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How To Identify That He Is Just Not That Into You

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When He Prefers Texts Or Mails Rather Than Calling You When your partner is not calling you and giving excuses that he is busy, it may happen that you are actually not in his mind. By texting, he can really hide his true feelings.

When He Is Making Last Minute Plans To See You When your partner is calling you just at the last minute, it may so happen that you were not his first choice to spend the evening. You may be the readily available girl for him always.

When He Is Reluctant In Introducing You To His Parents When your partner is avoiding the ‘introduction’ session with his family or friends, he is just not that into you. He may also be reluctant to introduce you to his close friends. He might be afraid that his past mistakes may come up by their discussions.

He Stops Mentioning ‘We’ In The Conversations When he is not including you in his future plans. It is the sign that tells you that he is not that into you. He is trying to give you a hint that he is not seeing you seriously.

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How To Identify That He Is Just Not That Into You  

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