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Autumn 2009

Trust Matters

Your health:

How your hospital helps The new extension at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham is now fully open and treating hundreds of patients from Portsmouth and beyond. The Trust is holding an Open Day on Saturday 7 November from 11am until 3pm to celebrate the success of the new build and what it means to people across the south. As a Trust member we would like you to join us at this special event designed to show you what your new hospital has to offer. During the day there will be tours around the Cardiology, Maternity and Pathology departments to enable you to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see first hand how the hospital operates. They will also have the chance to speak to members of staff and volunteers who will be on hand to answer any questions. A range of information stands and activities will be on show throughout the event in the main atrium. There will also be an opportunity to sign up to become a Trust member so bring your family and friends! This super day will give you a chance to evaluate your health and see just how your hospital might help you.

“Even if some of our members do not have first hand experience of the hospital, we want to offer them the opportunity to see for themselves, the fantastic work that is going on here.”

Best care, best people, best hospital

“Our vision is to be recognised as a world-class hospital, leading the field through innovative healthcare solutions focused on the best outcome for our patients delivered in a safe, caring and inspiring environment.” Autumn 2009


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Chairman David Rhind said: “This is truly an exciting time for the hospital and we want to share it with our members.


Newsletter for the membership of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Welcome to

Trust Matters Autumn 2009

Peter Mellor

Dear Trust member,

Company Secretary

Welcome to the autumn edition of Trust Matters, the newsletter which aims to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Since the summer edition, much has changed at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. Our fantastic state-of-the-art facility is now fully open and patients and staff have settled in well. In this edition we are launching a membership campaign to get more people involved in our Trust. In the following pages we explain the benefits and advantages of becoming a member of the Trust. We will introduce you to some of the great work that has been undertaken, in the hope that you will encourage your family, friends and work colleagues to join existing members in helping to make a difference. In this edition we have, once again, turned the spotlight on a number of our Governors. Contact names and numbers have been included so you can share any concerns or ideas that you may have with them. As always, we welcome your opinion on the contents of this newsletter and how you feel it might be improved.

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Best care, best people, best hospital

Peter Mellor

Company Secretary

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We would like to communicate with our members as much as possible by e-mail for speed and to save on postage costs. If you have not yet submitted your e-mail address to the Membership Office, please e-mail with your membership number and/or your name and first line of your address, and this will be updated on our system.

Those of our members who submitted an e-mail address in the past were contacted via e-mail in late March 2009 to canvas their opinion on planned members’ meetings. If you submitted your e-mail on an earlier occasion and did not receive an e-mail about these meetings, please let the Membership Office know so we can ensure we have the right details. Thank you!


Autumn 2009

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A rise in patient numbers has put pressure on the Emergency Department at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Between April and September 2009 the Emergency Department has seen an extra 2,641 patients needing treatment but some of these people could have been more appropriately treated elsewhere.

ease pressure on the Emergency Department at Queen Alexandra Hospital by directing people who don’t have urgent, life-threatening conditions to choose other services.

The Trust, along with local primary care trusts, are appealing to people who need medical treatment to think about where is the most appropriate place to get it.

“These alternatives are able to treat patients more quickly, give advice, and spot the signs of something more serious. The Emergency Department should be used by patients who have a serious illness or have had a life threatening accident.” Take a look at the table below to see where you can receive the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Portsmouth Portsmouth Hospitals Hospitals NHS NHS Trust Trust

A Choose Well campaign has been launched to inform the people of Portsmouth of the range of medical services available. Ursula Ward, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Executive, said: “We hope that the campaign will

Autumn 2009



Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust membership

Join today and make a difference Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has signed up nearly 10,000 members, but we want more people from all walks of life to be part of the Trust’s future. We are calling on you, to ask your family, friends and work colleagues to join our Trust and make a difference to the way local health services are delivered. All you need to do is fill out the form on the opposite page and send it back to us. Membership is free and gives you the opportunity to become involved, share your views and have a say in the way the hospital is run. Being a member means you can vote for, and stand as a Governor to represent the membership on the Trust’s Council of Governors if you wish. Chief Executive Ursula Ward said: “We really value the input from our Council of Governors and our members. We want to provide the best service we can for the people of Portsmouth and to do that we need to know what people want. By becoming a member, you can really make a difference.” Who can become a member? ■■

Anyone aged 14 and over living within the Trust catchment area Portsmouth City Council area Fareham and Gosport Borough Council area Havant Borough and East Hampshire District Council area


A patient or their carer, who has been treated at the Trust.

Being a trust member Interview with Ernie Wells, trust member since 2007

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Ernie Wells has been a member of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust for two years and continues to greatly enjoy being one of the nearly ten thousand members the Trust currently has.


“I would recommend becoming a member of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust as it has massively increased my knowledge of the mechanisms of the Trust. It also provides me with an opportunity to contribute any thoughts or ideas I may have on the way the hospital is run.”

Mr Wells said; “I find being a member of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust to be very enjoyable. We receive regular information from the Trust about its past, present and future actions which enables me to understand more about the hospital and the people in it.

An engineer by trade, Mr Wells became increasingly interested in the human body as a machine which sparked an interest in the health sector. He saw an opportunity to further increase his knowledge of the local NHS by becoming a Trust member.

“It is incredibly interesting to learn more about occupations, both clinical and non-clinical, that often come under public scrutiny and see how hard staff in the Trust work and how unfair a large amount of this criticism is.”


Autumn 2009

New Hospital

Membership Application Form Please complete this form to become a member of our Foundation Trust.

Your contact details:

What is your ethnic group (Please tick appropriate box)

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We would like to involve the whole community and this information will help us do so.






I have been a patient at Portsmouth Hospitals in the past 3 years


Other mixed


Are you currently an employee of Portsmouth Hospitals Trust?

White and Black African White and Asian

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


White and Black Caribbean


Birth date: date/month/year


Other Asian

Are you?

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I have a particular interest in the following services:

Chinese or ethnic group

Chinese Other ethnic group (if other, please state)

Your details will be securely stored pending the outcome of our Foundation Trust application, at which time you will be notified. In compliance with current UK Data Protection legislation, any information you provide here will be kept secure, treated confidentially and used by the Trust only for the purpose of establishing and developing their Foundation Trust status.

Please send the completed form to: As a member I would be interested in:

Receiving regular information

Attending meeting or events

Participating in the election of Council members

Standing for election to the Member’s Council

Becoming a volunteer

Membership Office Trust HQ F Level Queen Alexandra Hospital PORTSMOUTH PO6 3LY

Autumn 2009

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust membership



Council of Governors

Spotlight on the Council of Governors Here are some of the governors that were outstanding from previous editions.

Havant and East Hampshire Constituency Roland Howes Contact: and via the membership office on 023 92286284 I was born in Paulsgrove and attended local primary and secondary schools. Served an apprenticeship (Patternmaker) in Portsmouth Dockyard; attended local colleges (mainly evenings) to gain ONC, HNC, eventually becoming a Chartered Engineer. I have worked for a variety of manufacturing companies in Southampton, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, and finally back to the Waterlooville area. I have two children, three grandchildren and am actively involved in the local community.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Portsmouth City Constituency


Contact: and via the membership office on 023 92286284 I wanted to become a member of the Council of Governors so that I would be able to support the needs of both elderly and disabled individuals when decisions are being made for prioritising funds, to consider the need to maintain care standards and safety issues for both staff and patients and to be objective when decisions are being made for purchasing services. I have experience working within the NHS as a nurse in accident and emergency departments and moved to Portsmouth in 1978 as a clinical teacher. During the past 20 years I have experienced various types of hospital based treatments and fully understand the needs and expectations of patients. Since becoming a member of the Council of Governors I have contributed to the Value Added Group looking at aspects of care, culture and change; this has become an important part of my role since the move to the new Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Patient/Carer Governor

Sarah Edmunds

Robin Marsh

Contact: and via the membership office on 023 92286284

Contact: and via the membership office on 023 92286284

As a working mother with two young children living in Southsea, I represent a typical customer of Queen Alexandra Hospital. Childhood broken bones, a motherin-law with Alzheimer’s and a chronic medical condition myself have brought my whole family into contact with a variety of services at the hospital. That, added to my interest in customer service, and my professional education background, hopefully gives me an excellent grounding to represent the people of the Portsmouth City constituency. The new build promises a great deal, and we look forward to the delivery of those promises. Working for an awarding body, I know that you can have the shiniest resources, but it is the care and service that people remember so, as Governors, we are all committed to holding the hospital to account on your behalf on this - and all other issues that matter to us all.


Cynthia Smith

Autumn 2009

Robin Marsh worked in the NHS for 42 years as a GP. He was Vice-Chairman of a housing association for some years and is an enthusiastic Rotarian raising funds for local charities. He had a successful kidney transplant at Queen Alexandra Hospital in April 2007. He received the most exceptional care from a world class Renal Unit.

Constituency meetings well received In late June and early July a series of meetings were held in each of the constituency areas to give members a chance to meet their elected Governors and hear more about the future plans for healthcare in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire. Members who attended were given a presentation by Caroline Mitchell and Sarah Wyllie from the Infection Control Team at the Trust, who gave an overview of the Trust’s work towards reducing MRSA and C-Diff incidences and who answered questions from the audience on infection. Caroline and Sarah’s presentation on infection control generated a lot of interesting comment and questions

from our membership on this topic, which the team addressed in a very comprehensive manner on the night. The meetings then concluded with a questions and answers session with our audience on trust matters of a more general nature. Questions not fully answered on the night were noted and answers will be provided to the membership in due course.

About our Council of Governors The Trust has pledged to continue to work ever more closely with its Council of Governors, despite the decision to postpone its application for Foundation Trust status Publicly elected Governors There are 17 elected public/patient Governors from four areas of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire:

There are 33 Governors, who were either elected by the membership or appointed from nominated partnership organisations in 2007.

Havant & East Hampshire constituency

Portsmouth Hospitals patients/carers constituency

Kate Bowskill Jocelyn Booth Cynthia Smith Roland Howes Vacant

Pepe Chisenga Dr Robin Marsh

Fareham and Gosport constituency

Portsmouth City constituency

David Gattrell Lucy Docherty Martin Marks Richard Mackay Mary Sheppard

Isabel Mark Syd Rapson Sarah Edmonds Dr Isabel Pine Ken Thompson

Staff Governors

Partner Governors

There are five elected staff Governors from the following areas:

There are 11 appointed Governors nominated by the following partner organisations: Portsmouth City Primary Care Trust Jackie Powell Hampshire Primary Care Trust Alex Berry West Sussex Primary Care Trust Norman Robson Portsmouth City Council Cllr Leo Madden Hampshire County Council Cllr Peter Edgar Fareham Borough Council # Cllr Brian Bayford Ministry of Defence Surgeon Commodore Tim Douglas-Riley CBE QHP The University of Portsmouth Stephen Arkle Portsmouth City Carers’ Development Worker Liz Mundy Council of Community Service Ian Piper Chamber of Commerce David Joel

Doctors & Dentists Nursing & Midwifery Allied Health Professionals Non Clinical staff Ancillary

Dr Jocelyn Wace Jayne Jempson Les Jones Carol Byatt Nick Courtneidge

The Chair of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Professor David Rhind CBE is also the Chair of the Council of Governors.

Autumn 2009


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

This is because we want to ensure members of the public have a significant voice in decisions affecting future healthcare service provision both in the short term and beyond. We particularly value their input.


Behind the

Headlines The Trust is working very hard to change society’s perceptions to realise that while it is an individual’s right to smoke in a public place, it is inappropriate to do so outside our hospital entrance.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

In response to letters published in The News, Chief Executive Ursula Ward wrote a rebuttal explaining that “everybody who comes on site has a responsibility to adhere to our no smoking policy, by smoking off site away from the hospital and disposing of their rubbish in the right way.” In addition we invited The News to come and speak to Peter Mellor about a public awareness campaign the Trust intends to launch to encourage people from smoking on our site. The Trust takes the cleanliness of the hospital very seriously indeed and is exploring a number of initiatives to relive the site from persistent smokers.


Over the past few months there have been a number of stories in the local press about the Trust. In this section of Trust Matters we want to explain the truth behind the story.

The News published a comment piece about patients having to pay £1 to use wheelchairs at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Company Secretary, Peter Mellor, put any questions to rest with a written response saying: ”Whilst it is true that a pound coin needs to be inserted into the release mechanism of the wheelchair to allow for its use; the pound coin is returned to the user when he or she takes the chair back from where it came or to another designated ‘wheelchair station’. This scheme best ensures that the wheelchairs are in the right place at the right time for those who need them rather than having them discarded at various locations around the hospital site. There is absolutely NO charge for the use of one of our wheelchairs and patients and visitors are most welcome to use them.”

There was a lot of media coverage, both locally and nationally, surrounding this story.

The News published a story about concerns raised around the standard of food served to patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Some of the stories mentioned the Trust and some did not. The Conservative party submitted a Freedom of Information request to all trusts across the country to acquire statistics of how many mothers gave birth outside their planned maternity unit and where those mothers gave birth. We are unaware of any of our mothers who were unable to have their baby in the maternity ward of their choice.

Patient meals are prepared and served through the Cook Chill system which was introduced into Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust in November 2008 and is used by 35% of trust’s across the country.

The Trust offers women from Portsmouth and South East Hampshire a wide range of choice when deciding to give birth including the consultant led maternity unit at the new Queen Alexandra Hospital, maternity midwife led centres at The Grange in Petersfield and the Blake Centre in Gosport, as well as home births.


Autumn 2009

Whilst the great majority of many patients are happy with their meals and find the food tasty and nutritional there have been a few negative comments. We try very hard to make the menu as varied as possible to suit all tastes and we have spent a lot of time concentrating on staff training and working with nursing staff to ensure they know and understand the process and their role within it to ensure the patient receives the best food service possible. Patient care is our top priority and we believe that Cook Chill is the nutritional superior way of serving patients their meals.

Best care, best people, best hospital Our new state-of-the art hospital is worth shouting about – and so are the people that work here. In the following pages you will find out about some fantastic work the Trust is doing to ensure the patient experience is of the highest standard. In this regular ‘Who is’ feature, you will get to find out more about an individual member of staff and what their role entails.

Who is...?

Portsmouth Partnership Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Portsmouth have signed a partnership agreement in a move designed to promote benefits to patient care and student learning.

Lt Col. Simon Hunter

Consultant Emergency Medicine Consultant in Defence Medical Services Clinical Director Emergency Department When did you start your role? Clinical Director 1 Aug 2009

What does your role involve?

As a consultant in Emergency Medicine I work alongside my colleagues in the Emergency Department taking a full part in both clinical and managerial issues despite only being in the department 50% of each year. The other 50% is spent on military roles and responsibilities and I deploy on a regular basis. As a junior doctor I served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Germany and Oman on various deployments and exercises. I have had 4 tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan and I deploy again later this year to Afghanistan. My role on deployment is similar to that in the UK but includes working on the Medical Emergency Response Team retrieving casualties from the point of wounding back to the Field Hospital in Camp Bastion. My appointment as Clinical Director has increased my workload massively. I have a new found respect for those who perform this role as it brings a huge increase in responsibilities.

What do you do in your spare time? Family life is important and I have three children that demand attention. My wife works in Poole as a Pharmacist so we juggle the work life balance as most people do nowadays. One of my main interests is running and I completed the London Marathon this year and despite saying I would never do it again I had signed up again within 48 hours.

Professor David Rhind, Chairman of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Stuart Iles, the Chairman of the Board of Governors, University of Portsmouth signing the partnership agreement.

The University and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust have worked together in an informal partnership since 2004. The success of this relationship has resulted in a formal partnership agreement which has identified six areas where the organisations can collaborate and share knowledge and expertise. The areas include radiography (therapeutic and diagnostic), pharmacy, biomedical science, research and organisational development. Ursula Ward, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “The Trust is delighted with the formalisation of its relationship with Portsmouth University. Both the Trust and the University have been working together for some time and this partnership agreement ensures that this close relationship will continue.” Professor John Craven, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth said that formalising the relationship between the Trust and the University was a very positive development. “Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust input keeps the curricula highly relevant and our students’ learning is greatly enhanced by their clinical placements. In turn we provide graduates who are thoroughly trained and prepared for their roles in the workplace.” Autumn 2009


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

I now have an extremely complex career due to the various demands on my time.


Stroke team takes life-saving skills to Ghana Staff at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust are going above and beyond the call of duty to help improve the treatment of stroke patients in Ghana. Sarah Easton and Dr David Jarrett joined physiotherapists and an occupational therapist from around the south and visited the city of Accra in March. They held workshops and teaching sessions with Ghanaian doctors and other health professionals in a bid to establish organised stroke care in the African country. The trip was so successful; a second is now being planned and there is a hope that staff from Accra could come to Portsmouth to consolidate their learning. Mrs Easton, Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team Leader, said it was one of the most eye-opening experiences she has ever had. “Everyone we spoke to wanted to learn and responded really well.” she said. “There is no defined stroke care but now they want to reorganise their services and set up a stroke unit which is brilliant.”

The team with members of Help Age Ghana. Top left: Sarah Easton, Dr David Jarrett

Stroke is the second biggest killer in Accra and the fifth in Ghana as a whole. During the trip the team visited two hospitals in Accra and spent time with Help Age Ghana, an organisation that provides vital help and support to stroke survivors and the elderly. The scheme was inspired by Dr Claire Spice, Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine at the Trust, who lived and worked in Ghana for two years. Dr Jarrett, Consultant Stroke Physician, is keen for the work to continue. He said: “It’s important to keep the momentum going. It would be great if they could come and visit our units over here.”

Photo left to right: Trust Chairman David Rhind, Chief Constable Alex Marshall, Bob Linell, David Basson, Linda Taylor, Andy Wood, Major Jason Burcham and Mick Lyons, The Rocky Appeal Co-ordinator

“It is brilliant that both Hampshire Constabulary and the Milton Glee Club Choir have chosen to support us.” The Rocky Appeal is hoping to raise £3 million for state-of-the-art Digital Keyhole Operating Theatres.

Rocky Appeal event

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Policemen and women who joined forces with a Portsmouth-based choir at a special concert to raise money for The Rocky Appeal have handed over their cheque.


At the sell-out event earlier in the year the Band of the Hampshire Constabulary stood beside the Milton Glee Club Choir and raised £2,500 that will go towards advanced medical equipment at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. Mick Lyons, the co-ordinator of The Rocky Appeal, said: “It was a truly wonderful concert which had a great response. “It was so popular we are doing another, bigger, event at the Portsmouth Guildhall next year.


Autumn 2009

The four new theatres will allow Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust to provide the best for its patients into the 21st century. David Basson, Chairman of the Band of the Hampshire Constabulary, was thrilled the band could raise money for the Appeal. He said. “It is a tremendous cause and we are happy to do anything we can to help.” Trust Chairman, David Rhind, praised the Appeal for its continuing effort to improve patient care. He said: “We are very ambitious with the services that we want to provide here in Portsmouth, but you need help along the way. This Appeal and the event in March makes a major contribution to the hospital and to the welfare of the people in Portsmouth and surrounding areas.”

The future :

phase three is well underway The new Queen Alexandra Hospital opened in June 2009 and while that saw the largest part of the project completed, phase three of the redevelopment continues and includes the refurbishment of the existing hospital and other works as shown below. Refurbishment of existing hospital

Multi-storey staff carpark

To improve our patients’ experience and bring all of Queen Alexandra Hospital’s buildings up to a similar standard, areas in the existing parts of the original hospital that were not included in the recent development, are being revamped. Areas being refurbished include the Emergency Department and the remaining theatres.

A 493 space multi-story car park will be available for Trust staff from June 2010. The new car park will be situated in Hunter Road and will be situated on the site of South Block, which is being demolished.

Oasis wellness centre The construction of a new health and wellbeing centre is due for completion early 2010. It will include a heated swimming pool 25m x 12m, a fully equipped gym, seminar room and multi-purpose consulting rooms. The centre will provide high quality occupational health services to 7,500 Portsmouth Hospitals Trust employees, PCT staff, as well as staff from more than 50 private and public sector organisations, ranging from charities and universities to commercial industries and including a number of smaller businesses.

Centennial Garden A garden will be built in place of the existing staff car park, creating an ‘oasis of green’ for staff and patients.

Extra car park spaces

Glen Hewlett,

Director of Development and Estates, said: “The new build, which was opened in June, is truly fantastic, but it doesn’t stop there. “When we were planning the redevelopment ten years ago, we knew it could not be done all in one go so we are very pleased to be in the final third.

“We wanted a pleasant building and a pleasing environment for patients to recover in and for our staff to work in. “These final projects will enable us to achieve what we set out to do.” Autumn 2009


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

The north building, which was being used as temporary offices whilst the new build was being developed, is due to be demolished to make way for 40 more parking spaces for patients and visitors.


12 Feedback

Your Questions Answered How would we know if we had swine flu as opposed to ordinary flu? If symptoms worsened and you were very ng weak, confused, disorientated and not eati or. doct or drinking you should speak to your If there is shortness of breath and a very high temperature which cannot be controlled with paracetamol, aspirin or Nurofen, then these are also signs that a doctor should be contacted. Patients can also contact the switchboard at Queen Alexandra Hospital and ask for Infection Control where a Clinical Lead will be able to offer advice. A flu helpline is also ht. available for Hampshire and the Isle of Wig

There used to be items on the hospital n menu for someone on a light diet, ie whe someone is having chemotherapy there are certain things that they can’t eat. suit, There are a variety of menus available to and s diet free for example, those with gluten those with religious needs.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

There is a full-time team of Dieticians on site and if doctors, nurses or patients indicate that there is a particular problem or requirement, the Die titian will visit that patient to design a suitable menu and food will be prepared directly for them.

You have a large number of single beds within your hospital - how are they allocated - by request or by payment? No payment will be involved, but it could be partly by request. If there are single rooms available and a patient would prefer some privacy we can do our best to accommodate this. If you are unfortunate enough to have an infection or acquire one when you are an inpatient you will be moved to a single room for isolation purposes. Normally the allocation of single rooms is by clinical need.

Is smoking against the law on the hospital site? We have a no smoking policy thr oughout the hospital site but smoking out side is not against the law. Whilst we are able to ensure that our own staff do not smoke whilst on site we are unable to enforce the policy with members of the public. We do ask them not to smoke and to, at least, move away from the fro nt door but we cannot force them. We are considering providing an area away from the front door for smo kers so that they are away from other patients and visitors.

If you require this newsletter in another language, large print or another format, i.e audiotape, please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service on Freephone 0800 917 6039

Trust Matters New Hospital


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust We are aiming to improve the ways we communicate with our members. Queen Alexandra Hospital Keep Coshamup to date with the new hospital developments We would like to know what you Portsmouth by visiting think of this newsletter and would be grateful for any comments.

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Trust Matters (Autumn 2009)  

Newsletter for the membership of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Trust Matters (Autumn 2009)  

Newsletter for the membership of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust