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Photos and Story for Champions article by Ray Rojas Update article by Day Ray A Pro Bodybuilder’s Wife - Shina Lewis



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Muscle Muffin Recipe Simply measure out all ingredients and mix thoroughly in a large bowl, the batter should be thick. However if it is too thick just add a little water. Spoon into cooking spray coated muffin pans and bake at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Each recipe makes 10-12 medium sized muffins, so just double or triple the recipe for more. These are a perfect protein packed treat for breakfast, snacks, and desserts!!! Pumpkin Spice Muffins: 1 c quick oats (dry) 1 whole egg, 4 egg whites 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (or unflavored) ½ small can of canned pumpkin (not the pie mix!) 4 tsp baking powder 2 Tbsp milled flax seed Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and splenda to taste Nutrition: Serving size: 3 muffins Protein: 15g Carbs: 20g Fat: 4g

Blueberry Muffins: 1 c quick oats (dry) 1 whole egg, 4 egg whites 1 scoop of blueberry or vanilla protein powder 1 c of frozen blueberries (smash them up a little) 4 tsp baking powder 2 Tbsp milled flax seed Cinnamon and splenda to taste Nutrition: Serving size: 3 muffins Protein: 15g Carbs: 20g Fat: 4g

Banana Nut Muffins: 1 c quick oats (dry) 1 whole egg, 4 egg whites 1 scoop of banana or vanilla protein powder 1 banana (very ripe and mash it up) Âź cup of diced walnuts 4 tsp baking powder 2 Tbsp milled flax seed Cinnamon and splenda to taste Nutrition: Serving size: 3 muffins Protein: 15g Carbs: 30g Fat: 14g

Erica Sammy is not just another national trainer and competitor. Erica’s career of consistent training and discipline, has won her many titles including the overall Figure championships in Western California. In 2010 Erica came in 8Th place at the Arnold classic – Masters Figure Class, while taking second in the National and California State Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships. Erica’s client base grew while she was living in Hawaii, and eventually celebrities came calling for her services, which moved her to California. In addition to her bodybuilding successes, Erica is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, specializing in symmetrical body sculpting, physique development, body fat reduction and composition conversion, as well as performance Nutrition, Strength & flexibility, cross sports training, body building, fitness training, figure training, post pregnancy, wedding preparation, post rehab training, before and after surgery. Erica went to Shelby State Community College and San Diego State Community majoring in Physical Therapy. She earned a Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate from–”the ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association). American council on exercise (ACE), American College for advancement in medicine (ACAM), APEX Fitness Nutrition & Supplementation and The Touch therapy institute –Massage School thus becoming a licensed massage therapist. Additionally, Erica is a member of IDEA HEALTH AND FITNESS Association, American Red Cross, CPR/AED for Professionals and a Life extension foundation member and Physique National Committee member. Her current success story is that of Mo’Nique the Oscar winner of “Precious” and global winner for the past two years. Erica is very proud of Mo’Nique’s progress, which has brought Mo’Nique down 14 dress sizes and the reshaping of her body for her winning role. Other celebrity clients include Leah Remini from “King & Queens” and Golden Brooks from “Girlfriends”. Erica has been mentioned in different editions of PEOPLE Magazine and Ironman Magazine. In November “E” – Entertainment did a TV special on celebrity body bounce backs giving Erica the credit she so deserved. Erica Sammy is available for Private Training, Product Endorsements, Photography, Print Media, Physique Art, Guest Posing, Fashion Shows, Catalogs, Commercials, Movies, Gym Openings, TV, Videos, Booth Appearances and Athletic Modeling. *ERICA is in shape and available any time of year* For Business and Sponsorship Inquires, contact Selective Artists Mgmt (818) 843-7671


TRAINING LEGS WITH Michelle Battista Photo By: Mark Mason

I work legs twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday). Leg Extension 2x20 (warm up)


Michelle Battista

Hack Squats 2x20 (warm up) Workout: Leg Extensions 3x15 (80lb machine) superseted with Hack Squats 3x15 (40lbs) When performing a Hack Squat, it’s important to emphasize correct feet placement in order to target the Gluteus Maximus and the Quadracep. Placing feet slightly lower on platform will emphasize Quads and placing feet slightly higher will target the Glutes. Ensure to keep your back against the shoulder pad, pushing with both heels and forefoot. Plie Squats 3x10 (85lb dumbbells) superseted with Leg Press 4x12 (190lbs press machine) The Plie Squat is an excellent exercise for building strength in the gluts quadriceps - and inner thigh (adductor) muscles. It’s essential that you aim to keep your feet pointing outwards, ideally with your heels under your shoulders. Avoid letting your knees go pass your toes, or your buttocks go lower than your knees, as this will increase the pressure on your quadriceps, and can result in injury. Smoothly lower yourself down, keeping your back straight throughout the movement, holding in the final lowered phase for 1 2 seconds prior to returning back up again. On your upward movement, focus on clenching your gluts during the lift, and maintaining a straight back. Leg Curls 3x15 (75lb machine) superseted with Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3x10 (100lb barbell) Walking Lunges 3x18 superseted with Jumping Frogs 3x18 Jumping Frogs are a plyometrics exercise. Start your frog jump from a sitting position with your hands behind your hips. Swing your arms forward up and jump forward as far as you can at the same time. Land on your feet and sit down while you strike out with your arms again. Landing on your toes protects the joints. Jump off to the next frog jump without rest. Perform about 18 frog jumps in a row. Standing Calf Raises 8x20 (usually performed on a smith machine and weight varies)

Photo By: Reg Bradford

Pose Down Magazine is proud to sponsor and present an award representing our publication in honor of athletes and everyone involved within this industry. This year we were proud to present Betty Pariso with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Europa Super Show in Dallas Texas


The 2010 USA’s provided tons of excitement and produced a lot of new Pros that will make a huge impact on the sport. One of those competitors is the USA heavyweight and overall female champion, Sarah Hayes. Sarah not only has an incredible physique but also a very feminine, beautiful appearance that will no doubt put people in the seats at shows. I sat down with her a week after her win to get her thoughts on the win and find out what is on tap for her in the near future. PD: Hey Sarah, thanks for taking the time to visit with us! Congrats on your USA win and you IFBB pro card. Now that you have turned pro what are your future plans? Any idea when your pro debut will be? SH: I’m going to apply for the 2011 Arnold Classic and hope to be invited to compete! PD: What got you interested in the industry to begin with? SH: When I played high school sports - volleyball, basketball, track & field, I noticed my body responded very quickly to strength training and my body will took some on a nice shape which I liked. I got involved in the fitness industry in 2007 when my girlfriend persuaded me into competing in a figure competition. After competing in figure in the 2007 Gopher Classic in MN, I was told by the judges that I would have won that show as a female bodybuilder! I competed 4 weeks later in the MN Natural bodybuilding show and won the overall. However, I wanted to get into fitness modeling and thought if I became a female bodybuilder I couldn’t model. So, I went back to training as a figure girl from July 2007 to early March 2008. I attended the 2008 Arnold and realized I wanted to compete as a female bodybuilder. I had 10 weeks to train for the 2008 Gopher Classic. I set my mind to winning the overall as a bodybuilder and I did! So from that point on I have been an NPC bodybuilding competitor. PD: What do you want to improve on before your pro debut? SH: I would like to improve my overall muscle density, especially in my legs. I’m going to train hard to increase my lower lat tie-ins to insert lower into my waist. I especially want to increase my quad & hamstring size / sweep and separation - conditioning. PD: Everyone was really surprised to see the amount muscle you have put on since Nationals, how much bigger were you at the USA’s than Nationals and how did you do it? SH: Actually, I weighed 4 lbs less at USAs 2010 (156 lbs) than at Nationals 2009 (160 lbs)! PD: Really! I never would have guessed that. SH: My muscles were much fuller at USA’s than at the Nationals, which gave the illusion of being bigger than at Nationals, where I was dryer but flatter. My offseason training of heavy weights and high reps (3 sets of 20-40 reps) I feel helped make my muscles denser and increase my tie-ins, making my muscles fuller and gave them better shape.


PD: Who will you be working with in the future on your diet and training? SH: Dror Erez is my nutritional coach. I train with my training partner, Mike Bradshaw, with much help from Jeff Dwelle. PD: Who is Dror Erez ? I don’t think I have heard him? How did you two end up working with each other? SH: Dror is a friend, who I’d met through a mutual friend. He offered to help me with my diet. He used to compete as a bodybuilder for a long time. He enjoys helping others, especially with the diet. Dror just has a love for this industry and considers it his hobby. He’s close friends with Branch Warren, who’s also helped me learn a lot. PD: I understand you got up to 172lbs this offseason. Was it hard for you or putting on size something that has come easy for you? SH: Actually, my heaviest weight was 178 lbs this past offseason! I’m very blessed with a body that loves muscle and grows easily, which is wonderful as a bodybuilder. I’ve always been able to put on muscle naturally. However, this past offseason was the first time I ‘allowed it to occur and I didn’t fight my natural genetics. I used to do more cardio than needed to prevent my body from getting ‘too big’, and I didn’t follow a diet that allowed my muscles to grow like this past offseason. I’m excited to see what I can do with my body/physique this offseason, as this is only my 2nd offseason! PD: What are your goals as a professional bodybuilder? SH: My personal aspiration in life is to be a fitness role model for ALL women. My hope as an IFBB Pro is to inspire others and represent the sport with class and dignity.


PD: Who were some of the people you have looked up to in your quest for your pro card? SH: Christine Bongiovanni was the first IFBB Pro I met when I was preparing for my first NPC show as a figure competitor in 2007. She suggested that I had the physique of a female bodybuilder, and from that time on she had planted the seed in my mind that I wanted to pursue to become an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. I really love the physiques of Iris Kyle, Yaxeni Oriquen, Cory Everson, and Lisa Aukland just to name a few. PD: What do you to pay the bills? SH: I am a personal trainer, which I really enjoy helping others reach their personal health & fitness goals. PD: Do you have a website where people can find more of you? SH: I do have a website, however, I’m working on renovating it so it’s no longer online currently. I will soon have it upgraded and back online in September. My website is: www. PD: Sarah, thanks a lot for taking the time to visit with us. You have a very bright future a head of you and we are very excited to see where you go from here!



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I've never been a competitive athlete, but that doesn't mean I don't want an edge in my training. Every session, every set, and every rep means something to me. Every meal I shovel in is fuel for growth. Everything I do is based on the fact that I want to make progress. So, it should be no surprise that my supplementation is extremely important to me. As a recreational athlete that takes part in hybrid training that involves powerlifting, bodybuilding, sprinting, and other strenuous exercise, I need the best possible products to drive my body into a state of recovery and repair, and that's why I cycle the LG Sciences Trifecta Stack. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ON SUPPLEMENTS AND SUPPLEMENT USE PLEASE VISIT:

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A PRO BODYBUILDER’S WIFE SHINA LEWIS This Month has been a really exciting month for the Lewis household… I actually started Esthetics School full time. I am planning on using the tools that I learn at the school so I can travel with my husband and offer make up services to competitors at the shows for stage and photo-shoots…Its been a bit of a challenge to balance School, work, training, and the household…but I am getting the hang of everything. I enjoy the challenge. Each day brings something new to the table…. My husband, Flex, and I have been great. He is back on the road traveling and enjoying his offseason while I have started my prep for the Nationals., amongst everything else. I will be competing in the NPC BIKINI NATIONALS in October. Last Year I placed 5th and this year I am training for that Pro Card. This Year, I have focused on bringing up the areas that the judges critiqued me on so I can bring a different package to the stage. This will be the first show this year that I will be competing in since the Nationals in November last year. So I really look forward to seeing the changes as I get closer to the show. So I am super excited and will be keeping you all posted each month on my prep

A PRO BODYBUILDER’S WIFE SHINA LEWIS My husband and I are still preparing for the new gym to open as well. The Olympus Athletic Club in Franklin, TN will be opening this December just before Christmas!! So excited!! My husbands training partner and business partner, Sean Barber, already has two gyms open here in Middle Tennessee. The gyms are very supportive of the Bodybuilding and fitness industry. We have a lot of fans of the sport who train there and who are fans of the magazine as well. Sean just competed in the NPC Tennessee State Bodybuilding Championships where he won his class and then went on to win the overall and gain the title of Mr. Tennessee!!! We actually had three over all winners from our gyms!! Sean trained super hard and he was well deserving of the title‌.Way to represent a business leader and a true professional in this sport!! So like I have said before, having balance in this Sport and in life general is always the key to success!! So keep going for your goals, and never give up!!! Failure is never an option!! Photos courtesy of Brent Allen.

Oct 16, 2010

Guest Poser: N American Champion Chulsey Graham



Frank W., Mayborn Civic & Convention Center 3303 N. 3rd St Temple, Texas 76501 Contact Information: Email: Bob or Laura Johnson 214-507-4187 or 214-668-3521 For tickets, sponsorship, Contest and Hotel information go to our website


Contact Information: Rendy and Christine Delacruz 817-713-7118



Guest Poser: National Level Athlete Steve Kuclo

We first introduced Stacy Wright to you in the June issue as an up and coming fitness competitor. Little did we know that she would turn pro just a few weeks later at the 2010 Team Universe. I visited with her to get an update on her and to see what the near future holds for this new fitness pro. Stacy told us “After an amazing 2010 season, I can’t tell you how blessed I feel! 1st Place at the NPC Pittsburgh show, 2nd Place at NPC Jr Nationals, and then 1st Place and Fitness overall at the biggest fitness show in the country... Fitness Nationals!! Not only did I win my pro card, but by winning the overall title, I get the opportunity to represent the United States at the Women’s World Championship in Mexico City, Mexico in the fall! I also achieved my goal of becoming the first IFBB female professional from the state of West Virginia! What an honor! I have a lot of things going on, more training to do, a new routine to choreograph, and “life” has trying to get in the way, but I plan to do my best to represent the red, white, and blue in the best light! Thank you so much to everyone for your support! I have to give a quick thank you to a few people. First, my husband, Andrew, who is my trainer and nutritionist and best friend. Tamee Marie, for her beautiful suit and friendship Tim Bertelsen for his great routine music mixes And everyone who has supported me on this awesome journey I get the honor of calling MY LIFE! If you want to see more of me check out my website at www.stacywright. net.” Good luck at the World’s Stacy and hope to see you on a pro stage very soon!



August Champion We normally do not cover natural organizations, but when we were introduced to LG Sciences NGA pro bodybuilder Aaron Heidebreicht, we knew that he was most worthy of being called a champion. Let me imtroduce you to Aaron. Aaron was born in Flint, Michigan. Aaron was raised from the age of five in Nashville, TN. Now at the age of 25, Aaron has been competing for two years. His contest acolades read as such; 2009 NPC Battle at River National Qualifier-3rd lightweight, 2009 NGA Music City Pro Qualifier-1st middleweight, 2010 NGA Heart Of America Super Pro Qualifier-2cd middleweight, and rthe 2010 NGA World Championships Pro Qualifier-1st middleweight and overall granting Aaron his pro card. Aaron played baseball in highschool through college attending Western Kentucky and finishing at Austin Peay University. Aaron began lifting weights in college while participating in baseball. After three years of training, the bodybuilding bug hit Aaron. Aaron travelled to the 2007 Arnold Classic. This is when Aaron knew that competitive bodybuilding was his real calling. While preparing for his first show, three weeks away, Aaron suffered a serious motor vehicle accident derailing all of his hard earned contest prep. The following year fate would have its way again and Aaron suffered a torn left quad. Wow! 2009 would finally see Aaron to the stage. Aaron looks highly to Frank Zane as inspiration. Aaron says that he can most relate to Frank due to Frank being the sole man to win the Mr. Olympia at a bodyweight less than 200 pounds. Aaron credits Frank for having great symmetry coupled with great size and muscle bellies on such a small frame, much like himself. Aaron says that his legs are his strongest asset. Aaron has the ability to come to the stage with great quads, hamstring separation coupled with good size. Aaron also has great abdominal developement to boot. As for weeknesses, Aaron is working hard to bring up his delts and add more thickness to his arms. Aaron sticks to the basics of barbell curls, dumbell curls, military press and dumbell presses for added size in those areas. Normally Aaron uses a high protein, moderate carb diet with a high carb day foregoing any carbs each 18th meal. Contest prep is usually 12 to 15 weeks for Aaron depending on his level of bodyfat. Cardio in the off season for Aaron consists of 20 to 25 minutes of the treadmill or stairmaster at a low intensity four days per week. Contest cardio is usually 30 to 45 minutes six days per week high intensity with a HIT progarm included on his off days from weight training. Aaron loves training legs with the almighty squat being his favorite excercise. Imagine that. He loves the intensity and ardly being able to walk out of the gym after such training. Aaron also trains arms twice per week. Bis right after back, tris immediately after chest and then an additional day for arms alone. Aaron uses all LG Science supplements, with some of his favorites being Anadraulic State GT, amino acidsBC+EAA, Methyl D, and their GH product Ghenerate. Aaron uses a multi vitamin and fish oil along with Vitargo postworkout. Aaron also enjoys LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein after a workout. Come November he will be bringing a bigger and better physique to the NGA Pro stage!


Aug 2010  

Aug 2010 Pose Down

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