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We will be open residents, Local Boys is now introducing a one of a kind, third generation thru December! Butcher Shop. Offering Painted Hills, All Natural Beef, smoked meats, WE OFFER THE SEASON’S BEST FRUITS AND PRODUCE#RM PRODUCE  FARM FRESH DAILYNBEATABLE DAILY  UNBEATABLE QUALITY Page A14 and a full line of Lamb, Pork, Beef and Chicken. Now In!


Friday, November 26, 2010 • Port Orchard Independent


Local Boys’ very FARM FRESH ORGANIsC“This blehe has been is not a profile, I lie For example, va nbe * predict, that U TM & Eggwould Murder Trial Milk would diagnosed with schizotypal N R e hit O engage in this level of conpersonality disorder, which W & C wn ro Psychologist*Bbelieves duct,” he said. “There must causes people speak in noned ck Pi st Ju DAILYNBEATABLE Mustard fromBEST FRUITS have been other conditions and sometimes have WE OFFERsuffred THE SEASON’S AND PRODUCE#RM PRODUCE  FARM FRESHsequiturs DAILY  UNBEATABLE QUALITY present at the time, like an hallucinations milder than short-term insanity

showed elevated levels of BY depression and anxiety. POPULAR DEMAND! Whitehill suggested that We will be open s epostto aalso om Mustard might have T thru December! eating or stress disorder, not For traumatic . By the that really hapninganything can from box or poutond him, but from his extreme psychosis.” those affecting people with pened murderers Bo areysES schizophrenia. delusions. HryDA CONTINUED FROM A1 nY owIL ’ ve l FR C anti-social, Loca NITypically, & H ORGAseverely s ie sadistic He also has mild levels of said that he’s seen peorr e b FARM FRES p s le a b va TMpersonality disor- ple“He N!snarcissistic. OWg nbelieborderline RY * VEdisorUR YS & L BO variety psychological and tortured and gutted,” said Eg s LOofCA ie rr e ilk b M w a tr ders before ande after the murMustard didn’t S fit that der, which box causes or flat! dramatic Whitehill. “He believes he’s c& tWhitBut fe e r P Fresh picked hourly - by the wn ro *B der, Whitehill thinks none ™ profile, Whitehill said. emotions and intense instabil- om subjected toetosthese events a T been of them would have caused He had, however, several ity and paranoia. even though they never really For eating or e test, Mustard Oran Mustard to kill Andrews. disorders. Ong another ” the canning. Byhappened.

Yakima Beefsteak

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icle Creamcs ™ r demand of Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and surrounding cities n eHlo M Y IL DA ES ! FR led foo be n’t Do ocal Boys is now introducing a one of a kind, generation ies & beonrr sarepthird a R ly ones who the N! OW We RY VE YS CAL BO Hills, All Natural Beef, me Shop. OfferingLOPainted meats, ies the rr ryb ena carw a Strsmoked Creamcicle ! Locally Grown So Sweet & Juicy! Only at Local Boys!


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B L O A Y C S O K C A L B CAL L BOYS box or flat Orange tNS Beef and Chicken. cPork, eLamb, and a fullLOline of Fresh picked hourly - by the . HELE STfe .r MT CA LP ™

Peach 100% Now in! Organic

ge O alncBY cra Lo DAILY le m ic a re CB ys POPULAR DEMAND! oe UNBEATABLE QUALITY ™ s n lo M We will be open

elon rm te a W Fresh Christmas Locally Grown So Sweet & Juicy! Only at Local Boys!

ry en’t VDo led! be fooDecember! thru n w O N’S BEST FRUITS AND PRODUCE#RM PRODUCE  FARM DAILY  UNBEATABLE QUALITY only ones who Sweet DAILYNBEATABLE We are the te SuperFRESH Super, va Prica rry the name TM Crelamcicle angbe e LOra Now In! . HELENS MT. ST

LO CA L l Boys’ very own Loca SH ORGANIC ble rhv10a0% elie nbte * in s U W g g &E es Now in! Fr nic TM Orga s e h s a u N q R S e hit O W & C wn Centerpieces

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Local BaGrown g n li k ic P ys oo Combos BT s e& to a m s e k VeatieC or u ngry BUY ON E For ns e the n Bea re . Byn d or Box G can Poun w Oning GET ON E By the 0 1/1 poundte 9/2 . box orva Exp es) (some varieti Pri Beautifulund l By Box or Po abelesmoked ailb Av Beef, meats, La 99 $ W re at h s

Super, Super Sw H DAILY FR ESAll ring Painted Hills, Natural s& ie rr e b sp a R Now N! OW of Lamb, Pork,err ull Beef VERYline ble Dou s and Chicken. ie b w In! a r tr S US te IO LIC in Y lloDE WFresSWh pickEETed hou& rlySAS- bySYthe box or flat! Local BoCAysLLY GROWN D m)are JUIC(ye botto o wg D fect LO s e h . s on ahips up ate w/co SquC im lt ta BY Very Ow U rg lin ke En!iclb P $20 10 79 ach™ pires 12-3ex a ls ee & e ang S BOTTLE Tr s S E e as &O POPULAR DEMAND! L k tm ra u P s is C P e hr C Po h A ac e rn sbe open We will n C a e B amcicle n x, e ard re d Bo Ch C Locally Grown re or g: an d G rin ts theatuPoun By Fe lythru December! ividual ™ Indgh InLi et & Juicy! nsUNBEATABLE So SwePRODUCE#RM lo e M In! b w Ca AND PRODUCE  FARM FRESH DAILYNBEATABLE DAILY QUALITY No & t rlo ! Me ls s Only at Local Boys tarnand SKe Frozen Don’t be fooled! n. wpon t cou senro iostnpreG PlantatMu s who Available By Box or Pound




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Yakima Beefsteak

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eCTION To You! wb StraEA Secret Variety Unbeatable Quality Now TrlySE by the box or flat! - LE GR ed hou pick h Fres In! US & IO s nter LIC s eOWN DE Y ie eICrr eLLrv sCA BJU erta PreLO lb E YyGR s shes p ru ies.imate errlt Sg Marionb U ng O lie kic stic c rthwePn . hes a & Nora e ubarb P s, Rh rrie le be aw yle Str c St t me anem & ur S s Go E e CreHo L k s™ un P C y P zen A fro lly ua Individ Heirloom Seeded s lo n a Me e B n e Bo Gre Blueberr Byiesthe Pound or x Don’t be fooled! ! In! In w No w No who We are the only onees or Pound nam x the Bo PM ryAM By carAv le ab ail cicle Cream Years Of0 Orange44 Exp. 12-3-1Bridge, le Just Before The Purdy bUL u owhile TIF DAU supplies last Unbeatable Quality To You!BE SY a g SAS D & EET g ginsupSW nre 9/21/10while CornerLof Dr. & Hwy. 302 DoExp. Ha Boys l Purdy oca & ts l e k ca s n! a Chips Lo B Ow Very 9 7 $ s o b Com Salsa Boys BOTTLE E, Very BUYg:ON Corn Chard


Bremerton Patriot

Planning for a tent city in the parking lot of the Bremerton Salvation Army is underway and has gained support by homeIn! less advocates as winter weather kicks in. “Believe it or not, Salvation Army has never done a tent city before,” Maj. Jim Baker said Monday of the Bremerton location, adding that Salvation Army typically helps people who have been struck by disaster such as Haiti earthquake victims. After a tent city proposed for the parking lot of the Hillcrest Assembly in East Bremerton fell through last month, the Outside Homeless Committee of the Kitsap Continuum of Care Coalition didn’t stop searching for an alternative. At a committee meeting last week, Baker suggested using the Salvation Army’s parking lot to host a temporary tent city since the property is available.


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Bremerton tent city in the works

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eakN BLAstCKPicked YaLOkimCAaLLBeYefGRstOW Ultimate SLES AP Ju elon UG ALP O D E rm E of Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and surrounding cities te R a F W IR F ! In! In w No Nowa one of a kind, third generation s is now introducing 1-Candle & 3-Candle eet

traffic collision eo inlb.) llxL(28 or fFlat Fu By Bo n o tati Fancy victim ID’ed PlanEx tran r pe Su w ro G plies last while supplies last North Kitsap Herald

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Exp. 9/21/10

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aturinT ON ESeeded FeGE b s) Exp. 9/21/10 Caetie rlot e&vari MeHeirloom (som Must present coupon.



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3-10 12-1/1 Exp.. 9/2 last!! Exp pliess last supplie as ile sup While PeAM PM Now/lb.Weekly! iety Var /lb. /lb. t SecreYears In! US IO 44 Of SELECTION LIC DE ICY JU Just Before The Purdy Bridge, N OW GR while supplies last plies last while supplies last & LOCALLY s Quality You! rrie ePurdy ervesUnbeatable teExp. B ltim gDr. &To lin k Exp.U 9/21/10while sup-a 9/21/10 Exp. 9/21/10 of Hwy. 302 Pic . ries a ber m Syrups Corner rion ki Ma Ya & S s E e L k u P rb. C P uba A Rh , ries Strawber Gourmet ans ett rtlthe Box have frozen BaBy Green uallye Pound or We IndividB s In! rrie w ebe No Blu s 7 DAYS A WEEK Pear

Available By Box or Pound 9AM-8PM Years Of Just Before The Purdy Bridge, e Quality ys BoYou! calTo Lo Corner of Purdy Dr. & Hwy 302

Gig(28Harbor’s and Port Orchard’s By Box lb.) or Flat Largest bncle uFa y Selection of Flocked D Extra ro pe Su Dog Dare Christmas Trees $ 79



ily went insane at the time of the killing. Bryan Hershman, Mustard’s lawyer, argued that Mustard’s suffered from diminished capacity at the time of the killing and thus shouldn’t be held to the same standard as a sane person. If a gun goes off in your hand by accident and shoots your friend, he argued, it’s different than if you walk up to someone on the street and

Kitsap Briefs



But these psychological conditions alone wouldn’t have caused Whitehill to think Mustard would commit the murder. “We don’t have a psychopathic criminal prone to lawbreaking behavior,” he said. Mustard, he said, didn’t appear to generally fit the legal definition of an insane person, but he seemed like someone who had a large number of mild disorders and temporar-

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office has identified the driver killed by an unhitched boat and trailer Saturday on Suquamish Way. Florentino Tabafunda, 64, of Bainbridge Island, was driving north on Suquamish Way shortly after 6 p.m. when his Jeep Cherokee was struck by a boat and trailer that separated from a southbound Ford truck, according to a Sheriff’s news release. The driver of the truck, a

44-year-old Suquamish man, was uninjured. The Sheriff’s office is still investigating what caused the trailer to separate from the truck. Tabafunda worked as a custodian at Bainbridge High School and was best known to students and staff as “Sonny,” according to a statement Monday from Principal Brent Peterson. The school will display a banner in memory of Tabafunda.

Bainbridge Island OKs tight budget Bainbridge Island Review

With a unanimous vote the Bainbridge Island City Council approved the 2011 budget after shedding the final $232,000 they needed on Wednesday to close the looming budget gap they have chipped away at since October. The council needed to cut up to 1.2 million in order to accomplish its goal of keeping $2.4 million in reserves. It was a feat that came with painful cuts, tough decisions and grueling hours of discussion, and it was all accomplished in record time – one of the first budgets in recent memory to be approved before Thanksgiving. Though the budget is approved it is not static, and includes several major assumptions and outstanding issues that could alter its form at any time. Major cuts include the $700,000 in funding for BITV, HHHS and the Arts and Humanities Councils and the loss of 14.5 fulltime employees (FTE). The city approved increases for parking violations and the business and occupation tax, and will have very few capital finance projects in 2011.


NowIn! Golden Unbelievable YearsOf QualityToYou! Now You!To Corn Yakima JustPicked Double DogDare Orange Creamcicle Melons™ GREATSELECTION P...

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