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The firewood processing experts. REAL POWER FOR REAL PERFORMANCE.

REAL POWER FOR REAL PERFORMANCE. For almost 70 years, we have been developing equipment that makes hard work easier. With patented and unique solutions you find nowhere else. Assure yourself of that: You recognise POSCH machines by more power, speed and convenience as compared to other equipment.

POSCH – the leading firewood experts. Improving splitting and cutting characteristics is the challenge we accept. The development of simple, fast and safe working processes our passion, along with the development of great machines with a very long life is our defined goal.

More innovations Assure yourself of the many patented and excellent solutions that only POSCH machines provide.

More competence In Leibnitz in Austria in Southern Styria, there is one of the most advanced production sites for machinery for firewood processing.

Number one for firewood Commitment and passion and excellent processing standards make sure that each individual machine is of premium quality.

TOP customer service with 20 years spare parts supply warranty Find out more:

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Complete timber processing from the leading supplier for all applications.

Splitting With a POSCH wood splitter, you can process firewood quickly, efficiently and conveniently. see from page 6 onwards

Cutting POSCH saws and automatic saws make the processing of any volume of firewood easy. see from page 12 onwards

Split cutting POSCH machines turn whole logs into neat billets and makes firewood processing profitable. see from page 16 onwards


The world of POSCH:

Fast Table upright of contents splitter

Billet handling With POSCH solutions, you can expand your production and improve your firewood quality. see from page 22 onwards

Shredding A POSCH shredder easily deals with small stems and branches. see page 24

Debarking A POSCH professional debarking machine turns each log into a neat post at top speed. see page 25

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Fast upright splitter

SpaltAxt Compact powerhouse

230 V 400 V

Splitting power 5–9.3 t Log diameter up to 40 cm SpaltAxt 8 Special

Weight 127–255 kg

With the three-point linkage, your SpaltAxt is suited for most applications.

Produces firewood for the whole winter in a short period of time. When producing firewood for your personal use or producing medium volumes, you need a timber splitter that is compact and robust and does its job for a reasonable price. The SpaltAxt is such a trusty piece of equipment that deals with all tasks.

With the large solid rubber wheels, it can easily be transported to the work site.


All videos and information:

Fast upright splitter

The best HydroCombi ever

230 V 400 V

Splitting power 10–26 t Log diameter up to 100 cm HydroCombi 18

Weight 310–705 kg

The well-engineered upright splitter with improved equipment. Patented Fixomatic system with standard timber retaining tip Optimally dimensioned hydraulic system with smooth-running industrial grey cast iron pump Work faster with Autospeed function and stroke limitation Integrated rollers in the splitting knife prevent jamming

Even more ergonomic. With compact rope winch up to 1,000 kg pulling power.

Even faster. 24 t turbo with double return speed.

All videos and information:

Even more mobile. With suitable towing chassis for the HydroCombi.


Powerful horizontal splitter

RuckZuck & SplitMaster 9 Fast short-log splitters

230 V 400 V

Splitting power 5.6–9 t Log diameter up to 50 cm


Weight 131–370 kg

RuckZuck: Ideal for home use Powerful, safe & user friendly, the RuckZuck has a timber support table which removes the need to continually bend down to collect split logs.

SplitMaster 9: compact for great performance The SplitMaster 9 is the ideal unit for medium volumes of timber. With its compact design and its hand-pulled trolley with two solid rubber wheels, its is easy to transport and ready for action anywhere in no time.


All videos and information:

Powerful horizontal splitter

SplitMaster – unrivalled for power & strength

400 V

Splitting power 20–30 t SplitMaster 30 with Easy splitting knife

Log diameter up to 100 cm Weight 764–1,700 kg

The horizontal splitter with optimum equipment. Precise guiding of the pressure piece up to the splitting knife Splitting knife adjusts to log diameter and requirements Optimised hydraulic system for safe continuous operation Even easier splitting of firewood with the Easy splitting knife

The SplitMaster with longitudinal chassis for mobile applications.

Working in a backfriendly way with timber support and lifting device. The hydraulic lifting device easily lifts heavy logs with a length of up to 120 cm in to the splitting position. Then you can continue working effortlessly thanks to the ergonomic operating height of the timber support table.

All videos and information:


Superior special splitters

SplitMaster Specialist for large logs

400 V

Splitting power 35–55 t SplitMaster 40 Crane

Log diameter up to 100 cm Weight 1,980–4,700 kg

SplitMaster 35: ideal for the production of logs from rings of up to 50cm in diameter and length. With an impressive speed, the SplitMaster 35 Special produces up to 18 short billets with one splitting stroke and is then immediately ready for the next cycle. The powerful hydraulic splitter takes up round timber pieces with a diameter and a length of up to 50 cm.

The split master with crane tackles the biggest logs. A powerful solution for bigger timber. This machine accepts timber of up to 2.5m in length and has a splitting pressure of 55 tons.


All videos and information:

Superior special splitters

AutoSplit Quality Kindling & Logs

230 V 400 V

Splitting process 3 sec Possible log lengths 12–20 cm


Produces up to 100 bags/hour

Transforms scrap wood into profitable kindling. Processes round and squared timber Adjustable kindling thickness Splitting without interruptions Safe continuous operation

Packaging systems for more efficient work flow

The AutoSplit effortlessly processes round or squared timber, boards or slabs, into fine quality kindling. The kindling will then either fall automatically into net bags or can be tightly packed by hand using the sorting chute. This machine can also produce netted logs. All videos and information:


Durable top performers

Tilting saw The sturdy and smoothrunning classic

400 V

High hourly throughput 3–8 m³/h Cutting diameter up to 24 cm Tilting saw

Compact design 147–262 kg

Decades of faster cutting All steel design for long life. Available with optional safety handle.

Special rocker shape for smooth cutting Smooth-running and ergonomic Sturdy and compact design

All our saws are equipped for every application E-motor with direct drive E-Motor with V-belt drive PTO drive Petrol engine

Also available: WIDIA circular saw blades: Less noise. Longer useful life. Increased cutting power.


All videos and information:

Durable top performers

Tilting table saw The handy dual-purpose pro

400 V

From longitudinal to firewood cutting in 5 sec Tilting table saw

Cutting diameter up to 24 cm Compact design 210–325 kg

For both precision to production In just a few seconds, you can switch the saw from the bench to the rocker position and so from lengthwise to firewood cutting by means of the convenient unlocking mechanism.

Robust all-round saw for private households and farms With the standard longitudinal cutting equipment, this circular saw is a durable helper for firewood processing and for neat longitudinal cutting. Special rocker construction for more safety Easy-to-use rocker for improved ergonomics Easy transportation to the work site

All videos and information:


Improved automatic cutting

SmartCut & EasyCut Automatic top performers

400 V

High hourly throughput 3–8 m³/h Cutting diameter up to 20 cm Weight 570–920 kg SmartCut & EasyCut

Fully automatic machine

SmartCut: Sawing concept for powerful, convenient and safe operation by one person. Stress-free loading and automatic cutting Uniform cutting length Billet length up to 120 cm

Semi-automatic machine

EasyCut: For safe cutting and loading. Automatic log feed with patented longitudinal stop Precise cutting length Fast cutting thanks to ball bearing timber trough Billet length up to 120 cm


All videos and information:

Improved automatic cutting

AutoCut Powerful automatic firewood machine

400 V

High hourly throughput up to 15 mÂł/h Cutting diameter up to 23 cm AutoCut

Weight from 1,200 kg

Only the AutoCut can do this. Cutting billets up to 120 cm without offcuts or up to 200 cm with offcuts with maximum speed, ready for the stove Annual volume up to 5,000 cubic metres Cubic metre output of automatic saws


EasyGo. Feed system with visual billet measurement for precise length without offcuts.

CutControl. Cutting length change and tolerance input via touch screen within seconds.

All videos and information:



WIDIA saw blade for fully automatic circular saws in reinforced design.


Split cutting with powerful combined solution

SpaltFix S-280/S-360 Effortlessly boosts your firewood production

400 V

Splitting power up to 12 t Log diameter up to 35 cm High hourly throughput 20 loose mÂł/h SpaltFix S-360

High speed cutting, splitting and conveying Turns logs into billets Effortless control with joystick Autospeed for faster splitting Powerful WIDIA saw blade

Longitudinal chassis for easy transportation This tractor chassis option is available with or without brakes, and can be equipped with log conveyor system and lifting device. It can quickly be changed from transport to operation mode.


All videos and information:

Split cutting with powerful combined solution

Work even faster and more efficiently with the right feed systems for logs from 2 to 5 metres Constant supply by means of the log conveyor system, comprising 1 log deck conveyor and 2 cross conveyor.



Also available: the semi-automatic SpaltFix S-280 – the cost-efficient entry-level model. Cuts and splits logs with a diameter of up to ∅ 28 cm in up to six billets with a length of up to 50 cm.

All videos and information:


Split cutting for professionals

SpaltFix K-440/K-540/K-550 Great performance and uniform billets in one work step Splitting power up to 41 t with Autospeed Log diameter up to 55 cm High hourly throughput up to 55 loose mÂł/h

Powerful wood processing SpaltFix K-540 mobile Convenient joystick operation SuperCut harvester saw for fast and safe cutting Uniform billets without knife change Continuous supply for improved performance

Up to 18 billets. No knife change with the 3-in-1 splitting knife function.


Fast and safe. Hydraulic double gripper and SuperCut chain saw.

All videos and information:

Autospeed + with double speed return for particularly high hourly throughput.

Split cutting for professionals

400 V

SpaltFix K-540

Also available as SpaltFix K-440 and SpaltFix K-550 for mobile or stationary applications. Tireless firewood production Ready for every application Ring splitting knife for neater billets Billets with a length of up to 100 cm For more information, contact your customer consultant.

SplitControl. The automatic splitting knife adjustment for reduced machine wear.

More power. Continuous feeding helps you process more cubic metres per hour.

All videos and information:

Neat further processing. LogFix and PackFix for high-grade, neatly packed firewood.


Increased efficiency and neater billets

SpaltFix K-600/K-650 Vario Increased efficiency and neater billets Splitting power up to 16 t Log diameter up to 65 cm High hourly throughput up to 35 loose mÂł/h

Turns logs into high quality firewood with easily adjustable billet thickness Convenient joystick operation Can produce up to 60 billets with a length of up to 50 cm per log section Hydraulic double gripper and SuperCut chain saw for fast and safe cutting

Also available as SpaltFix K-600-Vario for logs up to 60 cm.


All videos and information:

Increased efficiency and neater billets

400 V

SpaltFix K-650 Vario

Every billet can meet the requirements of your customers. The production of fine billets is the great strength of the K-Vario series. Just as the customer wishes, it produces billets with an edge length between 5 and 15 cm, which can be produced for different customer groups. 10 cm (D15)

5 cm (D7)


approx. -20 %


K-600 Vario

Efficient. Less energy required for each billet thanks to the efficient splitting system.

Safe. Trouble-free continuous operation thanks to high-quality components.

All videos and information:

Variable. Splitting with adjustable billet size with the X-shaped splitting knife.


Work faster, the easy way

PackFix Hydro Fast and efficient storage, handling and drying. Drying, storing and delivering Perfect packaging for billets up to 50 cm PackFix Hydro

Reduces handling, for increased speed

Sturdy packs for spacesaving storage and ideal drying The hydraulic turning table doubles the working speed, as filling and wrapping can be carried out at the same time.

Easier transportation of firewood with powerful conveyor belts Ideal for loading finished billets. Every conveyor belt adapts perfectly to its intended purpose, all of them have a swivel design and can be height-adjusted. Conveyor belt lengths from 4 to 8 m with ejection heights from 3.3 to 5 m


All videos and information:

Improved billet handling

LogFill & LogFix Controlled and neat billet handling LogFix

Preparing billets for a smooth process and passing them on cleaned

Storing and conveying billets with the logfill, not dosing. The LogFill is particularly useful for volume billet handling. As some of the billets are screened and packed, the logfill buffers the surplus billets.


Intermediate station for smooth processes Billet buffer storage for up to 2 cubic metres Ideal in combination with LogFix and PackFix

LogFix: Removes debris from firewood.


The rotating cleaning rollers make very little noise. This system delivers clean, quality firewood. Delivers neat firewood that has a better quality as a result Removes chippings, bark and wood splinters Is available in different sizes

LogFill 1 and Log Fix 2 clean the billets and fetch you a higher market price in almost no time at all.

All videos and information:


Debarking for professionals

SchälProfi turns every log into a neat post

400 V

Debarking performance up to 9 running metres/min Debarking disk with ∅ 50 cm SchälProfi

Compact design 294–384 kg

Profit with every piece The machine is convenient and safe to operate, debarks any round timber and helps you to prepare it for the intended purpose.

For pointing and debarking posts With hardened and polished knives for a long useful life. On request, the SchälProfi also processes posts that are longer than 3 metres.

Debarking machine Manual debarking process up to 15 cm log diameter.


All videos and information:

SchälProfi Automatic debarking process up to 24 cm log diameter.

Shredding for professionals

ProfiHäcksler & HackBlitz for more sustainability

400 V

Logs up to ∅ 5 or 10 cm Mallet or chopping disk ProfiHäcksler

Large funnel opening

ProfiHäcksler: The master of waste shredding and compost preparation. The ProfiHäcksler is particularly suited for optimum compost preparation and ensures the fast shredding of scrap wood such as shrubbery, bushes, wreaths, garden and sawmill waste.

Shredding for all areas of application The different shredded products of the ProfiHäcksler (left) and the HackBlitz (right) in a direct comparison.

All videos and information:

HackBlitz Easily turns tree cuttings and scrap wood into wood chips.


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