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gourmet festival . 16 chefs . michelin stars

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il gallo d’oro benoît sinthon > host chef

.. . l a v ti s e f t e m r u o g e x u del with michelin chefs !!

n star), Gallo d’Oro (1 Micheli , th The gourmet restaurant Il the 5 annual Stars Route of rt sta chelin guide, the rks ma , tel ho th stars in the famous Mi wi ed at The Cliff Bay wn cro ts ran tau res n Portuguese ic happenings. a roadshow festival betwee most important gastronom ’s rs try un co the of e on ed with memorable dinne wn cro and considered me ram og pr d rie va we present a the island Between march 19 and 25 chefs that are arriving to ing inn -w ard aw of s nd ha prepared by the gdom . .. re !! banon and the United Kin Le e, nc Fra , ain guided tours . .. and lots mo Sp g, l, tin ga tas rtu ne wi , from Po ps ho rks wo ludes demonstrations, The daytime programme inc

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the cliff bay th


22nd march


march 2014 . ..

11H00 . COMPETITION : IN DISCOVERY OF TALENT !! right at the mercado dos lavradores (funchal farmers’ market), six finalists face a jury of four chefs who will choose the winner of the competition after a cooking challenge open to the public free entrance (page 6) 19H00 . COCKTAIL & GOURMET DINNER il gallo d’oro > benoît sinthon welcomes miguel laffan, vincent farges, adam simmonds, sébastien broda, pascal picasse, olivier barbarin (page 6) 19th march


il gallo d’oro > maître d’luis soares . free 19H00 . WALKING DINNER : WINE FOR FOOD blandy’s wine lodge > benoît sinthon invites ricardo costa, vítor matos, paulo morais, miguel laffan, olivier barbarin, sébastien broda, pascal picasse, henrique sá pessoa, joe barza, vincent farges, yves michoux (page 6) . .. 20th march


11H30 . VISIT AND TASTING : FÁBRICA DO RIBEIRO SÊCO cane sugar syrup factory in the company of chef benoît sinthon free 16H30 . PRESENTATION :


navigator’s lounge > thierry gasco . free . .. 21st march



the blue lagoon . free

19H00 . WALKING DINNER : KITCHEN ALIVE !! the cliff bay > benoît sinthon invites adam simmonds, vítor matos, vincent farges, henrique sá pessoa, joe barza, miguel laffan, sébastien broda, pascal picasse, olivier barbarin, ricardo costa, paulo morais, yves michoux (page 6)

. .. 23rd march

sunday 12H00 . FOOD & SPICE the blue lagoon > joe barza . free 16H30 . TASTING : MADEIRA WINE il gallo d’oro > sommelier vítor jardim . free . .. 24th march

monday 11H30 . VISIT AND TASTING : FÁBRICA DO RIBEIRO SÊCO cane sugar syrup factory in the company of chef benoît sinthon . free 16H30 . WORKSHOP : PORTUGUESE WINE PRODUCING REGIONS il gallo d’oro > sommelier sérgio marques . free . .. 25th march

tuesday 11H30 . DEMONSTRATION : L’ART DE LA TABLE il gallo d’oro > maître d’luís soares . free 19H00 . COCKTAIL & GOURMET DINNER il gallo d’oro > benoît sinthon welcomes dieter koschina, fernando agrasar, josé antónio campoviejo, josé antónio gonzález, yves michoux (page 6) . ..

and in the spa . .. THE FACIAL TREATMENT OF THE STARS !!

CACI surgery-free facelift treatment > spa (level 0) . ..

book now . .. your dinner and/or activity !!

at your reception . +351 291 707 700 . the cliff bay hotel : estrada monumental 147 . programme subject to changes . limited places

nthon benoît. si il gallo d’oro portugal

sta ricard. otheco yeatman


ive Chef of The Cliff Bay . .. since 2004 is the ExeIlcut lo d’Oro since 2009 . .. Gal at star in hel Mic maintaining the ducts of the island !! pro the ut abo ate sion He is pas

projects, . .. always seeking out newking with a al coo ion reg ry mar ns atio cre his .. contemporary approach .

hina dieter rtukogalsc. vila joya

rges vincenezat dofagui ncho


portugal . fortal

local products from . .. in his cooking he usesclassic ingredients of with er eth tog the Algarve French haute cuisine . ..

various . .. was born in France, but cooking his in d use s ient red ing e Portugues . .. add flair to his creativity

portugal . largo do paço

vítor matos

in barbar olivie. châr tea ux d’audrieu

rranean influences . .. his cooking has Medite of tradition and nd ble a with new culinary trends . ..

ion in his creations . .. the source of inspiratniq ues found in the tech and ts duc pro the derives from cuisine of Provence . ..

ffan miguepolrtula gal . l’and

rasar fernandospaag garzas as . in

ients and . .. prizes seasonal ingred fresh flavoured and es dish by ired insp is also products from Asia . ..

n of lmark of a careful selectio . .. his dishes have the hal histicated raw ingredients and thensop preparatio of dishes . ..


sébastfraiencen. lebrparodk 45a

mmonhods adam si. dan esfiels use

united kingdom

. .. his work is inspired by also the latest Mediterranean flavours and culinary trends . ..

, opean and contemporary . .. his cuisine is very Eurn to detail and the quality ntio atte at gre with of the ingredients . ..

pascalncepi. lecaparssk 45e

oa henrique sáportupegalss. alm a

d’Azur he is . .. born on France’s Côtehe works with re whe 45 k par le at f the pastry che chef Sébastien Broda . ..

cuisine with . .. presents contemporary programme on visi tele the nts Fro ts. seasonal produc “Ingrediente Secreto” . ..

viejo josé antóspaniino. elcacormralpo del indianu

s pauloportumgalor. ai umai

as a crazy genius. . .. he’s been described are surprising with which es dish nal itio trad ts sen He pre a contrast of flavours . ..

an of Portugal”. . .. known as the “Sushim sushi school in Portugal In 2012 launched the firsterything about Sushi” . .. “Ev

ález josé antóspaniino. elgonuenz vo molino

joe basulrztanat


creations the roots of . .. displays through hisfrom the north of Spain , sine Cui rian Cantab t . .. with a contemporary twis

lebanon . gastronomic con

ed Master Chef, . .. is a famous and renown new trends in on d use foc ly fair rut, based in Bei Lebanese cuisine . ..

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wine for food

19th march > blandy’s wine lodge . walking dinner

To launch the event, a walking dinner will take place in the charismatic environment of the Blandy’s Wine Lodge cellars. A dinner in which the Chefs will be involved with guests and their speciality dishes will be prepared on individual ‘Show Cooking’ worktops. The “Portugal Wine Ladies”, also known as the Wine Princesses, will be the ambassadors of the wines for this charming night and will present with each Chef the perfect pairing between wine and dishes. If you love wine, then this experience is for you !! 90 € walking dinner all included per person . 75 € prestige club, porto bay gourmet, TAP victoria gold and silver

kitchen alive !! 21st march > the cliff bay . walking dinner

A relaxed dinner of surprising gourmet flavours . .. In three different environments, the prestigious Chefs will be cooking live on worktops spread out in the lower lobby, The Rose Garden restaurant and kitchen. Champagne, oysters, caviar, sushi and sashimi, molecular cooking, truffles, exquisite Portuguese wines . .. a veritable festival of flavours which enables the sharing of gastronomic experiences and tips between chefs and participants. The event promises a fusion between cooking, oenology, music and more surprises !! Book your place now . .. 120 € walking dinner all included per person . 100 € prestige club, porto bay gourmet, TAP victoria gold and silver

in discovery of talent !!

22nd march > mercados dos lavradores (farmers market) . competition

During February we went in search of young amateurs with gastronomic talent !! The competition finals take place at the Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers Market) throughout a morning packed with fun and challenges. Come along and join in !! free entrance

gourmet dinners 22nd and 25th march > . il gallo d’oro

Two memorable dinners round off the 5th annual Stars Route. In the exclusive environment of the Il Gallo d’Oro the Chefs are gathering to prepare together a tasting menu comprising at least six exclusive dishes with the promise to surprise. Regional products where freshness and seasonality are top priority, the world’s highest quality ingredients and a selection of the most exclusive Portuguese wine . .. the fusion of the styles of the various Chefs means that each one of these diners will be a singular and unrepeatable event. Preceded by a cocktail with the Chefs. price on request

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! ! l a v i t s e f s r u o v fla +351 291 707 700 . inf . n tio ep rec ur yo at : s reservation

gourmet festival . 16 chefs . michelin stars


bísaro . bridor . adega mayor . alves de sousa . anselmo mendes . campolargo . casa ferreirinha . fábrica de santo antónio . fábrica do ribeiro sêco . fn hotelaria . herdade da malhadinha nova . herdade de são miguel . herdade do peso, sogrape . herdade do rocim . ideal drinks . joão m. barbosa vinhos . l’arbre à truffe . luis pato . monte da penha . niepoort . oboé . poças . quinta da bica . quinta da pellada . quinta de chocapalha . quinta de soalheiro . quinta do lubazim . quinta do monte d’oiro . quinta do pessegueiro . quinta do pinto . quinta do romeu . quinta do sanguinhal . quinta do vesúvio . quinta dos lemos . quinta nova da nossa senhora do carmo . quinta vale dona maria . santo queijo . sifar madeira . sonho lusitano . sturia . terras do avô . unicer . valrhona . vista alegre . and . ..

scan and . .. see the video !!


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The Stars Route 2014 | Event's Jornal  
The Stars Route 2014 | Event's Jornal