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Awesome Computer Design Programs Art Students Must Aspire to Use Aspire to make a good living with your art or design profession by learning how to use these awesome computer design programs in the future!

By Karen Kesteloot

Image by Nike Gdovin at Flickr. Click here to view image source.

Once you graduate from art portfolio that consists of your and other artworks made by however, if you showcase computer design programs.

school, it’s great to have an art illustrations, paintings, sculptures, hand. It would be even greater, those artworks using awesome

Displaying your diversity in the arts lets you showcase to art and design schools that your passion for creativity translates well on different format, whether if it's on pen and paper or the computer. If you have immersed yourself in freehand techniques but have an interest in translating your artistic skill-sets to the computer, then these programs will assist you in expressing your creativity in digital format. But how do you choose the right software for your newly chosen field? The vast array of software available can be overwhelmingly confusing to freshman students. Aside from the usual suspects like Adobe Photoshop, below is a short list of the most appropriate computer design programs that professionals use to create their designs for various art and design fields.. ArchiCAD 17 (for architects) Known for their award-winning building interface modeling (BIM) software, Graphisoft elevates the creation of 3D building prototypes to a whole new level in this latest ArchiCAD installment - the ArchiCAD 17. Owing to ArchiCAD’s tagline “BIM Lives in the Detail,” architects will be guided by the program’s Priority Based Connections and Intelligent Building Materials, both of which automatically correct structures, details, and sections of created building models. As far as background processing is concerned, ArchiCAD 17 possesses a BIM tool that maximizes the resources of the CPU to hasten the processing of the models’ complex designs. Other additional features such as an improved Morph tool for the creation of correct geometrical components, new intersection and positioning logic for element placing, and the ability to create

curved beams onto a horizontal plane, among others, automatically makes ArchiCAD a must-have for every aspiring architect out there! To find out more awesome computer design programs that you must learn to use one day, click here to visit for the full article!

Awesome computer design programs art students must aspire to use