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Chinese for Crisis





• Learn • Personal Development • Courses • Hobbies 10

Mental Health • Never, never describe yourself as ‘I am a failure’. • Results & Consequences • Accept the current situation as it is • Manage what is under your control • Set new goals • Ask Great Questions 11

Feeling Down, depressing? • • • •

Buddy Watchful guardian Take time out Professional help


Physical Health Eat sensibly


Alcohol, drugs and gambling are the 13 road to hell

Personal Finances Finance


Personal Finance 14

Cut spending on Non-Essentials Do this by defining your:  Needs - Essential  Wants - Non essentials

‘Do I really need this?’  Spending budget  Keep records  Make this a habit

Security Account

• Set up a completely separate deposit account for emergencies and fluctuations in income.

• Call this the Comfort Kitty or Security Account. • Aim to have enough money to cover 6-12 months living costs in this account.

This will give you great peace of mind


What is really Important in Life Goals Career and Work Life Time Management

ATTITUDE Our lives are determined Not by what happens to us But how we react to what happens Not by what life brings to us But by the attitude we bring to life

Positive Farmers - Managing Yourseld in a Downturn (Con Hurley)  

Managing Yourself in a Downturn (Con Hurley)