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TLH-SXMF Contribution to St.Maarten ongoing Plans to become a country 10-10-10 Supported by: Commissioner William Marlin ‌ Leader of Government and Commissioner of: - General & Internal Affairs, - Civil Affairs, - Constitutional Affairs, - Legal Affairs, - Government Information Service & Protocol, - Sector Education, -Public Housing Affairs, - Telecommunication Affairs

Country Status St. Maarten

With the ongoing constitutional reform currently taking place within The Netherlands, St. Maarten is set to become an autonomous country within the kingdom of The Netherlands. Preparations are being made to dismantle The Netherlands Antilles which will give birth to a new constitution, legislation and government entity for St. Maarten. Country St. Maarten will assume a fifteen-member parliament representing the entire St. Maarten populace; the Prime Minister will be head of parliament / government and will be appointed and dismissed by resolution. A joint court will exist between the new entities within the kingdom, of which Country St. Maarten will form part. -

TLH-SXMF plans for 2010-2015 Tallahassee Florida and the Caribbean.

Combining St.Maarten -

Joint venture opportunities and capabilities International Affairs Program / TLH-SXMF

TLH-SXMF As we continuation to realize and maintain the relationship between Tallahassee and St.Maarten as requested by Commissioner and Leader of Government William Marlin.. We can say that the Government and citizens of St.Maarten Netherlands Antilles have enjoyed a vibrant educational, cultural, social and economic relationship that nurtured and promote the greater communication and interaction between the USA, with Tallahassee as our Partner through the Partnership, signed September 23, 1999 at City Hall, Tallahassee, and Leon County complementing this partnership by way of ongoing efforts by all concerned. The Tallahassee – St.Maarten Foundation, Inc. (TLH-SXMF) and the City of Tallahassee and St.Maarten has observe the Tenth Annual Recognition of the Partnership this September 23, 2009, hoping to build alliances by focusing on the Partnership and the future relations between Tallahassee and St.Maarten empowered by the Government of St.Maarten to identify areas of interest to broaden the scope of involvement and future participation by way of the City and the County. The Tallahassee-based grass-roots Tallahassee-St.Maarten Foundation, a Florida Incorporated (TLH-SXMF) non-profit organization with goals that include fostering, maintaining, and promoting permanent ties between Tallahassee, USA City and County and St.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles with socio-economic development, which will also transcend efforts globally were St.Maarten will serves as a springboard to the rest of the Caribbean and Europe, 1

and Tallahassee serving as springboard to the rest of the USA and Africa; by way of the city sister relations with Ghana, not to exclude other nationalities that cut across the cultural, socio-political, economic and educational arenas; that also have similar goals and objectives. The focus is to introduce public and private sectors to the ongoing relationship which has been very positive to the representatives of both the City and St.Maarten and now the County, we also look forward to expanding relations with medical and healthcare professionals and high school students, university student, staff, and faculty exchanges, businesses, churches, cultural, sports and educational institutions and the general populace joint venture opportunities promoting economic development; and therefore implements programs and strategies to foster collaborative efforts between parties in the United States, Africa, Europe and the Curacao, Aruba, Statia, Bonaire and Saba. and the other Caribbean Islands, on identifying, nurturing, and establishing functional partnerships mutually beneficial in business, cultural and educational exchanges, and other areas of interest. Tallahassee –St.Maarten Foundation Inc. The grassroots group with common goals and objectives, to pursue positive relations beneficial to all concerned.

Trade Mission to St.Maarten – 2010-2011 FLORIDA USA companies going to St.Maarten on the Netherlands Antilles to a summit-conference-trade mission etc can have tax deduction in the USA for all expenses for that trip. SXM-TLH Partnership Agreement and Strategic Plan motivates this initiative / – ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

A planned visit to St.Maarten / Presenting opportunities to groups in St.Maarten and the Caribbean, USA Companies goods and services for possible joint venture. A planned visit to Tallahassee from St. Maarten (Trade Mission) FAMU –TCC-FSU and Lively Community College. (recruitment) Entertainment-Trade Missions-Concerts-Summit-Gospel Revival-Health Publish SXM-TLH BOOK 1999-2009…2010 Agriculture and Renewable Energy options. Rotary Trip with computers to St.Maarten coming soon Partners and Options: Florida Black Chamber of Commerce Florida Chamber of Commerce Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce eFlorida Export USA Capital City Chamber of Commerce Tallahassee EDC…Economical Development Council 2

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Leon County Tourism Development Council First Coast African American Chamber of Commerce Jacksonville Fl. CACCI Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Capital World Wide Ventures Inc. Economic Development / TOURISM / JV- immediate impact. Incentive Travel / Cruise and Air / Alpha Travel and Tours Sports and Cultural exchanges / Schools and Clubs Support and coordinate youth efforts with all parties Educational options for the less fortunate students. Scholarship programs/Sports) Public and Private sector discussions on international Trade Import & Export Joint venturing / logistics Celebrity Golf Tournament / time frame Financial Consultation…USA Financing FAVACA VOLUNTEER SERVICES…. Tallahassee Parks and Recreation department African Diaspora Trail / History and Geography playing a major role. Vacation package / individuals Organizations and companies SXM-TLHCaribbean. BUSINESS Opportunity / Joint Venture SXM-TLH /CARIBBEAN on going Discussions. Sessions presenting information to Companies: doing business globally. UNITED NATIONS ICT Platform – Tallahassee / Liaison Arthur Lugisse – Dr. Roy Hastick CACCI, Bridging the Digital Divide USA-CARIBBEAN – Tallahassee. / Global info. International Student Queen Pageant – Tallahassee. SXM //Caribbean. Talent search SXM-TLH / BET/ DISNEY WORLD/ Teen Times St. Maarten Youth group, Victorious Living. SXM- TLH-CAR- FSU-FAMU-TCC / Magazine and Website. Radio and TV programs / On line Radio Caribbean Students / Education-housing-legality-transportation-insurance- / REVENUE BASE Support. Bridge the gap between the Students of the Caribbean-America-Canada and Africa. Direct Marketing of Tourism for St.Maarten and the former Netherlands Antilles Islands in the USA… (Florida) Recognition Awards / Win trip to St.Maarten with Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel & Casino AS A MAJOR PRIZE. Florida Black Chamber of Commerce / J-V Meeting of CARIBBEAN representatives on E-commerce –ALTERNATIVE 3

ENERGY-Environment & Education Tallahassee. ● Representation of St. Maarten, Caribbean - in the USA. (Caribbean) Local Office in Tallahassee. TLH-SXMF ● Summit on eradication of poverty / resources to promote food bank to needed Islands and Countries. ● Computers and books for Caribbean and African Organizations for youth development. Arthur Lugisse. Evaluation of opportunities:


SXM- Caribbean OFFERS











A BASIC LOOK AT AREAS OF COMMON INTEREST, For St.Maarten becoming a Country TLH-SXMF, Caribbean Database Form Questionnaire


Please take a moment to complete the following sheet. This information will be used by the Partnership to complete a need and skills database so that we are better able to match counterparts, individuals and Entrepreneurs seeking to develop ANY JOINT –VENTURE their skills, goods or services in all areas. We will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s interest and preferences.


Country/ City ___________________________________Date:_________________

Email: _________________________Tel:__________________________________ ∙

Background and Related Experience(please check all that apply) Academia__

Manufacturing __

Agriculture __

Medical / Health __

Development __

Micro credit __Macro credit __

Education __

Technology __

Environmental __

Telecom __

Finance / Banking __


HIV-AIDS___ Import-Export __

HR__ Transportation __

Other (please specify) _______________________________________ ∙

Skills (please check all that apply)

Technical Database Storage __

Business Business Plan Development __


Finance __

HW development __

Management __



Marketing __

Strategy __

Fundraising / Philanthropic__

SW development __

Corporate Matching __

Server __

Grant Writing __

Website Design __

Networking __

Web Hosting __ ∙

Interest (please check all that apply) ORGANIZATONS :

Gender __

Cross-Culture Understanding __

Economic Development __




Education __

Youth __

Health Care__

Sports & Culture/the Arts __

Joint Venture __

Vacation __

Sponsorship __

Peace __

Other (please specify) ____________________________________

Please email to: ___________________________

Fax: ____________________

We accept to be part of this ongoing relationship, Signed by: ___________________________

PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT 1999- 2009 SXM-TLH /CARIBBEAN to expand the Education, Economic Development, Sports & Culture, 7

Social and Inward investment opportunities between the City of Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A. and St.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, the Caribbean. St.Maarten as a link to the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe The City of Tallahassee as the link to all USA States and Africa. The main Organization to bridge the GAP. (TLH-SXMF.) Goals: The ultimate goal of this RELATIONSHIP is to expand in all areas that will be considered beneficial to St.Maarten the Caribbean, and Tallahassee Florida USA to enhance their exposure in today's ever-growing Global economy by means of Networking and ICT creating Import and Export of goods and services and also creating Foreign Direct Investments. RESEARCH THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS IN SXM-TLH –CARIBBEAN THAT SHARE COMMON INTEREST IN DOING RECIPROCAL EXCHANGES TO FOSTER A POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP. In order to reach the set goals, of this partnership, we should be enhancing our Education and Technology opportunities, Economic Development, Agriculture, Joint Ventures, Sports and Cultural events exchanges etc. These should have high priority on our list. This approach will lay a solid foundation on which to pursue future business plans to maintain success. Therefore, the short-term goal of this partnership is to: Establish and enhance the relationship between Members of the Tallahassee City Commission and the Public and Private Sectors of St.Maarten and the Caribbean. Equally important is the establishment of a relationship between Florida, the business community of Tallahassee / Leon County, the Tallahassee Partnership Committee (International Affairs Foundation / TLH-SXMF) and their counterparts in St.Maarten and the Caribbean. Tallahassee EDC - Florida Chamber of Commerce - The RILEY House, FAMU-FSU-TCC-LIVELY, CITY & COUNTY These goals can be achieved by: * Establishing routine communications on business and cultural issues between all entities by having a well positioned liaison in each group to continuously pursue all objectives, set forth on a timely basis * Setting up periodic communication between the Governmental bodies. ∙

*Private and Public Sectors to address issues of common concern.

∙ * We hope to identify specific Trade / Economic development projects that can be undertaken in partnership between all the entities.


We will have direct contact with an appointed Liaison in all Islands or Countries or their representatives in the USA that are on board for the opportunities that will be reciprocal from the City of Tallahassee

Executive Board-members: SXM - TLHF, the Caribbean Arthur Lugisse

Executive Director / tell: 850 391-0977 / Liaison TLH-SXM

Ben Harris Calvin Mardenbrough

Chairman and co-founder TLH-SXMF St.Maarten –TLH Government Education Liaison

St.Maarten: Bernard Hunt / Diana Fleming / Arthur Lugisse /Roddy Heyliger / Arturo Lugisse / Leon Stubbs

Advisor, City of Tallahassee MBE / EDD Ben Harris Steven Knight/

President / Legal Adviser,

Attorney at law

Neil Rambana

V.President /

Advisor Immigration Lawyer

Carrie Blanchard

Mayors office

Ramon Alexander

City Coordinator Mayors Office

Partners Milton Lawrence

President Caribbean Banks / Dominica

Bennett Thomas

IT consultant Turks and C.

Latanya Raffington

City of Tallahassee EDD

Nicole Francis

Victorious Living St.Maarten

Dwight Louis

Antigua, St.Lucia

Cindy Peters


Arturo Lugisse

Economist / Florida State University 9

Lynne Rolle Luidour


Kara Palmer

EDC Tallahassee

Frank Williams

Florida Developers Tallahassee

Blan McBride

North-side Rotary Club Tallahassee

Wendell Paige

Capital City Chamber Tallahassee

Roddy HELIGER Dr.Roy Hastick

GIS Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce Industry NY.

We hope to set a five year plan in place to sustain the future of the partnership to bring about tangible and positive developments between all parties concerned. A number of programs are being presented to that effort soon.

Supporters: Development and Education Anita Favors Thompson City Manger / Mayor John Marks / Commissioner Bill Proctor, Commissioner Bob Rackleff, Commissioner Akin Akinyemi , Commissioner Andrew Gillum, Tom Lewis, Michael. Parker / Carrie Blanchard / Ben Harris / PM William Marlin Linda Dilworth / Rudy Slaughter /Joseph Jones/Leon Prosper, Mrs. Agnes Coppin / Roland Gaines / Latanya Raffington / Kara Palmer, Beth Kirkland, Wendell Paige / Kay Strong Hogan / Gabriela Lugisse / Frank Williams / Johnny Ransom, Bettie Jensen, Rob Rinehart, Sharon Younkers, Neil Rambana / Stephen Knight / Diana Fleming / The Links Inc. / Verna Randolph, They have all been our main contacts and supporters since the Partnership with the city of Tallahassee. Final summary We foresee Socio-Economic Development as the motivation for this Partnership. Tourism has been the economic engine of most Islands and Countries due to the fact that all areas of development are positively impact by its presences. When we talk of sustainable development it is not only the emphasis on financial and political will of governments but also the coming together of the public and private sectors to support and help to shape the other opportunities that compliments the tourism product. We need to have a reliable sustainable by-product by combining all industries to compliment each other; infrastructure will have to improve on a continuous basis, environment – technology - health-businesses - government policies – safety – roads – schools – education - etc. Also our History, our Culture, as per our geographic location need to be considered and documented, our youth has to be made aware of their culture and history so that they can also support our efforts as it will be considered the foundation for future success in sustainable development for them and future generations. Environmental conservation will set the pace for all other developments as Global warming or Climate change has become a major concern for the future of the world so GREEN is on the Scene, lets clean up our act. Environmental awareness is here. Renewable Energy global focus. 10

2010 there will be a comprehensive plan in place to execute this planned program. Arthur Lugisse Website: 217 South Adams Street, Suite A Tallahassee Florida 32301 Cell: 850-212-2914 Tel: 850-391-3486 St.Maarten becoming a country 10-10-10 will present opportunities for many competences from Curacao coming to St.Maarten and also the development of positive areas of implementation of governance to be initiated for the management of Country status. TLH-SXMF: Can offer St.Maarten assistance in developing opportunities in attaining expertise in: Technology, Environment, Sustainable Energy, Education, Police Training and Equipment, Crime Prevention Programs and equipment , Youth Positive Development, Equipment and Materials, Met Office, Fire Dept, Museum Structure, Achieving of Governmental records, Sports, Cultural, and Arts, Tourism promotion, Businesses joint ventures, Most of these services can also be done on a volunteer basis from Organizations in Tallahassee based on the Partnership Agreement and Strategic plan…. TLH-SXMF office will serve as an extension to the Public and Private sectors of St.Maarten to accomplish these services:

Sustainability of TLH-SXMF office: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Contribution from Businesses and Organizations Governmental Subsidy Funds from TLH-SXMF BOOK sales 1999-2009 Recruitment of Caribbean Students (Caribbean Scholarship Fund) TLH-SXMF sales of promotional materials of Country St.Maarten Contributions from Companies that has directly profited from TLH-SXMF services Grants Sales of general promotional materials / Photography / BOOKS- CDS / DVD’s etc… Partnership with NGO and other organizations


Visit of St.Maarten Delegation to Tallahassee‌May 8-13, 2010

Commissioner Frans Richardson Commissioner of: - Economic Policy & Research, - Business / Economic development - Tourism, - Traffic & Transportation, / Meteorology Services - Control & Inspection, - Licenses Public vending & Economic Control, - Sports & Recreation, - Aviation Affairs, / Airport/ Maritime Meetings in Tallahassee with both Public and Private Sectors, to stimulate joint-venture opportunities for Export and Import.


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