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May Events P o r t l a n d Wa l d o r f S c h o o l ’ s A n n u a l

M ay Faire Saturday, May 4, 2013 • 11 am-4 pm

Maypole (at Noon), GAmes, Vendors, Food, Music, Family Fun....everyone is welcome

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Come one, come all...

By Dena zimbel

MAY FAIRE IS HERE! Come one, Come all and

Bring your picnic blanket to settle around the

celebrate the annual PWS May Faire on Saturday,

Maypole at noon and enjoy the 6th grade students

May 4th. Are you ready to wish winter farewell and

doing the traditional Maypole dance. Bring a picnic

welcome spring? Come gather from 11:00 to 4:00

lunch, or support the 7th Grade Food Carts, which

to celebrate the season at our May Faire Celebra-

will offer delicious and nutritious selections to enjoy.

tion. This year’s festival will revive some traditional favorites and toss in some new fun - from food carts to “better gnomes and gardens” … and … a miniature horse! Look for activities for all ages throughout

We haven’t ordered any hurricanes this year, but our spring weather is quirky, so plan accordingly - from sunscreen to raingear - the ground may be wet.

the grounds. Enjoy the musical guests, folk dancing,

Transportation and Parking

unicycles and - oh yes – The May Queen at Noon!

We encourage using mass transit or bicycles as transportation to the event (however, there is no bike riding on the school grounds during the event). Please do not park in the local neighborhoods. Parking lots at the Chase Bank, Key Bank, and City Hall are available for overflow parking. Look for tulip signs to indicate these overflow parking locations. (cont on page 2)

The Vendor Marketplace will offer wonderful artisan crafts and be worth a visit for young and old alike. The Spring Creek Store will be open from 1:00 ‘til 3:00. What to Bring In keeping with May Faire tradition, consider dressing in white or spring colors.

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

May Faire cont.

By Dena zimbel

Neighborly Advice This event is open to the public; please invite your friends and neighbors. Because it is open to the public, we ask that you directly supervise your children. Please set an example for visitors by following all the normal playground rules. For instance, the hexamid is only for children Grade 2 and up. It is not safe to have early childhood children on this climbing structure. We appreciate all parents playing a part in keeping this event safe for all. There will be a welcome area where scrip is sold and this will also be the location for questions about activities, first aid, lost children, and help of any kind.

*This year our onsite co-ordinator is Shaun Lowcock. If you need info on the day of May Faire his contact is 503-206-1207.

Thank You to all the parents, faculty and staff that have come together as a community to make this a magical day for the children. We all know the more who join together to help out, the easier it is for all. Please see the volunteer sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the entrance hall to donate your time.

your $ to a great cause! Please bring a cup and

**Prior to the event please contact Dena Zimbel at

Mayfaire Food Carts The forecast says sunshine on Saturday!!! So leave your umbrellas at home and bring your hungry bellies to Mayfaire where you can enjoy a feast and put napkin to help elimnate excessive waste!!! The Class of 2018 parents and students and Ms. Peirce will be hosting a Mayfaire Cartopia with deli-

Have a Great time Everybody!

cious home-made lunches (and then dinner-to-go)

Spring Greens needed We need spring greens and flowers from your yards! Bring them to school on Friday, May 3rd . Look for buckets and signs near entrances to indicate where to leave them.

to support the students’ Eighth Grade trip! (Seems

Please lend us your canopy’s or pop-up tents for the event. Make sure they are marked for easy identification, and leave them in the hall by the boy’s locker room.

like yesterday they were singing their lantern songs and learning their times tables, but their last class trip is just around the corner, next year!) There will be carts offering something for everyone, including omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free’s a sneak preview to whet your appetite:

Better bears and bunnies The fifth grade is collecting gently used stuffed animals for prizes for their May Faire activity - Better Gnomes and Gardens.

Waldorf bowls (rice/beans and tasty topings)

Cake Walk The much loved cake walk is back this year! Dust off your aprons and cake pans and bake a cake, cupcakes or other delectable treat to help make this a delicious and fun activity. All types of ingredients are welcome.

Hot Dogs and potato salad

Salad rolls with dipping sauce (handmade and rolled by 7th grade students) Chicken skewers Sweet desserts ...and more! Come by, say hi and grab a bite! We appreciate your support!

~the 7th Grade

Thank you to Work Party Helpers

by brendan eiswerth

We had a successful work party April 27. Trees were planted, weeds were pulled, playground rules signs were constructed, cedar chips and sand were spread in play areas plus many areas in and out of the school were cleaned. Thank you so much to all those that helped out. Big thanks to Kelly Tidrick for all her help

picking up and making food and big thanks to Jeff Bergstrom for coordinating and picking up all the trees. Join us for a big back to school clean-up/work party/ BBQ August 24th. page 2

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

Spring Creek Store

m ay 2013

By Yvonne Cseko

May Make One Take One Calendar Calling all crafters! Join us for our Thursday morning craftiness. May 2nd– Table top May Pole for seasonal table May 9th– Fairy House ($5 for take home house) May 16th– Felted tree (part 1)

12th Grade Graduation welcomes Beth Burns of p:ear By jeffrey levy

May 23rd– Felted tree (part 2) If you have not attended a graduation ceremony May Faire

at PWS, this is the year to experience a Saturday

The store will be open during the May Faire, from

of celebration on June 8. As much as any event at

1:00 -4:00 pm. We will be having our annual sale.

PWS, the high school graduation shows a picture

Everything will be 20% off (except consigned

of the meaning and results of Waldorf education.

items) and Dr. Hauschka will be on sale at 25%

Not only for family and friends of the graduates,

off. Look for our PWS cookbook and t-shirt table,

the ceremony makes clear in a heart-warming way

with a selection of goodies from the cookbook.

how independence, community and compassion are fostered in our school. Each of the sixteen

Knitting with Stacy

graduates is presented to the audience with insight

Make a Triangular scarf with a “tattered” design.

and love by the faculty and both the individuality

Starting Friday, May 17th, May 24th and finishing

and the group character of the class becomes

up on May 31st. No charge for the class, however

palpable. If you are a new parent at the school, or

you will need to supply your own needles and

an interested community member, graduation makes

yarn. Please contact Yvonne for more information

clear the benefits and values of PWS.

and to register. Along with the presentation of each students a class member is chosen to give a brief talk and a keynote speaker addresses both the class and the audience. This year, Beth Burns will be sharing her insights. Ms. Burns is the Executive Director of p:ear, a Portland-based non-profit that is dedicated to "creatively mentoring homeless youth." Her passionate work has made a difference in the lives of numerous young people and helped them beyond the immediate struggles of homelessness. Please consider the opportunity to rejoice in the completion of 12 years of Waldorf education for these students, their families and all of us that are part of the PWS community. Graduation: PWS Gymnasium, Saturday, June 8 at 2:00 pm.

A big thank you to all our wonderful crafty handworkers for your participation on Thursdays. To date we have generated $800 in sales with our handmade items. We look forward to next autumn when we start up again. A very special thank you to Kayt Lejeck for her exceptional, creative energy in leading many of the classes. page 3

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

Office of Admissions

m ay 2013

By Mary Beaton

Only seven more weeks of school! With the year winding down, we are starting to host our “lasts” of the 2012/13 school year. On May 9th we will be hosting our final Walk Through the

Upcoming Events at PWS

Grades. The Walk Through, a behind the scenes tour of PWS includes visits to classrooms (while they’re in session) and closes with a Q&A with faculty and administration. This is the perfect opportunity for new parents to be introduced to PWS and for current parents to get a peek ahead at what comes next. PWS middle school parents are warmly welcome to attend the highschool-only tour. Also in May are two introductory events specifically for parents with children age 6 and under. On May 13th the EC Faculty are hosting an information evening for parents who’d like to learn more about PWS, Waldorf education and our mixed-age preschool/kindergartens, which now serve 3/4/5/6 year olds. Then on Saturday, May 18th whole families are welcome to come play in our kindergartens and get a Taste of the magic that happens each day in the Trillium, Rose and Lily classrooms. This special morning includes creative free play, circle time, breadmaking and puppet show, allowing prospective parents to personally experience our dynamic curriculum. PWS preschool

Thursday, May 9 from 9:00-10:30am Walk Through the Grades a complete look at PWS for parents interested in preschool through high school classes Monday, May 13 from 6:30-7:30pm Intro to Waldorf Preschool for parents of children age 6 and under Saturday, May 18 from 10:00-11:30am A Taste of Waldorf for families interested in our parent/child, preschool and kindergarten classes

and parent/child families are also welcome to join us! Hope to see some of you this month! And thanks again for referring your colleagues, neighbors and’s been great to meet and introduce them to our wonderful school! Feel free to share our May events as well.

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m ay 2013

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

A Cry of Players (Senior Play) By jeffrey levy

A young man barely out of his teens, married with three children, can find no peace within the rigid

Walnut Hill Garden by Anne-Marie Bley

small-town order in which he finds himself. His

Come visit the early childhood garden at Walnut

words, his thoughts, his feelings fly, but everyone

Hill and watch the sunflower house grow tall and

around him wants humdrum obedience. When


a troupe of players appears with their gift of imagination and poetry, Will finds himself torn

Peas and beans are soon to be planted on the

between what is and what might be. The local

new trellises. Thank you to Bryan and son Florian

mayor is determined that Will’s wildness comply

(Lily Kindergarten) for their helping hands.

with his authority, and Will’s wife Anne is equally

Appreciation to Jacob Campabello (grade 12) for

torn between love and betrayal.

single-handedly and in no time at all, digging and shaping a bed that took Ms Sonia and Ms Anne-

Although A Cry of Players is allegedly about

Marie a full day of brow mopping. And lastly,

young Shakespeare, it is really the story of any

thank you to grade eight for your plant sale. We

young artist who will not obey what is. The class

plan to be loyal customers!

of 2013 is setting the story in the Old West and is proud to invite the Waldorf community (mature themes, grades 7 and up) to performances, May 30, 31, June 1 at 7p.m. and Sunday, June 2 at 5

Handwork News!

by francine adams

p.m. The production will once again be in the

The College of Teachers is pleased to announce

Cellar Theatre (Egvedt Hall) on the campus of

that Mariama Loos-Diallo will be joining our faculty

Warner Pacific College, $8 adults and $6 students.

as the Lead Handwork teacher for grades 1-5. Miss Mariama has been the capable Handwork assistant to Mrs. Munske for the past 5 years. She has seamlessly stepped into the lead position

Poetry Recital

By jeffrey levy

whenever Mrs. Munske was in need of a substitute. The children know her well as their other

The Seniors will be reciting poetry in the Music

Handwork teacher and will find the transition to be

room at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8.

a smooth one.

Muscular, passionate, silly, intimate - the selection

Mariama graduated Magna Cum Laude from

of voices by the seniors will awake your ears,

Whitman College where she received a BA in

touch your heart, elicit a laugh and remind you

Post-Colonial Studies. She is now in the process

how much the human spirit can sing! Amid

of completing the Waldorf Handwork Teacher

the welter of advertisement, faux news and

Training at the Rudolf Steiner College. A Waldorf

thoughtless speech, take the opportunity to hear

student herself, and an alumna of the Portland

real speech again and rise to the occasion.

Waldorf School, Mariama is an ardent hand worker and fiber artist with a great many talents and skills in the field. We are confident the Handwork program will thrive in her strong and very capable hands. Please join with us in welcoming her to this new position at the school.

page 5

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

Flour Mill Auction a huge success!

may 2013

by sara case

Dear PWS Community, Thank you! Thank you for your time, support, excitement, and many volunteer hours over the recent months to help put on an amazing event celebrating our 30 years as a school. The tables and decorations have all been put away, but the community experience will not soon be forgotten. We also exceeded our goals on Saturday! Numbers are still preliminary, but it looks like we grossed just over $135,000 and netted $115,000. This is $45,000 over our goal! Included in this is $18,650 raised to support faculty development. Andrew Cohen, 2nd and Rose K parent, stood up and asked the community to join in helping our teachers and the response was amazing! Thank you, Andrew! There are so many people that made this event possible and so many thank yous, hugs, and high fives to make this week! Today, however, I would like to acknowledge our Auction Chair, Christina Carpenter, who worked tirelessly and without whom this event could not have been possible. Her excitement and enthusiasm kept us all going throughout this entire process. I’d also like to thank our amazing Auction Committee, who worked evenings, weekends, and everything in between to ensure a successful event. Thank you Suzanne Shelley, Barbara Andersen, Yvonne Cseko, Kristi Damour and our data guru Michelle Averill. And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank our auctioneer, Grant Putnam. Not only did Grant help make the evening a wonderful success and donate exciting items to the auction, he dedicated so many hours to helping make this auction a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you to Christopher Zinn for his moving words about the importance of supporting Tuition Assistance. For all who missed the lovely video (click here to watch) shared just before Christopher spoke, or for those who would like to enjoy it again, we have added it below! Auctions take a full year to plan, and if you’d like to be on the Auction Committee for next year’s auction, we’d sure love to have you join us! Please let me know!

Welcome Andrew Cohen, new board member

by wendy rea

Andrew and his wife Lisa began their journey at PWS in 2006 with the Parent Child program. They have two sons, Ezra, in Second Grade, and Reuben, in the Rose Kindergarten. Andrew is a full-time Instructor of Composition, Literature and Creative Writing at Portland Community College (Sylvania), where he has taught for the last ten years. He has also taught literature and writing at Clackamas Community College, Pacific University, and University of Portland, as well as through the Literary Arts program, Writers-in-the Schools. He currently serves on the PWS Seismic Committee. Andrew grew up in New York City, received a BA in English from Tufts University and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Michigan. page 6

may 2013

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

Media, Electronics and the Waldorf Student

By virginia berg

How can we help our children develop a healthy relationship with media and technology? Spend an evening with experienced educators, a doctor, and a PWS Alumni and software developer to explore this question. A special panel discussion during National Screen Free Week. Wednesday, May 1st 7-9pm in the HS Music Room. Panelists: Aaron Parecki, PWS

Media, Electronics & the Waldorf Student The Answer is “YES.” The Question is “WHEN?”

Wednesday, May 1st 7-9pm, HS Music Room Spend an evening with experienced educators, a doctor, and a PWS Alumni and software developer exploring healthy relationships with technology.

Panelists will include: Aaron Parecki: PWS Alumnus, co-founder of Geoloqi, a location-based software company (obtained by Esri in 2012). Aaron was included in Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30. Dr. Padeen Quinn: Physician at Quest center for Integrative Health and faculty at East-West College and mother of three grown children Dr. Quinn and Aaron will be joined by our own Christopher Zinn, HS Humanities Teacher, Cyndia Askhar, Early Childhood Teacher and Kathleen Taylor, our 3rd Grade Teacher.

Alumnus, co-founder of Geoloqi, a location-based software co (obtained by Esii in 2012). Aaron was listed in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 30 under 30. Dr. Padeen Quinn, Physician at Quest center for Integrative Health and faculty at

Portland Waldorf School

2300 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR 97222


East-West College and mother of three grown children. Dr. Quinn and Aaron will be joined by our own Chrstopher Zinn, HS Humanities Teacher, Cyndia Askhar, Early Childhood Teacher and Kathleen Taylor, our 3rd Grade Teacher. Join us for what is sure to be a great conversation!

Farewell Mr. Cromie

By kathleen taylor

Michael Cromie is retiring after 24 years at PWS. It

the school, one sees how Michael’s stamp is on so

is hard to imagine PWS without Michael Cromie in

many events and activities that are integral to life at

the gym and on the field. Michael joined PWS in 1989

PWS. Michael began organizing the Olympiad for the

after moving here from Michigan with his family. His

schools in Oregon in 1991. The Regional 7th and 8th

daughter Leah entered the kindergarten that year.

grade track meet began under his direction in 1991

Michael had been working for 12 years in the Detroit

in Portland. It later moved to Eugene. The Medieval

Park and Recreation department as a recreation

Games have been a regional event for ten years.

therapist. Michael dove into the running of the school right away. He was on the Board of Trustees, the

Michael said that he has been very happy to be able

College and working on the grounds and facilities

to bring marker experiences to the students that

committee helping guide the school through several

connect to the curriculum. Some of the highlights

moves. He taught PE classes part time and drove the

of his work here have included the circus arts


program- now twelve years old. He also was happy to inaugurate the middle school sports program

He joined the first Spacial Dynamics training offered

beginning with cross country and now including

in the U.S. in 1989. By 1993 he was working full time

basketball, volleyball, track and ultimate Frisbee.

as a the PWS movement teacher and knew he had found his home. Looking back over his 24 years at

(cont page 8) page 7

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

m ay 2013

By francine adams

Mr. Cromie cont.

Having taught for so many years in many different spaces, he was thrilled when we were able to move to our current, permanent site. It did mean that he taught grades 2-12 for our first year in the building, though! Under his guidance, movement has a place as a core value in our school. He helped develop a program that meets the children with the right activity at the right time. Michael has a son that is an alumni of the school as well as a daughter, Grace, in 6th grade. While he will no longer be a fixture in the gym, he will no doubt stay involved in the life of the school.

Good-bye Ms. Cox

By francine adams

We are grateful to the many pioneers of the school

mantle of Therapeutic Eurythmist in the school. For

who were instrumental in bringing this school and

a number of years children have spent time doing

Waldorf Education to Portland and the Northwest.

“Special” Eurythmy with her and will remember the

It is rare that these individuals stayed on and taught

fun they had with her as she wove their lesson with

throughout the life of the school and were witness

her beautiful movement and gifted storytelling. For

to the marvelous growth and stability the education

a long stretch of years, her two daughters, Sarah

has brought to the region. One such pioneer is

and Raewyn, were students in the school. Sarah

Lesley Cox, who will be retiring at the end of the

was in the first ever first grade and Raewyn was

school year.

here when students were able to go from the Early Childhood through to a twelfth grade graduation.

Mrs. Cox was raised in Portland and attended

With her entire family from her husband Ron Ennis

college at Oregon State University where she

to her parents Beryl and Jim Cox there has been no

received a B.S. is Language Arts and Education

shortage of love and support lavished on the school.

and a 5th year in Education. She became a middle school Humanities teacher in Dallas, Oregon, but

In addition to the work in the classroom, Lesley has

soon after began to wonder if there was more

served on the board of Trustees, chaired the College

to education out there in the big world. Upon

of Teachers and has held numerous positions on

discovering the works of Rudolf Steiner in a Corvallis

school committees. Most notably she has been a

bookstore, she traveled to England, her country

long standing member serving on the Student Care

of birth, to complete the Waldorf Teacher Training

and Teacher Search Committees. Lesley has been

at Emerson College. Subsequently she decided to

instrumental each year in producing the grand

study Eurythmy and finished her Eurythmy Training

multi-tiered “celebration cake” that has come to be

in Spring Valley, New York. Lesley returned to

a standard for the senior graduation. Lesley is also

Portland in 1985 after accepting a teaching position

well known for her knowledge and love of gardening.

at Portland Waldorf School. Lesley began in the

To that end she has contributed her knowledge in

school by teaching Handwork in grades 1-3 and

the selection and planting arrangement for many of

Eurythmy to the Kindergarten through third grade

the plants growing on our school grounds. Lastly,

children. This was a time when teachers needed

her vibrant flower arrangements for assemblies,

to be adept at many skills and mastery was just a

special events, hallways and classrooms over the

given. Multiple hats were the norm, but in the case

years have added a sense of beauty and artistry to

of Mrs. Cox it was her expertise and attention to the

the school environment. Please join us as we herald

needs of the children that was so important. Early

this pioneer of Portland Waldorf School, Lesley Cox,

on, through the guidance of Ilse Kolbeschovske from

and wish her well as she transitions to a life outside

the Eugene Waldorf School, Mrs. Cox took up the

the school. page 8

h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

May 2013

Offerings and Opportunities

For the month May, PWS 11th Grade parent Jewelie Randall will be donating 20% of profits from customers who say they’re shopping for the class of 2014. (Flora is located at 917 SW Washington Street in downtown Portland. Open 11-6 Mon-Sat & Noon-12 on Sunday.) Funds raised will go towards the class of 2014 Senior Trip

Now enrolling for Summer!

F A R M – L I F E EXPERIENCE 5 days/4 nights (Monday-Friday)

Various weeks throughout June, July, and August Please contact for availability Milking goats Feeding the animals Collecting eggs Gardening/composting Cooking and baking Arts & crafts $395 for week long stay Accommodations in the historic farm house ***Limit of four students per week, ages 8-16 ***

Hawks Grove: a horse empowerment program

GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society 12390 Sunnyview Rd NE, Silverton, OR 97317 503.873.3406

by a Waldorf Mom. Camps, therapy, and more.; 503-351-5840.

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h e a r t b e a t / PORTLAND WALDORF SCHOOL

may mon








Media, Electronics & Waldorf 7pm

Grade 7 Play 7pm

5/3 PWS Community Choir 8:45 am

5/4 HS Track Meet, 11am @ Portland Christian School

Adult Eurythmy 8:45 am Grade 7 Play, 8:30 am

May Faire 11-4pm

HS Boys Baseball, 4:30, Portland Lutheran








Parent Council 7-9pm

HS Boys Baseball, 4:30 @Faith Bible

HS Senior Poetry Reading, 7pm HS Music Room

Walk Through the Grades 9-10:30pm

PWS Community Choir 8:45 am

HS Prom @ Pendarvis Farm

5th Grade Olympiad @ PWS

Adult Eurythmy 8:45 am

HS Boys Baseball, 4:30@Sherwood HS

HS Boys Baseball, 4:30, Perrydale HS

Fifth Grade Olympiad, 8:305pm @PWS



Grade 8 Play, 7-9pm

Grade 8 Play, 9-11am

5/17 PWS Community Choir 8:45 am

5/18 HS Track Districts

Adult Eurythmy 8:45 am

Rose Pt Mtg, 9:30-11:30am

Lily Pt. Mtg, 7-8:30

Grade 8 Play, 9-11am


Grade 3 Pt. Mtg, 7-8:30pm

Grade 8 Play, 7-9 pm

HS Eurythmy Assembly,11-noon in the Gym

HS Track Districts

5/12 5/13


Anthroposophical Study Group, Orchard Rm. 7:309pm


Grade 7 Pt. Mtg, 6:30-8:30



5/23 HS Track State

Board Meeting 6:00 pm

5/24 PWS Community Choir 8:45 am Adult Eurythmy 8:45 am HS Track State

5/27 Holiday, no school


5/25 Grade 6, Medieval Games Regional Event 5/26





Grades Eurythmy Assembly, 11am

Senior Play @ Warner Pacific College, 7pm

PWS Community Choir 8:45 am

Senior Play @ Warner Pacific College, 7pm

Grade 5 Pt Mtg, 6:30-8pm

Adult Eurythmy 8:45 am Senior Play @ Warner Pacific College, 7pm page 10

May 2013 Heartbeat  

Portland Waldorf School's monthly newsletter

May 2013 Heartbeat  

Portland Waldorf School's monthly newsletter