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Chapter A.

Overview & Background

Portugal Homes is a Real Estate & Investment Company based in Lisbon, born from the idea of being an office that offers an umbrella of services tailored for a foreign client and avid investor who is interested in a growing market like Portugal.

Our expertise is acquiring prime location properties for our clients, which will deliver the desired yields and return on investments they require. We pride ourselves on having the best properties for investment in one of the strongest investment markets in Europe - Lisbon, but also, in one of the hottest European tourist destinations - The Algarve.

David Poston and Gary Harland’s vision for Portugal Homes is clear: building a strong client base who will continue working with us after they have purchased a property. This is why the Co-founders created such an in-depth and detailed After Sales service which provides unrivalled possibilities to our clients. These exclusive services are designed to make our clients feel at home but also know that their investments are taken care of by the Portugal Homes team - a company/client bond like no other in Portugal.

David and Gary dedicated their working lives to sales and that gave them the experience and knowledge to better understand international clients’ needs. Over many years, they have worked in different markets around the world - United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Spain, and Malaysia - which gave them the necessary skills to acknowledge their reason for founding their own private company.

After moving to Portugal, they began working in the Portuguese Real Estate industry; as foreign investors themselves, they were able to understand the market and its opportunities, as well as experience first-hand what our clients do when they decide to make overseas investments. Throughout this time, they also got to study and fully understand the Golden Visa and NonHabitual Resident programmes in Portugal. All in all, the time spent working in Real Estate gave them what they needed to establish their own company, improve and apply the acquired knowledge, and also create new ideas and concepts to better serve their clients.


Establishing a real estate business in Portugal, focused and tailored to foreign investors was only possible due to the period after the world economic crisis, when Portugal was going through a difficult time, and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) gave direct instructions to Portugal to improve its poor economic condition.

In this context, several suggestions were made with three of those changes making a big impact to the economy, which in turn has provided the perfect scenario for Portugal Homes: tourism stimulating incentives, open borders for foreign investment across all business segments and the removal of old long-term rental contracts. These three factors were fundamental for Portugal to become an appealing & growing market to invest in real estate, the combination of the IMF suggestions as well as the creation of the Golden Visa and the Non-Habitual Resident programmes, established the perfect environment for a business like ours, a company that’s focused on offering investment advice to its international clients paired with our established and professional approach to the market.

The company was founded on the 1st of September 2017, and the office officially opened on January 8th, 2018; making this the first official day of business. From the start, the co-founders focused on training the new staff, transmitting to them the business core values, and guaranteeing that the main objectives of the company were well learned and adapted to the Portuguese market.

During these past 4 years, a lot has developed, and the company has grown tremendously. As for highlights of this process, firstly, we would like to focus on the increasing number of sales since the very beginning until now. We managed to achieve nearly €400 million worth of business within our first year of 2018, something that reflects the welltrained and committed staff who worked to elevate the Portugal Homes brand from the start. In the year 2019, this number increased by 48%, confirming our business growth and a projection for an even busier 2020, with a further increase of 60%. From 2020 to 2021, we’ve increased our volume of business by 70% and we expect 2022 to follow the same trend.

Relying on a strategic marketing that works not only to completely know its target, but also to establish our company as a wide range of services that allows our

clients to truly understand and invest in the Portuguese market, we were able to make a total of 100 sales in the first half of 2021, more than in 2018 and 2019 altogether. Our After Sales team has accomplished a major milestone of 300 clients in 2021 alone. With a strong marketing synergy, reaching more than 35 different countries, we are able to show our company’s best assets.

The increasing number of sales in the past 4 years has also been possible thanks to an entire team of several departments, working in different areas, all battling for the same purpose of expanding the Portugal Homes brand.

It is noticeable the company’s growth in the number of employees, having started with only seven people and counting with almost 40 people four years later. This improvement is obviously related to the demand the company felt in its first year running, causing the urgency to strengthen every department, not only in sectors like sales and listings, but throughout every scope of the company. Every department found the necessity to grow and the constant efforts the co-founders put into the company, willing to innovate constantly, resulting in the creation of new departments, always focused on the overseas clients’ needs.

David Poston & Gary Harland are known for pushing the business further over the years. Although the company started out in the real estate business, it has expanded to other sectors, becoming a brand portfolio spread throughout many industries.

Today, we are proud to be part of the Harland & Poston Group, which shelters strong and self-made brands in the areas of real estate, investments, property management, and travel.

Today, we are proud to be part of the Harland & Poston Group, which shelters strong and selfmade brands in the areas of real estate, investments, property management and travel.

With the exponential growth of the company and its staff members; Portugal Homes kept its location in one of the most emblematic avenues in Lisbon, right at the heart of the city at Avenida da Liberdade. Our office is a welcoming card to all the clients who visit us; offering wonderful views overlooking the city. Our Lisbon office is open weekdays from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, but all our staff are available 24/7 as working with international clients requires not only dedication but flexibility.

Due to growing demand, Portugal Homes saw a necessity for national and international expansion. With our Private Meetings being held all over the world, we were able to understand in what places the Portuguese market and the Golden Visa Programme interest is higher. For this reason, the company decided to give our clients the opportunity to visit us in Dubai, UAE, and in the near future in our Hong Kong office. However, due to all the restrictions imposed by the spreading of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the opening of our brand new Asian office.

Our national expansion has its main goal to widen our investment offer to our foreign clients. Being able to position our business around the country allows us to increase the variety of products and areas, therefore increasing our chances of finding exactly what our clients are looking for. With this in mind, we currently have our second office in Loulé, Algarve since August of 2020; with the prospects of opening a third realty office location in Lagos, Portugal, by summer of 2022.

The work throughout last year and the efforts from all our staff members led us to another highlight we would like to mention - the creation of a completely new department, and the birth of an innovative and challenging idea, the Project Development & Construction department.

Born after our first project Lusíadas 75, which was sold within the first 3 months, the PD&C department was purely designed to fulfil our investors’ needs when it comes to buying and renovating a building for investment purposes. It is a unique, unrivalled service that is committed to developing and managing investment projects from A to Z, while we get our investors a quick return on investment through our expert investment advisors team.investors a quick

return on investment through our expert investment advisors team.

It gives us great pride to find the right product, at the right location, for our overseas investors. Without their trust in our expert opinion and market drive, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Neither, without our staff, who also worked relentlessly.

Looking back now to when we first started this project, we’ve been through so much. Apart from all the meetings and a few refusals along the way, we still managed to overcome all difficult circumstances and grow from it.

We are also in the process of establishing a new website launch for Portugal Homes, it will be modern and user friendly for further navigation ease for our clients. Our in- house marketing team has been working relentlessly on the development and planning of this new site that will highlight our luxury properties more efficiently!

Finally, we find it worth mentioning one last dimension that also contributes to the establishment of our company and at the same time, makes Portugal Homes stand out - our worldwide Private Meetings and Seminars. During the last three years and half, our Co-founders embraced the effort to personally fly to Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea), the Middle East (the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey), and Africa (South Africa), to reach our most valuable clients.

Hosting, Private Meetings & Seminars with clients from all over the world contributed immensely to our business volume’s continuous growth. Despite having a main office available to receive our clients at all times, we ensure we approach the clients directly in their countries and show our total availability to answer all their questions and educate them in all processes necessary to invest in Portugal.

For all the already mentioned above and everything else we have to offer as business, Portugal Homes feels that, as a Single Office, we are able to provide a range of incomparable services that not only fully satisfy our clients, but also ensure that the company maintains its growth and strength in the market.



David started developing his talents as a salesman from a very young age in the United Kingdom. From his many years of experience, he has learned every step and phase of the sales process along with what the most important and crucial points are for the client and how to look after their best interests. In 2005, the prospect of coming to Portugal and working in the real estate business was a great opportunity for him to expand his knowledge and David grabbed it with both hands. In just over 2 years, he worked his way up from Property Consultant to Regional Manager at one of the world’s biggest agencies. In the past 7 years, David has worked with many investors and learned everything about the Portuguese Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Resident programmes.

Gary started his working life at his family’s printing business in the Northeast of England. Later, he moved into direct sales holding positions in Sales Management. During this time, he also gathered experience working in the Financial Services Industry, which led him on his path to Investment. In 2005, Gary was given the opportunity to work in the Real Estate Market overseas starting in Portugal, and he later went on to work in several markets such as Dubai, Berlin & Cyprus, before finally returning to Portugal. The varied experience Gary gained across so many different markets is what made him appreciate the business opportunities Portugal had to offer. Furthermore, the Portuguese lifestyle combined with the amazing weather and food helped him choose Portugal as the ideal place to raise his family and grow his own business with David.

Homes is clear: building a strong client base who will continue working with us after they have purchased a property.

David Poston and Gary Harland’s vision for Portugal

Born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Kate’s first professional iteration was in Health Services as a nurse. After a short period in Portugal and coming back to England, always working in Health Services, Kate finally settled in the Algarve where she lives now. Her experience in the real estate market started 8 years ago, in a big real estate company where her talent in customer relations and knowledge of the Portuguese market was based. Portugal Homes’ co-founders recognized her high level of commitment and invited her to be the first point of contact for most of the company’s clients. Kate holds a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market are assets that any client will be delighted to have as a basis for their decision-making process.

Andreia Leite Business Development Director

Andreia is originally from the north of Portugal and moved to Lisbon in 2009 to study Sociology. While studying, Andreia made the best use of her free time working in, and learning about different sectors such as Commerce and Retail, Telemarketing and Financial Services. The move to real estate occurred in 2015, initially in an officesupport role for the sales team, where she learned all the foundations needed to find later success: her knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market and to be a team player gained her the promotion to Operations Manager, which was demanding and brought a great sense of responsibility but was also a very rewarding experience. At Portugal Homes, Andreia is responsible for creating the market reports that the company’s investment clients rely on to make the best decisions. Originally joining the company to support our investor clients, Andreia quickly took a bigger role as Director and is now in charge of the Project Development & Construction Department, as well as all overseas partnerships.

Having worked in the Portuguese market for the last 17 years, Simon has become a key figure in Real Estate and Investments across the country. Starting his career in the Algarve and then moving to Lisbon, his wealth of experience across 2 of the major markets makes him a valuable member of the Portugal Homes team and a great figurehead for the company. Having started his professional career as an Officer in the British Army, Simon went on to become a serial entrepreneur with many successful businesses in his portfolio. The experience he also passes on to other members of staff has helped us grow not only as a brand but as better professionals.

Born from a Mozambican family, Catarina is a key member of the Harland & Poston Group. With her education in Media & Marketing, both in Lisbon and London, and after 10 years of experience working in Digital Marketing & Communications roles for renowned companies.

Her wealth of experience in digital marketing, allied to her fluency in Portuguese and English, brought her to the real estate business through Portugal Homes.

Heading the Marketing & Communications Department, Catarina is in charge of managing the company’s exposure across more than 35 markets worldwide, to keep up with the latest trends and ensure we stay ahead of the competition and grow consistently to be among the biggest real estate companies in Portugal.

Being bold, disruptive and taking no shortcuts to success, Catarina knows the responsibility of leading a mission, a team, a brand and a company all the way from beginners to director’s level.

Having lived in Lisbon, London and Salzburg, Catarina trusts Lisboa is the best city in the world, and Portugal a great country to live, be happy and succeed.

Catarina Távora Simon Hobson Investment Director

Born in Switzerland to a Chilean mother and a Portuguese father, Verónica’s childhood was spent listening to several languages and travelling to different places. When the time came to choose what to study, the Travel & Tourism industry was evident, and an obvious choice for her. Working in the Tourism sector made Verónica realise the potential Portugal had to offer; especially seen in the country’s accommodation, perfect climate, historical heritage, and touristic activities available. Verónica’s path in the real estate business began in 2015 when this market started to grow exponentially. Her professional development accompanied the market evolution, from managing people to the deep learning of all the sales and buying processes. At Portugal Homes, Verónica assures the company has the best-trained staff for the right position, improving how the company works to bring the best solutions for the client.

The fantastic results achieved by Portugal Homes are also due to an entire team of several departments, working in different areas, all battling for the same purpose of expanding the company’s brand.



The Lisbon Office


The Algarve Office

2322 Chapter B. Services

1. Buying

At Portugal Homes we decided to do things a little different than the average real estate agency. Having spent the last 15 years studying and working in the Portuguese property market, we wanted to not only offer something different but a service that is much more personalised to our clients while still giving them the best investment advice possible. With most companies employing staff to work a multitude of jobs with little to no training, we have divided each step of the buying process into separate departments, with 4 sectors consisting of Telemarketing, Listings, Sales & After Sales. We have managed to train staff that are not only more focused on their specific role but fully trained in every aspect of their department which allows us to offer a more in-depth service to our clients.

With nearly 40 staff speaking more than 10 nationalities, our Lisbon and Algarve offices are in a position to help clients from around the world. With a multitude of foreign investors now attracted to investing in the sunny Algarve region and the country’s capital city of Lisbon, it’s important to not only understand the market but to have all the facilities to help an overseas buyer feel comfortable investing in Portugal.

From the moment a client makes a direct enquiry to us, either via the website or through one of our portals, the Portugal Homes’ Telemarketing team makes the initial contact with the client. Once establishing what the client’s requirements are, the telemarketer then seeks the advice of our listers as to what property would suit him best, usually over a period of several weeks/months; we have agreed upon a list of requirements with the client that gives us a good understanding of their needs. At this stage, the client generally travels to Portugal to view the potential Homes/Investments that we believe best suit their needs.

Once the client arrives in Portugal, he will meet with either one of our investment advisors or real estate agents depending on their needs. The first thing on the agenda is showing up in our office to meet one of the co-founders and discuss investments in the city as well as educate the client on the available areas and returns. We will also go into more detail regarding the Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Resident schemes if the client requires it. Once establishing

the best investments/homes for the client we will then proceed with the viewings. Clients generally give us 2 full days of their time in order to give them an in-depth look at the property market.

During the viewing process, we have the option to offer free legal advice from 3 independent law firms in the city and also tax advice from Baker Tilly should the client require it. There will also be a presentation from one of our After Sales team members on the services we offer to clients that purchase.

Once a client finds the right property, they are then handed over to our After Sales team who takes care of them from this point forward. With several different aftercare options, the client can choose which package will suit them best, and will be given one point of contact within our After Sales team, and every question, concern, or request they have will always be dealt with by the same person. We believe this offers continuity and improves the clients’ experience of our company.

The reasons behind dividing up our staff roles and why we think it serves the client best

• It allows our staff to really focus on a specific role and not get distracted by trying to do many different jobs at once;

• Once a sale has taken place, the sales’ representative/investment advisor moves on to another client. We feel it is unprofessional for them to constantly be taking calls from previous clients regarding their purchase whilst trying to help a new client;

• By having a dedicated Telemarketing team the client gets more time on the phone to discuss their needs before they arrive, allowing them to not only receive as much information on Portugal as possible, but also allowing them the time and freedom to get all their needs across and questions answered before they arrive, allowing them to make best use of their time here;

• The After Sales department allows the client one point of contact moving forward alongside a dedicated team that are trained to look after their needs after they have purchased. This is vitally important as there are many things that a


client needs once they have purchased, and we feel a dedicated team gives our clients the best experience possible;

gives our listers the time to do the checks needed to ensure the property we list is not compromised in any way by having unlicensed work, something that is very common in Portugal and comes up with lawyers all the time. It can be very disappointing to find the right property, only to be told about problems further down the line by your lawyer; it’s not only an inconvenience for the overseas client, it can sometimes be upsetting if it means having to start your search all over again. Our listers have the time to complete the checks they need to eliminate this as much as possible and make the clients buying experience as easy and free from unexpected problems as possible.

Two more unique ways of offering a more personal and in-depth service to the client are our Private Meetings and Market Reports.

In our more popular countries, we will go and visit our clients directly before they arrive in Portugal, offering a private meeting with one of our co-founders to discuss their independent needs and helping them understand the property market in Portugal along with a detailed presentation on the Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Residents programmes. The cost of these trips are covered entirely by us and each client is given a minimum 1 hour private meeting, or more if our schedule allows.

• Having independent listers and sales staff, allows complete transparency within our company. 90% of all agencies have joint lister/sales staff within their company which means that they can earn two commissions per sale if they sell one of their own properties. We feel this will taint the investment advisor’s opinion when asked by their client which property they would recommend. If they will earn much more selling one of their own properties instead of selling a property of their associates, then they will always lean towards their listing, hence dividing these two positions allows our staff to give an honest, unbiased opinion into the property market;

With staff trained to get listings on a full time basis, it gives us the best chance of securing more properties/investments in the market. It also

By offering this service, it allows our clients to meet the company they will be working with before they arrive, and also allows us to get to know them on a more personal level much earlier in the process, which usually leads to a much higher success rate for both parties when finding the right property. We feel by offering these meetings it portrays all the qualities of our company from the start, and shows the personal touch we have and like to offer all our clients.

During the past 4 years, we have visited the following cities and offered thousands of clients the opportunity to sit down with us privately, to discuss their needs without having to leave their home town or city: Abu Dhabi, Athens, Beijing, Cape Town, Cyprus, Doha, Dubai, Durban, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Ho-Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London, Macau, Madrid, Malta, Manila, Moscow, Mumbai, Muscat, New Delhi, Seville, Shanghai, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Tokyo.

With most companies employing staff to work a multitude of jobs with little to no training, we have divided each step of buying process into separate departments with 4 sectors consisting of Telemarketing, Listings, Sales & After Sales.
2. Market Reports

The majority of our clients are investors from across the globe and it is very important that they not only get a personal service but a full understanding of the property market when they arrive. For this reason, we have an in-house data analyst who will give indepth reports on each of the investment properties our clients are interested in. This detailed report allows them to make a correct and informed decision on their new investment.

In our market reports, clients are able to find all the details concerning the property in question, a full breakdown of all costs and fees associated with it, and a market comparison so clients know that the product we are promoting is being sold at the market price, rental yields and renovation costs estimation, resale value estimation, and most important the percentage of their return on investment (ROI).

We try to grasp as much information as possible and try to cover all angles, including the scope of work and all timeframes. From an investment perspective, it is also important to prepare and anticipate operational and strategic decisions, in order to provide additional value to the reports; we also do an accurate SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. A SWOT analysis will allow our investors to have an overview of the property/development/hotel that’s of interest to them along with all the ins and outs of the investment. Along with this, we give our investors all the tools and information needed for them to make the best decisions.

A brief and updated analysis of the Portuguese real estate market is also provided in our reports. It enables our investors to be aware of the main market highlights in terms of volume and growth rates, making our market report an important tool that helps us educate our overseas clients on the market.


3. Listings

The Real Estate department consists mainly of finding and assessing good investments for our clients. The continuous work developed in this department allows our company to have a diverse portfolio of properties and also ensure that our sales department has all it needs to thrive. For that purpose, we do active market prospecting; by analysing the market in different geographical areas & locations; we manage and take out a regular follow-up of our portfolio and we develop different commercial actions as well as a strong network to obtain new and exclusive investment opportunities.

In order for our results to be at the edge of what the market offers, we work constantly and persuasively in order to build a strong and diverse portfolio of properties. We do not train and make a team of people to find houses. We train a team to turn them into specialists in making real and strategic decisions about assets, locations, and the type of real estate that qualifies for a good investment to give an indepth look at the market to our clients.

Our rigour gives us the edge over everybody else through our structure and framework, providing our clients with the best opportunities in Portugal.

Considering how vital the listings department is, and how fully and deeply it complements the sales department, its creation started the same day our company opened its doors. We had to build this department starting with nothing but our ambition and knowledge to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes like other companies where they are looking for any kind of property to place on their website, for any kind of client. Here at Portugal Homes we look for the best investments in key areas in Lisbon, Porto, and in the Algarve region of Portugal. The fact that we started this department from nothing allowed us to easily implement new approaches and strategies more appropriate to our demanding overseas clientele.

All strategies and structures of the real estate department aim to respond to our clients’ needs; hence it is crucial to first understand our clients’ requests and property requirements. Most of them are overseas clients looking for a good investment opportunity, either through a steady revenue, yield, or capital appreciation in a market that is growing

year on year.

Only after understanding our clients’ requests can we build a solid and considerable portfolio, we identify the best properties in the best locations aligned with our client’s investment purposes. Understanding the forces that determine property prices and how these change over time, as well as the pricing characteristics of properties, it’s essential to make an accurate presentation of each property to the sales department and consequently to the clients. Our expertise is fundamental in all stages of the listing process as well as for the promotion of each property.

The ensemble of our properties is diverse, comprising land, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Residential properties include new developments as well as resale of homes; therefore older properties. The commercial real estate in our portfolio consists mainly of shops, offices, and hotels, and the industrial ones consist mainly of warehouses. The vacant land we promote usually has projects approved, making them very attractive to investors.

Understanding these different types of investment in detail, with their unique features and the impact of their different locations, as well as what income and capital appreciation over time each property can provide, makes us very well positioned in the market. Our knowledge and expertise are our key competitive advantages.

The key factors that differentiate our department are knowledge and coordination. As mentioned before, our deep knowledge and expertise make our team reliable agents in finding and assessing the properties our overseas clients need.

Our coordination between the company’s departments and outside players is indeed crucial and the most innovative compared to what the Portuguese market has offered until now.


The first step is to coordinate with the Property Advisors team, making sure that we have an accurate idea of each client we have booked to come and visit us along with their specific requests. This information allows us to select from our portfolio the properties that could answer each client’s needs in advance. It also gives us the time to find more specific properties for each client, if needed. The main goal is to have hand-picked properties suited to their investments or relocation purposes.

As a second step, we coordinate with the sales department when each client arrives. We do this by providing full information with the utmost transparency to our colleagues in sales, and assure the client is fully and deeply informed about each property presented.

At this stage, we can also reinforce the best-suited properties, with holistic market reports tailored to the client’s property requests. We provide all the information regarding the properties of interest and we give a complete and updated market report.

Our coordination extends further after each sale. We keep a close communication with each client, their lawyers, bank representatives and, of course, the vendors as well, assuring effective communication between all parties during the acquisition process.

Maintaining a high quality of service with client care, and proximity during this whole process guarantees full satisfaction for all parties and successful results for the client and the company.

The key factors that differentiate our department are knowledge and coordination. As mentioned before, our deep knowledge and expertise makes our team reliable agents in finding and assessing the properties our overseas clients need.


4. Project Development & Construction

The Project Development & Construction department is purely designed to fulfil our investor’s needs when it comes to buying and renovating a building for investment purposes. We provide a wide range of services to ensure that the building bought by our client is delivered according to what is expected and all the renovation process goes smoothly and without any constraints for the investor.

This department arises from a window of opportunity! As a business, we realised that we had several clients willing to invest in the Portuguese Real Estate Market but with no technical support or expertise to do so. Furthermore, working in this area for some time now, we could perceive the lack of product in the market for our main target – the renovation for Golden Visa clients.

It all started with investment consultancy by doing what we do best – advising our clients on the best investment opportunities. For this to happen, our Business Development Director’s background was essential. Andreia Leite adapted the accurate market reports to the building market in Lisbon and we were able to provide all the guidance needed from an investment point of view and also guide the investor throughout the sales process.

The structure, vision, and knowledge are very important for the organisation of this department; since to provide a consultancy service you have to be able to find the best approach to a business opportunity. That is to say that, there aren’t perfect business opportunities, or at least when it comes to buying a building in Lisbon or in the Algarve, and your ability to study and implement a business strategy to make it work establishes the difference between bringing your client a good or bad result. Experience and knowledge of the market are definitely the key factors of success.

Within the Project Development & Construction department, we provide our clients with a wide range of services to make sure they don’t need to worry about their investment and everything starts with a trustful relationship between us and our client, turning us into a proximity business. Among the services we provide, include all the due diligence needed in terms of analysing an architecture project and comprehending what we have ahead, as this

will define most of the costs related to the project development. Some projects are not fully complete or approved, so we also guide the clients and advise them in order to get everything needed to move forward.

Here follows in detail all the services we provide and all the key stages and goals behind them:

1. Planning

1.1 Full Analysis On The Project Approved

1.2. Survey And Information Collection Related To The Project

1.3. Project Compatibility

1.4. Business Plan Structure

1.5. Project Timeline Definition And Coordination

1.6. Project Launch

One of the most important stages are definitely the planning and the project compatibility, where we analyse if the architecture and the engineering match or need adjustments, and the execution project – the


guidelines for the construction – is in conformity. This allows us to save time and costs as it’s more difficult to deal with issues during the construction stage.

The main goal here is also to know exactly what we are dealing with and in which development stage we are, so we start to analyse what we have and after that we plan the next steps according to our goals – execute the project and maximise the profit whilst maintaining the best construction quality – and make sure that all details missing are arranged.

We also perform due diligence to the building so that, from a legal point of view, we make sure that everything is perfect and if necessary - we also provide a diagnostic survey to the building in order to anticipate any issues that might arise in the future, structurally wise.

With all the details collected and analysed we are in a position to build a business plan to be presented to the investor where we make a breakdown of the current stage of the building and project and at the same time, provide all the numbers involved in terms of expected costs and services, but most importantly, our estimate in terms of profit. Once we provide this to the client, this becomes our ultimate goal – making sure the investor gets the return he expects while the project is executed perfectly. This involves a need for maximum control of all costs and, again, the key here is planning.

At this stage, we also define the project timeline, so our sales team is able to create an accurate pitch to enhance sales, as selling off-plan properties can be a true challenge. We also start working on the marketing tools needed to support the sales pitch and ultimately the sales as well: 3D images, commercial floor plans, 360º digital walkthrough tours, brochures, and marketing campaigns.

Once all these boxes are ticked, we are ready to launch our project. After selling units has been initiated, we have other commitments, not only to our investors but to the new buyers. We must ensure everything is perfectly delivered and on time, which takes us to the developing stage.

2. Developing

2.1. Services Needed For The Project Execution: Quotes And Proposals Request And Analysis

2.2. Surveys: Geotechnical, Diagnostic, Pss (Health And Safety Plan), Archeology (According To The Conditions Imposed By The City Hall Of Lisbon)

2.3. Construction Quotes And Contractor Selection –Market Consultation

On the developing stage, we materialise everything that was defined in the previous stage, and we start to request quotes for all services/surveys we need to perform before construction, namely the ones specified in point 2.2., and promptly we begin contacting construction companies in order to obtain quotes for the building renovation and analyse them in detail as this is the biggest cost to take into account. All this aside, in coordination with the selected construction company, we must negotiate all the terms to be implemented in the work contract with the support of the investor’s lawyer in order to make sure that not only the investor and the construction are protected but also that the contractor fulfils all the services proposed and follows the prices agreed and approved in the construction quote.

By the end of this stage we are ready to prepare the final details to start the construction.

3. Construction

3.1 Street Occupation Licence (OVP)

3.2 Construction Licence

3.3 Interview And Selection Of A Construction Inspector And Safety Coordinator (Qualified Engineers/Architects, Mandatory)

3.4 Close Follow Up To The Construction – Reports

Before the construction phase, if necessary, we must be sure that we apply for a street occupation licence, organise all the documents, fill all the forms (application forms, insurances, responsibility terms, construction coordinators, and construction company documents and licences to operate) and submit them to the city hall in order to apply for the construction licence. Once the construction licence is issued it means we are fully compliant and ready to start.

We provide a wide range of services to grant that the building bought by our client is delivered according to what is expected and all the renovation process goes smoothly and without any constraints for the investor along the key stages of the project: Planning, Developing, Construction and Project Coordination.


The investor must have an engineer on-site that will operate on their behalf certifying that the construction is going according to the project approved and execution guidelines as well as making sure the contractor is fulfilling what is contemplated in the contract. The engineer will also certify that all the costs associated with construction are under control and that all the deadlines are met until delivery. Additionally, our Senior Civil Engineer is also responsible for providing accurate monthly reports, stating every certification and reporting on the construction stage.

Additionally, a Safety Coordinator is also mandatory on-site since we are dealing with high-risk activity. The Safety Coordinator must ensure that the Health and Safety Plan is strictly implemented and accomplished by everybody involved in the construction.

4. Project Coordination

4.1 Meet Lawyers, Architects, Contractor Regularly Whenever Necessary And Coordination Between All These Parties;

4.2 Contract Analysis And Proficient Input To Defend The Investor’s Best Interests;

4.3 Costs Management And Coordination With The Investor’s Accountant;

4.4 Organisation Of Documents, Invoices, Payments, Deeds – To Be Given To The Investor At The Project Conclusion (Hardcopy And Pen Drive).

Project Coordination is essentially the structure that supports everything we do in the Project Development & Construction department. We are in permanent contact with all the parts involved – lawyers, architects, engineers, and city hall –coordinating all the operations necessary for the construction to happen, mediating any conflict that might arise between all these parties, and defending our investors and clients’ best interests, especially when it comes to controlling the costs and the construction quality.

The PD&C department is a true innovation and involves an enormous resourcefulness ability, making us see it as a challenge that will help our business to grow.

Building Purchase INVESTMENT ADVICE PROJECT DILIGENCES DIAGNOSTIC MARKET TEST CITY HALL Architecture Project Specialties / Engineering Project Project Analysis Compatibilization Execution Project Construction Quotes Construction License CONSTRUCTION PROJECT DEVELOPMENT

5. After Sales

Portugal Homes exclusive, in-house fully dedicated department where the main goal is to take care of clients and their properties.

The After Sales department starts its journey even before the client arrives in Lisbon. While speaking to the Telemarketing team, the client will have the After Sales’ support once he wants to know more about the requirements to buy a property in Portugal. The telemarketer will introduce the After Sales Director by email, who will follow the process from its start.

Our After Sales will provide all information regarding documents needed to open a bank account and all requirements in order to get a Portuguese Tax ID, both mandatory to purchase a property in Portugal. Some clients will want to be prepared once they arrive in Lisbon in order not to lose time. Therefore, this department will proceed with arranging for the opening of a bank account and getting them a Fiscal Number.

Once the property is chosen by the client, another meeting will be in place in order to inform the client what the After Sales department can also do for them in regards to managing their property. By having a clear idea of the investment, After Sales can now offer a suitable package in order to get the property ready to rent. The services will vary from getting them the short-term renting licence to setting up the utilities whilst offering a fully dedicated support system for any questions that will come along the way.

It is very important to mention that all departments at Portugal Homes work very well together and that we understand and support each other thinking of one common goal – which is to give the best service and experience to our clients.

A department created to facilitate the purchase and help grow and manage the investment, which also has the responsibility to set the bar for Portugal Homes’ reputation and to generate future business.

The origin of the After Sales Department

Our goal is to develop a brand with much more value and reputation than all other real estate agencies.

It is common knowledge that the Real Estate business is very competitive and greedy, and most Real Estate clients don’t fully trust Real Estate agents even though they need them for their investment purposes. Our idea was to change people’s thinking about what a Real Estate company can offer. The path was to develop trustworthy relationships with clients and the goal was to develop a company associated with reputation values and honesty but most importantly, to create a differentiating factor from all other Real Estate Agencies.

After Sales Emerged as the Solution

By creating a department that would be fully committed to everything that would follow the purchase process, Portugal Homes would maintain and create a

By creating a department that would be fully commited to everything that would follow the purchase process, Portugal Homes would mantain and create a trustworthy relationship with their clients and also develop a differential characteristic from any other Portuguese agency.

trustworthy relationship with their clients and also develop a distinctive characteristic from any other Portuguese Agency. Our After Sales department provides all the help needed in all matters of your property. The fact remains, that no other agency has this service; we are the first, and by being there for our clients after the purchase process, Portugal Homes gains their trust much quicker.

Who wouldn’t trust a real estate agency that estimates your yield and stands nearby to make sure that the estimate is real? By being present and making sure that everything is up and running regarding the renting process, Portugal Homes can gain our clients trust much faster than any other real estate consultancy in Portugal thanks to the hub of services we offer.

Those were the two factors that helped create the After Sales department: creating a point of difference in a competitive marketplace and how to create a trustworthy relationship with clients in such a short period of time.

In order to understand the importance of these factors, we need to understand that the average Portugal Homes client is an investor, most likely with several other real estate investments around the world. They usually only have time to make a very short-trip of two or three days in order to consult with the After Sales team member in Portugal. Our Portugal Homes After Sales team uses all their experience and knowledge to help get the client what they need in the shortest time, whilst maintaining its professional approach.

After Sales adding value to Portugal Homes

The point of difference between Portugal Homes is the After Sales department. No other agency does it and we have created something very unique and special. Having a team that is fully committed to satisfying its clients and making sure that their problems are properly addressed can only be considered as a company that is building an amazing reputation and is basing its core values on honesty, trust, and accountability.

Portugal Homes’ wish is to build a lasting relationship with our first-time clients, in order to create a

sustainable client base that will be willing to re-sale with us in the future, or even better, make further investments. Most importantly, we believe and rely on referral methods of doing business and a high reputation brand will allow us to continue to thrive in a difficult marketplace.

By developing the After Sales department, we are making sure that a one-time client turns into at least a 5-year client, and since the average Portugal Homes client is a Golden Visa applicant; our dedicated After Sales team will guide the client through the entire process. By applying this client care mindset, we are increasing the growth of the company every quarter.

After Sales’ 5 Pillars

We decided to describe and categorise 5 pillars to separate the different services that we provide to our clients:


When investors go through the purchase process their goal is always the same. How much income can their property generate over the 5-year Golden Visa Programme and who can help them realise the income that was promised?

The After Sales department takes into their hands the whole process. First of all, the process of getting the property ready to rent.

In order to start renting, the property needs to have a short-term renting licence associated with it. To do so, the application needs to be submitted to the City Hall, where several documents need to be provided, in which one of them includes a specific communication to the Portuguese Finance department declaring the short-term renting business. Usually, this process can take one to two weeks to be put in place and to successfully receive from the City Hall the shortterm renting licence – an AL Code.

While the process of getting the property Renting Licence is running, we need to proceed with requirements of the short-term renting according to the Portuguese Law. It is mandatory to set up multirisk insurance, and we are in direct contact with insurance companies; since the Safety Kit equipment needs to be installed, we are also in contact with the direct suppliers of that equipment. Utility connection and providing the best internet and TV package available on the market are also services provided by Portugal Homes.

The next step is the choice of the right rental agency. There are plenty of short-term rental agencies and the market has grown a lot in Lisbon over the past few years. Our advice is to always find the right agency for the right client. The After Sales department has the responsibility to take the client through all of these procedures and help the owner make the right decision for them according to the property they have purchased.

Property Management at Portugal Homes means taking care of our client’s properties. We are their eyes and ears in Portugal and our goal is to maintain the quality and good condition of their property for the duration of their investment.

After setting up all of these matters, After Sales will be present every three months for a Maintenance Report. We arrange with the Rental Agencies to go to the property and make sure it is maintained in the condition it was bought.

Once the report is completed the client will have access to a suggestion box that will indicate the work that the After Sales staff suggests doing - it can be the repairing of windows, door knobs, painting the walls, or as simple as repairing a drain from the bathroom. If the owner makes these small repairs along the way, the property will stay in perfect condition for the entirety of their investment. If the small maintenance and repairs are not addressed, then the damage can be far worse after only a couple of years. Besides that, the After Sales department is able to provide a local quote for all maintenance and repairs needed in order to avoid high and unnecessary foreigners prices.

Our job is continuous, so not only do we provide Maintenance Reports, but we provide Income Reports also. The reason for this is to follow up with the generated income from the property and try to match the estimated income that was previously promised to the client in the best way possible; we also keep track of all incomes and expenses for the client.


The Fiscal Representation Pillar is related to our Presales even though it’s a key part of the After Sales department.

In order to purchase a property in Portugal, a client needs to have a Portuguese Bank Account and one of the mandatory documents is the Portuguese Fiscal Number. This means that a client needs to get his/ her Portuguese Fiscal Number and in order to do so they need to nominate a company or person to be their Fiscal Representation.


Bank Account, Portuguese Fiscal Number, Fiscal Representation, and Lawyer’s Representation are the four essential steps to buy a property in Portugal. The After Sales department provides Fiscal Representation and the Portuguese Fiscal Number in a matter of days. The department also facilitates the bank opening by setting up a meeting at the Portugal Homes offices and we also advise on lawyer representation.

The main goal is to facilitate the client’s purchase and allow them to focus on the investment and making the right decision, not having all the hassle of setting up all those smaller things that everyone forgets about. It also shows our commitment and how far we are willing to go to help a client. Our team is always 100% available and focused on making the process as easy as possible for them.

By the time the purchase is made, we will also be in charge of every client’s Tax Returns, VAT Returns, issuing receipts, and every other aspect related to the client’s responsibility towards the Portuguese Finance department; for example, Council Tax payment and others.

By developing the After Sales department, we are making sure that the one-time client turns into a 5-year client at least. Since the average Portugal Homes client is a Golden Visa Applicant, he needs a company to stick with them for the process.


Portugal Homes is very detail-oriented, and our team is very focused on the clients relationship with our brand. We want to create a reliable reputation associated with a very professional service and we feel that personal assistance is definitely adding value to our brand.

From getting a transfer from the airport to the accommodation and back for the client and all members of the family to making dinner arrangements in Restaurants, the After Sales department is available and has a dedicated team that will provide personal services that make the difference that we at Portugal Homes love so much.

Portugal Homes clients can securely rely on the After Sales during their stay in Lisbon. Restaurants, Hotels, Tours, Touristic Activities - After Sales is the personal concierge that will help with everything the client requires.

4. GOLDEN VISA 350.000,00€

The Portuguese Government presented to foreign investors the 350K Golden Visa Programme; this investment needs to go up to 350.000,00€ and the Property needs to be located in an urban renewal area with rehabilitation works in accordance with the corresponding legislation.

This programme created an opportunity for the After Sales department. In this Programme there are two different options: buy an off-plan unit from a Developer - in this case usually the building is being fully renovated and all the units will be similar; or buy a private unit and do a small renovation there.

The first option: Buying an off-plan unit from a property developer is much easier than the second one. However, the After Sales services are also very important in this case. The After Sales department will follow up on the construction, providing monthly reports on the current construction status and allowing the owner to be involved in the progress until completion. Most importantly, the After Sales Team will take into consideration the works contract and finishings to be able to do a full detailed inspection before delivery. This way, the investor, without being

in Lisbon, will be reassured to have been delivered the property he was promised when buying it offplan.

The second option: Buying a private unit and doing a small renovation there can be more time-consuming; however it is always more personal as an overall purchase. Our After Sales team has available staff to follow up with this renovation project and we assist from A to Z. Getting quotes from 3 different construction companies, negotiating for a good quote and assessing with the owner which company to choose. We then make sure the timeline is carried out and we are also responsible for any decisionmaking during the process. Of course, the decisionmaking is always taken by the owner. However, our expertise is a very helpful guideline for owners that are away and are not familiarised with Portuguese Laws and costumes.

This service provided by the After Sales department is also eligible to clients with the 280K Golden Visa,

where the property investment must be in a low population density area; i.e. interior territories or in the Autonomous Region of the Azores and Madeira. Much like the 350K Golden Visa, the property itself must be 280.000,00€ and the property needs to be rehabilitated in accordance with the corresponding legislation.

Portugal Homes understands the worries clients have when investing in something that is not yet finished. The constant worrying about it being ready and trying to call lawyers and sales agents to get a follow-up is not the best feeling. By being an After Sales member, clients have direct contact with one of the After Sales Staff that will provide them with all the necessary follow-ups and most importantly, ensure the reply is within a 24H time frame.



A high percentage of our clients are looking into the Golden Visa process; therefore the After Sales department has created a specific After Sales Pack specially made for them. Once again, Portugal Homes saw an opportunity to create a much stronger relationship with our client.

The After Sales Golden Visa Pack includes all of the Services mentioned in the Property Management Pillar and Fiscal Representation, plus a close followup of the Golden Visa Application and all its steps. The goal is to integrate Lawyers’ Fees in this Pack so that our clients only need to deal with one contact only –Portugal Homes – for every small issue that might occur.

Once again, Portugal Homes manages to create a 5-year relationship with the client so that the business can grow much stronger than a standard Real Estate Agency.

After Sales adding value to Portugal Homes

At Portugal Homes, we are a very realistic company and our goal was never to just take advantage of the current Real Estate success that Portugal and especially Lisbon are having at the moment. It is wonderful to see Lisbon on the news as one of the safest cities to invest in, however, our way of working requires us to think much further ahead.

We believe that there is still a lot of room to grow as we are nowhere near the average price per sqm of the top European cities. However, we want to build a brand that will last long and be in it for the future.

By planning for the future we are allowing for more difficult times in the marketplace and planning for when the market slows down.

We are developing expertise in Property Management in order to keep managing all our client’s properties in Portugal, allowing us to continue to grow and thrive as we have been doing so far. We are expanding our Property Management services and now have properties in Alentejo, Algarve, and Porto regions. Looking at the future with less of a busy buying clientele, we can certainly understand that

the current owners will always need our services.

Current owners will rely on Portugal Homes’ expertise to manage their property and to fiscally represent them in all matters related to their investment or second home abroad.

6. Furniture


The Furniture department is a very important and fundamental piece of the After Sales services. This department was created from the need to deliver the most complete service that Portugal Homes can offer to our clients. We integrate a group of professionals with excellent training in the area of decoration so that we can raise the service to the highest standard, with the best solutions for both affordable and luxurious furniture, according to the clients’ needs, usage of the property, style and budget.

Our team provides a full service, starting with a first meeting with the client, followed by a thorough visit to the apartment, moving to a presentation that is sent to the client with several options of packs and different furnishing styles. We will always send pictures of furnished apartments and do visits when possible because we find it easier for the client to make a decision about the style once they have had a clearer view of the finished product. After deciding the style, a floor plan with furniture placement will be made by our designers which helps the client envision the project.

Right after we start the order process, followed by the delivery, and fitting of the chosen furniture. During this period our staff will send weekly updates of the ongoing fitting process in order to reassure the client. Once we are finished the apartment will be turn-key and ready for immediate occupancy. In terms of furniture, we only use the best materials, solid wood of all kinds, in every colour and style as we wish to provide more than just a Furniture Pack; we want our clients to feel that even though they purchased a pack, their pack has unique features and authenticity, combined with a sense of style and most importantly long-lasting features. Ultimately, we bring the clients’ ideas to life by creating the perfect apartment.

We provide three different services; the first is our furniture packages, the second our bespoke private designer, and the third the full building service. Our packs have price ranges established for apartments of one, two and three bedrooms, and all of them include furniture for all rooms - bedrooms, dining and living room. All the accessories are required in order to deliver a “turn-key” apartment, without needing to go to any other provider. We always offer the option of customising each pack, and there is always the possibility of withdrawing or adding some items if need be (garden furniture, a study room, hallways and many others). In each pack, we will tailor the options for colour palettes and décor items (paintings, decorative vases, artefacts, Portuguese tiles, among others). This customization makes each pack unique within the same style.

The first style on our list is named Practical Style, which represents the most accessible range. With Urban and Unique Packs, it provides what every client wants: quality and commodity. With solid pine at its core, we can offer these finishes in a more natural look or a more modern one, combined with colours and shapes that will provide our client’s homes with the cosy environment they are looking for. The price for this package starts at 10.000,00€ (ten thousand euros).

For a more sophisticated look, there is the Luxury Package and it is considered to be the medium-range pack in terms of pricing. Solid oak is its signature mark, bringing the beautiful classic apartment back to the XXI century. This package is matched with textiles of remarkable quality and beautiful colours, ultimately bringing the apartments into a five-

star hotel standard, giving commodity and a unique style to each home. The prices in this pack start at 14.750,00€ (fourteen thousand seven hundred and fifty euros).

For the highest quality and refinery, we have the Elegant Style, with first-class materials and luxury finishes. Being the highest price range style, it was born for a segment of clients that are looking for the best of the best. With packages that go from Urban Unique, and Luxury, we offer a design that can’t be matched by its price, and with the finest wood, this pack starts at 17.000€ (seventeen thousand euros).

Nonetheless, there might be some cases in which the client purchased a property that is already furnished. For these particular cases, we offer the Ideal Pack, which contains bed linen made from Egyptian Cotton with 400 thread and towels with 700gsm giving a final touch to the apartment in order for it to be ready for short-term rentals or for the client to live in. These packs can be adjusted according to the occupancy of the apartment; the prices start at 500,00€ (five hundred euros).

Our second product is supervising and having the decoration created by an interior designer. The fitting is also included, which gives the client peace of mind by acquiring these packs.

We also provide a complete and custom-made pack with The Bespoke Private Designer service. It has a vast range of options for everything that might be needed, enabling the client to obtain a personalised unique result, with its own identity. We will assign an interior designer that will be in charge of meeting with the client and visiting the apartment to create a bespoke pack, absolutely custom-made and tailored to the clients’ needs and wishes. The price for this service will depend on the requirements of the client, the materials chosen for the apartment, and whether there is any renovation, painting or modification needed. We will also create custom-sized solutions in order to optimise the space and come up with aesthetic, practical, and functional solutions.

Lastly, we have our most recent addition, which is the Full Building Service. With the arrival of several investors that wish to increase their incomes and returns, Portugal Homes has seen a rise in the demand for buildings in need of renovation, either for reconstruction into new hotels or resale of brand-new apartments. For either one of these, we created a service that, just like the others, offers complete work from start to finish, where we create customised packages for the whole building. The decorative possibilities are presented to the client and once the style is chosen, we move towards a detailed presentation, with pictures and 3D modelling. All this includes the delivery and assembly of the furniture. The price will depend on the size of the project and its necessities, always taking into consideration the final result: a “turn-key” apartment.


The Furniture department was created alongside the After Sales Department. Combined, these departments answer the biggest struggles that a client can face while purchasing a new property. Both departments appeared right at the beginning of the company. The main idea and goals are to deliver a “turn-key” apartment service, where the client, who is overseas most of the time, doesn’t have the “knowhow” and expertise to find the best local suppliers


for furniture or even the decoration knowledge necessary for these endeavours. Here is where we come in offering our support, customer care, understanding, and experience.


Portugal Homes’ main market is international clients and investors. Thus, purchasing a property in a foreign country can bring a daunting feeling. As a company, we work towards providing the most straightforward service in order to reduce this fear. Therefore, as a business, being able to provide all these services in-house is a substantial relief for the investor. The fact that after purchasing the property you will not have to worry about delivery timings of sofa beds, for instance, or, wrong orders, or even misplaced furniture pieces makes the process of purchasing an empty property much easier. Everything will come back to Portugal Homes, the company that acts as the point of contact for anything investors wish. Besides, the client’s needs may change, and we understand it is perfectly normal, so we are able to adapt to these requirements. Even if the client just wants to purchase some towel sets or bed linen for the apartment, or even if there is a necessity for a custom-made piece, we are able to respond and provide what the client is looking for.

Additional needs and challenges will also come up as the process moves forward. We once had a client who purchased a property in the city centre of Lisbon and he was particularly worried about the fact that his apartment was located in a building with no elevator and this would compromise the budget set for the furniture. However, thanks to our expertise we were able to work around the situation and managed to stay within the client’s budget while still delivering every piece of furniture undamaged.

On a separate occasion, while working on the floor plans, we realised there would be no space for a dining table if the client wanted to keep a sofa bed. Nonetheless, our designers presented an option that would allow the client to fit both with a retractable dining table. We strongly believe that a happy client will result in more business in the future. We live from referrals and satisfied customers. Furniture solutions are just another method to help us obtain our goal.


The furniture department is mainly divided into three different categories, starting with the commercial area, followed by the designers, and then by the fitters. On the first contact with the client, one of our staff will meet with the client in order to present the department, its advantages, timelines for furniture delivery, some pictures of finished apartments and also book visits to an apartment that has already been furnished. Our staff will also advise the client on occupancy capacity taking into account his reason for purchase - whether it’s a property for shortterm rentals or for him to relocate to. Subsequently, the design area will start with the floor plan work, combining the furniture into a presentation and choosing the colour palettes; all this section of planning will improve and standardise the work of fitters in the end. The fitters are essential for the department as they will be the ones to leave the apartment ready for delivery.


Although we sell packages, we are able to insert uniqueness into each package we create, providing a custom-made service at all times. We strongly believe that one-of-a-kind products are what excel in this industry and to be able to add this x-factor into our services is one of our biggest innovation assets.

Portugal Homes does that through its various departments and services, in particular the furnishing service, which enables us to deliver our best creativity and decoration solutions, turning a property into a home. Lastly, as our company was born out of the increasing demand for quality packages at affordable prices for the international investor, we can design and furnish the apartment without the client ever having to visit Portugal.


7. Partnerships

Portugal Homes establishes business relationships with companies such as immigration agencies and other real estate agents not only in Portugal but around the world, with the main goal to attract foreign investment to Portugal – potential clients –and increase our property portfolio. The department was created in August 2018 in order to fulfil our needs of obtaining potential leads and clients, and also our objective to be present in strategic countries where the demand is high for our target audience – Investment and Holiday Homes, Non-Habitual Residency, and Golden Visa clients.

For clients, it is really important to have someone that they can always count on. As our office is located in Lisbon, having a trustful network of partners around the world means that our clients can always contact their local agent for any type of support. This is an important part of our philosophy as a business, making clients feel comfortable and that there is also a contact in their country should they need it. Being close to clients, even through a partner, is definitely a key factor in success, as we try to keep our business and our services to clients personalised and tailored to their specific needs.

We can distinguish between two types of partnerships. International partnerships, where we acquire leads and potential clients, and national partnerships, where our main interest is to increase our unique listing portfolio to offer the best investment opportunities nationwide.

As a business, partnerships are about having strategic and skilled connections which cover all geographical areas and markets where we want to be present for business purposes but also provide an added value to our clients even before they travel to Portugal. Having an overseas partner closer to our clients, guiding them throughout the best real estate opportunities, the buying process, and the most popular investment schemes is fundamental for us as a business focused entirely on our client’s best interests, whether near or far.

Our private meetings for partners are an adaptation of the private meetings we already do for clients, as we identified the need to educate and train our partners.

For clients it is really important to have someone that they can always count on. As our office is located in Lisbon, having a trustful network of partners around the world means that our clients can always contact their local agent for any type of support. This is an important part of our philosophy as a business - making clients feel comfortable and supported in every decision they make.


By sharing our knowledge and vision with them, they will also be able to promote Portugal overseas and hope that ultimately this will allow our clients to have the right expectations when they come to Portugal to finally meet us.

International clients have many different purposes and requirements. Most of them have never been to Portugal and therefore it is imperative that our partners are able to provide all the information about the country, legal, and property purchase procedures.

This training process is really complex and takes time as the amount of information we provide is very detailed. We are talking to our partners about learning at length about how the Non-Habitual Residency and Golden Visa programs work, the best areas to invest in, fair prices per sqm, and rental yields.

Apart from this, it’s also extremely important to set up a structure that works for both sides. Assertive procedures allow us to focus on what really matters: the client, since we assure that all relevant information is shared between Portugal Homes and our partners and as a consequence our efficiency will reflect excellent results when it comes to closing rates.

Apart from the private meetings, we also attend Seminars on behalf of our partners. Having partners inviting us to their countries to present ourselves and our company along with all the services we offer is an enthusiastic and unique experience for us, as we understand that our presence there will make a difference to the clients and ultimately help our partners. In this sense, partners are fantastic because they organise everything in detail, all the infrastructure needed to create the perfect environment for us to do what we do best, and advise our clients on the best real estate investment.

We’ve had several really successful seminars in Vietnam and appeared in the press for the advice that we offer. Partners also embrace these presentations as it’s not just a way to get the message across, but also provides extra training to their staff. Knowing how to present Portugal correctly and detailing the real estate market along with the Golden Visa Programme is essential to every client considering

investing or relocating.

Making sure partners share the same vision as us has been a true challenge but also a rewarding experience for Portugal Homes.



6362 Chapter
Umbrella Brand 1. The Harland & Poston Group

Developing our umbrella brand Harland & Poston Group

Our in-house marketing team has also developed the umbrella brand Harland & Poston Group - a privately owned group that showcases all our brands in the areas of real estate, investments, property management, and travel. The group works as an ecosystem that provides our clientele with a set of investment opportunities on a global scale, through knowledge and expertise in the countries and business sectors that are of our investors’ interest. the mandatory documents is the Portuguese Fiscal Number. This means that a client needs to get his/ her Portuguese Fiscal Number and in order to do so they need to nominate a company or person to be their Fiscal Representation.

of employees as a whole, respecting and looking at all spheres of their lives in order to lead and promote their personal and professional development. Our leading team of directors take on the face of the brand, Andreia Leite, Verónica Rosa, Simon Hobson, Catarina Távora, and Kate Goucher carry the founders’ legacy, who describe the company as players without fear of failure. In charge of carrying the synergy created by David and Gary, the five directors pass that to the entire team, creating lifetime value for the company’s working environment and for our clients. All departments at Portugal Homes exchange information on a daily basis as by understanding what each other does helps us better produce our work and deliver a complete service to the client.

The company’s culture is also an important asset for the business, as the majority (if not all) of our clients come from overseas. We have all kinds of people working at Portugal Homes, from Polish to Spanish speaking, from the other side of the ocean all the way to this side. We accept, respect, and love the multicultural environment we work in as we believe that working with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds results in the creation of many groundbreaking ideas, initiatives, and concepts.

Harland & Poston Group also enabled us to create more opportunities for cross-selling leveraging the right offering at the right time and within the relevant context. The truth is that when a company’s value propositions are crystal clear, the links between the product offerings become clear as well, and our group has sucessfully been able to do so ever since it was implemented, in July 2020.

From a marketing standpoint, the creation of this group aims to work as an endorsed brand and as an opportunity to reach a new target consumer, but not necessarily a new category. The idea was to build and sustain relationships with Portugal Homes’ existing clients and also new audiences as each brand has its own identity, but is still associated with the parent brand. This means that the Portugal Homes brand gives equity to the Harland & Poston Group and hence, the group to the brands, too.

Harland & Poston Group has also enabled us to create more opportunities for cross-selling, leveraging the right offering at the right time and within the relevant context. The truth is that when a company’s value propositions are crystal clear, the links between the product offerings become clear as well, and our group has successfully been able to do so ever since it was implemented, in July 2020.

Promoting the people behind the business

People being the company’s greatest asset, David and Gary have always tried to respond to the needs

Directors David Poston Gary Harland
Board Project Development & Construction
Andreia Leite Simon Hobson Luís Santos Luísa Macedo Real Estate Mathew McGurn Rogério Magalhães Mark Wills Ryan Dunn Mariana Affonso George Hobson Kieran Wilkinson Telemarketing Kate Goucher Francisca Barros Hanna Petersen Deirdre Miller Sandro Carvalho Catarina Távora Ivo Jorge Ozge Ekinci António Lima Tomás Oliveira Stefanie Mendo Filip Bejnar Investment Advisors Digital Marketing & Communication Verónica Rosa Daniela Xarepe Maria Alves Marcela Lautert Liza Gallagher Operations Margarida Sousa Sérgio Matos João Croca Hugo Dias After Sales Specialists Regional Managers Contact us: Telephone: +351 213 471 603 Mobile / Whatsapp: +351 910 335 991 eMail: Address: Av. Liberdade, 100 4th Floor, 1250-145 Lisboa Portugal

Team Bonding Events

Growing at a fast pace, Portugal Homes has been accomplishing incredible goals. Thanks to our cofounders’ vision, the company has established itself at the forefront of Portugal’s investment and golden visa markets.

In order to keep up with our business growth, a lot of amazing people have joined the team in the past year and a half. We now have a staff of over 40 hardworking people, who put a lot of dedication into their work every day to make sure our business keeps thriving.

To show their appreciation for the hard work and effort everyone puts into the business, David and Gary often reward the teams with incredible team bonding events, where everyone gets together to talk about “everything but work”!

We believe that these kinds of compensations are a high motivator factor to keep working better but also help foster more positive attitudes to remain focused on the job and, hence, increase the level of performance and build effective teamwork habits.

The Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix Portimão, Algarve - October 2020


Employee Branding

Portugal Homes environment is often changing, thanks to the new members coming in, we find that autonomous teams are much more nimble than large hierarchies. This also leaves no space for miscommunication, encouraging our creativity. We believe that career satisfaction involves a chance to pursue our passion, rather than just receiving a paycheck at the end of the month.

Thankfully, David and Gary enable us to be ourselves and express our ideas, believing in each department’s work and trying to help us improve and define the best practices to apply at what we do best. This enabled us to bring to life the Employee Branding Marketing strategy. Our employees and their backgrounds are the company’s greatest asset; hence our belief in sharing the employees’ thoughts on working at this company shows our ability to differentiate, cultivate and promote our identity to not only candidates interested in working at the company but also clients who are purchasing with us. We want our viewers to understand why we stand out from the crowd and think it’s a great opportunity for them to get to know us better.

Team Weekend in Douro Porto, June 2021
Our employees and their backgrounds are the company’s greatest asset, hence our belief in sharing the employees’ thoughts on working at this company shows our ability to differentiate, cultivate and promote our identity to not only candidates interested in working at the company, but also clients who are purchasing with us.
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