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This would rock in a house. Imagine an entire chalkboard wall in your hallway. Apply the rack idea just near the front door to hang keys, jackets and umbrellas from. Leave the middle blank with a plentiful supply of chalk, encouraging anyone to scrawl away. Then create an area at the other end dedicated to mapping out your children’s height, publicly charting their growth in an arty way.

Six Barrel Soda Co

The simplicity of using bricks as a base for the communal table and counter is genius. The muted tones and uniformity of the pattern add a subtle interest to the café, while resembling rows and rows of soda bottles stacked on top of each other. Give this fresh idea a crack for your own counter bases or create a super feature wall in any room of the house.

Cork floors bring back all sorts of childhood memories, from school classrooms to happy holidays. It’s not a material you see used very often these days. However Matt, Joseph and Mike have shown that as part of an overall plan, they can still look modern and bring natural warmth to any space.

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6 six barrel soda co  
6 six barrel soda co