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5th Edition June 2nd - June 7th

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The Common Bond:

Tony Thompson & T.J. Walz

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Stadium Map


Alumni Association


Youth Baseball Camp


In The Hot Seat With:

Michael Gilmartin


Interview with:

Tony Thompson & T.J. Walz


Ports Roster


Visiting Team Rosters


Score Cards


Ports Bios


Getting Into Miles’ Head

Game Promotions: 6/2- Fireworks Food 4 Less

6/3 - Root Beer Float Day Midtown Optometry


Stadium Map

Delta Charter School

Kids Zone

Tecate Cantina Section 101 Burritos, Taco Salads, Specialty Nachos, Quesadillas, Peanuts, Seeds, Candy, Frozen Margarita, Wine, Beer, Soda, Bottled Water

First Base Section 215 A selection of Woodbridge Wine, Pizza, Chicken Wraps, Kinders BBQ, Fruit Cups, Peanuts, Candy, Frozen Margaritas, Beer, Soda, Bottled Water, Wedge Salad

3rd Base Express Section 108 Hot Dogs, Sausages, Peanuts, Seeds, Candy, Be er, Wine, Slushy, Soda, Bottled Water

Casey’s Corner (Right Field Grill) Section 120 Hamburgers, Nachos Grande, Frito Pie, Chili Cheese Fries, French Fries, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Candy, Beer, Wine, Froze Margaritas, Soda, Bottled Water Pretzel Burger, Turkey Burger

Home Plate Grill (Front & Back) Section 110 Hot Dogs, Chicken Breast Sandwiches, Chicken Tenders, Chili Cheese Fries, French Fries, Nachos Grande, Peanuts, Popcorn, Seeds, Candy, Beer, Wine, Slushy, Soda, Red Bull, Bottled Water Pretzel Dogs, Chips


Jackson Rancheria Back Porch Metro PCS Home Run Hill, Jumbo Hot Dogs, Kids Tray, Peanuts, Seeds, Beer, Wine, Soda, Bottled Water, Novelty Ice Creams

Ports Terrace Funnel Cakes and Snow Cones Kinder’s BBQ Grill Center Field Ball-Tip Sandwiches, Burgers, Atomic Links, Chicken Sandwiches, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Chips, Soda Pretzel Cart - Section 118 Asparagus Cart - Section 117 Fried PB&J Dip N Dots - Section 118 Sausage Cart - Section 119 Churros, Corndogs, and Candy Tent - Section 120 ”Volcano Splash” Coffee Cart behind the Comcast Club

7thAnnual Annual Stockton Stockton Ports Ports 7th

Root Beer Beer Float Float Day Day Root Sunday,June June 3, 3, 2012 2012 Sunday, presented presented by by

The first 500 fans will receive a The first 500 fans will receive a

specialty Ports mug for only $6. All proceeds from the event go to the Anchor Fund. specialty Ports mug forPorts only $6.

All proceeds from the event go to the Ports Anchor Fund. Ports players will be making floats prior to the game against the San Jose Giants pm atfloats Banner Island Ballpark! Ports players willat be2:09 making prior to the game against the Gates open at 1:05 pm. San Jose Giants at 2:09 pm at Banner Island Ballpark! Gates open at 1:05 pm. Supplies for the event are donated by Super Store Industries and Sunnyside Farms. Supplies for the event are donated by Super Store Industries

and Sunnyside Farms. Please contact Margaret Sacchet at (209) 644-1900 with any questions regarding the event! Please contact Margaret Sacchet at (209) 644-1900 with any questions regarding the event!

Stockton Ports Alumni Association On Saturday, May 12, the Ports held their annual Alumni Night at Banner Island Ballpark. This year, 10 Ports Alumni, along with their family and friends, were in attendance for the event. Each former player was invited to a pre-game picnic in the Express Transmissions BBQ Pit Stop, followed by an on-field recognition ceremony and first pitches. A moment of silence also took place to honor the recent passing of former Ports Lloyd Hittle, Jesse Jefferson, and Frank Strazzullo.

The roster for the night included: • • Tom Munoz • • Keith Salisbury • • Ray Youngdahl • • Vic Solari • • Leon Brown • • Sam Hitcher • • G.J. Raymundo • • Tim Ireland • • Dion James • • LaVel Freeman Dion James 1981

Tom Munoz 1955

G.J. Raymundo 2002-03 and Ports catcher Beau Taylor Alumni group shot with Ports President Pat Filippone

A second Alumni Night will take place on June 15 with potential guests including: Harry Dunlop, Ed Sowash, Jeff Cirillo, Ed Smith, Vince Sarubbi, Chris Krug, Pumpsie Green, Tom Munoz, Tim Ireland, Ernie Broglio, Dave Oliver, Kurt Archer, Rich Scramaglia, Bill Kahler, Bucky Kahler, Don Moitzoa, and Dick Adams.

Are you personally in contact with a Ports Alum? If so, tell us about it!

Contact Margaret Sacchet at (209) 644-1900 or


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In The Hot Seat With Michael Gilmartin By Nicole Loscavio

In the series vs the San Jose Giants May 20 – 22, there was no one hotter than Michael Gilmartin. Over the three day period, Michael went 6-9 with 2 doubles, 10 RBIs, and had a .700 on base percentage. His hot bat kept the Ports competitive against the league leading Giants and even helped the Ports secure the 15-3 win on May 22nd. So we decided to put Gilmartin in the hot seat, giving fans the opportunity to learn a bit more about the Giants homestand hero.

Full Name: Michael Gilmartin Born: 7/4/1987 Birthplace: Moorpark, CA Height: 6’ 0” Weight: 180 Bats/Throws: L/R



What’s your nickname?


What’s your walk-up song?

California Love by Tupac.

Favorite Food?

I’m Italian, so I like pasta; I usually have pasta at least 3 time a week.

Favorite Movie?

Anything with Clint Eastwood.

Favorite Singer/Band?

I like country; Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean… Anything country with a good beat.

What’s your dream vacation?

I like going to Hawaii; my family used to go a lot during the summertime when my brother and I were still in school, so I’d say there.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Stockton?

Chipotle or BJs.

Who is your role model?

My parents.

Who’s the funniest guy on the team?

Rashun Dixon.

What’s your favorite baseball memory?

When I was in Little League, I hit a HR on my mom’s birthday. And she really liked it, so I’ll go with that.

What 3 things would you bring with you if you were on a deserted island?

Food, iPod, and a cell phone.

If you had to be handcuffed to a teammate for a full 24 hours, who would you pick, and why?

Probably Miles Head. He’s my roommate, so we pretty much do the same thing every day. We get along pretty well.

What do you like to do on the road?

I like to sleep in, play cards on the bus, listen to music, & watch movies – pretty generic stuff.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Well, I take a shower before every game, but that’s not really a ritual.

What one thing could you not live without?

God, and my faith.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully I’ll be in the big leagues in 5 years, if not sooner.

Two Sessions Sessions Two Two Sessions June 15 15 & & 16 16 June Stockton Ports Stockton Ports June 15 & 16 Stockton Ports July 21 & & 22 22 Youth Baseball Camp Youth Baseball Camp July 21 21 & Youth Baseball Camp July Check-In starts at 8 22 AM Check-In starts at 8 AM Sign Up Up Today!! Today!! Sign Sign Up Today!! Camp Includes:

Camp Includes: Lunch each day Lunch each day CamptoIncludes: Ticket Ports game on June 15 & July 21

Ticket Ports on June 15 & July 21 Lunch to each day Junior Ports ongame both days Junior Ports ongame both days Ticket to Ports on June 15 & July 21 T-shirt T-shirt Junior Ports on both days T-shirt Campers Name(s): Parent/Guardian Campers Name(s):Name(s) Address: Parent/Guardian Name(s) Phone: Address: Campers Name(s): Phone: Parent/Guardian Name(s) Address: Session One (June 15 & 16) Phone: Two (July Session One (June21 15&&22) 16) Session Two (July 21 & 22) Session One (June 15 & 16) Session Two (July 21 & 22) Both Sessions

Camp 9 AM – 12:30 PM Check-In starts at 8 AM Camp 9 AM – 12:30 PM Boys girls ages 5-13 Campand 9 AM – 12:30 PM Boys and girls ages 5-13 No baseball skills necessary Boys and girls ages 5-13 No baseball skills necessary Learn baseballskills & softball skills from No baseball necessary Learn baseball & softball skills fromA’s! the future faces of the Oakland the future faces of the Oakland Learn baseball & softball skills fromA’s!

the future faces of the Oakland A’s!

2012 Youth Baseball Camp Application 2012 Youth Baseball Camp Application

Age(s) Age(s) Zip: Zip: Age(s)

City: State: 2012 Youth Baseball Camp Application Email: City: State: *More information sent thru email Email: *More City: information sent thru email State: Zip: One (1) Child $90 Email: Additional Children $75 for each additional One (1) Child $90 *More information sent thru email child Teams (5+) Children $60 (must provide Additional $75per for child each additional childLittle League verification) Teams $60 One (1)(5+) Child $90 per child (must provide Little League verification) Additional Children $170 $75 for each additional child One (1) Child Teams $60 provide Little League verification) Additional Children $170 $140per forchild each(must additional child One (1)(5+) Child

(JuneSessions 15, 16 & July 21, 22) Both Teams (5+) Children $110 provide Little League verification) (June 15, 16 & July 21, 22) Additional $140per for child each (must additional child Teams $110 Both Sessions One (1)(5+) Child $170 per child (must provide Little League verification) Payment Method: (June 15, 16 & July 21, 22) Additional Children $140 for each additional child Check Cash Visa Card # Payment Method: Teams (5+) $110 per child (must provide Little League verification) MC DISC AMEX Exp. Date: Check Cash Visa Card # Name on Card: MC DISCMethod: AMEX Exp. Date: Payment Name Check Cash Visa Card # on Card: Fremont MC DISC Please AMEXMail or drop off at: 404 W.Exp. Date: St. Attn: Youth Baseball Camp. Stockton, CA 95203 or on fax to: 209.644.1931 Please Mail or drop off at: 404 W. Fremont St.Card: Attn: Youth Baseball Camp. Stockton, CA 95203 Name For more information: 209.644.1953 or or fax to: 209.644.1931 more information: 209.644.1953 Please Mail orFor drop off at: 404 W. Fremont St. Attn:orYouth Baseball Camp. Stockton, CA 95203 or fax to: 209.644.1931 For more information: 209.644.1953 or


Tony Thompson & T.J. Walz By Matt Wilson T.J. Walz. Right handed pitcher. He has an ERA of 2.70 after playing 30 innings in five games and achieving 34 strikeouts – the most of any current Ports pitcher as of May 7. Tony Thompson. Third baseman, right handed hitter. He has a batting average of .253 with 91 at bats, 11 RBI, and 3 home runs. He is fourth in RBI and third in home runs among current Ports players as of May 7. At first glance, these two players don’t appear to have much in common. If you look a bit deeper, however, an interesting detail reveals itself. Both Thompson and Walz attended the University of Kansas, and were both on the Jayhawks in 2008 and 2009. Thompson moved on to play for Single-A Vancouver Canadians in 2010, while Walz remained in Kansas. The next year, in 2011, Thompson moved to the Single-A Burlington Bees. Near the end of the 2011 season, Walz spent a little more than a month playing for the Bees as well. Now, the two of them are both playing for the Stockton Ports. This is the third time they have ended up on the same team together. What are the odds of that? We sat down with both Thompson and Walz to see if they knew.

Tony Thompson Stockton Ports: You last played for the Burlington Bees, back in 2011. How’s the California League? How does it compare to the Midwest League so far? Have you had to adjust how you play at all? Tony Thompson: I don’t think I’ve had to adjust how I play at all. I like the league here a lot. It’s close to home for me. All the facilities have been really nice so far. So far, I’ve liked it better than I did Burlington, for the most part. I liked being in the Midwest, but the weather out here is pretty good – it’s always staying warm – so I like it out here a lot too. Ports: While we’re talking about past seasons, can you tell us a little bit about the University of Kansas? While playing for the Jayhawks in 2009, you set some school record in homers and total bases. What was that like? Tony Thompson: It was awesome. I loved playing in the Big 12, it’s a great conference. We had a really good team that put up a lot of runs and we had a really good pitching staff. We could compete with anyone, really. We had T.J. [Walz] on the mound for us. It was a pretty unreal experience for me, kind of surreal in that I never that I’d do something like that. You always dream of doing something like setting records for a school, so it was a pretty awesome experience.


Ports: There’s one thing that the Jayhawks, the Bees, and now the Ports all have in common and that’s the fact that both you and T.J. Walz have been on them. You’ve ended up on the same team three times now, in fact. What do you think the odds of that are? Tony Thompson: Probably not very good! As soon as he got drafted, I was real excited. I was hoping I’d get the chance to play with him. As soon as he got drafted, I texted him ‘Congratulations’, gave him a call, congratulated him. When he got moved up, I was real excited that I was going to have someone that I’d played with before come to join me on the team. When he came here this year with me, well, it’s pretty cool. I get to live with him, be with him a lot. It’s nice to have someone you’ve been around a long time with you. Ports: So it’s pretty comforting to see a familiar face? Tony Thompson: Definitely, definitely. It’s nice to have somebody every day that you’ve known for so long and gotten close to. It helps out in the process of being away from home in a new place, having somebody that you’ve been around for a while. Ports: It’s probably safe to say you’ve known T.J. the longest out of anyone else on the Ports. Do you have any interesting stories from the Bees or Kansas? Tony Thompson: Not that I can really think of. We’ve been pretty laid back for the most part. Never got in any trouble or anything like that, so there haven’t been too many stories with us, but we’ve just been real close and really had no problems. I like the guy a lot, so it’s been fun. Ports: Any friendly rivalries or anything? Tony Thompson: No, not really. I guess in the fall, in Kansas I got to face him a lot. I hit a couple home runs off him and he struck me out a bunch, so we got that going for us. At least I don’t have to face him, because he’s a pretty good pitcher. Ports: And now back to the present. How’s the season going for you? What do you want from this season? Tony Thompson: I just want us to win. We’ve been struggling a little bit lately, and as a team I know we can come around. We got some guys that can hit, and we’ve got a pretty ridiculous pitching staff for the most part, so once we start turning it around I expect us to start winning a lot and hopefully bring back the championship.

T.J. Walz

Stockton Ports: You last played for the Burlington Bees, back in 2011. How’s the California League? How does it compare to the Midwest League? Have you had to adjust your style at all? T.J. Walz: No, I think you’ve got to treat hitters the same way. Obviously balls are going to fly here a little bit more, but you can’t pitch any differently. Might be a little bit more important to force contact early and get ground balls, but other than that, it’s pretty similar. Ports: While we’re talking about past seasons, can you tell us a little bit about the University of Kansas. You were named Pitcher of the Year there in 2010. You also ranked eighth for innings pitched, tied for ninth in strikeouts and eighth in game starts in the Big 12. What was that like? T.J. Walz: I don’t really remember. KU was awesome. It was so much fun – everyone has fun in college. I was just playing college baseball...I guess there’s not really much to say.


Ports: There’s at least one thing the Jayhawks, the Bees, and now the Ports have in common. Both you and Tony Thompson have played for them. In fact, you’ve been teamed up with him three times now. What’s that like? T.J. Walz: Tony and I have become good friends – we live together. It’s nice to see him over at third base at times when I’m pitching. Just that friendship’s nice. Ports: What do you think the odds of that are? T.J. Walz: Maybe one in 30? There are 30 major league teams. Ports: It’s probably safe to say that you’ve known Tony the longest out of anyone on the Ports. Do you have any interesting stories from the Bees or University of Kansas? T.J. Walz: Tony...It’s funny. My sophomore and junior year, he helped me with a little bit of the yips I would have when I would pitch. I would have to make eye contact with him coming set. We’ve joked about that ever since because coaches of opposing teams have though that Tony was calling my pitches, giving me pit calls. Ports: And now back to the present. How’s the season going for you? What do you want from this season? T.J. Walz: I think all of [the team’s] goal is to win a Cali championship, but also to develop on our own as people and as players. We’ve been struggling lately in terms of the win/loss column, but we’re all coming together as a team.

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Ports # Yrs 11 2 39 2 17 4 27 4 14 2 16 3 9 3 34 3 23 2 20 6 30 2 36 1 7 1

(Roster as of 5/24)

PITCHERS (13) Bowman, Josh Brown, Jake Capra, Anthony Doolittle, Ryan Hassebrock, Blake Hoehn, Connor Krol, Ian Long, Nate Murphy, Sean Souza, Justin Thornton, Zack Treinen, Blake Walz, T.J.


HT 6-2 6-2 6-1 6-2 6-6 6-1 6-1 6-2 6-6 6-1 6-4 6-4 6-1

WT 210 215 215 195 217 212 200 215 220 185 215 215 180

DOB 9/9/88 12/28/86 4/3/87 3/25/88 7/15/89 7/5/89 5/9/91 2/9/86 8/23/88 10/22/85 5/19/88 6/30/88 11/11/88

HOMETOWN St. Petersburg, FL Baltimore, MD Arvada, CO Tabernacle, NJ High Point, NC Ocean View, DE Naperville, IL Bedford, TX Philadephia, PA Stockton, CA Oak Park, CA Osage City, KS Omaha, NE

# Yrs CATCHERS (2) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 10 3 Stassi, Max R/R 5-10 206 3/15/91 Yuba City, CA 13 1 Taylor, Beau L/R 6-0 205 2/13/90 Rockledge, FL # Yrs INFIELDERS (6) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 21 2 Cabrera, Yordy R/R 6-1 205 9/3/90 Lakeland, FL 3 3 Gilmartin, Michael L/R 6-0 190 7/14/87 Mooropark, CA 26 3 Head, Miles R/R 6-0 215 5/2/91 Brooks, GA 44 2 Kirby-Jones, A.J. R/R 5-10 215 10/2/88 Knoxville, TN 19 4 Leyja, Nino R/R 5-11 180 10/2/90 Houston, TX 28 2 Thompson, Tony R/R 6-5 240 12/19/88 Reno, NV # Yrs OUTFIELDERS (5) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 23 4 Dixon, Rashun R/R 6-2 230 8/27/90 Madison, MS 2 1 Oberacker, Chad L/L 5-11 190 1/1/89 Erie, PA 5 3 Richard, Myrio R/R 6-2 195 8/27/88 Lake Charles, LA 15 1 Robinson, Dusty R/R 5-11 205 9/9/89 Bakesfield, CA 22 2 Whitaker, Josh R/R 6-3 235 2/8/89 Augusta, GA # 50 31 24



COACHING STAFF Webster Garrison Craig Lefferts Brian McArn Nate Brooks Vic Zapien

HOMETOWN Marrero, LA Anthem, AZ Elk Grove, CA Pinckneyville, IL Stockton, CA

PREVIOUS TEAM (YEAR) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011)

Visitor’s Roster

San Jose Giants

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

(Roster as of 5/24)

(Roster as of 5/24)

# 22 28 45 23 19 48 34 32 37 40 21 12 25 51 47 38

PITCHERS Drew Bowlin Ryan Bradley Edward Concepcion Hector Correa Stephen Harrold Phil McCormick Josh Osich Taylor Rogers Luis Rojas Seth Rosin Danny Sandbrink Shawn Sanford Justin Schumer Jack Snodgrass Jose Valdez Chris Wilson


# 55 9

CATCHERS B/T Dan Burkhart L/R Andrew Susac R/R

# 35 43 39 18 16 33 29

INFIELDERS B/T Luke Anders L/L Alex Burg R/R Adam Duvall R/R Bobby Haney L/R Carter Jurica R/R Ricky Oropesa L/R Joe Panik L/R

# 10 1 17 7

OUTFIELDERS B/T Devin Harris R/R Chris Lofton L/R Ryan Lollis L/L Jarrett Parker L/L

# 15 2 54

FIELD STAFF Andy Skeels Gary Davenport Steve Kline

POSITION Manager Batting Coach Pitching Coach

# 7 23 40 36 13 12 35 30 32 18 38 16 43 19 17

PITCHERS B/T Ryan Acosta R/R Freddie Cabrera R/R Eric Eadington R/L Garrett Gould R/R Brandon Martinez R/R Scott McGough R/R Eammon Portice R/R Jon Michael Redding R/R Chris Reed L/L Jordan Roberts L/L Juan Rodriguez R/R Angel Sanchez R/R Andres Santiago R/R Steve Smith R/R Greg Wilborn L/L

# 15 27 24

CATCHERS B/T Steve Cilladi R/R Christopher O’Brien S/R Michael Pericht R/R

# 34 45 46 3 22 41

INFIELDERS B/T Alexis Aguilar R/R Austin Gallagher L/R Chris Jacobs R/R Charlie Mirabal S/R C.J. Retherford R/R Scott Wingo L/R

# 9 6 8 31

OUTFIELDERS B/T Jonathan Garcia R/R Leon Landry L/R Jarrad Page S/R Joc Pederson L/L

# 4 10 33

FIELD STAFF Juan Bustabad Michael Boughton Matt Herges

POSITION Manager Batting Coach Pitching Coach





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Ports Bios

Bowman, Josh, RHP

Had one of his best outings on the season 4/16 vs LE Storm 6IP 6H 1ER 2BB 6K’s As of 5/24 has allowed just 2 HR’s all season

Capra, Anthony, LHP

Joined the Ports 5/1 from Extended Spring Training As of 5/24 has more strikeouts than inning pitched this season

Dixon, Rashun, OF

Went 3-for-4 with 2 RBI’s on 5/5 vs LAN As of 5/24 is hitting .364 when leading off an inning

Brown, Jake, LHP

As of 5/24 has allowed just 2 earned runs on the road all season (19.0IP) In the month of April, Brown posted a 1.76ERA over 15.1IP, 2BB & 10K’s As of 5/24 Has made 2 spot starts 2.00ERA, 9IP, 10H, 2ER,13K, 0BB

Cabrera, Yordy, IF

Joined the Ports from Extended Spring Training on 5/14 Went 1-for-3 with a RS in his Ports debut on 5/14

Doolittle, Ryan, RHP

Joined the Ports 5/3 from Low-A Burlington Bees (IA) Has an impressive 1.86ERA with 12K’s in 9.2IP as of 5/24 over 6 appearances

Gilmartin, Michael, INF

Knocked in 10 RBI in two games vs the SJ Giants (5/20 & 5/22) Has 2 HR’s this season both of which came vs Lake Elsinoreas of 5/24

Hassebrock, Blake, RHP

In his first outing as a Stockton Port, he recorded his first W pitching 6.1IP allowing just 1ER with 0BB Was placed on the DL on 5/3

Head, Miles, INF

Hoehn, Connor, RHP

Kirby-Jones, A.J., INF

Krol, Ian, LHP

Had a 19-game hitting streak that stretched 4/5-4/24 Has been the top hitter in the CAL League for the majority of the season

Was named California League Player of the Week for 4/16-4/22 Hit 3HR at Banner Island Ballpark on 4/18 vs LE Posted a .351AVG for the Month of April with 8HR & 20RBI

Posted a 2.70ERA in the month of April with 14K’s over10IP As of 5/24 has posted a 0.90ERA (1ER allowed in 10IP)

Had his best outing of the season 4/17 vs LE allowing just 1H, 1ER over 6IP with 6K’s As of 5/24 has limited left-handers to a .200 batting average


Ports Bios

Leyja, Nino, INF

Hit his first HR as a Stockton Port on 4/13 vs MOD As of 5/24 has a .300AVG with runners in scoring position with 2 outs

Long, Nate, RHP

As of 5/24 has not allowed 2ER’s on the road allseason Posted a 1.29ERA in the month of April with 14K’s over14IP with 4BB

Murphy, Sean, RHP

Joined the Ports on 5/24 from Low-A Burlington Bees Was 3-4 with the Bees in 2012, posted a 1.97ERA over 8 starts/50.1IP 17BB & 52K’s Won the first game of the 17-game win streak for the Ports in 2011

Richard, Myrio, OF

Had three multi-hit games during the home series vs BAK4/23-4/26 Hit 3 doubles and scored 4 runs on 5/17 vs MOD

Oberacker,Chad, OF

Joined the Ports from Burlington Bees (IA) 5/1 Cranked his first career grandslam on 5/22 vs the SJ Giants As of 5/24 his HR’s have came with runners on base

Robinson, Dusty, OF

Joined the Ports on 5/18 from Low-A Burlington Bees Cranked 2 solo HR’s in his first 12AB’s with the Ports

Souza, Justin, RHP

Joined the Ports from Triple-A Sacramento River Cats on 5/17 As of 5/24 has not allowed an earned run at home all season

Stassi, Max, C

Was activated from DL on 5/1 (ankle injury) Scored 4 runs on 5/22 vs SJ Giants As of 5/24 has a hit in all but 3 games that he has played in this season

Taylor, Beau, C

Hit his first career HR on 4/23 vs BAK at Banner Island Ballpark As of 5/24 has a 6 game hit streak (5/155/22) As of 5/24 has 7 straight games with a walk

Thompson, Tony, INF

Had a 7-game hitting streak from 4/17-4/26 Has 3HR’s this season all of which are vs RHP as of 5/24

Treinen, Blake, RHP Thornton, Zack, RHP

Has allowed just 3BB all season as of 5/24 Did not allow an ER over his first 5 appearances on the season

Posted a 3.86ERA in the month of April with 25K, 6BB over 25.2IP Pitched his best outing of the season 4/18 vs LE: W 7IP, 2H,7K 3BB


Walz, T.J., RHP

Posted a 2.70ERA in the month of April with 27K’s, 6BB over 36.1IP with 6BB Has an impressive 1.50ERA at Banner Island Ballpark this season as of 5/24

Whitaker, Josh, OF

As of 5/10 is a perfect 6-for-6 in SB attempts All of his HR’s this season have been solo shots as of 5/24


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Getting into Miles’ Head By Nicole Loscavio As of May 23, Miles Head leads the Ports in nearly every batting statistic excluding walks and strikeouts, averaging .353, with 59 Hits, 8 HRs, and 30 RBIs. With numbers like these, Miles has quickly become one of the California League’s offensive leaders, and someone that fans, scouts, and opposing pitchers want to keep an eye on. The numbers seem to indicate that Miles is playing in a league of his own – perhaps he’s seeing the ball differently, or maybe his mechanics are just superior to his teammates and opponents. But this all leads to one question that we’re very eager to answer: What’s really going on in Miles’ head?? We sat down with Miles looking for an answer that could explain his tremendously consistent statistics, and this is what we found: We really wanted to take a look at his stability and success so far this season and figure out what goes on in his head when you step into the batter’s box. Miles Head: I would say my pre-game routine and my mental aspect of my game. I’m allowed to keep that consistent and that carries over from my BP and my practice in the cage, and I feel like it’s been carried over into the games. I try to stay middle of the field with all the pitches and really work on driving the ball in the gaps rather than either trying to fling it to right field or getting really pull-happy. When I’m in the batter’s box, I try to not think about anything. I try to put my work in during BP and in the cage hopefully that carries over in the game. I try to go to the box with a clear mind and see the ball, and hit it really – let my mechanics do the rest. Since Miles has been playing professional ball for a few years, we wanted to see how much of his mental approach is actually a result of what he’s developed on his own as opposed to picking up new ideas and techniques from the coaching staff here. Miles Head: The coaches and Trick [Todd Steverson], our hitting coordinator, have helped me a lot with my mental game. Sometimes I’ll get out of it and I’ll go up there and try to do too much at the plate and they just remind me I’ve got to stick with what I know how to do, cause that’s what works for me.

During the 16-game losing streak that took place from April 29 to May 15, Miles had a .326 batting average and a .397 on base percentage. That batting average during that slump is actually higher than anyone else on the team so far, for the first two months of the season. This really intrigues us, and we wanted to know how he’s been able to mentally block out the situational factors like a losing-streak and continue to stay so consistent.

Miles Head: Like I said, it’s just my preparation before the game. It’s really just cagework, and that’s been the biggest thing with me this offseason – I really just wanted to stay consistent. Because last season I would get really streaky, I would get really hot; and I’m just trying to stay away from those 1 to 2 to 3 week slumps here. I go in to every single game with the same mindset – I’ve got a job to do when I get in the box, and I feel like I have to be consistent with that if I want to make it to the big leagues.

One standout difference in the statistics would be his .395 batting average during the day, compared to .341 at night. We asked if this was even something he had noticed. Miles Head: Yeah, I think that’s how it’s been ever since I’ve been playing pro-ball. I’ve always had a higher batting average in day games. And honestly I think that I can see the ball better during the day – it’s that simple. I don’t think I recognize the ball as well as I do at night than I do during the day. Many statistics indicate that Miles isn’t just consistently hitting, but consistently hitting in crucial situations. Like his .467 batting avg in the 9th inning, .356 avg with runners on base, and .333 avg with runners in scoring position. A lot of times, guys end up swinging for the fences, trying to be the hero, but those statistics prove that Miles is just as consistent in these key situations. So we asked him, what’s your view on situations like these when you have the opportunity to step up and be the hero? Miles Head: I feel like a lot of guys go into the box thinking, ‘oh there’s a runner on third, I have to drive him in.’ so they feel pressure. I try to go into the box thinking, ‘well, the pitcher’s the one that’s got a runner on third, so he’s the one that’s screwed.’ I try to make it seem like the pitcher’s the one with the pressure, and I don’t have any on me. I just have to do what I’ve done all my life – drive runs in. I try to just block out the pressure and put it on someone else.

We asked Miles which Major League player he looks up to, to see if that would perhaps give us a bit more insight into the type of player he sees himself as and how he’d like to develop.

Miles Head: Well I like Pujols, and that’s hard to say right now because he hasn’t been doing very well this season. But if you look at the past 10 seasons, he’s been the most consistent guy to ever play baseball, he’s hit over .300 every year with 30+ HRs. And in some of the articles he talks in, he’s all about the mental game, and that’s what I try to focus on. It’s no secret that Miles is an Athletics prospect to keep an eye on. Since there’s no telling what will happen in the future for Miles or any players in a team’s developmental system, we at least wanted to know how he’s been enjoying his time in the California League, and if he’s thought about the next step or next level at all.

Miles Head: I love it here, I mean it’s far away from home but I love California so far, I’m having fun! I don‘t focus on [what the next the step would be], because I feel like that’s something that’ll get me away from my game here. I feel like if I can stay consistent, when it’s time for me to move up, then it’s time for me to move up. If they don’t want me to move up yet, then I’ll just do my thing here. We’re certainly happy that Miles is ‘doing his thing’ here in Stockton and we look forward to just over three more months of excellent play from the Ports’ Head Honcho.


Stockton Family 4th of July celebration featuring Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown Banner Island Ballpark to host vintage baseball game featuring former MLB legends

Stockton, Calif. – Wednesday, July 4th will be a special Independence Day celebration at Banner Island Ballpark. Starting at 6 p.m. will be a blast‐from‐the‐past ball game featuring not just former MLB players, but rules, traditions, and equipment straight from 1886. In addition to the vintage baseball game, at 2 p.m. there will a Youth Baseball Clinic hosted by the Major League Baseball Alumni Association, instructed by former MLB players and Hall‐of‐Fame members. The clinic will be an opportunity for children to learn from players that are the face of baseball history. Practice for former MLB players and Hall‐of‐Famers begins at 4 p.m. During this, live interviews with MLB alumni will be broadcast over the PA. Following the game will be live band performances, as well as traditional 4th of July fireworks presented by the Stockton Ports in cooperation with the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel and the Stockton Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

An all‐day pass for this event is just $5. Tickets are available now. Gates open at 1 p.m. For more information or to purchase your tickets, contact the Ports

Example Participants* Tony Armas Harold Baines Vida Blue Bert Campaneris Ron Darling Rollie Fingers Goose Gossage Ricky Henderson Tommy John Dave Kingman Carney Lansford Blue Moon Odom F. P. Santangelo Dave Stewart Don Sutton Walt Weiss Vernon Wells, Sr.

Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown schedule: •1:00 p.m. – Gates open •2:00p.m. – Legends of Baseball Youth Clinic •4:00 p.m. – Batting practice for former MLB players •6:00 p.m. – Vintage baseball game begins •8:00 p.m. – Live music •9:30 p.m. – Fireworks

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5th Edition of the Game Day Magazine  

5th Edition of the Game Day Magazine