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REGISTRATION BEGINS SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 Go to PORTLANDPARKS.ORG, Click on the Register Now tab. Commissioner Amanda Fritz Director Mike Abbaté

DancAbilities | AIR (Adaptive & Inclusive Recreation) Do you love to dance? Come join our dance crew for an all -abilities dance experience! Get up, get grooving and share the joy of dance with friends each week. Centennial SUN School Cafeteria 17650 SE Brooklyn • Portland, Oregon 97236 Wednesday 6:00 –7:00pm Instructor: Kathy Coleman FALL 10/4–11/1 Course: 1080063 $39

WINTER 1/10–2/7 Course: 1080065 $39

11/15–12/6 Course: 1080064 $23.50

2/14–3/7 Course: 1080066 $39

No class 11/22

GET 20% OFF SOMETHING NEW! Register for a PP&R community center activity or buy a fitness pass and receive a discount on a second activity or pass.

Fitness • Art • Sports • Music • Dance • Skate • Gymnastics Park Star Leagues • Trips • Special Events • Drop-in Activities • Swimming OFFER VALID OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 5, 2017 Excludes private lessons, educational preschool, afterschool programs, citywide sports leagues, and material/extra fees. Redeemable only at time of purchase. One discount per customer. Discount applied to lower priced purchase.


swim | climb | create dance | sing | jump | throw kids' day off camps school break camps | classes Recreation activities all year! Fall registration begins September 5.

WELCOME TO ADAPTIVE BIKETOWN Adaptive BIKETOWN is Portland’s adaptive bike rental program. The program’s goal is to increase biking access for people with disabilities.

Make a reservation and learn more at


ACTIVE AGING COMMUNITY FAIR Tuesday, September 26 • 9:00am–12:00pm

FREE • Come join us for our first Active Aging Community Fair! • Drop in and get to know what our community center and community partners have to offer. • Get a chance to join in on a class demo. • Check out all the different community resources. We look forward to seeing you there. 9009 North Foss Ave • Portland, Oregon 97203



4043 NE Fremont Street, 97212


Site Manager Alex Rivera 503-916-5615

7334 NE Siskiyou Street, 97213

Site Manager Shelby Coshow 503-916-5865

Fitness - Tone Zone 305 NE 102nd Avenue Portland, OR 97220 503-823-4328 Supervisor Curtis Scott 503-823-3382 ADA Accessible Entrances, Parking, Restrooms SUN Community Schools are an afterschool program in collaboration with Multnomah County, Portland Parks & Recreation, and Centennial, Reynolds, Parkrose, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, and Portland Public School Districts. Eleven SUN sites are operated by PP&R. Critical components of the program include academic support, social services, multicultural and cultural arts, recreation and leisure services, health services, and community involvement. Program Goals • Improve student achievement, attendance, increase positive engagement, and other skills for healthy development and academic success. • Increase parent and family involvement. • Increase community and business involvement. Improve collaboration among school districts, government, and community-based agencies. • Improve use of public facilities and services. • Provide resources for youth and their families, creating sustainable and healthy living.

Age 18+ A fun combination of cardio, core conditioning, resistance training, strength building, dance moves, stretching & more for improved posture, balance, strength, flexibility & stamina all day & beyond. FALL 10/2-12/6 M W 6:00-7:00pm Small Gym $49.25 1077063 WINTER 1/8-3/14 M W 6:00-7:00pm Small Gym $49.25 1077064

Fitness - Zumba: Fitness

Age 12+ Routines combine fast & slow rhythms to achieve a balance of cardio & muscletoning benefits. A dynamic, exciting & effective workout! Move fast & have fun! FALL 10/3-12/5 Tu 5:30-6:30pm Small Gym $88 1077065 WINTER 1/9-3/13 Tu 5:30-6:30pm Small Gym $88 1077066

SCHOLARSHIPS For more information about scholarships, contact your preferred SUN Community School.

Fitness - Yoga: Conditioning

Age 11+ Relaxation is one of the most important and beneficial skills to learn. Benefit mind and body while expanding strength, stamina and flexibility. An excellent way to learn to meet the changing demands of daily life while increasing a sense of well being. FALL 10/2-12/4 M 6:30-8:00pm Cafeteria $61.75 1080144 WINTER 1/8-3/12 M 6:30-8:00pm Cafeteria $61.75 1080201

Tae Kwon Do - For Everybody

Age 7+ Join over 40 million people who practice this Korean martial art. Increase agility and strength while improving coordination using kicks, punches and blocks. Parents, children and families are welcome. FALL 10/3-12/5 Tu 6:30-8:00pm Small Gym $36 1080145 WINTER 1/9-3/13 Tu 6:30-8:00pm Small Gym $36 1080203

Fitness - Zumba

Age 11+ Routines combine fast and slow rhythms to achieve a balance of cardio and muscletoning benefits. A dynamic, exciting and effective workout! Move fast and have fun! FALL 10/5-12/7* Tu Th 6:00-7:00pm Small Gym $72 1080199 *No class 11/21, 11/23

WINTER 1/11-3/15 Small Gym

Tu Th $72

6:00-7:00pm 1080202

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES For senior citizens, retirees and grandparents to get involved in SUN Community Schools. • Share your expertise • Make new friends • Have fun • Be the difference Get to know your SUN community. Call 503-823-5121 today!


SUN COMMUNITY SCHOOL LOCATIONS Alice Ott SUN Community School 12500 SE Ramona, 97236

Site Manager: Jennifer Garcia 503-823-2279


Arleta SUN Community School 5109 SE 66th, 97206

Site Manager: Dulce Salgado 503-916-6332


Beaumont SUN Community School 4043 NE Fremont, 97212

Site Manager: Alex Rivera 503-916-5615


Centennial SUN Community School 17650 SE Brooklyn, 97236

Site Manager: Jeff Persell 503-762-3463


Faubion SUN Community School 3039 NE Rosa Parks Way, 97211

Site Manager: Aly'ce Brannon-Reid 503-916-5694


Grout SUN Community School 3119 SE Holgate, 97202

Site Manager: Annie Turtura 503-916-6421

Lane SUN Community School 7200 SE 60th, 97206

Site Manager: Travis Wells 503-916-2910

Mt Tabor SUN Community School 5800 SE Ash, 97215

Site Manager: Chelsea Kimura 503-916-2915

Parkrose SUN Community School 12003 NE Shaver, 97220

Site Manager: Travis Richardson 503-408-2640

Roseway Heights SUN Community School Site Manager: Shelby Coshow 7334 NE Siskiyou, 97213 503-916-5865 Sitton SUN Community School 9930 N Smith, 97203

Site Manager: Rachael Dibble 503-916-5654 5


Portland Parks & Recreation offers several fall and winter sports opportunities for youth teams and individuals. For more information, as well as training and registration dates, call our sports office at 503-823-5124 or 503-823-5126. Ask about volunteer coaching positions and paid officials positions for our youth athletes teams.

FALL CROSS COUNTRY Open to all youth in grades 3-8, all-comer cross country meets are at Overlook Park on Thursdays starting September 14 at 4:30pm. A partnership with Foot Traffic, there is a $3 registration fee. For more information and to register logon to

FALL YOUTH VOLLEYBALL Team Registration for 4th-8th grade is September 5-15. Season: 8 weeks with an additional end of season tournament. Team registration forms are available to download from our website at portlandoregon. gov/parks/49037. Individual Registration is also available through For questions contact our office at 503-823-5124 or 503-823-5126.

WINTER YOUTH BASKETBALL Grades 3-High School. This is a team registration and requires the volunteer coach to register the team. Teams may be school based, group based, or a group of friends. Registration is October 9November 27. Season: 8 weeks with Saturday games beginning January 6, 2018. Log onto the Goldenball page at parks/48527 or call our office at 503-823-5124 or 503-823-5126.

Charles Jordan Community Center Presents

HARVEST HOOPLA Friday, October 27 • 6:00–8:00pm FREE! Come celebrate the Autumn season with an exciting harvest themed night of fun! 9009 North Foss Ave Portland, Oregon 97203

SENIOR RECREATION HIKES AND EXCURSIONS Dedicated to ensuring access to recreational, educational, and wellness opportunities for adults age 60+ throughout Portland and the surrounding areas. Coming this season are numerous opportunities to connect with new people, visit new places, and get out and explore! Visit for the most up to date information or call 503-823-4328.


FALL 2017

GATEWAY DISCOVERY PARK 10520 NE Halsey St Portland, OR 97220

5:00am–Midnight Accessible Playground • Skate Dot Picnic Tables • Restrooms Hard Scape Plaza • Outdoor Fitness Equipment For more information about the opening of Gateway Discovery Park, call 503-823-8087. Urban Park Supervisor: Alicia Hammock Recreation Coordinator: Marlene Zellars

1120 SW Fifth Ave Suite 1302 Portland, OR 97204 PORTLANDPARKS.ORG

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SUN Community Schools (Northeast) Fall/Winter Activities 2017-18  
SUN Community Schools (Northeast) Fall/Winter Activities 2017-18  

Fall and winter classes and activities at SUN Community Schools in Northeast Portland, Oregon