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RUSSELL BRAND & KATY PERRY What to wear: For Katy - a skin-tight, cleavage-revealing mini dress with funky patterns and rocket high heels. a matching vest and loads of tribal-inspired necklaces. Beauty tips: Go all out. Wigs, colored eyeliners, bright lipsticks, whatever you would consider over-the-top on a daily basis. Bonus points: Have your boo grow out his stache well in advance.

THE BECKHAMS What to wear: For Victoria – biggest sunglasses For David – go shirtless with a soccer ball in your hand. good contrast between bronzer and highlighter). don’t let go of each other’s hands. RACHEL ZOE What to wear: an all-black ensemble conOLSEN TWINS What to wear: Oversized everything – sunglasses, maxi skirt, boyfriend coat – and overload of accessories. Beauty tips: “I just woke up” hair and drugged-eye smoky makeup. Bonus points: an empty Starbucks cup in one hand.


boots, some sort of animal fur to wrap around

What to wear: For Blair – need we explain the universal Upper East princess style? Think colored tights, mary janes, headbands and girly blouses. For Chuck – whatever you see on ted blazer + bow tie + pocket square = preppy and charming. Beauty tips: Blair’s perfectly calculated curls and Chuck’s 2:8 side part. Use hair wax shamelessly. Bonus point: Have your friends tag along as Nate and Serena, and you’ve got the whole gang taking over the house in style.




the better). Beauty tips: heavy mascara and eyeliner concentrated towards your outer corners, rich red Bonus points: do not EVER let go of your Blackberry. And don’t smile in front of cameras.


HALLOWEEN It’s always the same old campus parties, try to switch it up a little with these tips and ideas for a great weekend.

Say good-bye to tacky bunny ears and overpriced costumes – celebrate Halloween in style this year as one of the hottest fashion icons! From stylish couple looks for you and your hot date to equally fashionable solo costumes, I’ve got all the tips to stealing the spotlight at any party.

AUDREY HEPBURN What to wear: A sleeveless LBD, layered necklace, a pair of sleek black gloves, a tiny tiara. Beauty tips: Stay natural – a touch of mascara and nude lip gloss will do. Bonus points: Add an old-fashioned cigarette.

TRY BEING A GREEK GODDESS; all you need is a white sheet

LADY GAGA What to wear: Blow up transparent balloons in all different sizes and stick them to a nude leotard, complete with fishnet stockings. Beauty tips: Fake lashes and blond bob wig. Bonus points: Make sure you are well-covered underneath in case the balloons all disappear by the end of the night.

If you’re willing to venture away from campus, there is plenty to do for Halloween weekend in Los Angeles. IF YOU LIKE TECHNO, try a festival like Hard Haunted Mansion at Shrine Auditorium or Escape from Wonderland in San Bernadino. If you’re IN THE MOOD FOR A MOVIE NIGHT, got to the Nuart Theater in Santa Monica on Saturday, October 29 for a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. FOR A TRULY SCARY HALLOWEEN, go to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights and wander through mazes and haunted houses.

fake) on to the headband, tie yourself a toga and you’re ready to go! GOT SOME METALLIC SPANDEX? Try being an alien, using fun glittery makeup neon accents and some antennae attached to a headband. DRESS AS A SEA CREATURE. Draw some scales on your body with glitter or body paint and use blue or turquoise eye makeup for a cute under the sea look.

Halloween Costume Ideas  

2011 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas  

2011 Halloween Costume Ideas