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How to Survive Freshman Year as an Art Student: 26 Practical Tips Learn practical tips on how to survive freshman year and learn to manage your health, take care of your priorities, choose your subjects, and more!

Karen Kesteloot

As an upcoming freshman in art college, your goal now is to complete the course requirements and become a professional artist. Before you get to that stage, however, you must undergo your transition from being a high school student to a college freshman. College life is an opportunity that you’ve earned. Being a college student will allow you to learn more about yourself, meet great people, unleash your true potential as an artist, and experience a world unlike any other. Do not waste this opportunity – make the most out of your situation by reading the tips below on how to survive freshman year and pass the course with flying colors! Taking care of your health

1. When you’re living in a dorm, learn how to prepare healthy home-cooked meals. Do not rely on fast food, pre-heated meals, or food loaded with unnatural sugar and preservatives. 2. Beat the Freshmen 15 – become a member of a nearby gym so you can manage your health, stress, and even your sleeping habits. Here’s a list of awesome tips to maintain your health and fitness in college. 3. Never deprive your body of sleep! Always find time to get some rest to prevent your body from crashing down. Here are awesome tips on how to sleep better and smarter at LifeHacker. It might also help if you use this bedtime calculator to find out what time you should sleep to wake up on your preferred time. 4. Do not take prescription drugs to aid you with your studying, regardless of what people say. 5. Moderate intake of coffee is good. According to the New York Times, four 5-ounce cups of coffee or one Starbucks venti-size

coffee helps stave off cancer, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment (the precursor to Alzheimer’s). That, and it helps you stay awake during classes. 6. Since you will be spending time together with your roommate, learn how to co-exist with him or her, at the very least. Even better, set ground rules with your roommates so both of you will know how act in the dorm without stepping on each other’s toes. 7. Familiarize yourself with the campus by walking around during your free time. This also lets you get some much-needed exercise. For the complete tips on how to survive freshman year as an art student, visit

How to Survive Freshman Year as an Art Student: 26 Practical Tips