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Parent/Child Music, Dance & Fitness Classes (Adult required to attend) Although we register only the child, parent or caregiver involvement is essential to these classes. Baby Boogie age: 1-3 Wiggle & giggle with rhythmic movement. A variety of dance skills & styles taught through nursery rhymes incorporated with play. Large motor skills & body awareness are the first steps towards a life long love of dance. W 12:45pm-1:15pm Rebecca H. 394580 6 Classes 1/9-2/13 $35 394581 5 Classes 2/20-3/20 $30 394704 6 Classes 4/3-5/8 $35 394705 5 Classes 5/15-6/12 $30 Toddle Time age: 1½-3 Wave your arms & wiggle your toes! Parents & tots are invited to a shoes-off exercise & learning experience. Enjoy the magic of song, dance, rhythm & movement. Focus is on imagination, coordination & most of allhaving a great time together! F 10:15am-10:45am Rebecca H. 394691 6 Classes 1/11-2/15 $35 394692 5 Classes 2/22-3/22 $30 394776 6 Classes 4/5-5/10 $35 394777 5 Classes 5/17-6/14 $30 Music-Toddler Sing Along age: 1½-3 Discover songs & musical activities with your child. Through hands-on experiences playing bouncing & wiggling musical games, take home new lullabies & songs. W 2:45pm-3:15pm Rebecca H. 395248 6 Classes 1/9-2/13 $35 395249 5 Classes 2/20-3/20 $30 395250 6 Classes 4/3-5/8 $35 395251 5 Classes 5/15-6/12 $30 Tumble, Twirl, Turn & Twist! age: 1½-3 Does your child start moving when the music begins? Discover the joys of combining gymnastics & dance through movement, music, tumbling & apparatus. Gain musicality, poise, balance & flexibility as you tumble & twirl. F 9:45am-10:15am Rebecca H. 394697 6 Classes 1/11-2/15 $35 394698 5 Classes 2/22-3/22 $30 394782 6 Classes 4/5-5/10 $35 394783 5 Classes 5/17-6/14 $30

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Laurelhurst Studio Dance Program for Children The Laurelhurst Dance program affords a variety of choices to introduce dance to children starting from 1yr. & up. For the youngest ages, we have parent & child classes where adult involvement is essential to the class. The discovery of music, rhythm & movement in a shared experience enhances the bond between parent & child. Toddlers can work on their balance & coordination with Baby Boogie, 1-3yrs., Tumble, Twirl, Turn & Twist, 1½-3yrs., Tumble Bugs, 2-5yrs., Head over Heels Gymnastics or Toddler Gym, 3-5yrs. They may explore music & fantasy with Toddler Sing Along, 1½-3yrs., Toddle Time, 1½-3yrs., Dance, Dance, Dance or DanceMovement & Me, 2-5yrs. Children ages 3-5yrs. benefit from an introduction to the dance curriculum with classes like Terrific Twirling Threes & Fours or Ballet, Jazz & Tap Fundamentals, 3-5yrs. which explores several forms of movement such as tap, ballet, jazz or hip hop. These classes ready each child for other areas of learning such as academics & sports. A child may repeat our classes as new concepts & materials will continue to be introduced. Also, Pre-Ballet-Where Dreams Begin for ages 3-5yrs. or 4-5yrs., Tap Dance-Tiny Tappers, 4-6yrs. or DanceTiny Hip Hoppers, 3-5yrs. or 4-6yrs., or Dance-Joy in Motion, 4-6yrs. may be added at this point. We also offer classes in some of these dance forms for children ages 7yrs & up. who want to continue training as well as older beginning dancers. For those wanting to explore more than one type of activity, we have combination classes such as Ballet, Jazz & Tap Fundamentals for Older Kids, 6-10yrs. Each class & level explores new material & continues with exercises to establish the strengths & skills evident in posture, alignment, coordination & initiative. At age 8 years, children are eligible to join the studio’s Youth Ballet Training Program with Jojo Hills & Mara Cogswell. See that section for more detailed information.

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