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Portland Parks & Recreation Tae Kwon Do – Shelby & Ron Williams Program: Get your ‘kicks’ with us! Discover a traditional Korean martial art. Great lifelong aerobic exercise for the entire family. Emphasis on the 5 tenets of Tae Kwon Do: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control & indomitable spirit. Achieve your black belt goals! Lead Instructors: Master Shelby Williams, 5th degree black belt & Ron Williams, 4th degree black belt. Assisted by advanced black belt students. The additional teachers allow for small group instruction. Class Structure: Warm-ups, hand techniques, forms, kicking drills, combinations & sparring. Advanced students demonstrate strength through the breaking of wood boards. Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes such as sweat suits. Uniforms are not required until time of the first test, purchased through the instructor.

Family Rate: Families (parents, children & siblings) are welcome; first family member is full price; additional family members are discounted $5. New Students: accepted throughout the term. Fees are prorated. Family rate not prorated.

  Tae Kwon Do Kids Th 5:30-6:15pm 393045 7 classes 1/3-2/14 393046 7 classes 2/21-4/4 394113 7 classes 4/11-5/23 394114 7 classes 5/30-7/11

age: 5–7 A. Holm $20 $20 $20 $20

 Tae Kwon Do - Traditional age: 8 & up M, Th 6:15-7:15pm Williams 389763 14 classes 11/5-12/27 $35 393205 14 classes 1/7-2/21 $35 393207 14 classes 2/25-4/11 $35 394834 14 classes 4/15-5/30 No class 5/27 $35

Youth Class: Taught by Ann Holm, 2nd degree black belt. Students develop better coordination, strength & flexibility with drills & sparring. Children in this program may graduate to the class taught by Shelby & Ron Williams, at age 8 yrs. Opportunities, Testing & Promotions: 4 months of classes is typical prior to first test. Opportunities to participate in Jr. Rose Festival Parade, local & regional tournaments, clinics, demonstrations & promotions. (Some additional fees may apply).

! s t r A l a i Mixed Mart

for ages

10-15 & 16 & up

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a hybrid of kickboxing, submission grappling/ Jiu Jitsu & Self Defense. Get into shape with basic MMA & kickboxing techniques. Fast paced, non-threatening environment. Instructor has trained for over 5 years with some of PDX’s top MMA athletes & brings a fun, relaxed teaching style to assist you with MMA basics, self defense & physical fitness!

Class size is very limited – sign up early.


great for teens!

For ages 10-15 393064 Sa, 6 classes 1:30-3pm 393065 Sa, 6 classes 1:30-3pm

1/12-2/196 3/2-4/6

$34 $34

For ages 16 & up (younger students ok with instructor approval) 393066 Th, 6 classes 7-8:30pm 1/10-2/14 $34 393067 Th, 6 classes 7-8:30pm 2/21-3/28 $34


For ages 16 & up 393068 Sa, 6 classes 3:00-4:30pm 1/12-2/16 393069 Sa, 6 classes 3:00-4:30pm 3/2-4/6

$34 $34

“I enrolled my son in MMA to learn self defense. What I got was a young man with higher self esteem, improved peer relationships, and who can defend himself”. Jenny Baker, parent of teen in EPCC’s popular MMA program.

Register On-Line at 39


Two Programs: 5-7 yrs and 8 yrs & up

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