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Narrating the territory of #Borgo Santa Maria Rovereto - Trentino, Italy

Workshop with the students of the Fine Arts High School of Rovereto with the scope of collecting oral memories, soundscapes and creative interpretations aiming at the realization of a community map of the Borgo S. Maria di Rovereto, which is a quarter of the town. project “Portobeseno a journey between historical origins and web sources” workshop with the class ID of the Fine Arts High School “Fortunato Depero” in Rovereto 2012-2013 curated by Sara Maino and Davide Ondertoller

Narrating the territory of #Borgo Santa Maria Rovereto - Trentino, Italy During the period November 2012 April 2013 the curators of the project Portobeseno developed a workshop with the students about oral memories, soundscapes and perception of the territory using multimedia tools and web archives. In collaboration with the students and with the professor Luca Valduga, a particular research on the quarter Borgo Santa Maria was organized: we collected biographies, ambient sounds, impressions and perceptions of the urban landscape, creating digital content and publishing it on the web. We met with and interviewed citizens, artisans and professionals, photographing, recording and interacting with the web, using the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube‌). Hereafter, the students elaborated their experience of discovering the quarter, returning various artistic forms, by means of drawings, videoclip, photographies, music and so on. All of this material (interviews, video, new creations, ..) is archived on a special interactive map in the Portobeseno site, which allows georeferencing in order to narrate the explored territory in its complexity and wealth. The QRCODE allows to differentiate between three different kinds of markers (testimonial, sounds and perceptions) that are visible on the map. The tag cloud informs of the main keywords of the workshop. The research keyword on the web is: #borgosmaria. The virtual map is realized via a multimedia installation, in order to appreciate the oral memories, the soundscapes, the sound of the artisans and the interpretation of the students, allowing the public to explore, play and interact. This is an emotional geography which aims to define the concept of Community, appreciate the life stories, works and techniques of bygone times, the contemporary and daily experiences and the ambient perceptions.

Narrating the territory of #Borgo Santa Maria Rovereto - Trentino, Italy ARCHIVE


explore the map - archive workshop blog – post list pictures of the workshop 2012-13 playlist video 2012-13 facebook #borgosmaria

In collaboration Comune di Rovereto Assessorato alla Contemporaneità Consorzio RoveretoInCentro Liceo Artistico “Fortunato Depero” Rovereto Artingegna 2013 Urban Center Rovereto

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