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The banks aren’t going to readily give out any information on their special loan products. Meaning the products, that will be most beneficial to you. Unless you are in the know, chances are you will only be offered the run of the mill, standard loan options from which to choose. After all they are a business, and they won’t make as much money if they do.

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PROPERTY - The Owner/Occupier


PROPERTY - The Investor










WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING OFF YOUR MORTGAGE FASTER... FBC GROUP WILL HAPPILY TELL YOU, WHAT THE BANKS DON’T REALLY WANT YOU TO KNOW. The FBC Group source comprehensive investment opportunities for positive cash flow investment options, to best suit your circumstances and maximise your positive cash flow return. We are leaders in and passionate about equity development, mortgage minimisation and wealth creation. We have secured various options as the best cash flow positive strategies available in today’s investment market to assist you to attain your financial goals. Operating from head office on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast - Australia, the FBC Group provides a range of specialised services and a network of investment professionals in South Africa and Australia and Hong Kong, China in the near future. We don’t just claim to do a bit of this and a bit of that, the strength of our company lies within the united services we provide our clients. Our advice has both credentials and a successful track record. We offer expert advice and professionally researched options in all aspects of investing. We will explain the benefits of positive cash flow investing as opposed to the standard practice of negative gearing and we will educate you on why positive cash flow investing is a more powerful and appropriate approach to your financial future. If you wish to escape the everyday lifestyle of financial struggle. If you would like to reduce your debt, minimise your mortgage, grow your wealth or just plan for a brighter and secure future, then contact us today and we will help you achieve those goals.

Alistair McCreath International Investments Specialist


When it comes to paying off your mortgage faster... While the banks will eagerly put you into a loan, consider if they will “really” put you into a loan that will suit your circumstances. In reality, today there are hundreds of different loan products on offer; do you know specifically what type of loan YOU need? The FBC Group are leaders in debt consolidation, debt reduction and wealth creation. Our range of comprehensive services means that we can provide our clients with a holistic approach to positively and successfully achieving your financial goals. Whether you want to pay off you home faster, consolidate your debt to make life easier or build an empire, we can find you the right loan to fit and maybe even create a little extra cash to put back into your pocket. We will listen to what your goals are and assess your current financial situation and then give you, realistic and positive financial options on how you can create, build and live that dream, simply and successfully. When it comes to loans we can show you why the interest rate, while it is important isn’t the be all and end all of the loan. It is not the interest rate but the structure and the management of the loan that will determine the outcome. When you combine this method with our Wealth Accelerator Program, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals in next to no time! So let’s commence at the beginning and get you on track to the successful financial future you choose!

“You should outlive your expectations, not your money” 5

So what is the Wealth Accelerator Program? Through extensive research, testing and sheer initiative, the FBC Group have developed the unique Wealth Accelerator program. Tried and tested over the years, the success rate is undeniable. Gradually building a client’s portfolio, ten times the current value can be achieved with a starting point of no more than a look at your current mortgage, and the right advice. Expert advice is required in a range of different areas for true success. This is where the value of dealing with the FBC Group becomes so clear. A rare hybrid, combining real estate expertise with qualified market research, financial planning and so much more, FBC have the depth of knowledge to handle every aspect of your portfolio investments under the one roof. The combined expertises of all of these areas work together seamlessly, through the process of the Wealth Accelerator to grow your wealth over time. One of the many benefits of our program is that, we guide you every step of the way. GOAL: Maximise your dollar by implementing strategic loan structures, thus allowing you to pay off your debt faster and reduce your loan term dramatically. Take a look at the results!


The Confidential Fact Finder The first step in getting you fast-tracked to paying off your mortgage is to ascertain where you stand financially and what you already have in place with regards to your mortgage, investments, superannuation, insurances and so on. A Fact Finder is simply a financial planning tool in the form of a questionnaire.

Developed purely to help the advisor have a better understanding of your situation as a whole, so the advisor can give you the appropriate relative advice, so you can make the most informed decisions for your circumstance to move forward. It will also establish what your long term goals are, and what you would like to achieve financially for your future, for example your retirement lifestyle. It is only then, when we have a view of the whole picture, present and future is it possible for us to go back and review your current situation and determine the right structure required to advance you towards your long term goals. Reviewing all facets of where you are now to see where we can suggest improvements. Some of the areas we need to know more about are as follows. 7

1. Lifestyle Plan

• Traditionally, people associate a budget with setting aside an amount of funds and spending nothing more. We don’t want you to live your life like this. We want you to just know where you spend your money, how you spend your money and when you spend your money? 2. Loans • What type of loan do you have currently? • Does your loan suit your circumstances? Is it flexible? 3. Interest rates • What is your current rate of interest? • Do you understand why interest rates are not the most important factor in a loan? 4. Insurances • Do you have enough Life Insurance? If something happened to you today, where will your family stand financially? Will they be OK or will they have to sell the family home? • Do you have Income Protection? If something did happen to you and you couldn’t work for say six months, would you be OK financially? Can you meet your repayments? • Do you have the right trauma insurance? There are many aspects to this type of insurance, make sure you are covered correctly.

5. Superannuation • Do you have any lost super? • Do you have multiple funds? • Do you contribute more than the 9% G.S.F?

6. Debt Consolidation • How many loans do you have? • How many credit cards do you have and why? 7. Property • Do you have equity in your property? • Does it work for you?

Building a strong foundation The FBC Group believe a “BUDGET” can be summarised by one word: CHOICE! In choosing to Take Control of your finances today you are choosing to change your circumstances for the better. The reason for keeping a budget is simply to understand how you spend, when you spend, why you spend and how to plan for the future to ensure financial comfort and stability. How often do you say, “I just don’t know where all my money goes?” Well by using a Budgeting program you will be able to:

Identify what it actually costs to live each week/month/year.

Identify your current spending habits

Set specific financial targets and goals

Track and monitor your expenses

Eliminate financial stress

Stay focused and motivated

We have developed a comprehensive monthly budget spreadsheet in excel, this is available for free download. This will help us determine how, when and why you spend and give us initial figures to work with. You can then keep it going if you wish. Getting yourself into a regular routine of updating your budget, does in the long run save you a great deal of time and stress and you will stay on track with your spending habits. As with any budgeting system it is important to set both short and long term goals, this gives you something tangible to aim for and you will see your progression towards these goals and reach your achievement. Our budget will show graphs on your personal financial situation, where you are spending your money and where you are short, so as you can take full control of your finances and get back on track towards those goals set earlier. We guarantee, once you have started budgeting you won’t be able to live without it.


Plan your mortgage, to accomodate you financial needs. Be smart - Starting off with the right home loan for YOUR circumstances will make all the difference. At FBC we believe that is the structure of the loan that determines a successful outcome and we will recommend loans which are suitable to your circumstances and allow you the flexibility and ability to reach your end goals.

FIXED vs. VARIABLE INTERST RATE They say that one of the major choices to be made when choosing a mortgage is whether to take a variable interest rate or a fixed interest rate and to get the best rate possible. While we do take these factors into consideration, they are not the most important factors in the whole equation. We believe that with the Wealth Accelerator program a variable interest rate is the key. As is a flexible loan and one that suits your own personal circumstances. So we will not put you into a fixed rate loan simply because the interest rate is a part or full percentage lower than another loan. Our aim is to help you pay off your mortgage quicker.


TYPES OF LOANS We have a range of exciting products we can offer you and we can assure you that they follow our successful structure to ensure you have the ability to achieve your goal. This structure model and the management of your loan is the key factor which will help you to pay off your mortgage in half the time or more and give you the opportunity to live the lifestyle you deserve NOW!

7. End result! You will pay your home off in up to half the time and save yourself thousands of dollars in interest!

6. Each month, your credit card will be swept to nil balance. Maximising the time your money is sitting on your mortgage.

1. Each week All of your income is paid into your mortgage account


5. Therefore you are reducing the outstanding balance, on which your interest is calculated on a daily basis.


2. Any expenses incurred over the next month will be paid for via your credit card. Bills, food, petrol everything!

3. Don’t Stress, anything that can’t be paid for by credit card can be paid for via internet banking, and access to cash is available.

4. By following this method you are ultimately leaving as much money on your mortgage as possible.

EQUITY Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and how much you owe on it. For example, if your home is worth $500,000 and you owe $350,000, you have $150,000 in equity. Over time, as you reduce the amount you owe on your home, your amount of equity increases, whilst your home appreciates.


We can show you how to use that equity to create a lifestyle for yourself now! So instead of struggling through life, wouldn’t it make sense to put your equity to work and earn you money, instead of letting it sit there gathering dust.


PROPERTY - THE INVESTOR We are strong believers that when buying a property to invest in, you must leave ALL emotions at the door. When it comes to “investing� in property, your main focus should be on the return, not what colour the walls are. FBC Realty, source positive cash flow properties for investor clients and the properties we source must fit the investment criteria. We do not list property outside of the criteria. FBC Realty provides a detailed property analysis report on the sale property for the prospective purchaser using the latest and most comprehensive data on the market. You get the secure knowledge that the property you buy has been researched extensively by a Professional Financial Planner and an experienced Real Estate Property Investor. Our aim is simple: To find you the best property with the most growth potential. Backed up with full property reports, you can see firsthand, exactly why the proposed property is well placed for growth. We will provide you with detailed property analysis reports with regards to purchasing an investment property.

Many property owners are losing potential tax credits by failing to take full advantage of a property’s tax depreciation potential. An often overlooked method of obtaining tax credits, property tax depreciation is available to any property owner who obtains assessable income by way of rent or operates a business from a property. 13

PROPERTY - THE OWNER/OCCUPIER The best place to start when looking for an owner occupied property is your needs. Write a list of what features your property must have and what you are flexible on.

For example:

How many bedrooms do you need?

How many living areas?

Do you want a pool?

Does the land have to be flat?

Does the property need to be at ground level?

Would you like a split level?

What area would you like to live in?

You must write a list and you must stick with the major bones of the list. This is a major investment you are going into, you don’t want to inspect a potential property if it does not meet your base criteria as you can bet your emotions will take over and you will let all the features that you really need in a property fall by the wayside. If you do this, it is only after you have purchased the property and have moved in that some months down the track you may find that the property really isn’t what you were looking for and it doesn’t fit your family’s requirements. So make a list!


Investment Options Investing is the best way to secure your future. In this world there are two ways to earn income; one is to exchange your labour for dollars and the other is to have your money earn money for you. The rich know this and the poor don’t. It’s as simple as that. So where do you invest your money? What you have always been taught can be a total contradiction in terms of fact. We can confidently say that a “Savings Account” is not the best investment option to take. Show me anyone who has made their fortune from Saving. There will always be a risk with anything you do, but with the right education and the right research you can make an informed choices which will minimize the risk. So, what are the best options for you?

Emotion is more powerful than reason, keep it as far from your investment as possible. REAL ESTATE (INTERNATIONAL/SPECIALISED) Property investing is one of the most stable options you can choose. No other investment allows you to purchase with other peoples’ money (The Bank’s) and pay this back with other peoples’ money (the rental income from tenants). No investment today offers the stability, simplicity and excellent returns offered by property investment. We are all aware that capital returns vary according to the market in which we invest and, chosen in the correct location, property can offer better returns than any other form of investment.

INTERMODAL WEALTH CONTAINERS The Intermodal Wealth Container is a managed, insured, and guaranteed monthly income with capitol redemption

CAPITAL PROTECTED INVESTMENTS Australian property capital protected investments allow you to invest with minimal risk and optimal returns. 15

INVESTMENT BONDS An investment bond is an insurance bond that combines the benefits of a managed fund with the security and tax benefits of an insurance policy. SUPERANNUATION You’ve worked your whole life and it’s finally time to put up your feet and retire. How are you going to pay for your intended lifestyle of leisure? Most Australians fund their retirement from their superannuation. Once you started working you would have started a superannuation account, a tax-effective vehicle enabling you to invest your money and save for retirement. Remember, once your money goes into this fund, you will not have access to this money until you retire.


MANAGED FUNDS What exactly is a managed fund? Well it is exactly that - Money from many investor’s pooled together into a fund, which is managed professionally by an experienced or expert fund manager who then invests your money into a variety of sectors such as stocks, shares, property etc. SHARES, STOCKS AND BONDS Then there are shares. This is the most volatile place in which to invest your money. So unless you are willing to ride the tidal wave of uncertainty, we would not recommend this option until you have a correctly balanced investment portfolio.


Implement The Plan Now that all the hard work is done it is time to actually set things in motion, and get your financial plan underway and get out there and enjoy life!

So by now you should be excited by the idea of what the Wealth Accelerator can do for you! You will have started your budgeting with the Lifestyle Plan, you will have a goal in mind for the future and have a path set on how to get there. Loan structures can now be set in place and the program implemented. Remembering that life is never simple, circumstances do change. But now you have built the foundations of your future success you can get on with life and fine tune as you go along. We will always be here to offer advice and support along the way. 17

Protecting the Future Understanding Insurance now can be a lifesaver in dark times. You insure your car and you home contents...Why not your own life, your income and family, aren’t they more important? INSURING YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FAMILY Knock on wood, but if something ever happened to you on your way home from work, how would your family cope. Will they be left in the predicament where on top of dealing with your loss, they also have stress of selling the family home to survive. Your partner will have to work full time to make ends meet which leaves the kids growing up in care. Or on the other hand, what if one of your children becomes ill and needs costly medical care? Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time at the hospital giving your love and support instead of being at work trying to keep it together and not worry. Ask yourself how will you survive. Is it be better to set things in place just in case and give you peace of mind.

INCOME PROTECTION Insuring your income also gives you peace of mind. If you have an accident and you are off work for a few weeks/months, will you be able to meet your financial commitments? It doesn’t take long before the bills pile up and your find yourself snowed under in debt. Income Protection helps cover those bills and lets you get on with concentrating on your recovery, minus the stress.

TRAUMA INSURANCE Trauma Insurance provides you with a lump sum on the diagnosis (or occurrence) of one of a list of specified serious medical conditions and procedures for example, heart attack, stroke, cancer. It is designed to provide you with money when you need it most. You can use the money how you choose, for example to cover medical costs and treatment, or to reduce debt.

GENERAL INSURANCE Our qualified Insurance Brokers offer a range of options to suit both the property investor and the owner occupier. So make sure you ask about how we can help you with Landlords Insurance, Home and Contents and also Building Insurance


“Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow them” Josie Bisset So many people have had their dreams and therefore their futures shattered, many by family and friends who are dream crushers and idea killers, some people who are not pursuing their own dreams or not in a position to pursue their own dream don't like to see other people pursuing theirs, often other people's success makes them feel inadequate or insecure. Some people are hindered by past disappointments and hurts or perhaps failures and very often people get into the habit of settling for just average The wealth accelerator is the soil that brings dreams to life, remember you cannot achieve the dream that you do not own. It's a well-known fact that the more concerned you become with things you can't control the less you will do to improve the things you can control. When your talent doesn't match your dream and you don't realise it you will forever be working but never winning. Just like we have a passion for the wealth accelerator, we want you to share our passion for it is a critical element for anyone who wants to achieve their goals because it's the starting point to all achievement. To succeed in life we must learn to stay within our strength zone but continually move outside our comfort zone.

“There are two things to aim for in life: First, to get what you want. Second, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieves the second.” Logan Pearsall Smith The real difference between dreams and wishful thinking is what you do on a day-to-day basis and as the once great general George S Patton Jr said: “Successful generals make plans to fit circumstances they do not try to create circumstances to fit plans”. If you follow the rules do what needs to be done you will not only watch your mortgage quickly shrink, but that you will find yourself with more disposable income than you thought possible. You can then follow the dream of being debt free in the lifestyle that you want at the time that you want it 19

Discover more, contact FBC Group today P (within Australia) 1300 848 610 P (Internationally) +617 5326 1488 Fax +61 (0)7 5326 1447 Email PO Box 6263 Ι Maroochydore Ι QLD Ι 4558 | Australia Head Office Suite 6 Dalton Centre Ι 1 Newspaper Place Ι Maroochydore Ι QLD Ι 4558 Ι Australia

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The Wealth Accelerator E-Book  

The Wealth Accelerator E-Book

The Wealth Accelerator E-Book  

The Wealth Accelerator E-Book