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RANDY AND LISA SANDBERG Jeanette Samuelson Kristi Copeland Tomeka Flowers

Pose Down is gearing up for March 1st as we prepare Hello Readers: for the Arnold Classic 2012. Join us through our website for backstage photos and highlights of this years The Central Texas Showdown was a comevent. plete Bob I are planning Be suresuccess. to check out theand Amateur evet as well. Watch nextofyears ventures with a few surprise some Central Texas Showdown’s overall winners annoucements. Stay tuned to Pose Down compete for a placing at this years 2012 Arnold once we finalize ourluck plans. Amateur Show. Good Athletes! I have the distinct pleasure of revisting with a friend of mine in this issue Nancy Di Nino. Please read her updated news and ventures.


Cover Picture: Armon Adibi Stephen Frazier Photo By: Ray Rojas Ray Rojas Editor In Chief : Bob Johnson Editorial /Director/Designer: Laura Johnson Publication Interest: Aaron Fletcher Photographers: Ray Rojas Photographers for bio’s sumitted in this issue: Doug Jantz Corso Photography Contributing Column Writer Kay Simms Lee Pelmore Katy Small Pose Down Magazine accepts photos from individual athletes with the understanding that each athlete own the rights to photos submitted…….



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Guest Poser Roc Shabazz


Kay’s Bio


Kay Simms, M.S., CSCS, HFI My Health Philosophy: Good health is a blessing not to be taken for granted. I love sharing my passion for fitness and wellness with others. The greatest reward I could ask for is seeing my clients succeed and change their lives. The combination of proper resistance training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition provide the formula for success!! Hard work is not an option, it is MANDATORY! I enjoy utilizing the science of my exercise physiology degree background to evaluate and address every client’s individual needs. My goal is to serve every client with energy, passion, and commitment every day to lead them to happier, healthier lives. Changing lives is what I do every day through fitness, nutrition, and mental training. Clients feel better as they work toward and achieve their goals. Whether improved body composition, daily functioning, or sports performance is the goal, I address all aspects training required to achieve it. Nutrition is a key aspect of reaching health/fitness goals. Whole, clean foods are the ticket to success. I myself must live a gluten-free/lactose-free diet; thus helping others identify unknown food allergies/intolerances has become a passion of mine raising quality of life for many and increasing awareness of keeping foods “back to basics” as much as possible. Experience in cardiac rehabilitation research and living a gluten/lactose-free diet enhances my ability to serve a more diverse clientele with compassion and care. Competitive collegiate tennis and figure competition experience provides a further level of performance training for those with competitive goals. Whatever the need, the client will be served 110%! Certifications/Education/Background: Certified NSCA- CSCS, ACSM- Health/Fitness Specialist 2 ½ years cardiac rehabilitation research-Baylor Hospital, Dallas- 8 published articles 4 years NCAA Division 1-AA tennis player Specialties include: Weight loss Special Populations-including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia Nutrition-including gluten- and lactose free diets and other food intolerances/allergies Body sculpting Performance training Contact Info: Kay Simms, M.S., CSCS, HFI Professional Trainer/Director of Training 972-207-9800

The Awesome Avocado Avocados have developed a bad rap over the years. Being high in fat-almost 85% of its calories come from fat, fat-phobia kicks in at the thought of eating them However, this fruit is a nutrient powerhouse that is a great addition to a healthy diet. Considering all the awesome health benefits and rich flavor avocados have to offer, make sure to add avocado to your next grocery list! Awesome Avocado Facts: • Dozens of varieties exist, but Hass is the most poppuoar variety in the U.S. 95% of avocados sold in U.S. come from California, original home of the Hass avocado. • Avocados being rich in both fat and vitamins and minerals. This makes for the perfect marriage for optimal nutrient absorption and utilization in the body when avocado in consumed. Avocado also helps absorb nutrients from other foods consumed with it, such as spinach in a salad. • An avocado that is ripe and ready to eat will be slightly soft, without dark soft spots or cracks. Also, if it has a slight neck rather than being rounded at the top, it may have better flavor due to longer tree ripening. • Avocados are not recommended by many to cook with, due to potential destruction of nutrients when exposed to high eat. Research is still needed in this area. Awesome Avocado Health Benefits: • High in carotonoid antioxidants, serving as an anti-inflammatory • High in oleic acid, which helps the digestive tract create molecules to carry fats to help fat-soluble nutrients be absorbed, decreasing risk for heart disease • High in Omega-3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) • Low in carbohydrates: only 2 g sugar per cup • High in fiber: 8 g per cup, which helps maintain blood sugar levels • High in vitamins B6, K, C, B5 • Contains more potassium than banana


Some easy ways to add avocado into your day include adding to salad, smoothies, use as sandwich spread instead of mayo, and dipping raw veggies into mashed avocado. Below are some great recipes to highlight this awesome food: 15-Minute Halibut with Avocado Salsa Prep and Cook Time: 15 minutes Ingredients: • 6 medium cloves garlic, pressed • 1/4 cup minced scallion • 1-2 tsp finely minced jalapeno pepper • 3 TBS chopped fresh cilantro • 8 cherry tomatoes, quartered • 1 medium ripe but firm avocado, diced into 1/4-inch cubes • 1/4 cup + 1 TBS fresh lemon juice • 4 6 oz halibut steaks or fillets • salt and black pepper to taste Directions: 1. Press garlic and let sit for 5 minutes to bring out its health-promoting properties. 2. Mix together garlic, scallions, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, 1/4 cup lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. 3. Heat 2 inches of water in the bottom of a steamer and let it come to a boil. 4. Rub halibut with 1TBS lemon juice and season with a little salt and black pepper. Place in steamer and steam 10 minutes for every inch of thickness. (e.g., 5 minutes if it is 1/2-inch thick) 5. Place fish on plate, and top with salsa. Serves 4 Stuffed Avocados Ingredients: • 2 medium avocados, halved and pits removed • 1 cup prepared seafood, tuna or chicken salad: TTo assemble, top each avocado half with 1/4 cup f the salad.

Grilled Chicken Salad With Avocado and Mango Prep: 15 minutes; Cook: 8 minutes Directions: • 2 tablespoons olive oil • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice • 2 tablespoons mango chutney • 1 tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce • 3/4 teaspoon grated peeled fresh ginger • 4 (4-ounce) skinless, boneless chicken-breast halves • Cooking spray • 8 cups mixed salad greens • 1 cup diced peeled mango • 3/4 cup diced peeled avocado Directions: 1. Prepare grill. 2. Combine oil, juice, chutney, soy sauce, and ginger in a small bowl. Place chicken on large plate; spoon 2 tablespoons oil mixture over chicken, reserving the rest for the salad. Turn chicken to coat, and let stand 5 minutes. 3. Place chicken on grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill 4 minutes on each side or until chicken is done, brushing with oil mixture from plate before turning. Slice chicken crosswise into strips. 4. Arrange greens, mango, and avocado on 4 serving plates. Arrange chicken over greens. Drizzle reserved dressing over salads

Holiday Vegetable and Hass Avocado Sauté Recipe Ingredients • 1 1/2 Tbsp. avocado oil or olive oil • 2 tsp. finely chopped garlic • 1/2 large shallot, finely chopped • 1/2 Tbsp. fresh thyme leaves • 3 zucchini, cut in half lengthwise and sliced 1/4-inch thick • 1/2 red bell pepper, cut into 1-inch squares • 1 Tbsp. grated lemon peel • 1 1/2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice • 1 ripe, Fresh Hass Avocado, seeded, peeled and cut into chunks Instructions 1. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add garlic, shallot and thyme, sauté for 3 minutes. 2. Mix in zucchini, bell pepper and lemon peel, stir and cook for 2 minutes. Lower heat and cover, cooking for 3 minutes. 3. In a small bowl, combine lemon juice with avocado. Add to skillet and gently mix. Cook for 2 minutes to allow flavors to blend. Chicken Stuffed Avocados INGREDIENTS: 2 medium avocados 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 2 cooked boneless chicken breasts 2 medium tomatoes 4 scallions or green onions 1 cup lettuce 12 pimiento-stuffed green olives 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese PREPARATION: Peel the avocados. Slice in half and remove the pits. Sprinkle with lime juice. Remove the skin from the chicken and chop into 1/2-inch pieces. Chop the tomatoes into 1/4-inch pieces. Remove the skin from the scal¬lions and chop into 1/4-inch pieces. Tear the lettuce into 1/2-inch pieces. Cut the olives into quarters. Combine all the ingredients except the avocados and cheese in a medium-sized bowl. Place 1/4 of the mixture into each avocado half. Sprinkle the cheese on top. Serves 4.


Tomeka Flowers “America’s Sweetheart” Birthday - October 28th Age - 33 Height - 5’7 1/2 In Season Weight - 133 lbs Off Season Weight - 144 lbs Resides - Houston, Texas Favorite Food - Sushi & Seafood Favorite Drink - Margarita Competition History • Branch Warren Classic 2011 - Class C 2nd place • Team Universe 2011 - Class F 11th place • Texas Shredder 2011 - Class C 2nd place • Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011 - Class C 11th place

Bio: I’ve always taken on the attitude that the course my life takes, depends on me and how I choose to live it. I try not to give in to excuses. For every excuse that life hands you, there is always a remedy. I live a full life today. I haven’t always. Instead of waiting for life to live, I’ve created a life I live to the fullest. I haven’t always had the limelight. That’s because I never noticed it. Unscripted, real, and in your face, I invite you to follow me on my journey to success in this fitness arena. As a former college athlete, I played in the game and played in the sidelines of life. I graduated from school, with heels in tow, and headed on a career flying across the U.S. and international waters. A flight attendant, great career, good money, but there had to be more. I hung up my wings (temporarily) for a chance to step into the professional personal training realm. I’ve always taken on the attitude that the course of one’s life solely depends on that individual. One day I walked into a CVS drug store and BAM! For the first time in my life, I was looking at a black woman on the cover of a fitness magazine. At that time, I had no idea who she was, but it was Alicia Marie. All I know is I’ve never seen a woman with dark skin on the cover of any fitness print ad. It was that moment I decided that I would change my body in order to change the norm. I made up my mind that day that I’d step up my workouts and commit to a life wellness. Hell, I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine too. Besides, I knew that if I were, they’d sell out because my friends would buy them all. A fire had been ignited within me and I started my journey of getting in the best shape possible.

Gaining over 100,000 supporters all across the board on Facebook, turned into a lucrative career building my own enterprise, me starring myself as “Tomeka.” I challenge the status quo, by being a woman, and a natural one at that in a male-dominated field of roids, rip-offs, and unrealistic results. Today, I’ve changed the lives of over 100 women (and counting) bringing out in them the shape and attitude they knew they’ve had behind pads of fat and insecurities. Live Out Loud, but Don’t Slam the Door” is my mantra. I now am an NPC bikini competitor. I’ve continue to impress judges, wow crowds, and give other female competitors a run for their money. I’ve placed each show I’ve entered, commanding my arrival at my second show, winning 2nd place. It ain’t over yet.. I am growing an entourage of Team Meka supporters. Personal fitness trainer, NPC bikini athlete, cover model photo shoots, and America’s Sweetheart, Tomeka Flowers is in full bloom




Jen Cook- Posing & Competition Consulting Jen Cook Tye Sheets Pierpont - Posing & Competition Coach - IFBB Pro Athlete - NPC Texas Judge Jecho Enterprises, Inc. Personal email:

Jen Cook: IFBB Pro Athlete/NPC Texas Judge Texas NPC is a legit and a true Organization. Because of my passion for the competitors. I’m not Judging this year - I am focusing on keeping our Competitors being the best they can be. I do not want any type of “Conflict of Interest” or “There’s Politics” type game. We, NPC Texas, doesn’t play that game. As a NPC Head Judge (the 2nd FEMALE Head Judge for NPC.... in HISTORY!!!!), I am excited to offer Posing, Competition Prep, and Consultation.

Location: Metro Flex Mid Cities 1820 Reliance Parkway #100 Bedford, TX 76021 (817) 266-8082 I am a DJ/Music Producer I also offer Music mixes for posing and other events. Contact Information:

By Tye Sheets Pierpont


Pose down Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Armon Adibi while training at Metroplex in Arlington TX. We learned that Adibi is very dedicated and passionate about the sport of bodybuilding and his future in it. While in high school playing soccer he had some knee problems. Adibi took a year off rehabbing with weights. He began to gain muscle size while becoming hooked on bodybuilding. He began purchasing magazines while his training became more intensified.


Adibi’s favorite bodybuilders are Kevin Levrone, Jay Cutler, Aaron Madrid and of course Ronnie Coleman. Adibi states “It was incredible to be able to train in the same gym at the same time as the eight time Mr. Olympia. Adibi loves to train chest, he said it feels great when they are full of blood and pumped to the max. I don’t train any body part any more or less than the others, they’re all very important to train equally to keep the body in balance. Although I believe my strong point are shoulders, arms and calves; I’m working on bringing up my back, ham strings and my quads. Every bodybuilder has his or her strong and weak points. We just have to be true to ourselves and acknowledge them and if we are not we will never succeed in this sport.

Adibi is a personal trainer and enjoys working with people while helping them get into shape to reach their goals. He stated “ It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am helping individuals live up to their potential while they build up their confidence levels”. He also helps competitors with contest prep and nutrition plans based on their individual needs. Adibi has a very strict training regimen for himself but never does the same thing twice. He prefers training for volume while doing drop sets to fatigue the muscles rather than always lifting super heavyweights.

Adibi believes in lifting smart to preserve his joints from wear and tear, this means a longer future in bodybuilding. Adibi doesn’t do much cardio in the off-season, but does stay in shape year round. He believes a bodybuilder should always look like a bodybuilder. This method of training helps Adibi from the extra strenuous pre-contest prep by staying conditioned. “I do not believe you should carry around all that unnecessary weight” You never guess by looking at him today but Adibi weighed less than 110 lbs as a freshman in high school. He played soccer, tennis, basketball and was a long-distance runner in track. Ten years later looking at Adibi’s massive body, I believe it’s safe to say that Adibi will not be running from anything . Adibi would like to thank God for his health and ability for all he has and will have. He would also like to thank everyone who’s helped him along the way. He would also like to thank those who have followed him on Facebook and his website “They inspire me and motivated me to keep moving forward.” “I would also like to thank Pose down Magazine for giving me this great opportunity”.

We would like to thank Armand for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this photo shoot and article with us. We enjoyed the time he’s given us and have no doubts there is a pro-card in Armond’s near future.

San Antonio’s Finest By: Lee Pelmore

Ernest Stevens Height: 5’10” Off-Season Weight: 210lbs. Competition Weight: 159lbs. Gym: “Red’s Gym” (Owner) Influences: IFBB pro Rob Washington and Prince Fontenot

Ernest Stevens, who also goes by Ernie, is a seventeen year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. He heads the the Mental Health Unit that he founded with a fellow police officer. The unit’s main purpose is to keep mentally ill individuals out of jail and in mental health services after committing a minor crime. The unit has continued to grow and through his exceptional performances in the field, Ernie has earned a community service award from the town’s Mayor.

In 2008, Ernie began his bodybuilding journey and it has now become a way of life. This in turn has helped his performance as a police officer with the mental and physical aspects of his career. In his first competition at South Texas Classic, Ernie placed 1st in the public safety division, 2nd in the novice lightweight division and best posing routine. He had to miss the 2010 season due to a motorcycle accident, but came back strong in 2011 and took home a 1st place trophy in novice lightweight division and 4th in men’s physique.

Ernie is currently planning to move up a weight class this year. This holds to bring new challenges to this San Antonio Police Officer. He is hoping to continue his success as not only a bodybuilder but also his career in law enforcement. It is rare to find people like Officer Stevens who can give the same amount of passion and dedication to multiple fascists of one’s life and be extremely successful at all of them

My name is Jeanette Samuelson and I am a National NPC Figure Competitor. During the day, I am a Sales Rep for Nurse On Call Home Health and by night I train hard in hopes to attain my pro card. Being in the sport of bodybuilding I like showing what a healthy, strong woman can be and do. I have 2 children, and with my youngest being a girl, and I want to teach her to be confident and secure with her body and self-image. Competing has given me confidence with who I am and to be happy with how my body looks, regardless of what stage of competing I’m in. In the gym, I find my solitude. The one place where I can get out my frustrations, pains and therapy! I love to lift heavy and often lift with a couple bodybuilder friends. I love finding new exercises, and changing up my workouts to keep myself excited about lifting/training and keep my muscles guessing. My jouney in fitness has given me not only physical strength, but also emotional strength. Giving me the ability to get through the hard times that life throws at you. I am looking forward to 2012 and the many exciting things that are to come. A pro card and many new adventures are on the board for this year!! Previous Competitions and Placings 2010: Sunshine Classic - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - did not place in top 5 Florida Gold Cup - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - 2nd Masters over 30 2nd Figure Class C 2011: Southern States - Ft Lauderdale, FL - 3rd Masters over 30 1st Figure Class C NPC Nationals - Miami, FL - 16 out of 41 Figure Class C Planned 2012 Shows Jr Nationals - May - Charleston, SC Team Universe - July - Teanack, New Jersey USA Figure - July - Las Vegas NPC Nationals - November - Atlanta My Motto: If I want to play with the big girls, I gotta train like the big girls!

Randy and Lisa Sandberg Bio Lisa Sandberg: 34 years old / Mother of three / Realtor with Keller Williams Randy Sandberg: 53 years old / Government Employee Our Gym: Ruthless Gym From: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma We are currently training for the May 12th WBFF Central US Championships in Kansas City Mo. As well as competing, we are the promoters of the Nov. 10th WBFF Southwest US Championships held in Oklahoma City and are also the co-promoters of the Oct. 20th WBFF event held in Dallas TX. Randy has 17 years promoting experience with Lisa helping him for the last 5. We are excited to bring a new event and organization to the athletes and feel that we have a first class event to offer. All of the WBFF events are pro qualifiers with the overall winners obtaining pro status. Randy is making his competition comeback after not stepping on stage for over 10 years. After concentrating on the promotion of bodybuilding events he has decided to once again become a competitor and is looking forward to the challenge. Lisa has competed in two events placing 1st in her class at the 2007 Total Package and 2nd in her class at the 2008 Red River Classic. Both in the Figure Division. She will be competing in both the Figure and the Fitness Model Divisions of the WBFF event. She hopes to inspire other women to make a lifestyle change and understand that even after having children they can still have the physique they desire. Contact:


Kristi Copeland Bio: Name: Kristi Lea Copeland Age: 26 Gym: Ruthless in Moore, OK Quotes I love from H: “That which kills you, minus 1” -Howard “Shows are won in the off season, lost in the last 12 hours” -Howard Number of shows: 2 Shows done: Oklahoman placing 3rd in bikini class A and Grand Prix placing 4th in bikini class A. I started competing/training a year ago, getting ready for my first show, the Oklahoman in Tulsa, OK back in June of 2011. It was one of the hardest,most challenging and probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I never thought I could push myself like I did mentally and physically but you would be surprised what you are capable of when you set your mind to something. My first show was definitely a great experience. I learned a lot about this sport and about myself. I was very happy with the outcome. My 2nd show which was the 1st Annual Grand Prix in Oklahoma City in October 2011 was also amazing. I am now focused on competing with the WBFF in November here in Oklahoma! I am very excited about it! I will either be competing in fitness diva or bikini model division. I haven’t decided which one yet. Think this will be great show and a great experience! My goal is to eventually go pro one day and I’m hoping to do that with the WBFF! Overall, I love this sport! I am now addicted as many people would say. People ask me everyday why do you do this? My response is always “I love challenging myself mentally and physically. I love seeing my body change through hardwork, discipline and dedication. Even if I don’t win or place in a show, if I know I gave 100% and I feel great about myself that is what matters to me.” I always end it with “Plus, I look damn good in a itty bitty bikini!” :)

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