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Stockton Ports in the Community – Anchor Fund The Ports are pleased to continue supporting the Stockton community for the fifth straight year through the Anchor Fund, the team’s charitable foundation. Established in 2007, it has helped support countless community projects, with a focus on youth centers and youth sports. The charitable fund reflects and reaffirms the Ports commitment to strengthen the community by using baseball and entertainment as a backdrop.

2008-2011 Anchor Fund Contributions 2008 2009 2010 2011 Number of Donations Total Dollars Donated In-Kind Donations Tickets Donated

100 $16,000 $43,500 8,600

150 $35,000 $107,500 13,330

255 $30,000 $122,498 14,694

299 $28,069 $68,488 8,472

Ports Fans…Here is one way YOU can contribute to the Stockton Community! Every Stockton Ports ticket holder has the opportunity to contribute to the Anchor Fund simply by donating their unused Ports tickets thru the Ports Ticket Donation Program presented by Martha’s All Natural. The Ports organization will then match ALL ticket donations made! In 2011, 1,588 tickets were generously donated to different organizations and groups around the Stockton community.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming community events… May 6 – Baseball by the Books reading day #2 May 10 – Education Day #1 May 12 – Alumni Night


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Behind the Microphone with Zack Bayrouty Stockton Ports: Entering your 7th season at the Ports play-by-play announcer, you’ve seen a lot of Banner Island baseball. What has the experience been like over the years? Zack Bayrouty: It’s been fun, and it’s been a privilege. There aren’t many broadcasters who’ve been as lucky as I have been…to come into a new ballpark, see it grow, and get to know some extraordinary people in the process. The A’s, more often than not, have had very competitive teams come through here, so we’ve all been lucky in that regard. But the people in Stockton have been so great to me, and I think that stands out above all else. SP: You’ve also seen a lot of players come through Stockton, who were some of your favorites to watch and why? ZB: One of the players I’m about to mention is actually here on the roster right now…Sean Doolittle. In 2008, we had such a great team here that went on to win the championship, and Sean was a big part of that, hitting in the middle of the order with Chris Carter. It seemed like he could do it all at the plate…power, average, everything. It seemed like there was nothing stopping him from being the A’s first baseman in a couple years, and then he had to deal with some major injuries. Now he’s back as a pitcher and has phenomenal stuff, and I have no doubt he’ll be in the big leagues. Of course there was Chris Carter as well on that ’08 team… he set the Ports franchise home run record with 39 bombs. Being able to watch him take batting practice on a daily basis was pretty special. As far as pitchers go, the combination of Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill on that 2008 team was awesome. There was a game in 2008 in Rancho Cucamonga where Cahill struck out the first eight batters he faced in the game. I think I was laughing by the seventh one just because it was unfair. SP: If you had to pick your top 3 favorite moments while you’ve been with the Ports, what would they be and why? ZB: First and foremost, watching the 2008 team win the championship in Lancaster. Championships don’t come along too often, and to be part of that group and to be able to participate in the celebration in the clubhouse afterwards was probably my most special moment in baseball to this point. Second, the 2008 North Division Championship Series between the Ports and San Jose Giants. In 2008, Stockton and San Jose played arguably the most entertaining division series the Cal-League has ever seen. Two nights in a row, once at San Jose and once in Stockton, the Ports came from behind and erased three-run deficits in the ninth inning to win Games 2 and 3. The Giants squeezed out a 2-1 win in Game 4 of that series, and the Ports went back to San Jose and dominated Game 5 from the start, eventually going on to win the title. Third would have to be the 17 game winning streak the 2011 team went on. I’m not sure I’ll ever see another winning streak like that again. There’s so much that can go wrong in any


given game that can lead to a loss, and for 17 straight games that team just refused to lose. You sensed something special starting to develop with that group, and they went on to beat San Jose in the North Division Championship Series and play in the Cal-League Championship Series. SP: What’s it like going on the road with the team? Are there any cities you always look forward to visiting? ZB: It’s always fun to go on the road and experience different cities. Baseball is all about routine, but I think on the road it’s even more so. Everyone has their schedule dictated by the bus times, so you know that if you want to go to the gym, be on the 10 a.m. bus…first bus to the ballpark is 3 p.m...second bus is 4 p.m…and so on. You get used to the routine, and in my case, I think by this point after seven years, I’m somewhat addicted to it. After a while, you know where the best spots are to eat and walk around, you know which hotels are the best, which are the worst. I always love visiting Lake Elsinore and Rancho Cucamonga. Lake Elsinore because the ballpark is tremendous and the press box (by California League standards) is luxurious! Also, there’s a cool restaurant in the hotel/casino where we stay, so meals are easy. They also offer no-limit hold ‘em at the hotel, which I may or may not partake in! Rancho Cucamonga has the best surroundings both at the ballpark and at the hotel. The ballpark is in the shadow of the San Gabriel Mountains, and it makes for a picturesque setting. The hotel is in the middle of restaurants and shopping plazas, so there are always things to do. But my mantra is, no matter where we are, as long as there’s a good coffee place and reliable WiFi, I don’t complain. SP: What is something fans would be surprised to learn about your job? ZB: I am still literally learning on the job. You can have all the training in the world coming into a job like this, but you really prepare a lifetime to call a baseball game. You MUST be humble and be open to learning new elements of the game and the craft every day, even if that involves making mistakes and becoming better from them. SP: What’s the best part of being the Ports Broadcaster? ZB: Being able to do something I love every day for six months. I couldn’t be more passionate about what I do, and there aren’t many people who can say that, so I consider myself extremely fortunate. I’ve also developed a great network of people around the game, and many have become my close friends. Those are the best elements of my job…and getting to watch baseball every day isn’t so bad either! SP: Do you have any expectations for the Ports in 2012? What are you most looking forward to this season? ZB: It should be a great season. They had tremendous pitching last season in Low-A Burlington, and many of the guys from that pitching staff are here now. I’m interested to see how they adjust to the Cal-League, which is notoriously hitter friendly. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Max Stassi work behind the plate. His season was cut short in 2011 because of a shoulder injury, and he didn’t get to catch a single game while he was here last season. I’ve heard from lots of people, especially pitchers who’ve worked with him, that he’s a great defensive catcher. I look forward to seeing that in 2012.


Stockton Ports Alumni Association In each edition of the Gameday Magazine, the Ports will highlight a certain aspects of their history. Focus will be put on the 1992 & 2002 Championship teams and their accomplishments. On May 12, a special Alumni Night event will take place at Banner Island Ballpark, honoring Ports players of years past.

1992 Stockton Ports Class Adv A – 1992 California League (North) Overall: 83-53 Scored 726 runs, Allowed 562 runs Affiliation: Milwaukee Brewers – AL Manager: Tim Ireland Pitching Coach: Mark Littell Represented: Stockton, CA Ballpark: Bill Hebert Field (Stockton, CA)

Team Batting:

Team Pitching:

Basse, Mike

Archer, Kurt

Benjamin, Bobby

Bush, Charles

Bernhardt, Cesar

Carter, Larry

Bishop, Jim

Carter, Timothy

Carter, Mike

Christopher, Terrence

Carter, Timothy

Correa, Ramser

Cirillo, Jeff

Farrell, Mike

Cole, Mark

Gamez, Francisco

Glenn, Leon

Hancock, Brian

Harris, Michael

Harris, Michael

Kobza, Gregory

Knox, Kerry

Lawn, Michael

MacNeill, Randy

Lukachyk, Rob

McGraw, Randy

Marrero, Oreste

McKeon, Brian

Matheny, Mike

Mikkelsen, Linc

Salazar, Julian

Miller, Patrick

Singleton, Duane

Pruitt, Donald

Smith, Edward

Robinson, Ron

Weger, Wes

Rogers, Charlie

Whitford, Eric

Salazar, Julian

Wrona, David

Alumni Archives – 1992 First Half Standings (Apr. 20 – Apr. 29) Mon. April 20 – Reno 5, Stockton 1 (5-6) Black – HOME Tues. April 21 – Stockton 6, Reno 1 (6-6) Red – AWAY Wed. April 22 – Stockton 13, Reno 3 (7-6) Green – POWER OUTAGE Thurs. April 23 – Stockton 6, Reno 5 (8-6) Fri. April 24 – Stockton 5, Salinas 0 (9-6) Sat. April 25 – Stockton 7, Salinas 3 (10-6) Sun. April 26 – Stockton 12, Salinas 6 (11-6) Mon. April 27 – (Postponed Due to Power Outage) Tues. April 28 – Stockton 3, Palm Springs 1 (12-6) Palm Springs 2, Stockton 0 (12-7) Wed. April 29 – Stockton 4, Palm Springs 1 (13-7)

Player Highlight – Jeff Cirillo (INF) Class of ‘92 After playing with the Ports in 1992, Jeff Cirillo began to climb the major league ladder, making his debut as a Milwaukee Brewer two years later at the age of 25. He played for six different organizations as a third baseman, and has a career batting average of .296. In his 14-season career, Cirillo was selected twice as an All-Star (1997 & 2000). In 2008, Cirillo joined FSN Wisconsin as an analyst for the Milwaukee Brewers broadcasts.

Are you personally in contact with a Ports Alum? If so, tell us about it! Contact Margaret Sacchet at (209) 644-1900 or



(Roster as of 4/12)

# Yrs PITCHERS (13) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 11 2 Bowman, Josh R/R 6-2 210 9/9/88 St. Petersburg, FL 39 2 Brown, Jake R/L 6-2 215 12/28/86 Baltimore, MD 18 2 Cole, A.J. R/R 6-4 181 1/1/92 Winter Springs, FL 17 5 Doolittle, Sean L/L 6-3 212 9/26/86 Tabernacle, NJ 46 7 Guzman, Jose R/R 5-11 225 11/5/87 San Cristobal, D.R. 27 2 Hassebrock, Blake R/R 6-6 217 7/15/89 High Point, NC 16 3 Hoehn, Connor R/R 6-1 212 7/5/89 Ocean View, DE 33 3 Krol, Ian L/L 6-1 200 5/9/91 Naperville, IL 21 6 Leon, Arnold R/R 6-1 206 9/6/88 Culiacan, Mexico 34 3 Long, Nate R/R 6-2 215 2/9/86 Bedford, TX 30 2 Thornton, Zach R/R 6-4 215 5/19/88 Oak Park, CA 36 1 Treinen, Blake R/R 6-4 215 6/30/88 Osage City, KS 7 1 Walz, T.J. R/R 6-1 180 11/11/88 Omaha, NE # Yrs CATCHERS (2) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 13 4 Paramore, Petey S/R 6-2 215 10/30/86 Tempe, AZ 15 3 Stassi, Max R/R 5-10 206 3/15/91 Yuba City, CA # Yrs INFIELDERS (6) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 3 3 Gilmartin, Michael L/R 6-0 190 7/14/87 Mooropark, CA 26 3 Head, Miles R/R 6-0 215 5/2/91 Brooks, GA 44 2 Kirby-Jones, A.J. R/R 5-10 215 10/2/88 Knoxville, TN 19 4 Leyja, Nino R/R 5-11 180 10/2/90 Houston, TX 37 2 Pineda, Ryan R/R 6-0 185 4/17/89 Las Vegas, NV 28 2 Thompson, Tony R/R 6-5 240 12/19/88 Reno, NV # Yrs OUTFIELDERS (4) B/T HT WT DOB HOMETOWN 23 4 Dixon, Rashun R/R 6-2 230 8/27/90 Madison, MS 29 4 Mesa, Eliezer R/R 5-11 180 11/24/88 Azua, D.R. 5 3 Richard, Myrio R/R 6-2 195 8/27/88 Lake Charles, LA 22 2 Whitaker, Josh R/R 6-3 235 2/8/89 Augusta, GA # 50 31 24



COACHING STAFF Webster Garrison Craig Lefferts Brian McArn Nate Brooks Vic Zapien

HOMETOWN Marrero, LA Anthem, AZ Elk Grove, CA Pinckneyville, IL Stockton, CA

PREVIOUS TEAM (YEAR) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011) Stockton (High-A-2011)

Visitor’s Roster Bakersfield Blaze (Roster as of 4/12) #























13 29 32 1 44 23 38 16 33 22 28 15 19 20 10 6 - 12 18 39 24 3 5 26 17 7 30 9 27

Tony Cingrani Wilkin De La Rosa Pat Doyle Michael Griffin John Holdzkom Kyle Lotzkar Brian Pearl Brooks Pinckard Daniel Renken Chad Rogers Josh Smith Jamie Walczak Daniel Wolford Tucker Barnhart Chris Berset Jason Christian James Ewing Billy Hamilton Devin Lohman Donald Lutz Travis Mattair David Vidal Stephen Hunt Kurtis Muller Yorman Rodriguez Bryson Smith Ken Griffey Eli Marrero Rigo Beltran



3B 2B SS 2B 1B 3B 3B







Manager Batting Coach Pitching Coach





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Ports Bios

Brown, Jake, LHP Bowman, Josh, RHP

Born: September 9, 1988 Home: St Petersburg, FL HT/WT: 6-2/195 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: W-L: 8-6 ERA: 3.55 IP: 154.2 SO: 98 BB: 44

Born: December 28, 1986 Home: Forest Hill, MD HT/WT: 6-2/229 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports (Hi-A), Burlington Bees (A) 2011 Stats: Stockton - W-L: 5-7 ERA: 5.55 IP: 99.0 SO: 53 BB: 19 Burlington - W-L: 4-0 ERA: 1.62 IP: 50.0 SO: 39 BB: 6

Cole, A.J., RHP

Dixon, Rashun, OF

Born: January 5, 1992 Home: Winter Springs, FL HT/WT: 6-4/180 2011 Team(s): Hagerstown Suns (A) 2011 Stats: W-L: 4-7 ERA: 4.04 IP: 89.0 SO: 108 BB: 24

Born: August 27, 1990 Home: Terry, MS HT/WT: 6-2/210 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports 2011 Stats: AVG: .243 HR: 11 RBI: 47 SB: 3 OBP: .317

Doolittle, Sean, LHP

Gilmartin, Michael, INF

Born: September 26, 1986 Home: Rapid City, SD HT/WT: 6-3/201 2011 Team(s): Arizona Athletics (R) 2011 Stats: W-L: 0-0 ERA: 9.00 IP: 1.0 SO: 2 BB: 1

Born: July 14, 1987 Home: Moorpark, CA HT/WT: 6-0/180 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports 2011 Stats: AVG: .264 HR: 14 RBI: 75 SB: 4 OBP: .338

Guzman, Jose, RHP

Born: November 5, 1987 Home: Yaguate, Dominican Republic HT/WT: 5-11/185 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports 2011 Stats: W-L: 2-5 ERA: 2.91 IP: 68.0 SO: 71 BB: 28

Hassebrock, Blake, RHP

Born: July 15, 1989 Home: High Point, NC HT/WT: 6-4/212 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: W-L: 7-8 ERA: 2.64 IP: 139.2 SO: 110 BB: 46

Head, Miles, INF

Born: May 2, 1991 Home: Griffin, GA HT/WT: 6-0/215 2011 Team(s): Greenville Drive (A), Salem Red Sox (Hi-A) 2011 Stats: Greenville - AVG: .338 HR: 15 RBI: 53 SB: 4 OBP: .409 Salem - AVG: .254 HR: 7 RBI: 29 SB: 0 OBP: .328

Kirby-Jones, A.J., INF

Born: October 2, 1988 Home: Knoxville, TN HT/WT: 5-10/215 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: AVG: .240 HR: 13 RBI: 50 SB: 1 OBP: .360

Hoehn, Connor, RHP

Born: July 5, 1989 Home: Ocean View, DE HT/WT: 6-1/205 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports 2011 Stats: W-L: 2-3 ERA: 5.21 IP: 48.1 SO: 59 BB: 12

Krol, Ian, LHP

Born: May 9, 1991 Home: Naperville, IL HT/WT: 6-1/180 2011 Team(s): Arizona Athletics (R) 2011 Stats: W-L: 0-0 ERA: 0.00 IP: 5.0 SO: 6 BB: 0


Ports Bios

Leon, Arnold, RHP

Born: September 6, 1988 Home: Culiacan, Mexico HT/WT: 6-1/205 2011 Team(s): Arizona Athletics (R) 2011 Stats: W-L: 0-1 ERA: 8.53 IP: 6.1 SO: 8 BB: 4

Long, Nate, RHP

Born: February 9, 1986 Home: Ft. Worth, TX HT/WT: 6-2/210 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: W-L: 8-8 ERA: 3.42 IP: 108.0 SO: 92 BB: 42

Leyja, Nino, INF

Born: October 2, 1990 Home: Houston, TX HT/WT: 5-10/175 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: AVG: .235 HR: 6 RBI: 35 SB: 28 OBP: .320

Mesa, Eliezer, OF

Born: November 24, 1988 Home: Azua, Dominican Republic HT/WT: 5-11/180 2011 Team(s): Modesto Nuts 2011 Stats: AVG: .256 HR: 0 RBI: 13 SB: 11 OBP: .320

Paramore, Petey, C

Born: October 30, 1986 Home: Allen, TX HT/WT: 6-2/195 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports (Hi-A) Midland Rockhounds (AA) 2011 Stats: Stockton - AVG: .235 HR: 7 RBI: 21 SB: 0 OBP: .319 Midland - AVG: .192 HR: 3 RBI: 16 SB: 0 OBP: .307

Pineda, Ryan, INF

Born: April 17, 1989 Home: Las Vegas, NV HT/WT: 5-11/180 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: AVG: .255 HR: 3 RBI: 29 SB: 6 OBP: .333

Richard, Myrio, OF

Born: August 27, 1988 Home: Lake Charles, LA HT/WT: 6-1/190 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports 2011 Stats: AVG: .292 HR: 8 RBI: 57 SB: 27 OBP: .363

Stassi, Max, C

Born: March 15, 1991 Home: Yuba City, CA HT/WT: 5-10/205 2011 Team(s): Stockton Ports 2011 Stats: AVG: .231 HR: 2 RBI: 19 SB: 1 OBP: .331

Thorton, Zach, RHP

Born: December 19, 1988 Home: Reno, NV HT/WT: 6-4/219 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: AVG: .259 HR: 14 RBI: 59 SB: 3 OBP: .330

Born: May 19, 1988 Home: Oak Park, CA HT/WT: 6-3/213 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees (A), Midland Rockhounds (AA) 2011 Stats: Burlington - W-L: 5-4 ERA: 2.39 IP: 3.0 SO: 4 BB: 1 Midland - W-L: 0-0 ERA: 0.00 IP: 3.0 SO: 4 BB: 1

Treinen, Blake, RHP

Walz, T.J., RHP

Thompson, Tony, INF

Born: June 30, 1988 Home: Ossage City, KS HT/WT: 6-4/215 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees (A), Arizona Athletics (R) 2011 Stats: Burlington - W-L: 1-1 ERA: 3.67 IP: 27.0 SO: 29 BB: 7 Arizona - W-L: 0-0 ERA: 0.00 IP: 3.0 SO: 7 BB: 1

Born: November 21, 1988 Home: Omaha, NE HT/WT: 6-0/175 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (SS A) 2011 Stats: Burlington - W-L: 0-1 ERA: 3.86 IP: 18.2 SO: 16 BB: 7 Vermont - W-L: 4-0 ERA: 0.41 IP: 22.0 SO: 27 BB: 3


Whitaker, Josh, INF

Born: February 8, 1989 Home: Grovetown, GA HT/WT: 6-3/235 2011 Team(s): Burlington Bees 2011 Stats: AVG: .326 HR: 17 RBI: 68 SB: 10 OBP: .402

Lefferts, Craig, Pitching Coach

Under the tutelage of Pitching Coach Craig Lefferts the Ports boasted the second-best pitching staff in the California League and allowed the league lowest walks. Lefferts will enter his tenth season as pitching coach in Oakland’s minor league system, having spent the previous seven years at Short-A Vancouver.

Garrison, Webster, Manager

Garrison led the 2011 Ports to a 75-65 record, with an unprecedented 17-game win streak, and a berth into the California League Championship Series. He began his managerial career at Vancouver in 2001 and currently boasts a 409-367 (.527) record as a minor league manager.

McArn, Brian, Hitting Coach

Elk Grove native McArn will begin his 2nd season with the Ports and 16th campaign in the A’s organization as a hitting coach, serving the six previous seasons (2004-2010) with Sacramento, the 2004 season with Midland and six previous years (1998-2003) with Modesto.


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Chris Carter River Cats Exhibition Game 4/3/12 Stockton Ports: 2008 was a special season for you, what were some of your favorite memories while in Stockton? Chris Carter: Breaking the all time home run record in early august was great, and I still had time to build on that. Of course, we had Kinders here so I loved eating that every day. And the Championship run too, that was icing on the cake. SP: Do you have any expectations or goals for the 2012 season? CC: More or less just have another solid year. I start off slow and am looking to have an even year. SP: What are some of the things you’ve been working on – is it mainly outfield or first base, positionally? CC: Mainly first base now, we’ve got a bunch of outfielders out here, so I’ve just been focusing on first base. SP: Michael Choice started here last season, do you see some of the things in him that you did when you were younger, particularly how he’s progressed in what you’ve done? CC: Yeah I see that, he’s a really good player. When I was rehabbing here last year I saw him play for a week, and I’m always impressed when I see him play. SP: So as far as another bobblehead, what would you want us to do with that, maybe bigger biceps? CC: (Laughs) Yeah, I’m a little bigger now. Probably about 25 pounds since I was in Stockton. So that’d be about right.


Jermaine Mitchell River Cats Exhibition Game 4/3/12 Stockton Ports: So you played in Stockton for the 2008, 2009, and even part of the 2010 season. What was your time like here and what’d you get out of it? Jermaine Mitchell: I had a lot of fun while I was on the Ports, but of course you never want to repeat a year. So I was looking to get out of here and move up. SP: What was your fondest memory while on the Ports? JM: Winning the Cal League Championship in 2008. SP: You’ve talked a lot about your turning point in working with Rickey Henderson. What do you think it was that helped things click for you? JM: Rickey taught me how important it was to go out and enjoy the game and play to have fun. I’m such a perfectionist and he helped me see that you can fail seven out of ten times and still be one of the best hitters in the game, when I was aiming to hit seven out of ten. So I’ve really loosened up and started having fun with it. SP: How was the off season for you, and what have you been focusing on improving? JM: I wasn’t able to do much in the off season because of my knee surgery, so I’ve just been trying to stay healthy. And I want to pick up where I left off last season. SP: Aside from making it to the majors, what are your goals for the season? JM: My number one goal really is to stay healthy. And I’d like to get around 40 to 45 stolen bases this season. SP: What are you expectations for 2012? JM: I just want to have another great season. I really want to prove last season wasn’t just a one year thing. So I expect to have a really good year.


Who do you think is going to win the world series this year? & In 5 words answer why? Pat Filipone

President and General Manager Boston Red Sox - 2007 was a long time ago.

Luke Reiff

Assistant General Manager Braves – The Chipper Jones Farewell Tour!

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Tim Pollack

Ticket Manager Pirates - The year of the Bucco.

Deborah Auditor

Front Office Manager Red Sox - because they’re AWESOME!

Griffin Shibley

Group Sales Manager Texas Rangers – Third time is a charm.

Jeff Kaminski

Director of Ticket Sales Tigers - Their team speed and defense.

Greg Bell

Sponsorship and Ticket Sales Representative Oakland A’s - I believe in Miracles!!

Nicole Loscavio

Media Relations Department Detroit Tiger - Pitching staff & Fielder.

Cesar Santos

Graphic Designer Boston Red Sox - It is time again.

Zack Bayrouty

Broadcaster The Red Sox - Redmption.

Mike Conway

PA Announcer Detroit Tigers - adding Fielder’s power enough.

“Hot” Rod Villagomez

Director of Fun and Games Giants - This year they got bats.


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Ports Terrace Funnel Cakes and Snow Cones Kinder’s BBQ Grill Center Field Ball-Tip Sandwiches, Burgers, Atomic Links, Chicken Sandwiches, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Chips, Soda Pretzel Cart - Section 118 Asparagus Cart - Section 117 Fried PB&J Dip N Dots - Section 118 Sausage Cart - Section 119 Churros, Corndogs, and Candy Tent - Section 120 ”Volcano Splash” Coffee Cart behind the Comcast Club


Gameday Magazine Edition 2  

Gameday Magazine Edition 2