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5109 SE 66th Avenue, 97206

Site Manager Jennifer Garcia 503-916-6332

Skateboarding - Flatground Basics 305 NE 102nd Avenue Portland, OR 97220 503-823-4328 Supervisor Curtis Scott 503-823-3382

Age 8-10 Improve your technique! Put your deck to good use in an introduction to ollie and flip tricks. Work on carving, turning, and manuals while setting and reaching goals through skill-focused coaching. Get rolling! Tu 10/2-10/30 5:15-6:00pm $39.75 1085910 Tu 11/6-12/11 5:15-6:00pm $39.75 1085911

ADA Accessible Entrances, Parking, Restrooms SUN Community Schools are an afterschool program in collaboration with Multnomah County, Portland Parks & Recreation, and Centennial, Reynolds, Parkrose, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, and Portland Public School Districts. Eleven SUN sites are operated by PP&R. Critical components of the program include academic support, social services, multicultural and cultural arts, recreation and leisure services, health services, and community involvement. Program Goals • Improve student achievement, attendance, increase positive engagement, and other skills for healthy development and academic success. • Increase parent and family involvement. • Increase community and business involvement. Improve collaboration among school districts, government, and community-based agencies. • Improve use of public facilities and services. • Provide resources for youth and their families, creating sustainable and healthy living. 112

SCHOLARSHIPS For more information about scholarships, contact your preferred SUN Community School.

Woodstock Community Center - Fall/Winter 2018-19  
Woodstock Community Center - Fall/Winter 2018-19