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WHAT IS A MASTER PLAN? A master plan provides a comprehensive vision that guides near and long-range use of park lands. This master plan is about building on Washington Park’s strengths and unique assets to ensure its status as a worldclass urban park and to position it to meet the challenges that come with growth in the region over the next 20 years.

HOW TO USE THIS PLAN WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW? This guide will help you navigate the Washington Park Master Plan and find the information you need. Start with what you’d like to know!

I want to know about areas of the park Go to Chapter 3. Master Plan, on page 25.

I want to know about key themes Go to page 14 of Chapter 1. Introduction for an overview of key themes. For more detail, each key theme is explained in it’s own chapter: turn to Chapter 4. Create Identity, on page 35; Chapter 5. Improve Access, on page 45; and Chapter 6. Enhance Visitor Experience, on page 63.

I want to know about next steps Go to Chapter 7. Implementation, on page 75.



Washington Park Master Plan Update - November 2017 Draft  
Washington Park Master Plan Update - November 2017 Draft