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Weekly Promotions Table Of Contents 2 Buck Mondays Presented by The Stockton Record & 104.1 The Hawk: Where tickets, hot dogs, and sodas are only $2 each. Ports Tuesd-A’s Presented by 970AM ESPN: Ports fans can purchase an MVP ticket (a $12 value) to a Tuesday Ports game, and a plaza outfield ticket (an $18 value) to a select Friday A’s game for just $15. KRAFT Singles Tuesday Night Tickets: Buy 1 Ticket, Get 1 Free from KRAFT Singles with proof of purchase. (Ticket offers can not be combined in the same purchase.)

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Dan Straily Pitcher of the Week

The Bullpen Game Getting to know Ryan Lipkin Ports Roster Visiting Team Rosters Score Cards Ports Question Ports Front Office Kids Corner Stadium Map

SCAN Silver Sluggers Wednesdays presented by 99.3 KJOY: Silver Sluggers members receive free admittance and all fans get to play Baseball Bingo sponsored by Food 4 Less. Thirsty Thursdays presented by O’Ryleigh’s Tavern Stockton & 97.7 KWIN: Fans can enjoy a beer or soda for just $2 every Thursday until 8 p.m. (Excludes Opening Night) MetroPCS Sundays presented by Mega 100.1 FM: Visit MetroPCS on College Square to pick up your home run hill $1 ticket voucher. Sunday games in the first half of the season will begin at 2:09 p.m.

Game Promotions 13 - Spectacular postgame Fireworks show presented by Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel & KAT Country 103 21 - Salute to the Rolling Stones with special jersey auction and Spectacular postgame Fireworks show presented by Food 4 Less/ Rancho San Miguel 22 - Bark in the Ballpark, Pregame on-field photo day; take a picture with your favorite Port before the game!


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hn comcast hometown network May 5/21 San Jose @ Ports 7pm 5/22 San Jose @ Ports 2pm

June 6/5 San Jose @ Ports 2pm 6/6 San Jose @ Ports 7pm 6/24 Ports @ San Jose 7pm 6/25 Ports @ San Jose 6pm 6/27 Bakersfield @ Ports 7pm 6/28 Bakersfield @ Ports 11am 6/29 Bakersfield @ Ports 7pm


July 7/1 San Jose @ Ports 7pm 7/16 Visalia @ Ports 7pm 7/17 Visalia @ Ports 6pm 7/18 Visalia @ Ports 7pm

August 8/3 Visalia @ Ports 7pm 8/5 Visalia @ Ports 7pm 8/26 Inland Empire @ Ports 7pm 8/27 Inland Empire @ Ports 7pm

Dan Straily Named “California League Pitcher of the Week” For the second straight week, the California League Pitcher of the Week plays for Stockton; this week (April 18-24) the honor goes to Ports starting Pitcher Dan Straily. Straily made two strong appearances during the week to help in his quest to earn the title and earned the win in both contests he entered. Straily’s first appearance of the week technically came in relief as he entered the game on Monday, April 18 in the second inning, relieving rehabbing Oakland Athletics reliever, Michael Wuertz. Straily pitched 5.0 innings of shutout baseball, giving up just two runs and two walks while striking out nine.

Straily went 10-7 with the Cougars and recorded 149 strikeouts during the season. Stockton Ports fans can check out the back-to-back California League Pitchers of the Week all season long as they take the mound for Stockton at Banner Island Ballpark

Straily followed his impressive relief appearance with an equally outstanding start in Lancaster, pitching another 6.0 shutout innings. Straily’s 6.0 shutout innings earned him his second win of the week, brought his strikeout total to 22 and dropped his season ERA down to 0.90. “Dan had a great last couple of games and really dominated with his fastball,” Ports pitching coach Craig Lefferts said. “He showed an improving changeup and is doing a real good job in the strike zone. All-in-all it was a good last couple of games.” This is not Straily’s first time earning the Pitcher of the Week title, having earned the distinction back in August of 2009 while with the Vancouver Canadians. In 2009, Straily made 16 appearances with the Canadians, including 11 starts, and went 5-3 with a 4.12 ERA. In 2010, Straily made 28 starts with the Kane County Cougars, the Low-A affiliate of the A’s.


The Bullpen Game

“It’s a game we play before games some times,” he explains. The rules are simple. Standing on opposite sides of the grid, two It was Sunday, and I was sitting in the players take turns throwing a stake that Ports Terrace before the start of what would be a very rough game for the Ports. was wither left in the bullpen or brought out to the bullpen onto their opponents It was hot, and all of the boys in the bullside of the grid. The players are only alpen were lounging around trying to stay lowed to throw on their opponent’s side of cool. the grid, marked by a line set at the middle balls. Then the non-thrower must retrieve I was taking photos of them all game the stake. However, they are only allowed long, but one thing that caught my eye to move one foot, and use one hand to occurred before the game even began. I had noticed what appeared to be a matrix reach it. If you move your second foot, or can’t reach the stake, you lose. made up of seven baseballs lying on the He stands up with former Ports pitcher, Bo ground before the Sunday day game, Schultz, to show me. but had never paid it much notice. They formed a large rectangle with a line down Schultz starts with the stake and tosses the middle. I was curious. A grid like that it right at the edge of the middle line. It does not simply come to be; someone barely makes it across the line and into fair had obviously set that up. territory. Deal groans, but I don’t think it looks like a terribly hard grab. I was wrong. “Scott! Hey Scott!” I yelled to get Scott Deal winds up and lunges for the stake. He Deal’s attention. He turns around and makes a good plant and extends his back asks what’s up. toe. And then he reaches. His fingertips “What is that?” I ask. It’s the first time I’ve graze the stake; it’s tantalizingly close. Slowly but surely, he inches the stake come back to the bullpen before, so he towards his outstretched hand, and then seemed a little surprised that I was there he has it. and chatting with them. But he was nice, and despite the fact that he probably doesn’t answer questions before the start Now it’s his turn to toss the stake. Deal is not allowed to move his feet, so he tosses of a game by yelling over the top of ten it to a similar location on Schultz’s side of foot wall, he answered my questions. By Allie Mandel


the grid. Schultz goes through the same agony that Deal does, but eventually gets the stake out of the ground. Schultz then tosses it to the other side of the square. Deal considers and then pushes off his front foot and lunges over towards the stake. But its too far. He can’t reach. A.J. Huttenlocker, who was standing by the benches in the bullpen, starts to cheer Deal on. “Come on man, you can get that!” he says. But Deal has had enough, and stands up and shakes Schultz’s hand. They try to convince me to play a round with them, and I laugh and say it’s not really a fair fight. They are all over 6 feet tall and I stand at barely 5’5”. They joke about how they’ll make my side shorter, and are generally giving me a hard time. I asked if they would let me snap a shot of the game before the actual ball game

began. It takes some convincing, since they all enjoy giving me a hard time about how camera shy they are. They aren’t, Connor Hoehn had just spent the last week informing me how he wants every photo I have taken of him, so I keep pushing for the shot. Finally I get Huttenlocker, Max Peterson and Deal to get up and let me snap three rather blurry shots of the game. Then it’s time for the national anthem to be sung and the game to begin, and they are immediately back to business. Later, as I sat there taking shots of Josh Lansford warming in the bullpen, I realized how similar their playing style is to their pitching style. The kick, the lunge, the way they reach for the stake. They may be goofing off, but, at least to me, they are actually working on their delivery. And that is pretty darn cool.


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Getting to know Ryan Lipkin

By Kirstie Haruta With the season well underway, the Stockton Ports welcome another catcher to their 2011 roster. Ryan Lipkin, a former psychology student from the University of San Francisco, is fitting right in with the Ports staff at Banner Island Ballpark. One may not guess it from speaking to him now, but Lipkin faced some troubling and tragic times before making it to where he is today. Born and raised in Vacaville, CA, Lipkin began playing baseball at the young age of four. “It was always what I wanted to do,” he said. But it wasn’t a clear-cut path to being drafted by the Oakland A’s. Though, understandably, he does not wish to go into great detail, he admits to some dark and devastating times for him as a teen.


“When I was 16 I got jumped and I was stabbed 37 times with a razorblade. I was in some street fights and stuff like that,” he said. “And then when I was 19, one of my best friends was shot and killed in a drive-by.” It takes a great support system to overcome injury and loss, and Lipkin was lucky enough to have that kind of support, both at USF and at home. “I had a lot of good people who surrounded me. [After] my best friend was shot, my coach from USF was the one who picked me up from the airport,” he said. “So I had a lot of support at that college. He helped me deal with that part a little bit. And I had really good parents. I had a good home life, I was just getting into some trouble away from home.”

Ever determined, Lipkin worked through it all and drew the attention of the Oakland A’s when he was a junior. However, academic goals would take priority after his first draft. “I got drafted my junior year by the Oakland A’s,” he said. “But I always wanted to get my degree, and I wasn’t drafted as high as I would have wanted to. So I definitely chose to go back to college, and I finished my psychology degree.” But that wasn’t the end of the story for Lipkin and the A’s organization.

throwing well, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. “He’s a real good kid and an exciting ballplayer,” said Ports manager Webster Garrison. “He’s a very entertaining guy, he’s good to have on the team, and he plays well.” Ports fans can look forward to seeing Lipkin continue to play hard. He takes pride in his self-determination and passion for the game. “I’m pretty self-motivated. I’ve always wanted it. I just love playing the game. It’s been a lot of fun,” he said.

“When the draft came around, I ended up getting drafted by the He also doesn’t take anything for granted. The good friend Oakland A’s again in the 24th round,” he said. “And I took it.” he lost had been an aspiring football player at the community college they had attended. Lipkin would go on to play for After his death, Lipkin became Vancouver and Kane County’s teams. He hit another obstacle more acutely aware of how during his time at spring training precious every opportunity is. before landing a position with “Just to understand the fact the Stockton Ports. that he doesn’t have the op“When I went to spring training, portunity to pursue his goals anymore, [having] his mom everything was okay, and then [tell] me to make mine special I ended up with appendicitis. and live through him kind of – I got my appendix taken out that’s been a big motivator,” he during spring training, so I had to rehab my stomach,” he said. said. “And then some of the chips fell and the number one guy up Catch Lipkin behind the plate this season, as he enjoys here, [Max] Stassi, his shoulhomestands near his own der’s been injured, so I ended home with the Stockton Ports. up getting called up to kind of take over his position until he gets healthy.” While he’s still fairly new to the team, he’s been hitting and


Ports Roster

# YRS PITCHERS (13) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 30 5 Daley Jr., Gary R/R 6-3 200 11/1/1985 Grass Valley, CA FA/2010 15 6 Deal, Scott R/R 6-3 198 12/11/1986 Tacoma, WA 5th/2005 17 3 Doolittle, Ryan R/R 6-2 194 3/25/1988 Tabarnacle, NJ 26th/2008 29 2 Gilliam, Robert R/R 6-1 216 11/29/1987 Manassas, VA 8th/2009 46 6 Guzman, Jose R/R 5-11 220 11/5/1987 San Cristobal, DR NDFA/2005 16 2 Hoehn, Connor R/R 6-1 210 7/5/1989 Rockville, MD 46th/2009 21 2 Huttenlocker, AJ L/L 6-4 248 8/5/1986 Buckley, WA 44th/2009 33 6 Lyman, Jeffrey R/R 6-3 225 1/14/1987 San Francisco, CA Waivers/2010 27 2 Peterson, Maxwell L/L 6-2 233 6/27/1988 San Diego, CA 18th/2009 20 2 Smith, Murphy R/R 6-3 210 8/25/1987 Clifton Park, NY 13th/2009 39 2 Straily, Daniel R/R 6-2 221 12/1/1988 Springfield, OR 24th/2009 28 4 Williamson, Fabian L/R 6-2 175 10/20/1988 Panorama City, CA TRADE/2010 # YRS CATCHERS (2) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 13 5 Nunez, Juan R/R 6-1 215 8/27/1987 Bani, DR NDFA/2006 10 2 Stassi, Max R/R 5-10 206 3/15/1991 Woodland, CA 6th/2009 9 1 Lipkin, Ryan R/R 6-1 200 10/8/1987 Vacaville,CA 24th/2010 # YRS INFIELDERS (4) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 18 2 Aliotti, Anthony L/L 6-1 214 2/16/1987 Boise, ID 15th/2009 12 3 Coleman, Dustin R/R 6-2 211 4/20/1987 Sioux Falls, SD 28th/2008 7 5 Gil, Leonardo R/R 6-1 200 8/18/1987 Baquisimeto, VEN NDFA/2006 3 2 Gilmartin, Michael S/R 5-11 188 7/14/1987 Moorpark, CA 27th/2009 # YRS OUTFIELDERS (6) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN ACQUIRED 14 1 Choice, Michael R/R 6-0 215 11/10/1989 Fort Worth, TX 1st/2010 2 2 Crumbliss, Connor L/R 5-8 170 4/19/1987 Arkansas City, KS 30th/2009 23 3 Dixon, Rashun R/R 6-2 234 8/27/1990 Jackson, MS 10th/2008 22 3 LeVier, Mitchell L/L 5-11 196 1/12/1988 Whittier, CA 9th/2008 5 2 Richard, Myrio R/R 6-2 187 8/27/1988 Lake Charles, LA 9th/2009 # POS COACHING STAFF 50 MGR Garrison, Webster HOMETOWN 31 P-C Lefferts, Craig Marrero, LA 24 H-C McArn, Brian Anthem, AZ A-T Brooks, Nate Elk Grove, CA CLB Vic Zapien Pickneyville, IL Stockton, CA


Visitors Roster # PITCHERS HT 35 Bettis, Chad 6’1” 27 DeRatt, Alan 6’5” 41 Frazier, Parker 6’5” 20 Gomez, Leuris 6’0” 23 Houston, Daniel 6’3” 36 Kuo, Sheng-An 6’2” 19 Marbry, Michael 6’3” 10 Matzek, Tyler 6’3” 50 Mead, Kaimi 5’11” 32 Perkins, Daniel 6’4” 13 Rose, Chad 6’2” 33 Schnaitmann, Nicholas 6’6” 25 Woods, Coty 6’2” 21 Yacko, Kurt 5’11”

WT 193 225 175 170 205 190 185 210 185 200 200 190 190 180



18 Jerry Weinstein Manager

26 Kevin Riggs 43 Darryl Scott

Coach Pitching Coach

# CATCHERS 3 Gonzalez, Jose 5 Tarleton, Dallas

HT 6’1” 5’11”

WT 165 200


# INFIELDERS 12 Arenado, Nolan 4 Gonzalez, Maikol 7 Ka’aihue, Kala 6 Martinez, Carlos 11 Nina, Angelys 2 Rutledge, Josh 9 Sanders, Joe 39 Zuanich, Michael

HT 6’1” 5’10” 6’2” 5’11” 5’11” 6’1” 6’0” 6’4”

WT 205 175 230 175 165 190 195 225


# OUTFIELDERS 24 Cleary, Delta 22 Matthes, Kent 29 Mesa, Eliezer 44 Robinson, Scott 8 Sandoval, Orlando

HT 6’3” 6’2” 6’3” 6’0” 6’0”

WT 175 215 155 185 185


# CATCHERS 55 Alex Burg 12 Tommy Joseph

HT 6’ 0” 6’ 1”

WT 190 220


# INFIELDERS 29 Luke Anders 9 Ryan Cavan 7 Juan Ciriaco 17 Chris Dominguez 10 Carter Jurica 1 Nick Liles

HT 6’ 6” 5’ 10” 6’ 0” 6’ 3” 5’ 11” 6’ 0”

WT 225 180 160 215 185 165


# OUTFIELDERS 14 Gary Brown 18 Wendell Fairley 19 Ryan Lollis 28 Jarrett Parker

HT 6’ 1” 6’ 2” 6’ 2” 6’ 4”

WT 190 195 185 210


# PITCHERS 43 Jose Casilla 48 Hector Correa 22 Jake Dunning 35 Chris Gloor 46 Heath Hembree 33 Chris Heston 40 Mitch Lively 49 Michael Main 25 Kelvin Marte 32 Andrew Reichard 47 Jose Valdez 41 Craig Westcott 21 Zack Wheeler 23 Chris Wilson

HT 6’ 1” 6’ 3” 6’ 4” 6’ 6” 6’ 4” 6’ 4” 6’ 5” 6’ 1” 6’ 0” 6’ 4” 6’ 7” 6’ 4” 6’ 3” 6’ 2”

WT 210 165 188 255 210 185 230 170 180 235 250 225 180 205


# COACHING STAFF: 15 Andy Skeels Manager 2 Gary Davenport Coach 34 Brian Cooper Pitching Coach






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Ports Front Office Pat Filippone President and General Manager None yet. Hopefully the season will bring bigger and better things Luke Reiff Assistant General Manager Exhibition Sweep of the Rivercats Jeremy Neisser Director of Marketing The Rally Rat! Zach Sharkey Director of Corporate Sales Debut of the Rally Rat John Watts Inside Sales Manager Go Dodgers! Margaret Sacchet Community Relations Manager Aldo and Zach’s dance off in the pressbox Tim Pasisz Director of Business Development The Rally Rat Bryan Meadows Stadium Operations Manager Big Splash getting blown away by the wind Tim Pollack Ticket Manager The Extra Innings Walk Off Game Winning Double Opening Weekend


What is your favorite memory of the season so far? Peter Lopez Account Executive Splash coming in on a helicopter Allison Mandel Media Relations Manager Rally Rat Charmie Quinio-Hernandez Office Manager Opening Day! The excitement I saw from all the fans was PRICELESS!!! Lia Her Bookkeeper The Amazing Rally Rat! Devin Caswell Group Sales Manager Sunny Kids Club Days Aldo Montijo Graphic Designer The Extra Inning win over Modesto



Stockton Downtown Marina

Kids Corner Splash’s Word Search

Hey boys and girls! Welcome to Banner Island Ballpark, my home sweet home! I’m so glad you came to visit, and I hope you enjoy the game! Make sure to stop by and say “Hello” to me. I love spending time with my friends! Be sure to check out the Zaps Zone Kids Zone if you want to have a fun time! Whether you want to jump in the Bounce House, ride on the Giant Slide or take unlimited swings in the Batting Cages, I know you’ll love playing at the Ports game! If you get hungry, the concession stands sell all kinds of delicious ballpark food! Also, don’t forget to visit the other cool places in the stadium like bullpens ILOPUKSLM[ÄLSKHUK[OL;LHT:[VYL /H]LHISHZ[H[[OLIHSSWHYR;OHURZ for coming out to the game! Go Ports!

Words: look down and across Fan First Base Glove 0UÄLSK  Kids Zone Mound Oakland 6\[ÄLSK Peanuts Ports Rookie Rosin Bag Shortstop Splash Stockton Strike

Athlete Back Porch Ball Banner Island Baseball Batting Cage Big Leagues Bullpen California League Catcher Champions Cracker Jacks Curveball Elephant


Stadium Map

Tecate Cantina Section 101 Burritos, Taco Salads, Specialty Nachos, Quesadillas, Seeds, Peanuts, Candy, Frozen Margarita, Wine, Beer, Soda, Bottled Water Enchiladas 3rd Base Express Section 108 Hot Dogs, Sausages, Peanuts, Seeds, Candy, Beer, Wine, Slushy, Soda, Bottled Water Home Plate Grill (Front & Back) Section 110 Hot Dogs, Chicken Breast Sandwiches, Chicken Tenders, Chili Cheese Fries, French Fries, Nachos Grande, Peanuts, Seeds, Popcorn, Candy, Beer, Wine, Slushy, Soda, Red Bull, Bottled Water Pretzel Dogs, Chips First Base Section 215 A selection of Woodbridge Wine, Pizza, Chicken Wraps, Kinders BBQ, Fruit Cups, Peanuts, Seeds, Candy, Frozen Margaritas, Beer, Soda, Bottled Water

Casey’s Corner (Right Field Grill) Section 120 Garlic Fries, Hamburgers, Nachos Grande, Frito Pie, Chili Cheese Fries, French Fries, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Candy, Beer, Wine, Frozen Margaritas, Soda, Bottled Water Pretzel Burger

Kinder’s BBQ Grill Center Field Ball-Tip Sandwiches, Burgers, Atomic Links, Chicken Sandwiches, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Chips, Soda Pretzel Cart - Section 118 Asparagus Cart - Section 117 Dip N Dots - Section 118 Sausage Cart - Section 119

Churros, Corndogs, and Jackson Rancheria Candy Tent - Section 120 Back Porch Metro PCS Home Run Hill ”How Ya Bean” Coffee Cart Sausage Baskets, Jumbo Hot behind the Comcast Club Dogs, Kids Tray, Dibs, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Drumsticks, Frozen Lemon Cups, Peanuts, Seeds, Jumbo Pretzels, Beer, Wine, Soda, Bottled Water Ports Terrace Funnel Cakes and Snow Cones


2011 Game Day Magazine Edition 3  

Edition 3 of the 2011 Stockton Ports Game Day Magazine