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February 2017



West Sussex hotel fit for a Queen

Contemporary curtaining WIN a box at the theatre

Up My Street in Hurstpierpoint

The delicious Mr. Dornan Get the low-down on Jamie


Phil Spencer’s tips for buying a new home Class Act - ZST Architects’ new school extension project


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WELCOME "If you wanted to share a bedroom with Queen Elizabeth I and either Admiral Horation Nelson or H.G. Wells, where would you go?" PAGE 95

"Used alone or paired with blinds or shutters, curtains are set for an interiors renaissance this year" PAGE 90

"Despite his reputation for playing deeply serious men, in reality the actor has an easy and affable Irish charm" PAGE 112

"Having recently acquired a new baby, someone offering to abscond with either dog wouldn't be entirely unwelcome"


s always, Porfolio has pulled out the stops and packed the magazine with oodles of great content to make your February a little less ordinary.

According to many respected property pundits, interest in buying property in the UK has soared since Donald Trump won the election in 2016. One of the largest independent estate agents in the south of England has reported that interest from State-side visitors in their properties marketed on-line shot up four-fold at the end of last year. We also understand that buyers are looking outside of London to get the best value for money – all good news for the south of England, perhaps, and Brighton & Hove in particular. The local Brighton & Hove Estate Agents Association is hosting its own inaugural event to welcome the incoming President at the annual dinner this month. The BHEEA and a large number of others from the business community will attend this prestigious event. Even if it’s not exactly the Oscars, which also happens to be later this month, we’ll be dressing up like it is just the same. On the subject of glamour and celebrity, our Twitter feed just about melted down this month with news of our upcoming interview with actor Jamie Dornan (of Fifty Shades franchise), which you can read in this issue on page 112. We also have a beautiful interiors feature on why it’s definitely not curtains for curtains, and the contemporary choices of fabric available are breathtaking. See page 90. A recent highlight for us was our visit to The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa in Midhurst, just a short drive away. Despite the fact that it is one of the oldest coaching inns in the country, it offers a luxurious standard of accommodation and dining. A Valentine’s Day treat, perhaps? So... get tucked in!

Image: Mister Smith Interiors |


Lynne Edwards Managing Director


10 16 Shopping, page 86

Hill House and Home Truths COVER STORY : Class Act from ZST Architects

The Spread Eagle, page 95

COVER STORY : Advice on how to shop for antiques


Legal Matters : Fresh starts from Howlett Clarke


Calendar : Out and about in February

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COVER STORY : Brilliant Berlin new development What’s trending


Career Ladder : Antony Singh, Engleharts Solicitors


Brand new homes : Phil Spencer’s buying tips


Talk Money: Making allowances

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COVER STORY : Up my street - Record producer David Courtney’s life in Hurstpierpoint Do it yourself : Get outside, spring is in sight COVER STORY : Competitions - Win a box at Brighton Theatre Royal PLUS tickets to Petworth house with cream tea

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Cover: Vallila Lace Rug, Kameleontti Curtain and Cushion

Interiors, page 90


On the Drawing Board : Our latest planning pinboard


Gardens : Snowdrops in Sussex, with the National Trust


February Collection : The pick of village properties


Out and about : Property professionals' lunch


Escape to the country : Walking near Plumpton

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Shopping : Fun vintage and retro pieces Interiors : Curtain call of fabulous fabrics COVER STORY : Historic - The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa, Midhurst Celebrity recipes : Michelin-starred Nathan Outlaw making waves


Bigger Picture : SS-GB Len Deighton’s new TV thriller


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Golf Guy : Winter golfing woes


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COVER STORY : INTERVIEW Delicious Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan, page 112

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More and more Londoners are leaving the capital.

Make sure they’re heading your way. Showcase your home at The Roadshow in London on Saturday 4th March. There are plenty of reasons why Londoners are looking to move out of the capital – excellent schools, quality of life, more space and value for money. Your home and location may be just what they are searching for. Some will be looking to buy immediately, while others prefer to ‘try before they buy’, renting first before they settle for good. So make the most of our extensive network of 33 London branches and let us take your property right to the doorsteps of active buyers and tenants in London as part of The Roadshow on Saturday 4th March. To ensure your property is showcased at this exclusive event, contact us today. The deadline for inclusion is 24th February 2017.

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EXPERT column



’m not a cat person. I'm not a dog person either. Yet I find myself in my middle years co-habiting with two dogs and three cats. Or perhaps 2.5 cats. And therein lies the issue. In response to a periodic fragility which renders them unable to remember how to use a certain type of cat flap or eat certain (cheaper) types of food, and in a vain effort to reduce their obvious disdain for us, we make an effort with the cats. Their sensitivity meant we redesigned aspects of the house around them: special cat 'shelves' where they can eat their (expensive) food away from Dave's baleful glare; a little modernist cat house upstairs to which they retreat in times of stress. This, along with their monthly pet insurance and other requirements, represents a sizeable investment in their well-being. We want pets in return. Not occasional hotel guests.

"Having recently acquired a new baby, someone offering to abscond with either dog wouldn't be entirely unwelcome" When my son was born, cat #1 (let's call him Eddy, because that's his name) took exception and disappeared. Eight long years passed until, one day, a cat carrier containing a scraggy, brown cat – who turned out to be Ed - and a letter arrived on our doorstep. An infirm neighbour had taken a fancy to him and made him his housecat, leaving a note behind when he died stipulating where the cat should be returned to. Rather amazed, we welcomed him home until, after a year or so, he started staying out all night, coming home reeking of patchouli. Then he was gone for days. This time, another neighbour – a single lady of a certain age – had convinced herself he was a stray and taken him in. After some (very) animated discussion, I took him back. Eddy is now a home-boy, but Raymond has taken to staying out first all night, then for days, coming home reeking of patchouli. I tied a label to his collar with our address on it saying, 'Hello! My name is Ray and I do have a home, please don't feed me' but still he disappears – no prizes for guessing where. I'm considering sending Dave over the garden fence with a note: 'Raymond is busy tonight but he sent me instead.' That would put a stop to it. Or perhaps I should simply forward his health insurance, vet and food bills. The moral of my tale is this: cats are independent, fickle things. If Tiddles shows up at your house, get them checked for a microchip before you decide they need adopting. There are plenty of stray cats that do need homes. Please don't take mine.

Kate Hill

HOME TRUTHS RAIN, SLEET AND SNOW – I’LL NEVER GET THIS WASHING DRY Drying clothes in winter can be expensive. The washing machine alone accounts for 7% of our energy bills. Are you sure all those things need washing? There’s nothing wrong with that T shirt.. Don’t be silly. I’ll put them in the tumble dryer and they’ll be dry in no time. Stop! Tumble dryers should be a last resort. They’re tough on fabrics, causing wear, wrinkles and even shrinkage. And even A rated dryers are energy-hungry – there are better ways to dry clothes, even on a rainy day.

But I’ve run out of radiators already! Aha – this is my specialist subject. The quickest, most energy-efficient (and crease-avoiding) way of drying clothes and fabric is to line dry outside. It doesn’t have to be a blazing hot day, just a dry one (a breeze is good). Ensure there is space between items, as its all about air circulation – the more air there is, the quicker things dry.

I think we’ve established that isn’t possible today – unless you like your smalls soaking wet. Any other good ideas? Absolutely. First of all, put items on a wash cycle with a high spin to get as much moisture out of them as possible before you start drying. Its very possible to set up a retractable drying line inside the house if you have space. Alternatively, drying racks – stand-alone, or radiator-hung – and clothes horses are the next best thing to drying outside. Give items plenty of room to speed drying time and reduce creases. And if you’re really in a hurry, placing an item between two towels and ironing it will help to get it dry quickly. All these things will save you time, money and ironing – it’s a win-win situation and you won’t shrink your jeans, either.

That’s fine for everything except my fluffy towels – anything but the tumble dryer turns them into sandpaper. I can cope with most things, but not chafing.. If you have to use the tumble dryer energy saving website Uswitch recommends that keeping the filters clear of lint, not over-filling your dryer, and drying similar fabrics together will help items to dry rapidly and limit the amount of energy you use. PORTFOLIO  7

contemporary by energy gaining windows

The gold standard for greener glazing.

Come and visit our extensive showroom to discuss your requirements and ideas – for a greener, more eďŹƒcient windows, doors & conservatories solu on.

01903 756699 or visit

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"In passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer"

CLASS ACT The challenge: creating a new extension to Blatchington Mill School in Hove to work with existing buildings, organisationally and aesthetically. ZST architects take us through the project


ollowing competitive interviews, ZST architects were selected to provide a new teaching and office extension to Blatchington Mill School in Hove. The proposed site was an under-utilised courtyard enclosed on three sides by existing buildings, the open side facing directly south. The courtyard context provided the challenge of creating an extension which would work sympathetically with the existing buildings, both organisationally and aesthetically. The south-facing orientation brought both opportunity and challenge in terms of passive solar gains and potential over-heating and glare. In passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer.



The Brief:


Our initial brief was to provide a two-storey building which would extend the entire south façade of the existing building further out into the courtyard, and the classrooms within would be extremely flexible and capable of being opened, one into the other, to suit different teaching needs. These elements of the brief determined our initial conceptual design response. We created a highlymodelled façade with sufficient plan depth to host solar shading, storage and equipment needs, freeing up the now clear space behind [the façade] for open-plan classroom spaces with flexible acoustic partitioning. The south-facing façade would have to balance the need for views and passive solar gains whilst limiting overheating and glare from direct sunlight. Where we introduced storage, we created a ‘light shelf’ over the storage with narrow strip windows which would provide high-level natural ventilation and bounce light up onto the ceilings. Between the storage elements we set much larger windows into the depth of the façade, the set-back providing space for brise soleil louvres. These now shaded windows could be much larger, offering the views out while minimising solar gain, and the deep façade also provided opportunity for passive ventilation stacks to be brought up through the plan

without interfering with the clear run of classrooms behind. The stacks work in conjunction with the strip windows, which open to provide automated ventilation all year round and night cooling in the summer. The ventilation is controlled by monitoring carbon dioxide levels and temperature within the classrooms, keeping the internal air fresh and, in turn, keeping the students alert!

"We created a highlymodelled façade with sufficient plan depth to host solar shading, storage and equipment needs" All the above elements were composed to create a rhythmic elevation echoing the original pattern of window fenestration to the host building. The facades were articulated through careful use of materials to best compliment the other existing courtyard facades. This completed project represents phase one of the agreed scheme in planning, which is just two bays of the eventual full width infill of the courtyard.

Client Testimonial Everyone at Blatchington Mill School is really excited about the opening of two brand new classrooms. We’ve had a great start to the year and the much anticipated new Science laboratory and English classroom are now officially open. The rooms have been designed by ZSTa (architects) and the brief was to create a modern space that reflected the vibrancy of our school community. With bright colours, a modern feel, plenty of space and the latest technology and facilities; the overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive. The rooms are accessible, and have been designed to ensure all students can feel integral to the lesson – Year 7 Student Jacob was impressed “The new classrooms are amazing; they have got all the latest gear and have the equipment to help people!” Mr Harrold said “It has been really important for us to invest in new facilities in school. The spaces are modern and incredibly pleasant to teach, and to learn in. The science lab in particular will help to ensure we keep delivering excellent science lessons, founded on investigation, experimentation and enquiry”

For design-led, bespoke solutions and sustainable outcomes, contact: ZSTa, 3 Dorset Place , Brighton BN2 1ST 01273 964 051 | | Twitter: @ZSTaUK Blatchington Mill School images courtesy of Light Trick Photography


EXCEPTIONAL HOMES Outstanding properties in our beautiful part of the world

5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 3 receptions



A substantial family residence, luxuriously appointed to an impressive standard providing superb living space of nearly 3,000 square foot. This handsome property, stands back on this highly sought after leafy suburban avenue with genuine visual appeal.

4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 reception


GUIDE PRICE £875,000 – £900,000

A truly lovely, semi-detached, period residence of considerable charm and character, situated in a sought after, prime central location, within immediate proximity of Church Road shopping thoroughfare, Hove seafront and Hove mainline train station.


EXCEPTIONAL SERVICES Local knowledge and expertise that puts you first...

3 bedrooms 1 bathroom 1 reception



A truly superb 3 bedroom Victorian semi detached house, of considerable character, beautifully presented and appointed throughout and situated in a very pleasant location, close to the seafront and Portslade station.

Honest valuations in current market conditions Ahead of the game marketing strategies


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Antique STYLE Antique buying is experiencing an increase in popularity. We look at how to shop for antiques


ark Hill, an antiques expert who is also a speaker at the popular Antiques for Everyone Fairs, believes that with interest rates low, antiques could be perceived as solid investments. He suggests that people will seek solace in their homes from the changes of the outside world, resulting in “retreating into a comforting world of one’s own creation.” He says: “Think colour, texture, scale, and the unexpected – be that a multifarious mix of quirky individualism that makes a statement, or seemingly basic objects that really act as vessels for happy memories or fun experiences. Expect the snail’s pace regeneration of many traditional antiques, so-called ‘brown furniture’ in particular (still amazing value compared to high street equivalents), to continue.” Mark believes that people will turn to pieces “with a story”, overcoming the “bland monotony” 16  PORTFOLIO

championed by many chain interior stores. But the big question is – how do you shop for antiques? Judith Miller, author and BBC Antiques Roadshow expert says: “When anyone

"Antique pieces can offer great value for money because the passage of time acts as a quality filter" asks me what they should buy I always say, buy something you love. And if you love something and can nearly afford it – buy it because you will only regret it if you don’t. Buy something that makes you smile – that you want to stroke in

the morning. Use dealers - they will be happy to share their knowledge. Go to antiques fairs – you have the most amazing expertise and knowledge under one roof and they want to share it.”

Judith Miller author and BBC Antiques Roadshow expert


Susie Rumbold, President of the British Institute of Interior Design and Creative Director of Tessuto, highlights the affordability of antiques. She says: “People often assume that antiques will be expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. Antique pieces can offer great value for money because the passage of time acts as a quality filter. Only really good quality objects survive as these items were the possessions most treasured by their previous owners. The quality of antique pieces tends to be much higher than their modern equivalents that haven’t yet been filtered in this way, so you often get much more for your money than you would with something new. Susie believes that antiques are hiding everywhere - at fairs, car boot sales and village shops as well as posh antique stores. She says: “Work out what you love and train

yourself to constantly be on the look-out. Be patient and the item you seek will eventually appear at a price you can afford. This has happened to me so many times and it is always so exciting to bring home your perfect trophy and put it proudly on display.” Grant Pierrus, editor of Interior Style Hunter, the award winning London-based lifestyle blog, emphasises the need to evaluate the period style of a property before spending any money. He says that sometimes, when you move into a new home, you might feel a little lost and not too sure what to buy for your space, but he suggests “starting by looking at both the period style of the property as well as the locality. Take inspiration from the style and geometry of the property and its surroundings and use these elements as inspiration when buying

furniture or selecting patterns for fabric and the like.” Finally, interior designer, Rachel Laxer, says that one of the best places to start is online: “I head to all my favourite interiors blogs to give me ideas and help me form the design direction. It also helps me to understand the value of items at different dealers, so I get a good idea of what my intended piece is worth.” One thing is for sure – vintage will remain popular year after year and the industry believes this is no different for 2017. Rachel says: “The best thing about vintage is that it's ready now, there's no lead time, you just get it now, so you can take it home immediately and it instantly changes your space.” For more information on AFE London Art Antiques Interiors Fair, visit PORTFOLIO  17

Riverside, Southwick £750,000 Three storey property with outstanding waterside views. EPC D

Oyster Quay, Shoreham-by-sea £900,000 One of nine newly built homes with stunning views, few remaining. EPC B

Nevill Road, Hove £599,950 Three bedroom detached newly built home. Predicted EPC B

Wayland Avenue, Brighton £3,000,000 Five bedroom detached house with private woodlands and annex. EPC C

Hamptons International Estate Agents Hove Sales. 01273 796 061 | Lettings. 01273 796 159

Beyond your expectations

Palmeira Square, Hove £2,000 PCM A stunning two bedroom, balcony apartment in the sought after location of Palmeira Square. EPC E

Oyster Quay, Shoreham-By-Sea £2,750 PCM A newly built four bedroom town house located directly on the riverside with double length garage. EPC B

New Church Road, Hove £2,800 PCM Gorgeous four bedroom detached family home in desirable location with driveway, south facing garden. EPC D

Tredcroft Road, Hove £1,950 PCM Two bedroom detached bungalow with a lovely garden, garage and driveway. EPC D

Hamptons International Estate Agents Hove Sales. 01273 796 061 | Lettings. 01273 796 159

Chesham Road, Brighton

Guide Price £550,000 - £575,000

Simply stunning Regency first floor apartment with glorious uninterrupted sea views and a south facing balcony. Wow factor interior with an exceptional finish. Abundance of period features. Splendid living space with fully fitted kitchen, two double bedrooms, two bathrooms and plenty of storage. Share of Freehold.

Hanover Street, Brighton

Guide Price £500,000-£525,000

Victorian terrace property with kerb appeal. Stylish from outside and the finish inside does not disappoint. Three bedrooms, large spacious living room, kitchen/breakfast, front and back garden, stripped wooden flooring. Catchment area for good schools and a short walk to Brighton City centre..

29 Upper St James’s Street, Kemp Town, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1JN

Roundhill Hill Crescent, Brighton

Asking Price of ÂŁ649,950

Glorious Victorian period property. Ideally situated for Brighton City Centre with easy access to transport links. Three/four bedrooms with flexible living space. Family kitchen/breakfast room. Utility room and downstairs WC. West facing patio garden. Stylish cool dĂŠcor.

Tel: 01273 605530


“Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden” Visit her beautiful house 14th February 2017

Hillbrow, Hove

Asking Price of ÂŁ1,850,000

Stunning family home with over 3,000 Sq Ft and uninterrupted tree top views. Completely refurbished to an excellent finish throughout. Six bedrooms, three bathrooms, flexible living space for all the family including a separate annex. Spacious driveway enclosed for privacy, large garden with a swimming pool, fabulous terrace area. This property certainly has the Wow factor and perfectly placed in a desirable tranquil location.

Tel: 01273 605530


PROPERTY NEWS SPONSORSHIP PORTFOLIO magazine have been appointed sole media sponsor for the regular Brighton & Hove Estate Agents Association seminars being held throughout 2017. These will be part of a training programme put together by the local Association to improve standards and raise awareness throughout the industry. Incoming President Paul Taggart, Association Director of Hamptons-International, said, “I am delighted to be spearheading these training sessions and would encourage all local agents to get involved. "I am also pleased that PORTFOLIO magazine is able to publicise these events, which will help reach a wider audience.” For more information on these events, contact Paul Taggart 01273 230230 or visit

2017 BHEAA ANNUAL CHARITY DINNER The 2017 BHEAA annual charity dinner takes place on Friday 10th February 2017 at The Grand Hotel. The incoming President is Paul Taggart, and the event will once again help raise much needed funds for The Clock Tower Sanctuary. The black-tie evening will include comedy and live music. Drinks reception is from 6.30pm, dinner at 7.30pm, with carriages at 1am. Tickets are £60 per person with tables available for eight to twelve people, though smaller groups can be catered for. All proceeds from the event will go to support the work of the The Clock Tower Sanctuary, who help homeless young people have a brighter future. The Clock Tower Sanctuary is a drop-in centre providing advice and support for homeless young people aged 16-25 in Brighton & Hove. To book tickets for the 2017 BHEAA annual charity dinner, email or call Andy Garth on 07774 272594


GARDEN VILLAGE LOCATIONS ANNOUNCED England's first garden villages have been proposed for 14 sites spread across the country from Cornwall to Cumbria. Ministers have lent their support to 14 planned developments, which will each deliver between 1,500 and 10,000 properties and establish new villages. The new garden villages could provide 48,000 homes, the government says. Larger garden towns in Buckinghamshire, Somerset and the Essex-Hertfordshire border were also approved. Proposals include building a 1,000-home garden village on the site of a former airfield in Deenethorpe, Northamptonshire, and a garden town on green belt land on the Essex-Hertfordshire border. The developments will be distinct new places, with their own community facilities, rather than extensions to existing urban areas, the government said. It has said there is no "single model" of design to be approved as a garden village, but they should be built to a high quality, be attractive and well designed, and be built as a response to meeting local housing needs - especially for first-time buyers. The new villages will receive about £6m in government funding over two years to help deliver the projects, with a further £1.4m of funding being provided for the delivery of the new towns. The latest plans are in addition to seven garden towns and cities that have already been announced in Aylesbury, Taunton, Bicester, Didcot, Basingstoke, Ebbsfleet, and north Northamptonshire.


INTEREST IN UK PROPERTY SOARS Interest in property from America has soared since the US elections. Beresfords, an independent estate agents in the south of England, have reported that interest from Stateside visitors in their properties marketed online shot up four-fold in December 2016. Terry Holmes, Director, Beresfords, says: "It's been fascinating to note the rise in interest from property purchasers from the US. We don't know how many of these figures are American citizens or ex-pats, but it will be intriguing to see if these enquiries turn into an on-going trend for US residents to uproot under the Trump administration. There appears to be little middle ground with the President-Elect. It's difficult to think of any elected world leader who has had such a Marmite effect." Beresfords' research also revealed that US home buyers are looking to snap up a perfectly pretty rural treat. US-based property investors can bag a bargain when it comes to UK house sales due to the post-Brexit fall in sterling. The pound is currently at an alltime low against the dollar.

CORN EXCHANGE RENOVATION STARTS NEXT MONTH The builders responsible for the restoration of Dulwich Picture Gallery and Margate’s Turner Contemporary have been appointed to revamp the Dome’s Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre buildings, starting next month. The project is the first of three phases to renovate the Royal Pavilion Estate, which will see the north side of the gardens opened up and a new street cafe opened underneath the studio theatre. The second and third phases, to renovate the Royal Pavilion and its gardens and then the Museum and Art Gallery, will follow later. The whole scheme has been designed to reconnect the estate’s buildings and landscape. Brighton Dome Concert Hall will remain open throughout the redevelopment period.


SOUTHERN RAIL DISPUTE COULD AFFECT SOUTH EAST PRICES "November was a strong month for property prices, which goes against all the predictions that prices would stutter in the months following the EU vote, says Alex Gosling, CEO of on-line estate agents "In fact, the market has proved extremely resilient to shock economic news, so it will be interesting to see how it reacts over the coming weeks after Theresa May lays out her plans for a hard Brexit. In the end, life goes on, and people still need to move. There are plenty of buyers out there looking to purchase, and not enough properties to go around. That should help support prices, and in the short term it's unlikely that confidence will be dented by the PM's Brexit announcement as it won't come as a surprise to many. "At a regional level, while the East of England appears to be enjoying a mini-property boom, the South East is feeling the pain of the ongoing Southern Rail dispute. While the dispute rumbles on, prospective buyers will be reluctant to commit to a purchase, and with no clear resolution in sight, the strike action is inevitably starting to hurt prices in that area of the country."

Sawyer & Co. Sales & Lettings in Brighton and Hove have been chosen by a leading national network enabling them to continue to develop their expertise in the booming land and new homes sector. The Land and New Homes Network (LNHN) spans the UK bringing the most professional, forward thinking and trusted non-competing estate agents together to offer developers, property investors and home buyers an unparalleled service based on knowledge, experience and integrity. Sawyer & Co are now in a very strong position to provide land and development consultancy to clients and a specialised new homes sales service. Chris Sawyer, Director said: “We are so pleased to have been selected by the Land and New Homes Network to be their member here in Brighton & Hove and the immediate surrounding areas, and as a result it means that we are now able to provide a much more comprehensive service to our clients.” Ian Stratford, Land and New Homes Network’s Managing Director, said: “We are really looking forward to working together with Chris & his team at Sawyer & Co Sales & Lettings. They are exactly the type of agency we want as part of the network and were selected for their professionalism, experience and their focus on delivering results for clients.” For more information about Sawyer & Co.’s Land and New Homes division visit: or call 01273 77 88 44.


Maple Close, Woodingdean, Brighton

£599,950 FREEHOLD

A beautifully presented 3 bedroom detached bungalow with the “wow factor” Situated in a sought after close, the property has a fantastic rear garden and a stylish modern kitchen/breakfast room. Many other highlights include an en suite shower room, a lounge with distant sea views, 26' conservatory and a pretty garden with self contained chalet. There is off street parking for multiple cars and a private garage. Energy rating: C72 Maslen Estate Agents 62-64 Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6BA t:01273 278866










beautifully presented end-of-terrace Victorian house which has been skilfully renovated with extremely close attention to detail. The ground floor is ideally suited to entertaining, with a superbly presented lounge/dining room with stripped & varnished wooden floorboards, and a fabulous, light and airy modern kitchen/breakfast room featuring anodised double-glazed bi-fold doors to the landscaped south-west-facing garden. On the first floor there are two spacious double bedrooms, both with varnished floorboards, and a stunning bathroom with free-standing bath and separate double shower cubicle. The second floor is home to the master bedroom with bi-fold doors and a Juliet balcony overlooking the park, together with an en-suite shower room. The delightful garden has direct access to William Clarke Park (known locally as ‘The Patch’). Viewing is necessary to fully appreciate this superb family house. Energy Rating: E39.

Bonchurch Road, Brighton, BN2 3PJ Price: Offers over £500,000 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 (including 1 en-suite) Extras: Direct access to William Clarke Park; Open fire in lounge; Bi-fold doors Best Bits: Varnished wood floorboards; Superbly presented; Fabulous family bathroom Maslen Estate Agents 39 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3HQ 01273 677001



Estates a




DITCHLING | £975,000 Versatile and extended family house - Set along a popular semi-rural country lane – 6 bedrooms – 3 bathrooms – 3 reception rooms – Beautiful kitchen/breakfast room with vaulted ceiling – Handmade kitchen – Beautiful views of the South Downs

HURSTPIERPOINT | £449,950 Spacious, open plan semi-detached house - 4 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - 2 reception rooms - Conservatory with underfloor heating - Set over 3 floors, with large 4th bedroom - Larger than average garden - Garage with light and power | 01273 844500 34 HIGH STREET, DITCHLING, EAST SUSSEX BN6 8TA



his stylish house is set over three floors with a sleek and modern design throughout. No expense has been spared with the quality of the finish, boasting solid wood parquet flooring to the whole of the top floor and an opulent, bespoke, glass cantilevered staircase. The ground floor provides a large bedroom with modern en-suite, including a large walk-in shower with a floor-to-ceiling glass screen. Further to this is a second bedroom and a family bathroom. The lower ground floor has a large bedroom with an en-suite wet room and double-glazed doors providing access on to the paved courtyard. There is also the benefit of a fully fitted utility room, making it the perfect option for guest accommodation. The first floor is accessed via the beautiful cantilevered, floating glass staircase that opens to the open-plan sitting room with glazed double doors onto the terrace with views towards the sea. The modern kitchen/breakfast area leads through from the sitting room with a bespoke Corian breakfast bar and a full range of Miele integrated appliances. Floor-to-ceiling windows, LED mood lighting, extravagantly fitted bathrooms and off-street parking finish this sumptuous house.

Medina Villas, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2RN Price: OIEO £1,000,000 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Extras: Under-floor heating; Gated off-street parking; Touch-sensitive keyless entry system; External charging point for electric cars Best Bits: Cantilevered floating glass staircase; Solid wood parquet flooring to the whole of the top floor; West-facing first-floor terrace, accessed from the sitting room Chatt Estates 34 High Street, Ditchling, BN6 8TA 01273 844500 PORTFOLIO  29

Dyke Road, Hove A truly stunning property that has been modernised throughout and enlarged to an extremely high standard offering substantial accommodation, making internal inspection essential to fully appreciate this fine property.

Brooker Street, Hove An attractive, Victorian, three-bedroom terraced house together with a sunny west facing decked rear garden situated in a popular, prime central location close to all amenities.

£1,495,000 • Detached House • Seven Bedrooms • Gated Driveway and Ample Parking

£610,000 • Three Bedrooms • Over Three Floors • Sunny West Facing Garden

01273 777123

Shirley Drive, Hove A spacious detached, three-bedroom bungalow occupying a prominent corner position within pleasant, mature yet easily managed gardens located in a sought after residential location.

£765,000 • Detached Bungalow • Three Double Bedrooms • South Facing Garden

FIND US 160-162 Church Road Hove East Sussex BN3 2DL


Brunswick Terrace, Hove A superb second floor apartment located in this prime position close to Hove Seafront and Lawns. The property boasts regency charm, original period features and is complete with stunning views.

£475,000 • Two double bedrooms • Direct Sea Views • Grade One Listed Building

selling homes In Brighton & Hove since 2002

We’ve done it again. We have just been awarded the best Letting agent in Brighton, Hove and the South East!

That’s four years in a row! We are looking for landlords that would like to work with the best letting agent in the area.

LEGAL matters

RESOLUTIONS AND FRESH STARTS Oliver Nelms, Trainee Solicitor in the Family Department at QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke, on separation without confrontation


ow that mince pies and Christmas trees are a distant memory and 2017 is underway, the early months of the year can become a sobering time of reflection and clarity. In family law practice the New Year certainly heralds a peak in enquiries relating to divorce and separation, with people looking to resolve matters and make a fresh start. The hardest decision can often be deciding to contact a solicitor. It is important to choose an expert who can skilfully guide you through the issues, provide you with clear, reliable advice and help you achieve your desired aims. Separating couples are legally required to attend a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) (except where there is domestic violence or child protection issues) rather than going straight to court. This legal obligation to consider mediation, combined with the desire for privacy away from the risk of court reporting, has changed the approach taken in dispute resolution. It is now common family law practice that consideration is given initially to resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The courts have increased powers to encourage and facilitate the use of ADR throughout proceedings in an attempt to resolve matters without resorting to litigation. The most common ADR processes are mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. These avenues are a speedier and less confrontational means of resolving family disputes and can be more affordable too. Trained lawyers are able to apply their expertise to issues involving the breakdown of the relationship, finances, property, benefits, tax, wills, pensions,

and most importantly, children, who all too often suffer the most. Mediation involves helping the couple to deal with the consequences of the breakdown of their relationship and guide the parties towards agreement. Although bad feelings can all too easily cloud parties’ judgement and reasoning, mediation can provide a positive environment for parties to communicate more effectively and respectfully, and can help re-build trust and goodwill into a relationship. Usually several meetings take place and both parties end up with a memorandum detailing the without prejudice agreement reached.

"Mediation can provide a positive environment for parties to communicate more effectively and respectfully" Collaborative law as a means of ADR is growing amongst lawyers. Both parties instruct a solicitor to act on their behalf and discussions take place over a series of meetings where all parties and legal representatives attend, with the aim of resolving issues relating to the breakdown of the relationship through collaborative discussion. All parties sign a ‘Participation Agreement’ detailing how the process will work. Collaboration allows a flexible, quicker and cheaper approach to be taken, and can improve the relationship and communication between parties.

See more from Howlett Clarke at

Arbitration can now also involve disputes relating to children. An independent arbitrator considers the issues in dispute after representations are made either in person or on paper and then makes a final and binding decision. Arbitration can be more flexible, costeffective, quicker and less formal than court proceedings. At QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke we offer a unique Ask the Legal Expert (ALE) appointment for £99.00 including VAT. You can meet with one of our specialist lawyers in our Brighton or Southwick office for a one-off 45 minute faceto-face meeting, where you will be provided with jargon free, practical advice based on your particular situation. Our lawyers will discuss with you the necessary processes and related costs, the pros and cons of your options, and what you would like to achieve. Make 2017 the year to resolve your relationship concerns in an amicable and collaborative approach and call 01273 838742 to speak to our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly family law experts who would be pleased to help. Oliver Nelms is a Trainee Solicitor in the Family Department at QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke 96 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UJ 01273 838742



“Support the happiest half ” Sunday 26th February

CALENDAR of events

February Our pick of February events. Music, dance and comedy legends

Hig Our hlig ht

22 February - German Cornejo's Tango Fire International Tango Superstar German Cornejo’s dance troupe, The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires, is a true global phenomenon and the world’s leading Tango company. Tango Fire encompasses and defines all that is Argentine Tango: dancing which sizzles with sensuality, accompanied by the unforgettable music and song of the great Tango masters, including Piazzolla, Pugliese and Gardel. As one of the world’s most popular dance forms, this exhilarating show combines rawness and sophistication with the seductive and sultry side of Tango, evoking the intoxicating passion of late-night Buenos Aires. An outstanding cast, including World Tango Champions and dancers from the greatest Tango houses in Buenos Aires, joins tango master German Cornejo and his partner Gisela Galeassi. Brighton Dome, 7.30pm.

10 February Lord of The Dance Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games returns to the UK for a 23-city nationwide tour and continues to thrill audiences around the globe with its intoxicating mix of dance and music that fuses the traditional with the contemporary. With all the precision and thrills of the original, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games features new staging, cutting-edge technology, new costumes and choreography, world champion acrobats and 40 of the world’s most outstanding young performers. With new music by composer Gerard Fahy, this latest iteration combines the best of tradition with all the excitement of new music and dance. Brighton Centre. For full details, times and prices, visit

More events continued over the page

CALENDAR of events

14 February Busted James, Matt and Charlie broke onto the music scene in 2002 and within just two years the three-piece had become the biggest band in the country, with four number-one singles, two triple platinum albums, a total of five million records sold, and over 750,000 ticket sales, and a record-breaking run of thirteen Wembley Arena shows. With a decade of experiences and newly discovered influences behind them, the two-time BRIT Award-winning trio reunited in the studio and discovered they each had a fresh perspective, both personally and musically. Though stylistically unrecognisable and far darker around the edges, ‘Night Driver’ is still the vivid hook riot you would expect from Busted. Charlie says, “We can't wait to be able to share what we have been working so hard on for the past twelve months.” Brighton Centre, 7.30pm.

4 February Mary Chapin Carpenter

6 -11 February Gaslight Written by one of the 20th Century’s most renowned British writers, Patrick Hamilton. This masterpiece of suspenseful playwriting will have you on the edge of your seat and is a superb mystery thriller. While Jack Manningham is on the town each evening, his wife Bella (Kara Tointon) is home alone. She can’t explain the disappearance of familiar objects, the mysterious footsteps overhead or the ghostly flickering of living room gaslight. Is she losing her mind? The surprise arrival of a retired detective (Keith Allen) leads to a shocking discovery that will shake her respectable Victorian marriage to its core. In the tradition of heavyweight thrillers from Hitchcock, Christie and Priestley, Gaslight is a genre-defining, sensationally suspenseful, all-round elegant masterpiece.

Five-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Mary Chapin Carpenter will be performing songs from her expansive 14-album catalogue and new songs from her latest record, The Things That We Are Made Of. Produced by 2016 Producer of the Year Grammy-nominee Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton), the album features eleven new songs written by Carpenter, and has received critical acclaim from NPR and Rolling Stone, among others. Over the course of her acclaimed career, Carpenter has recorded 14 albums and sold over 14 million records. With hits like ‘Passionate Kisses’ and ‘He Thinks He’ll Keep Her,’ she has won five Grammy Awards, two CMA awards, two Academy of Country Music awards for her vocals and is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, 7pm

Theatre Royal, Brighton. For times and prices visit

Photo credit: Aaron Farrington

23 - 26 February - Stewart Lee After four years writing and performing his TV show, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Content Provider is Stewart’s first brand-new full-length show since the award-winning Carpet Remnant World. 'The most consistently funny show of his brilliant career … Hilarious devotion to jokes … I laughed till it hurt'(The Times). 'Characteristically twisty and frequently brilliant' (The Guardian). Brighton Dome, 8pm.

CALENDAR of events

7 February - John Shuttleworth: My Last Will and Tasty Mint John Shuttleworth hits the road following appearances on Celebrity Antiques Roadshow and the second series of Radio 4's John Shuttleworth’s Lounge Music for his farewell tour. A recent health scare (well, a mild bout of sciatica) has made “Sheffield’s finest singer/songwriter” (The Times) focus on his mortality, and the many things he needs to do before the inevitable move into a hospice. Can sole agent Ken Worthington pull out the stops and make John a star before his retirement? As befits a man living on borrowed time, John considers life’s major issues: the rise in popularity of hi-vis protective wear, the suitability of the plastic lid on takeaway coffee cups, and the excitement he felt when sucking his first mint. As well as hilarious new songs, John will bash out the favourites on his trusty Yamaha: Two Margarines, I Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now, Mutiny Over The Bounty, Y Reg, plus many more. And at the end of it all, a question remains: who should John donate his organs to, or should he just sell them on Ebay? “Punch the air to character comedy in a class of its own” (The Sunday Times). The Old Market, Hove, 8pm.

27 February Sophie Ellis-Bextor Familia is Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s sixth studio album and follows her numberfour charting and silver certified album Wanderlust, which marked a critically acclaimed change in musical direction for Sophie. Following suit with her last record, Familia was also co-written, produced and arranged by acclaimed singer-songwriter and good friend Ed Harcourt, and was recorded in London with a close-knit group of musician friends. Ellis-Bextor will be headlining the new Priory Park Festival in Chichester in July.

13 -18 February Not Dead Enough

Concorde 2, Brighton, 7pm.

Following the huge sell-out success of The Perfect Murder and Dead Simple, the thrilling work of multi-million-selling author Peter James returns to the stage with the world premiere production of Not Dead Enough. Starring Award-winning actor Shane Richie as DS Roy Grace and Laura Whitmore, one of the stars of 2016's Strictly Come Dancing. On the night Brian Bishop murdered his wife, he was sixty miles away, asleep in bed. At least that’s what he claims. But as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace continues to deal with the mysterious disappearance of his own wife, he starts to dig a little deeper into the chilling murder case and it soon becomes clear that love can be a dangerous thing... Theatre Royal, Brighton. For times and prices visit

11 February - White Mink The sounds and style of the 1920s and '30s turned upside down and smuggled into the 21st Century... After an almost unbroken run of sell-out shows since 2010, Brighton’s premier vintage night with a twist, White Mink returns in fine style to The Old Market pre-Valentine’s. The hottest speakeasy this side of 1940 delights and entertains those in the know with the very best in jive, jazz and electro swing. With a reputation for trail-blazing, critical acclaim and a "supremely decadent" atmosphere, this is more than just a club night, more than just a cabaret night, more than just a live music event. White Mink is an intoxicating cocktail of all the above, but mostly seduces with an evening that is always made with love… The Old Market, Hove, 9pm.

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BERLIN STYLE Leading Berlin Agent BEWOCON launches striking new project in Charlottenburg


ocal Berliners are noticing how rapidly the city is growing and changing, and how much rents are increasing (despite a recent price cap). In fact, Berlin is now the third most visited city in Europe, having surpassed Rome, with only London and Paris ahead of it; many of these visitors are deciding to stay for good. With 45,000 new inhabitants in the last two years, Berlin’s population is now more than 3.5 million, marking the 10th year in a row that the city has grown by a similar amount. Interestingly, in 2013 an estimated 10,000 Brits were living in Berlin – this number increased by 35% within a year, rising to just under 13,500 as of November 2014. Surely a great city to visit and perhaps now, invest in.

"The area is characterised by modern residential properties set alongside magnificent old buildings"

"The interiors have been individually designed to feature large windows, glass balustrades and floorto-ceiling windows, meaning apartments are flooded with natural light"


BEWOCON have announced the release of 39 units in their handsome new project, Kantstrasse 49, in Berlin. Located in the west of the city at the heart of Charlottenburg, the project benefits from the wealth of cultural assets the coveted district has to offer, including museums, opera houses and Charlottenburg Palace. Characterised by modern residential properties set alongside magnificent old buildings, the area is populated by fashionable cafés, galleries, boutiques, art-house cinemas, jazz clubs and restaurants and is popular amongst families, young professionals and retirees alike. Kantstrasse 49 features an elegant street-facing building as well as a graceful garden house and offers a total of 39 units for sale, all boasting modern living spaces. The front building comprises 22 units set over six floors, including two penthouses, whilst the separate Garden House enjoys a secluded location behind the street frontage with 17 units set over four floors. The interiors have been individually designed to feature large windows, glass balustrades and floorto-ceiling windows, meaning apartments are flooded with natural light. Underground car parking spaces are available, a sought-after asset in the heart of the busy city, as well as areas for bicycle storage. All units have been designed to energy efficiency standard KfW 55 and sit alongside one retail unit on the ground floor that leads onto Kantstrasse. Residents are just a short walk to the famous Kurfürstendamm, a broad, long boulevard considered the Champs-Élysées of Berlin, lined with high-end fashion outlets, 5-star hotels and restaurants. The adjacent district, Wilmersdorf, offers plentiful forest areas and lakes for relaxation, whilst nearby Tiergarten is the perfect spot for jogging, walking and cycling. The Light S-Bahn rail lines, underground lines and buses provide efficient links to Savignyplatz, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, as well as the green areas surrounding Berlin and Potsdam. on Executive Partner of BEWOCON Karl Zeller commented the new launch: “This is one of the area’s most exciting new-build projects to come to market in recent months. Charlottenburg remains a very popular choice with our clients, thanks to its varied cultural benefits and handsome architecture. The Kantstrasse 49 project reflects this and is an elegant new build, ideally located in the district which we expect to be in high demand.” Studio to two-bedroom apartments are available. Studio apartment 31sqm - €199,900 1-bedroom apartment 49sqm - €319,900 2-bedroom apartment 71sqm - €399,900 For more information contact BEWOCON on +44 (0)20 3695 0070 or visit or



Exceptional 'Avenue' apartment 21' West facing lounge 15' Kitchen/breakfast room Two double bedrooms Walk-in wardrobe to Bedroom one

• • • • •




Share of Freehold Superb Front Entrance Luxury wet room with walk-in shower Utility room Top floor

2 Church Road, Hove BN3 2FL

01273 773399

& 2 Queens Parade, Hangleton BN3 8JG

01273 322766


• • • • •

Prestigious residential road In need of updating 1920's semi-detached house Two reception rooms Breakfast room

4 • • • • •


Four bedrooms Approx. 80' West facing rear garden Prominent corner plot Enormous scope and potential Full of character




fabulously presented and particularly spacious maisonette, contemporary themed, which has undergone a huge programme of modernisation and renovation with a clear eye for detail, and will undoubtedly suit prospective purchasers looking for a large modern home to move straight into. Accommodation extends to almost 2,000 sq.ft over two floors (top two floors) and is the size of many large houses. With a host of features, this fabulous interior-designed apartment has been modernised and renovated with flare and imagination and makes full use of the property's extensive footprint. Undoubtedly, a signature area for the property is a huge interconnecting living space, all south-facing, and which includes a feature high-gloss kitchen fitted to a high specification, including quality work surfaces and centre island, an adjoining full-size dining area, plus a huge living room. In addition, there are four bedrooms, two of which are on the top floor, and both have their own en-suite dressing areas and en-suite bathroom or shower rooms. Internal inspection is absolutely essential to fully appreciate the overall quality of this property and its huge list of features.

Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2AB Price: ÂŁ565,000 Share of Freehold Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 (2 en-suite) Extras: Boiling water kitchen tap; Walkin pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelving; Lalegno white oiled oak flooring Best Bits: Extends to over 2,000 sq.ft; Few blocks to Hove seafront/station; Stylish loft-style refurbishment Elliotts Estate Agents 2 Church Road, Hove BN3 2FL 01273 773399




Looking for a letting specialist? We've been connecting landlords with professional tenants for 25 years Call us today to arrange a complimentary rental valuation

01273 202089




Get your pancakes flipping perfect on Pancake Day with these top tips

This Love Red Script Balloon is bright, and bold, perfect for parties, weddings and Valentines. Hang with ribbon or string to make your feelings known. £5.99 from Candle & Cake Ltd.

Tip one: Follow a recipe For a simple basic batter recipe, there’s no better place to go than to Delia Smith. 110g plain flour, pinch of salt 2 eggs, 200ml milk mixed with 75ml water 50g butter (for pan) Tip Two: Use the right pan A good solid pan with a rounded base will do most of the work for you, preventing the pancakes from sticking while maintaining a consistent level of heat. Tip three: Don’t use too much butter Basic, unsalted butter is the best thing to use when lubricating your pan. Brush a thin layer on with kitchen paper or a pastry brush Tip four: Flip it Cook the pancake on one side – it's cooked when it comes away from the pan when you give it a shake. Tip the pancake to the edge of the pan and three, two, one… flip.

Shrove Tuesday is February 28

WE LOVE… IDRIS ELBA Luther actor Idris Elba has put himself up for auction as a Valentine's date to raise money for charity. In an online video, he offers bidders a "romantic evening" involving cocktails, food and "whatever your heart desires." "I'll let you pound my yams," the 44-year-old star continues before downing a glass of champagne. Proceeds will go to WE (Women Everywhere) Can Lead, a charity organisation "working to empower and educate girls throughout Africa." The winner will join Elba for "a candle-lit meal at one of his favourite restaurants." Flights and accommodation at a four-star hotel are included, according to the actor's page at Interested parties have until 14 February to make a bid. Form an orderly queue…


HOME APPS WE RECCOMEND Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Great for Virtual Redesigning This handy app from Houzz lets you try out various furniture items in pictures of your own space, before you make the investment. If you love it, you can purchase the pieces through the app… Users love the professional resources available to inform their future renovation plans and to help home in on the style that speaks to them.

This February, Brighton Science Festival returns to the city with numerous events that are educational and, more importantly, fun. Bright Sparks takes place over the launch weekend, at Hove Park School. Dozens of activities with everything from cockroaches to coding, slime mould to sound waves. February Half Term is packed with activities designed to fill children’s minds with skills that will set them up for a scientific future – delivered in a fun and focussed setting by a lively team of educational entertainers. Although all events in Brighton Science Festival 2017 are suitable for young people, there are also some gems that should appeal to grown-ups of all ages. Adults have a much bigger feast in September, where the British Science Festival hits town. Watch this space. Brighton Science Festival, 11-25 February. For full details visit


Adelaide Crescent, Hove | £775,000 - £800,000 A rarely available 2 double bedroom 2 bathroom patio apartment forming part of this beautiful period building in Hove. Sitting in 1650 sq ft, this property offers very spacious living accommodation. The vendors of this apartment are suited.

Kings Gate, The Drive, Hove | Prices starting at £485,000 A selection of newly built 3 bedrooms apartments with parking and balconies. Ranging in size from 886 sq ft to 946 sq ft. Each apartment comes with a 10 year build zone guarantee and finished to exacting standards.

20 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1AE | 01273 733334 |



truly unique renovation of a period freehold property in the heart of Hove close to the beach. This three-bedroom bespoke-designed home offers high-quality fittings throughout and is worthy of inspection. There are many features to mention: as you enter the property there is a reception area leading to the open-plan living space, measuring 24'11 x 23'11, which enjoys bi-folding doors opening to a southerly aspect. Oak flooring has been fitted throughout this room, which has further bi-folding doors opening to an outdoor hardwood-decked area with a feature waterfall shower which is open to the sky above, plus a viewing platform above this. The oak flooring extends to the open plan, fully fitted Kitchen with Carerra marble tops and Southerly aspect providing amazing natural light , as does the whole property, whose principle aspect is favorably south from all rooms. A hand-made, bespoke concrete staircase having glass panels rises from the ground floor to the first floor. The first floor has a great office space overlooking the side. There are three bedrooms on this floor, including the master bedroom with a large en-suite shower/wet room.

Brunswick Street East, Hove, BN3 1AU Price: £1,000,000 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: 1800 sq ft; Wood Burner and bespoke made period radiators; Parking space; No forward chain Best Bits: Fantastic location; Extremely contemporary design; A one-off property Baron Estates   20 Western Road, Hove BN3 1AE 01273 733334 PORTFOLIO  47

solicitors Incorporating Johnson McCabe

local & independent

We are local, independent solicitors providing an expert legal service with a personal approach Property

Civil Litigation

• Buying and Selling Property • Re-Mortgages • Freehold Enfranchisement • Lease Extensions • Buying and Selling Investment Properties

• Employment • Debt Recovery • Property • Contentious Probate • Insurance Claims • Fraud Claims to include Defending SOCA Claims • Consumer Law • Neighbour disputes • Dispute Resolution/ Mediation of Claims

Business • Landlord and Tenant and Commercial Property • Buying and Selling Businesses and Shares • Employment Law • Licensing

Wills and Trusts • Wills • Probate and Administration of Estates • Inheritance Tax Planning and Trusts • Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection • Elderly Client Care

For more information please contact us at Engleharts Solicitors:

Vallance Hall, Hove Street, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DE

Life and Family • 01273 204411

• Family and Matrimonial • Co Habitation Agreements/Disputes • Civil Partnerships • Pre-nuptial Agreements • Divorce

Commercial Litigation • Commercial contract/ Consumer Disputes • Director/Shareholders/ Partnership Disputes • Insurance Claims • Construction and Engineering • Commercial Property Disputes • Professional Negligence Claims • Intellectual Property Disputes

"I enjoy understanding people and trying to assist them at a certain stage of their lives. Behind every property sale or purchase there is a story, good or bad"



This month we speak to Antony Singh about his career journey


ntony Singh is a Residential Property Solicitor at the well-known Law firm Engleharts Solicitors in Hove.

with clients, and by offering a full service we are able to satisfy their needs at different stages of their lives.

You have recently joined the team at Engleharts. What expertise do you bring to the firm? My strongest skill is my ability to build rapport with my clients and differing stakeholders, understand their needs and ensure they feel that they are regularly updated. My knowledge of the local property market combined with my transactional experience and wealth of contacts gained within a top international London Law firm provide me with a chance to bridge the gap between London and Brighton. I offer a specialist gold service to foreign investors into Brighton and Hove and the many London investors buying up property in the town. I bring the speed and technical transactional experience of a London solicitor for the price of a local solicitor.

Where did you study, train and work previously? I studied for my Law degree at one of the top Law schools in London, King’s College London. I then went on to achieve a distinction within my Legal Practice Course from BPP Law School in London. I trained at my craft in a top-30 International Law Firm in London and then worked for a local firm in Brighton before moving to Engleharts.

Engleharts are well-known property solicitors. What other legal areas does the company specialise in? Engleharts acts for many property developers, small business owners and individuals, locally, regionally and internationally. We have a wealth of experienced solicitors here and the direction of the firm is to offer our clients a full-service law firm, which includes Private Client matters such as Wills and Probate, Family Law matters such as divorce and child disputes, Commercial and specialist Property Dispute Resolution for both individuals and businesses, and, of course, Residential Property and Commercial Property. We build long-standing relationships

Did you take a traditional route into your career? I did take a very traditional route into Law, as a matter of fact, and nowadays there are many more alternatives for gaining access to the profession. My father always wanted me to be a solicitor, and I decided I wanted to follow through with this dream. I studied Law at A-level, as mentioned above, then went on to do my Law degree (please note it is not compulsory to study Law). After my Law degree, I went on to do my Legal Practice Course, which is compulsory before practicing. Non-Law graduates will need to do the conversion GDL course before doing their Legal Practice Course. The legal profession is

What was your first job? My first-ever job... well, actually, this was nothing to do with Law. I wanted to make money over the summer and worked as a fitness instructor for a local gym while I was studying. This helped me gain valuable experience of dealing with people and taught me how important it is to develop a client’s trust.

highly competitive, and I remember making many applications for training contracts, which, in London, normally start two years in advance of starting the job. I remember that the firm I got my training contract with had over 1,200 applications for 12 positions! I must have got lucky. After eight years of hard work, I had qualified and was proudly admitted to the roll of Solicitors at the Law Society. What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy understanding people and trying to assist them at a certain stage of their lives. Behind every property sale or purchase there is a story, good or bad. I find being able to help my clients move on in life gives me joy. It could be a growing family that needs more space, a retiring couple downsizing or a first-time buyer just trying to understand the conveyancing process. Moreover, I like the intellectual stimulation and the fact that you have to get a number of stakeholders (estate agents, mortgage brokers, other solicitors, freeholders and obviously the client) heading towards the same goal… completion! If you weren’t in the legal profession, what do you see yourself doing? I would be a footballer; they seem to have all the fun! In three words, describe the qualities that you think are most required in your job. Persistence. Grit. People skills. Engleharts Solicitors. 01273 204411 ext 244 PORTFOLIO  49

Balfour Road Preston Park BN1 £600,000 Freehold

Queens Parks Lofts Queens Park BN2 £375,000 Leasehold

Substantial and beautiful four bedroom house, stunning throughout. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Magnificent split level two bedroom loft apartment full of original features, fantastic location. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Springfield Road Preston Park BN1 £360,000 Leasehold

Springfield Road Preston Park BN1 £495,000 Share Of Freehold

Exceptional two bedroom apartment with grand principal rooms,

Substantial three period home in highly sought after location.

period features and large landscaped garden. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Grand principal rooms, south facing garden. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Grantham Road Blakers Park £690,000 Freehold

Yardley Street Preston Circus BN1 £550,000 Freehold

Gorgeous four bedroom period home, exceptional throughout,

Beautiful three bedroom period house, period features throughout,

70ft south facing garden. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

highly sought after location. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at



Ditchling Rise Preston Park BN1 £345,000 Share Of Freehold

The Deerings Deerings Road RH2 £995,000 Freehold

Stunning first floor period apartment.

Exceptional & substantial semi- detached five bed period home.

Beautiful throughout, two bedrooms. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Highly sought after location. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Highdown Road Seven Dials BN3 £2,200 Per Cal Month

Preston Road City Centre BN1 £265,000 Leasehold

Impressive four bedroom period house in catchment for schools,

Elegant one bed period home, west facing garden.

exceptional throughout. Close to City Centre. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

Bear Road Elm Grove BN2 £350,000 Freehold

Mayo Road, Roundhill Conservation BN1 £500,000 Freehold

Beautiful two bedroom period house. Immaculate throughout,

Exceptional three bedroom period home. West facing garden.

65ft rear garden. View Next Generation Virtual Tours at

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HOME tips

BRAND-NEW HOME Buying a brand-new home can feel extra special – but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Here are Phil Spencer's tips to help you through the process NEGOTIATE ON PRICE Buying off plan refers to when you purchase a new home before building has been completed (or, in some cases, has even begun). But what is the right price for a property that doesn’t exist yet? The answer will depend on a number of factors. Generally, the earlier you arrive at a given development, the better deal you’ll get – and of course, the more choice you’ll have. The number of buyers interested in the development will also impact the price, as will the state of the wider property market. Do your homework by comparing prices with similar developments in the area and seeking advice from local estate agents. Then...negotiate! No sale price is set in stone. Finally, never assume the property will be worth more by the time it's completed.


FIND OUT EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GETTING The nature of buying off plan means there's nothing to see yet – so make sure you find out what you'll get for your money. Does the price include turf for the garden for example? What about white goods or a parking space? Think about ongoing costs too. If you are buying within an apartment block, what are the annual service charges and ground rent?


LOOK BEYOND THE SHOW HOME Developers build show homes or units to use as a selling tool. But this is only an indication of what you’re buying, so take it with a pinch of salt. Your own home of course will be in a different plot, on a different floor – or even in a different building – all of which will alter the light and noise levels considerably. Keep in mind


also that while the show home will have skeleton furniture, it will otherwise be empty, which will inevitably make it appear more spacious. FIND OUT HOW MANY OTHER UNITS HAVE BEEN SOLD – AND TO WHOM You don't want to be the only resident of the block – or worse, surrounded by a building site for the next 12 months, so find out how much of the development has been sold. Ask also about the ratio of owner-occupiers to investors. You may soon tire of being the only permanent resident among a load of transient tenants.


CHECK THE BUILDER IS SIGNED UP TO A WARRANTY SCHEME Whether you’re buying off plan or new, making sure your builder is part of a warranty scheme is crucial. The National House Building Council


HOME tips

"Whether you’re buying off plan or new, making sure your builder is part of a warranty scheme is crucial"

(NHBC)’s Buildmark is the largest of these schemes, but other examples include Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty. A warranty scheme will offer you protection if your builder goes bust after you’ve paid the deposit – very important given the fact this can amount to 30% of the property value. It will also ensure the home has been built to agreed standards and provide a third-party resolution service in the event of disagreements. Never proceed with a sale if your builder does not offer a recognised warranty. And make sure you cross-reference it with the warranty supplier and understand what it covers you for. SWOT UP ON THE CONSUMER CODE FOR HOME BUILDERS So long as your builder or developer offers a warranty, it will also have to adhere to the Consumer Code for Home Builders. Launched in 2010, many people are unaware of this Code but its sole purpose is to protect buyers of off-plan and new-build homes. One of the most useful parts of the Code is that it


forces the builder to provide realistic information of when your home will be completed. If there is an unreasonable delay to the completion date that is stated in the Contract of Sale (the document you sign when you exchange contracts and pay your deposit), the builder must refund your money and any fees in full. An ‘unreasonable’ delay is typically defined as six months for a house and 12 months for an apartment (so long as the contract was signed early, that is, before the building was made weatherproof). The clock starts ticking from the completion date stated in the Contract of Sale. DON’T CHANGE JOBS BEFORE YOU COMPLETE Mortgage offers tend to have a three- or sixmonth shelf life and if yours runs out before your home is completed, you will have to reapply. But a lender could refuse you the second time around – especially if your circumstances have changed. So it’s wise to stay put in your job and steer well clear of any new financial commitments until you are safely in your new home.


CONDUCT A SNAGGING SURVEY Snagging refers to teething problems of a new-build home – for example, cracks which appear in settling walls or loose guttering. That’s why, at some point between exchange and completion, you’ll need to conduct a snagging survey and make sure everything’s fixed before moving in. If you do it yourself, use a print-off checklist (the NHBC have a useful one online at Alternatively, you can search online for a specialist company to do it for you.


SEE WHAT EXTRAS YOU CAN GET... You might only buy a new-build home once in your life and there are no prizes for being polite. So see what extras you can get thrown in – additional light fittings or plug sockets for example. You might even have a chance to choose colour schemes or flooring. But if you don’t ask, you won’t get.


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Disney’s DREAM HOME The Palm Springs vacation home that Walt Disney built in 1962 remained in the Disney family until 2015 and is for sale


hen Roy and Walt Disney co-founded the Walt Disney Company in 1920, they had dreams of large success, but likely could not have fathomed becoming the world leader in fantasy, cartoon characters and family film. Neither would they have imagined continuing that leadership position in their artistic niche so long after their deaths. Although Roy was the silent, shy partner who addressed the financial end, Walt was the creative part of the duo, and during his lifetime accrued 26 Academy Awards (still a record) for the company. Though Walt was the youngest brother, he died at the age of 65 in 1966. Roy was 73 at the time and postponed his retirement in order to open Disney World, which he later named Walt Disney World in honor of his brother. The new park transformed Orlando from a sleepy military and citrus town to America's most popular family resort vacation destination, with over 50 million visitors in 2016. Only three years before his death, Walt Disney and his wife Lillian built a vacation home in Palm


Springs as a getaway from Walt’s hectic work schedule and to enjoy their later years. The home stayed in the Disney family until 2015 and the new owners retained the charm and whimsy of the home created by the imaginative couple.

"Furnished in period furnishings with an Art Deco flair, bold flushes of color against a neutral background is indicative of Walt’s colorful creations on film" At 2,443 square feet, the four-bedroom, fourbath home has the clean lines of mid-century design, private in the front with cheerful red double-entry doors and wide-open to the outdoors in the back, with views of the pool,

raised spa, mountains and the Indian Canyons Golf Resort. As with most of the modernist homes of Palm Springs, the focus was on the enjoyment of outdoor living, relaxing and entertaining. Furnished in period furnishings with an Art Deco flair, bold flushes of color against a neutral background is indicative of Walt’s colorful creations on film. Little surprises are found in various locations around the house and iconic Disney sayings are playfully written in the backs of closets, challenging residents not to enjoy the unexpected chuckle. The listing agents are Klint Watkins and Ryan Cummings of HK Lane, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. The future buyer of Walt Disney’s Palm Springs home will enjoy not only luxury in the Palm Springs climate, but will enjoy knowing they are living in a home owned by a man who has given and continues to give so much joy to so many. Priced at $899,000. Visit for more historic, celebrity and spectacular homes and real estate news.

Citywide sales & lettings

Dyke Road £874,950

Substantial and meticulously maintained detached four bedroom family home with 21’ westerly facing lounge, modern fitted kitchen, dining room, separate utility room and contemporary ground floor shower room as well as a family bathroom. Level lawn rear garden, a private driveway/parking and garage. Potential to extend.

Preston Park

Guide £250,000 - £260,000 A well maintained purpose built apartment within easy walking distance of the station. Two spacious bedrooms, southerly facing lounge with patio doors to gardens, newly fitted kitchen. Benefits also include an extended lease, communal gardens and parking.

Patcham Old Village £289,950

'Little Wickets' affords the quaintest of settings and this Grade II listed early 19th century one bedroom home is blessed with a wealth of charm. Nestled between a terrace of flint cottages this attractive home does not disappoint. Rarely do properties steeped in history become available in Church Hill and Spencer & Leigh recommend early viewing to avoid disappointment.


£550,000 This 1930's detached family home boasts three good size bedrooms, lounge and separate dining room, dual aspect kitchen, large family bathroom, a south facing rear garden and off street parking for two/three vehicles. This home which would also lend itself to extension at the rear and within the loft should it be required STNC.

108 Old London Road, Brighton. Tel: 01273 565566  

TALK money

MAKING ALLOWANCES Claire Cook from Independent Financial Advisors Talk Money looks at ISAs and asks, have you used your allowance?


n the current extended period of low interest rates many people are struggling to find the best home for their money. To get the best rates on your cash nowadays, you have to be on the ball. Many banks and building societies offer higher rates for a certain amount of investment, but most of these accounts come with caveats. You may need to do a certain level of transactions each month; the higher rate may apply only to a limited balance, or there is an end date to remember. The result of this is that many people have their money divided over many different financial institutions, this can give a better return but can be hard work to keep track of. Traditionally, finance savvy people have always sought a cash ISA to invest their annual ISA allowance. Last year something changed, in April 2016 the new Personal Savings Allowance was introduced. This meant that basic rate taxpayers could earn £1,000 interest without paying tax, for higher rate taxpayers the limit is £500. This new tax allowance has left many people asking if a cash ISA is worth doing. If you can get a more favourable rate on a normal


savings account which could be tax free anyway, it may be argued this is the best route. What about your ISA allowance? Any ISA allowance not used during the tax year is a lost opportunity for longer term tax free growth. This tax year you can invest up to £15,240 into an ISA whether this be a cash ISA, a stocks

“Any ISA allowance not used during the tax year is a lost opportunity for longer-term tax-free growth” and shares ISA or a combination of the two. Any growth on an ISA is tax free from time of inception until the funds are withdrawn. Many people have built up considerable sums in ISAs (previously PEPs) over the years and are enjoying long term tax free growth. For some this forms a large part of their retirement planning. Not only do ISAs grow tax free, there are no tax complications for you to deal with

later on. The returns do not need to be reported on your tax return. If you haven’t used your ISA allowance this year for the reasons above, or you’ve not got around to it, there is still time. It may be appropriate to consider investment in the stocks and shares variety. Some people think these are high risk, but not necessarily so. A stocks and shares ISA can be set up at a risk level that suits individual investors. Although the return cannot be guaranteed, a stocks and shares ISA has the potential to provide a higher long term growth than investment in cash. If you would like advice on any of the above, or require an independent review of your finances, please give me a call. I offer a free initial consultation and would be very happy to assist. Please call me on 01403 330822 or visit Talk Money is a trading style Aspect 8, a member of Best Practice IFA Group Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount invested.

See more from Talk Money at


Guide Price £500,000

Rose Cottage lies at the foot of the South Downs between Steyning and Storrington. A picturesque Grade II listed double-fronted village house, set back from the lane with a convenient parking bay and a path leading to the front door flanked by roses and lavender. This charming home, principally of Georgian origin, is presented meticulously throughout with a cosy cottage feel, yet with 21st Century comforts including: • • • •

Bespoke stylish kitchen with Bosch and Smeg appliances Dining room Sitting room and study Neutral décor

• • • • •

Audio wiring and recessed speakers to principal rooms Inglenook fireplace with wood burner Three good-size bedrooms Utility room Cloakroom and shower room

There is an established garden to the rear with a generous stone terrace, lawn area and garden shed. Rose Cottage is a quintessential country retreat among a small cluster of character homes and viewing is strongly recommended.

Estate Office: 38 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex

01903 879212


HOME OF THE MONTH selected by PORTFOLIO magazine

4 bedroom detached house Falmer Road, Woodingdean, Brighton Guide Price: £550,000


Spacious four bedroom detached family home in popular North Woodingdean. The house is in excellent decorative order throughout, and features hard wood flooring throughout the ground floor, a stunning 25' kitchen/breakfast/dining room with access out onto the rear garden, living room and second reception room plus a study room with its own private entrance. The four bedrooms on the first floor include the master bedroom with stunning coastal views and en-suite bathroom, To the front is a large driveway area, suitable for several cars. To the rear is a beautifully rear garden area, with south east aspect, and Downland and coastal sea views, with access from the kitchen/dining/breakfast room areas, leading out onto a paved patio terrace area, and then down to the lawn.

King & Chasemore, Hove 20 Church Road, Hove BN3 2FN 01273 803879

Making Moving a Pleasure If you are buying or selling your property, Healys offers an unrivalled legal service. In order that your matter proceeds smoothly we offer the following as standard to our clients: • • •

Direct dial to your Solicitor No hidden charges Competitive fees

We would be delighted to provide you with a free personal quotation. Please contact one of our team on: 01273 669139 or email: or visit and complete our online quotation form.

8/9 Old Steine Brighton BN1 1EJ

UK Tourism


Bear Grylls, Cairngorns, Scotland (Photo credit BGV)



wonderful family home, located in Kemp Town. A large and well-proportioned house with bundles of living space and excellent-sized bedrooms. Perfect for those looking to settle and grow into the property.

There is a working fireplace in the lounge, which is open-plan to the dining space, perfect for entertaining. The kitchen has room for a large breakfast table, and has high-quality, integrated appliances and fittings; this is the hub of the home, leading out to the large rear garden, with side access and a summer house at the end of it, which could easily be used as a studio space. Upstairs there are three double bedrooms and a good-sized family bathroom. The cherry on this fabulous cake is the large available loft space that is waiting to be developed STP.

Sutherland Road, Brighton, BN2 0EQ Price: £465,000 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: Working fireplace; Space to eat in kitchen; Loft space to develop STP Best Bits: Family home; Large rear garden; Kemp Town location Princetons Property Services Ltd, Brighton 6 St. Georges Road, Brighton, BN2 1EB 01273 606326 PORTFOLIO  61

Photo credit: David Myers


...This month we speak to David Courtney about where he lives and why he loves it DAVID COURTNEY IS A COMPOSER AND PRODUCER CEO OF WALK OF FAME LTD


avid Courtney is a Grammy-nominated, award-winning, internationally acclaimed song writer and record producer. During his career he has sold in excess of 33 million records world-wide and has worked with countless legendary names in music, including Roger Daltrey, Sir Paul McCartney, and Eric Clapton. David was also behind the success of Leo Sayer and wrote many of his international hits. David lives in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN THE VILLAGE AND WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE IT? Manon & I have lived in Hurstpierpoint for three years now. I have always been impressed with the village and it became a desired location. Hurstpierpoint is one of the few working villages left, with all the amenities you need, including post office, pharmacy, vets, coffee houses, medical practitioners, unique, individually owned retail outlets, great restaurants and pubs, and it even has its own theatre. The residents are exceptionally friendly and there is a fantastic vibe. YOU HAVE CLEARLY TRAVELLED A LOT IN YOUR JOB IN THE PAST AND PERHAPS SPEND MORE TIME AT HOME NOW. DESCRIBE YOUR HOME TO US. We currently live in a 15th-century cottage which backs onto open land with the most wonderful views of the South Downs and which is a dog walker's paradise.

ARE YOU AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE HURSTPIERPOINT COMMUNITY, AND WHAT DO YOU ENJOYING DOING LOCALLY? Unfortunately not, as my time is taken up between writing and business. However, I have often thought of putting myself forward to create a music festival to showcase bands and artists in the area along the lines of a ‘Rock 'n Hurst’. Maybe it will happen one day, who knows?

“Brighton was the first Walk of Fame in the UK and pays homage to the many famous individuals from across the creative, historic, sporting spectrum closely associated with the city” HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN SUSSEX? I was born and raised in Brighton. I am and always will be very passionate about the city. My father and his brother Henry owned a car dealership and petrol stations in the town under the name of A&H Motors, where I worked in my youth as a pump boy (petrol pump attendant) in between gigging with my band The Urchins. Henry went on to conceive and build Brighton Marina. I witnessed ‘one man’s dream’ come true, which inspired me greatly.

TELL US ABOUT THE ‘WALK OF FAME’ AT THE BRIGHTON MARINA? I introduced the Walk of Fame attractions to the UK in 2002 and had the foresight to register the trademark in the country, much to the dismay of ‘Hollywood’. Brighton was the first Walk of Fame in the UK and pays homage to the many famous individuals from across the creative, historic, sporting spectrum closely associated with the city. It has long been my ambition to re-locate the walk into the city centre where it would have greater visibility, especially to visitors (a work in progress!). Brighton was followed by Bristol in 2010, and in 2016 we launched the world’s first ‘Football Walk of Fame’ in Manchester as a joint venture with The National Football Museum and legendary sports artist Paul Trevillion, one of the original creators of ‘Roy of the Rovers’. The response has been truly overwhelming and it is set to become The Global Accolade to International Football. 2017 will see the introduction of ‘The Music Walk of Fame,’ to be located in Camden, London, and we will also be launching ‘The Brighton Music Walk Fame,’ which will pay tribute to the many artists and musicians associated with the city and will be established as a permanent attraction on Brighton Palace Pier. HOW ARE YOU WITH HOME IMPROVEMENTS? Useless... hammers, nails, screwdrivers and saws are definitely not my thing, as my wife Manon will confirm.

David with Roger Daltrey and Jimmy Page

DO YOU DO THE FAMILY SHOPPING AND PERHAPS SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOPS? Manon takes care of the weekly shop, but I often buy fruit from the village greengrocer, bread from Truffles and delicious meats and things from Hampers deli. DO YOU LOOK AFTER THE GARDEN OR DO YOU HAVE ‘PEOPLE’ FOR THAT? We have quite a large garden, and we have a local gardening company take care of it.

“Never a day goes by without listening to music. It’s been my lifeblood for over 50 years” HAVE YOU EVER LIVED ABROAD, AND WHAT MAKES YOU LOVE SUSSEX AND COMING HOME AGAIN AFTER A TRIP? I lived in Los Angeles for six years and Australia for three years. I have some great memories of LA, especially working with many music icons, including, the guys from Toto, Al Kooper (Blood Sweat & Tears) and the great guitarist Steve Cropper (original Blues Bros), who wrote songs like ‘Dock of the Bay’, ‘Time is Tight’ and ‘Midnight Hour’. I also really enjoyed my time in Australia with its fantastic lifestyle, and I had great success producing Aussie acts and have many friends there.

DO YOU PREFER TO ENTERTAIN AT HOME, OR DO YOU LIKE EATING OUT LOCALLY? IF SO, WHERE DO YOU EAT/DRINK? We eat out quite a lot and have some excellent restaurants in Hurstpierpoint, like the Napur Tandori, and Morley’s wine bar, plus The New Inn and Wickwoods Country Club in Albourne. DO YOU EVER ENTERTAIN POP ROYALTY AT YOUR HOME, AND IF SO WHO? Not really. We either meet at restaurants, or sometimes we visit my old mate Roger Daltrey, who lives near Heathfield WHERE DO YOU ALWAYS TAKE VISITORS? I would always aim to take visitors up to Devils Dyke with its spectacular views, as captured by Constable. DO YOU ENJOY LISTENING TO MUSIC, AND DO YOU VISIT LOCAL VENUES TO WATCH BANDS? Never a day goes by without listening to music. It’s been my lifeblood for over 50 years, and I am so proud and privileged to be part of it. 2016 was an incredible year for me. I collaborated on an album with Russian diva Marina Kapuro which has been a hit in Russia, and I am the first British composer to receive the prestigious Tsarskoselskaya Artistic Premium Award in St Petersburg. Not bad for a boy from Whitehawk…

Residential Estate & Letting Agents • Land & New Homes Brighton & Hove City Office Residential Sales & Lettings 3-6 North Road, Brighton East Sussex BN1 1YA Sales 01273 688881 Lettings 01273 688884 E

Brighton £675,000

Lewes Town & Country Residential Sales & Lettings 14a High Street Lewes East Sussex BN7 2LN T 01273 487444 E

London Office 40 St James’s Place London SW1A 1NS T 020 78390888 E





A well proportioned three bedroom detached house in the popular Westdene area of Brighton offering versatile accommodation. The house benefits from front & rear gardens and has splendid views toward the South Downs National Park.

North Laine £599,950





An attractive three bedroom period home situated in the heart of the North Laine area of Central Brighton. The house offers versatile accommodation and benefits from double glazed windows throughout, a separate street entrance to the lower ground floor and a charming rear patio garden.

UK Tourism


Bear Grylls, Cairngorns, Scotland (Photo credit BGV)



n attractive period semi detached Victorian villa, lovingly refurbished and offering versatile accommodation extending across four storeys. The property is approached via a private driveway with ample vehicle parking. There is an entrance hall with original period features, two good sized reception rooms and a bright study area off the hallway with windows onto the private rear garden. On the first and second floors you have four good size double bedrooms, a family bathroom, a shower room and a second floor roof terrace offering spectacular views across Brighton and to the Sea. At garden level there is a spacious open plan kitchen/living area with a double aspect, modern units and stone work surfaces with quality appliances, tiled floor with under floor heating, a further reception/ bedroom five and a shower room. The walled private rear garden has two stores and a decked patio leading to a lawned garden.

Alexandra Villas, Brighton, BN1 3RF Price: £2,000,000 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Extras: Five good-sized double bedrooms; Two bathrooms (one en-suite); Front and rear garden and second floor roof terrace Best Bits: Ample parking for several cars; Recently refurbished throughout; Sought-after location Oakley, 3 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YA 01273 688881 PORTFOLIO  65

GET OUTSIDE Spring is in sight. As the garden comes to life again, it's time to prune shrubs, climbers and evergreen hedges


his month there are signs of the approaching spring, with bulbs appearing and wildlife waking up as light levels and temperatures increase. There's plenty to do outside this month to prepare for the season ahead. GENERAL TASKS AND GARDEN MAINTENANCE Dig over existing beds and borders, incorporating as much organic matter as you can. Forking over not only helps prepare the soil for spring, it helps reduce pests by exposing them to hungry birds. Although temperatures should start to rise this month, there is still a risk of frost and even snow. Protect vulnerable plants, pots and taps from frost by wrapping insulation, such as garden fleece, around them and check pots and containers are raised off the ground if possible. Tender trees and shrubs will thank you for a generous application of dry mulch to protect their roots from freezing conditions. Remember not to let leaves accumulate around alpines - they will die if left damp for long. Cover bare patches around clumps with gritty compost to encourage regrowth. 66  PORTFOLIO

When the weather allows, carry on clearing paths, clean and insulate greenhouses and ensure heaters are working properly. Clean and repair your garden tools, book the lawn mower in for a service and check garden furniture for any rot. When it is warm enough, treat sheds, fences and trellis with wood preservative. TREES, SHRUBS AND CLIMBERS February is a great month for planting as the soil will soon be warming up, encouraging new roots to grow and helping the plant to become established. Remember to plant climbers about 10” away from walls so they are not in a rain shadow. This is an important month for pruning. Attend to overgrown hardy evergreens, straggly hedges and wisteria if you haven’t already done so. In all cases feed your shorn plant with organic fertiliser and mulch with manure or compost for a great start to the growing season. And prune roses by taking out all dead, weak and crossing stems. Once the weather eases off, remove the top layer of soil from pot-grown shrubs and replace

with fresh potting compost that contains a slow-release fertiliser. LAWNS Keep off the lawn as much as possible whilst it is still wet - damage to waterlogged lawns is easily inflicted. If, towards the end of the month, the weather turns dry and mild, the lawn is firm and the grass is starting to look a little shaggy, give it a very gentle mow with the blades on the highest setting - don’t be tempted if conditions are wet! Also, if you are planning a new lawn, now is probably the earliest you could start preparing the ground for seeding or laying turf. BULBS, FLOWERS AND CONTAINERS Buy and plant container-grown snowdrops add some compost to the soil, plus a sprinkling of bonemeal, and plant them slightly deeper than they were in the pot. Pot up lily bulbs to flower in early summer in barely moist compost and keep somewhere light and frost free. Only increase watering if the compost dries out or you see shoots appear above the surface; lily bulbs rot easily in overly wet conditions. Bring dahlias out of hibernation and

Thanks to Wyvale Garden Centres.

DO It Yourself

"This is an important month for pruning. Attend to overgrown hardy evergreens, straggly hedges and wisteria if you haven’t already done so"

pot them in compost singly or dormitory style in a tray, keeping them somewhere light and frost free. Sow sweet peas under a cloche or in the greenhouse for a reminder that spring is on the way. Brighten up a dull month with pansies, violas and primroses. Once the ground is less sodden, plant pots of flowering spring bulbs and primroses in empty gaps. If the weather really does turn dry, do remember pots and containers will need watering, especially if they are near a wall and in a sheltered position. Hellebores - or Lenten roses - in their many colours will be opening from now until well into the spring. Trim off their old leaves; fresh new leaves will emerge in the spring. VEGETABLES Harvest leeks, Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli. Sow early vegetable and salad crops in seed trays, modules, in the greenhouse or inside - keep them on a windowsill in light and airy conditions. Radishes need thinning out to 1" apart when large enough to handle. Spinach doesn't need thinning if sown thinly, and the thinnings from salad crops can be used as baby leaves. Plant Jerusalem artichokes - bury them 1" deep and 12-18" apart. If you haven't done so already, chit your potatoes - put them in a light, cool place with the end showing the most 'buds' uppermost - an old egg box is ideal. They should be ready for planting outside in March when the sprouts are 1-1/2" long.

Top 10 jobs this month As recommended by The Royal Horticultural Society 1. Prepare vegetable seed beds, and sow some vegetables under cover 2. Chit potato tubers 3. Protect blossom on apricots, nectarines and peaches 4. Net fruit and vegetable crops to keep the birds off 5. Prune winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering 6. Divide bulbs such as snowdrops, and plant those that need planting 'in the green' 7. Prune Wisteria 8. Prune hardy evergreen hedges and renovate overgrown deciduous hedges 9. Prune conservatory climbers such as bougainvillea 10. Cut back deciduous grasses left uncut over the winter, remove dead grass from evergreen grasses See more at



Photo: Jane Hobson

“Ghost Dances” Theatre Royal Brighton 1 - 4 March 2017


WIN! A BOX AT THE THEATRE! A night at the theatre with a box for four people… Portfolio have teamed up with Theatre Royal Brighton to offer one lucky reader this great package

The fantastic prize includes a box for four people at the first night of Rambert’s Ghost Dances, plus other works on March 1st… Plus champagne and chocolates… Rambert are back in Brighton with Ghost Dances, plus other works, a treat for dance lovers. The masterpiece of choreographer Christopher Bruce, it is one of the most celebrated works in the company’s history and is returning to the stage for the first time in 14 years. It tells stories of love and compassion as death, in the form of the iconic ‘ghost dancers’, interrupts the lives of a series of ordinary people. The evening of world-class dance and live music also features Flight, exploring the subject of migration and Tomorrow, inspired by the dark, dangerous world of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. For a chance to win this fabulous prize, email us at competitions. with your name, address and RAMBERT in the subject box. Rambert: Ghost Dances, plus other works. 1 - 4 March, 7.30pm plus Thursday matinee at 1.30pm. Theatre Royal Brighton. 0844 871 7650.* The prize is for a box for four people at the first night of Rambert’s Ghost Dances, plus other works on March 1st and is not transferable. *Booking fees apply. Calls cost up to 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

WIN! TICKETS TO PETWORTH HOUSE WITH A CREAM TEA Visit stunning Petworth House and enjoy a cream tea for two. Portfolio have teamed up with the National Trust for this great offer

We have a pair of tickets for Petworth House, along with a cream tea for two. The fantastic prize also includes car parking on the day and is redeemable from 18th March for two months. Petworth is a stately mansion nestled in the South Downs, housing the finest art collection in the care of the National Trust. This 17th-century Grade I-listed country house was rebuilt in 1688 by Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, and altered in the 1870s to the design of the architect Anthony Salvin. Stroll through staterooms saturated with internationally important paintings by artists such as Van Dyck, Reynolds, Titian and Blake, together with classical and neo-classical sculptures. Follow in the footsteps of JMW Turner, who spent long periods at the mansion and whose paintings of Petworth park can be seen at Petworth today. The servants’ quarters, by contrast, offer a glimpse of life ‘below stairs.’ For a chance to win this fabulous prize, email us at competitions. with your name, address and PETWORTH HOUSE in the subject box. The prize is a pair of tickets to Petworth House with a cream tea for two, plus parking on the day. This is redeemable from 18th March for two months and is not transferable.



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On the drawing board On The Drawing Board is our platform for Industry professionals and the public to discuss issues and ideas relating to planning


n The Drawing Board will showcase planning permissions granted, scheme ideas and ideas for Brighton’s regeneration and future. This month: we look at some of the developments for our city on and off the drawing board. If you are a property professional, or just have a great idea, get in touch on the channels below.

ANSTON HOUSE The redevelopment of Anston House will see the demolition of an existing building that has been abandoned for more than 25 years. Conran and Partners are the lead designers working with First Base, who partnered with Hyde housing group to develop this site. Conran & Partners have proposed a new building of varying heights up to 13 and 15 storeys, providing 229 residential units, flexible commercial and café space at group level and basement car parking, cycle parking and storage lockers. Aston House, know locally as Brighton’s ugliest building, has been recommended for approval by the council after the previous scheme was rejected for having an overbearing height, density, bulk and form. There is controversy as the old scheme was also rejected as it contained too little affordable housing. The new scheme now contains less and Councillor Kevin Allen, who represents Preston Park Ward is concerned the development will only be afforded by rich commuters from London and investors. Work is expected to start in the next few months.

The developer is being asked for a payment – known as a section 106 contribution – totalling about £420,000. The money is expected to be spent on local schools, safe lighting and transport improvements.

HOVE HILLTOP SITE Conran and Partners have had planning approved at committee for 69 new homes on the edge of the South Downs and Hove. Planners approved a £19m scheme to build four blocks of flats on a hilltop site in Hove, next to the A27 Brighton Bypass. Conran partner and project director Lee Davies said: “We believe we have set a high standard of design for this very important and prominent site that will act as a catalyst for the wider development of Toad’s Hole Valley in the future. “Our design is appropriate in scale to the site and seeks to minimise the impact on views from the South Downs. “It also represents a landmark building on this important gateway site and will deliver much-needed housing on the city’s urban fringe.” Mike Holland, chief executive of the site’s owner, Thornton Properties, said: “The council’s decision recognises the high quality of the scheme, which responds successfully to the challenges of the site. “I am confident that the sensitive redevelopment of Court House Farm – and the much-needed new housing it will offer – will help to transform this significant site on the edge of the South Downs.”

AND “OFF” THE DRAWING BOARD The demolition of Amex House, the old Amex HQ, is now well underway, we have this photo from inside the site. The restaurant and kitchens have been fully demolished allowing a new perspective of the new Amex HQ at One John Street to be on show. We are looking forward to bringing you regular updates of the site clearing and hopefully we will hear of some exciting new plans for the site which will benefit the Edward Street corridor.

THE JURY’S OUT Still on Edward Street, we are happy to see that the 200-year-old pub is to remain open after being saved by local developer Copsemill Properties and leased to local brewery Brighton Bier. This is exciting for Brighton Bier as it will be their first pub in the city and is due to open in the beginning of March 2017. Copsemill have submitted an application for the change of use for the first and second floors to offices. We are looking forward to seeing this historic building get some much needed TLC.

Do you have more ideas? Submit to #BrightFuture @ZSTaUK or @PortfolioMagUK PORTFOLIO  71

We design, create and install bespoke furniture to commercial, domestic and retail sectors.

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SNOWDROPS IN SUSSEX The first spots of colour are starting to peek through in our gardens and countryside this month. There are snowdrops and winter colour to enjoy at Nymans, Petworth and lovely winter walks at Sheffield Park PETWORTH For the first glimpse of spring visit Petworth and see swathes of snowdrops that carpet the Pleasure Grounds - a welcome sign of warmer days to come. Visit Petworth between late January and early March to see the delicate white of the snowdrops carpet the Pleasure Grounds. Petworth is normally known for its gnarled and twisted, ancient trees standing in the park, but it's also somewhere to catch the first glimpse of spring when swathes of snowdrops blanket the Pleasure Grounds. Beneath the woodland canopy look out for the snowdrops that carpet the grounds and herald the start of spring. Also on display, you'll find thousands of wild yellow primroses, crocuses and winter aconites that are sometimes intermingled with the pure white of the snowdrops and make for a welcome splash of colour as we leave winter behind. Look out for the first signs of spring with a walk around the monuments of the Pleasure Grounds or take a longer stroll around the 700acre park. NYMANS During winter the garden at Nymans is at rest, but not asleep, with snowdrops, flame-coloured cornus stems, scented daphne and colourful camellias flowering throughout the garden. Spot snowdrops in the top garden and delicate witch-hazels in the walled garden while buds burst into bloom as winter gives way

to early spring. Beneath the soil, bulbs reach for the light and flame-coloured cornus, scented daphne and colourful camellias fill the garden with a subtle perfume and colour. Nymans has so many different walks to choose from, whether it be a calorie-burning walk through the woodland or a more gentle stroll around the garden. Join a guided walk with one of the garden Rangers, where you'll find out more about the seasonal highlights in the garden, as well as a bit of the story behind the creation of this worldfamous garden, or take a more formal guided walk with one of the Rangers or Head Gardener on a seasonal highight or tree-ID walk. SHEFFIELD PARK Winter brings misty mornings and frosty trees to give the garden at Sheffield Park a timeless, sculptured beauty. Plants to look for include the red-barked dogwood, a deciduous shrub from the family Cornaceae. In the winter its rich red stems are a particular feature of the plant, which grows in thickets up to three metres tall. It produces the brightest winter bark when planted in full sun. Snowdrops are among the first bulbs to bloom in spring and form impressive carpets of white in areas where they are native or have been naturalised. For more information on these and other The National Trust houses and gardens, visit

Photo Credits (L-R) Jonathan Buckley, Stephen Robson, John Millar


9 Offices Covering Brighton & Hove 27 Offices in Sussex 38 Offices in London

Grantham Road, Guide Price £625,000

01273 508761

Superbly presented Victorian terrace close to Downs Junior school and London Road station. Beautiful through reception room with wooden floors and period fireplaces, contemporary kitchen/breakfast room opening to south facing garden, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, en-suite cloakroom, elegant tall ceilings, must be seen.

Beaconsfield Villas, £1,175,000

01273 508761

An outstanding Victorian semi-detached family home in the “Golden Triangle”, reputedly built for the “Blaker” family - offering incredibly detailed and rare period features; including ornate ceilings, moulded cornice work, colourful tiling, grand fireplaces, wooden flooring and etched glazing. Forming a substantial (approx 2,300 square feet) which comprises three reception rooms and a fabulous kitchen/family room on the ground floor with five double bedrooms and two bathrooms on the upper floors. Garage and garden.

Eaton Road, Guide Price £500,000 - £525,000

01273 820280

This is an outstanding example of a Victorian mansion flat that has been beautifully cared for and thought about when being converted, one not to miss out on. The reception room is very large with lovely high ceilings, period coving wrapping around the entire room, a large bay window and plenty of space for furniture. The kitchen is accessed via the living room and being located on the corner of the building means it benefits from a huge bay creating the perfect space for a dining table and chairs. Taking the bespoke staircase down to the sleeping accommodation you come to an internal hallway with all the rooms. The master bedroom is a lovely size double room with plenty of space for a king size bed. Bedroom two and three are also well proportioned rooms. The family bathroom is in keeping with the rest of the flat, big in size and beautifully finished.

Hanover Street, £465,000

01273 677544

This charming house is versatile, bright and spacious making it perfect for those seeking a permanent or part time home in Brighton. Arranged over three floors the lower ground floor accommodates a modern fitted shower room and spacious lounge area, On the ground floor is a fitted kitchen with ample space for a dining table al and a bedroom. The first floor comprises of two further good sized bedrooms and a modern fitted bathroom suite. Additional benefits of the property include it's large South- Westerly aspect garden with lawn and patio areas and a private parking space. This opportunity should not be missed - NO ONGOING CHAIN.



rare opportunity to purchase this fantastic Grade ll-listed freehold house situated on Hove seafront. This beautiful home has bags of character, flexible living accommodation, a pretty rear patio and direct sea views.

The property is laid out over four storeys and has the added benefit of a self-contained one-bedroom apartment on the lower ground floor, providing potential home income. The rest of the property comprises four bedrooms, an open dining room, a kitchen / breakfast room, a stunning south-facing drawing room with double doors to the covered balcony, a period-style family bathroom, a spacious shower room and a utility space.

St Catherine’s Terrace, Hove BN3 2RR Price: OIEO £1,200,000 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Extras: Approx. 3000 sq ft of accommodation; Scope for adding value in prime seafront location Best Bits: Sea views; Private courtyard garden; Located ideally for Hove’s restaurants, bars and shops on Church Road Fox & Sons 161 Church Road, Hove BN3 2AD 01273 820280


THE collection

THE February COLLECTION We celebrate village life in this issue with our pick of properties available for sale in our pretty Sussex villages

Modern family Cedars, Upper Beeding A unique, modern, detached four-bedroom house with exceptional room proportions and with principal rooms overlooking the secluded rear garden. This well-designed family home is of traditional brick construction with aluminium-framed double-glazed windows under a pitched and interlocking tiled roof. The property has been well maintained, and has potential for further modernisation and the possible conversion of the garage roof void to create a home office, subject to usual consents. There is gas-fired central heating and early possession is available.

Price: ÂŁ575,000 Hamilton Graham 01903 879212 |

Spacious home Penlands Rise, Steyning An attractive detached house which the present owners have maintained and enhanced and which provides versatile accommodation with potential for five bedrooms. The ground floor rooms radiate from a spacious hall which extends the depth of the house with a pair of glazed doors to the impressive kitchen/breakfast room with part-vaulted ceiling and French doors to the garden. The kitchen area is a stylish, modern design with polished stone worktops. There is Karndean flooring with electric under-floor heating and recessed ceiling lighting. The sitting room overlooks the front garden and has a wood-burning stove set on a slate hearth; across the hall is a family room and separate dining room. The gardens are a generous size, with lawn and a paved terrace. The integral garage is arranged as a utility and storage area with an internal door to the kitchen.

Price: ÂŁ597,500 Hamilton Graham 01903 879212 |

More properties continued over the page

THE collection

"The first floor has a master bedroom with lavish en-suite bathroom and balcony with views towards the rolling South Downs"

Downs views Springs, Clayton With origins dating back to the 18th century, ‘Springs’ has evolved over the years and now takes the form of a magnificent Georgian-style family house sitting centrally within its partly walled gardens. The property has five reception rooms and a beautiful vaulted kitchen/breakfast room with French doors out on to the decked terrace. The property is arranged over three floors, with the first floor having a master bedroom with lavish en-suite bathroom and balcony with views towards the rolling South Downs. The lower ground floor has a bedroom with patio doors on the rear garden, a bathroom and a laundry room. The garden wraps around the property on all sides with areas of decked and stone terrace.

Price: OIRO £1,395,000 Chatt Estates 01273 844500 |

On the green The Green, Newick A beautifully presented three-bedroom Grade II-listed period cottage which has been recently renovated to the highest of standards by the current owner and set in this most prestigious location overlooking the village green. This cottage comprises a sitting room with open fire, luxurious re-fitted kitchen/dining room, superb re-fitted ground floor shower room/WC, two first-floor bedrooms, a further, second-floor, bedroom, gas-fired central heating, and a delightful 82' x 17' cottage-style rear garden with brick workshop, plus two parking spaces. EPC E.

Price: £439,500 Mansell McTaggart, Newick 01825 722288 |


THE collection

Lovely cottage Church Hill,
Patcham Old Village

Price: £379,950 Spencer & Leigh 01273 565566 |

Located in the heart of Patcham Village is this period two-bedroom cottage, which has been imaginatively extended and is now being offered for sale with the advantage of no forward chain. This lovely home features a 24' lounge/dining room with feature bay window overlooking a charming village street view. The modern kitchen has enough space for an additional table and chairs and links to a conservatory which overlooks and leads to an easy-to-maintain rear garden. On the first floor are the two double bedrooms. The bathroom has recently been re-fitted with a contemporary theme, and a large walk-in shower. Other features include double glazing, central heating and a modern, fresh appearance.

"This home benefits from a wealth of original features updated to a high standard"

Historical detail High Street, Hurstpierpoint This home benefits from a wealth of original features updated to a high standard to include an award from the Hurstpierpoint Society for quality and historical detail. This home offers high-specification utilities within a period residence and excellent living accommodation, in addition to good parking facilities and an exceptionally large rear garden with views of the historic church spire. There are four bedrooms, two of which have en-suite facilities. There is also a family bathroom with wooden floor and modern roll-top bath. The large garden is well planted and has a private patio area ideal for alfresco dining. The property includes a greenhouse, two sheds, plus a large, detached brick-built barn.

Price: £POA Mishon Mackay 01273 834602


lots p n la Off-p e from abl avail 0

5 9 , 9 9 ÂŁ2

Exclusive off-plan prices available for a limited time

RUSSELL HOUSE, BRIGHTON A selection of 53 stunning one, two and three bedroom apartments in the heart of Brighton – offering the very best of city living. For more information call us on 01273 720714 or visit

PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS LUNCH “The property professional networking lunch is one of the most friendly and effective events we attend…” Desbruslais Chartered Surveyors

nie Prior, ning, Stepha Andrew Sten ink Marble Th om fr Searches UK s ile with Andy M , ng ni en St Faye

, H Stallard cial, cote, DM IEP Finan Faye Did r, e g e la sch g n rd li a O ll n Stefa , DMH Sta Williams Cheraine

Leith Mckenzie, Grant Shepherd, Alter & Co

s LLP mad, Healy Nazish Ah arts eh gh, Engl Antony Sin

Lynne Edwards, Portfolio magazin e Alex Elliott, Think Marble, Ros Edwards, Fo rtis Law


he first quarterly Property Professionals networking lunch of 2017 was held at Pub du Vin in January and once again broke records of attendance. The 3 course lunch was followed raffle in support of Rockinghorse Childrens Charity was held and almost £500 was raised. The prize - dinner bed and breakfast at the fabulous Hotel du Vin was won by Hamed Ovaisi from So Legal. Andy Miles from Think Marble, a cyber security expert was the guest speaker.

Prize winner Hamed Ovaisi, So Legal Ryan Heal, Rockinghorse

For more information about the next event in April contact:

Kim White, Westbeach Properties, Fiona McTernan, Portfolio magazine


d, Ltd, Stallar . , DMH inance s ulb Co te a te Y a iv F r P t Lightb n Roger w e lo m il e c W , la y ra Rep Gary B od, The ackwo Mark P


STYLISH CENTRAL HOMES Andrew Hovey, Area Sales Manager for Sussex at Leaders, on luxury living in the heart of Brighton


unique opportunity to purchase a stunning new home in the heart of Brighton has become available following the arrival of the Russell House development on the city’s property market. Local estate agents Leaders is delighted to be offering the range of 53 apartments to buyers and investors. Each of the homes is set within the historic building of Russell House in Russell Mews and will be created and fitted to the highest possible standard. These luxurious properties are steeped in culture and style and have been designed to ensure ample living space throughout.

Andrew Hovey, Area Sales Manager for Sussex at Leaders, says: “The specification of the apartments within Russell House are second to none. Once they have been completed, they will be some of the most stylish homes available in the city and exude a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Located within easy reach of The Lanes, major shopping areas, the seafront and the mainline station, Russell House is the perfect main address, investment property or second home.” Buyers will be able to enjoy the advantages of living in a building with lifts to all floors, an opulent entrance lobby that sets a wonderful

first impression and secure, gated parking for those who wish to purchase spaces. A high-quality wood flooring will be laid throughout the apartments, and this is set to be complemented by beautiful stone worktops, stainless steel appliances and floor-to-ceiling tiled bathrooms. A true sense of indulgence is clear in each and every room. A number of the 53 new homes that make up the development also provide outdoor space in the shape of terraces. Prices start from £299,950 and a selection of one-, twoand three-bedroom apartments is available to purchase off plan immediately.

STRESS-FREE MOVING Joanne Darroch, Senior Branch Manager of Leaders, Brighton and Hove gives her five top tips to help you move with less stress


he moving process can be stressful, as everyone knows, but there are some simple steps you can take to make your move go with less stress. Joanne Darroch, Leaders’ Senior Branch Manager for Brighton and Hove, says: “It’s rare for any move to be completely free of stress, but there are certainly ways to make the process easier. By following our tips below you can make sure things go as smoothly as possible and avoid some common problems.” ORGANISE YOUR FINANCES Organising your finances as early as possible will put you in the best position to take your first step. It’s important to understand all the costs involved and to work out exactly how much you can afford before you start your property search.

SELL YOUR PROPERTY BEFORE TRYING TO BUY YOUR NEXT HOME In most circumstances, it is best to put your property on the market before you start looking for your next home. Not only will this help you organise your finances, but it means you’ll be taken more seriously by both estate agents and sellers. GET A SURVEY AND A CONVEYANCING SPECIALIST In order to protect your future outgoings and avoid any unnecessary delays, costs and frustrations, it is vital you get a survey of the property you are buying. Make sure the surveyors you choose are professional and qualified. You will also need a conveyancing specialist to organise the legal process of transferring your property from one person to another.

RESPOND PROMPTLY TO ENQUIRIES DURING THE SALES PROCESS The quicker the process of selling and buying a home, the less stressful the experience tends to be. Depending on how many other parties are involved, this can take some time, but you can help by being quick to respond to any queries and provide necessary documentation. CHOOSE AN ESTATE AGENT WHO WILL HELP YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY The estate agent you use can make all the difference to your moving experience. Choose an experienced local firm that knows the area well and is passionate about helping you achieve your aims. Check out their reputation, marketing techniques and professionalism by meeting them face-to-face, asking lots of questions and seeking recommendations from other clients.

For more information and expert advice on selling, letting, buying or renting in Brighton and Hove, please contact your local Leaders branch or visit PORTFOLIO  83


ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY In our regular monthly walks in the fantastic countryside surrounding Brighton & Hove This month we’re walking near Plumpton Explore woodland and marshland with a diverse collection of wildlife Distance: 5miles/8km | Time: 2.5 hours Access: Mostly footpaths with many stiles, generally flat with some gentle undulation ROUTE INSTRUCTIONS 1 Starting at the Plumpton station ticket office, cross over the first footbridge to the northbound platform. At the end of the platform turn left, passing under the second footbridge, heading towards the grandstand of Plumpton Racecourse. 2 Follow the footpath with the racecourse on your left and car park on your right, around the back of the racecourse buildings, and head south towards the Downs until you come to a T junction. 3 Turn right, and shortly after turn left at a footpath sign. Continue on a grassy track down past a pond on your right as you cross a stream. Continue straight ahead on the path, heading towards the Downs, as the track enters a field. 4 Cross the field and climb over a stile into a small wood. Cross two bridges in quick succession. At the end of the second bridge, bear left and follow the path around the edge of the field, known locally as Sixty Acres. Continue with the hedge on your left at first, but when it turns away left, keep straight ahead, with the hedge now on your right. 5 As you reach the top of the slight rise, see Blackcap to the left and the V of trees, planted to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in 1887, and Ditchling Beacon to the right. 84  PORTFOLIO

6 Where the path joins a farm track from the right, continue straight on towards a field gate

until you reach a wooden garden gate.

ahead with the hedge now on your left.

13 Go through the gate into the drive of Plumpton College. Take care as there may be agricultural and other vehicles using the road.

7 Just before the field gate, turn left down a grassy track, keeping the hedge on your right. At a break in the hedge, under a line of oak trees, climb over the stile into a field. 8 Continue south across the field, following the direction of the fingerpost, with the hedge on your right, towards the far right hand corner. Cross a stile onto a footbridge and over another stile in quick succession.

"Enjoy the cool trickle of the stream at point 11. Such clear streams straight from the chalk have a rich fauna" 9 Continue straight across the next field to the middle of the hedgerow on the far side. Cross a small footbridge and stile into the corner of the next field. 10 Turn right, keeping close to the hedge on your right. At the end of the field pass through a gap in the hedge and continue south towards the Downs, following the waymark.

14 Turn left and follow the drive, with the main Plumpton College building on your right. 15 Continue along the main drive until you come to a gated entrance to Plumpton Place (Elizabethan manor house) on your left. Take the small gate to the footpath on your left. 16 Follow the post and rail fence on your left to a kissing gate. Go through the gate and continue diagonally left across the field, with the Downs on your right, towards the far corner of the field. 17 Cross the stile to arrive at the front entrance to the Half Moon pub. Continue on around the front of the pub and turn left up Plumpton Lane. 18 Walk past the bus stop and layby on the left, before crossing the road with care and climbing over a stile into a small paddock. Cross the paddock, keeping the flint wall to your right, go through a pedestrian gate, across the next small paddock and over a stile to emerge onto a track.

11 At the end of the next field, cross over a stile and a footbridge across a shallow stream. Continue south with the stream on your left, towards a post and rail fence.

19 Turn left up the track until you come to a stile on your right, about 40 yards along. Cross this and head across the field in a north easterly direction to another stile and a wood ahead. Cross this stile onto a track.

12 At the fence turn right and, keeping the fence to your left, continue along a wooded path

20 Follow the track with the wood on your left.The track bends sharp left and continues

WALKS until you meet a drive running right to left (leading to a house in the woods on your left). Cross the drive and head diagonally right, following the direction of the fingerpost, across the field to another stile.

Plumpton Post Office & Shop Winning Post

21 Cross this stile onto a small metalled road. Cross the road, go through a kissing gate opposite and continue, with the hedge on your left, until you emerge onto Novington Lane, opposite the entrance to Warningore Farm. Turn left along Novington Lane for about a quarter of a mile. (Please take extra care)

Walk Footpath Bridleway

Start/Finish Plumpton Plumpton Race Course

22 Just before Keepers’ Cottage on your left, turn off the lane and cross a stile to the left of a field gate. As the garden hedge on the right ends, bear diagonally right across the field towards a stile on the far side.


23 Cross two stiles into the next field and then turn diagonally left, crossing a plank bridge halfway across the field, heading towards a field gate with a stile to its right.

Jolly Sportsman

East Chiltington

24 Go over the stile and through a woodland strip out onto a track.Turn right and follow the track, passing ponds on either side, until you reach Stanton’s Farm on the right and Stanton’s Barn, a former Cromwellian barn, on your left.

26 Shortly after the stream, turn right through a five bar gate and bear immediately left across a plank bridge. Cross the bottom of this field and turn right, with the hedge on your left, following the edge of the field until you come to a stile giving onto a field divided into small paddocks. 27 Cross the stile into this field and continue diagonally right to a midpoint where the footpath intersects with another footpath. Here, bear diagonally right again and return to the field you have just left via another stile, further down the hedgerow. Continue in the same line across the top of the field to a gap in the hedge on the far side. Go through the gap, turn left and follow the path around to your left and on to a stile, which leads onto the railway crossing.

Plumpton College

Plumpton Lane

25 The track continues to East Chiltington Church. Here, follow the flint church wall on your left round onto an unmade road known as the Ferrings. Follow this road, crossing over the stream, a tributary of the Bevern.


Half Moon


28 Cross the railway, taking care. Turn left and follow the track towards a stand of trees, known locally as Percy’s Patch. Continue along the concrete track with the George V Playing Fields on your right to return to Plumpton Station.

For more information about walks in the region, contact South Downs National Park Authority. Tel: 0300 303 1053, or visit PORTFOLIO  85

GO RETRO Bring some fun into your home with these vintage and retro pieces

CUTE AND COMPACT This sofa will make a stylish, versatile addition to smaller spaces, living rooms and bedrooms - mix and match with collection pieces to add colour. Tubby 2 Seater Sofa in Retro Yellow £299.00

COCKTAIL HOUR Hollywood glamour is never out of style. This fabulous upcycled piece is a Retro 1970s Cocktail Cabinet upcycled by Kate Noakes. The Old Cinema £1250.00

CHIC CABINET This media cabinet is a modern twist on a retro image, made by expert designers using Danish traditional quality and craftsmanship in solid wood. Media Cabinet by Danish Retro with Corian top £2030.00

VINTAGE PHONE Vintage-look telephone has an original style bell ringer but modern functionalities for those wanting the look of the 70s but the practicality of today. Rigby & Mac £48.95 86  PORTFOLIO


FRESH DESIGN The perfect addition to any kitchen with a retro look. Typhoon Vintage Cake Tin £22.00 Salter Vintage Mechanical Kitchen Scale £29.99 TURN, TURN TURN This record player in its portable Blue Suitcase features a three speed LP player, 33/45/78, built in speakers and USB to convert vinyl to digital format. Attache Turntable in Blue £89.95

SIGN IT Retro letter board sign, with 286 white letters to make your own special messages. Papermash £45.00

FUNKY CUSHIONS Sanderson;s iconic 50s fabric, Dandelion Clocks, is still one of their top selling prints. Available in four off-beat colour combinations. Available in a range of sizes from 16"x16". Retro Dandelion clocks cushion cover From £14.00

HOSTESS TROLLEY Be the host with the most and serve your guests in style with a stylish drinks trolley. Luxe Drinks Trolley £395; Tapio Glassware £26.00-£30.00

RIDE ON This retro style Ride-On Pink Retro Racing Car Toy is a beautiful classic toy. Foot to floor pushing makes this easy to use. Burble Baby £90.00

COLOUR POP Add a splash of colour to your outdoor space, with these bright retro garden chairs. Retro Garden Chairs £45.00 PORTFOLIO  87

23 New Road Brighton BN1 1UF 01273 605574

Croft Road Crowborough TN6 1DR 01892 664152


Osborne & Little


20% off Fabric in February GP&J Baker

Matthew Williamson

Clarissa Hulse

William Morris

Clarke & Clarke

Villa Nova


Designers Guild

Barneby Gates

“This year interiors are about natural and luxury fabrics, texture and tone�

Paradise pineapple curtains from Clover & Thorne |


WINDOW DRESSING Used alone or paired with blinds or shutters, curtains are set for an interiors renaissance this year. We look at how to have the best-dressed windows


he way you ‘treat’ and dress a window – the fabrics you use, the style and shape – has a huge impact on the look and feel of any space. Curtains can add drama, romance, shape, form or warmth to a room, depending on which fabrics and styles you use. Used alone or paired with blinds or shutters, curtains are set for an interiors renaissance this year. KEY TRENDS FOR 2017 This year interiors are about natural and luxury fabrics, texture and tone. Curtains “do” clean and modern very well; keeping tones neutral and similar through the rest of the room and opting for simple lines will modernise your space. Fabrics can be heavy calico or velvet for drama, sheer cotton or silk for a more romantic mood. For voiles, think subtle iridescence rather than pattern, tones rather than bold colours. Patterns – in particular folksy, scandi and mid-century patterns – also remain popular, and curtains are a great way of making a pattern statement in any space. Colour ‘banding’ – adding either a vertical or horizontal ‘band’ of patterned fabric to a plain curtain – is a neat way to add pattern without overwhelming the room.


Hunter Inglenook Photo:


COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL This season, three palettes predominate curtain trends – washed, faded versions of jewel colours in heavier fabrics such as twill, flannel or velvet; cool neutrals in natural shades; and a retro pallete of mid-century brights – oranges, greens, blues and yellows – mixed with strong earth tones. DESIGN TRICKS Colour ‘blocks’ – layering a window tone-ontone – remains a strong trend. Curtains can be paired with voiles or blinds in the same or similar tone to give a contemporary look – and extra insulation in cooler months. And on the subject of insulation, although winter months might call for warmer, heavier fabrics, you can update – and cool – your room by having a lighter weight set made for summer months. Pleated curtains give a more formal look. The trend this season is for looser ‘pinch’ pleats rather than more rigid styles. Simple panels,

plain voiles and café-style half-voiles can be used alone or to layer and introduce different tones into a room. ‘Grommet’ style curtains – simple panels where the pole runs through rings set into the fabric – are another less formal way to introduce pleats. There is a general trend for wider and larger windows and folding doors in building design, and interior designers know that curtains can help create this effect without the expense. Extending curtains and rods beyond the edge of the window will add visual width. WHICH CURTAIN WHERE? Curtains aren’t for every room, and should be chosen to suit the space. Consider what your space needs when choosing style and fabric – warmth, privacy, light protection, colour? - and be guided by the shape and style of windows, too. Bay windows can be tricky: Curtains work if the bay is very large, or a gentle curve, in

which case have a bespoke rail made to fit the shape of the bay. Never hang a straight pole across the front of a bay; it will simply lose space and light. Curtains can be used to dramatic effect on large windows, framing the picture seen through the panes. If you have the budget, go bespoke for a custom-made fit, unless your windows are ‘standard’ sizes, in which case you might be lucky enough to find the perfect pair on the high street. If you have a particularly beautiful or noteworthy window, think carefully before you dress it. Unless it’s in a bedroom (and you need to exclude light), stained glass is best left un-dressed, allowing its natural beauty to shine. A wall of narrow, tall windows becomes a dramatic feature if dressed well, with billowing semi-opaque curtains. A beautifully dressed window should be like a picture frame, enhancing the room it is in, and making you pause to look through it.



Image courtesy the Trustees of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, Bedford, England

“Turner and the Age of British Watercolour” Runs until 12 March 2017


FIT FOR A QUEEN Daniel Frickelton and his guest discover a pleasing blend of history and contemporary chic at the Spread Eagle Hotel and Spa in Midhurst, West Sussex, one of England's most venerable coaching inns


idhurst has always looked good, even if you were just passing through on your way to Liphook to play golf. The town has always exuded the rude good health of a place well tended by thriving, striving West Sussex burghers. With its enviable location in the heart of The South Downs National Park and its venerable historical pedigree, Midhurst has long been an attractive weekend destination for day-tripping couples and families seeking the charm of Cowdray House, once the denizen of royals such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and Guy Fawkes, or the world-class polo tournaments. If you enjoy golf, Cowdray Park Golf Course will not disappoint. If golf is, for you, a nice walk spoiled, perhaps the River Rother and its

water meadows will get the smile back on your face...and give you a healthy appetite. There are many good cafés and restaurants in Midhurst to choose among.

"Luxuriously unctuous and savoury, this plate set the stage for the game dishes we had ordered" Despite this bustling market town's modernity and prosperity, there is no escaping Midhurst's firm roots in centuries

of history, from the Iron Age, through the Norman Conquest, medieval times, the many wars – Civil and World – to its current incarnation with over 100 listed buildings as proud reminders of Midhurst's significant contribution to nation building. Of particular importance, perhaps, was Midhurst's ability to provide hospitality to pilgrims on their way to pay homage to St Swithun at Winchester and to travellers on the busy stagecoach route from Portsmouth to London. The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa began life in this way in 1430 and is thus one of England's oldest coaching inns. By the mid-1600s its popularity was such that considerable extensions were added to accommodate the demand from road-weary travellers. PORTFOLIO  95

Here's a question for you: if you wanted to share a bedroom with Queen Elizabeth I and either Admiral Horation Nelson or H.G. Wells, where would you go? This would be a ménage à trois of a purely historical and imaginative nature, of course, given the centuries separating these good people. The answer would be “The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa – The Queen's Suite, and our home for the night. The first thing you see as you enter the apartment's sitting room is the magnificent four-poster with its Queen Anne-style spiralling posts inviting you to have a little liedown before dinner. From this vantage point you notice the small closet in the far corner of the room. Thinking that this may have been the water closet or commode of an earlier time – and sincerely hoping it no longer has that function – you notice that the door bears a meticulously painted sign saying that this is the “Wig Powder Closet 1430” Inside are a table and chair and a couple of bulbous wooden objects that look very much as though they were meant to accommodate wigs in need of a good powdering. That put a smile on the face of this history buff, as did the Jacobean leaded

windows, the original oak ceiling beams and floor boards and the collection of antique furniture warming the internal spaces. There was nothing historical about the bathroom and sanitary facilities: these were all very modern and included a shower and large bath.

"This would be a ménage à trois of a purely historical and imaginative nature" There is an art to mixing old and contemporary interior styles. If you get it right, your guests feel comfortable and at home and move seamlessly between the old and the new, enjoying the best of both styles. The Spread Eagle has accomplished this by incorporating modern conveniences in subtle, tasteful ways that preserve the integrity of the hotel's antiquity. The spa, for instance, has been created in its own space, an extension


that you reach by walking from the older part of the hotel along a indoor glass hallway, so that by the time you arrive at this very modern, contemporary space, you already have the feeling of having walked out of the older world and into the new one. Very clever, that. Once inside, the spa wraps you in its warm embrace. You can relax in the indoor heated pool with vaulted, Scandinavian-inspired wooden ceilings, or enjoy the Jacuzzi pool. The well-equipped fitness room will keep you toned if that's your thing, or you can simply enter another world with a professional spa treatment. Ask about special offers and package deals. Next stop has got to be the bar and lounge. We are back in the historical part of the hotel in a room that oozes history, warmth and fellowship and resonates with the adventures of rogues and royalty. As I sipped my drink my mind strayed to the thousands of stagecoach travellers who throughout the centuries also huddled before this cosy fire, their laughter tempered, perhaps, by sighs of relief at a narrow escape from a harrowing encounter with the notorious highwaymen. They are as much a part of the fabric of The Spread Eagle as are the bricks, timbers and mortar. I'm certain that the bar is much better stocked today than it was then, especially if you're fond of Sussex gin or locally brewed ale. If you're not smiling by the time you wander round the corner to the restaurant, you probably don't like pubs. The restaurant is yet another example of artful blending of old and new. A massive fireplace dominates the far end of this long, rectangular room. A fire is blazing, casting warm licks of molten light off the impressive collection of burnished copper ware adorning the chimney brest. We were grateful to have been given a table at the other end of the room, by the windows, also because we were able to enjoy a full view of the entire room from there. Cutlery, glassware, proper linen tablecloths and lighting – all contemporary in style – once again combined in unobtrusive symmetry with the ancient soul of the place. My companion started with salted beetroot punctuated with dollops of dolcelatte whose tangy silkiness harmonised perfectly with the saltiness of the beetroot. She gave it five stars as she mopped up the last few drops of sauce

with a piece of the gorgeous home-baked bread roll. My hot foie gras on a generous wedge of brioche was served on a base of fresh salad leaves and dressed with caramelised apples. Foie gras is most often served cold, but when you have tried this dish at The Spread Eagle you will understand why some like it hot. Luxuriously unctuous and savoury, this plate set the stage for the game dishes we had ordered. The Sussex roast pheasant was very pleasant and the roast partridge with foie gras was also done to braised perfection and well presented. Both were served with a variety of vegetables – sprouts and squash with the pheasant, parmentier potatoes, charred baby leeks and celeriac with the partridge. We plumped for a mid-range Côtes du Rhône (La Amantadine), thinking we would need something a bit more robust than Pinot Noir for the game birds, but nothing too overpowering. This lovely red had a smoky chewiness and depth of fruit flavour that lent itself to light game courses. Very good value for money.

"Once inside, the spa wraps you in its warm embrace" Desserts were poached pear covered with chocolate ganache and served with ice cream (hers), and fine apple tart with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream (his). I know that's boring, but I'm a sucker for anything with apples, butterscotch and ice cream. Oh, and bananas... The perfect end to a perfect day in West Sussex. Off to our four-poster and dreams of royals, rogues, highwaymen, rosy-cheeked wenches and relieved stagecoach passengers laughing by the fire...but you will have to come and see for yourselves why The Times have named Midhurst as one of the best places to live in 2016, and why The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa have garnered so many awards. We know, and we'll be back. The Spread Eagle Hotel South Street, Midhurst, GU29 9NH 01730 816911


CELEBRITY chef recipe


With two Michelin stars and restaurants in Cornwall and Dubai already to his name, Nathan Outlaw is fast building a reputation as one of the most talented seafood chefs on the scene…


realised that I wanted to be a chef when I was 10 years old, and since then there has never been anything else I wanted to do. You have to be a certain type of person to be successful, however – it takes working long and often unsociable hours to make it work, whereas most people think that running a restaurant is a romantic idea, probably because of how it looks on TV. My menu is always kept simple. It’s about having the best available seafood – which this country has, thankfully – and avoiding things like heavy sauces, which tend to mask the flavour. Using a simple menu has a drawback, however: you have nowhere to hide if it goes wrong! The other thing that I have to be on top of is the quality of the seafood. Lots of people don’t realise that seafood is seasonal, and there’s no way of finding out what condition it’s in until

you start to prepare it. Add to this the fact that bad weather can mean the supplies are often unavailable for days at a time, and cooking with seafood becomes a real challenge at times. My two best sellers are the lobster risotto and anything with our signature Porthilly Sauce. The risotto was something I devised when I first started in the industry as it allowed me to be economical and not have to buy whole lobsters that might not all be used. The Porthilly Sauce is made from fresh local crabs and takes two days to prepare. Customers will even phone ahead to ask about the availability of these dishes before they book, which is always a good sign! Scallops and turbot go down well, too; it’s probably because these ingredients are expensive, so customers would rather have them cooked properly by experienced chefs rather than risk wasting them at home. PORTFOLIO  99

CELEBRITY chef recipe

“My menu is always kept simple. It’s about having the best available seafood – which this country has, thankfully”


CELEBRITY chef recipe

PORT ISAAC LOBSTER RISOTTO WITH ORANGE AND BASIL I devised this dish when I opened my first restaurant, as a way of serving the amazing local lobster without putting whole lobsters on the menu, which would have been too expensive for me at the time. For the risotto, I use vegetable stock rather than a stock made from the lobster shells, as it lends a more subtle taste, allowing the flavour of the lobster meat to really shine through.

Recipe •

live lobsters, 500–600g each, placed in the freezer 30 minutes before cooking

2 litres vegetable stock

50ml olive oil

100g unsalted butter

2 onions, peeled and finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

200g carnaroli risotto rice

8 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced

100g parmesan, grated

12 large basil leaves, finely shredded

1 orange, peel and pith removed, segmented and chopped

Cornish sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Method 1. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil over a high heat. Once the water is boiling, quickly take the lobsters from the freezer, place on a board and firmly insert the tip of your knife into the cross on the head to kill each one instantly. 2. Plunge the lobsters straight into the boiling water and cook them for eight minutes. Remove from the water and place on a tray to cool down. When cool enough to handle, carefully extract the meat. Cover and refrigerate for one hour. 3. Before you start the risotto, chop the lobster meat into equal sized pieces; you should get about 20 pieces from each lobster. 4. To make the risotto, bring the vegetable stock to the boil in a pan and keep it at a gentle simmer. Place a large saucepan over a medium heat and add the olive oil and half of the butter. When the butter is bubbling, add the onions and garlic and cook for one minute, without colouring. 5. Next, add the rice and cook for one minute, stirring all the time. Now add the vegetable stock to the rice, a ladleful at a time, stirring and allowing each addition to be absorbed before adding the next. Cook the rice in this way for 14 minutes or until the rice is al dente and you have a creamy looking risotto. 6. Turn the heat down to its lowest setting. Add the chopped lobster and spring onions to the rice and cook for one minute. Then, add the parmesan, remaining butter in pieces, and the basil. 7. Warm gently for two minutes, stirring all the time. Finally, add the chopped orange and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve straight away.

Recipe taken from Nathan Outlaw's British Seafood


“Almost anything can be bought online now, and we’re delighted to offer this option to our customers when purchasing their smart”


SMART PURCHASE Pioneering urban car brand, smart, is now offering UK customers the option to purchase a new fortwo or forfour online

• UK customers can now buy a fortwo of forfour direct from their computers • Cars can be delivered to a retailer or direct to the customer’s home • Three different purchasing options, with pricing from £119 a month

The simple process starts at where customers create an account, reserve a car online by placing a £250 holding deposit, and complete a credit application. They can then choose to either collect their new smart from a local retailer or have their car delivered direct to their homes. The online store offers a number of pre-configured models based on the popular prime model line and available with black or white panels and a black tridion cell. There are three payment packages, enabling customers to choose from either a lower monthly payment, a standard offer, or a lower deposit, and they could be on the road from as little as £119 a month. Once a customer’s credit application has been approved (within 48 hours), the customer will be guided through the simple stages of the buying process. Their contract will be emailed to them and their new car could be with them as quickly as 12 days later. Krishan Bodhani, head of smart in the UK, said: “Almost anything can be bought online now, and we’re delighted to offer this option to our customers when purchasing their smart. It’s really easy to do and is extremely time-efficient, enabling a customer to make a reservation, fill in a credit application and sign a contract at a time and place that works for them.” The models available to buy online have a power output of 71 hp; the fortwo achieves 68.9 mpg on the combined cycle and the fourfor 67.3 mpg. Highlights of the prime model line include a panoramic glass roof, 15-inch five-twin-spoke alloy wheels, black leather-covered seats and the smart Media System, which features a seven-inch touch screen with Bluetooth connectivity. The link for smart online sales is, or customers can link in through the smart UK website


TV – The BIGGER picture

SS-GB Kate Bosworth and Sam Riley star in a dark new BBC adaptation of Len Deighton’s classic alternate-reality thriller SS-GB is set in a 1940s Nazi-occupied London, at a time when the Battle of Britain is lost, Winston Churchill is dead, King George is held prisoner by the SS, military rule is a constant, pockets of resistance continue to present a threat and neighbors spy on neighbors. The series will follow Scotland Yard detective Douglas Archer (Sam Riley) as he investigates what appears to be a simple black market murder, only to find himself dragged into a much darker and treacherous world. What was initially a routine case quickly leads Archer to uncover a web of intrigue involving British atomic weapons research secrets, which the Abwehr is keen to get its hands on. The stakes are high as this knowledge could

determine the ultimate outcome of the war. The series, produced by Sid Gentle Films Ltd, has been adapted from Len Deighton’s intriguing, alternate-history novel of the same name by one of the UK’s most successful writing partnerships - Bafta award winners Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Spectre, Skyfall, Casino Royale) - who have previously penned five James Bond films, including The World Is Not Enough, Casino Royale and Skyfall. Set in Nazi-occupied London, the five-part thriller is based on the premise that the Germans won the Battle of Britain. Starring alongside Riley is Kate Bosworth, playing American journalist Barbara Barga, who becomes inextricably linked with the

murder case that Archer is investigating. A dark and intricate story of moral ambiguity, the series poses the question of what you would do if faced with the choice of collaboration or joining a brutal resistance. Sam Riley says: "Archer is a compelling and complex character. He is a good guy struggling to reconcile his job as a policeman with the repressive Nazi machine. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have written a gripping screenplay that pays homage to Len Deighton’s novel. I am very much looking forward to working with this talented team.” Kate Bosworth adds: "I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of this incredible team, bringing an iconic novel to the screen."

“I am delighted to hear that my ‘SS-GB’ story will be shown nationwide, and available to all my American friends”

TV – The BIGGER picture

The ambitious series will be directed by the multi-award-winning director Philipp Kadelbach. Kadelbach is an established and highly-acclaimed German director, andSS-GB marks his first move into Englishlanguage TV series. Previous credits include Naked Among Wolves and Generation War, and feature films, including The Secret Of The Whales and Hindenburg: The Last Flight. Len Deighton, now in his late eighties, is in well-earned retirement, having enjoyed a fifty-year career as a writer. He is still writing and continues to impact on popular culture, as in this upcoming BBC TV adaption of his novel. “I am delighted to hear that my ‘SSGB’ story will be shown nationwide and available to all my American friends,” says Deighton. Deighton, who has been thrilling readers for a generation, once said, When you make a book, it’s like making a hand grenade. It’s a dull process, but when you throw it the person at the other end gets the effect. (DailyTelegraph) SS-GB airs on BBC in February

Kate Bosworth

Sam Riley

ON THE BIG SCREEN ... On our radar this month…

RBS SIX NATIONS RUGBY The exciting Six Nations, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy go head to head for Grand Slam glory. This year is shaping up to be a thriller and you will be able to watch every Six Nations match live on terrestrial television, with BBC1 and ITV showing the all of the matches between them.

Starting 4th February 2017

THE OSCARS The 89th Academy Awards (also known as The Oscars) ceremony will honor the best films of 2016 and will take place on February 26, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, The host for the ceremony for the first time will be Jimmy Kimmel. This year’s expected big winners include the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling-led film La La Land, sci-fi drama Arrival, and Jackie Kennedy's biopic Jackie, which stars Natalie Portman in the leading role.


LOCAL news


Photo credit: JJ Waller

The debut novel by Sharon Duggal The Handsworth Times has been chosen for City Reads while A.F. Harrold’s Fizzlebert Stump, The Boy Who Ran Away from the Circus (and Joined the Library) has been picked for Young City Reads as part of Brighton Festival 2017. City Reads and Young City Reads are citywide ‘big reads’ delivered by award-winning literary organisation Collected Works CIC, designed to spread a love of books and ideas to the widest possible audience throughout Brighton & Hove. This year they launch on 2 March (World Book Day) and run until 14 May with a series of events themed around the books to encourage people across the city to get reading and start talking. For more information visit Brighton Festival will take place from 6-28 May 2017.

NEW TWIST FOR CITY'S HISTORIC LANES KING ALFRED TO KING ALFRED CHARITY BIKE RIDE Are you looking for a challenge in 2017? Why not cycle from the King Alfred Sports Centre in Somerset to our very own one in Hove and use your pedal power to champion young people? This five-day event is being organised by Hove charity The Starr Trust and will take place between 12th and 16th July 2017. The route goes through the beautiful countryside of Somerset, Hampshire and Sussex. Starr Trust Manager Rosie told us, “Following the success of our Brighton to Brighton Charity Bike Ride in 2016 we are now planning for 2017. This will take place between the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Burnham-on-Sea and the King Alfred in Hove, stopping off at some iconic landmarks such as the Cheddar Gorge, Clifton Suspension Bridge and Stonehenge. Last year we raised over £22,000.” To find out more visit


Plans for a new lane in Brighton's historic shopping district have been expanded following new investment by European property investment giant Redevco, who previously bought the Hanningtons Estate in North Street in 2015. They have now spent a further £14 million on a number of properties in East Street - taking its investment in the area to £72 million. Their newly acquired East Street properties include the shops currently occupied by Sandro, Maje, Estée Lauder, Lush and Pret a Manger. Redevco’s plans will see an alley at the back of the properties renovated with new shops and restaurants opening into the lane, the entrance to which formerly housed Fishy Fishy, the restaurant owned by Dermot O’Leary. It is thought this alley could link to the planned Hannington Lane, being built from the Timpsons building. Sue Addis, from nearby Donatellos restaurant, called the plans “Just the kick up the backside the Lanes needs,” adding, “Anything which livens it up and brings life back is great.”

LOCAL news

BATTLE OF THE BANDS GETS SERIOUS Pictured: Courtney Cox, right, with Hannah Gumbrell

FRIENDS STAR VISITS PETWORTH CAFE An award-winning cafe welcomed a famous friend to sample its delights. The Hungry Guest in Lombard Street, Petworth, received a visit from former Friends star Courtney Cox last month. The actress posed for selfies with staff member Hannah Gumbrell during her visit to the shop, which was named UK Deli of the Year in 2015 and 2016. The Hungry Guest opened in Petworth, whose co-founder is the Danish-born master baker Troels Bendix, in November 2011 and later opened a second cafe in West Malling with plans for further outlets in the pipeline.

When Bands Collide is a new charity Battle of the Bands featuring local businesses. The event takes place on February 9th at The Haunt, Brighton, compered by Juice 107.2’s Guy Lloyd. Bands include Keep Rockin: the house band of chartered accountants and financial advisers Kreston Reeves, which has offices in Brighton, Gatwick, Eastbourne, Horsham, Chichester and Worthing, plus event organiser Coffin Mew’s own band, Clover. John Parkinson, head of business development at Coffin Mew and drummer in Clover, said: "We’re off to a flying start with this line-up. Who knew the Brighton business scene had so many weekend rockstars in its midst? I can’t wait to raise the roof of The Haunt and a nice big sum for local charities. Roll on, February!" Alex Spofforth of Keep Rockin’ said: "After widely auditioning the many accountants in Kreston Reeves who are also musicians and legends in their own homes, our finely-honed band is looking forward to playing at this famous venue and for a great cause. We want to win for our chosen charity, Sussex Emmaus, which helps the homeless of Brighton back onto their feet."

PLANNERS ASK PUBLIC TO HELP SHAPE BRIGHTON AND HOVE’S NEW SUBURB Planners are asking the public to help shape the future of what is expected to be the last new suburb of Brighton and Hove. They are drawing up guidelines for Toad’s Hole Valley, in Hangleton, where Brighton and Hove City Council wants at least 700 new homes, mostly three-bedroom houses, plus a secondary school. More than 200 people responded to a first round of consultation last year, which helped planning officials to identify the issues causing most concern. The council has published a draft “supplementary planning document” for Toad’s Hole Valley and will consult the public for six weeks from next month. At a meeting of the council’s Economic Development and Culture Committee at Hove Town Hall the approach was broadly welcomed. Councillor Robert Nemeth, the Conservative spokesman for economic development and culture, called for the document to be amended to encourage the promotion of self-build and custom-build within the scheme. The Wish Ward councillor made the case that some of the most attractive streets in our suburbs locally feature buildings in a variety of different designs and styles. His proposal won overall support and was modified to include the encouragement of co-operative and community land trust models.



WINTER GOLF WOES We all love playing winter golf, but it can be difficult to find a plausible reason why. Mucky condtions, plugged balls, unpredictable greens and reduced distance on shots have Golf Guy wondering why we bother...


aving just spent the better part of 15 minutes removing the muddy evidence of another round of winter golf from my equipment the other day, I was enjoying a replenishing lunch in the clubhouse with my mates. The conversation between two other golfers at the neighbouring table was, if not rivetting, at least thought-provoking. It went something like this: Well, we didn't exactly cover ourselves in glory today, did we? The only bright spot was that three of the bunkers I found were G.U.R., not that chipping was much fun with all those muddy lies... Yeah, and even when I had a decent lie on the fairway and struck the ball well, it always seemed to come up short of the green. The ball just doesn't seem to go anywhere in the cold and the wind. I could just about pick it up and throw it as far.


Oh well, at least we got some fresh air and exercise. Better than sitting on the sofa watching golf on the boob tube. I don't know... a walk in the Downs would have accomplished the same, without all the aggravation of those poor scores. I sometimes think winter golf is “the wasp of the sporting world.” Does it have any purpose in the greater scheme of things?

"You certainly can play winter golf and adapt your style and thoughts to be able to attack the course correctly for the conditions"

All winter golfers will nod their heads in sympathy with the above, and a few of us suspect that we may be missing a trick when it comes to using the winter months to our best advantage. We should probably be focusing less on the competitive aspects of golf, for instance, and seizing the opportunity to have some fun on the course in ways that would pose too great a risk when your score really counts. Maybe we should throw away the scorecard altogether and work on shots we have always known should be in our arsenals – draws, fades, bump-and-runs – but which we would never dare to practice during a competitive round. What should we be working on during the winter months, and how can our club's professional staff help? Does winter golf have any purpose, or should we all just head for Dubai?

Golf Guy...


The Golf Pro replies I think there are two answers to your question:

1. You certainly can play winter golf and adapt

"You would not see a professional change his routine just because he is getting wet. That said, it might not be as enjoyable, but set yourself more realistic targets"

your style and thoughts to be able to attack the course correctly for the conditions. Even during the winter months the monthly Stableford typically throws up a couple of 40 point rounds for the winner and runner up. Of course, it is more difficult, but the amateur continues to play the same shot he would have done in the summer. Each shot, regardless of time of year, needs to be thought through and played appropriately. To the extent that we are not enjoying the round due to winter conditons, we spend less time on looking at what the outcome might be and just play the shot. It's “Head down and get round.” For me, the hardest thing about winter golf is pre-shot routines: have you thought about the outcomes? Where is the place I don’t want to be? How will the mud or the wind affect my ball flight? My seven iron will not go 150 yards! Still lining up and practice putting with water running off your cap! You would not see a professional change his routine just because he is getting wet. That said, it might not be as enjoyable, but set yourself more realistic targets: 32 points might be a good score today. It's not about how many greens I hit today but how many up-anddowns I can make to save dropping shots. Don’t blame the conditions before you play, but use them to fuel your challenge. Yes, you are going to get wet, so be prepared: towel, extra glove, umbrella. Yes, the ball won’t travel as far, so don’t be embarrassed to take more club! Set a realistic target – 32 points rather than 36. You will miss more greens, but you can get up and

SPECIAL OFFER: Quote PFFEB17 and book a one-hour consultation and get a thirty-minute check-up a month later for free!

down as the greens hold better and the ball does not run away from you! Please use winter on the course as a challenge to your golf but not a handicap reducer!

2. For those who do not wish to brave the

weather and feel that it will only put them off this great game, find time to go to the range and practice the weaknesses of your game so you're ready for your new season. Once again, your target on the range should not be “what a good shot that seven-iron was!” Rather, it should be “What am I practicing? What is my consistent bad shot? Why? Could I change this?” Obviously, to have a lesson with a PGA professional will help you understand the areas to work on. You need to see your swing faults on video and understand the reason for the poor shot, then, like going to the gym, you work on making the same new movement over and over again. It’s not about the ball on the range, it’s about making the new movement become yours. You must nag yourself to practice movement: I will hit shots with my feet and knees together to work on my rotation or reduce my lateral movement. I will hit shots, stopping at halfway through to check my arms are straighter and level with each other, or to check club face position. Winter range practice is all about making those long-term changes to your game. If you work cleverly enough on the correct changes, you can make that slice a draw! The new swing needs to become ‘your swing,’ and the only way to do this is to repeat correct, new movement until it does not feel new! For those of you wanting to make these changes and enjoy your practice and, indeed, your rounds of golf more, please contact me at

If you have any questions, please feel free to email: Bring this article with you to Mid Sussex Golf Club, and when you pay for a round, another player can go free. OR

With thanks to our golfing expert, Lee Andrews, PGA Golf Professional, Mid Sussex Golf Club

Book a half hour lesson and receive the second half price.


DRESS FOR SUCCESS Dressing for the office: Some Do’s and Don’ts


e have all heard that advice that you should dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have? Oh, if only things were that simple. On first reading, this guidance makes some sense, but with a little more thought the sentiment soon begins to unravel. What does dressing for the job you want entail? Wearing the smartest suit you can muster? Aping Mark Zuckerberg by adopting a uniform of a T-shirt, jeans and trainers? The truth is there is a whole variety of ways to get it right and to get it wrong. From mastering casual Fridays to perfecting your accessorising, follow our tips for avoiding a dreaded workplace fashion faux pas.


DON'T: OVERDO CASUAL FRIDAY What constitutes acceptable and unacceptable for casual Friday largely depends on your working environment: as your yardstick, try to gauge whether or not you’re causing raised eyebrows. It’s helpful here, too, to stick to the adage that ‘it’s better to overdress than underdress.’ Once you've walked into the office in some wildly inappropriate outfit, there’s no going back. The best casual Friday outfits should acknowledge that yes, you’re aware that this is a chance to loosen up, but you also grasp that you’re in a workplace and will dress at least semi–accordingly. So, what should you actually wear? Stick with your suit, but grab a T-shirt or polo shirt instead of your usual suit and tie combo, and - if you can - slip on a pair of minimal trainers instead of your usual formal shoes. Easy. And no unintentional offence caused. DO: SAVE YOUR SHOES Scuffed shoes the scourge of your working day? The solution is surprisingly simple. Only wear your shoes in the office, so when you’re meeting people who matter, your footwear won’t tell the story of a perilous commute. The added bonus? Less wear = less wear and tear, so your work footwear will stay pristine for far longer. What do you wear in their place on your journey in? Trainers. No, not the casual sportswear kind, but the contemporary sportsinspired kind. DON'T: OVERDO PATTERN OR COLOUR We’re the staunchest advocates of individualism in the office; who wants to live among a sea of indistinguishable suits? However, having recognisable personal style shouldn’t come at a cost to your ability to be taken seriously. So, leave novelty ties at home (or better yet, burn them), avoid loud print and make sure the colours you wear stay within the realm of the reserved. Be seriously smart by instead opting for muted prints (micro polka dots, chalk stripes, micro houndstooth, faded checks) and incorporate tonal colour variations (shades of grey or navy) into your outfit to add quiet interest. Always remember, unless you work in fashion, it’s not a fashion show.

DO: GET TO GRIPS WITH A DOCUMENT HOLDER Unless you’re planning on putting your passport to good use, when it comes to bags (and what you keep in them), the world would rather you travel light. This is never more true than when you’re on your way to work. Just as your fellow travellers don’t fancy getting up close and personal with your backpack, so too does your suit jacket get distressed when rubbing up against your messenger bag’s shoulder strap. There’s a small, sophisticated and streamlined solution to this problem: the document holder. Not only is this unobtrusive accessory functional, it’s near-guaranteed to make it’s holder look way more important than they actually are. Two birds, one stone.

"We’re the staunchest advocates of individualism in the office; who wants to live among a sea of indistinguishable suits?" DON’T: SWEAT IT OUT If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who constantly feels hot and is on the losing side of the battle over the air conditioning, don’t suffer in (sweat-soaked) silence. The problem may be what you’re wearing. We’re firm believers that the four-season suit is a myth. Just as you wouldn’t wear thick knitwear in summer, certain tailoring fabrics are too heavy-handed on days when the weather is warm. Instead, invest in some linen, which isn’t best worn aboard some yacht on the Riviera, it turns out. From pure linen tailoring to suits that contain just a percentage of this lightweight fabric, there are many ways to wear it at work. It’s a smart move for those who don’t want their comfort in the workplace dictated by the whims of their workmates. Thanks to Reiss, for content and images. Reiss, 67 East St, Brighton BN1 1HQ. 01273 770702,


JAMIE DORNAN IN CONTROL Having wrapped up filming on the 50 Shades franchise, Irish heartthrob Jamie Dornan is focussing his energy on the next step on his career, and on family life

THE interview


e’s charming, handsome and exudes film-star charisma, but Jamie Dornan’s rise through Hollywood has been anything but straightforward. An ex-model, the 34-year-old has worked harder than most to prove he is more than just a pretty face, and inexplicably, it was his portrayal of a cold and merciless psychopath in BBC 2’s The Fall that proved his leading-man capabilities. With his sex-symbol status certified, thanks to his turn as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, Dornan appears keen to take on meatier and more demanding roles, and there is no better place to start than in recent WWII drama Anthropoid. “I was drawn to this film because it was such a powerful and compelling story and not because it was a way of doing something very different to what I'd done previously,” Dornan begins. “When it comes to the roles I take, I want to be able to mix it up and find new challenges. I want to be able to tell different kinds of stories. “Lately I've been playing characters very much in control of what they're doing. But in that film, even though my character was a resistance fighter, he's wasn’t sure of himself and he had an interesting vulnerability to him. That was massively appealing to me." That feeling of infallibility is probably the

most telling reference that, in the way Dornan works, he’ll never become typecast. We all know a specific band of actors who master a genre or persona and stick to it rigidly throughout whatever timespan the fickle LA machine grants them; think Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham for unrelenting action heroes, or perhaps Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston and Helena Bonham Carter for emotionally flawed, yet fantastically loveable, females.

“Despite his reputation for playing deeply serious men, in reality the actor has an easy and affable Irish charm" But Dornan protects himself against that, even with regard to the actors he pulls up alongside. In Anthropoid, he spars with Cillian Murphy in a chemistry that is central to the plot, and emotionally balanced throughout. It is deep, believable and sincere. And in the second lust-driven instalment of his embodiment of PORTFOLIO  113

THE interview

“The simple truth is I'm very lucky to have all these opportunities. I've now finished a huge bank of work and I'm enjoying my family life and everything that comes with it"

Christian Gray – 50 Shades Darker – there is another layer of intrigue and acting talent that goes well beyond the simple controlling, troubled authoritarian, although cinemagoers can judge that for themselves when the film hits the screens on February 10. Yet, despite his reputation for playing deeply serious men, in reality the actor has an easy and affable Irish charm. A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dornan grew up in Holywood County Down. Tragically, his mother died of pancreatic cancer when he was 16, and it was his father's second wife, Samina, who encouraged him to pursue a career in modelling. Perhaps it is because of this closeknit upbringing that family is so valuable to him. Currently living in Notting Hill with his wife former actress Amelia Warner - and their two daughters, Dulcie, four, and nine-month-old Phoebe, Jamie is a man at peace with life. He is protective of his brood, and when asked if he worries about the repercussions of his fame, retorts: “I don't think about it that much. I lead a very normal life. I'm married to the most outstanding woman in the world, and together we have two daughters who keep me very


grounded and very happy.” In spite of its faltering start, Dornan’s acting career is now on an unstoppable trajectory, with roles confirmed in Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins opposite Jamie Foxx, and American drama, Untogether, with Girls actress Jemima Kirke. With one further 50 Shades movie already in post-production, 2017 certainly represents a time where the likeable star can choose new projects across any genre. Typically, though, he plays down his enormous success, and flashing that trademark smile, remarks casually: “The simple truth is I'm very lucky to have all these opportunities. I've now finished a huge bank of work and I'm enjoying my family life and everything that comes with it. I want to keep working hard and not take anything for granted, which in this industry is sometimes easier said than done; but going to work every day is a pleasure and doing something different and real and original is what that is all about.” And in response to the question of what comes first – work or family? “Do I really need to answer that?” he grins.

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