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take root


What is at

the root

of a

Portsmouth Abbey education?

rooted among ideas, you immerse yourself in a classical liberal arts education that has sharpened minds for

thousands of years, making you

more knowledgeable  – and more interesting.

rooted beside friends, you join a

close-knit community where your classmates and

look after each other,

keep in touch long after graduation.

rooted beyond what’s knowable,


explore the mystery and meaning of god and share your campus with dedicated faculty and benedictine monks, some of the most

fascinating people you may ever meet.

here on

portsmouth abbey school’s

500 acres overlooking Narragansett Bay, you

cultivate your mind,

develop your spirituality, and grow into the adult you’re striving to become.

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by sound, by sight, by feel portsmouth abbey school’s

benedictine roots

you notice the benedictine character on your first visit to campus. the friendliness with which people treat each other. the easy conversations you fall into. your complete sense of comfort and belonging. During your time at the Abbey, you can’t miss the distinctive

of grass between them called the Holy Lawn, honoring the

shape of the Church of St. Gregory the Great at the campus

long-held Abbey tradition.

center. But more than anything, the benedictine presence at portsmouth abbey diffuses silently into your day-to-day life. You see it in the original sculptures and paintings displayed around campus, evidence of the benedictine commitment to preserving the arts. You hear it in the 5:15 carillon bells that chime each evening, calling the monks to prayer.

You experience it when walking short distances from class to class, passing friends and teachers along sidewalks carefully planned to reflect the benedictine hallmark of living in community. You witness it in the whirl of the wind turbine, the landscaping of the grounds, the patience and caring of your teachers. And without even realizing it, you inherit this Benedictine way of being, in ways both large and small, so that as you

You observe it in the way the Science Building faces the

progress to the next stage of your life, you carry a piece

Church in order to demonstrate the relationship between

of the abbey with you wherever you go and share

Faith and Reason, and by never setting foot on the wide swath

it, unconsciously, with whomever you meet.

you can just

be yourself here.

it’s not about conforming to somebody else’s

idea of who

you are. – student

A P co u r s e s at P o r t s m o u t h A b b e y A rt H i s to ry

M o d er n Eu ro p e a n H i s to ry

B i o lo gy

m u s i c t h eo ry

C a lc u lu s A B

Ph ys i c s

C a lc u lu s B C

S pa n i s h La n g uag e

C h em i s t ry

S pa n i s h L i t er at u r e

Co m p u t er Sc i en c e

s tat i s t i c s

En g l i s h La n g uag e

s t u d i o a rt

En g l i s h L i t er at u r e

U. S . H i s to ry

F r en ch La n g uag e

Wo r l d H i s to ry

l at i n


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taking root

among ideas

at portsmouth abbey, you enter a new landscape full of new ideas, new people, new relationships and revelations. imagine these next four years. what do you see? in what direction do you want to grow? your high school years reveal so much

At Portsmouth Abbey, our academic program nurtures certain

about your future self, the adult you are becoming. And the

kinds of roots, linking age-old concepts to contemporary

place in which you spend those years imbues you with certain

questions. Why do we exist? By what code of conduct should

enduring qualities.

we live our lives? Would the ancient Greeks recognize our

Students undergo a definite transformation during their time at Portsmouth Abbey. And it’s a transformation they never forget. Their minds change, as they become more exacting, more eager to learn. Their views about the world change, as they become more empathetic, more perceptive.

current government as a true democracy? How can a novel influence our actions? these roots start small, but over the course of your life, they run deep. These roots are lasting, powerful, and transcendent. They equip you to think critically, to act loyally, to conduct yourself respectfully, and in all of these pursuits, to enjoy and appreciate your life. To cultivate these roots requires the unique combination

And their conceptions of themselves change, as they become

of discipline and imagination, dedication and creativity,

more comfortable – attuned to their surroundings, more

a commitment to training your mind, to pushing against

reflective, and more confident.

boundaries, to questioning the things you’ve never questioned and above all, to pursue what is true.

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immersing yourself in the

classical tradition

during your first year at portsmouth abbey (or form iii, as we call it here), you begin to take root in important core curriculum offerings – christian doctrine, english, latin, ancient history, and mathematics. then, as a form iv (10th-grade) student, you embark on the most influential course of your high school career: the humanities program at portsmouth abbey. combining literature, history,

a solid liberal arts foundation gives you more than

and Christian thought, it’s the intellectual immersion

a knowledge of Shakespeare, the Peloponnesian War, and

many students elsewhere don’t experience until their second

St. Augustine. Immersion in Portsmouth Abbey’s tradition

year of college.

of inquiry and critical thinking prepares you to venture into

More than reading and class discussion, though, Portsmouth Abbey’s Form iv Humanities Program is about

any subject that interests you, from chemistry to architecture to art history.

understanding the world, understanding yourself,

You might think of our academic program as a time-tested

and understanding where the two intersect. You address

training routine for your brain. Reading Flaubert can inspire

existential questions that humans have been considering for

you to write a better description of aerobic respiration on your

centuries, and learn about the historical contexts in which

biology test, while analyzing the steps of the scientific method

scientific and mathematical breakthroughs occurred.

could spur you toward a term paper on the creative process

And you emerge not simply with a ream of facts at your

of Edgar Allan Poe.

disposal, but with an applied knowledge of critical thinking,

You begin to see the connections between different

a more nuanced and deeper understanding of our complex

subjects, learning how history and the arts can relate

world, and an intellectual appetite to keep learning more –

directly to math, science, and religion. At the Abbey, what you

in Roman history and 20th century theology, in molecular

learn in four years serves not only as a springboard to college,

biology and calculus.

but the intellectual foundation on which you build your life.

One of my humanities teachers is absolutely my favorite. In the classroom he knows the material as if he wrote it himself. –student

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the benedictine roots of stewardship at the turn of the 20th century, a grist mill occupied Portsmouth Abbey’s property, harnessing the wind off of Narragansett Bay to grind grain into flour. As time passed and the school grew and the needs In the turbine’s fi r s t y e a r o f u s ag e, i t s u p p l i ed 4 0 p erc en t o f P o rts m o u t h A bb e y ’ s el ec t r i ca l n eeds .

of the world changed, those same steady winds would supply a different service to the Abbey thanks to the forward thinking of Brother Joseph. Knowing that Portsmouth Abbey’s location lends itself to wind power, mindful of modern-day energy needs and environmental responsibility, and attuned to the Benedictine tradition of stewarding the land, Brother Joseph conducted an internal feasibility study on the construction of a wind turbine on the Abbey campus. The turbine quickly moved from idea to reality, and, as of March 2006, Portsmouth Abbey has operated the first commercial-size wind turbine in all of Rhode Island. Other green measures have been recently implemented, including the use of electric cars for maintenance and security personnel, the adoption of initiatives in the dining hall to reduce and recycle waste, the installation of state-of-the-art, energy-efficient features in St. Brigid’s House for girls, and the construction of a Solar House for a faculty residence. For Brother Joseph’s part, he remains modest. “We are blessed to live on a truly beautiful piece of property. As monks,” he says, “we have always felt ourselves to be stewards of this land, preserving it for future generations of monks and students.”




taking root beside


ask a portsmouth abbey student why he or she chose to spend his or her high school years at the abbey, and you’re likely to hear a recurring answer: because of the people i met when i visited. or as one student explains, “the abbey was one of the last schools i visited but the first where i felt at home. there was no way i would go anywhere else.” that’s because at Portsmouth Abbey, we place

And Portsmouth Abbey certainly is a specific lifestyle. Ours

a very high value on living in a close-knit community. We

is a community that takes academics seriously, plays sports

are fiercely loyal. We support each other through triumphs

competitively, pursues the arts with inspiration, and joins

and challenges. We arrive as strangers and quickly grow into

together to reflect spiritually. We develop friendships not just

friends. And we keep those bonds of friendship alive long

with our classmates and house families, but with our mentors

after we leave.

as well, including advisors, coaches, and teachers.

the spirit of inclusiveness, friendship, and camaraderie permeates each abbey classroom. Many of your teachers are qualified to teach at a university but choose the Abbey instead because they see the same advantages here: small classes; collegial people openly discussing ideas; opportunities for close working relationships; the privilege to dedicate themselves to an educational and communal lifestyle they believe in, rather than simply perform a job.

I like the fact that other people around me want to excel. They’re striving to be the best people they can be, and that creates the feel of the place as a true home, not just a school. –student

I have learned to be thankful for the Abbey’s beautiful campus, and am even more thankful for the genuinely good-natured people who inhabit it. –student

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sharing your life with those around



it takes courage to choose to go to boarding school and live away from your family. fortunately, at portsmouth abbey, you join another family the moment you arrive on campus for orientation. the houses at portsmouth abbey define much of your life here. They are part social network, part support system. A place to study intently for an exam or to goof off, unwinding from a long week with your best friends. Your new home. Lasting memories. An unforgettable four years. You take pride in your House, and each year showcase that pride during the Raven’s Cup, a spirited competition that pits House against House in feats of strength, endurance, and mental prowess while contributing to the good of the community. The winning House keeps the Cup for the entire year – not to mention the pride that goes along with it. And from our day students, you’ll hear a similar refrain: sometimes, the only difference between day students and boarders is where they sleep. At the Abbey, day and boarding students alike quickly assimilate into one family: you learn together, you respect each other, and you find your passions. you put down the roots that will serve you for a lifetime.

I’ve seen a lot of shy kids turn into really outgoing people here, and a lot of that has to do with feeling so comfortable and at home in the House.  


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the benedictine roots of hospitality when benedict founded his monastery in Monte Cassino, he created a different kind of religious community – a large community, instead of multiple smaller ones, but a united community nonetheless. This unity was strengthened by the precepts on religious life Benedict penned, called the Rule of St. Benedict. Included in his Rule was this phrase: “let everyone that comes be received as christ.” This philosophy neither discriminates nor favors, but offers respect and acceptance to all, recognizing our shared humanity rather than pointing out our differences. at portsmouth abbey, hospitality manifests itself in the way we conduct ourselves in community; the warmth with which we greet visitors; the respect we show one another each day; the care with which we maintain our buildings and grounds; and the knowledge and grace in which we seek to grow.

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taking root beyond what’s


nurturing your spiritual life is a key component of your portsmouth abbey education. this is, after all, a school founded in 1926 by the english benedictine monks. as you reflect on your spiritual growth, you’ll find it complements and enriches your other pursuits – it’s all interconnected in ways you never expected. our commitment to the human person means

At Portsmouth Abbey, it’s hard to separate intellectual inquiry

accepting each individual as one who is deserving of respect,

from spiritual inquiry. After all, think of some of the biggest

in pursuit of knowledge, and capable of grace. Spiritual life

questions you have as an emerging thinker: How was the universe

at Portsmouth Abbey is about reflection.

created? What’s our purpose as humans inhabiting the earth? What can and

When you gather for Mass on a weekday evening in your House and on Sunday in the Church of St. Gregory the Great, you’re living out a basic tenet of Benedictine life. Our students actively participate in Mass – you can be an altar server or lector, or contribute your musical talents to the liturgy. You may choose to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at any time while you are an Abbey student. More than 30 percent of Abbey students come from nonCatholic backgrounds representing a range of different faiths and belief systems. Given our commitment to community, we all intentionally gather several times a week to consider our lives, to contemplate the questions swirling in our heads, to reflect quietly upon the world and our own place in it.

should I do with my life? Each directly ties to both intellectual and spiritual traditions. each can borrow from and combine science, the humanities, theology, and philosophy. Each will continue to offer you mystery. And at the Abbey, you begin exploring these vast questions now. You explore them through reflection, study, and prayer, but also through service. The Abbey has long been involved in community service, and we require a commitment during your first two years. Most Abbey students choose to exceed the minimum requirement by participating in various outreach activities, and each year create new and innovative projects and partnerships.

Students at Portsmouth Abbey contribute locally, nationally, and internationally through such programs as Teens Leading Children, Clothe-A-Child, the Star Kids Scholarship Program, the Appalachia Service Project, Special Olympics, Lourdes Pilgrimages, and the Healing Co-op. The St. Gregory’s Alms group and the Walk for Cancer at Portsmouth Abbey are organized each year by Portsmouth Abbey students and teachers.

It’s not just words on paper. The Benedictine philosophy is a lived philosophy here, and that’s what I love about the school.

–faculty member

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twenty five

the benedictine roots of preservation europe, the dark ages. Across the continent, the artistic and literary pursuits that flourished during the Athenian, Persian, and Roman Empires have ground to a halt. Cultural expression has given way to the concerns of mere survival. Ancient volumes by Virgil and Sophocles are suddenly ignored, in danger of disappearing for good. And perhaps such works would have disappeared entirely were it not for enclaves of Benedictine monks living in community throughout Europe, tirelessly transcribing volume after volume of ancient texts. This commitment to preservation – springing from the Rule of monastic living that St. Benedict set down – is the primary reason many of the classical texts still relevant to our lives in the 21st century, from Plato and Thucydides to Cicero and Plutarch, have survived. At Portsmouth Abbey, we honor the Benedictine ideal of preservation by studying many of these texts in our Humanities courses, drawing connections between ancient wisdom and our own modern society and emphasizing the way in which the classical remains relevant today. We preserve this knowledge in ourselves, storing it away deep within us, where it influences our thoughts and decisions and stands ready to be shared with the generation to follow.

Interscholastic Sports Girls’






cross country




field hockey


cross country






ice hockey






ice hockey





Recreational Sports conditioning dance equestrian

4 pag e

taking root

twenty seven


of the classroom

as much as you apply yourself

intellectually at the abbey, you can expect a nearequal degree of physical activity. we consider our athletic program co-curricular, meaning there’s nothing “extra” about it. you participate in sports each term as part of balancing mind and body, making you a healthier person, building teamwork and camaraderie with your classmates, and teaching you lessons you can’t learn inside the walls of the classroom. On and off the playing field, Portsmouth Abbey School students are encouraged to excel and to achieve to their maximum potential. Our diverse athletic offerings provide boys and girls with equal opportunities in a variety of team and individual sports. Our jv teams place an emphasis on participation, skill development, and opportunities to learn a new sport while the varsity teams place a greater emphasis on competition, the pursuit of excellence, and preparation for those who aspire to play in college. Abbey teams compete in the Eastern Independent League (eil) against independent schools across New England. We also play non-league games against traditional rivals. Portsmouth Abbey teams have captured league and New England championships and our athletes have been honored with All‑American, All-New England and All-State recognition. Many of our athletes continue to participate in a range of sports at the college level. To support our athletes and all members of the athletic community, our 17,000-square-foot Squash and Fitness Center is a short walk from all the Houses and is especially popular on the weekends. Our athletic facilities also include two gymnasiums, an indoor hockey rink, tennis courts, an all-weather track, an 18-hole Scottish links golf course, and a fleet of twelve Club 420 sailboats.

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twenty eight

discovering your

creative talents

a portsmouth abbey education wouldn’t be complete without the appreciation and pursuit of the arts, a long-held benedictine tradition. abbey artists can pursue drama, music, or the visual arts during their time here. The oversized windows in our Fine Arts Center provide

Abbey students love cheering on their friends as they sing,

plenty of natural light to our large open studios for painting,

dance, and act on stage, and every month, students also

drawing, ceramics, and sculpture. For students who want

have the opportunity to board a bus to Providence to enjoy

to pursue the visual arts through Form vi, we offer Advanced

the professional actors in the Trinity Repertory Company,

Studio Art along with plenty of electives. Loft space is

a prestigious resident acting company. Recent productions

available to explore your medium of choice to its fullest extent.

include Shakespeare’s Richard III, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town,

The Abbey Players stage three productions per year in the

and Trinity’s annual staging of A Christmas Carol.

auditorium – two plays and one musical – attended by the

Abbey musicians play everything from piano to piccolo.

entire Abbey community and the general public. Students

Private music lessons are offered as well as group

in the Abbey Dancers’ Program choreograph and perform

opportunities with the Abbey Singers and Pro Deo,

routines in jazz, ballet, pointe, and tap, while those who prefer

our chamber orchestra.

dancing with a partner take ballroom dancing.

All of our artists at the Abbey help contribute to the beauty of our campus spaces and make life here fuller, richer, and more vivid for everyone.

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the benedictine roots of stability the benedictine vow of stability – a commitment to living in a single place from the moment you join the order until you pass on from this world – is as defining a feature of Benedictine life as any. Think about it: What would you do if you were destined to live in the same place for the rest of your life? Likely you would treat your habitat with respect, care for it, steward it, keep it in pristine condition. You may notice the immaculate keeping of Portsmouth Abbey’s grounds, the welltended gardens, the neat lawns and clean buildings. But stability plays another important factor in your life at the Abbey as well: it grounds you in tradition, keeps you focused, ensures that you stay on task and take responsibility for your actions. A stable life means a life without undue distractions or tumult. It means you can be somewhat shielded from the superficialities or excesses of popular culture while on  our campus. It suggests a return to the historical, a reverence for tradition. Although Portsmouth Abbey students must eventually move on – to college, to a career – they carry the stability they found at the Abbey with them. It’s in the way they keep up the friendships they made, commit themselves to new endeavors, and excel in all they do. Years later, they feel immediately at home when they visit  the Abbey again, often with their own sons and daughters.

You get such a strong bond at Portsmouth Abbey: with the monks, the teachers, the other students. And you might not see them every week after you graduate, but when you do, it’s as if you’re right back here. –alumna

Portsmouth has undergone many physical changes since I was a student. What remains the same, aside from the spectacular setting on Narragansett Bay, is the spirit of the School, which derives from the unique Benedictine environment and sense of permanence provided by the Monastery. –Father Damian, Class of 1945

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thirty two

of course, your time at portsmouth abbey isn’t confined to our campus or your house. our location on aquidneck island means you’re less than ten miles from historic newport, an easy trip on the weekend to take in the spectacular ocean views

a typical day at the Abbey

from the Cliff Walk, eat some fresh seafood, or stroll down Bellevue Avenue

form iv boarder from connecticut

and admire the historic mansions of the Gilded Age. Also easily within reach are Providence and Boston. We routinely plan trips to sporting events, museums, artistic events, and musical performances.

7:10 My alarm goes off as my roommate is leaving for Mass; we make plans to meet up for breakfast 8:15

Math with Mr. Chenoweth

you far beyond campus and just recreational or cultural pursuits. The

9:0 0

u.s. History

Saint Gregory’s Alms student group helps minister to the local community

10:3 0 Abbey Singers practice

by providing basic needs such as food and clothing. Our students and faculty

11:10 Faith & Church

The many activities you can participate in while at the Abbey can take

venture each year to the impoverished regions of Appalachia to help people rebuild their homes. There are numerous opportunities for students to take part in a wide range of volunteer and community outreach programs. If you choose to travel abroad during the summer to Italy, Spain, or France, your experience will be challenging, rewarding and life-altering. In Lourdes, you will assist groups of sick and elderly people who are making

12:0 0 Lunch with friends from St. Brigid’s Continue with classes 2:50 Head back to my room after finding my prefect; she’s excited about the comments I got back on my history paper!

pilgrimages to the shrine; in Spain, students immerse themselves in the


Spanish life, language, and culture while taking a college-level language

5:0 0 Buffet dinner

course; and during the Humanities Rome Program, you will witness firsthand the beauty and significance of both the ancient and the modern as you experience the daily rhythms of Roman life. At the Abbey, our co-curricular clubs, activities, and programs are varied

7:3 0

Field hockey practice

Study Hall – time to be quiet!

9:3 0 Student Center, a.k.a Tuck Shop – time to not be quiet! Ben and Jerry’s, update Facebook, email Mom

and many, so you can pursue an interest, or develop a new one, in anything

10:0 0 House meeting and prayers

from charitable endeavors to singing, or from the environment to rocketry.

10:3 0 Back in room, getting ready for bed

Your fun and experiences are not limited to campus or academics – there is something here for everyone!

11:0 0 Lights out

co-curricular activities include Abbey Players, drama club

Fishing Club/Save the Bay

Peer Tutors


Abbey Singers

Future Problem Solvers

Photography Club

Scholarly Journal

Astronomy Club

The Gregorian, yearbook

Pro Deo, chamber orchestra

Social Committee

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Human Rights Group

Radio Station – wjhd

Student Council

The Beacon, student newspaper

Humanities Discussion Group

Russian Lessons

Student Athletic

CAAP – Cultural Awareness

Korea Culture Club

The Raven, literary magazine

at Portsmouth

Model United Nations

Red Key, campus tour guides

T.L.C., teens leading children

Christian Community Service

New England Math League

Rocketry Club

Tuck Shop, student


Operation Smile

SADD, students against

snack bar

Debate Club

Outdoor Club

video production club

Environmental Group

destructive decisions

Saint gregory’s alms

Advisory Board

roots that grow for a


deciding where to go to college is one of the most difficult decisions you

Starting as early as Form iii, you meet with your Abbey college counselor. The newfound self-awareness that you

face as a Portsmouth Abbey Student. At the College

gain during your years at the Abbey will begin to guide your

Counseling Office, our job is not just to make this decision

search, and your counselor stands ready when you want

easier for you – our job is to make sure that you are fully

to talk about the process. In addition, more than 100 college

invested in your decision and have ownership of the entire

and university admissions counselors visit Portsmouth

process. We assist you in wading through the details,

Abbey each year, providing an excellent opportunity to learn

advocate for you, and help you make an informed decision,

more about a particular school before you visit. We also

one that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

encourage parents and students to attend the College

The formal college counseling process begins in the Winter Term of Form v, but college preparation encompasses a compilation of your entire high school academic and cocurricular experience.  We seek to build an open relationship with you and your family in order to understand all of the factors involved as you develop a list of prospective colleges.

Counseling Office’s regularly scheduled all-class seminars.

The study habits I developed at Portsmouth Abbey served me well in my undergraduate classes, and I had a head start on most of my peers. –alumna

a portsmouth abbey education, like the

recent college enrollment includes

Catholic Benedictine tradition that informs it, is a lasting experience.

Boston College

All that you learn here in four years – about the world, God, others,

Bowdoin College

yourself – you carry forth to the next stages of your life, as you go in search of more knowledge, deeper compassion,

Brown University Bryn Mawr College Bucknell University

new perspectives.

Carleton College

As an Abbey graduate, you go off to college not simply prepared

Colgate University

to do the work, but as a better person – more considerate, more

Carnegie Mellon University College of the Holy Cross

The University of North Carolina Trinity College Tufts University United States Military Academy United States Naval Academy University of California at Berkeley

Columbia University

University of Chicago

interested in what’s going on around you, and therefore more

Cornell University

University of Notre Dame

interesting to others. More mature, certainly, and ready to take

Dartmouth College

University of Pennsylvania

Duke University

University of Southern California

on challenges that perhaps, four short years earlier, you may have shied away from. An Abbey education prepares you exceptionally well for college, and even more importantly, it prepares you for the rest of your life – for the decisions you will face five, 10, even 20 years from now. Lots of boarding schools can prepare you for admission into college. At the Abbey, we bring more depth into the equation. What you

Emory University Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Harvard University Harvey Mudd College Johns Hopkins University Massachusetts Institute of Technology McGill University New York University

learn here you aren’t soon to forget – and we’re not simply talking

Northwestern University

about facts.

Pomona College Princeton University Rice University

University of St. Andrews (Scotland) University of Virginia Vassar College Washington and Lee University Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University Williams College Yale University

A complete matriculation list for the past five years can be found on our School Website.

pag e

thirty seven

appreciating a balanced life when st. benedict formalized his rule some fifteen hundred years ago, he thought primarily of the rhythms and needs of those living together in community. The true beauty and genius of the Rule, however, is in its relevance to our contemporary lives. Especially at a boarding school. When Benedict talked of balance, he meant establishing a harmonious relationship between study, work, prayer, and recreation. From Aquinas and Augustine to Milton and Melville, you read many of the texts that have been influencing human thought for centuries. Your Abbey education includes a vibrant spiritual component. Regardless of your faith, you will have time to quietly join together and  reflect as a community. You pass monks along the sidewalks and see some of them in the classrooms or on the sidelines at football games. You inherit, in ways small and large, a tradition that has been shaping Western thought and spirituality for millennia. Your Abbey classmates treat one another with respect and support, valuing mutual cooperation over competition. Roommates, teammates, prefects, house parents, advisors – these are the people you grow closest to during your time at the Abbey. Whether you are a singer, an athlete, an actor, a sculptor, or the president of your class, you can find your niche at the Abbey and develop your emerging talents over your years here. Daily rhythms of your life here provide a safe and stable environment that encourages your personal growth. With a solid academic foundation, the ability to live in community with others, and a well-rounded, informed perspective on life, you’re prepared for far more than just college. You develop confidence and determination. You create the foundation which you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You learn to appreciate all of this, and more.

pag e

come visit and see

thirty nine

for yourself

so how do you know if life at the abbey is right for you? for many of our students, spending an overnight spells out all of the answers. You arrive on campus and meet your student guide. You attend classes, head to the dining hall, attend sports practice, and then return to the dorm to spend the night. Along the way you see what your life at the Abbey could be like for the next four years. To begin the application process, please contact:

The Admissions Office

Portsmouth Abbey School

285 Cory’s Lane

Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871

401 643 1248

We look forward to your visit. And don’t be surprised if you make new friends right away – it happens more often than anyone expects.

Most high schools offer four years of learning. an

abbey education

lasts a lifetime.

come visit our campus, talk to our students, and see how you can

take root at

Portsmouth Abbey School.

N e w En g l an d’ s co -ed c ath o l ic B en edic ti n e b oardi n g sch oo l

2 85 Cory’s Lane  Portsmouth, RI  02 87 1 401 6 4 3 12 4 8

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Portsmouth Abbey School Take Root View Book  

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