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Cut The Rope Online Review Cut the rope online, after a long time found the android devices. Previously the game only agreed to be on the I-phone, where by players had to reduce ropes to give Om Nom with candies. Increasing it's popularity ZeptoLab the developers of the famous entertaining game, have changed time travel game somewhat.

The upgrade is the fact that there'll be two Om Noms and 2 candies in every level but literary the game continues to be the same. Sticking with the same theme, the game is put into six durations. This takes you from stone age, to middle age, to ancient Greece times, to the Renaissance and into far more. Through every period there is an boost in obstacles and tools. They're like bombs, portals and rockets all of which are in the new level with all the two challenging candy puzzles. Cut the rope is still on 2D though the presentation of the game is hilarious. The 2 Om Noms are graphically expressed with higher quality and vibrant colors. The physics is a a specialist level where the bits of candy hang in the rope in this realistic manner. The bouncing and swinging are like you would see in person. Visually the physics is more than simply great. The sound however was developed to emphasise your concentration so as possible not fail to feed both Om Noms. The game gets challenging the bigger you are going.

Technically the game performs quite well under all devices and from experience I literary have not had a problem with Cut the rope on Android devices. Zeptolab's history promises the cut the rope game fans, as updates of the game are consistent. The 90 levels of the game go quickly to the addicts. We hope Cut the rope online, can keep up the level of entertainment.

Cut the rope online review