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A Quick Look at The Adavo Lettings Business Model The business model which Adavo Lettings follows is made up of several components; firstly, its management team purchase properties at a discounted price, as this is one of the most important steps in order to secure a high profit - it provides both Adavo Lettings and the investors with a margin of safety, and makes it far less likely that clients will lose money. Adavo Lettings secure discounts due to the fact that they only ever purchase with cash. This method enables Adavo Lettings to prove funds very quickly and speeds up the entire process, as there is no mortgage application to deal with. Because they have the necessary funds to purchase properties, Adavo Lettings can often secure a new house within a month, although the process often takes just two weeks. This company has a reputation for purchasing houses and flats very quickly, and for always adhering to their agreements, which in turn, means that sourcing great properties is easier for the Adavo Lettings team, as people often bring lucrative deals to them. After buying a new property, Adavo Lettings then set to work renovating it - this is another component of their business model. They have an in house team that carries out all of their renovation projects. This step is a crucial factor in the success of Adavo Lettings investments, as it usually adds about fifteen percent to the property's total capital value. Furthermore, the renovation work helps to reduce long term maintenance costs, as the construction materials which are used are durable and of a very high

quality. The contemporary, stylish appearance of these renovations also mean that Adavo Lettings have no issues with quickly renting them out to tenants. As soon as Adavo Letting Blog purchase a property and begin the renovations, they start to sell it to their list of contacts and investors. Adavo has a great deal of experience in property presentation, and always makes sure that the most important features of their properties are clearly evident during these presentations. Generally speaking, Adavo Lettings tends to sell its houses very quickly; this is due in part to the quality of the remodelling work, and in part to its team's sales skills. The selling of a property capitalises on the discount margins, as well as the increase in post-renovation value, thus ensuring that Adavo retains a strong cash flow.

A quick look at the adavo lettings business model

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