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Why Northern Portugal? Religious heritage, modern architecture, natural parks, hospitality and gastronomy are amongst the great attractions of this region, where Portugal was founded in the 12th century, combining to make it a unique destination.

Why Portugal Green Walks? We have many years experience as a tour operator providing top quality tourist services in the North of Portugal and Porto. The company builds on this in depth knowledge of the region to offer uniquely creative and innovative tours in the three specialist areas in which it focuses: Nature, Culture and Gastronomic Tourism.

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The Minho Region has unique characteristics associated to a natural landscape of enormous beauty and biodiversity. Marked by an intense green of the fields and vineyards, the Minho’s beautiful landscape allies itself with the contagious joy of the festivities and processions and with the unparalleled hospitality of its people.

Walking in the Heart of the

Peneda-Gerês National Park If you’re looking for the splendour of the natural world, then the Peneda-Gerês National Park is definitely the place to visit. The diversity and abundance of its flora and fauna will provide you with some unforgettable moments in close contact with nature. Member of the prestigious Pan Parks network the Park offers walkers wonderful opportunities to follow old granite paved trails from idyllic villages into remote upland pastures. This itinerary draws on our in-depth local knowledge and ability to show visitors the very best of Peneda-Gerês.

Active Holidays Adventure & fun

If you’re looking to enjoy a few days of absolute relaxation or some refreshing and invigorating holidays, the northern region of Portugal will surprise you with fantastic opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You have the opportunity to discover a region of lush green Natural Parks, a rich culture and history visiting Guimarães and Oporto, two UNESCO World Cultural Heritage cities, whilst tasting our traditional gastronomy and wines, mixed in perfect harmony, making this a unique program.

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Horse Riding in Minho An unforgettable experience

Imagine yourself riding a genuine Portuguese horse whilst having the chance to see wild horses, such as the Garrano, in the mountains of Northern Portugal; trekking up the hills surrounded by incredible views and viewing the landscape as though from the top of the world. This is a unique way to visit the remote uplands of the Peneda-GerĂŞs National Park and the nearby Corno de Bico Protected area. Here you will find the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday together with all the tranquility you could wish for.

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There exists a magical landscape in the far northeast corner of Portugal with plateaus and majestic mountains, towns and untouched historical villages, where the Douro river defines part of the frontier between Portugal and Spain. Places that are simply unbelievable!

Walking along the old routes of

Arribas do Douro

You will have the chance to discover with us some of the best places of the International Douro Nature Park, a landscape dominated by a stunning setting with rugged gorges carved out over time by the Douro river, through a variety of activities including walking tours, boat trips, a donkey ride, visits to typical villages and birdwatching.



Douro Valley

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The wine region of The Douro is scenically one of the most impressive demarcated regions in the world, as evidenced by its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For generations, thousands of men have built extraordinary terraced staircases on steep mountains, turning almost inaccessible lands into large areas of cultivation for the production of the famous port wine. From this arises one of the strongest and most memorable characteristics of the region.

Douro Vine Terraces An amazing walking tour

From the most rugged parts of the Alto Douro Wine Region to the heart of Port wine itself, you are going to discover the legendary Calçada de Alpajares, also named the Devil's Trail, travel the river on a traditional rabelo boat and experience beautiful walking trails in the midst of vineyards and olive groves. All of this without forgetting a visit to a winery farm where the precious nectar of the region is produced. A not to be missed tour that takes you to three sites that have achieved World Heritage status: The archaeological park of Vale do Coa, the world’s largest open-air museum of Palaeolithic art , the Douro Valley and the historic centre of Porto.

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Gardens and parks “Portuguese gardens are amongst the most cosmopolitan in the world, a product of the priviledged cultural heritage of our history, bringing together the west and East in a style with is at the same time intimate, exuberant, slightly exotic but always characteristically Portuguese” Helena Attlee in “O esplendor dos Jardins em Portugal”

Enchanted Gardens

An inspirational tour for garden lovers... You are invited to discover the charming heterogeneity of the gardens of Porto and surrounding region, the birthplace of Portugal. Highlights include the picturesque gardens of a top Verde wine maker’s Quinta, a selection of outstanding manor house gardens, an ancient Benedictine monastery Cerca, truly old camellia collections, Romantic gardens of wealthy Port merchants and a unique modernist garden. To make this a very special tour, we invited site owners and directors as well as connoisseurs to guide us through their treasures and make you feel as if you were in your own garden.

Way of Saint James

The Portuguese Way gently winds its way northwards, along ancient tracks and paths run through woodlands, farmlands, villages, towns and historic cities. Paths that cross courses of water flowing over bridges some of Roman origin - of unmistakable medieval construction. A route enriched by the presence of chapels, churches, convents, shrines and crosses where the comforting image of Santiago the Pilgrim is ever-present, to accompany and hearten the pilgrim on his journey.

The Portuguese Way

The experience of a lifetime‌ We have designed a walking tour that aims to combine the spiritual sense and the personal experience of the Way to Santiago with the comforts of today and the total support of our local guides. Along the last 153 km of the Portuguese Way, from Ponte de Lima (North Portugal) to Santiago de Compostela, the traveller will experience the traditions and ways of rural Galician life whilst enjoying beautiful landscapes, historical architecture, and delicious food along the way. Travellers can expect to experience unforgettable days Walking, Feeling and Resting.

Route of Romanesque

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In the land of the valleys of Sousa, Tâmega and Douro, in the heart of the North of Portugal, stands an important architectural heritage of Romanesque origin. Common traits that carry legends and stories born with the foundation of the Nationality and which witness the significant role that this territory formerly played in the history of the nobility and religious orders in Portugal.

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Follow the Steps of

Princess Mafalda On a voyage through History, Portugal Green Walks invites you on an inspiring journey to learn about some of the monasteries and churches connected, according to legend, to the life and work of Princess Mafalda, daughter of King Sancho I and granddaughter of King Afonso Henriques. Take the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries in the Baths of São Vicente. © Rota do Românico

© Rota do Românico

© Rota do Românico

A land of genuine flavours...


that deserves to be discovered slowly

Known for its hospitality, the region demonstrates exceptional generosity when it comes to providing good table service. How can you possibly forget the finest fish caught on our coastline, our delicious horticultural products, the finest fruit, our olive oil, our cheeses, our wines - first-class products which are recognised by the world’s leading specialists? And of course how can we possibly overlook our diversified and mouth-watering desserts, that come from the best traditions of old Portuguese convents? Let us act as your guide as you set out to discover the region’s tastes and flavours. Portugal Green Walks is pleased to be your host!

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