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REGISTRATION BEGINS SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 Go to PORTLANDPARKS.ORG, Click on the Register Now tab. Commissioner Amanda Fritz Director Mike Abbaté

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Fitness • Art • Sports • Music • Dance • Skate • Gymnastics Park Star Leagues • Trips • Special Events • Drop-in Activities • Swimming OFFER VALID OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 5, 2017 Excludes private lessons, educational preschool, afterschool programs, citywide sports leagues, and material/extra fees. Redeemable only at time of purchase. One discount per customer. Discount applied to lower priced purchase.


DancAbilities | AIR (Adaptive & Inclusive Recreation) Do you love to dance? Come join our dance crew for an all -abilities dance experience! Get up, get grooving and share the joy of dance with friends each week. Centennial SUN School Cafeteria 17650 SE Brooklyn • Portland, Oregon 97236 Wednesday 6:00 –7:00pm Instructor: Kathy Coleman FALL 10/4–11/1 Course: 1080063 $39

WINTER 1/10–2/7 Course: 1080065 $39

11/15–12/6 Course: 1080064 $23.50

2/14–3/7 Course: 1080066 $39

No class 11/22


FALL 2017

GATEWAY DISCOVERY PARK 10520 NE Halsey St Portland, OR 97220

5:00am–Midnight Accessible Playground • Skate Dot Picnic Tables • Restrooms Hard Scape Plaza • Outdoor Fitness Equipment For more information about the opening of Gateway Discovery Park, call 503-823-8087. Urban Park Supervisor: Alicia Hammock Recreation Coordinator: Marlene Zellars


17650 SE Brooklyn St, 97236


5109 SE 66th Avenue, 97206

Site Manager Dulce Salgado 503-916-6332

Soccer - Little Tykes 305 NE 102nd Avenue Portland, OR 97220 503-823-4328 Supervisor Curtis Scott 503-823-3382 ADA Accessible Entrances, Parking, Restrooms SUN Community Schools are an afterschool program in collaboration with Multnomah County, Portland Parks & Recreation, and Centennial, Reynolds, Parkrose, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, and Portland Public School Districts. Eleven SUN sites are operated by PP&R. Critical components of the program include academic support, social services, multicultural and cultural arts, recreation and leisure services, health services, and community involvement. Program Goals • Improve student achievement, attendance, increase positive engagement, and other skills for healthy development and academic success. • Increase parent and family involvement. • Increase community and business involvement. Improve collaboration among school districts, government, and community-based agencies. • Improve use of public facilities and services. • Provide resources for youth and their families, creating sustainable and healthy living. 44

Age 4-5 Warm up drills build skills & confidence for young players. Prepare for action as the ball moves down the field. Ball handling, starting & stopping basics, dribbling & following directions combine to make the goal. It's a kick! FALL 10/4-11/29 W 4:15-4:45pm Gym $14.50 1078052 WINTER 1/10-3/14 W 4:15-4:45pm Gym $16 1078233

Skateboarding - Flatground Basics

Age 8-10 Improve your technique! Put your deck to good use in an introduction to ollie & flip tricks. Work on carving, turning & manuals while setting and reaching goals through skill-focused coaching. Get rolling! FALL 10/5-10/26 Th 5:15-6:00pm Gym $32 1078229 11/2-12/7 Th 5:15-6:00pm Gym $32 1078230 WINTER 1/11-2/8 Th 5:15-6:00pm Gym $39.75 1078231 2/15-3/15 Th 5:15-6:0pm Gym $39.75 1078232

Site Manager Jeff Persell 503-762-3463

Cooking - 101

Age 8-12 Yummy! That smells good! You can do it! Mix, measure, dump & pour! Understand & develop the basics of culinary magic & create tasty dishes sure to amaze family & friends. Future chefs unite! FALL 10/3-12/5* Tu 6:00-7:00pm Room 603 $42 1077050 WINTER 1/9-3/6* Tu 6:00-7:00pm Room 603 $42 1077295 *No class: 10/31, 11/21, 1/23

An Introduction To Fencing

Age 8+ Experience the art of swordsmanship with a dynamic sport teaching safety, selfdiscipline, coordination, agility, stamina, speed & grace. Tactics, techniques, footwork & blade work build strength, balance & quick reactions & a mastery of strategy & a life-long recreational activity. FALL 10/5-12/7* Th 6:00-7:00pm Cafe $36 1077364 WINTER 1/11-3/15* Th 6:00-7:00pm Cafe $36 1077434 *No class: 11/9, 11/23, 1/25, 2/15

Intermediate Fencing

Age 8+ Touche! Enables quick thinking, personal control, poise, heightened reflexes, coordination & stamina. This sport is asymmetrical developing muscles other sports rarely use. Gain cardiovascular fitness & leg strength as you continue your training. Must have completed a beginning level course. FALL 10/5-12/7* Th 7:00-8:00pm Cafe $36 1077450 WINTER 1/11-3/15* Th 7:00-8:00pm Cafe $36 1077453 *No class: 11/9, 11/23, 1/25, 2/15




3119 SE Holgate Blvd, 97202

7200 SE 60th Avenue, 97206


Site Manager Annie Turtura 503-916-6421

Site Manager Travis Wells 503-916-2910


Skateboarding - Flatground Basics

Improve your technique! Put your deck to good use in an introduction to ollie & flip tricks. Work on carving, turning & manuals while setting and reaching goals through skill-focused coaching. Get rolling! Age 6-8 FALL 10/3-10/31 Gym-West

Clay - Developing Hand and Wheel Age 8+ If you want to try it all & don't mind getting your hands dirty, this is the class. Increase patience & coordination. Gain a sense of accomplishment using basic hand-building & wheel-throwing techniques & tools. Add color to your creations with glaze and see how the kiln works its magic. FALL 10/4-11/1 W 6:00-7:30pm $90 1080042 WINTER 2/14-3/14 W 6:00-7:30pm $90 1080193


Tu $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077457

11/7-12/5 Gym-West WINTER 1/9-2/6 Gym-West

Tu $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077465

Tu $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077484

2/13-3/13 Gym-West

Tu $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077486

Age 8-10 FALL 10/2-10/30 Gym-West


M $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077462


11/6-12 Gym-West WINTER 1/10-2/7 Gym - West

M $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077470

W $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077487

2/14-3/14 Gym-West

W $39.75

4:45-5:30pm 1077488

SCHOLARSHIPS For more information about scholarships, contact your preferred SUN Community School.


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES For senior citizens, retirees and grandparents to get involved in SUN Community Schools. • Share your expertise • Make new friends • Have fun • Be the difference Get to know your SUN community. Call 503-823-5121 today!


SUN COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Fencing - Introduction To Foil


5800 SE Ash St, 97215

Site Manager Chelsea Kimura 503-916-2915

Soccer - Little Stars

Age 4-6 Discover the fundamental skills of ball handling in a positive environment. Focus on technique while performing active games & drills. Make new friends & increase coordination while learning the game. It's a goal! FALL 9/27-12/6 W 4:45-5:45pm Gym-Large $34 1077524 WINTER 1/10-3/14 W 4:45-5:4pm Gym-Large $42.50 1078050

Soccer - Junior Scrimmage

Age 6-8 Participate in warm-up & game drills for skill development that lead to an action packed 'world cup' experience. Emphasis on teamwork, field positioning & cooperative plays. Let's kick! FALL 9/27-12/6 W 5:45-6:45pm Gym-Large $34 1077972 WINTER 1/10-3/14 W 5:45-6:45pm Gym-Large $42.50 1078051


Age 8+ Experience the art of swordsmanship with a dynamic sport teaching safety, self-discipline, coordination, agility, stamina, speed & grace. Tactics, techniques, footwork & blade work build strength, balance & quick reactions & a mastery of strategy & a life-long recreational activity. FALL 10/2-12/4 M 4:00-5:00pm Gym - Large $45 1077945 WINTER 1/8-3/12 M 4:00-5:00pm Gym - Large $31.50 1078047

Knitting and Crochet Basics

Age 9-13 Discover an art form that is not only beautiful but functional, too. Hone fine motor skills while making simple projects such as scarves, hats or vests. Wear your own creations or use them as gifts! FALL 9/27-12/6 W 4:00-5:00pm Room 105 $20 1077516 WINTER 1/10-3/14 W 4:00-5:00pm Room 105 $20 1078046

Fitness - Yoga: Conditioning

Age: 14+ Relaxation is one of the most important & beneficial skills to learn. Benefit mind & body while expanding strength, stamina & flexibility. An excellent way to learn to meet the changing demands of daily life while increasing a sense of well being. FALL 10/3-12/5 Tu 6:15-7:15pm Media $60 1077947 WINTER 1/9-3/13 Tu 6:15-7:15pm Media $60 1078049

Portland Parks & Recreation

Belly Dancing Discovery

Age 16+ Tone your body using this mind-body exercise technique. Non-impact exercises work the deep abdominal muscles to help achieve efficient & graceful movement. These precise motions help to strengthen & stretch the body without adding bulk. Improve posture & experience a lowered risk of injury. FALL 10/2-12/11 M 6:30-8:30pm Cafeteria $20 1078043 WINTER 1/8-3/12 M 6:30-8:30pm Cafeteria $14 1078044 NEW

Book Club

Age 60+ Three months, three books, one club! Meet monthly for a lively round table discussion on books of choice. At the first meeting we will be discussing the book: The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning. This is an exciting historical adventure novel with a strong female lead. Bring two titles or themed reading recommendations with a short synopsis to share with the group. FALL 10/11-12/13 W 6:00-7:30pm $15 1080428



Alice Ott SUN Community School 12500 SE Ramona, 97236

Site Manager: Alex Rivera 503-823-2279

Arleta SUN Community School 5109 SE 66th, 97206

Site Manager: Dulce Salgado 503-916-6332

Beaumont SUN Community School 4043 NE Fremont, 97212

Site Manager: TBD 503-916-5615

Centennial SUN Community School 17650 SE Brooklyn, 97236

Site Manager: Jeff Persell 503-762-3463


Faubion SUN Community School 3039 NE Rosa Parks Way, 97211

Site Manager: Aly'ce Brannon-Reid 503-916-5694


Grout SUN Community School 3119 SE Holgate, 97202

Site Manager: Annie Turtura 503-916-6421


Lane SUN Community School 7200 SE 60th, 97206

Site Manager: Travis Wells 503-916-2910


Mt Tabor SUN Community School 5800 SE Ash, 97215

Site Manager: Chelsea Kimura 503-916-2915

Parkrose SUN Community School 12003 NE Shaver, 97220

Site Manager: Travis Richardson 503-408-2640


Roseway Heights SUN Community School Site Manager: Shelby Coshow 7334 NE Siskiyou, 97213 503-916-5865 Sitton SUN Community School 9930 N Smith, 97203

Site Manager: Rachael Dibble 503-916-5654


Snowflakes in Sellwood Holiday Bazaar Saturday, December 2 10:00am–4:00pm Join us for our annual Snowflakes in Sellwood Holiday Bazaar! A great place to find unique gifts while supporting local vendors! Interested in being a vendor? Call 503-823-3195.

Sellwood Community Center 1436 SE Spokane Street • Portland, Oregon 97202


FAMILY science night Monday, December 18 6:00–8:00pm OMSI

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

1945 SE Water Ave. Portland, Oregon 97214

FREE for TeenForce Pass Holders! TeenForce pass holders, receive free admission to OMSI for you and your entire family.

swim | climb | create dance | sing | jump | throw kids' day off camps school break camps | classes Recreation activities all year! Fall registration begins September 5.

WELCOME TO ADAPTIVE BIKETOWN Adaptive BIKETOWN is Portland’s adaptive bike rental program. The program’s goal is to increase biking access for people with disabilities.

Make a reservation and learn more at

Sellwood Community Center Presents

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR CARNIVAL & CAFE Monday, October 30 • 6:30-8:00pm

Start your Halloween season off at a fun-filled evening for all ages! Proceeds benefit local youth and families. For the kids there is a carnival with lots of games, activities and prizes. Enjoy our café serving spooky snacks and more. Bring 2 cans of food and receive 4 free game tickets. 2 cans of food per person limit. Purchase additional tickets for 4 for $1. 1436 SE Spokane Street • Portland, Oregon 97202

1120 SW Fifth Ave Suite 1302 Portland, OR 97204 PORTLANDPARKS.ORG

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Keeping Portland a City of Parks

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SUN Community Schools (Southeast) Fall/Winter Activities 2017-18  
SUN Community Schools (Southeast) Fall/Winter Activities 2017-18  

Fall and winter classes and activities at SUN Community Schools in Southeast Portland, Oregon