of Dr. Smith. The clinic already operates a feeding program for more than 170 orphans, vocational training for older youth, and microfinance and adult education for the guardians of the children.

Congressman Payne Sr.’s name means a great

The Hon. Donald M. Payne Sr. devoted most

deal to me, as I know it would to him,” said Dr.

of his adult life to helping others and being

Smith. “He was a dedicated public servant who

their voice, as Chairman of the World Y.M.C.A.

worked all his adult life to help improve the lives

Refugee and Rehabilitation Committee, as a

of those in need.”

teacher in the Newark Public Schools, and


as a public servant: Essex County Freeholder,

by The Africa Society, and the prestigious

Newark Municipal Council Member, and, for

Democracy Service Medal (which was

the 23 years prior to his passing in March of this year, a member of the United States House of Representatives. In Congress, representing New Jersey’s Tenth District, Payne Sr. served as Chairman of the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health. He sat on the boards of the National Endowment for Democracy TransAfrica, Discovery Channel Global Education Fund, the Congressional Award Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newark, the Newark Day Center, the Fighting Back Initiative and the Newark YMCA.

previously awarded to Lech Walesa, the former Polish President and founder of the Solidarity movement), by the National Endowment for Democracy.

Among the many awards and honors bestowed on him are The Visionaries Award, bestowed


Dr. Leon G. Smith Great healers and humanitarians have intellect,

Through the efforts of his entire family, Dr. Smith

experience, and insight – qualities all great

began the long journey to the top of his field in

physicians possess. However, they have an

the study and treatment of infectious disease.

additional quality often overlooked – strength

Academic accomplishment and honors at NYU,

– a characteristic that manifests itself in energy,

Georgetown Medical School, from which he was

forcefulness, presence, and a powerful grip on

graduated magna cum laude; acting internship at

(and refusal to let go of) the physical, financial,

Harvard Medical School; a research fellowship

and social challenges that face

at the National Institutes of Health,

individuals attempting to change the

where he did breakthrough research


in the study of viruses, fungal disease, and bacterial pathogens; and a

Leon G. Smith, MD is such a man.

fellowship and residency at Yale

A man with the physical presence

University Medical School followed.

of an athlete (he was once asked as a young man to play for the

Like the paths followed by many great

NY Yankees), Dr. Smith has been

individuals in myth and reality, Dr.

an undeniable force dedicated to

Smith’s brilliant journey then took an

healing, teaching, and building

unexpected turn. Dr. Smith was asked

bridges among physicians and health care workers

by an esteemed mentor to begin work

battling infectious disease around the world. Dr. Leon G. Smith is among the most well-known and respected infectious disease specialists in the United States. He began his life as the eldest son in a close-knit family of modest means in Yonkers, New York. He experienced the illness and death of his father from Graves Disease when a young boy – it was the inability of his father’s

at Saint Michael’s Hospital in Newark, New Jersey – a hospital that ministered to people of little means and in dire need. There, during 48 years of service, Dr. Smith applied his intellect and strength of will, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to create a legacy and an enduring story of genius. At Saint Michael’s, Dr. Smith started the first free

physicians to save his father’s life that inspired him inner city medical clinic. He started the first HIV/ AIDS clinic in New Jersey – only the second one to become a physician.


in the nation – during a time of great uncertainty

American College of Physicians and the Mentor

and fear not only for physicians working in the

Award presented by the Infectious Disease Society

field but also for patients and the public. He

of America. He has published over 250 papers

started a Hepatitis Clinic, a Leprosy Clinic, and

and articles on infectious diseases and written

the first clinic in the entire country for “Fevers

many chapters in highly regarded books on the

of Unknown Origin” – a clinic that, through the

subject. He trained most of the practicing New

work of the Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation,

Jersey infectious disease physicians and was

remains a beacon for physicians from all over

voted by his peers as one of the “Best Doctors in

the world seeking answers to life threatening

America” for his diagnostic skills.

illness whose cause eludes even the most skilled physicians.

Dr. Smith’s professional life has been dedicated to serving the health care needs of others while

Dr. Smith is past Chairman of Medicine and

specializing in preventing the spread of deadly

past Chief of Infectious Diseases at Saint

infectious diseases, diagnosing and treating those

Michael’s Medical Center in Newark where he

who contract these illnesses. He has undertaken

has served for 48 years. Dr. Smith also founded

numerous clinical studies on new antibiotics,

and was Chairman of the Residency Program

anti-viral and anti-fungal drugs and has developed

in Internal Medicine at Seton Hall University

one of the largest infectious disease programs on

School of Graduate Medical Education (which

the East Coast. He serves on the advisory boards

he established with then Seton Hall President,

of many large pharmaceutical companies and

Dr. John Petillo), and is a Professor of Preventive

lectures extensively on the application of new

Medicine/Community Health and Professor of

anti-microbial agents all over the world.

Medicine at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. In addition, he co-chairs the Bioterrorism Task Force for New Jersey and is the founder of an information service for New Jersey physicians that provides free phone information on antibiotics, vaccines, and other infectious disease related topics.

When you speak to patients, students, or colleagues of Dr. Smith, you hear about a rare combination of diagnostic genius, compassion, and strength. His dedication to his patients is tireless and unequivocal. This personal strength of will is his legacy – and the ongoing aspirations – of The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation.

Dr. Smith is a past President of the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases and has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the Mastership Award presented by the


Excerpts from Letters “Your dedication to bringing vital medical resources to those in need is commendable. I wish you all the best as we continue to work toward a common goal of saving lives around the world.” ~ President Bill Clinton “I am aware not only of your great expertise but also of your generosity and the very practical assistance which you offer to so many people here in our area and, indeed, around the world.” ~ The Most Reverend John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark “Your ceaseless quest to spread health and combat disease far from the shores of New Jersey is an example for all of us.” ~ Munther Hormoud, M.D., Tufts Medical Center “Your care of the poor is well-known. So often, you have reached out, in a selfless way, to take care of the most needy among us. May God reward you for your charity.” ~ Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz, D.I., Bishop of Newark “Over the years you have treated countless patients we have referred to you, and you have shown a willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate these patients at all hours of the day and night.” ~ Rabbi Shuky Berman, Director, Refuah Resources “You have been one amazing human being, and it is a privilege to have known you and to have been your friend.” ~ Roman W. DeSanctis, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School


Tonight’s Program Introduction : Invocation :

Master of Ceremonies – Dave Popkin, ESPN and Seton Hall Basketball Announcer The Most Reverend Manuel Cruz, Auxiliary Bishop, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark & Reverend Stephanie Wethered, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Essex Fells

National Anthem Welcome :

Joseph Hayden, Jr., Dinner Chairman

HIV/AIDS Clinic Dedication Honoring Congressman Donald M. Payne, Sr. : Dr. Leon Smith, Essex County Freeholder Leonard Luciano, former New Jersey Assemblyman Bill Payne, Essex County Democratic Chairman Phil Thigpen, Newark Council President Donald M. Payne, Jr.

Foundation Video Dinner Status Update : Honorable Ehsan Bayat, Chairman, Bayat Foundation Leon G. Smith, MD Awards : Dr. Jack Bonamo, Saint Barnabas Medical Center Dr. Peter Gross, Hackensack University Medical Center Dr. Donald Louria, retired, New Jersey Medical School

Final Words : Dr. Leon G. Smith, Founder, Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation


In Appreciation Gala Chairman

Joseph A. Hayden, Jr., Esq.

Gala Volunteer Committee Chairs Kay McCormack Joyce Candido

Master of Ceremonies Dave Popkin


Thank You To: Our Patrons: Charles Cohen, Esq. Dr. Satty Keswani Anita and Herb Brennan, Esq. Bruno Verducci David Faloni, Esq. Dr. Howard Holtz


Gratitude To: Friends of The Foundation Dave & Janet Bate Carter, Lee & Ann Beard Robert S. Birch Thomas Bitar, Esq. Michael Boggio Warren Bronsnick Thomas Burke Todd Carnevale Dr. William Chenitz Alison & Jim Cirenza Andrew Criqui Paul De Bellis Dean Fadi P. & Maura Deek, MD Anthony Del Spina Connie & Bob Dwyer Ian & Alisa Eagle James P. Ferguson Thomas G. Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Clifford B. Finkle III S.M. Chris Franzblau, Esq. Paul & Ghislane Goffin Dr. Michael Guma Dr. Fred & Nora Hassen Bill & Lemore Hayden Russ Helwig Donald Horn and Family Patrick Iannone Dr. Gilbert R. Irwin James & Elizabeth Irwin


David Jeffrey Dr. Patrick Joseph Jim King Alan & MaryAnne Kraus Joan Larkin Irwin Lerner Judge Jose & Gail Linares Dr. Steven Lomazow Msgr. Cornelius J. Mahoney Sami M. Mamoun, MD, FACS Art & Mary McDermott Dr. James Orsini Dr. & Mrs. George A. Pankey Evelyn Peter Harvey Rich Andreas Savopoulos Fred & Peggy Schneider Mark Sisco Thomas G. Slama Cheryl Solit Gina Tamburri The Jeffrey Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey Robert & Marianne Vanvolkenburgh Luke Walsh Tom & Peggy Weissenborn John A. Windolf, CLU, CPCU Lila Wolff Stanley & Evelyn Yeskel Family Donor Advised Fund

Gold 15


Thank you for this unexpected and greatly appreciated accolade. The work of the Foundation is truly what the medical profession is about. Your efforts and accomplishments in improving and saving lives are extraordinary. Congratulations to my fellow honorees Drs. Peter Gross and Donald Louria.

Jack John F. Bonamo MD, MS, FACPE, FACOG President & Chief Executive Officer Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Gold 16

Kerwin Communications Roaring Thunder Media The Private Journey Magazine Are pleased to congratulate Dr. Peter Gross Dr. Jack Bonamo and Dr. Donald Lauria, The 2012 Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation Honorees

Gold 17

TSI and the Bayat Foundation would like to thank Dr. Leon Smith for his continued support of our work in Afghanistan, and for his noble endeavors which have placed him at the forefront of establishing telemedicine within the country. Dr. Smith’s generous donations of funding, cancer medication, antibiotics, and medical equipment are being used to truly make a difference and save lives in Afghanistan.

Gold 18

Since 2006, the Bayat Foundation has been working to nourish the lives of Afghans and to foster a brighter future for the country by supporting projects such as: • Distributing tens of thousands of blankets, bags of flour, vats of cooking oil, and other supplies in an annual Winter Aid program • Building ten maternity hospitals throughout Afghanistan, which have thus far treated over 628,000 patients • Saving the lives of mothers and children by focusing on maternal health and childhood nutrition • Digging deep water wells all over Afghanistan to give families access to clean drinking water • Building schools and women’s dormitories in an effort to give all Afghan children, women and men access to the education they need to thrive To learn more about the Bayat Foundation, or to learn how you can be involved, please visit or contact Jill Ketron at 904-686-1470, or

Gold 19

The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation 2nd Annual Gala Congratulations & Best Wishes to this Year’s Honorees: Dr. Peter Gross – Hackensack University Medical Center Dr. Jack Bonamo – Barnabas Health Dr. Donald Louria – New Jersey Medical School

From All Your Friends At

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The Stafford Family is pleased to support The Foundation Silver 22

Best Wishes to

g{x fÅ|à{ \Çyxvà|Éâá W|áxtáxá YÉâÇwtà|ÉÇ Çw E TÇÇâtÄ ZtÄt Congratulations to our Colleague and Friend John F. Bonamo MD, MS

President and CEO, Saint Barnabas Medical Center and to

Peter A. Gross, MD Donald B. Louria, MD

a well deserved honor!

•Clara Maass Medical Center •Community Medical Center •Kimball Medical Center •Monmouth Medical Center •Newark Beth Israel Medical Center •Saint Barnabas Medical Center •Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

•The Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center •Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center •Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Network •Barnabas Health Home Health Care •Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care Centers •Barnabas Health Outpatient Centers

Silver 23

Peter, We are so proud of you and your accomplishments in unlocking the mysteries of infectious diseases. With much love, Debby, Mark, Mike, Brittan, Dan, Karen, Natalie, Wesley and Reggie Bronze 24

Getting YOU Back in the Game of Life!

JAG Physical Therapy is a proud supporter of the Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation! Congratulations to tonight’s honorees, Dr. Jack Bonamo,Dr.Peter Gross and Dr. Donald Louria! “like” us on facebook

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Congratulations to John F. Bonomo, M.D., M.S. President and Chief Executive Officer Saint Barnabas Medical Center

With gratitude for your foresight, leadership and high standards of excellence through the continuous growth and expansion of Saint Barnabas Medical Center

The Medical Staff of Saint Barnabas Medical Center Officers: Stuart R. Geffner, M.D., President Joseph Koziol, M.D., President Elect Mehrdad Rafizadeh, M.D., Second Vice President Stephen Crane, M.D., Secretary John Russo, M.D., Treasurer Robert Schuman, M.D., Past President

Bronze 29

Dora P. Shankman, Stephen I. Shankman and Heather M. Shankman congratulate the hard work and dedication of Dr. Leon Smith and The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation. We are grateful to you Dr. Leon Smith and your son, Dr. Smith and your honorees: Dr. Peter Gross Dr. Jack Bonamo Dr. Donald Louria Dr. Leon Smith, you are truly a hero and remarkable.

Thank you. Shankman Marketing & Media Resources, LLC 908-470-0413

Bronze 30

LabCorp — Dedicated to improving

testing and therapy decisions for infectious diseases

LabCorp offers a single-source laboratory solution to help physicians diagnose, treat, and monitor patients with HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases. Our full-service test menu includes viral loads, GenoSure PRIme genotyping, PhenoSense® phenotyping, Trofile® tropism testing, and companion diagnostics to aid in therapy selection. Visit www. for our complete test menu. SM

LabCorp congratulates Dr. Leon Smith for his service and help to thousands.

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All rights reserved.


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Congratulations to Dr. Leon Smith and the honorees: Jack Bonamo Peter Gross and Donald Louria

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Congratulations from K. George Younan, M.D., P.A.

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Congratulations Leon From Ed & Carol Goldberg Ron & Beth Diskin David & Sandi Malkin Jeff & Linda Bauman Michael & Deena Oksenhorn Bronze 34

Congratulations From Debbie Spicehandler Bronze 35

Dr. Leon Smith

A True Scholar & Gentleman Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Gordon

Our admiration and respect for you continues to grow as your remarkable career endures with the work of The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation. Dr. Howard and Jane Ehrenkranz

Congratulations and Best Wishes From Dr. Ibrahim Sidhom


~~~~~~~~~~ Congratulations from Tim Yeh ~~~~~~~~~~~

Congratulations to a very special friend. Evelyn Yeskel


Best Wishes to Dr. Leon G. Smith and Peggy from Barbara and Joe Bock

Dr. Bonamo, We appreciate everything you do. Short Hills Radiation Oncology Associates: Alison Grann, MD, Andrew Zablow, MD, Raquel Wagman, MD, and Zoe Woel, MD


We are proud to support The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation 2nd Annual Gala and congratulate the honorees

Dr. Peter Gross, Dr. Jack Bonamo and Dr. Donald Louria on their well deserved honor

From your friends at Valley National Bank.

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Congratulations to the

Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation Inglesino, Pearlman, Wyciskala & Taylor, LLC 600 Parsippany Road, Suite 204 Parsippany, NJ 07054 973-947-7111

The Bernstein Family Loves Dr. Smitty!




Congratulations to this year’s honorees Jack Bonamo, Peter Gross and Donald Louria & to The Foundation for your outstanding work

From the physicians of the Saint Barnabas Cancer Center Andrew Brown Miguel Conde Robert Grossman Stuart Leitner Richard Michaelson Delia Radovich Michael Scoppetuolo Jennifer Wagmiller


Congratulations to Leon G. Smith, M.D. for your dedication and commitment The A.L. Levine Family Foundation, Inc. Carole Ann and Joel J. Steiger 43

Best Wishes.

Thanks for always being t here. ~~~


The Lembo Family 44

Congratulations to

Dr. Smith and the honorees: Dr. Peter Gross Dr. Jack Bonamo Dr. Donald Louria

Essex Kidney Group, LLC

Congrats from Dr. Phillip and Pam Paparone

William R. Chenitz, MD, FACP Nephrology and Hypertension

111 Central Ave. Building B, Level 4 Newark, NJ 07102 973-624-4908


Education and Health Centers of America, Inc. Proudly Supports the Second Annual Gala Benefitting The Smith Infectious Disease Foundation Education and Health Centers of America, Inc. 3350 State Route 138 Building 2, Suite 222 Wall Township, New Jersey 07719

John J. Clancy President Stephen Manocchio Corporate Medical Director Talbot Hall Kearny The Albert M. Bo Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center Trenton The Harbor Newark Delaney Hall Newark Logan Hall Newark Tully House Newark


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Smith Infectious Diseases Gala Journal 2013  

A gala ad journal and program

Smith Infectious Diseases Gala Journal 2013  

A gala ad journal and program