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Volume 138 Edition 14

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Joint meeting held to make street project decisions By Lois Mittino Gray With an additional bill of $90,000 tacked on to the INDOT State Street Project, Mayor Bill Curtis called special meetings of the Mount Vernon Board of Works and the Mount Vernon Common Council on Wednesday, March 28 at City Hall to make a timely decision. Mayor Curtis explained that it was necessary to decide whether to proceed with the project or scrap it before contracts were signed and the

pre-construction meeting was set. Since some time has passed since the original project money was awarded by INDOT on February 4, 2014, bids came in at $92,000 over what was anticipated. The city received $465,600 in federal funds for the project at that time. To use these LPA Federal Funds, communities need to provide a 20 percent local match. Curtis said he thought they would

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NH infraction sparks local fairness crusade

Mount Vernon softball junior Addie Robinson makes a hit against Lagoottee in the team’s season opener at the recently renovated home diamond. The Lady Cats out hit the Lions 15-9. Check in the April 17 edition for a special Spring Sports Preview. Photo by Garry Beeson

By Lois Mittino Gray While the world watched thousands raise their voices in protest marches around the country last week, a solitary New Harmony resident conducted his own public protest against action taken by the New Harmony Town Council. Local businessman Bill Wilson responded to his perceived “singling out” infraction with posters entitled “Justice For all” that he prepared and hung in several locations around the town. According to Wilson, it all began when New Harmony Town Marshal Aaron Straub delivered a letter to Wilson’s residence on Tavern Street. The letter was on Town of New Harmony stationery, dated February 26, 2018, and signed by Alvin Blaylock, Town Council President. The content informed Wilson that the town has received complaints regarding the condition of the

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Say’s Firefly: State claims insect as its own

Governor Eric Holcomb, center, poses with New Harmony representatives attending the ceremony in which Say’s Firefly was made the State Insect. Pictured, l to r: Meaghan Patterson, Kari Mobley, Governor Eric Holcomb, Amanda Bryden and David Flanders. Photo submitted

By Lois Mittino Gray The school gym was darkened, except for the glowing, flickering lights from toy fireflies the students were given to wave with abandon. There was a great hush as keyed-up elementary students tried not to squiggle in their seats, excited to wear their new firefly black tee shirts. The only sound came from audio playing a track of summer nature sounds as crickets chirped, frogs croaked and cicadas buzzed. Then on that early afternoon, the crowd of hundreds of adults and students roared in delight

as Governor Eric Holcomb arrived and made his way to the front to sign the legislation making Say’s Firefly the State Insect. A contingent of New Harmony representatives traveled up to Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette on Friday, March 23 to attend the impressive ceremony. They were interested in seeing the bill enacted, honoring one of the town’s greatest historical figures. Thomas Say, the insect’s namesake, was a noted naturalist who made New Harmony his home from his arrival

on the “Boatload of Knowledge” in 1826, until his untimely death in 1834. He is buried in New Harmony and his tombstone is visible on private property at the corner of Main and Granary Streets. Say, nicknamed “the Father of American Entomology” (insect studies), first identified and named this type of firefly in 1824, while he was still living in Philadelphia. Attending from New Harmony were Meagan Patterson, Collections

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House passes bridge legislation By Heather Morlan Lora Arneberg was in attendance at the New Harmony Town Board meeting on March 20 to report that the legislation creating a bridge authority passed in House Bill 1290. She also explained that once the governor signs the bill into law, appointments to the bridge authority will need to be made within 30 days and once the members of the bridge authority are appointed, work will begin on getting the bridge transferred to their ownership. There was discussion about the language in the legislation which allows a bridge authority member to be removed with or without cause. Arneberg stated this could be changed through additional legislation. Councilman

Briefly NH Townwide Yard sale: Saturday, April 7, 2018 Maps available at the Old Mill Mart, NH PCPP Craft and Gift Show: Saturday, April 14, 2018, Ribeyre Gym, NH Robb Township Alumni: Saturday, June 9, 2018 5 p.m, Red Wagon Rest., PV 7th Annual Azelea Sale: Saturday, April 21, 2018 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Riverbend Park, MV Griffin Alumni Banquet: Saturday, April 28, 2018 5:30 p.m., Griffin Ruritan More information on these and other events inside today’s Posey County News

(USPS 439-500)

David Flanders inquired about how the vacancies on the bridge authority were to be filled and Arneberg agreed to research this as well as provide copies of the final legislation to Council. President Alvin Blaylock stated that four contractors have toured the former school building and will be submitting estimates for demolishing the structure. There have also been two individuals interested in either buying or leasing the property. Blaylock asked that a proposal be submitted to Council in writing by the interested parties. Flanders asked if a process on how to proceed with the for-

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Hostetter resigns as MV basketball coach Newman expresses concerns over athletic department By Lois Mittino Gray The resignation of high school boys basketball coach Marc Hostetter was unanimously accepted at the March 19, meeting of the Mount Vernon School Board, but questions were asked on “what’s next?” Mount Vernon resident Bill Newman addressed the board as to how they were going to recruit a replacement and what community input might be involved in the search. “I am very concerned with the athletic program at

the high school. We need to improve all athletics, specifically basketball, which is at a low. I am concerned that this will affect the perception of our school to the outside,” he commented. “I encourage you to recruit from the outside.” School Superintendent Tom Kopatich assured him that the coaching/ teacher in any subject position is being posted on many professional school websites and the word is getting out around the state. “We don’t have anyone in mind as of now, we are opening it to everyone,” he said. Newman also asked about lay

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Callie Moore gives the Easter Bunny a squeeze at the Boy Scout Troop No. 397 breakfast, which was followed by The Poseyville Kiwanis egg hunt, on Saturday morning. Photo by Theresa Bratcher




A T M 

ly was in charge of the breakfast. Dyed eggs, sausage, donuts, milk, juice – didn’t matter what it was, we were hungry and ready for food! I remember one of the men always asked for mustard for his hard-boiled eggs. We thought this was strange but we always made sure he had his mustard! Then, the second service of the day. Always a celebration service, it was also, usually, longer than normal. For a child, this was torture. I imagine it was for some adults, too! Sitting quietly through the prayers and the sermon, singing lots of hymns, communion, special choir music - all taxed our attempts to be on our best behavior, to say the least! Finally, though, the service ended and it was on to the important stu!! Easter Sunday was always the “Aunt Dorisâ€? holiday on the Maier side of the family. Family tradition – it’s Easter, we go to Aunt Doris’s. She cooked the entire meal. Food. Lots of food. Meat and vegetables and desserts and bread, oh, my! It smelled wonderful and tasted even better! I remember that her table was always perfectly decorated: the “realâ€? china, special linens, and sparkling goblets. The adults all sat together at the long dining table. Ours was a large family: my grandparents, their three children (my mom, Loyce, my Aunt Doris, and my Uncle Roy), their spouses, and the grandchildren, whose numbers grew over the years. The tribe eventually included twelve cousins with an age span of about 20 years, from oldest to youngest. The children were seated at smaller tables in the dining room and living room. How we all waited to be old

B B R  Happy Easter (a tad bit late, I know!). For those of us following the Christian calendar, Easter is a major celebration, signifying the renewal of life through the resurrection of Christ. For those who don’t necessarily follow the Christian calendar, Easter is often seen as the oďŹƒcial beginning of spring. Most of us celebrate the season in one way or another. Holidays bring with them traditions and memories. Some traditions last for years, generations even. Other traditions change and evolve. While we especially remember holiday traditions, you may have other memories that evoke special feelings and emotions. Easter always found my sisters and I in new spring dresses, made by my mom. Often, the dresses matched – the same fabric, the same style. Probably similar socks and shoes, too, but I don’t remember all the details! Easter Sunday began with sunrise services at, well, sunrise. Early. Especially early, as we drove half an hour to get to church. So, if the service was at 7:00, we had to leave the house by 6:15 a.m., at least. Which meant we had to be out of bed by 5:30 or so – in the morning!! There were a lot of us to get ready and, until I was 13 and we moved to “the big houseâ€? in Owensville, we only had one bathroom. And since breakfast was also served after the church service, we left home without eating‌aaarrrgghhhh!! After the early service was breakfast – ďŹ nally! At our church, the youth group general-



APRIL 3, 2018

enough to sit at the “bigâ€? table! As the grandchildren grew up and married, those spouses and more children added to the fun and chaos. The best part of the day was, of course, the Easter egg hunt! The kids would rush through the meal and then beg to go on a car ride, during which the Easter bunny visited and hid eggs around the yard. Uncle Roy rounded up the younger kids into his car and o we went, driving up and down country roads to see the sights, whatever they were! While the rides probably didn’t last more than half an hour, we were sure we were gone for hours. Back from the ride, we ew out of the car, eager to get to the pre-

mier event! Into the house to grab a basket or bag that would hold our treasures, we raced back out to await the signal: “Go!� Moms and dads helped the youngest of the kids, while the older ones sped through the yard on their own, zigging and zagging until a pastel-colored egg was spotted, hidden in a clump of grass or under a shrub or behind a tree. I remember Uncle Roy, hands in pockets, a big grin on his face, sauntering about until he found a still-lost egg, crying out, “Oh, oh, look what I found,� watching with adult glee as all the hunters turned to run towards him and his egg (or not, as was sometimes the case!). Finally, panting with exertion

and excitement, the egg-seekers returned to the house and their parents, eager to see who had collected the most eggs. Bragging rights only, as there was no “golden� egg as a grand prize, but only the fun of racing around with all the other cousins. Being with family, whatever the reason, is one of the greatest traditions that I can imagine. Think about your traditions and those who are no longer physically with us. Reminisce with those who are a part of the past traditions and be sure to make new ones for the next generations to hold close to their hearts. Laugh. Cry. Talk. But always, always, carry on those traditions. For many of us, it’s all that matters.

The planets align

B J  J R 

Posey County’s new jail and historic courthouse can now be connected to provide better and cheaper service to citizens. Sheriff Oeth may already have funds in the new jail budget to provide video conferencing between the jail and the courts. Sheriff Oeth and both Posey County judges have long been in favor of video conferencing. Perhaps this important public service can soon be in operation. The benefits are many and the cost is low. Savings of transportation costs and deputy time along with greatly enhanced security for the public are within reach. And since most of the persons lodged in our jail are awaiting court disposition and, therefore, presumed by law to be innocent, public humiliation experienced from orange jump suits, handcuffs, leg shackles and armed guards can be reduced. And while most cases where video conferencing can enhance justice will be local jail to courthouse matters, we have numerous matters where inmates in state and federal prisons could appear electronically and we sometimes could save a great deal of expert witness expense in both criminal and civil cases. For the Sheriff’s Department to institute video conferencing another major need is a location at the courthouse. We now, with the requested assistance of the Posey County Board of Commissioners and County Council, are in the process of refurbishing a small courtroom in our 142-year-old

Posey County Magistrate Courtroom Backdrop

Desk from 1825 Posey County Courthouse

courthouse for just such a purpose. The photographs included with this article show the courtroom backdrop which was first used in 1893 and furniture from the 1825 courthouse that has been in the possession of the City of Mount Vernon since 1893. Mayor Bill Curtis and the Mount Vernon City Council have graciously returned these historic items for county use. A small courtroom on the first floor of our courthouse will open up numerous important possibilities for both public service and saving taxpayer funds. While I plan to concentrate on this newly modified space as a Magistrate’s

Courtroom to ease the burdens and costs of family type cases, this revamped space can be used for conferences by attorneys, mediation, pre-trial conferences, weddings and extra seating when there is overflow in the courtroom on the second floor. Okay, we are ready for next week and the devil in the details of a Magistrate’s Court. Hang in there with me and maybe we can all do some good. For more Gavel Gamut articles go to www.jamesmredwine. com.

Guest Column: State Rep. Wendy McNamara FAFSA deadline approaching April 15 is the last day students can ďŹ le the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA helps colleges determine a student’s eligibility for state and federal ďŹ nancial aid and need-based scholarships. Many Hoosiers lose the opportunity to receive ďŹ nancial aid every year by missing this important ďŹ ling deadline. Students not interested in pursuing a fouryear degree at a college or university can still receive ďŹ nancial aid for work-based

training. By ďŹ ling the FAFSA, students could receive a Workforce Ready Grant, a new grant oered to high school students entering the workforce after graduation. This program allows high school graduates who are 18 years and older to receive tuition-free training to prepare them for high-demand, high-wage jobs. Regardless of income level, every student should ďŹ le a FAFSA each year. The easiest way to ďŹ le the FAFSA is online at

Letters to the Editor Drug overdose now leading cause of accidental deaths in United States Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. In 2014, it surpassed both car accidents and gun violence in number of deaths. Those with loved ones who are using opiates or heroin need to be aware that opiates are the main contributors to this problem. With drug dealers across the United States mixing new and powerful synthetic drugs into street opiates such as heroin, the chance of accidental overdose has exponentially increased. The drug Fentanyl, U-47700, and Furanyl can be 50 to 100 times more powerful than heroin, making the risk of a fatal overdose much higher. Drug dealers have been using this drug to increase the potency of their heroin at a lower cost.

Ph. 812-682-3950 • PO Box 397 • New Harmony, IN 47631 Fx. 812-682-3944 •

These new drugs are increasing the risk to any who abuse drugs as drug dealers press drugs into pills and selling them under the guise of being something else. Today, those who abuse drugs truly are at risk as there is no telling what drugs they are taking. This is why drug rehab for heroin addiction is so important. Now more than ever, it is essential to help those you know who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Trying to help someone with an addiction can be more than frustrating. And although you just want to help, many times they ďŹ ght against you as if you were the enemy. Don’t be surprised if your loved even accuses you of contributing to their addiction. Hear them out and take their words into consideration but at the end of the

O M V    G  

B  Q  H   M



W / R L G

D / L  S   W 

P   / E  D  P 

M E  T   B  

B C  P

V D M R R 

day realize getting them sober and continuing to live is the most important thing. These drugs have made it potentially life threatening to be an abuser of any types of drugs. Get yourself educated. If one of your loved ones is struggling with addiction, get them into treatment. Don’t wait until it is too late. There are many dierent approaches to the challenge of how to help a substance abuser. For free information, learn the steps of how to get someone into treatment for heroin addiction. You can also visit http://www.narcononnewliferetreat. org/drug-abuse-information/heroin-addiction-and-abuse.html or call 1 800-431-1754 to get help for your loved ones. Ray Clauson

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APRIL 3, 2018 Mary Schmitt Mary Ann (Osban) Schmitt, 76, passed away peacefully on March 28, 2018 at Deaconess Midtown. She was born October 21, 1941 in Mount Vernon, Ind., to the late Robert and Bernadine (Fischer) Osban. Mary Ann graduated ffrom M V Hi h School, S Mountt Vernon High Class of 1959. She had been a Democrat Precinct Committeeman and a member of Saint Matthew Catholic Church. Mary Ann enjoyed traveling, fishing and hunting. She was preceded in death by her grandchildren, Cory and Keaton Schmitt. She is survived by her loving husband of 56 years, James Schmitt; daughters, Lora Schmitt and Holly Kaffenberger; sons, James “Rob” and Jon “Rick” Schmitt; grandchildren, Brody, Cody, Andrew and Zachary Schmitt, and Jama Littlepage; great-grandson, Trendon Schmitt; sister, Dorothy Garrett; brother, John (Sue) Osban; and son-inlaw, Tim Gipe. Funeral Mass will be held at 10 a.m., Tuesday, April 3, 2018, at Saint Matthew Catholic Church, 421 Mulberry Street, Mount Vernon, Ind., with Fr. Jim Sauer officiating and burial to follow in Saint Matthew Cemetery. Visitation will be held from 3 until 6 p.m., Monday, April 2, 2018 at Schneider Funeral Home, 512 Main Street, Mount Vernon, Ind., with a rosary service held at 5:45 p.m. Memorial contributions may be made to Saint Matthew Church, Saint Jude Hospital or the Posey Humane Society. Condolences may be made online at

Arthur Boerner Arthur “Artie” William Boerner, 96, passed away March 16, 2018, at Terrace at Solarbron in Evansville, Ind. He was born March 25, 1921 in Mount Vernon, Ind., to the late Frederick and Anna (Hahn) Boerner. Artie was a farmer and l worked k d att Hahns H h andd General G also Foods. He was a lifetime member of Salem U.C.C. – Heusler. Artie enjoyed fishing, dancing, and getting together with the neighborhood guys to listen to music, play cards, and have fish fries. He is preceded in death by his wife of 55 years, Dorothy M. (Cox) Boerner; his parents; great granddaughter, Kaitlyn Rose Howery; sister, Edna Gerlach; brother, Elmer Boerner; son-in-law, Richard Howery; and Michael Kelly. Artie is survived by his daughters, Elizabeth “Betty” Howery, Sharon Bauman (Jim Brown); grandchildren, Kimberly Lane (Chris), Gayle Schmidt (Andy), Heather Goergen, Michael Howery (Jill), Dennis Nobles, Jr. (Erin), Brittany Bauman; 11 great grandchildren; five great greatgrandchildren; nieces and nephews. Funeral Services were held 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at Salem U.C.C.-Heusler, officiated by Pastor Al Schmitz, with burial in Salem U.C.C.-Heusler Cemetery. Friends visited from 2 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at Alexander West Chapel and from 10 a.m. until service on Wednesday at the Church. Memorial contributions may be made to Salem U.C.C.Heusler. Condolences may be offered at

Gerald Hartmann Gerald Louis Hartmann, 73, of rural Evansville, passed away unexpectedly at his home on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Gerald was born May 19, 1944 in Mount Vernon, Ind., to the late Ollie and Rosella (Harney) Hartmann. H b off Pl b and Steamfitters Local 136, He was a member Plumbers St. Philip Catholic Church and the St. Philip Conservation Club. Jerry served as a member of the United States Army Reserve, as an EMT with Marrs Township Fire Department and also as a troop leader for Boy Scout Troop 397. Jerry had been a friend of Bill Wilson’s since 1985 and was a member of the Kentucky Nut Grower’s Association and an avid nut tree grafter. Surviving Jerry are his wife of 50 years, Judith (Herrmann) Hartmann; a daughter, Michelle (Tim) Crawford of Pearland, Texas; son, Michael Hartmann of Augsburg, Germany; one sister, Bernice Montgomery of Vincennes, Ind.; a grandson, Zachary Crawford and numerous nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, Jerry was preceded in death by a grandson, Luke Crawford; by three sisters, Eva Marie Hartmann, Pat Herrmann and Margaretta Schmitt and by a brother, Anthony Hartmann. Funeral services for Jerry will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at St. Philip Catholic Church, Rev. Claude Burns and Rev. Donald Dilger officiating. Burial will follow in the St. Philip Church Cemetery. Friends may visit with the family from 2 until 7 p.m. on Monday at Pierre Funeral Home, 2601 West Franklin Street, where there will be a memorial service conducted by the church at 4 p.m. Friends may also visit with the family from 9:30 a.m. until service time on Tuesday at St. Philip Church. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Philip Catholic Church, 3500 South Saint Philip Road, Mount Vernon, IN 47620. Condolences may be made online at


Betty Curry

Maribelle Fleming

Betty Florence (Miles) Curry, 81, of Mount Vernon, Ind., passed away on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. She was born October 28, 1936 in Greenwood, S.C. to the late William and Florence (McNeill) Miles. Betty met Herb at Saint P l’ Methodist M th di t Church Ch h in i Greenville, S.C. in 1952 and Paul’s they were married four years later on his birthday, April 7. After graduating from Greenville High School in 1954, she worked part-time at Southern Bell Telephone Company and attended Draughn’s Business College. Betty received her degree in secretarial skills in 1955. She worked for several companies as a secretary until she had children and became a stay at home mother. The church and church music were very much a part of Betty’s life. She was preceded in death by her husband of 61 years, Herb Curry, in February 2018. She is survived by her daughters, Susan (Clay) Jeffries and Leigh Anne (Scott) VanWormer; grandchildren, Jonathon and Eli Jeffries, and Gabriel and Zachary VanWormer. Memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at First United Methodist Church, 601 Main Street, Mount Vernon, Ind., with Rev. Chris Millay and Rev. Tom Hubachek officiating and burial to be held at a later date, at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Greenville, S.C. Visitation will be held from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. service time on Wednesday at the church. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Herb and Betty Curry Scholarship Fund in c/o the Posey County Community Foundation, 402 Main Street, Mount Vernon, IN 47620. Condolences may be made online at

Jeffrey S. Martin Jeffrey S. Martin, 55, of Evansville, passed away in March, 2018. He was born March 9, 1963. He served in the US Army and worked at Deaconess Hospital for over 20 years. Jeff enjoyed camping, family vacations and being td H l outdoors. He was always working on home improvement projects and was excellent at fixing things. Jeff was preceded in death by his parents, Dale and Carole Martin. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Carla A. Martin; sons, Adam S. Martin (Jerrica) and Paul J. Martin (Presley); grandchildren, Ayria, Arabella and Nemo Martin; sister, Cinda Wassmer (Steve); and aunt, Doris J. Miller. A Memorial Service was held 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 28, 2018, at Alexander West Chapel, officiated by Rev. Mary Hurley. Friends visited Wednesday from 4 p.m. until service time at the funeral home. Condolences may be made online at

Maribelle Fleming, 82, of Poseyville, Indiana, formerly of Carmi, Illinois, born to Alonzo and Ethel (Absher) Boren on April 13, 1935, in Mount Carmel, Illinois, passed away Wednesday, March 28, 2018, at Premier Healthcare of New H i New N Harmony, H Harmony in Indiana. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Surviving are her two daughters: Rachel Bruder of New York and Beth (Bill) Schmitt of Poseyville, Indiana; son: John (Dawn) Bruder of Grays Lake, Illinois; six grandchildren: Jessica (Greg) Adler, Joseph Schmitt, Alyssa Schmitt, Aaron Bruder, Ryan Bruder and Adam Schmitt and one great grandchild: Graham Adler. Preceding her in death were her parents; first husband: Charlie Bruder; second husband: Eugene Francis Fleming; brothers: Col. Jack Leggett and Alonzo Boren, Jr. and a sister: Audrey Leggett. Funeral services were 11 a.m., Friday, March 30, 2018, at the Werry Funeral Home in Poseyville, Indiana with burial in North Maple Ridge Cemetery in Carmi, Illinois. Visitation was from 9–11 a.m., Friday, March 30, 2018, at the funeral home. The family would like to thank the staff of Premier Healthcare of New Harmony and Southern Care Hospice for their loving care of Maribelle. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to: Premier Healthcare of New Harmony and/or Southern Care Hospice. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the family online at:

Peyton Schoening Peyton Ann Schoening, 20 months, passed away Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at Gateway Hospital. She was born July 9, 2016 in Newburgh, Ind., to Travis John Schoening and Maranda (Cantrell) Schoening. Peyton loved both her ffarm animals i l andd hher stuff t ffed animals, especially her lamby. She was preceded in death by her maternal grandmother, Diane Basulto. She is survived by her parents; siblings, Travis John Schoening, Jr., Evan Wyatt Schoening and Mayda Marie Cantrell; paternal grandparents, Sheila (Donis) Watts and John Schoening; and maternal grandfather, Jorge Basulto. Funeral service was held at 11 a.m. Monday, April 2, 2018 at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 1717 Main Street, Mount Vernon, Ind., with Pastor Matt Watson officiating and burial to follow in Saint Matthew Cemetery. Visitation was held from 9:30 until 11 a.m. service time on Monday at the church. Memorial contributions may be made to Mount Vernon Baptist Church or Plainview General Baptist Church. Condolences may be made online at

Mark Redman Mark Ellis Redman, 53, of Wadesville, passed away Saturday, March 31, 2018, at his home. Mark worked as a Union Carpenter Local 90 and was a Louisiana Certified Welder until his illness advanced. He enjoyed life his way. Mark’s h bbi iincluded l d d hhunting, ti fishing and morel hunting. hobbies

Mark was survived by his father, JD and Carole Redman and mother, Norma and Bobby Savoie; children, David and Aurora Redman and Jacob Speaker; brothers, Rodney (Elizabeth) and Jon (Shelby); sister, Angel Glisson; Mark’s caretakers, Carole Redman, Jon Redman, Shelby Greathouse and Rick; nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. By Mark’s request, there will be no funeral services. Condolences may be offered at

SEE MORE OBITUARIES ON PAGE A4 8 W. Main St. Poseyville 812-874-2719

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APRIL 3, 2018

Beloved Bulldog will be missing from annual craft show


Madeleine, the PC Pound Puppies ninth Annual Spring Craft Show and Classic Car Cruise-In is coming up Saturday, April 14. As always, it will be held in the historic Ribeyre Gym and Annex in New Harmony. There is always a lot of interest in the amazing automobiles which will be lined up along the street, and awarded trophies. The show is from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., and the admission is always free. From our home cooked barbecue and soups, to the basket auctions, it is a fun day for everyone. I always look forward to seeing the friends and vendors at each show. However, one precious friend will be missing this year. Over the past few years, Toby the bulldog had become the unoďŹƒcial mascot and was loved by many people. He spent quite a bit of time in the kissing booth, and earned a lot of money for PC Pound Puppies. Although other adorable dogs will be oering kisses this year, dear Toby will not be there. He passed away in his sleep a few weeks ago. Toby’s life was not an easy one. About three years ago, he was surrendered to the rescue due to his high medical bills. His original owner gave him away because of his health. The couple who took him soon knew he needed much more care than they could provide. Kelli Alldredge is one of the main members of PC Pound Puppies, and she and her husband, Jason oered to foster him. At that time, he was estimated to be around 7-years-old. He had pus draining from his ears and under his tail. The initial vet bill was estimated at $4000. Flushing the pus twice a day was not an easy task. Toby tolerated all of the medication

and cleaning, and he had surgery to remove his ear canals, because tumors had formed. Earlier neglect had sentenced him to a life of vet visits and deafness. His ear infections had not been treated. He also required oral surgery to remove teeth and tumors in his mouth. After becoming a member of the Alldredge home, he soon learned to “talkâ€? and bark to get what he wanted or needed. He was quick to let them know when he needed to go out or in, that Toby he wanted his butt scratched, or when he was hungry. He obviously came to love his new “parentsâ€? and demanded someone went to bed with him at 7 p.m. He was quick to ďŹ gure out that he should carry his food or water bowl to them. As time went on, he became more demanding; loving car rides, and did not care where they were going. He loved people, especially small children, coming up to lick their faces. This made him a natural for the kissing booth. The medical and health problems that frequently are present in English Bulldogs made for many vet visits. About a year ago, his health issues resulted in more problems. He had previously gone to almost all of the PC Pound Puppies’ events. He was a familiar sight at every Kunstfest and won Best Senior Costume thing he ate. He began to lose weight, going contest at Animalpalooza. He had surgery to from 48lbs to 30lbs. He saw numerous docrepair his ACL and began to vomit everytors and specialists. He spent a week at Blue

Pearl and three days at Purdue University. At one point, he had a feeding tube, and Kelli had to mix his food and syringe feed him through a port in his side. He still vomited. Dr. Vivian Ramos kept Toby one weekend to give an exhausted Kelli a break. When holding him and feeding him, she ďŹ gured out that he had a hernia. At Purdue, they used a uoroscopy, or moving x-ray to watch barium-coated food in his stomach. This conďŹ rmed the hernia. Back in Evansville, surgery was performed by Dr. Burnes at East Pines. At this point he was too weak to walk on his own, and had to be carried. He looked like a skeleton. Jason and Kelli had to get up with him at night and he visited the vet every day. His care consumed their lives. He aspirated food and got pneumonia several times as they struggled to ďŹ nd a way to help him. Soon, they began to wonder if they were doing the right thing, or only prolonging his suering. Even at his worst, Toby would limp to the gate and want to go someplace. He still had his strong personality and was vocal and demanding. After his surgery, he was very limited as to the amount of food he could have, and had to be fed several times a day. Kelli took him to work with her and he stayed at Shaggy Chic, a grooming and daycare near her oďŹƒce. They took very good care of him, feeding him several times a day as needed. He found a friend there, a black pug named Oscar, and they shared a toddler bed. Over the next few months, he was able to eat small meals and slowly gained a little weight. During all of this time, Madeleine, I anxiously read Kelli’s Facebook posts every day to see how my friend was doing.


Martha Kester

Patricia Dowdy

Martha J. Kester 75 of Mount Vernon, passed away Wednesday afternoon March 28, 2018 at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville. She was born March 25, 1943 in Mount Vernon, the daughter of John Wilson and Alice Bell (Rigdon) Stallings. She married Harold

Patricia Sue (Smith Cooper) Dowdy, died March 30, 2018, at the home of her son, John Cooper of Mount Vernon, Ind. Pat was a graduate of New Harmony High School and lived in Posey County until she remarried to Don Dowdy and moved to Kevil,

Wayne Kester. Martha had worked as a Dispatcher for a cab company and had worked at several restaurants in Mount Vernon through the years. She enjoyed collecting items, painting drawing, crocheting, sewing and baking. She is survived by her husband Wayne; son, Harold Wayne Kester, Jr.; daughters, Jeanetta Lynn Kester, Teresa Ann Fried and Susanna Gail Kester; grandchildren, Timothy Jason Kester, Christopher Wayne Olah, Robert Jacob, Jessica Lynette and Amanda Grace Kester; nine great-grandchildren; brothers, John Wayne Stallings and Donald Ray Stallings, sisters, Linda Sue Word and Tammara Tsimuridis. She was preceded in death by her parents, daughter, Christina Sue Kester, and sister, Helen Joyce Heath. Graveside memorial services will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday April 7, 2018 at Hancock Cemetery. Friends and family are asked to meet at the cemetery. The Stendeback Family Funeral Home in Mount Vernon is in charge of arrangements. Online condolences may be left at

Ky. Pat worked at the Red Geranium, Saint Wendel Winery, and various nursing homes. She had two great loves: Her family and the New Harmony Alumni. She missed one Alumni in 61 years. She is survived by her husband Don Dowdy; a sister Karen Campbell; sons, James (Kim) Cooper and John (Susan) Cooper; daughters, Teresa (Keith) Schorr and Trudi Phillips, sons, Bruce (Beth) Dowdy and David Dowdy and daughter Susan Fabian, ten grandkids and twelve great grandkids. In lieu of owers, please make donations to New Harmony Alumni Association, P.O. Box 123, New Harmony, IN 47631 or to Deaconess VNA Hospice in Patricia’s memory. Memorial services will begin at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at the Ribeyre Gymnasium in New Harmony. Friends may visit with the family from 2 p.m. until service time on Sunday at the Riberye in New Harmony.




World War I - 100 Years Ago

J  K 

time. Some helping to complete the drive include: Captains John Fortoer, Elwood Lichtenberger, W. H. Fogas, J. Cronbach, Jacob Rosenbaum, J. R. Haines, Ike Wolf, Charles Johnson, F. P. Dietz, Mr. Bryon, John Keck, P. L. Short, E. H. Fuhrer, and Andrew Schenk. Sousa’s Famous Band Will Give Concert In Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon and Posey County will celebrate the beginning of the Third Liberty Loan Campaign with a big inspirational meeting at the courthouse in this city, Saturday morning, afternoon, and night. For this occasion, the managers have succeeded in having Sousa’s Band from the Great Lakes, Illinois, training station, to come here for a concert. Weather permitting, this band will be stationed in the beautiful Mount Vernon court square where they will give a concert. There will be a speaker of “national reputation.â€? The Mount Vernon band and the Imperial Orchestra will assist in furnishing music for the occasion, and this alone is assurance of splendid music during the afternoon program. Patriotic League Is Formed Here - The Patriotic League of Posey County, under the guidance of President elect

Red Cross - Donation Opportunity How to help Simply download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to make an appointment or for more information. All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. How to donate blood Simply download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to

make an appointment or for more information. All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. A blood donor card or driver’s license or two other forms of identiďŹ cation are required at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental consent in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and other donors 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements.

Birthdays April 3 - Hank Hudson, Ben Nicholson, Cindy Lauf,

Marc WhitďŹ eld, Cindy Betz, Lucy Lange, Anthony Mittino,

MOUNT VERNON LIONS CLUB NEEDS YOUR HELP! The Mount Vernon Lions Club is selling donation cards to help oset the cost of the ďŹ reworks display held each Fourth of July. Featured business’s for the month of March are Best One Tire and Hawg ‘N Sauce. Visit their location, buy a card for $1, put your name on it and they’ll hang it on the wall! IF YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS WOULD LIKE TO HELP BY SELLING THESE CARDS, PLEASE CALL SHELLY 812-205-9633

Diana Rick, Abby Rogers, Landon Crawford April 4 - JoEllen Williams, Anna Hagedorn, Cindy Smotherman, Wilma Heriges, Roy Flock, Danielle Ries, Gary A. Schneider, Ashley WhitďŹ eld April 5 - Carrie Proctor, Neil Smith, Therese Fitzhugh, Jennifer Slagle, Ian Kurzendoerfer, Marty Crispino, Scott Roales, Loraine Eaton, Connie Wheeler, Kendra Georgesen April 6 - Samantha Alsop, Braden Schipp, Janet Robb, Millie Robb, Sue A. Maricle, Ashli Oglesby, Mary Jones, Grace York, Janet Hurst, Samantha Russler April 7 - Ted Rutherford, Kendra Redick, Cecile T. EďŹƒnger April 8 - Joe Meyer, Trent Creek, Jean Ann Hofman April 9 -Frank Cici, Doug Carne, Angie Webber, Tracy Sollman If you have a name to be included in the calendar, please send to: Posey County News, P.O. Box 397, New Harmony, IN 47631, or email: news@

Three year old Sydney Deckard clutches the large Easter bunny she won, along with a $20 Walmart gift card, as the grand prize winner in her 0-3 age group at the Premier HealthCare of New Harmony’s Easter Egg Hunt. Due to the wet grounds, the eggs were not hidden, but given out in gift bags to children and the age group prizes were in golden eggs. Photo by Lois Mittino Gray

Note: The War is raging in Europe. The success of the Spring German Oensive hangs in the balance. American troops are arriving to ďŹ ght shoulder to shoulder with the British and the French. Left For Camp Taylor Fifteen selectives left Monday morning over the L&N Railroad for Camp Taylor. All relatives and many of their friends were at the station to bid them farewell, each being supplied with a small box ďŹ lled with lunch. The draftees included: Isaac Cotner, Joseph Gash, Ralph Bush, Theodore Osterman, John Fitzer, Cleo Williams, Henry Harris, Thomas Jeffries, George Martin, Jacob Winkler, John Harbert, Godfrey Schmitzer, Edward Crabtree, Fred Brandt, and Leonard Litton. Eye Of The Nation On Posey County - Posey County’s quota of the Third Liberty Loan bond will be $398,850. This information was received by John Turner of the First National Bank, who is chairman for this county in the Third Loan drive. The local chairman and workers believe the goal will be met. The drive will be vigorously pushed, and it is believed that the work can be completed in one week’s

World War I News--100 Years Ago War News From The Western Star, April 4, 1918-Mount Vernon

Frederick Leonard, was formed to check disloyal sentiments that might exist. A resolution was adopted requesting the schools to dispense with the teaching of German after the expiration of the present school year. A resolution was also adopted requesting the ministers of the dierent churches of the county to deliver a sermon on the subject: “Was the United States of America justiďŹ ed in entering upon the war with Germany?â€? War Or No War Life Goes On - George Fisher, of R.R. 1 gave us his annual visit Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Armenius Templeton and Mrs. Mary Spencer returned Friday from Jacksonville, Florida, where they spent the greater part of the winter. Mrs. George Green and Miss Hazel Rosenbaum leave today for Louisville, Kentucky, to spend several days there and while there, to visit Camp Taylor. Auto Stolen - A large Cadillac automobile belonging to Oliver Kemmerling of New Harmony, was stolen from in front of the K. of P. Hall on North Walnut Street, early Monday night and later found near the home of Will Hagerman in the western part of the city, where the thief had run it into a fence. The machine was badly damaged.


APRIL 3, 2018



IN Historian to speak on anniversary of Kennedy speech On April 4, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was in Indiana on the campaign trail for the Presidency of the United States. He was scheduled to speak to a predominantly African-American crowd in Indianapolis that evening. Despite having learned that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had been killed in Memphis earlier in the day, and in spite of fears of violent reactions to the killing, Kennedy decided to continue with his plans to speak. He addressed the crowd with emotion and compassion, calling for peace and unity. In many large cities across the country, violence and rioting broke out. There was none in Indianapolis. Kennedy’s speech Robert Kennedy speaking on the to the crowd is largely credited with keeping Indianapolis peaceful and quiet. evening of April 4, 1968, in IndiaRecently, the U.S. House of Representa- napolis. Photo submitted

tives approved legislation designating the site of the speech, the Landmark for Peace Memorial in Martin Luther King Park, a national commemorative site. On April 28, Ray E. Boomhower, senior editor of the Indiana Historical Society Press and author of the book Robert F. Kennedy and the 1968 Indiana Primary, will be guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Posey County Historical Society. Boomhower will discuss the Kennedy speech along with the events of the 1968 Indiana primary. The meeting will be held on Saturday, April 28, at 10 a.m., in the Wabash and Ohio Rooms at the Alexandrian Public Library, 115 West Fifth Street, in Mount Vernon. Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.

Reality Store volunteers needed The Purdue Extension-Posey County Office will be assisting with the Reality Store experience for eighth-grade students of all Posey County’s schools, and volunteers are needed to staff this event on Friday, May 11, at Mount Vernon Junior High School. Reality Store is a hands-on activity for students that is very close to “real life.” The original curriculum was established by the Indiana Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. Goals of the program include: learning basic skills in financial planning, goal setting decision-making and career planning. Students examine their attitudes about their futures and are motivated to stay in school through participation in this event. Through pre-activities, students choose a career based on their interest, personality, and abilities. Upon arrival at the Reality Store, students deposit a portion of their income with Uncle

Gina Arnold and Michael Robert

Sam. They then go to the bank and make decisions about saving. Students also open a checking account and begin their journey of going from booth to booth making financial decisions. Within the Reality Store, students are exposed to many adult decisions. They look at housing option. They select transportation. They “pay” for utilities, clothing, groceries and other items. They gain an appreciation of careers, the world of work, and financial planning. Please consider volunteering for this worthwhile, educational youth development activity. Volunteers are needed between 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Lunch is provided. Call the Extension Office at 812-838- 1331 or email to sign up or to ask questions.

William and Doris Arnold of Saint Wendel, Ind., are pleased to announce the engagement and upcoming wedding of their daughter Gina Arnold to Michael Robert, son of Theon and Germaine Robert of Kelso, Mo. Gina is a 1989 graduate of North Posey High School. She is currently employed as nanny in a private home. Michael is a 1983 graduate of Scott City High School and is currently employed at Monsato. The couple plan to marry on June 9, 2018, at Saint Wendel Church. Formal invitations are being sent.


Community Table April FRIENDS’ APRIL BOOK SALE COMING SOON Special to the News We hope you have made plans to attend the Friends of the Alexandrian Public Library spring book sale. This year the Friends of the Alexandrian Public Library spring book sale will be held Saturday, April 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, April 8 from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Ohio/Wabash Room at the library. Preceding the public sale, a Friends-only special preview sale will be held Friday, April 6 from 1 to 4 p.m. If you have not renewed your Friends of the APL membership or would like to join, you may do so at the door. This fundraising event takes place rain or shine at 115 West Fifth Street in Mount Vernon, Indiana. There will be plenty of free parking in the library parking lot and on adjacent side streets. There will be fiction and non-fiction titles available in all genres and subject areas. Hardback books are $1 and paperbacks are 50¢. Children’s picture books will be plentiful this time around so you will want to be early. Music CDs and DVDs

are also available. Book Categories include Art, Biography, Children’s, Cooking, Gardening, History, Home Repair, Literature, Math, Mystery, Fiction, Nonfiction, Reference, Science, Sports, Travel, and much more. All revenue from Friends’ book sales goes back to the Alexandrian Public Library for the purchase of materials, enhanced programming, and special projects. Remember, as a volunteer organization, we will need assistance from our members in sorting books prior to the sale, working during the sale and various other duties are always needed and welcomed. No special training is required. To volunteer your services call Stan Campbell at 812-838-3286. The Friends offer thanks to those who donate books and to those who buy them at our sales so that we may continue to support YOUR Alexandrian Public Library. The Alexandrian Public Library is located at 115 West Fifth Street in Mount Vernon, Indiana.

Free meal every Thursday, serving from 5 to 6 p.m. at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Poseyville. Thursday, April 5 - Vegetable Soup, Sandwich, Fruit, Dessert. Thursday, April 12 - Pigs in a Blanket, Mac and Cheese, Vegetable, Dessert. Thursday, April 19 - Chicken Pot Pie, Salad w/Apples and Celery, Mandarin Oranges, Cookie. Thursday, April 26 – Dorrito Casserole, Corn, Applesauce, Ice Cream Sundae. FREE MEAL -Everyone is welcome. No preaching, just good eating.

Share-the-Fun The Posey County 4-H Talent Show is Coming Soon

The annual Posey County Share-the-Fun Talent Contest will be held Friday, April 13, 2018, at North Posey High School’s Auditorium. The event will begin at 7 p.m. The public is welcome to attend, and admission is free. Local 4-H members will participate in group acts

and individual curtain acts, and 4-H trip and scholarship winners for the year will be announced. For more information on this or any other 4-H event, please contact the Purdue Extension-Posey County Office, 812-838-1331 or

Big Brothers Big Sisters Auction The Big Brothers Big Sisters Facebook Silent Auction has something for everyone, even your pet. Do your Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day shopping early. There are variety of items donated by generous Posey County area businesses and organizations. Check out gift certificates, gift baskets, jewelry, handbags, tools, afghans, and quilts. What an easy way to help children in Posey County that need a mentor; it’s just a click away. Visit from 9 a.m. April 8 to 9 p.m. April 15. All items will be displayed at Posey Lanes on April 8 at the Bowl for Kids’ Sake event from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Come check it out. All funds raised stay in Posey County and support Big Brothers Big Sisters programs.

Food pantry in need of items The River Bend Food Pantry is requesting items to help stock up their pantry. Breakfast items, canned fruit and canned vegetables are all needed at this time. The Mission would like to thank those who give and help in their mission: To provide families in need with a two-three day emergency supply of food. The pantry is located at Hedges Community Center at 716 Locust Street, Door No. 2 Mount Vernon, Ind. Hours of operation: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information call, 812838-3841.

Battery Recycling announcement Due to safety concerns, all battery recycling bins have been pulled from non-district locations. All batteries, except alkalines, can be recycled at the Mount Vernon, Marrs, Cynthiana, and Poseyville Recycling Centers. For more information on battery recycling, contact the Posey County Solid Waste District at 812-838-1613.

Sign Up Underway Greg Knowles, Posey County Executive Director, would like to remind producers that the 2018 ARC/PLC farm program signup is currently underway and runs through August 1. Please contact the Posey County FSA Office at (812) 838-4191, ext. 2 about making an appointment to sign up for the 2018 Crop Year. Currently there are plenty of openings available for appointments.

Al-Anon Meetings Families that are affected by alcoholism are invited to attend meetings every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the Saint Wendel Parrish Center located at 10542 West Boonville-New Harmony Road, Evansville. Call for directions 812-963-3668. There is no preregistration and no cost. Everyone is welcome.

APL News By Stanley Campbell April 5, 12, 19 and 26 - Adult Drawing and Watercolor Workshop at the Alexandrian Public Library at 10 a.m. - This series is for anyone wishing to learn or perfect skills in drawing or watercolor. If you have your own art supplies, you need not register. April 5, 12, 19 and 26 Laughs and Crafts at 3:30 p.m. - A fun and educational program for kids in K-5 at the Alexandrian Public Library. Jokes, stories, games, crafts, and snacks will be offered. Registration for this session is required and begins February 26. To register, visit our website at or call the library at 812-8383286. (Please note: if you register after March 15, you will need to call the library.) April 6 - Members of the Friends of Alexandrian Public Library only sneak preview of the Spring Book Sale from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Alexandrian Public Library. If you are not a member you can join at the door for $10 as an individual and $15 as a family. April 7 - Spring Book Sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Alexandrian Public Library. April 8 through April 14 - National Library Week. Overdue fines on items returned this week will be forgiven, enjoy free popcorn during library regular hours (while supplies last), and receive a free gift when you check out at the Circulation Desk. April 8 - Spring Book

Sale from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Alexandrian Public Library. April 9, 10, 16, 17, 23 and 24 - Baby/Toddler Storytime at 9:30 a.m. at the Alexandrian Public Library - Stories, rhymes, and songs for children ages birth to 36 months and their caregivers. We will be meeting in the Kid’s Corner. You may register for either the Monday or the Tuesday program. Registration started on February 26. Please call the library to register after March 12. April 9, 10, 16, 17, 23 and 24 - Preschool Storytime at

10:30 a.m. at the Alexandrian Public Library - A program for children ages three-five years that introduces reading in a fun way through stories, crafts, and other activities. Parents/caregivers are not required to attend storytime with their child, but must remain in the library. You may register for either the Monday or the Tuesday program. Registration started on February 26. Please call the library to register after March 12. April 9 - Otaku Manga from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. - Like manga and anime? We meet


the second Monday of every month to watch anime, discuss manga and titles to order for the library, have snacks, and just hang out with other otakus. The club is always looking for new members! For Grades six – 12 only. Stop on by, there is no registration. April 10 - Novels At Night at 6 p.m. - Join us at Bliss for a Novels at Night discussion of “Genuine Fraud” by E. Lockhart. Books available at our Circulation Desk. April 11 - National Bookmobile Day. Come visit



our Bookmobile in our parking lot from 2 to 4 p.m. April 16 - Maker’s Club from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. - Join us for some simple DIY crafts and projects. This may include tech, wearable crafts and jewelry, or cosplay projects. Some supplies will be provided. Already working on a project of your own? Bring it in and you can work on it here. It always helps to get feedback and ideas from friends. For Grades six – 12

Enjoy great, no-fuss food and service with friends, family and neighbors who love to savor the good times with you. Full Salad Bar

Pizza Strombolis Pulled Pork Pork BBQ Steak Catfish Fillets Name: Julianne Pardon Grade: 8 Instrument: Alto Saxaphone

Name: Tyler Roos Grade: 8 Instrument: Bass Drum




only. Registration began March 19. How to register for a program You can register well in advance for any of our library programs by going to our website at Cannot register online? Call the library at (812) 838-3286 or visit in person. Our library staff representative will be ready to assist you and answer your questions. Check out our Facebook page.

KITCHEN HOURS: Monday - Thursday 10:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Friday - Saturday 10:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.


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APRIL 3, 2018

BUGTOWN HANGER FIRE The airplane hangar in Bugtown, on Highway 68 between New Harmony and Poseyville, burned on Friday night March 9, 2018. New Harmony Fire Department responded but the building was not salvageable. A large tank containing aviation gas vapors was not affected. David Tanner expects to rebuild. The hangar was built in 1947-48 by Robert Cooper, New Harmony class of 1932 for an airplane repair business. It was used by the New Harmony classes of ‘61 and ‘63 for square dances and other gatherings. Recently it was the site of the Bugtown Jamboree, an event featuring Nashville bands that attracted hundreds of people from the local area each year. Photo submitted

We have added some new give back codes!! When you enter the code, we will give 5% of wash sales back to that organization. Enter the code before you make your wash selection. If you use your credit or debit card in the self serve bays and want 5% to go to an organization, just let us know. We can track your transactions monthly by your name and then that will be included in the give back amounts. This is a great way to give back to the community and get your vehicle cleaned! Thank you for your continued support!!

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APRIL 3, 2018


Annual Azalea Sale set for April 21 The Azalea Trial Committee of Mount Vernon will be holding their 7th annual azalea sale on Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Riverbend Park in Mount Vernon. Three-gallon Encore and Regular Azaleas along with other assorted plants will be offered. Live music will be provided by the Wolfgang Jazz Band. Come and enjoy the music and start your spring gardening on Saturday, April 21 at Riverbend Park. The Azalea Trail Committee was formed in 2010 with a mission to beautify the city, raise community health awareness through exercise, promote tourism and make historic Mount Vernon a more desirable place to live. In 2015 Mount Vernon achieved the prestigious status of being recognized nationally as a certified “Azalea City.” Over 1,300 azaleas have been either sold or planted at the riverfront as a result of the annual azalea sale. A portion of the proceeds are used for the upkeep of city plantings. Other endeavors are beautification of our city. In addition, over 1,000 daffodils have been planted at the Riverbend Memorial Park. A creation of an azalea garden at Riverbend features over 75 azaleas and other native plants that surround the azalea planting area helping with erosion control. The Azalea Committee also originated the idea of the LED informational sign at Riverbend and were the major drivers of this project. This sign was made possible by grants from the Posey Community Foundation, the Posey County Women’s Fund, and donations from the City of Mount Vernon, the Friends of the Park and the Mount Vernon Azalea Trail Committee. Spring 2017, the Azalea Trail Committee along with the Mount Garden Club purchased and placed a bronze statue of a little boy with a telescope overlooking the Ohio River in Riverbend Park. The Azalea Trail Committee of just eleven members are excited about making Mount Vernon a more desirable place to live, play and enjoy the beauty of our city. Monies received from our Azalea Sales and future donations will allow us to continue our vision.

Evan Woosley receives his pies from County Auditor candidate Sabrina Harms during her Friday pie sale fund raiser. Photo submitted

Kid’s Mini-Workshop set The Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery is sponsoring a Kid’s Mini-Workshop on Saturday, April 21 during the 20 Annual First Brush of Spring Paint Out. The session is from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Murphy Park Shelter House in New Harmony. Jamie Rasure will coordinate the event which will provide children the opportunity to create original art which they may enter into the Youth Competition at the Paint Out. Pre-registration is required. Hoosier Salon children’s programs are offered free to all children and some supplies will be furnished. Children younger than 12-yearsold must be accompanied by an adult. For more information or to enroll a child, call Jamie, at (812) 483-2357.

‘Firefly’ continued from Page A1 Assistant, New Harmony State Historic Site; Kari Mobley, Executive Director, Visit Posy County; Amanda Bryden, Site Manager, New Harmony State Historic Site; and David Flanders, New Harmony Town Councilman. “The governor’s entrance was so memorable and the bill signing ceremony was amazing. We felt privileged to witness this historic moment. The atmosphere was electric (no pun intended) and everyone could clearly see Governor Holcomb was having a fun time,” Bryden said with a smile. The governor was introduced by fifth-grade student Kayla Xu. It was she who was the impetus for this legal action. When she was a second-grade student of Maggie Samudio at Cumberland, she worked on a state insect assignment and wondered why Indiana was one of three states not to have one. She initiated a research project and soon, Samudio’s students began an intense letter writing and speaking campaign that took years to see this end. Kayla and other students spoke to

groups, in front of Senate committees, college students, and everyone who would listen to their reasons why Say’s Firefly should be designated. The audience smiled and some choked up as her hand rested atop the governor’s hand as he signed the bill into law. It will become official on July 1 as the six–legged critter, also known as a lightning bug, takes over its reign. Mrs. Samudio, a veteran teacher with over forty years’ experience, was exuberant at the ceremony after writing thousands of letters herself. She smiles as she remembers what one legislator said when they spoke before the house committee. “Gentlemen, we better pass this firefly resolution before they pick the mosquito!” The New Harmony group met briefly with the governor and invited him to come down and celebrate with the community later in the year. “We will probably have a party in the summer. That’s when the fireflies just glow like a wonderland along the trails by the river,” Bryden announced. “We want everyone to join us.”

Sermon of the Week: Are you telling the story? By Bro. Tom Doty Psalm 145:4 (KJV) 4 One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. There is a song that says, “I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love.” What are we telling our kids about God? What has God accomplished in our lives that we are sharing with those around us? God has not stopped doing great things. God continues to work and bless us each day. But, are we telling the story? Each generation has something to tell about God. We may tell how our government met the social needs of a nation but in reality it was God. We may tell of how we won a war but it was God. Are we really telling our kids what God is doing? Our media leaves God out of our lives and if that is all our children hear then they are missing the truth. We need to tell our kids, family, friends, co-workers just what God is doing in our lives. How will anyone know if we do not tell? It’s time we begin afresh to tell of the power of God. We must tell how God made it all. We must tell how God provides and protects. The message has not changed. What God does has not changed. But our telling has changed. We have failed to tell of the wonderful things of God. We need to be excited with our families about what God is doing. Let this generation know what God has done! If we do not tell there will come a generation that knows not God. We are not far from that place in time. Take the time today to tell your children and your friends what God has done and is doing in your life. Learn not to complain about life but to see the blessings of God. God is at work in your life. Tell your family what God is doing. It will make a difference in living every day. I have prayed for you this morning. I pray that we will tell the story of what God has done for us and share the story of God’s great love, mercy, and grace.

Briefly PCPP Craft and Gift Show The Spring PC Pound Puppies Craft and Gift Show will be April 14, 2018, at the Ribeyre Gym in New Harmony. There will again be a Classic Car Cruise In. Interested vendors, or someone seeking information should contact Cathy Powers by e-mail, or phone 812-9633890; 812-499-6413.

Robb Township Alumni The 2018 Robb Township Alumni will be held Saturday June 9, 2018 at the Red Wagon Restaurant in Poseyville, Indiana. Social hour will begin at 5 with dinner at 6 p.m. Reservation letters will be mailed around May 1. Any questions can be directed to Jane Murphy Crawford 812431-1192.

Homeless Shelter of Mount Vernon Do you want to give a hand -up instead of a hand-out? Are you interested in taking a part in making someone’s life better? We assist the residents of Posey County. Come join us at our next meeting - April 16, 2018, 6 p.m., Hedges Central Community Building, Room 10, Door 16. We are a United Way agency - making a difference in our community, local people helping local people. Further information contact 812-781- 2346.

Griffin Alumni Banquet Stewartsville alumni members, we would like to welcome you to attend the Griffin alumni banquet at the Griffin Ruritan on April 28, 2018. If any Stewartsville alumni members would like to attend the cost is $16 per person. The doors open at 4:30 p.m. and the meal will begin at 5:30 p.m. An auction and great conversation are included

for your added enjoyment. Please call Beverly Stone with questions at 812-851-5033. Reservations may be mailed to Griffin Alumni Association, PO Box 25, Griffin IN 47616.

Plant and Garden Accessory Live, Silent Auction Annual Live and Silent Auction Plant and Garden accessory Sale, Tuesday April 24, 2018 at Heberer Barn, 7536 Sauerkraut Lane (SW corner of 62 and Sauerkraut)-Mount Vernon. Auction beginning at 9:30 a.m. Snacks and drinks provided. Bring a lawn chair. Sponsored by Mount Vernon Garden Club.

St. Paul’s annual Spring Sale Flowers, rummage, and good food planned at St. Paul’s UCC. The annual spring sale at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ (German Township, 8701 Cynthiana Road) is Saturday, April 28, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Rain or shine! The event will include rummage, annuals, perennials, daylilies, and herbs. Rummage is half price at 11 a.m. with a bag sale at noon. Food menu includes barbecue chicken, sausage burgers, kuchens, and cinnamon rolls. Carryout will be available. For more information, call the church at 812-963-3394.

JUMC Geranium and Fern Sale Johnson United Methodist Church in New Harmony will be holding their annual Geranium and Fern Sale on Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m.- noon. Geranium color choices are red, salmon, pink, fuchsia, and white and will cost $4.75 each. Ferns will be available for $15.00 each. To reserve your plants call the church office by Sunday, April 1, at 812682-4648 or text Rita Reynolds @ 812-449-3820, Angela Wiley @ 812-457-8581 or Lisa Smith @ 812-457-4825.

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APRIL 3, 2018

Four-year-old Alyssa Scott sits under a tree with her 1-yearold brother Warren to go through their eggs after the Harmonie State Park hunt and look for prizes. Photo by Lois Mittino Gray Kenzie Farrar finds an egg during the Wadesville Christian Church Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. She is the 2-year-old daughter of Jon and Elisha Farrar of New Harmony. Photo by Theresa Bratcher

Three-year-old Carter Schnauz was delighted to find a prize egg hidden in a hard spot atop a pipe on a park bench at the Mount Vernon’s Lions Club, Kiwanis Key Club, and Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club Easter Egg Hunt held at Brittlebank Park. Looking on are his mom Alyssa and sister Charlotte, eight-months, of Mount Vernon. Photo by Lois Mittino Gray

Whoops! said the Easter Bunny after he accidentally spilled dirt everywhere when he knocked down the planter in front of the Charles Ford Home on his way out to meet and greet the many children out to see him at the home’s annual Easter Egg Hunt on Friday afternoon. Photo by Lois Mittino Gray

New Harmony events are breath of fresh spring air Special to the News Several events are planned in New Harmony in the upcoming weeks. They include: Hoosier Salon presents “Spring Thing” Art Exhibit with a closing reception in conjunction with Historic New Harmony’s Art and Antique Stroll on April 14, 2018, from 4-7 p.m. Featured artists include Ted Byrom, Jeffrey Lake, and Sarah Shaw. The Hoosier Salon will serve refreshments and present the art of Ted Byrom, who is a local artist from Mount Vernon, Ind., and Jeffrey Lake and Sarah Shaw, who are both artists from Indianapolis. The Art and Antique Stroll is the first of four the town of New Harmony presents. Many of the local galleries and antique shops will remain open so that the public has more time to shop. “First Brush of Spring” Paint Out, April 18 – 21 in Historic New Harmony.

Art patrons, art collectors, and artists will converge on New Harmony for the Twentieth Annual Plein Air Paint Out, known locally as the “First Brush of Spring.” Each year, the Paint Out attracts more than 150 artists and hundreds of art enthusiasts, where visitors can enjoy the Paint Out and other activities held in conjunction with the event. Field to Finish Reception Open to the Public - The annual Field to Finish exhibit and public reception is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery, 507 Church Street. The Field to Finish event provides an excellent opportunity for the public to meet with the artists who are exhibiting their works. The popular event features a field study done by artists who attended last year’s Paint Out and a finished studio painting of the same subject. The Field to Finish is a juried exhibit. Awards will be presented

at 6 p.m. The exhibit will be on display at the Gallery through May 27. Popular Quick Draw Event Repeated On Thursday, April 19, artists are invited to bring a blank canvas, have it stamped, and be ready to participate in the competitive Quick Draw event beginning at the Holy Angels Community Center by 4:30 p.m. Artists must keep their canvases blank until a signal is given for them to begin painting. The Quick Draw entries will be judged at 6:30 p.m., and awards will be given at a reception which follows immediately. “New” Hoosier Salon’s Today’s Catch Pop-up Exhibit - Artists will have the opportunity to sell their newly painted artwork completed during the 2018 First Brush Spring. Art will be on display and for sell on Thursday, April 19 and Friday, April 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Holy Angels Community Center. Kids’ Mini-Workshop - The Kids’


Beauty and the Beast Jr. set at MVHS Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. is playing at the Performing Arts Center of Mount Vernon High School and is open to the public starting on April 13 at 7 p.m. and April 14 at 3 p.m. The 60-minute musical, designed for middle-school aged performers, is based on the 1994 Broadway production and Disney’s 1991

animated feature film. The Mount Vernon Junior High cast contains approximately 35 students. Admission is $5 for students and $7 for adults. Tickets can be obtained by contacting the Mount Vernon Junior High School office at 812-833-2077 or at the box office the day of the show.

Mini-Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 21, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Murphy Park Shelter House on South Main Street in New Harmony. Participants must pre-register for the workshop by contacting Linda Volz 812-618-5710 or email lvolz@hoosiersalon. org. Completed artwork may be entered the Youth Competition at Paint Out. Paint Out Art Sale and Awards Program Closes Event - The Annual Plein Air Paint Out Art Sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Ribeyre Gymnasium on Saturday, April 21. The gym is located on Main Street in downtown New Harmony. The art sale offers the public an opportunity to view and purchase art created at the Paint Out, along with other pieces the artists bring to sell. Public activities on Saturday will close with the “First Brush of Spring” awards presentations to be held at 2:30 p.m. in front of Holy Angels Community Center on South Main Street.

NP Freshman Orientation North Posey High School will be hosting a freshman orientation on April 11 at 6 p.m. The orientation will begin in the school’s auditorium. Dr. Angela Wannemuehler, assistant superintendent, will be making a presentation over the 1 to 1 initiative, “Vikings Go Virtual” beginning at 5:45 p.m. The orientation will begin immediately following and students will have the opportunity to walk through their tentative schedules. Light refreshments will be provided. If you are interested in attending and are not currently a student at NPJH or haven’t contacted the guidance office please do so at 812-673-4242. Our guidance counselors are Mrs. Amanda Reynolds and Mrs. Jillian Brothers. Come out and see all that North Posey High School has to offer your students. We look forward to meeting all of our future Vikings.


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Grade 12 Son of: Jacki and Doug Hamman

Grade 12 Son of: Sally and Don Julian

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APRIL 3, 2018


Sydney Englebright, daughter of Randy Englebright Poseyville Kiwanis members, l to r, Teresa Mossberger, David Voegel, Warren Korff, James Reynolds, Tom Sny- and Joy Marconi, tries a bit of chocolate after the Cynder, and Jim Reising, sitting in front, pose for a photo with the Easter Bunny before the egg hunt Saturday morning thiana town egg hunt on Saturday morning. Photo by at the Community Center in Poseyville. Photo by Theresa Bratcher Heather Morlan

‘Street Project’ continued from Page A1 have around $23,000 left in local match, but they have also paid out the city’s portion for engineering fees and right-of-way acquisitions and there is not much left. To date, approximately $141,094 has been paid out total for these preliminary actions and the city received back about $113,125 in reimbursement from federal funds. Should they decide to not proceed with the project, the city will have to pay back the $113,125. There is only so much federal money available, and it must be shared by all the state agencies that received an INDOT grant. Mayor Curtis continued, “There is one caveat to consider, too. If we decide to proceed, any change orders or additional costs will be the city’s responsibility. These will not be subject to the 80 percent reimbursement by the state and it will all fall upon us to pay it all. The city is on the hook

one hundred percent.” He assured the board members that the project engineers have done their best to locate buried lines, fiber optic cables, oil and gas lines and other things that might cause a problem in the work area. “Sometimes lines are not always where they are supposed to be and there could be additional cost overruns. That is what it all boils down to now.” Board of Works member Larry Williams asked when the start date of the project would be if they decide to move forward. Mayor Curtis replied that if he would sign the paperwork today, there would be at least a 45 day wait period, or longer, so it would probably start sometime this summer. Thinking realistically, the mayor said, “It looks like we’ll have to pay $113,000 back and not have anything to show for it or pay $92,000 and at

least have the project finished.” The board agreed and made the decision unanimously to recommend proceeding with the State Street Project. They gave the mayor permission to ask the Mount Vernon Common Council to approve it. Mayor Curtis then called the next special meeting, that of the Mount Vernon Common Council. He explained that the Board of Works just authorized him to recommend to the Council that the city proceed with the State Street Project and its additional appropriation. The council agreed to proceed and during discussion, Attorney Beth McFadin talked about the different funds that could appropriate money and payments that were anticipated on several projects. She said the money is there for several projects, but just needed to be appropriated. “We have the cash in all four ac-

counts. We just need to give the Treasurer permission to spend it,” she said. Councilman Williams moved the ordinance of additional appropriations in the CCGF, State Gaming, COIT, and MVHF Funds for $494,602.03 be approved on first reading. It was seconded by Councilman Andy Hoehn and passed. Second reading is slated for April 12 and the public hearing and third reading will take place at the April 26 meeting. The State Street Project is designed to help direct semitrailer traffic from the Port of Indiana. Semitrailers wanting to go west out of the Port have to cross four lanes of traffic and that has become a safety issue. To avoid making that turn, semitrailers have been going out the back entrance of the Port and winding through neighborhood roads.

The heavy loads are tearing up city streets and causing traffic hazards for children near the playground. The project will build a road from the entrance of the Port to State Street, which will give semitrailers an easier turn onto Indiana 62. Pavement will begin just south of the intersection of Third Street to State Road 62. Project Manager is Phillipe Lora in the Vincennes Office. Mount Vernon also received about $2.6 million in federal dollars that same year for a trail and lighting project. The funding will help build a trail from Riverbend Park to the intersection of Main Street and Indiana 62. The project also will add new lighting in the downtown area to match the look of the riverfront, resurface Main Street and add a small park for green space. John Tucker was mayor when both of these grants were received from INDOT.

‘Infraction’ continued from Page A1 property he owns at 316 Steam Mill Street, on the next street over from his home. He was cited for violating Ordinance 8.12.020 of the town stating “no owner or occupier of any parcel of land within the town shall allow garbage, junk, trash, unlicensed vehicles, or other such debris to accumulate on the property to such an extent that such accumulation, within the opinion of the board of trustees of the town, is detrimental to public health, comfort and sanitation.” The letter said that the council has determined the two unlicensed vehicles parked in front of the rental home and for sale to be detrimental to public health and sanitation. He was informed that, “if the unlicensed ve-

hicles are not removed within ten (10) days of the receipt of this letter, we will have them removed and then bill you accordingly.” Puzzled and peeved at receiving the letter about two vehicles owned by his renter, he grumbled about it at work to his employees. One of them, who is an avid walker, told Wilson that she walks all over town and there are unlicensed vehicles everywhere and many homes with junk and debris all around them. It was suggested that he take pictures of all the other infractions that were not cited and did not receive letters and push back. He decided to act upon that thought. “It took me about ten minutes to go around town and photograph 24 infractions of a similar nature or worse. I could’ve had

even more, but stopped there,” he explained. Afterwards, he made his poster with the town letter at the top and 24 thumbnail color photos of other offenders. Emblazoned on it were the words “Justice for All.” Wilson said he spent a substantial amount of money to clean and fix up the rental property when he bought it. “I cut down weedy trees and fixed the fence and really cleaned it up. It looks nice now. I can’t understand why I was singled out for my renter’s cars like that,” he said. One car was sold by the time the letter arrived. The renter had just bought a new truck and transferred its plate to it, leaving the old one unlicensed, until sold at auction. Wilson remarked, “I took care of the prob-

lem right away, but it’s just the idea of the unfairness of it. Right down the street from my rental, New Harmony Councilman Roger Wade has had a white unlicensed utility truck for the past five years. I think everyone should be treated equally. I think this town council needs to address more pressing problems than this right now.” The posters are on display at Sara’s Harmonie Way and Main Café. Wilson puts them up almost every morning at the local post office and Old Mill Mart, but says they are taken down every day. Wilson speculates that some town council members might be doing this. The issue was not brought up at the most recent town council meeting.

mission to replace Jon Winne and Jim Spann. Virginia Alsop also made a motion that Terry Briant be appointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals to replace Jim Spann. Flanders seconded, and all were in favor. The restrooms at the Ribeyre Gym will be renewed in 2018. Watson made a motion to accept the agreement with the Ribeyre Gym Restoration Group for public restrooms be renewed for 2018 and it was seconded by Flanders. The Town will pay $750 towards utilities and supplies. Flanders presented Ordinance 2018-2, which amends the zoning ordinance to regulate use of the storefront portion of buildings in the Business Historic District. He stated the ordinance is presented with unanimous recommendation from the Plan Commission. Blaylock read Ordinance 2018-2 in full. Flanders made a motion to approve ordinance 2018-2 and all were in favor. Flanders proposed a consolidation of signs at the east entrance to town. He stated that he would like to relocate the Kiwanis, golf cart community, etc., signs that are currently located at the Premiere Healthcare entrance

to the area adjacent to the “welcome to New Harmony” sign. He would also like to see the signs currently located at the south entrance to town relocated to the area adjacent to the “welcome to New Harmony” sign. Flanders made a motion that the information signs currently located at the entrance to Premiere Healthcare be relocated adjacent to the “welcome to New Harmony” sign. There was no second. Motion denied. Alsop stated she feels the relocation as proposed takes away from the beauty of the existing welcome sign. Flanders explained that he has seen a similar set-up in other communities. Attendee Chris Laughbaum stated that instead of the individual organization signs being moved, she thinks one large sign with all the organizations listed would look nicer. It was reported by Blaylock that there have been some issues regarding a probationary employee on the street department. Also, the employee has, at times, missed work. According to research that was done, probationary employees can be terminated at any time, with or without cause. Upon question from Flanders, Attorney Bauer noted the termination

needs to be done at a public meeting. Superintendent Bobby Grider noted that the employee is a good worker, but he has had some problems in the past. Attorney Bauer commented that the council could have an Executive Session to allow the employee to be heard. Watson made a motion that the probationary employee be terminated, and Flanders seconded. All were in favor except Councilman Alsop. Motion carried. Flanders reported the governor is scheduled to sign the legislation designating Say’s Firefly as the official state insect on March 23. In other business: • Blaylock announced that a new two-year mowing contract has been entered into with Four Seasons Landscaping for mowing of Maple Hill Cemetery. • It was reported that the Eagle Scout project being done at Maple Hill Cemetery is complete. This involved the replacement of hand rails and concrete benches. • The golf cart trail is closed due to flood damage. • Grider was approved to attend a pipeline safety meeting in French Lick July 10-12.

‘Bridge’ continued from Page A1 mer school building has been developed. Blaylock responded that all options are on the table, and anyone with ideas should present them to Council. Flanders suggested soliciting help from the Posey County Economic Development Partnership to guide them with the process. Rod Clark asked if the former school property had ever been listed with a commercial realtor. Blaylock explained that he is not aware that it has ever been listed. Blaylock also reiterated that all options for the property are on the table-selling, leasing, demolishing, etc. He encouraged others to explore any feasible options for the property. It was reported that all required documentation has been submitted for the Community Crossings Matching Grant and the town should be receiving the funds soon. A request from the New Harmony Alumni Association was made asking to put up flags on the light poles for the annual banquet. Gary Watson made the motion and Flanders seconded. All were in favor. Chris Laughbaum and Zac Weinzapfel were appointed to the Posey County Tourism Com-

‘MV Basketball’ continued from Page A1 coaches, and how the community would learn of the person to fill the position. “We’ll announce it here at the board, as we do for all new hires,” Kopatich replied. “Can we put a committee together to help with the selection?” Newman inquired. Kopatich declined the offer, stating that his Athletic Director and staff are well able to make the decision, with their years of experience. “I disagree,” said Newman, to which the superintendent noted, “That’s okay.” The board also accepted the resignation of Ramon “Tony” Quiles as assistant volleyball coach and food service worker at the high school, effective immediately. The board tabled the agenda item regarding the appointment of school district administrators for the 2018-19 school year, until a later date. The assistant junior high principal position, formerly held by Chad Rodgers, is being advertised at the present time. Interviews should be completed by school year end. In other personnel matters, they adopted a resolution per-

mitting five staff members to attend educational meetings. Julie Kissinger and Pam O’Risky will attend a Project Lead The Way meeting in Princeton. Dawn Luckett and Jamie Woods will continue with their business seminars in Indianapolis. Agriculture Teacher Alicia Schmidt was approved to attend Farm Bureau Farm Day, World Food Prize Youth Institute at Purdue and the State FFA convention at Purdue with students. In other matters: • The board granted permission to allow students in the Art Guild to travel to the Indianapolis Museum of Art on April 6-8, 2018. • The board granted permission to advertise on March 28 and April 4, 2018 for proposals for a childcare program for the 2018-19 school year. • The board approved test plot lease agreements with the Ports of Indiana, Cargill, Inc., and the Davis family for use by the high school agriculture students. • As required by statute, citizens were provided an opportunity to comment on the

proposed additional appropriation for the Rainy Day Fund at a public hearing at the meeting. No comments were made, so the board adopted the additional appropriation resolution appropriating $1,200,000 in the Rainy Day Fund to be used, if needed, for the School Self-Insurance Fund. • The board accepted the proposed fiber lease agreement with WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone for dark fiber service between school buildings for a period of 120 months with start date of July 1, 2018 • Board members discussed the 2017 DOE Annual Performance Report that will be printed in the newspaper. On March 28, Board Member Don Julian asked to advertise that a questions and answer period on the report will be offered at the next meeting on April 2 for the public. • Information to the board included Building Corporation financial activity, bus contractor - fuel adjustment chart, Self-Insurance Fund Report, and snow days. • The board recognized

the following achievements: FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America): of the thirty-six MVJHS students who recently attended the FCCLA State Competition, the following students qualified for the National FCCLA Conference: Abbie Dickinson, Angel Ivy, Courtney Miller, Destiny Morgan, Kendra Osborne, Lacie Page, Malea Plough, Sadie Redman, Jayana Russell, AND. Majesty Waller Alternates for National FCCLA Conference are Olivia Culley, Emma Davis, Keirra Deig, Abbi Dosher, Sydney Redma, Kaylen Salee, and Lily Tenbarge. The Junior High Wrestling team won the Southern Indiana Junior High Athletic Con-

ference, Tournament. This was their seventh conference championship in 12 years. Individual winners were: Jarrett Dye, Derek Hollinger, Brady Hook, Colton Lippe, Chris Newman and Mason Suits. Chris Newman was the first

three time Conference Champion who finished his JH career with a 48-1 record. • The next board meeting is slated for Monday, April 2 at 5:45 p.m. in the Mount Vernon Junior High School library.

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Angels Commu4-H Share the APRIL 21 nity Center, NH Fun, 7 p.m., New Harmony Kids’ MiniNorth Posey High Town Wide Yard Workshop from APRIL 20 School’s AuditoSale 9 to 11 a.m. at The Children’s Murphy Park rium, PV Learning Center Shelter, NH APRIL 11 Golf Scramble will NP Freshman APRIL 14 be held at the WestOrientation, 6 PCPP Craft and ern Hills Country APRIL 21 p.m., NP School Gift Show, Ribey- Club in Mount Seventh annual re Gym, NH Auditorium, PV Azalea sale. SatVernon urday 10 a.m. - 1 APRIL 18 p.m. Riverbend APRIL 12-14 APRIL 21 First Brush of Park, Mount Posey County Free Fishing Day Vernon Spring through Days of DisApril 21, NH covery, Held in APRIL 21 Mount Vernon APRIL 24 APRIL 18 JUMC Geranium and New HarAnnual live and Quick Draw and Fern Sale, 10 mony silent auction blank canvas a.m. - noon, 403 plant and garcompetition at Raintree St., NH den accesorie APRIL 13 4:30 p.m. at Holy


Schultheis Insurance 220 E 4th St | Mt. Vernon | 838-4321 Visit us online at

sale 9:30 at Heber Barn 7536 Sauerkraut Lane

APRIL 28 Gwaltney Family Reunion, 10:30 a.m. - 3 p.m., Red Wagon Restaurant, PV

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Banquet, Saturday, 5:30 p.m., Griffin Ruritan

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SINCE 1882 Successor to The Poseyville News & New Harmony Times POSEY COUNTY’S ONLY LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED NEWSPAPER

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Volume 138 Edition 14



Vikings sweep Blackford in doubleheader By Chris Morlan The North Posey baseball team played Blackford last Saturday at home. North Posey played two great games and swept Blackford in the doubleheader 9-5 and 15-5. In the first game, the Vikings were led by Corey Heath’s home run to seal the game nine to five. Senior A.J. Reynolds received the win from the mound. Reynolds pitched five innings, with 72 pitches and 43 were strikes. He also only allowed four hits with three runs, three strikeouts and only one walk. Brandon Hamman pitched one inning with 14 pitches and 12 of those pitches were strikes. Hamman only allowed one hit and one run with three strikeouts and no walks. Westin Voegel pitched one inning with 25 pitches and 13 of those pitches were strikes. Voegel only allowed two hits, one run and one walk. North Posey received some hitting from Camden Bender. Bender went one for two with a double, one run, one walk and one stolen base. Evan Bromm went one for two swinging and received one

North Posey senior Mackenzie Atkins swings hard during a recent softball game. Recent weather wreaked havoc on the team’s schedule but the season should ramp up in the weeks to come. Photo by Dave Pearce

walk. Brandon Hamman batted one for three. Senior Corey Heath was one for two behind the plate with one home run, two runs batted-in, two walks and three runs. Jarrett Motz finished the game one for three with two runs and Westin Voegel batted one for four with three runs batted-in. During the second game of the doubleheader, the bats came alive for the Vikings. There were 17 hits with three home runs. North Posey ended the game with a win 15-5 in six innings. Corey Heath won the game on the mound pitching three innings with 68 pitches. Heath only allowed two hits and three runs. He struck out five batters and allowed three walks. Brandon Hamman pitched two innings. Hamman only allowed two hits, no runs with two strikeouts and two walks. Grant Parker pitched one inning with one strikeout. Senior Brandon Hamman had a grand slam to put this second game away for the victory. This grand slam was Hamman’s only time at bat

Continued on B3

Lady Cats top Loogootee in season opener By Dave Pearce The Mount Vernon Lady Wildcats have proven early on they are not going to have trouble putting runs on the board this season. The Wildcats scored 15 in the season opener against Loogootee. That resulted in a 15-9 win for the Wildcats. Lyndsay Keitel, the Wildcat started, had a rough opening inning that saw the Lady Lions put up six runs on six hits. But the Wildcat offense went to work. They took the lead for good in the second inning, putting seven runs on the board. Megan Ghrist had the first dinger of the season for the Wildcats in the inning and Addie Robinson singled, scoring a run for the Wildcats. Gabi Gilpin then doubles, driving in a run for Coach Dave Bell’s Wildcats. Then Brooklyn Gibbs doubled, scoring two more Wildcat runs before Sadie Hobbs’ sacrifice fly allowed the seventh run of the inning to score. Wildcat junior Brooklyn Gibbs then came in to pitch for the Wildcats and got credit for the win, going the final six innings and surrendering three runs on six hits while striking out seven for the Wildcats. But the day could adequately have been named “Dinger Day” as Jaycie Tucker had a pair of blasts to go with Ghrist’s homer. Tuckers home runs came in both her first and second at-bats dur-

the nod to start the game and was credited with the win. She gave up five hits and three runs over the seven innings. Gibbs moves to 2-0 on the season on the mound for the Wildcats. Gibbs also had three hits, one a home run. Hobbs and Jewell also had multiple hits for the Wildcats. Catherine Battenger had a hit in her only appearance at the plate. Hobbs, Ghrist, Keitel, and

Tucker all had hits. Gilpin drew two walks in two plate appearances. “We were sure-handed in the field today,” Bell said. “We didn’t commit any errors and we are going to have to continue that kind of defense if we are going to be successful this season.” The Wildcats finished with nine hits and Lauren Earhart led with Wildcat defense with eight put-outs.

Mount Vernon senior Sadie Hobbs bunts the ball against the Loogootee Lions during the team’s season opener last week. Photo by Garry Beeson ing the season. “We saw the ball really well today,” Wildcat Coach Bell said after the game. “We had 16 hits.” Ghrist, Gilpin, Robinson, Kriston Jewell. And Tucker all had multiple hits for the Wildcats, Gilpin and Ghrist each had three hits for the

Mount Vernon squad. A fighting Loogootee Lion team did finish with 12 hits on the day but it wasn’t enough. Gibbs was credited with the win. On Saturday, the Wildcats built a big lead and then held on to claim a 10-3 win over a scrappy Forest Park soft-

ball squad. The Wildcats asserted themselves in the fourth inning when the put six runs on the board. Ghrist, Keitel, Tucker, and Gilpin all had RBIs in the inning to put the Wildcats in a comfortable position. This time, Gibbs would get

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APRIL 3, 2018

Above left: Rylan and Jordan, sons of Brad and Autumn Dick, enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt in the Cynthiana Park on Saturday morning. Photo by Heather Morlan Above right: Kenlee Werry, 2, stopped to ponder where to go next to hunt eggs at the Harmonie State Park egg hunt with her Minnie Mouse basket in hand. Photo by Lois Mittino Gray

Grayson Cox, 3-yearold son of Eric and Sabrina Cox, attempted to fill his Paw Patrols basket at the Wadesville Christian Church Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Photo by Theresa Bratcher


Sawyer Woods anxiously swings his bucket waiting for the start call at the Mount Vernon’s Lions Club, Kiwanis Key Club, and Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club Easter Egg Hunt held at Brittlebank Park. The 4-year-old is the son of Chris and Emily Woods of Wadesville. Photo by Lois Mittino Gray

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APRIL 3, 2018

Vikings senior David Bender rounds the bend during relays against Forest Park last week for the team’s season opener. Photo by Heather Morlan


Brooke Coleman leads the pack during last week’s Madison Cates won the 110-meter hurdles with a time season opening track competition against Forest Park. Photo by Heather Morlan of 17.38 seconds. Photo by Heather Morlan

Viking track boys lose close meet against Forest Park By Chris Morlan North Posey boys track team faced the Forest Park Rangers last week for their first track meet of the season. This was also the Vikings first home meet of the season. The track meet was close, but the Vikings came up short and lost 64-58 to the Rangers. One of the highlights of the day was Sophomore Kyle Stewart breaking the school record in the 100- meter dash with a time of 10.97 to win the race. Thomas Turner finished first in the 110-meter high hurdles. Kyle Stewart finished first in the 100-meter dash and Alex Stewart finished second in the race. The Vikings won the 4x100meter relay with the team of Alex Stewart, David Bender, Drake Rogers and Kyle Stewart with a time of 45.89 seconds. Austin Danhauer won the 400-meter dash with a time of 53.21 and Jack Heldt finished third in the event. Thomas Turner finished second in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 44.65. Elijah

Miles and Logan Bryant finished second and third in the 800-meter run. David Bender won the 200-meter dash with a time of 23.97 and Zach Seibert finished third in the race. Justin French placed third in the 3200-meter run. In the field events, Dylan Butts placed second in the shot put with a throw of 41 feet and eight inches. Butts also placed third in the discus throw with a distance of 112-feet and 10 inches. Drake Rogers won the high jump with clearing the bar at six feet and Austin Danhauer finished second in the event. Kyle Stewart won the long jump with a distance of 21 feet and Alex Stewart placed second in the long jump with a 19-feet and eight-inch jump. The Vikings next meet will be on Thursday, April 5 at Princeton in a triangular meet against Princeton and Southridge at 5 p.m. North Posey will travel back to Princeton again on Saturday, April 7 for the Harold Gourley Invitational with a start time of 9 a.m.

Brothers, Kyle and Alex Stewart took first and second place, respectively, in the 100-metter dash last week against Forest Park. Photo by Heather Morlan

Lady Vikings track team lose North Posey boys baseball home opener to Forest Park win at home against Carmi By Chris Morlan The North Posey Lady Vikings track team squared off against the Forest Park Rangers last week at home. North Posey had some outstanding results from a few members of their team but came up short in the total points, losing 73-46 to the Rangers. North Posey had two ladies on the team win two events each for the meet. Freshman Brooke Coleman won the 1600-meter and 800-meter runs. Senior Danielle Perry won the 200-meter dash and the high jump. The Lady Vikings had several team members place in their events. Madison

Cates won the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 17.38 seconds. Cates also finished third in the 300-meter intermediate hurdles. Junior Elise O’Risky won the 100-meter dash with a time of 13.27 seconds. Brooke Coleman won the 1600-meter run with a time of six minutes and six seconds. Olivia Schmahlenberger placed third in the 1600-meter run. North Posey won the 4x100-meter relay with the team of Madison Cates, Elise O’Risky, Danielle Perry and Kaitlin Wright with a time of 54.35 seconds. Kennedy Devine finished second in the 400-meter dash with a time of one minute and eleven seconds.



Freshman, Brooke Coleman won the 800-meter run with By Chris Morlan North Posey’s baseball team opened their a time of two minutes and forty-five seconds. Danielle season at home against the Carmi Bulldogs Perry won the 200-meter last Monday. This game was a pitching dual dash in 27.50 seconds. Jas- that controlled the low scoring matchup, but mine French placed third in the Vikings were able to outscore Carmi and win 2-1. This was also the coaching debut the 3200-meter run. In the field events, Dani- for North Posey’s new head coach Jesse elle Perry won the high jump Simmons. Junior Shane Harris pitched a great game clearing the bar at four-feet and eight inches. Kennedy for the Vikings and got the win. He allowed Devine won the long jump only one run for the Bulldogs. Harris pitched with a distance of thirteen six innings with only five hits, eleven strikefeet, three inches. outs and three walks on 111 pitches. Austin North Posey’s next track Voegel pitched the final inning and received meet will be on Thursday, the save in the victory. April 5 on the road at Princeton in a triangular meet ‘Vikings’ continued from Page B1 against Princeton and Southridge. The meet will begin at the second game. He also batted-in four 5 p.m. runs with that grand slam. Kyle LaVanchy was perfect behind the plate in this game hitting four for four with NORTH POSEY two runs and a stolen base. Camden Bender ATHLETE OF THE WEEK was one for three with a home run, two runs batted-in, two runs scored and a walk. Shane BRANDON HAMMAN Harris hit the ball well going two for three with one homerun, two runs batted-in and two runs scored. Jarrett Motz had three hits on five at bats with one double, two runs batted-in and one run scored. Alec Goetz was two for three with three runs batted-in and one run scored. Corey Heath was two for three with a run

North Posey senior Brandon Hamman had a big day in baseball this week. Besides having a grand slam home run, he was the closer in the first game and pitched two innings in the second game.





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Mount Vernon Wildcat Brooklyn Gibbs is 2-0 on the mound and was 3-for-4 at the plate with a home run on Saturday.




The Vikings had a quiet day with the bats but received some hits from Alec Goetz, Shane Harris, Corey Heath, Kyle LaVanchyand Jarrett Motz. Heath and LaVanchy each had one run batted-in. North Posey had stolen bases from Shane Harris and Jarrett Motz. North Posey’s next baseball game will be played on Wednesday, April 4 at home against Evansville Mater Dei with the first pitch at 5 p.m. The Vikings will play again on Thursday, April 5 at home against Evansville Reitz with a start time of 4:30 p.m. On Saturday, April 7 the Vikings will play at home against Perry Central with the game beginning at 11 a.m.

scored. Westin Voegel was one for two with a run batted-in and two runs. Evan Bromm was one for one behind the plate with a run scored. The Vikings are undefeated with a season record of three wins and no losses. North Posey’s next baseball game will be played on Wednesday, April 4 at home against Evansville Mater Dei with the first pitch at 5 p.m. The Vikings will play again on Thursday, April 5 at home against Evansville Reitz with a start time of 4:30 p.m. On Saturday, April 7 the Vikings will play at home against Perry Central with the game beginning at 11 a.m.

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APRIL 3, 2018

Court News Arrests March 21 Dalton Lloyd - Wadesville - Warrant, Operating a Vehicle While Endangering a Person (petition to revoke - PCS Dalton Lloyd - Wadesville Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia - PCS Shane Thomas - Tell City Warrant, Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (petition to revoke) - PCS Chasity Prince - Mount Vernon - Warrant, Criminal Trespass (petition to revoke) - PCS Mary Dausman - Evansville - Criminal Trespass - PCS Kenan Morse - Henderson, Ky., - Driving While Suspended - ISP March 23 Jerry Wade - New Harmony - Warrant, Operating a Vehicle While Endangering a Person (petition to revoke) - NHPD Chasity Prince - Mount Vernon - Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia - PCS March 25 Marlena Stallings - Mount Vernon - Residential Entry, Criminal Trespass - MVPD March 27 William F. Reynolds Mount Vernon - Warrant, In-

timidation, Resisting Law Enforcement, Public Intoxication (petition to revoke) - PCS Clifton Kaiser - Mount Vernon - Warrant, Criminal Mischief - PCS Complaints March 14 12:48 a.m. - Property Damage - Had a fire in bathroom, started by candle, fire it out Stierley Road, Wadesville 10:35 a.m. - Fight - Male and female screaming at each other in lot. Have small child in car - Fourth Street, Mount Vernon 5:41 p.m. - Message - Caller advised receiving threats over Instagram - Blackford Road, Mount Vernon 5:57 p.m. - Message - Caller advised his IPad and phone blew off top of his vehicle Burch Park Drive, Evansville 10:20 p.m. - Threatening Caller advised female subject is threatening the caller and she is afraid - Fifth Street, Mount Vernon 1:02 p.m. - Threatening - Female subject is threatening through text messages for physical harm - Fifth Street, Mount Vernon 11:16 p.m. - Fight - Advised that female subject is now on property and threatening her Fifth Street, Mount Vernon

March 15 10:48 a.m. - Message Caller advised son is being threatened over social media - Copperline Road, Mount Vernon 4:50 p.m. - Wanted Person - Male subject is now at the residence. Advised he is not going to open the door - Fifth Street, Mount Vernon 7:04 p.m. - Controlled Substance Problem - Several kids out on the playground. One juvenile was smoking something - Fifth Street, Mount Vernon 7:21 p.m. - Trespassing Male subject is parked at the apartments. Advised he is not supposed to be there - Edson Street, Mount Vernon 8:10 p.m. - Threatening Caller advised male subject has been calling and threatening her - Elk Trail Drive, Evansville 9:00 p.m. - Threatening Caller advised that male subject is threatening to have him and his mom beat - Lawrence Drive, Mount Vernon March 16 12:16 a.m. - BOL - The driver of a 2015 white Buick was reported missing from Hardin County - Posey County 2:20 a.m. - Structure Fire - Pull-behind camper on fire. No one inside - Water Street,

Legal Ads 2018-056 018-056

Mount Vernon 7:28 a.m. - Suspicious - Have a van parked in the parking lot. Believes someone may be camping out - Wolflin Street, Mount Vernon 10:07 a.m. - Controlled Substance Problem - Request an officer come to the office to assist going through a building - Ninth Street, Mount Vernon 12:48 p.m. - Welfare Check - White Buick with female subject slumped over the wheel - No location 8:33 p.m. - Vandalism Husband’s truck was egged on the driver’s side - Locust Street, Mount Vernon 9:40 p.m. - Breaking and Entering - Heard a thud in the garage twice. Believes someone might be trying to break in - Lincoln, Mount Vernon


March 17 3:44 p.m. - Juvenile Problem - Caller is needing help removing a juvenile form the building - Fifth Street, Mount Vernon 7:00 p.m. - Juvenile Problem - Two juveniles, one appears to be carrying a handgun - No location, Mount Vernon 7:09 p.m. - Message - Caller advised someone has egged her vehicle - Melody Lane, Mount Vernon 9:38 p.m. - Juvenile Problem - Advised went by library and saw 4-5 male juveniles tearing things up - Fifth Street, Mount Vernon 9:48 p.m. - Structure Fire - Garage in alley is fully involved, can see flames - Second Street, Mount Vernon 11:47 p.m. - Assault - Male subject has assaulted caller and is screaming at wife Sherman Street, Mount Vernon 11:56 p.m. - Assault - Caller advised there are people hurting someone in the other room - Munchoff Street, Mount Ver-

March 19 9:41 a.m. - Criminal Mischief - Someone threw a rock through vehicle window Vine Street, Mount Vernon 1:13 p.m. - Theft - Prescription from VA mailed to him has been taken from mailbox. Second time - Hampton Lane, Mount Vernon 1:33 p.m. - Suspicious Caller advised male subject busted out all the windows in caller’s truck with a brick - Fifer Hills Road, Griffin 2:06 p.m. - Fight - Fight occurred on March 14, 2008, two inmates - O’Donnell Road, Mount Vernon 9:03 p.m. - Message - Wants to speak to an officer because male subject is making threats - Pearl St, Mount Vernon 10:20 p.m. - Suspicious two subjects, male and female, are walking eastbound and appears they are fighting - Highway 62, Mount Vernon

March 18 7:05 a.m. - Suspicious Maroon four-door car, parked off the curb, male subject is passed out in the vehicle Eighth Street, Mount Vernon 12:49 p.m. - Message - Stolen phone, other people were on the plan and were not paying the bill - Upton Road, Mount Vernon 4:44 p.m. - Theft - Green Egg grill was stolen - Williams Road, Wadesville 4:49 p.m. - Harassment Advised he has been having problems with male subject Nix Avenue, Poseyville 7:35 p.m. - Fight - Caller advised there is a fight between a few male subjects - Sycamore Street, Mount Vernon

Superior Court Felony/Misdemeanor Kenneth D. Ashby, 34,

Legal Ads 2018-059 The following County Operating Claims have been filed with the Auditor's Office and will be presented to the Board of Commissioners, POSEY COUNTY, IN at the regular session on APRIL 3, 2018 WILLIAM GOODEN JEAN HADLEY JARED MICHAEL THOMAS JOHN JACOB WARRUM LAW OFFICE S DEIG JEREMY SCHNEPPER MCFADIN HIGGINS & FOLZ BINGHAM GREENBAUM DOL SMITH & BUTTERFIELD WEST GROUP DEEDRA BENTHALL DOUG WALTON Grand Total:

$4,232.50 $1,258.75 $2,736.00 $5,163.25 $17,049.95 $1,068.75 $11,382.22 $960.00 $92.22 $1,154.81 $380.00 $1,102.00 $46,580.45

Sarah Beth Meighen Posey County Auditor Published in the Posey County News on April 3, 2018 - hspaxlp

2018-058 LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Alcohol Beverage Board of Posey County, Indiana will hold a public hearing at 10 a.m. on April 18, 2018 at the City Hall Annex Building, 520 Main Street, in the city of Mount Vernon in said county, to investigate the propriety of holding an alcoholic beverage permit by the applicants listed herein to wit: RR6592126 Beer Wine & Liquor - Restaurant (210) RENEWAL KOODIE-HOO’S,INC. 231 W.2ND.ST. Mount Vernon IN D/B/A KOODIE-HOO’S Michelle L Knight 6100 Half Moon Pond Mount Vernon, Secretary Michelle L Knight 6100 Half Moon Pond Mount Vernon, President RR6531723 Beer Wine & Liquor - Restaurant (209) RENEWAL Shree Gajanana Inc. 11115 Broadway Ave Evansville IN D/B/A St Phillips Truck Stop VIJAYKUMAR PATEL 13414 PRARIE DR Evansville, Secretary VIJAYKUMAR PATEL 13414 PRARIE DR Evansville, President RR6534170 Beer Retailer - Restaurant NEW MARY SCOTTS KITCHEN INC 518 MAIN ST New Harmony IN D/B/A MARY SCOTT’S KITCHEN MARY ALISHA DENNIS 812 STEAM MILL ST New Harmony, President Published in the Posey County News on April 3, 2018 - hspaxlp

2018-057 PUBLIC NOTICE AT&T Mobility, LLC is proposing to construct a proposed 270-foot tall self-supporting lattice telecommunications tower located at 3420 Hasting Lane, Mount Vernon, Posey County, Indiana (N37° 50’ 48.7” and W87° 59’ 28.0”). AT&T Mobility, LLC invites comments from any interested party on the impact the proposed undertaking may have on any districts, sites, buildings, structures, or objects significant in American history, archaeology, engineering, or culture that are listed or determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under National Historic Preservation Act Section 106. Comments pertaining specifically to historic resources may be sent to Environmental Corporation of America, ATTN: Dina Bazzill, 1375 Union Hill Industrial Court, Suite A, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Ms. Bazzill can be reached at (770) 667-2040 x.111 during normal business hours. Comments must be received within 30 days of the date of this notice. Interested persons may review the application for the project at by entering Antenna Structure Registration (Form 854) File No. A1100362 and may raise environmental concerns about the project under the National Environmental Policy Act rules of the Federal Communications Commission, 47 CFR §1.1307, by notifying the FCC of the specific reasons that the action may have a significant impact on the quality of the human environment. Requests for Environmental Review must be filed within 30 days of the date that notice of the project is published on the FCC’s website and may only raise environmental concerns. The FCC strongly encourages interested parties to file Requests for Environmental Review online at environmentalrequest, but they may be filed with a paper copy by mailing the Request to FCC Requests for Environmental Review, Attn: Ramon Williams, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554. A copy of the Request should be provided to Environmental Corporation of America at 1375 Union Hill Industrial Court, Suite A, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Project #U0663 CER. Published in the Posey County News on March 27, April 3 & April 10, 2018 - hspaxlp

Published in the Posey County News on April 3, 2018 - hspaxlp

Mount Vernon. Domestic Battery, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. 90 days Posey County Jail. Wesley Barnes, 36, Mount Vernon. Ct. 1- Invasion of Privacy, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Theft, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. Ct. 2 is dismissed. $1 plus costs, 12 months probation and fees, driver’s license suspended 30 days, 32 hours public service. 12 months Posey County Jail, suspended. Wesley Barnes, 36, Mount Vernon. Battery, Class B Misdemeanor. Dismissed. Ryan Heath Bennett, 20, Cynthiana. Battery Resulting in Moderate Bodily Injury, Level 6 Felony. Petition to Revoke. 12 months Indiana Department of Corrections. James L. Bracket, 53, Newburgh. Ct. 1- Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Operating a Vehicle With an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent of .08 or More, Class C Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Public Intoxication, Class B Misdemeanor. Ct. 1 and 2 are dismissed. $1 plus costs, counseling, 12 months probation and fees. six months Posey County Jail, suspended. Joshua C. Bush, 18, Evansville. Ct. 1- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. Dismissed. Kristen Leigh Butler, 35, Evansville. Ct. 1- Operating a Vehicle With an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent of .15 or More, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person, Class A Misdemeanor. Ct. 2 is dismissed. $1 plus costs, $200.00 countermeasure fee, counseling, 1 year probation and fees. 1 year Posey County Jail, suspended. Paul R. Carnahan, II, 39, Evansville. Ct. 1- Possession of a Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level 6 Felony. Petition to Revoke. Six months Indiana Department of Corrections. Andrew Costa, 28, Mount Vernon. Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, 9 months probation, driver’s license suspended 90 days, 24 hours public service. Nine months Posey County Jail, all suspended except eight days. Andrew Jose Costa, 28, Mount Vernon. Ct. 1- Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, 9 months probation and fees, driver’s license suspended 90 days, 24 hours public service. Nine months Posey County Jail, suspended. April D. Crowe, 35, Poseyville. Ct. 1- Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, $200 countermeasure fee, counseling, 15 months probation and fees. Ct. 1- 18 months Indiana Department of Corrections; Ct. 2, 3- 60 days Posey County Jail, all suspended except 90 days. Kasey M. Ellis, 37, Evansville. Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. Dismissed. David Allen Fuhs, 30, Griffin. Hunting Deer with the Aid of Bait, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, no hunting for six months. 60 days Posey County Jail, suspended. Kalen Tyler Fuhs, 19, Evansville. Ct. 1- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. Dismissed. Brian D. Garbers, 24, New Harmony. Ct. 1- Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. Judgment entered on Ct. 1 as a Class A Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, $200 countermeasure fee, counseling, 1 year probation and fees. Ct. 1- 1 year Posey County Jail; Ct. 2, 3- 60 days Posey County Jail, suspended. David Glassco, 34, Wadesville. Ct. 1-5- Sexual Misconduct With a Minor, Level


APRIL 3, 2018


Court News Continued 4 Felony; Ct. 6-10- Incest, Level 4 Felony. Ct. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 dismissed. $1 plus costs, counseling, 4 years probation and fees, no contact with the victim, do not go around property of victim or family residence. 12 years Indiana Department of Corrections, all suspended except eight years. Tonya Faye Hayhurst, 46, Evansville. Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Discharged from probation. Ten days Posey County Jail. Tonya Faye Hayhurst, 46, Evansville. Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, driver’s license suspended 90 days. 90 days on electronic monitor. William J. Herron, 84, Mount Vernon. Public Intoxication, Class B Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, six months probation and fees. Six months Posey County Jail, suspended.

Daryl J. Hickman, 34, Cynthiana. Ct. 1- Domestic Battery, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Disorderly Conduct, Class B Misdemeanor. Ct. 2 and 3 dismissed. Fine and costs waived. Nine months Posey County Jail. Felicia D. Kelley, 32, Evansville. Ct. 1- Possession of Methamphetamine, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Returned to probation. 260 days Posey County Jail. Lisa King, 55, Mount Vernon. Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs. 60 days Posey County Jail, suspended. Stephanie B. League, 37, Mount Vernon. Theft, Class A Misdemeanor. Dismissed. Jason S. Lemberg, 25, Evansville. Ct. 1- Possession

of a Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Possession of a Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 3- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 4- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. 180 days Posey County Jail. Larry M. McGrew, 68, Mount Vernon. Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, $200 countermeasure fee, counseling, One year probation and fees, driver’s license suspended 30 days. 60 days Posey County Jail, suspended. Carter Niehaus, 21, Evansville. Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Dismissed. Kevin Daniel Owen, 25, New Harmony. Criminal

Trespass, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Probation terminated unsatisfactorily. 20 days Posey County Jail. Jason M. Paul, 39, Poseyville. Ct. 1- Operating a Vehicle as an Habitual Traffic Violator, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Possession of Methamphetamine, Level 6 Felony. $1 plus costs, counseling, driver’s license suspended two years, 48 hours public service, 20 months Community Corrections. Two years Indiana Department of Corrections, all suspended except 120 days. Soncerrai Potenciano, 32, Evansville. Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. Dismissed. John M. Rankin, 50, New Harmony. Invasion of Privacy, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. 203 days Posey County Jail. Dylan J. Redman, 25, Mount Vernon. Ct. 1, 2- Criminal Trespass, Class A Misdemeanor. Ct. 1 is dismissed. $1 plus costs, do not go on or around Southwind Apartments. 30 days Posey County Jail, suspended. Dylan J. Redman, 25, Mount Vernon. Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Discharged from probation unsatisfactorily. Two weekends Posey County Jail. Jason Michael Reynolds, 32, Poseyville. Ct. 1- Dealing in Marijuana, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level six Felony; Ct. 3- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 4- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. Ct. 1 and 4 are dismissed. $1 plus costs, $200 countermeasure fee, $1,000 seized applied to fees, counseling, 18 months probation and fees. Ct. 2- 18 months Indiana Department of Corrections; Ct. 3- 100 days Posey County Jail, all suspended except 100 days. William Dallas Reynolds, 33, Mount Vernon. Theft,

Class A Misdemeanor. Fine and costs waived. 10 days Posey County Jail. Codey M. Ritchison, 26, Evansville. Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs. Six days Posey County Jail. Dewayne J. Robertson, 29, Evansville. Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs, do not drive without a valid license, driver’s license suspended 30 days. 30 days Posey County Jail, suspended. Norman L. Schmidt, 40, Evansville. Ct. 1- Possession of Methamphetamine, Level six Felony; Ct. 2- Possession of a Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor. Fine and costs are waived. Ct. 118 months Indiana Department of Corrections; Ct. 2- 12 months Posey County Jail. Seana R. Schwartz, 32, Henderson, KY. Ct. 1, 2- Possession of a Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor. Ct. 2 is dismissed. $1 plus costs. 60 days Posey County Jail. Seana R. Schwartz, 32, Henderson, KY. Possession of Methamphetamine, Level six Felony. Petition to Revoke. Counseling, returned to probation. Jason Neil Simpson, 37, Boonville. Ct. 1- Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person, Class A Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Operating a Vehicle With an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent of .08 or More, Class C Misdemeanor. Dismissed. September Smiley, 20, Mount Vernon. Ct. 1- Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Possession of Paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs. 10 days Posey County Jail. September Smiley, 20, Mount Vernon. Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor. Pretrial termination. Dismissed. Jacob D. Smith, 20, Mount Vernon. Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Ever Receiving a License, Class C Misde-

meanor. $1 plus costs. 30 days Posey County Jail, suspended. David M. Temme, 51, Wadesville. Ct. 1, 2- Domestic Battery, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 3- Disorderly Conduct, Class B Misdemeanor. Ct. 1 and 2 are dismissed. $1 plus costs, six months probation and fees. Six months Posey County Jail, suspended. Zachary Lee Turner, 28, Mount Vernon. Ct. 1- Possession of Methamphetamine, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Operating a Vehicle as an Habitual Traffic Violator, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 3- Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 4- Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person, Level 6 Felony. Ct. 3 and 4 are dismissed. $1 plus costs, driver’s license suspended 18 months. 18 months Indiana Department of Corrections. Zachary Lee Turner, 28, Mount Vernon. Ct. 1- Operating a Vehicle With an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent of .08 or More, Class C Misdemeanor; Ct. 2- Driving While Suspended, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Discharged unsatisfactorily from probation. Zachary Lee Turner, 28, Mount Vernon. Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person, Class A Misdemeanor. Petition to Revoke. Six months Posey County Jail. Geoffrey Ward, 30 Henderson, KY. Ct. 1- Residential Entry, Level 6 Felony; Ct. 2- Criminal Trespass, Class A Misdemeanor. Ct. 1 is dismissed. $1 plus costs, 12 months probation and fees. 12 months Posey County Jail, suspended. Wesley Ray Williams, 26, New Harmony. $1 plus costs, counseling, six months probation and fees. 30 days Posey County Jail, suspended. Dalton M. Wright, 18, Owensville. Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Ever Receiving a License, Class C Misdemeanor. $1 plus costs. 30 days Posey County Jail, suspended.

PUBLIC NOTICE The Public testing of the Election machines to be used for the May 8, 2018 Primary Election will be at the Hovey House in Mount Vernon on Friday, April 6 at 10 am.



Linda L. Dickens

Loretta Michelle Englebright Hudson



Ken Johnson


Monica Kittinger


Cara Straub


Delene Schmitz


Julia Vantlin




431 E. 4TH ST., MT. VERNON, IN

(812) 838-4479 NEW LISTING!

133 Main Street

125 Main Street

3 Old Orchard

4821 Longview Court

10420 Connie Jo Ct

11115 Hwy 66, Evansville

Business location on corner of 2nd & Main. 1408 sq ft

Vacant lot with river view! Make an offer!

Remodeled brick 4 br/3 ½ ba 1 A, 3 car gar, fin bsmt

5 br, 3 ba w/walkout bsmt 1.3 A, hardwoods, lg deck

3 br, 2 ba, brick ranch 1.382 A, 2.5 car gar, outbldgs

4 br, 2 ba brick ranch 2 car att gar, pole barn 1+ A







1110 Pinehurst Drive 7250 N Sauerkraut Ln

816 Magnolia

112 S Church St., Poseyville

1855 Allyn Drive

433 Mill Street

5 br, 3.5 ba, 4000 sq ft Deck, walkout bsmt

4 br, 2 ½ ba two story Full walkout bsmt, 1.05 A

3 br, 2 ba remodeled brick home 2040 sq ft with 4 car garage

Newly renovated 3 br, 2 ba Move in ready!

3 bedroom brick ranch on corner lot

Nice 1100+ sq ft 2 br, wood floors, updates, 2 car gar











APRIL 3, 2018

Help Wanted


APL Youth Services Assistant Full-time position available in the Youth Services Department of the Alexandrian Public Library. Duties for this position include assisting at the Youth Information Desk, assisting in the planning and conducting of children’s programs, assisting with collection development and other duties as needed or assigned. Preference is given to candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and appropriate library coursework or experience. Minimum education requirements are a high school diploma with some college education, plus well-developed clerical skills, a good command of the English language, knowledge of technology, and the ability to communicate with the public.

St. Joe Inn, a well-established local restaurent/bar, has immediate openings for:

HOSTESS/SERVER/BARTENDER Approx. 15-20 hours a week. Competitive salary and tips.

EXPERIENCED LINE COOK Approx. 30 hours a week. Competitive salary.

Call 812-963-9310 after 10 am ask for Linda or Heather. Or send resume to:

Vacation, sick leave, insurance and paid holidays included. Send cover letter, resume and references by Friday, April 13, 2018 to: Marissa Priddis Alexandrian Public Library 115 W. Fifth St., Mt. Vernon, IN 47620

Town of New Harmony is in need of a full-time Street/Utility employee. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, possess a valid drivers license, and have basic computer skills. A preemployment drug screen and physical examination will be required. Interested applicants may apply in person at the:

Sign-On Bonus available for Full-Time Nurses & CertiďŹ ed Nurses Assistants

Clerk-Treasurer’s OďŹƒce 520 E. Church St., New Harmony, IN 47631

Positions Available Immediately! Apply in person:

All applications/resumes must be received no later than April 13, 2018. The Town of New Harmony is an equal opportunity employer.

Premier Healthcare of New Harmony 251 HWY 66, New Harmony, IN


For Rent Apartment Living At Its Best


1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments 3 Bedroom Townhouses • Total Electric • Water Included • Appliances Furnished • Laundry Facility on Site • Rent Based on Income • Immediate Occupancy with Approved Application


Full-Time Housekeeping and Laundry Positions Work Exclusively for Premier Healthcare! Apply in person:

Premier Healthcare of New Harmony 251 HWY 66, New Harmony, IN

• Off

Street Parking • Laundry Facility on Site • Rental Assistance Available • Free Trash Pickup • Quiet and Friendly Neighbors • Wheelchair Accessible • 1 Bedroom Apartments • Equal Housing Opportunity

Your Home Should Be Your Castle! For information contact:

Contact: James Reynolds 812-453-9367 or




Big Creek Apartments Now accepting applications for nice one-bedroom apartment. No Pets. $395 monthly + $395 deposit

Call 812-985-9652 to e ing park Posey Jail iinspe comes up imprection ssive

g own Council member back was recogniz t for earning an Eagle Scout ney Jake Weis, ed for ats Ron Fallowfi Badge. Pictured Posey eld, are, back, Posey Prosecut County Director of Econom Bruce Baker, and Steve Ahrens. In back in front, ic Develop or and Scout pme ment John Taylor, Poseyville Fire are attorLeader Travis Chief Sam martin Clowerss,, Po martin, and P Poseyville Town Devin Kiesel, Chad FishPos o Photo by Dave D Poseyville Wastewa cil on Pearce Marshal Doug ter Department Coun istn,ics, ce untySaltzma manager log Pear Jeremy Co all the Farrar. al 15 ve ion sey t rnon By Dathe Po rk ou addit If can wo be an ount Ve M on d Aging will so es at the peare of s ap there ng spac r. Evan Board day parki r Cente onica rnon urs M Senio rector ount Ve . on Th permisBy Dave Pearce Di the M p.m like lot for 0 e uld 4:3 ng est The results are befor in and the Posey cient coverage .’orks at she wo ir parki r on W me County Jail’s annual The same W so ted d the cente status sta inspectio to that ten during d existed n re- 2011 and port came back ns an 2012aninspectio with to exns.citize e added down e glowing reviews. predominantly du me Accordin Accord g tosion senior t. Sh that co Doing The inspection state codes was held on Thursday also IAC 3-1-14 Stree 210 3-1-1 (a) the emen a plan. she has cre‘There ghth shall In the inspectio . Ei sufficient personne ve gentl habe Re p thetheilitjail l in y atindicated rk & what noted that there n report, it was all times of to provide fac p she the Pa with adequate deaths or escapes have been no pervision the T nce, suof inmates and t is OK do. in the past year in ige 1 and tion to from the Posey HazelNe to dil ensure staff and inmate d 81 rtmen wants County e aas aniza e safety.’ I strongly vey D calle In a staffing analysisfacility. recomme Depa tion the org west sid , Alill yv t county iza that was develop nd that the SaNtu completed in 2013, ation council the an south Pose D ted on A a org sta extend to the he p tothe from NE Heathh dation was made the recommen- needed staffhiring plan hire an thes that three more and co Ev like to t, then rsotouthT ingOtoW staff members with re, the analysis and the comply be hired at the LY the buLild ht fee jail standards would facil- inspector esso ity. But with old thet eig . From CA A9 ccthe O a new wrote. Until the ab, ou at L jail currently being or renovated new jail alley Su ge m the fro considered by Pa to Posey County alk Preparing to serve officials, the d on communion during sidew additional staff may Church in Mount tinue the Bicentennial unt depending on the not be needed, service celebrat Con diana Confereence Vernon. Pictured left to right: design of the faion at First United nce of the United Matthew Crafton, Methodist cility. pastor the Rev. Bishop Michael ev. David Stevens. Methodist Church, FUMC Coyner of the But, according pastor the Rev. Photo submitte Into the report, Christopher Millay, d retired ‘sick days, days ooff, vacations outside jail op operations present and staffing challe challenges and possible insuffis were surprised to learn that all past due utilities must be paid in full before

g Saltzman indicatedloose in town. that the town

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Find us on the newsstands! St.Philip’s Truck Stop Roadhouse Liquor (3rd St)

Keck eck Gonnerman

One Stop Express (Poseyville)

Briefly efl fly

hold annual Harvest Keck Gonnerma n will hold their Dinner and Dance HAPPY FOU 2015 Posey County 4H annual Harvest Dinner and Dance RTH Hat theChicken Fair Community OF a Fried JUL Center. Doors open on November 14, Dinner Yby St. Matthews provided at 5:30 p.m., with Entertainment to

Chris’ Pharmacy the candidate

NH voters ‘me ‘m et

By Lois Mittino Gray About 75 citizens aand half

(New Harmony) tration




program at USI. the candidates New Harmony will be Men’s for the chosen Speaking order Town person. Tickets can provided by The Works with Katie Club beginning at 6 p.m. was randomly out of a box of ‘Meet the Candidat Council election attended be purchased Hawg’N’S Beste York. names. All four the es’ forum held Richard Kaufman Succe Successorat to hopefuls were auce and Silverwood Cost is $25 per era House on at Thrall’s Op- allotted five minutes to introduce 812-480-4 733, Jody The or by contacting Tuesday, October Poseyv 457-4713, Candy Kaufman their ideas. Then ille167, themselves and News 812-480-9 w & the New Harmony Morlock 13. Sponsored LOCAL New 812-550-3LY Hanka drew a Katie Harmon Hoehn 1789 in downtown 316,OWNE mony by the Business Business Brian Pierce, 812y Times question, prepared D AND Evansville. Must and KimOPERA president Associates, Dyehouse TED by Jim Spann welcomeAssociates, the group’s the be 21-years-old or ten minutes discussio out of another box to start older and ID will 812-455-SINCE 1882 ing the goal of the evening d all in attendance statbe required. n for each candidate tions were allowed was “honest, commun .





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atio inform thee ing regard upâ€? day. Quesication that leads respectful this from audience to better voter members during time, too. better election turnout and outcome for our First up was town.â€? Participating in Independ . ent candidate the xc Flleea F who said he was er RyanapRapp of ideas were dates David Flanders exchange le//F raised in Poseyvil candi- New e Sa , Ryan Rapp, le, but grew spto love Harmony after Gary Watson. Roger Wade magge C a trip to GermanyNew Incumbent Do m Don Gibbs planned and servant, he would Rum inity UC 8 a.m . As a public tend, but sent a like to pass the , letter rlier tha Tr ned town to the next that morning that to at- generation “better dealing with health earlier chh 10 y S than what Ow he was he loves Marc ulberr es. Spann read that, “My absence issues. the statement ally we found it.â€? He said M from his letter translated from 505 in noo way reflec “Your big opportun Loc reflects the importan German that of this meeting. ruce e B ity is where you hoow I enjoy being on Y ce S Sh Because feels are right now.â€? ent at th the ccouncil and to see business Posey County NL commun ding m id le th want practical he flourishh in this ’s ONLY Locally Wed w Harm thing town that I love ’s Ohe would like ication is so importanPrt,esa said peop of Owned Newsp so addressnty to do is get a good Ne N nteerr aper. and k with bers ty oardpublic system at town The remaining (USPS SPS 439. Ce ili 439-50 council meetingsn B e up or em Cou 500) 00 can 0) 0) three candidates for a se 1 Conf arch 11 C sookeveryone cil declined to w to m the ut dues seat on coun-osey hear what is said. When asked Tow sp to participate. g lk M st in the e. about Alvin Blaylock bridge, he feels P Ha H Drone responde er thewill futured ta once pa and Brenda an the town, county d no to the Volume 135bent is ll an ofbut , all Bak New work and ncil has Edition ed Joe Straw wn state ca should 26 did not eveninvitation, while Incum- take as partners and eachCou wn ts agree staff nect ey Citywhattoresponsib as one can’t do wn at Mount Vernon reply either way communication e to stree h on ll. to if th utilityility tto the olson and ignored urrcch ce pro-Citizen To itinall The Mount Vernon Christmas on Main Street g alone. ored it.. disc in fu te, th the hicles g e areNichasked Chu Dr. Matt Hanka him Committee to meet Christmas On Main thLaura the talk Pearyv illehow you paid ilar no to rid d ve Dou e “Nothing October 21 at 6 Poin , them Street Committe evencan replied, terfully lls that? lly managed the hile edget sion and kept time. masterfu li- tobido se ay replaces p.m. ne al ed e will meet Wednesda g t be He Dav Po discus- be discu persisten on College Avenue. in the conference room in the He iss a political sd e. W prov Ma y, By Lois Mittino il Don’t a simmptin andoMarsh resumtow s, po ce. By given mus wait Police and director of This year’s event science Gray The Wpermissio edneseyvillnasto ap On atto children’s party rule ouncway. act. Lead te y ab n the Master will be Saturday, and Fire Station e 12 1 had ay er Degree in Public professor ed Mount Vernon and December 5 with Po et w city The Cthe en theman . Tow d he 14-d e ar e Jeffries also made That Stole Christmaslighted Christmas parade. This Adminisagre to Pick up a met l in Contin to . Lemberg would Police Lieutenant Darrin year’s theme dg the motion .’ Everyone is welcome ike eds s be as ssible dicate with ed thered. H the Generation like to upgrade Hal d bu turned ued w of po nceson to help and share is ‘The Grinch of Sc ne A12 s alPage n’ equipment to give Three radar unit to purchase information call his training in fe es tic iss na w se ir ad ic ideas. S Becky Higgins at from MPH Industries for $1,270. For more city officers more po kly ordi t he publ e to me se as man vehicl s no ve m ming 812-204-7388. live training scenarios A ppa Kie e All new police realistic this quic and rtmen the e of th that co Saltz ing cars have latest model, but . He attended the d haay ha the co ess. ard Posey County Council in th Vernon Board an ut Lemberg has es . es ev Mount men m gg bo pa oc g t es m Posey of Public Works ci m D on in ta Aging plans Nashville to train the County Council es em in i de etim so lti using the 20-year-o ou e is pr te, 26 to request monies meeting June on and som ded of e pena g by th me froresitend yvill notic ral he orkingete th r no ked ab He model in his police0-year-olldd Generation One is a three-day, two-night Aging Nashville Tripwill be December trip for things like se k training suit and ce car. 7-9, 2015. This that remin and th idin der ca that ded seve be w mpl othe s as imals. use at Nashville Nightlife trip. The trip includes a visit Po Ja Generation Three a Taser J The to Opry Mills, Dinner Theater, his police car. radar for sole board alsoo made a motion to be ies not ab min ked remin or will to coyet an Ahren an beca dog ney , P reject the Parthenon, a ride the Delta Flatboats guided tour of Nashville, photothen dinner bid received ved for the East polic g for first re ho ase be out on and “With regard n days n Steve licy onasked of a wn. back y stop inside Opryland Flow sewer project. Side Gravity of the Grand Old Opry House. w ill to the terrible •O r d s se th te Hotel, and backstage at the led alon he roject. When opened throughout the be s po been aine in to wn Cost is $319 for tragedies meeting, Po tour •T Mayo, seyv e mai e mon . La country, a double occupancy o at a prior the bid was considera mem town’ had compl ose the to lty 812-838-4656 to Po ar we do not get caught we need to make sure ird Phh . Please call th register. bly higher than the engineer’’ss estimate. off guard. The Julie s of bills th of ty-th a pena onthe he had ing lo that 1 12 to train using scenarios men need put dent utilitye eigh e twen t to to disc first eA on holdd until the The bid rejection was Jim said eone runn cated they might encounte It is a new training Correction Hirsch was mistakenly board could be r. that SRF funds Pag that t th on th subjec ect the som dogs indi and I’ll need new assured in a identiďŹ unds ment for it,â€? he bj would ed ou by as a e photo on Jail still be available equip- Superinte ab due ar e su paid th. told or man me . Sewer volunteer cutline. He should have been titlesCommander for the Sheriffs OfďŹ endent ndent Rodney ed The board was the board. ce Reserve Unit of Givens presented are ents ties ar e not mon en so wn Saltz board with the Posey County the Reserve Commander of the tinu ith an email from the and Councilman supportive of the request paym utili ey ar wing ve be the to surSherriff’s OfďŹ ce. Shelley Love assurany confusion this ing the city that Brian Jeffries told Con We apologize for to put may have caused. the needed funds and if th e follo ere ha e in were due ut together Lemberg be togeth t a training plan extended could still ended for a year on nect of th said th mad ents past fore fer withh Chief Beloa Beloat, and “we’ll paper, con- confiden dentt in rejecting so the board felt more In an announcem Silverwood Restaurant day ayo ctions resid all ll be it and run through nd you’ll to y M ne ose that in fu get your equipmen $912,736 2,736 remains the bid. Givens said that Mount Vernon ent made last evening, Silverwooclose equ Sources on th t money.â€? project. n in the fund for ces will be from will close permanen d Restauran use on the encourages residents ject. COIT disc that lear paid tly, effective immediate t and Gifts in LECEF funds and internal nterrnal funds already and LE to remember the ly. Owners have and d to ust be importance of supporting budgeted. Don Temme, left, ise s m Continued on Page local businesses pr Pictured and tie Darrell . left to rightt are: Creek stand Gonnerman Red A3 utili Dr. Matt Hanka, Wade; David Day on Saturday in front of Don’s antique tractor Bus/A Flanders; and moderator; Red Wagon g Wagon o candidat ......... at the KeckJim Spann, New in Poseyvill total of 23 tractors ........A e. Photo 9 . ABratcher Harmon Harmo y Business es Ryan Rapp; Gary Watson; were on display by Theresa Deaths .......... Classifieds .... By Valerie Associates. Photo Roger lerrie Werkme .......... at The B10by Lois Mittino ister Posey School .................. Gray ey County Legals...............B A3 Community......... 11 creases will often Commissioners ... ..A8 meet Council 9-10 il members m ..A4 met side by side and employees who have the salary of other own would Chur Social ......... Opinion ................A joint meet ........ ............A6 been working a meeting in a ch..... be considere ting this week .........emlon- ployees. d ‘exempt’ .....A7 to discuss a few ger period of time. points of county Sports ...... c Retrospective..... 11 Auditor Kyle Haney business. ... .........B1-4 County officials have become stated that the com ...A5 me a regular habit The meetings ation of job feel crethat TV Guide in order rectify this situation, classifications as county officials workk towards Gui ...........B7-8 will termine salary they must first to open communication increases in the help de- ate job descriptio between ea creeach ach entity. ns and classifica future. He each added it would tions be employee. A necessary to for One of the t discussion points involved which employees are considere determine will begin in Augustnew budget discussion the desiree too create d ‘exempt’ and ‘non-exe and they would job classifications like to county employee for empt’ means mpt.’ As a general rule, ‘ex- have something in place by mpployees. s. It has then. those employee County council newer employee mplloyeess who been noted that to earn overtime s are member Dave receive salary Pearce pay. Elected officeunable stated he has contacted in- ers who Warrick County holdare able to make to decisions on their Continued on


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(New Harmony)

Old Mill Mart


(New Harmony)

Depot Diner

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The solution to last week’s puzzles:





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ey iid Gonn Pose n Dinn provvid Keck at the ickkeen ll be puurr 2015 ied Ch enntt wican be 24 a Fr tainm ets n 812 ck ma orrll Enter n. Ti Ka K uf y M E persochard Cand n Ev Ri 4713, wntow 457- inn do 89 17

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Guilty Pleasures


(Mount Vernon)






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and really think about what will work the best where. I have planned five stations for Friday night’s show. There are three stagings near the front of the viewing area, one the middle of the in hill and one in back against the the river bank for the really eally big ones att the end,� he e explained. “That’s th the these big companie problem with s that come me in and use barges ba j






Riverdaays ayys schedule sched

duledd for nt Vernon River Days ays Committee is September 11-13 vent in 2015 which busy preparing for ch is sett for September another fabulous fabulou fun ning include historic 11-13, 2015 2015. Popular e toric t that h will ike Show, Classicc demonstrations, food booths, Smoke events Car Show, children’s on Saturday, September events, and musical the Ohio, pet mber 12. Saturday talent. evening’s ow Wolfgang’s Concert g ďŹ ďŹ reworks reworks a sure crowdA parade oncert on o th i f d l



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Bud’s Hardware




motely’ beautifu l (West Side, Ev.)





Priceless FireworksFoods ‘re

with July 3 ďŹ Lions Club will sponsor ďŹ rewor s rework the annual kss show nt Vernon Riverfront verffront.. Boy Scouts ďŹ reworks show Friday, July 3, 2015 at the will be selling hotdogs show beginning and drinks with the around 9 p.m. B BMV announc an nnounces es BMV license bran branches nches will be closed holiday hours Saturday, July 4, n observance of I Independence Day. 2015 through Monday, ss hours on Tuesday, uesdday, July 7, 2015. All branches resume regularly scheduled For a hours, please visit complete list of branch locations and

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McKim’s IGA

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By Valeriee Werkme W ister Members rs of o the Cynthian a Town Board 9, and discussed partment of Environm met last usssed routine matters replace the tow on their agenda. Tuesday, June Sims also discussed ental Management of his certificat town’s wn’s aging lawnmow They decided to problems with commerciall gr er with a new several drains in ion. grade rade mower from Scag Cheetah clay tiles of a drain at 11000 North town. The Nix Equipment Council me need to be replaced. Street member ember Patti Wilson in Poseyville. Sims stated it drains have collapsed and will mower overr oth stated she favored and much of it other across the state ther quotes from has collapsed. the Scag highway John Deere and She stated the he Scag S Gravely mowers. but said the problem is not He was able to temporarily patch mowers are solved. Sims also evity the town it, lem on Elm Street. wnn desires. Wilson better-built and will have the noted a similar During heavy lonprobo provide service rains, flooding rviice on the mower.also stated that Adam Nix agreed the drains in that area. occurs around The board app He asked the board’s approved proved the $6,635 permission to notify Town employee ment of Transpor loyyee Steve Sims purchase. the Indiana Departinformed mputer encounte can be slated on tation (INDOT) of the problem counntered red some problems board members that his their schedule so the project e took the computer om mputer to PC Innovatio and is no longer working. allow Sims to contact INDOT. for repairs. The board agreed re able to retr to ns in Wadesville Town retrieve rieve importan and they merous marshal Andy Porath reported ve. Sims stated complaints about that he has received atedd he is currentlyt files and reports from the hard speeding using a personal nute his workk an and nd requested the laptop to com- informed the board he has been vehicles on North Street. town purchase He near future.. watching the a new laptop in enforcing the speed limit and ensuring vehicles area and will be he board agreed stop at the stop greeed they would sign. make a complete search for a reasonab for Sims. The board approved ly price lapa request ims also reported Church to use the portted that he recently park shelter and by Turning Point Christian party. water operator passed his certificat facilities on July atorr for the town. 18, for a block ion tests They will notify The next board the Indiana DeMadison and p.m. in the town meeting will be held on Tuesday, Marissa Moles hall. July 14, at 6 in the enjoy some time fountain at the Mount Vernon Sunday afternoon riverfront on . Photo by Dave MV to light ghtt up thee sky Pearce


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unify plans Huck’s

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Frankie J’s

(Mount Vernon)

Premier Healthcare of New Harmony EOE

SUBSCRIBE 812-682-3950

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  N    C ADOPTION T P This Institution is an equal opportunity 018 2 6, provider and rch Ma ay, employer esd

Call: (812) 838-2088

Apply in person:


Jim Fetscher, Site Manager

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

Work Exclusively for Premier Healthcare! 251 HWY 66, New Harmony, IN

JOB OPENING: Needed General Carpenter and/or Home Repair. Will need driver’s license and pass background check.

Call for an application:

Southwind Apartments 465 W. 9th St. Mt. Vernon, IN 47620


Full-Time Housekeeping and Laundry Positions

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Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles CLUES ACROSS 1. ‘Be back later’ 4. Hoover’s oďŹƒce 7. Brew 8. Philo and Reglis are two (‘Star Wars’) 10. Actress Remini 12. Moghul emperor 13. Alaskan glacier 14. Constrictor 16. Prohibit 17. Ancient Brittonic tribe 19. Chinese pastry 20. Razorbill is of this genus 21. Beloved holiday decoration 25. Dutch football club 26. Aggressive dog 27. Small piece of glass 29. ‘South Park’ creator __ Parker 30. Leisure activity 31. Someone’s story 32. Record-setting swimmer 39. Hillside 41. Unit of measurement 42. Famous for its potatoes 43. Insect secretion 44. Gate in Marrakesh 45. Cain and __ 46. A set of moral principles 48. Repair 49. Two-terminal semicondcutor device 50. Strongly alkaline solution 51. Former CIA

52. Satellite laser ranging CLUES DOWN 1. Sea 2. Cleans things 3. More skinny 4. Supervises ying 5. Talk rapidly and excitedly 6. Intestinal 8. Don’t know when yet 9. Soluble ribonucleic acid 11. Chinese and Vietnamese ethnic group 14. Wild cattle genus 15. Rock formation 18. Makes up 19. Resembles a pouch 20. Having an aerial quality 22. Windpipe 23. Million barrels per day (abbr.)

24. Bitterly regret 27. Soft creamy white cheese 28. Renamed when EU was incorporated 29. ‘__ death do us part 31. Sound unit 32. Men proud of their masculinity 33. Clergy member’s vestment 34. Hello 35. Mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls 36. Marks 37. Derived from benzene 38. Low-melting alloy 39. Lost blood 40. Quantitative relation 44. Academic degree 47. Many subconsciousses

Sudoku of the Week


APRIL 3, 2018



APRIL 3, 2018


 (*' (*      



(3 (     



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#$$  $  

#$$"    $$





#$$   !


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#$$  "

#$$"    #$$    






(;35(66:$< *0&






.# 7$4/ 7 #1$ ) /1#&1#)&, .5#)4/ ./, 4/1 4$#8 ). )&-4/1 &  )6& 8%&1 //#/1&, /#&1#$ /1.#1#)&/ 8 ++$8, *0 .5./ & .49 +.# / ) +.##& )& . 4.4/  41) .. 2,2*,* " ,3,*, !)1)/ ). $$4/1.1#)&/ 4.+)// &$8,  $. ). 1#$/,

April 3, 2018 - The Posey County News  
April 3, 2018 - The Posey County News