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Table Of Contents 4 Q&A with Conner Crumbliss 5 Your Invitation 8 Choice’s Big Bat 14 Team Rosters 18 Score Cards 21 Season Highlights 25 Kid’s Corner 26 Staff Question 30 A’s Affiliate Update 31 Stadium Map

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5 - Spectacular postgame Fireworks show presented by Food 4 Less/Rancho San Miguel & KAT Country 103 6 - Splash Birthday Party, Splash Toothbrush Holder Giveaway (first 1000 kids) presented by KAT Country 103 7 - Silly Bandz Giveaway (first 2500 fans)


Q&A with Conner Crumbliss

By Kirstie Haruta

team, and it’s been fun to be a part of it. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the season? Winning the championship would be nice. I think that’s everybody’s main goal, just to get as far as we can in the post-season and try to be the last team playing.


tockton Ports infielder Conner Crumbliss not only displays defensive utility, but is also known for his keen eye at the plate. Leading the Ports in on-base percentage (.389) and walks (56), his offensive discipline contributes as much to the team’s success as the big hitters do. We caught up with Crumbliss and discussed his technique, his surprise pitching debut, and his success in the game of ping-pong. How did you develop and maintain the patience you have at the plate? I don’t know how it happened or how I developed it. I just try to have good plate discipline, and try to only swing at the strikes. It’s a lot easier when you’re hitting. It just kind of happened that way in college, and once I got to pro ball it got a little easier, and the strike zone got a little smaller. I just try not to make easy outs. The team has been doing really well. How are you feeling about the season at this point? It’s been great. When we don’t hit well, the pitchers pick us up, and when we don’t pitch well, the hitters pick it up, and then when it all comes together it’s pretty nice too. It’s a pretty tight-knit


A few games ago, you got some time on the mound. Oh gosh. (laughs) How did that go for you? Did you have any prior pitching experience? That was the first time I pitched since I was 14, so that was 10 years ago. No, I had no experience, I was just up there trying to throw it down the middle, just trying to throw strikes and get them out. You did go one perfect inning. I don’t know if it was perfect by me, or if I just got lucky by them popping up or something. I was just trying to throw strikes and trying to get the game going. What were you throwing? Fastballs. Just straight fastballs. Is there anything else you’d like fans to know about you or the team? I would like to add that I am the greatest ping-pong player in the clubhouse. Make sure it says I’m way better than Aliotti at ping-pong.* *Anthony Aliotti firmly disagrees.



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August 3: Visalia @ Ports 7pm 5: Visalia @ Ports 7pm 26: Inland Empire @ Ports 7pm 27: Inland Empire @ Ports 7pm


Choice’s Big Bat

By Kirstie Haruta


he Stockton Ports have stepped up their game through June and July, with big bats jump starting an offense that started June with a .251 average and end July at .262. It is evident that the hottest bat on the team at the moment is that of center fielder Michael Choice, who has pulled ahead to become the league leader in home runs with 27 including six in June and nine in July. Choice is also in the midst of an impressive on-base streak, having reached base in 43 straight games, and was named Cal League Player of the Week on July 11. At this point in the season, Choice chalks up his and the team’s success to a lessening of the initial pressure felt at the beginning of the season. “I feel a lot more comfortable, like there’s not so much pressure. Coming into the season, there’s a lot of pressure and expectations,” said Choice. “A lot of the guys, we started off struggling, so it kind of built up and built up, and now that everyone’s kind of gotten through that, and we’re getting to the later part of the season, I feel like we can just go out there and play and relax a little bit and get better.”  


Aware from the start that his swing would need to undergo some changes, Choice has been working what works for him. With plenty of power already, the adjustments to his swing and approach have produced explosive results. “We did a lot of working with our hitting coach Brian McArn, and I’m basically just figuring out how I can shorten up my swing,” said Choice. “I knew coming into the season I had a big swing, and since day one, we’ve been trying to shorten everything up, and I finally found something that’s been working for me, and basically it’s just separating my hands from my body, and just trying to use my hands and not my arms and my shoulders.”   “He’s got tremendous power and at the beginning of the year, just some of his movements were a little big, making it harder on the timing,” said Ports hitting coach Brian McArn. “Which we all know is probably the most important thing in hitting. Being that strong, we’re just trying to take some of that movement out of there so his timing is shorter so he can use that strength and just basically be more accurate with the barrel. And he’s done a great job of making that adjustment.”   After finding what works for Choice, consistency is key. To keep himself hitting well, as he did through his 17 game hitting streak, he focuses on each at-bat and makes sure not to over-correct.   “Basically what I try to do is at-bat by at-bat, keep doing the same thing I was doing before, regardless of whether I, you know, I might hit a home run one atbat, and the next at-bat I may strike out,” Choice explained. “I can’t just change what I was doing immediately, I have to just stick with it no matter what the

results are.” Being a top prospect in the Oakland Athletics’ organization known for his big hits, Choice certainly has many eyes on him throughout the season. While that can be a great motivator, like any professional athlete should, Choice knows to remain focused on doing what he needs to do.   “It’s definitely a lot of motivation when a big crowd shows up and a lot of people are here, and you hear them saying your name and stuff like that,” he said. “But at the same time, you’ve got to go out there and make sure you handle your business, because the crowd here is completely different from the crowd in Bakersfield, where there might be 10 people at the whole game. It’s kind of easy to get relaxed when there’s nobody there like that, but you’ve got to make sure you keep doing the things you need to do to be successful and get better.”   Choice is determined to take something away from his time in Stockton this season. Those changes he has made at the plate are crucial to the overall progress

and improvements he has made in his first full season in the Cal League. “I definitely just want to know by the end of the year that I made changes to get better that I can stick to and not, over the off-season, come back to spring training next year and say, ‘Aw man, I forgot what I was doing,’” he said. “I write down on a sheet of paper I have in my locker adjustments I make. If I feel like I’m getting away from that, I’ll go back to it, go to the cage and start doing those things over again. Basically just trying to remember everything I’ve been doing to get better, and take it into next year.”   If he continues with that approach, we’re sure to see big things from Michael Choice throw the end of this season and into the upcoming years.   “I’ve got a group of good hitters,” said McArn. “[Choice] made a great adjustment. He believed in the work, he worked hard at it, stayed with it, had a positive attitude, and that’s taking him to the next level. So hopefully he can continue that. He’s getting that muscle memory, repetition and confidence now that’s going to help him take it to the next level.”


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Ports Roster As of 7/22/11

# YRS 34 3 27 1 15 6 29 2 46 6 17 3 16 2 21 2 44 3 11 2 26 3 20 2 39 2 28 4

PITCHERS (14) Benacka, Michael Brown Jacob Deal, Scott Gilliam, Robert Guzman, Jose Hart, Michael Hoehn, Connor Huttenlocker, AJ Landsford, Josh Maderos, Chris Simmons, James Smith, Murphy Straily, Daniel Williamson, Fabian


HT 6’1” 6’2” 6’3” 6’1” 5’11” 6’0” 6’1” 6’4” 6’2” 6’3” 6’3” 6’3” 6’2” 6’2”

WT 221 220 198 216 220 227 210 248 215 175 220 210 221 175

DOB 8/2/1982 12/28/1986 12/11/1986 11/29/1987 11/5/1987 2/9/1987 7/5/1989 8/5/1986 7/31/1984 5/17/1987 9/29/1986 8/25/1987 12/1/1988 10/20/1988

HOMETOWN ACQUIRED Chicago,IL FA/2008 Forest Hill, MD 26th/2010 Tacoma, WA 5th/2005 Manassas, VA 8th/2009 San Cristobal, DR NDFA/2005 Staten Island, NY 19th/2008 Demarcus, MD 12th/2009 Buckley, WA 44th/2009 Queen Creek,AZ FA/2010 Valdosta,GA 25th/2009 Yorba Linda, CA 1st/2007 Clifton Park, NY 13th/2009 Springfield, OR 24th/2009 Panorama City, CA Trade/2010

# YRS CATCHERS (2) B/T HT 9 1 Lipkin, Ryan R/R 6’1” 13 4 Paramore, Petey R/R 6’2” # YRS INFIELDERS (5) B/T HT 18 2 Aliotti, Anthony L/L 6’1” 12 3 Coleman, Dustin R/R 6’2” 7 5 Gil, Leonardo R/R 6’1” 3 2 Gilmartin, Michael S/R 5’11” 10 3 Christian, Jason L/R 6’3”

WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 200 10/8/1987 Vacaville,CA 24th/2010 195 10/30/1986 Allen, TX 3rd/2010 WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 214 2/16/1987 Boise, ID 15th/2009 211 4/20/1987 Sioux Falls, SD 28th/2008 200 8/18/1987 Baquisimeto, VEN NDFA/2006 188 7/14/1987 Moorpark, CA 27th/2009 170 6/16/1987 Cincinnati, OH 5th/2008 HT WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 6’0” 215 11/10/1989 Fort Worth, TX 1st/2010 5’8” 170 4/19/1987 Arkansas City, KS 30th/2009 6’2” 234 8/27/1990 Jackson, MS 10th/2008 5’11” 196 1/12/1988 Whittier, CA 9th/2008 6’2” 187 8/27/1988 Lake Charles, LA 9th/2009

# YRS OUTFIELDERS (5) B/T 14 1 Choice, Michael R/R 2 2 Crumbliss, Connor L/R 23 3 Dixon, Rashun R/R 22 3 LeVier, Mitchell L/L 5 2 Richard, Myrio R/R # POS COACHING STAFF 50 MGR Garrison, Webster 31 P-C Lefferts, Craig 24 H-C McArn, Brian A-T Brooks, Nate CLB Vic Zapien


HOMETOWN Marrero, LA Anthem, AZ Elk Grove, CA Pickneyville, IL Stockton, CA

Visiting Roster # PITCHERS HT 34 Anderson, Chase 6’1” 37 Belfiore, Michael 6’2” 23 Beltre, Cristian 6’1” 33 Budrow, Brian 6’3” Eitel, Derek 6’4” 40 Harden, Trevor 6’2” 33 Holmberg, David 6’4” 36 Munson, Kevin 6’2” 38 Ortega, Yonata 6’1” 26 Rosario, Diogenes 6’0” 12 Sinclair, Taylor 6’3” 11 Skaggs, Tyler 6’4” 24 Smith, Eric 6’3” 21 Worthington, Adam 5’10”

WT 175 220 195 215 200 215 219 180 220 170 195 180 200 190


# COACHING STAFF 19 Hardtke, Jason Manager 22 Abad, Andy Coach 4 Drabek, Doug Pitching Coach

# PITCHERS 12 Daniel Carela 46 Carlos Frias 32 Matt Magill 11 Ethan Martin 37 Aaron Miller 36 Arismendy Ozoria 39 Red Patterson 27 Jon Michael Redding 18 Jordan Roberts 24 Robert Romero 43 Andres Santiago 23 Steve Smith 41 Andrew Suiter 40 Luis Vasquez

HT 6’ 3” 6’ 4” 6’ 3” 6’ 2” 6’ 3” 6’ 0” 6’ 3” 6’ 1” 6’ 2” 5’ 10” 6’ 2” 6’ 2” 6’ 3” 6’ 4”

WT 225 170 190 195 200 195 210 195 200 190 200 210 215 175


# COACHING STAFF: 14 Juan Bustabad Manager 10 Michael Boughton Batting Coach 21 Hector Berrios Pitching Coach

# CATCHERS 9 Perez, Rossmel 7 Reed, Mark

HT 5’10” 5’11”

WT 180 175


# INFIELDERS HT 5 Borchering, Bobby 6’4” 30 Davidson, Matt 6’3” 8 Greer, Brent 6’0” 32 Nick, David 6’2” 1 Owings, Chris 5’11”

WT 195 210 185 180 170


# OUTFIELDERS 31 Broxton, Keon 3 LaPensee, Ryan Marte, Alfredo 17 Owings, Jon Mark 29 Torrez, Raoul

WT 195 190 190 192 180


WT 200 210


WT 194 210 185 192 180


HT 6’3” 6’3” 6’0” 6’4” 5’10”

# CATCHERS 29 BJ Larosa 31 J.T. Wise

HT 6’ 2” 6’ 0”

# INFIELDERS 7 Tony Delmonico 45 Austin Gallagher 2 Pedro Guerrero 12 Jake Lemmerman 5 Rafael Ynoa

HT 6’ 0” 6’ 5” 6’ 3” 6’ 1” 6’ 0”

# OUTFIELDERS HT 3 Nick Buss 6’ 2” 4 Anthony Jackson 5’ 8” 1 Ramon Jean 6’ 0” 44 Preston Mattingly 6’ 2” 19 Blake Smith 6’ 2” 22 Angelo Songco 6’ 0”

WT 195 175 160 210 225 195



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Pink Night 2011


he Stockton Ports minor league baseball team is proud to be hosting their 5th annual Pink Night supporting St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Breast Health Services on Friday, August 26. All proceeds from this event, including $1 from every ticket sold go back to St. Joseph’s. In 2010, over $7,000 was raised for this great cause, more than doubling what was raised in 2009. The Ports need your help… they can’t raise this money with out YOU! The Ports will be hosting a pre-game “Bombs 4 Bombs Home-Run-a-thon” prior to the game at 7:05 PM. Gates will open at 5:05 PM and the event will begin at 5:30 PM. Come early and watch local talent, as well as Ports coaching staff, hit home runs in to the outfield at Banner Island Ballpark. Oakland Athletics great Rickey Henderson participated last year and we hope to have him again this year!

The Ports will be taking pledges per home run hit during the event. You can donate any dollar amount that you would like…all will be going back to St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Breast Health Services! Last year 48 home runs were hit, so we need to top that this year! We will also be selling pink paper baseballs for our Pink Wall. Purchase a baseball, write a message, and the baseball will be displayed on Pink Night. Please go to the Ports Guest Relations booth to pick up a pledge sheet & pink baseballs. You can also visit our website at for a pledge sheet. If you have any questions, please contact Community Relations Manager Margaret Sacchet at (209) 644-1900 or Help the Ports make this night something to remember. Enjoy a fun summer night at the ballpark and help raise money for a great cause at the same time.





Stockton Downtown Marina

Season Highlights Joined the Ports on 6/30 from the Arizona League, Made his debut as a Stockton Port on 6/30, tossing 3.1 innings of shutout baseball

Hit 3 home runs in two games on 5/25-5/26 vs VIS, Hit 6 HR in total in May, Hit a Solo HR on 7/24 vs BAK

Tossed back-toback quality starts on 5/29 vs RC & 6/3 vs SJ, allowed just 1 earned run over 6 innings vs RC on 6/16

Hit .306 in June with 14 runs scored, Went 3-for-4 vs HD on 7/5 with 2 HR & 3 RBI, Had a 7-game hitting streak 7/15-7/23, hit .416 over that stretch with 6 runs scored

Won 5 straight outings 6/13-7/6, Struck out a season high 12 High Desert Mavericks on 6/13 over 7.2 IP, As of 7/25, ranks in the top 5 in the league in strikeouts

Represented the Ports in the Mid-Season All-Star game, 7/10 went 2-for-4 with a HR & 3 RBI

Tossed three straight quality starts 7/13-7/24, on 7/13 shut out the Bakersfield Blaze on over 6 innings allowing just 3 hits

Had a 7-game hitting streak 6/146/26 during that time had 10 hits in 26 at-bats (.385 AVG) with 2 RBI Went 2-for-3 on 7/17 vs VIS with 3 runs scored As of 7/25, has a 44-game on-base streak & leads the league with 27 HR From 6/5 to 7/7, Had 5 consecutive games with a homerun 7/2-7/6

Did not allow and earned run the entire month of April Finished the firsthalf of the season with a 2.38ERA, 17K & allowed just 26 hits in 34 innings pitched


Season Highlights Started off the second half with a 0.52 ERA allowing just 1 earned run in 17.1 innings pitched, As of 7/25, has not allowed an earned run over the last 13.1 innings pitched Has allowed just 4 earned runs on the road all season

Went 4-for-5 vs RC on 6/19 with a HR and 5 RBI. In June, hit .359 with 10 runs scored and 10 RBI

As of 7/25, has allow one earned run on the road all season Posted a 2.45 ERA in April with 14 K’s in 11 innings Pitched

Had an 8-game hitting streak from 6/30-7/7 with 2 homeruns, 5 RBI, & 6 runs, As of 7/25 has a .295 batting average at home compared to a .244 away from Banner Island Ballpark

Tossed two shutouts in a row 6/15 vs HD and 6/23 vs SJ, From 6/15-7/15, allowed just 7 earned runs over 38.1 innings pitched. A 1.65 ERA in the 6 outings with 39 K’s

Has consistently ranked in the top of the league in walks all season, Went 3-for-3 vs VIS with 3 RBI on 7/17

Posted a 1.69 ERA in the month of May, Had a 2.56 ERA in the first half of the season, As of 7/25, has allowed a .216 batting average against

As of 7/25, has 19 runs scored in the 25 games of the second half, Has 25 multi-hit games, Has been successful on his last 7 SB attempts


As of 7/25, ranks second in the CAL League with 16 saves, Has converted 16 of 19 save opportunities on the year, Posted a 0.61 ERA in June with 16K’s in 14.2IP & 6 saves

Hit .324 with 7 runs scored in the month of June, As of 7/25, has a .306 AVG in the second half of the season with 9 RS and 7 RBI, Had 6 hits in 9 AB on 7/6 & 7/6 with 3 RS vs HD

Joined the Ports on 6/16, As of 7/25, has allowed just 2 earned runs over his 8 outings, Has limited hitters to a .194 batting average against

Joined the Ports 7/2 from Double-A Midland Rockhounds, went 3-for-5 with 2 homeruns and 4 RBI vs HD on 7/5

Joined the Ports 7/2 from Low-A Burlington Bees, As of 7/25, has appeared in 6 games and has allowed just 2ER

As of 7/25, has a .319 AVG at home compared to .246 AVG on the road, Started off the month of July with a .294 clip with 10 doubles and 13 RBI

Returned to Stockton on 7/14 from Double-A Midland Rockhounds, As of 7/25, has two shutout outings allowing just 4 hits in 7.1 innings pitched


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Kid’s Corner Word Scramble dGanr mSal iPkedc fOf eklPci dleaCl pU tigBtan vAgeera rEnead sRnu levlMiud iNne

Hey boys and girls! Welcome to Banner Island Ballpark, my home sweet home! I’m so glad you came to visit, and I hope you enjoy the game! Make sure to stop by and say “Hi” to me. I love spending time with my friends! Be sure to check out the Zaps Zone Kids Zone if you want to have a fun time! Whether you want to jump in the Bounce House, ride on the Giant Slide or take unlimited swings in the Stockton Police Officer’s Batting Cages, I know you’ll love playing at the Ports game!

aiClafonri gLauee ztPreel gDo sKdi buCl dSceon sBae eoHm nRu liHl


Don’t forget to cheer as loud as you can for the Ports! The players love hearing the support of their biggest fans! You can clap, stomp and yell for encouragement all game long! Be sure to yell loud so your favorite Ports players can hear you all game long!

Go Ports!


Finish Word Scramble Answers: Grand Slam, Picked Off, Pickle, Called Up, Batting Average, Earned Runs, Mudville Nine, California League, Pretzel Dog, Kids Club, Second Base, Home Run Hill

Have a blast at the ballpark! Thanks for coming out to the game!


If you were stranded on a deserted Tropical Island, what is one item you would have to have? Pat Filippone President and General Manager iPad – I am assuming there is free wireless on the island Luke Reiff Assistant General Manager My 1989 YMCA Youth Basketball participation trophy Jeremy Neisser Director of Marketing My significant other Zach Sharkey Director of Corporate Sales Dwight Schrute John Watts Inside Sales Manager A pillow Margaret Sacchet Community Relations Manager Absolutely would have to be my Smartphone Tim Pasisz Sunscreen (have to be safe – oh and by the way it is available in the Team Store!) Bryan Meadows Stadium Operations Manager Guacamole flavored chips Tim Pollack Ticket Manager A plane


Staff question Peter Lopez Account Executive A Megan Fox Allison Mandel Media Relations Manager A satellite phone. So I could call for help! Lia Her Bookkeeper My Ipod Aldo Montijo Graphic Designer A Wilson brand volleyball Zack Bayrouty Broadcaster A fully charged smart phone “Hot” Rod Villagomez Director of Fun and Games My Laptop Mike Conway PA Announcer Well, since I’m old and hair grows where it shouldn’t (not to mention not growing where I would like it to), and that would be a problem on a tropical island for any length of time... My nose hair trimmer


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A’s affiliate update As the Ports continue their quest for a playoff berth in the California League, we catch up with the rest of the A’s affiliates from Sacramento to Vermont. Just up the freeway in Sacramento, the River Cats have been playing solid baseball since coming off an eight game losing streak to start July. The Cats currently lead the Oakland affiliates with a .282 team batting average. Leading the charge for the River Cats is Jai Miller, who currently leads the team with 25 home runs, 64 RBIs, and is among the team leaders with a .288 batting average. Pitching continues to help out the Cats as well. Since returning to the Cats from his Major League debut, Graham Godfrey has gone 1-1 with a 2.57 ERA in three starts. Godfrey leads the Cats with 8 wins and is among team leaders with 54 strikeouts. In Midland, the Double-A affiliates of the A’s continue to grind away at their season. Most notably, the A’s top prospect, Grant Green, was moved from shortstop to centerfield on July 15. Since making the move to outfield, Green has committed just one error, as opposed to 21 at shortstop. He is also batting .319 in 10 games at centerfield. Ryan Ortiz continues to stay hot in Midland as well, where he is hitting .362 with two home runs in 15 games with the RockHounds. In Burlington, the Bees pitching continues to dominate the Midwest League. The team’s 3.49 ERA is the second lowest in the league, and leads all A’s affiliates. Blake Hasselbrock has put together some impressive numbers and is amongst league leaders with a 2.43 ERA. Hasselbrock also leads the Bees in WHIP (1.20) and strikeouts (83), and is among team leaders with 5 wins. Last, but certainly not least, in Vermont, the Short-Season Lake Monsters are currently in first place in the New YorkPenn League Stedler division. Leading the pack for the Monsters is Sean Jamieson, who leads the team in practically every batting category. His .289/.399/.364 AVG/OBP/ SLG leads the team, and he sits amongst the leaders with 11 RBI and a home run.


Stadium Map


2011 Game Day Edition 9  

Edition 9 of the Ports 0211 Game Day Magazine