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GOSSIP FROM THE GREENS The big bloke with the red suit and white beard has been and I hope you have all been good, but ,Santa, could you please get us Premiership pennant? It has been a while since we had one. With the popular Community Bowls kicking off on Friday 11th of January then continuing for the next 8 weeks Milton Grey has spent many hours ensuring that all goes well. We have full 28 rinks and a few spares but keep in contact with Milton 52591757 as he is trying to give everyone a go. Off the greens Jimmy (The Jazzman) Nielsen‘s jazz afternoons have been a great success with two further afternoons planned Sunday 27 Jan and Sunday10th March. They are a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Give Jimmy a call on 52593429 and book a table. He would love to hear from you. (see details at page bottom) We have two new Club Champions. In the Men Leo McNamara was just a little too consistent for Michael Hennessy in a high class final, claiming the title with a 4 shot victory. The Ladies blue ribbon event saw Dawn Hollingsworth just a little too good on

Robin Roberts

the day for Joyce Buchanan. Congratulations to all four finalists on their efforts to reach the final and the display they put on. On a sadder note the club lost last year’s Club champion Fred Darby after a short illness. Fred, as well as being an outstanding bowler, also spent a lot of time in administration at the Club. Herbie Blain has also left us. Herbie bowled here for many years and when we had the grass greens not only was he Greens Director and assistant green keeper, he fixed and kept every piece of machinery in perfect condition. Thanks, on behalf of all members, to two outstanding persons for their contribution to the Portarlington Bowls club. Pennant Round Up We have four teams with finals aspirations. Other teams have given their all, but that’s how it goes! Ladies Div. 6. Having a good season and likely finalists if they hold their current form. In 4th place with 7 wins and 120pts Div 7. They also have 7 wins and 120 pts. and lay in 4th place. Have been consistent all year.

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Mens Div. 1.have a precarious grip on 4 th place with 7 wins and 119 pts. Have a couple of tough must win games coming up, then not a bad run home. Cannot afford any slip ups. Certainly capable of figuring in the finals. Div. 5.Had been going great guns but a bad loss to Geelong at home last game and two toughies in the next two rounds coming up will shape their season. Really need to quickly regain the form shown earlier in the year

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Issue 231 - January 2013

The Port Report


Johnny Graham honoured by RSL

∗ ∗

I see it

Visualise the shot and the result you are trying to achieve. Picture the track in under that bowl, just around, through that gap etc. See your bowl coming to rest on that bowl or turning it out of the head or drawing shot. See yourself lining up correctly, delivering the bowl well, the bowl travelling up the rink on the desired line. Don’t just lay the bowl up in the general area. See it, be specific, and be positive.

JAZZ BY THE BAY Dates for the last two performances Sunday 27 Jan and Sunday March 10 (please note alterations)

Des Camm and his band A great afternoon $10 entry Drinks and snacks available at bar prices Ring club to book 5259 2482

to Veterans, their families, dependants and the broader community. Some of the major projects where John has taken the lead are:

Tip of the Month

There has been a lot of activity down at Western Park both on the greens and off. Charlie and his crew have really put some time in on the new shed, new green, the surrounds and shelters. Looks quite different down there. If you have not seen it for a while its worth a look. The club is very fortunate to have so many members who are prepared to give their time and effort when asked. Without the support of the members so many successful projects could not be undertaken. They are great for both the community and the Bowls Club. Congratulations to you all!


A community newspaper circulating in Portarlington St Leonards and Indented Head

The refurbishment of a WW2 Army Hut into a recreation room The acquisition of a 25-pound gun and its placement adjacent to the Portarlington Community War Memorial. The upgrade of the Sub-Branch Memorial Garden and surrounds Managing and playing in the Sub-Branch Lawn Bowls team in the Edinburgh Shield.

To honour John’s long, continuous and outstanding service, the National Executive of the Returned and Service League of Australia awarded John Graham Life Membership in 2012. Standing: Bob Haley, Harold Young, Tom Nancarrow, John Leavold, Wally Chapman, David Hatcher Sitting: Stan Knox, John Graham, John Rowell

John Graham (ON) 45791 served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1951 until 1959. John started training at HMAS Cerberus and later in Geelong on the Corvettes before seeing active service in Korea, and is a member of the Korean Veterans Association. He served on H.M.A.S. Arunta and H.M.A.S. Anzac. John has been a member of the Portarlington and St. Leonards SubBranch for more than 41 years and

served on the committee as Senior Vice President and Custodian. John is well respected and known for his happy and welcoming face to members and visitors to the Sub-Branch. Through John’s service the Sub-Branch was able to provide an office and support materials for a Veterans Advocate and Pension Officer to act out of our SubBranch during the last 8 years. This has been of exceptional benefit and support


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the port report … jan 2013

jan 2013… the port report 15

Councillor Lindsay Ellis - Coryule Ward I trust you’ve all had an enjoyable Christmas break, and I wish you all the best for a rewarding and happy new year. There has been a “mini break” in Council activities over the holiday break, but with so much on CoGG’s agenda we have needed to attend some extra meetings to deal with general business and other business within our portfolio responsibilities. It’s pleasing to see that the extension of the Fisher Street footpath, right up to Newcombe Street, has been completed. This now provides a continuous paved surface for those needing to travel up to our business district from much of Portarlington eastern areas. The Council staff is liaising with the Lions Club with regard to extending this footpath right up to the rear of the Lions Village. If a pathway can be provided by the Lions to connect with Fisher Street, residents will then have safe access to the newly completed footpath. I T engineers and Council officers have already met to discuss the installation of CCTV cameras in Portarlington business areas, along with WiFi facilities. It is hoped that these will

be installed in the near future. A great facility for all of us. Council officers have met with representatives from Portarlington Cricket and Football/Netball Clubs to discuss the possible refurbishment of the clubroom facilities. Other projects in the area are still under consideration, and progress has been accelerated somewhat. I had a very constructive meeting earlier this month with members of the Indented Head Progress Association. We had a tour around the precinct. It is most helpful to receive input from community associations and individual residents. I’m the person elected to represent your interests, so the help from you is essential for me to be able to carry out my responsibilities. I met with CoGG Mayor Keith Fagg and Bellarine Bayside President Cathy Whelan. A close relationship between these two bodies is essential to all of us in the North Bellarine. With these two major bodies working together we can be assured more positive and co-operative development all along our coastline. I can be contacted at all times on 0427 842 693

As everybody knows, almost all organizations rely on volunteers, and Bellarine health is one of those organizations. Ann Nichol House is part of Bellarine Health and they are always grateful to volunteers, some of whom work in the kiosk. The kiosk has been operating since the house opened and provides service to those residents who may not have many visitors or who are unable to go to the shops. Our kiosk stocks necessities and luxuries running with the seasons such as Easter and Christmas. It is open three mornings a week throughout the year, with most volunteers doing one morning per month. It is a tribute to the ladies’ commitment. Some have been giving their time for many years. Thanks from all of us! Monica Sweatman

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Portarlington - Bellarine News Pictorial Wednesday July 30. 1958 Disappointing Meeting . . . . The Annual Meeting of the Portarlington Progress Association was a great disappointment to those who have some ambition for the future of their town and who work unceasingly to keep their Progress Association a strong and influential body. A total of nine members were all who found the time and effort to attend the Association’s most important meeting. “Each year approximately 5000 people choose the Portarlington district for their annual holidays, it is up to this town to ensure that the camping area and the whole environment are worthy of those who come here for their relaxation,” said the President, Mr. John Sutherland. “With the possibilities that Portarlington has every business person and private property holder should be very active in all fields of development,” he said. Mr. Sutherland commented that it was a bad state of affairs when the Progress Association received such poor support in membership and attendance at meetings. “When we consider that this is one of the biggest camping areas in Victoria, and with town development going on in accordance I can not see why the people do not take full advantage of it,” he said. Doesn’t happen nowadays! Ed.

PORT REPORT CONGRATULATES…. The committee of The Port Report would like to ensure that all our readers are aware of the following facts:****We could not publish The Port Report without the generous support of our advertisers (we prefer to call them sponsors). These local businesses pay for their ads month in, month out, and this enables us to cover publishing costs. Some months we turn a small profit; some months we show a small loss. Colour printing is much more expensive than monochrome printing, so you will appreciate those larger and smaller businesses which consent to take colour advertisement for these “special editions” at an increased cost. Without their higher level of assistance we could not manage colour editions. ****Just about all the material published in The Port Report comes to us from contributors. Many of them provide material every month, whilst others are just as welcome to send material less regularly . And don’t forget...these people are providing us with material voluntarily! We generally publish upwards of 30 articles each month! Thanks to all of you!

PORT PEDAL GROUP Portarlington Pedal Group is gearing up for 2013 with the usual rides on Tuesdays and Fridays. Over the past year the group raised over $11 000 for Cancer research and four members rode in the gruelling 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer for the Peter MacCallum Clinic. This was particularly poignant as the riders remembered their fellow cyclist, Jane Cassar, who passed away early in the year. One of the riders, Bruce Murray, completed the course only two years after a major operation for Stomach Cancer. "i credit cycling with keeping me alive," Bruce states. Four other riders will carry the flag in the Conquer Cancer ride on behalf of the Pedal Group over 2013. The group is looking forward to their annual week away, this year to be held in Shepparton at the end of March. The program includes both appreciative and more strenuous rides for all types of riders. Several members of the group will hibernate to the Sunshine Coast over winter where they will undertake plenty of rides along the great bike riding infrastructure and have a great social time. The group is committed to pushing the Council of the City of Greater Geelong to improve cycling infrastructure around the North Bellarine. Convener, Graham Gibson, says the group was promised road signs around the Esplanade to warn motorists of the ever present cyclists. "Locals are usually aware of this cycling traffic," explained Graham, "but the visitors often speed and show impatience through the area. 'Beware of Cyclists' signs would make the area safer for pedestrians and local drivers." Those who are interested in cycling can contact Graham on 5259 1651 Bruce Murray





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LADIES GOLF…… And other things Happy New Year to all from the Ladies at Portarlington Golf Club. The month of December saw us experience many changes in the weather, from drizzly, windy, cool and hot. There was much fun and frivolity on the day of our Xmas party, a great day, enjoyed by all. The following week Helen Powe with a Stableford score of 39 won the A grade, Helen Barry also with 39 points won B grade and Hilda Byrne with 34 won the C grade. Go Hilda! Dorothy Emerson and Marg Mascoll won the NTP’s on the 5th & 17th, whilst Margie Holt (there she is again in such form) and Mary Higginbotham won the Pro Pins in A & B grades. Angela Royal, with 37 Stableford points, stood tall on the dais and Hilda Bryne with 44, yes 44, took the B grade mantle. The gracious Jill Barker and demure Jan Cogger showed their skill in taking the 5th & 17th NTP’s. Rebecca Waldron and Judy Kiely were on the money in the Pro Pins. Answer to last month’s “Question” Sheep & horses. Trivia answer: November. Quiz: What is a camel’s hair brush made of? Did you know the total length of all eyelashes shed by a human in their lifetime is over thirty metres, wow! Did you also know the shortest war in history was between Zanzibar and England in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after only 38 minutes. Question: How many new animals have been domesticated in the last 4000 years? Answers in next edition. We ladies at Portarlington Golf Club wish you a healthy, serene and happy 2013. Come join us at the Club, look forward to a game with you. Marg Mascoll

14 the port report … jan 2013

GIBBO THE WHEEL DEAL! Had a chat with Graham Gibson, the person behind Port Pedal Group. He’s the bloke who is responsible for the huge growth in numbers of bike riding residents (and visitors) you see out and about every day around the North Bellarine. We all know of someone who has decided to take up the saddle in order to improve their health and well being over the last decade or so. He’s not sure how many Port Pedal Group there are, but he thinks there’s probably close to one hundred people who regularly take rides together or by themselves at present. Numbers are often swelled by visitors and holiday makers who have heard about the Port Pedallers and decide to keep their healthy habit going whilst in our area. Graham stresses that all who participate can do so when they like and up to their own personal levels – no pressure is put on to riders to do more than they feel up to. Many have started on short rides (“down to the end of the street and back”). For many, short rides are what they enjoy. Others choose to extend the length of their rides. Many of the Port Pedallers have been provided with a bike by Graham himself. He gathers, and is given, bikes of all shapes, sizes and ages, and enjoys pulling them apart and rebuilding them to a satisfactory standard. He invites anyone, regardless of age, shape, size, experience, etc to contact him and “have a go”. He’ll provide you with a bike and encouragement. Rides usually start from his home in Willis Street, and they stay away from the busy roads. Graham welcomes everybody to join in. There’s no joining fees, and no “committee of management” – just a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Graham takes great delight in seeing the development of the riders, especially with their improvement in all round health and happiness. Ring 5259 1651. And all this brings us to a really amazing contribution to our general community achieved by Graham Gibson. In a little more than 12 months Graham has provided upwards of 200 bikes people who cannot afford to buy new ones for themselves and their loved ones. We nearly fainted when he revealed this figure. Then…………he added that, in approximately the last 2 years the total figure would be more than 450 bikes! These are distributed by Diversitat, St Laurence, local schools, the police and others who have identified a need. “Heaps of people give me bikes they don’t want, or the police give them to me. I fix ‘em up. I’ve got a big shed!” Graham sometimes sees the lookson faces of recipients. “Makes it all worthwhile!” What a remarkable achievement! Blokes like Graham are worth their weight in gold!

jan 2013… the port report 3

PORTSIDE PHYSIO Groin Pain Part 1 Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip very commonly presents as groin pain. Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in Australia and often affects the hip joint, which bears the weight of the upper body. Osteoarthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition which causes the breakdown of the protective cartilage between joints, and can become bone directly on bone. This causes a narrowing of space between the two joints. In this case it is the narrowing of the space between the femoral head (thigh bone - ball) and acetabulum (hip bone - socket). Patients with arthritis often report pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation in their joints, which is usually worse early in the day. We find that patients with hip OA have limited range of motion and sometimes experience a "grinding" sensation upon movement. Often the muscles around the hip joint also become tight when trying to make a stiff joint move. This can result in weakness, deformity and severe pain, which can sometimes prevent patients from performing their usual activities, like walking, driving and gardening. While there is no cure for arthritis, there are certainly ways to manage the pain and improve quality of life. Arthritis can be identified by a physiotherapist and confirmed with radiography. Have a happy and safe new year! Brea Turnley Portside Physiotherapy

Yes it’s happening again!!

BIT SPOOKY? From The Argus 12th May 1930 “MAN’S LEG ON BEACH” Discovery at Indented Head PORTARLINGTON Sunday – Mr Frederick Lock, while cycling along the beach at Indented Head towards Portarlington, found a man’s leg extending above the thigh. On the foot is a brown-knitted sock with a plain blucher boot size 10. From the size of the leg it is believed that the man is of tall stature. The boot has three eyelet holes, and is of uncommon design, being very low cut in front and recently half soled. The boot is in a good state of preservation. The discovery was reported to the police, and First-constable Goodall, of Portarlington, wishes to hear from anyone who can identify the boot.” The discovery recalls the disappearance of a passenger from the SS Nairana as the vessel was passing down the bay on May 1st. It was reported to the captain a man had been seen either to fall or jump overboard. The vessel was turned about and an unsuccessful search was made for an hour between the Gellibrand Light and Portarlington. At a muster of passengers and crew it was found that Mr G Harris, a second class passenger, was missing. (The leg was sent to morgue in Portarlington which was a room in today’s “The Ol’ Duke”) Erica Locke

2013 Portarlington Community Expo Did you know that Portarlington has about 70 community groups and organisations that value participation and value volunteers?? * * * * *


This is a one-off so you can experience what community groups do. The benefits of the expo are two-fold – find something that meets your needs for recreation and community participation and, for groups, promote your activities and gain new members. John Turner, Portarlington Community Association President said, “We are excited to put on a community expo. There was one four years ago that was very successful and groups have been asking for another.” “We are approaching every community group and we can help groups showcase what they offer. If a community group or organisation doesn’t know about the expo yet, they should contact me,” said John.

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FLY THE FLAG ON AUSTRALIA DAY! Portarlington Golf Club will once again host our Community Australia Day celebrations on January 26th. Proceedings will commence at 11.00 am, with a free sausage sizzle following. The Coryule Chorus will provide the musical segments of the morning. Our Australia Day Ambassador this year will be Rob Gell Rob Gell is a uniquely qualified individual who has the respect of government, business, environmental groups and the community for his approach to sustainable development. All community members and visitors are most welcome

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the port report … jan 2013

BOOKS & THINGS by Bernard P Ryan Arms And The Man As long as we use armed force to solve our international problems, there will be books about war, I suppose. In my capacity as presenter of a books program, I receive an average of a book or more a week about current conflicts, war memoirs and/or military history. The outstanding book this year has been "Exit Wounds", the story of his last twenty years of military service by one of our leading soldiers of recent times, Maj-Gen. JOHN CANTWELL. It is the most unusual war memoir because it tells of the experiences of an officer - and the continuing effects to this day of his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until recently there were all sorts of names for the mental breakdown which often followed war experience - "shell shock", "war neurosis". Bravely and honestly, John Cantwell has laid it all out before us; unbelievably, he was re-assigned several times although now the reader can see he was far from coping for years. Readers may react in different ways to this important book, with anger for the pain he was allowed to endure for so long; with empathy - for all his colleagues [before, during and since] who suffer the way he has. Was John's illness partly the result of his style of leadership - from the front, beside his men? Whatever the reason, right from his early Iraq experience, he had "a glimpse into Hell". Right at the start of his recollections, he describes how fearing an assault that might include chemical weapons - the "Coalition" forces responded ferociously, giving no quarter, burying maybe thousands of

Iraqi soldiers and their tanks in an unforgiving attack in mid 1991. Another recent book re-visited North Borneo towards the end of the Second World War, prolific journalist/author PAUL HAM's "Sandahkan". Parts of the story have been told before, but Paul now gives us a lot more detail as well as thorough backgrounding e.g. of the " Fall of Singapore" - and the aftermath, once hostilities were ended. There was sadism aplenty in the camps from the Japanese guards as well as heroic courage and endeavour and feats of endurance among the POWs. The ultimate tragedy was that, in spite of having survived a year of degradation and relentless physical suffering, the remainder were all but wiped out in the final " Death Marches". The Jewish-American memoirist and survivor, ELIE WIESEL, has called frequently for the world never to forget the evil that was the Nazi death camps. But HOW should we remember? It is a question posed by American DAVID REIFF in one of the most thought-provoking books I have read in a while. He probes the effects of what he calls "collective memory" on his short book, “Against Remembrance". Looking at events in contemporary history - specifically, Rwanda, post-Apartheid South Africa and the Balkans after years of civil war - he makes a very useful contribution to the debate we must continue to have about ethics, war and politics. Must not everything end, including the work of mourning - as Reiff argues? “Without forgetting, we would be wounded monsters, unforgiving and unforgiven". Sober thoughts indeed. Bernard P. Ryan Bernard P. Ryan hosts "The Blurb", a 2-hour weekly books program TUESDAYS 2-4pm on 94.7 THE PULSE , Geelong community radio, now streaming at

My specialty Self Managed Super Funds, aka SMSF Recent amendments to superannuation regulations will impact on self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), retrospectively from 7 August 2012, and may require immediate attention by SMSF trustees. Firstly, a new operating standard became active on 7 August 2012 requiring SMSF trustees, in developing and reviewing the fund’s investment strategy, to consider whether they should hold insurance cover for a fund member. The ATO can enforce compliance with operating standards by super fund trustees, accompanied by the usual threats & fines. SMSF trustees must be self-reliant in establishing the type and level of insurance for members and whether cover is held inside or outside the SMSF. In its simplest form, this requirement can be met by documenting decisions in the fund’s investment strategy or minutes of trustee meetings held each year.(Your accountant’s software package should cope with the latter quite happily). The amount of cover and the inside/ outside decision can be tricky though, so specialist advice is recommended (just watch the fees). The SMSF Doctor holds his Death cover inside his fund and his Income Protection & Trauma cover outside — a tax-driven decision. Secondly, the SIS Regs now require a super fund’s investment strategy be regularly reviewed. How regularly? Well that may depend on the individual circumstances of the fund. The ATO will express a view I’m sure. I’d be backing annual as a minimum. What constitutes a review? That’s open to interpretation. Evidence? More meetings. More minutes. But here’s the thing. If you do it yourself, you don’t have to feed an army of bureaucrats to do it for you.If you have a question, drop me a line on

Bellarine Bayside Bellarine Bayside is your local Foreshore Committee of Management. It manages the coastal Crown land between Pt Richards and Edwards Point, and most assets along the coast, including boat ramps, playgrounds, toilets, community halls, and the seasonal and year-round caravan and camping reserves at Portarlington, Indented Head and St Leonards. Please contact us on 5259 3311 to discuss any issues related to coastal management in our region.


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12 the port report … jan 2013

WOOFERS & WALKERS Snap Shots from 2012 Visit from Gaye Jennings (CoGG) and Helen Read, an experienced dog trainer informing us about positive ways as a community to respond to “Nuisance Barking”. We learned that help is there and that it is important to act early before the problem becomes entrenched and causes you, your dog and neighbours a lot of unwanted stress. Monthly Community Walks throughout the year continue to be a relaxed social outing for the 2 legged and 4 legged walkers who meet the first Saturday of the month. Due to the holiday period there will be no January walk and we will meet again on Saturday February 2nd. See you at 11.00 am Parks Hall. The Agricultural Show Team delighted the audience with an advanced agility routine. A small group of dedicated Woofers & Walkers have met each Saturday for training with this year focussing on the skill of tracking. Tango is emerging as one of the star trackers. Woofers & Walkers now has a page on Locomote website that promotes walkability on the Northern Bellarine. Our woofers keep us active by getting us out and walking no matter what the weather. We’d like to thank Dalis Law for the creative way she has put this together. The link is GroupPage.aspx?ID=696.

responsible dog owners’ group

The first “Wearable Art-Dog Fashion Parade was held as part of the Port Art and Garden Trail in October. For the fashion conscious Woofers & Walkers this was a fun event. Woofers & Walkers raised $134.00 for Neighbourhood House through a raffle on the same day. Woofers & Walkers contributed to CoGG’s review of their Domestic Animal Management Plan and Bellarine Bayside’s review of its Dogs Control Orders for the Crown Land Foreshore and Beaches between Point Richards in Portarlington and Edwards Point, St.Leonards. We support dog control orders and conditions along our foreshore that reflect the nature of our local communities’ permanent populations and the seasonal influences. Santa’s appearance at the Annual Doggy Xmas Party in December was a highlight and our woofers all got a good behaviour score card.

PORTARLINGTON COUNTRY BUTCHERS Suppliers of Fine Quality Meats & Traditional In-house Woodsmoked Products 10-12 Brown Street, Portarlington

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Tony and Nicole Lewer

Woofers & Walkers meet on the 4th Saturday of every month at Portarlington Neighbourhood House (28 Brown Street). Our next meeting will be February 23rd at 11.00 am and all dog owners are welcome. Best Wishes for 2013! CoGG Lead the Way with the message for all dog owners to ‘Be a Pooper Scooper, Bag it & Bin it’. Please act responsibly and pick up your dog’s poo and dispose of it thoughtfully. Contact Details for Woofers & Walkers: 5259 3138 (Julie/Phil) or


Looking Ahead to 2013 FLOORING CENTRE

During the first half of the year a special meeting with Dr. Jack Ayerbe who is a distinguished veterinarian for more than 30 years as a guest speaker. He founded Newtown Veterinary Clinic and currently has a radio program on 3AW in Melbourne. Plans are underway to introduce

Mid-Winter Pot Luck Lunch at the Oliver’s was a great hit with everyone bringing a surprise dish to share. We can look forward to another such get together. Woofers & Walkers Clean Up Australia Day site along the foreshore in March saw around 20 folk registering to collect rubbish left along the foreshore. Please diarise March 3rd or you may wish to visit their website that offers great recycling tips.

basic obedience training to be conducted at Neighbourhood House with a possible start date in March/ April.



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MILESTONE FOR FRIENDS OF BELLARINE RAIL TRAIL 2012 is the year in which the Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail Inc. ( celebrate their 10 year anniversary - a significant milestone for a voluntary citizen’s group of this nature, and our commitment to keep improving this valuable community asset is as strong as ever. The group commenced in 2002 with encouragement from the trail manager the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) which supervises the work carried out by our members. We are a not-for-profit, environmental body committed to the indigenous revegetation of the section of the Bellarine Rail Trail between South Geelong and Drysdale Railway Stations, a distance of some 18 kilometres. This re-vegetation program aims to link areas of existing vegetation to create a continuous green belt corridor through the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula linking wildlife corridors. CoGG provides grants to purchase materials for specific approved projects which we undertake, such as building and installing distance markers, trail seating and picnic tables. Other funds are donated by generous donors including Alcoa Australia, Tuckers Bereavement Services, several Geelong bike clubs and the Leopold Community Bank. The bank has funded a number of major equipment items including a trailer, water tank and a ride-on mower, equipment which helps to make our task more effective. CoGG also provides truck-loads of mulch delivered to planting

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sites when requested. In recent years the majority of plants used have been grown from seed or cuttings by our own members using the facilities provided by Barwon Water’s community nursery at South Geelong. This initiative has resulted in considerable cost savings whilst providing a stock of plants readily available for planting. Regular mulching and watering has helped to achieve a high plant survival rate (in excess of 80%) despite the prolonged drought period which we have all endured Major Trail Development Projects - Landscaping and installation of picnic tables at the RSL Avenue of Honour park at Curlewis. - Landscaping around Heritage Shelters: Leopold, Curlewis & Moolap Station Road, and at the site of the former Mannerim train station adjacent to Swan Bay Road in Mannerim. - Bereavement Tree Plantations, along the trail. - Rock garden and picnic table installation at Christies Road Leopold. - Planting of garden beds at Suma Park train station at Point Lonsdale which is currently used by the very popular Bellarine Railway’s Blues train. Community Connections As a community service, we also undertake the following activities to promote our agenda: - Guest Speakers at local Probus / Rotary Clubs, and interviews with local Radio Stations - Volunteering as marshals for the annual

“Amy Gillet” bicycle event - Assisting Parks Victoria and Landcare in special planting projects Summing up, we have enjoyed the friendship of our team members all working together to transform a disused, overgrown rail corridor into a community asset which we can all use and enjoy. 10 years of service to the community, more than 70,000 trees and grasses planted, and no serious injuries! How about that? Peter Cowden

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the port report … jan 2013

jan 2013… the port report 11

Portarlington Primary School Community Garden Extending friendship and Healthy Garden Produce

The laughter of children and youthful enthusiasm abounds as young students stream into the Portarlington School Community Garden at about 10.30am each Friday. They are greeted by local resident volunteers who are regularly tending the garden and peel off into groups to partake in seeding, tilling, harvesting, recycling and eating fresh vegies under the watchful eyes of their mentors. The Portarlington School Principal, Lesley Allbutt, and school council

have been strong supporters of the garden which is located in the Primary school grounds on the top end of Newcombe Street opposite Parks Hall. The creation of an exciting and healthy garden in partnership with the students, families of the school community and residents – to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs, for the enjoyment of all involved. “Our primary aim is to teach children the origins, enjoyment and benefits of eating fresh produce and we ensure that every student takes home a bag of

produce,” Garry O’Callaghan, one of the volunteers, said. The volunteers are mainly retired, from all walks of life supported by the Portarlington/Drysdale Lions Club. All have time on their hands and plenty of skills to offer. Lions member Bruce Holmes said, ”We have a lot of people popping in all the time giving us materials, cuttings, tools, as well as multicultural people who bring us seeds we have never heard of, different varieties of tomatoes and beans. All donations from sale of plants are spent to improve the garden, such as the recent water tap installation. The garden is so successful that the current space is outgrown. We want to extend the garden to plant more fruit trees, herbs, flowers. We have permission from school council to extend the size of the garden and we are keen to start as soon as a boundary fence is built,” said volunteer Herb Picker. ”Apart from additional produce beds we want to create a paved area for student relaxation under the magnificent peppercorn trees,” he said. Herb Picker volunteer 0418585798



Bellarine Bayside has recently installed some very impressive outdoor dining facilities at the Port Pier Café on the foreshore next to the pier. What a great spot! We tend to take our wonderful surrounds for granted, don’t we? It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing spot to enjoy some tapas and cool drinks overlooking the bay right on the water. Get along and have a peep! A beautiful place! Un hermoso lugar! (Thanks, Google!)

Portarlington Girl Guide Linda Durran has been appointed to the post of State Commissioner for Guides in the Northern Territory. She came up through the ranks to gain her BP Award, then on to become a leader as well as a trainer of leaders. Linda has taken several groups of Guides both interstate and overseas, one group going to a Jamboree in Tasmania in January. She was to take up the position of District Manager in Geelong, but work commitments took her to the Northern Territory. NT Guides were quick to spot her Guiding experience and expertise, and asked her to take up this prestigious position. We are very proud of Linda’s achievements and, on behalf of all the girls, parents, leaders and support group members who have known Linda through the Portarlington Guides we offer her our sincere congratulations. Pam Evans

Its time to enter!!

Time to start thinking about what to enter in the Bellarine Show March 10th 2013. Think you are a masterchef? Have a green thumb? Got a dog that can jump? How about most obedient pet? Or the best dressed ? Spent all 2012 creating that crafty masterpiece that you would love to show? Brew a good beer? Many sections to enter – it’s not all about the winning… it is a great opportunity to showcase the skills and talents of our community, and encourage more people to take up a challenge to learn something new! Keep a look out for our Schedule – which tells you all you need to know about entering – available around town, and at our wonderful Portarlington Post Office PS — entries to most things close Feb 28th





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the port report … jan 2013

jan 2013… the port report

PORTARLINGTON FIRE BRIGADE 2012 in review ……. and looking forward to 2013 As we all celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another it is nice to revisit some of the things we have covered in 2012 and update them where appropriate. New Year’s Eve 2012 began with a significant grass fire in Portarlington’s Pt Richards Flora and Fauna Reserve. We were lucky that there was no wind that night or this could have proven to be a serious fire event for the town. Thankfully this New Year’s Eve was fire free. January is our major fundraising period where we assist the Portarlington Carnival and the Mussel Festival. Our labour is voluntary and we undertake roles as varied as ride ticket sellers at the Carnival through to gate attendants at the Mussel Festival. The Carnival and Mussel Festival committees are fantastic supporters and donate significant funds to our brigade. These funds have enabled us to replace the brigade’s Nissan Patrol with a more versatile Toyota Hilux twin cab ute fitted out for fire fighting duties. Current indications are the Hilux will be available in February. During the year the devastating floods impacted North Eastern Victoria and the CFA, SES and other emergency service organisations worked together to save people, animals and property from these floods. The statistics provided from these efforts were amazing - 497,000 sandbags were used. Approximately 250

homes were damaged and 1000 households displaced. March’s Bellarine Agricultural Show was a great opportunity for us to show off our fire trucks and entertain the crowd with an active demonstration. Captain Koala brought a smile to visitor’s faces and being mischievous, as he is prone to be, was a hit with the children. In November we opened the station and again showed off our fire fighting capabilities to the community as part of CFA Open Day. Both these community events were very successful and we look forward to repeating them again this year. A key message from the CFA throughout the year was fire safety both in the home and during our fire season. The importance of smoke detectors and understanding fire risks around the home was a major theme during the winter. This information is relevant all year so please be mindful of the importance of fire safety in the home and, if uncertain about what to do, don’t hesitate to contact us on the numbers below. Now that we are in the summer fire season period our messages are – The Bellarine Peninsula has significant risk of grass fires. Ggrass fires travel quickly and are very dangerous, we are now in a total fire ban period for burn offs across CoGG and be aware of and follow all high fire danger warning messages broadcasted in the media. 2012 was also the year for us to celebrate and recognise the outstanding contributions to our brigade, the CFA

Phil Cameron

and the community undertaken by Royce Collier OAM, Bob Tresize and Liam Scott. Royce - 60 years, Bob - 50 years and Liam - 10 years all received CFA service awards at our brigade dinner held at the excellent Terindah Estate Winery. The author also received the annual captain’s award for the work of producing this article each month. During the year we also took the opportunity of acknowledging the ongoing and long contribution to the brigade by Wayne McLennan. As part of the Geelong Show the CFA’s burning bale of hay demonstration was an outstanding success for the brigade. We came away with 3rd place in the event in a time of 29.91 seconds, only 0.1 seconds behind second place Belmont A. The winner was Drysdale some 4 seconds faster. Well done to Peter, Karen and Hollie Woodhart, Glen Jose and Mike Fairweather for an outstanding result. Emergency Calls During 2012 the Portarlington brigade responded to 5 - false alarms and false calls, 32 - fires or explosions, 6 - good intent calls, 6 - hazardous conditions incidents, 2 - motor vehicle, rescue and emergency management services calls and 6 – service calls.

SHOW US YA’ MUSSELS! . . . . . . .


25000 +

"Biggest single day event on the Northern Bellarine Peninsula". Cr Ellis.

Such a huge job of organization! Congratulations and thanks to the Festival Committee - superb job! And to our volunteers (from the world’s volunteer capital) - thanks to you from all of us!

If you are considering community service and would like to join the Portarlington Fire Brigade please contact either: - Captain Darren Nisbet on 0409 860206 or Lieutenant Rob Snell on 0414 432253. The Enterprize. A regular visitor to the Mussel Festival.

Local identity Phil O'Connor and partner Vicki enjoy the festival from the water.

How much better can our Mussel Festival get! Weather perfect. Organization great! Thousands of visitors. Entertainment - everything from puppets, jumping castle, face painting and animal farm for the kids, through to sailing on the Enterprize, hard hat diving, pipe ban, dry boat comp, and THE tug o’ war! And so much more! Food from all over the world. Wine and other local produce. Buskers, stage performers, magicians, clowns, veteran cars, photo and art exhibitions.


the port report … jan 2013

jan 2013… the port report

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SERVICES RUBBISH REMOVAL & RECYCLE House/ Shed/Garden. Big or small loads. Skip Hire available Good Rates Ph: 0402 404 076 IAN’S DOMESTIC WINDOW CLEANING service - Portarlington & Bellarine Peninsula Free quotes call 5259 1370 or 0402 741 265 PORTARLINGTON RUBBISH REMOVALS. For all your rubbish removal needs in the Portarlington area please call John or Jill on 52591270 or 0413137916 WANTED TO BUY Household/shed items and furniture, anything considered, house lot or single items. Ph: Eli 0402 404 076 CIVIL CELEBRANT - Available for ceremonies on the Bellarine Peninsula. Ph. Christine Middleton 0419 526 550.

MEETINGS Portarlington/St Leonards Branch, Liberal Party of Australia, meets monthly in Portarlington. New members welcome. Please phone Colin on 5259 1565 or 5259 2443 for information. PROBUS CLUB OF PORTARLINGTON INC. Meets the second Monday of each month at the Church by the Bay. Excellent parking facilities. For further information regarding membership contact the Secretary - Len Newcombe on 52592426 DRYSDALE LADIES DAY VIEW CLUB Lunch meetings on 4th Friday of each month at Portarlington Golf Club, 130 Hood Rd, Portarlington, at 10.30am New members welcome Phone Wendy - 5257 1009 or Jennie - 5297 8489 CARPET & RUG CLEANING: Local, Professional, Same day: Commercial & Domestic incl. Tenancy cleans. Ph 0402 31 75 31

FOR SALE FIREWOOD, Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards from $145 per metre. Ph: 5259 3538 or Mob: 0412 683 055 VB KEGS $255 LIGHT KEGS $165 Available for Sporting Clubs or Parties Port IGA 5259 2283.

WANTED USED CAR BATTERIES wanted. Will pick up for free. Call Brett 0417 517 002 THE NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE MEN’S ACTIVITY PROGRAM. We are in need of donations of usable hand tools for the establishment. Phone: 5259 2290 Published by the Port Report Association Inc. A0047668W Postal Address: P.O. Box 177, Portarlington 3223 Distributed in Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards and selected businesses in Drysdale. Articles may be left in the Port Report Box at the IGA Everyday Supermarket (next to the Grand Hotel) in Newcombe Street Portarlington. We encourage contributors to e-mail their information or provide it on disk in Word format. We welcome written copy from those without computer access. Deadline for articles is the FIRST day of every month. Distribution is the THIRD week of every month. Contributors please note: The Port Report Association Inc. retains the right to modify or edit submitted articles. Views expressed it this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the publisher, The Port Report Association Inc. for submitted editorial : advertising enquiries: all other enquiries : or Ph.5259 2984 Website :

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Cat Boarding

Computer Tips & Tricks for the novice to the advanced Spotify – Free Music I have talked previously about “Music By Subscription”, where you pay for the rights to play any music rather than purchasing individual tracks and albums. However, Spotify is very different. Similar to a radio station (but with fewer ads) - that you control—costs nothing (except internet downloads) - millions of tracks - music based on your current likes and mood. Spotify works on your computer, your mobile, your tablet, and your home entertainment system. You can even download your favourite music for when you’re offline. It uses approximately 72 MB of downloads per hour of music. The best feature is that you don’t have to choose the tracks to make up your own play list. You simply select a single track, click on “start radio” and Spotify does the rest. The tracks it chooses to play are random, but chosen from tracks of the same genre, release date, and similar to what you have recently liked and listened to. As your new radio station plays – you can skip tracks, or better still, you can improve the track selection algorithm using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. The next time you might start Spotify from a different track and you will get an entirely different virtual radio station. Lastly, you can remove the ads by the payment of a subscription fee. It is well worth a look – enjoy! Jonathan Harris JNH Software P/L 5259 2304

STAYING IN PORTARLINGTON INC. A It seems that the media when reporting an event concerning people over, perhaps 50 years, refers to them as “old man/woman”. It is one thing to acknowledge that a person is “mature” or “older” but there is something in this type of reportage which is dismissive of persons of this age group, almost as if some types of incidents are inevitable just because of the age group in which they find themselves. It is also interesting to pinpoint at what age one ceases to “fall over”, as children do frequently with their enthusiasm for life, versus the time when a person commences to have “falls”. There seems to be a time in life when we cease to be active with the verb and decline into the noun of the event and all its ramifications! Now…… on with the enthusiasm for Ageing Well with SiP in 2013! Valentine’s Day Thursday February 14 starts at noon for the TAC’s “Community Mobility for Older People Program” This health promotion program covers discussion of pedestrian, cycling, public transport, motorised scooters and vehicle driving modes of transport with an occupational therapist assessor from La Trobe University . There will be free show bags available and light refreshments on offer. Make sure to book your place and confirm location for this event by calling Monica on 5259 3708. For those readers interested in learning more about older driver discrimination the Human Rights Commission has released its report at olderdrivers As part of the state wide Sustainable Living Festival, Portarlington will be showcasing local edible/ sustainable spaces on Saturday, February 23rd 2013. Times and details will be finalised soon, so lock in the date now for yourself and any visitors to town. SiP will be progressing its “Say No to Plastic Shopping Bags” campaign at the information booth at the start of the garden trail. Further work on this project is planned with Portarlington Primary School and Bellarine Bayside around sustainable living education and awareness in 2013. SiP is currently discussing its proposal for a pilot project with CoGG to assist people with “Staying in Portarlington” by improved access to garden services. Ideas include assisting with sustainable gardening approaches at home with improved garden design and maintenance. This single issue has been noted as the most significant reason for many people abandoning living independently. SiP looks forward to a productive 2013 with our community partners as we continue to develop a network connecting and supporting older residents who live independently in Portarlington and strengthening our aim to make Portarlington an age-friendly, vibrant town. MONICA HAYES Convenor SiP 5259 3708/ 0418319256


A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS The Portarlington Business Association, Lions Club and Golf Club have supported three families who had been identified to them as requiring assistance so they could have a happy Christmas. Each group gave $700 for this purpose. The families were asked to identify what they would like, the gifts were purchased and delivered in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. The chosen items delivered to each of the three families were a 46 inch LED/ LCD TV to one, building materials to another, and bike, helmet, and camping equipment to our final family. The reaction from each family was one of gratitude, tears of joy and relief as they would now be able to have a Christmas complete with gifts. They each remarked how generous, helpful and welcoming the Portarlington community has been to them. The three donor groups are able to do this due to the support they receive from the community and they thank all Portarlington residents, and wish them a terrific 2013. This program began in 2011 with one gift, three this year and who knows what 2013 will bring? Tony Meagher, Golf Club Ray Meaney, Lions John Rae, Business Association

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