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Things to Do in Spring Spring Clean Spring is traditionally the time for a big clear out! A spring clean can be great for you both physically and emotionally. Getting rid of all the clutter - the cupboard full of the clothes that you never wear, the drawer full of bits and bobs that have lost their way - can help you to create space and make practical preparations for pregnancy.

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Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Get Some Fresh Air As the weather starts to get warmer it is a great time to get outside. Not only will the exercise boost your health in general, the sunlight can have a direct effect on your fertility. Your optic nerve, which is sensitive to sunlight, is connected to your pituitary gland and your pituitary gland governs the ovaries and the production of oestrogen. Thus, lighter days can stimulate ovulation and, therefore, your chance of conceiving.

The word ‘Easter’ is said to come from the name of a Germanic pagan goddess - Eostre. She was the goddess of fertility and Spring and was commonly associated with the symbol of the egg. Her totem animal was the rabbit - hence the Easter bunny! Who knew that an Easter Egg Hunt is really an ancient fertility ritual?! You might want to opt for more fertility friendly Easter treats this year. Waitrose chocolate almond egg selection could be a great option as almonds are high in important reproductive system nutrients including zinc and L-arginine.

Get Creative!

According to Chinese Medicine Spring relates to the Wood element which is all about expansion and blossoming into life. For this reason Spring can be a great time to start new projects. Creative projects, in particular, can give a great boost to your fertility so buy yourself a beautiful new journal; sign up for that cookery course or dig out your gardening gloves and spring into action!

Celebrate the Blue Moon 31st March sees the second Blue Moon of 2018! A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons within one month. The Full Moon is a great time for letting go of things that might be holding you back. You might want to have your own Blue Moon ritual where you write things down on pieces of paper and burn them over a special candle.

Take a Spring Break Spring break has become a notorious holiday but it can make real sense to get away and shake off the winter months. You might even want to go an a specialist fertility break. have a number of great packages such as a 5 day fertility detox and yoga retreat in West Sussex.

Dance round the Maypole! Maypole dancing is a tradition in the UK that is believed to have been started by Roman soldiers who celebrated the beginning of Spring, dancing around decorated trees thanking their goddess Flora. Nowadays the dancers are often children weaving ribbons round a pole in the May-day festivals in England. You may not be near such a celebration or up for Maypole dancing(!) and might just want to bring some Spring flowers into your home and enjoy the true beauty of nature in this season. Don’t forget to see yourself as part of that abundance!

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